Giant Bees!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Have you checked out the latest video on Neebs Magic Dumpster? If not, you're in for a treat! In thi...
Giant Bees!!! - Grounded
Giant Bees!!! - Grounded

Giant Bees!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we talk about how awesome that Giant Bees video is? I mean, who knew bees could be so terrifying?

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, you know you were screaming like a little girl when those bees came buzzing around. But hey, I'll admit, it was pretty hilarious watching you run for your life.

appsro: Ha! Watching Neebs try to outrun those Giant Bees was pure comedy gold. I think we need to make a sequel, maybe with even bigger bees this time!

neebs: Oh great, just what I need, more nightmares about bees the size of cars. Thanks for the suggestion, Appsro. But seriously, that video was a blast to film, and I can't wait to see what other crazy adventures we get into next.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Have you checked out the latest video on Neebs Magic Dumpster? If not, you're in for a treat! In this episode, the team faces off against some giant bees and the action is intense. You'll be on the edge of your seat, I promise!

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are you one of those people that says0.03.959
you'll watch anything we make well prove1.923.6
it we got our second Channel called3.9594.321
names magic dumpster full of stream5.527.499
archives shorts and what junk junk go8.287.34
check it out13.0192.601
oh yeah we're getting to be can you take16.885.2
me y'all attack him oh boy oh you got a19.145.16
tattoo he's after me he's after me oh22.084.52
all right first order of business is36.865.74
this guy and let's see yep got all the39.185.719
materials boom we got a smithing station42.64.979
hey so this is good we can upgrade all44.8994.961
of our weapons make better weapons heck47.5794.261
yeah that's good stuff now there's one49.864.26
more other thing I wanted to build let51.844.26
me find it so I can do a better like54.123.66
tool in here as well like I can upgrade56.14.26
my ax upgrade your tools your weapons57.784.68
your armor yeah whatever you need let's60.364.199
see yeah yeah I'm gonna put this near62.465.12
the uh yeah64.5593.021
this is a smoothie station oh that's me68.65.559
I'm all over this Berry chunks Berry71.284.379
chunks this is how we can but this is74.1593.121
what we can do with berry chunks I bet75.6594.32
if it's a smoothie station what kind of77.285.04
recipes can we now let's see go to79.9794.441
recipes we got gastro goo that sounds82.325.339
like something good oh gas guard I guess84.424.5
you're getting gas by like a stink bug87.6593.661
or something oh cool oh all right boost88.924.68
juice is stamina liquid rage attacks91.324.86
fuzz rocks it was rocks the hell's fuzz93.64.26
rocks buzz on the Rocks Max health and96.183.54
heels oh we're gonna need lots of those97.863.66
yeah this has some good upgrades here99.723.719
all right sweet we need to get stuff to101.523.419
uh yeah make smoothies we should always103.4393.121
have like a pile of smoothies on us104.9394.341
we need Lily Pad wax let's see what do112.76.22
we smack these things how do we get Lily117.1193.54
Pad wax you think118.924.879
um well let's pull out all the smackers120.6596.44
come on come on smack smack wax123.7996.641
no how about a smack of that a little127.0995.081
smack of that I know that's not working130.445.879
maybe something below oh God all right132.185.76
I'm gonna dive down God I don't like136.3193.0
doing this in the dark I know you don't137.945.159
last time sucked there okay do I follow139.3197.261
the stem of the lily pad you okay yeah143.0996.36
it's just really dark yeah pad wax is it146.584.799
under the lily pad oh wait hold on I149.4593.36
might see something under the lily pad151.3795.961
waxy uh maybe what is that152.8197.261
that's it okay they're under the lily157.345.02
hey Simon yeah boo boo you want to make162.364.739
one of these smoothies uh yeah you said164.584.26
it gathers from like the materials167.0993.36
that's like on us and in storage right168.843.78
here yeah all right so is it is it170.4594.621
reading my my berry chunks no it doesn't172.624.5
not things are on you like if it's in a175.084.26
storage if you're making it then yeah177.124.199
okay well yeah because I have stuff but179.344.38
what are you gonna make I mean to me I I181.3194.261
think this uh fuzz on the Rock seems183.723.659
pretty good you got the [ __ ] for it it's185.583.9
got health and heels yeah okay well187.3793.661
another one you know they all I'm sure189.483.66
have their perks I'll make this one all191.043.36
right I can't make the Hedge Lord193.142.459
because you got the stuff and you won't194.43.96
quit jumping okay here I got you need uh195.5994.381
honeydew stuff right yeah just throw198.363.12
that out all right hold on I'm gonna199.983.119
give you these I give you five all201.484.02
together that's my present for you got203.0994.381
it and I'm gonna make for you hedge Lord205.54.2
yes you got a berry chunk too it's in207.484.259
storage I guess all right here we go so209.74.319
you got a smoothie look at that we're211.7394.801
smoothie Bros okay don't don't drink it214.0194.021
don't drink it yet wait till you need it216.543.72
here I'm going to put it in my inventory218.045.4
where the my mushrooms used to be all220.265.16
right so let's get ourselves in a223.443.84
position where we need it yeah okay225.424.02
shall we go out into the world and use227.285.16
it sure all right we're off smoothie229.446.06
Kings yes or bros I like smoothie Bros232.446.48
better smoothie Bros thank you235.55.819
is he looking at us Dora what kind of oh238.923.78
it's a wolf spider we ought to know241.3193.0
better to come out here at night oh yeah242.73.179
you see me I'm getting it yeah yeah yeah244.3193.5
you save over there uh yeah oh God I247.8195.5
pick up poison though oh God I didn't250.685.059
see him253.3192.42
oh yeah256.285.26
oh boy did you hear that yeah uh we just258.666.18
probably head back all right hey hey you261.546.78
guys still okay huh no I just respawned264.845.639
hey guys I got I got a crazy idea let's268.323.78
get door up oh come on Dora come on270.4793.061
Direct I mean I was I could have272.12.42
thank you all right everybody in here274.524.72
into the house into the house all right277.623.18
one two three one two three close that279.243.54
door everybody come over to this tent280.85.48
hit e Let's uh let's sleep eight hours282.787.639
let's do this spider sleep okay286.284.139
wait what293.4796.061
what whoa what's going on295.563.98
what happened300.63.96
yeah usually when I wake up I'm hard I304.566.3
think I'm having a memory a dream Maybe307.385.64
where am I310.864.46
it's very ominous oh315.326.52
we all having the same dream yeah we all318.786.8
tied up okay see this seems fun321.843.74
practical Technologies I'm a technology331.325.939
what do you see practically oh it was on334.864.559
the floor oh I guess they're all kind as337.2594.641
it's stuff going on339.4195.401
are we at the dentist feels like the341.94.6
dentist doesn't it I wish I had on my344.826.719
Shady rays I bet that's a teeth whitener346.59.74
looks like it's maybe junk whitener351.5394.701
oh oh good morning good morning good356.525.64
morning that was a fun dream yeah all358.865.64
right back to it spider still there all362.163.66
right let him go away it's morning time364.53.479
he sees he's sleepy he sleeps during the365.824.379
day okay you're going back to CBS yeah367.9794.081
how's my how's my do thing doing this370.1993.541
morning I haven't yet to see anything372.063.24
going away right he's not going away373.742.88
yeah he's not going away he's not going375.34.56
away okay in the middle he's here we're376.626.919
fine oh oh yeah rooftop battle379.867.279
can he uh get up to the top or no383.5396.16
you would think right how many people387.1394.84
have bow and arrows I got in the bow and389.6994.461
arrow you have a lot of arrows391.9794.44
I don't know about a lot I got ten I394.164.0
have zero okay I have a bow though396.4193.241
where'd he go where'd he go oh he's at398.163.24
the front door oh yeah so should I take399.663.479
some shots at him or what I'll see if I401.45.359
can make more arrows okay403.1393.62
why did I jump down the trampoline side408.684.32
this is a nightmare we gotta make this417.9796.16
house taller much taller oh God the421.56.06
[ __ ] trampoline so424.1395.641
oh [ __ ] all right we gotta fight this427.564.8
thing a run oh I'm almost dead yeah no429.785.58
yeah one vital hurt you oh God432.364.32
wait all right I think he got off the435.362.76
roof door are you still up there I'm on436.683.48
the side we don't have enough thistle438.125.18
needle piece up there on the damn baby440.166.8
oh [ __ ] he says443.33.66
I just saw your Shadow go down448.6394.201
um well what are we supposed to do door453.123.359
are you you're right there I wish I454.9794.021
could hold on that's my arrow hold up456.4794.56
come on oh where's the arrow he just459.04.5
jumped off the roof 20 seconds come get461.0394.861
me okay one second and come in oh here I463.54.919
can get you guys I don't know there he465.94.04
is I got you468.4194.921
I know oh boy I know come on don't do it469.946.0
I'm running I'm running away from the477.084.559
oh God okay see me thank you hey Hoops481.948.8
got five four ah sorry it was just485.526.6
Ah that's okay490.743.2
hey I think he's leaving should I have493.945.92
tried to use that smoothie no uh where's496.685.1
my bag thank you Travis you're welcome499.863.959
all right Dora I'm gonna go get my bag501.783.24
and then we're gonna go and then we're503.8193.0
gonna score the new thing good Lord what505.024.1
a morning506.8192.301
you see that big tall spiky one yeah511.744.44
that that looks like it would pink514.324.38
flowers on top I love it get up there516.185.76
and jump on those leaves hold on uh Boop518.74.92
hold on let me get let me get to a521.944.38
position where I can get on a leaf is it523.624.44
is that difficult or am I already making526.323.0
it I mean you're jumping from low ground528.063.42
get on High Ground oh529.323.78
all right there you go531.483.18
now get rid of it and then you just want533.12.88
to kind of pick it up like you'd pick up534.663.9
anything just aim at the spike aim it535.983.979
the spike538.564.02
oh that's where you I thought you were539.9594.0
going to be chopping these things no542.584.199
chopping just nabbing oh nabbing once543.9594.021
you grab all those you can climb to the546.7792.641
next leaf and just keep going up and up547.986.12
oh all right I likey Simon likey yep549.426.3
grab them all all right I have a554.14.44
hundreds of these things perfect555.725.34
all right Dora I got enough materials558.546.479
I'm making two pebblet daggers okay561.066.66
pebblet daggers are specifically to be565.0194.921
used under water here I'll drop yours567.725.88
okay there you go all right okay so now569.947.079
for the uh let me look at the fin flops573.66.72
fin flops fin flops here we go okay we577.0196.361
need four water boatman fins and some580.326.3
illgrass strands oh so both those sounds583.384.62
like they're on I know the water boatman586.622.94
is definitely underwater that was a bug588.04.019
that I'm gonna guess I'm gonna try to589.565.399
kill with my brand new pebblet knife oh592.0194.44
man I'm gonna be right there by you yeah594.9594.201
let's go kill a water bug okay and then596.4595.461
also try not to die yeah and then let's599.164.26
try to find eelgrass too I don't know601.923.28
what that is a little sip of water603.424.879
okay the old shift you swim a little608.7794.961
faster yeah all right this looks like611.5194.561
grass can I harvest this in any way oh613.744.5
yeah chopping look oh down there okay616.084.62
chopping it with my knife okay so this618.244.98
is Eel Grass okay all right nice oh get620.74.44
that so that's one ingredient now we623.223.48
just gotta kill a Boatman all right625.143.12
little boy I'm running out of air oh626.74.22
yeah yeah oh yeah628.264.92
I played enough subnautica you think I630.925.02
know nothing I do this oh damn it it was633.185.36
close it started blacking out635.947.14
all right there it is okay there's that638.546.94
water boatman uh-huh643.086.3
how about the taste of my blade I'm not645.485.84
also my blade649.385.04
yeah there we go boom all right a water651.325.079
boatman fin we're gonna need four of654.425.76
those oh [ __ ] yep uh so uh start finding656.3995.821
and start killing I see him660.185.099
come on you son of a [ __ ]662.225.4
oh what is that thing approaching you I665.2793.841
don't know but I'm running the other way667.625.64
I got it a water sleeve oh just take669.126.14
that water please all behind you673.267.639
oh God yep I want to kill this please675.265.639
okay good we can eat we can eat their691.3393.701
meat I think I may still have a spider693.542.85
okay here we go695.044.1
water adventures yeah am I right you are699.145.879
so we're gonna try out that smoothie710.544.84
um what do you mean like get into a713.643.12
fight and then try it I just saw a715.383.0
spider go over there it wasn't too big716.763.42
no yeah I think it was one of the small718.383.54
ones that we shouldn't you know it720.183.48
should hurt us pretty easily light just721.923.479
came on perfect oh wait there he is yep723.663.72
yep yep here I'll I'll wait there's a725.3993.421
big one to your right there is one to727.383.66
your right [ __ ] did I just say yeah I728.823.38
don't like that731.043.359
you got him yeah I got him in the face732.25.259
and then come on another one in the face734.3994.741
but I'll let you hurt me once okay now737.4594.62
he's resistant to uh stabbing so you739.144.62
want to use like a chopper I have also742.0793.661
arrows and arrows too I guess yeah743.763.84
that's what I'm doing I'll come in and745.743.36
help out with hey remember you got your747.63.72
smoothie [ __ ] I know but uh you can use749.14.14
your smoothie if you get weak okay well751.324.98
it might happen very quickly and uh [ __ ]753.244.279
I'll help756.35.719
he's coming all right did I block it757.5198.081
come on [ __ ] come on okay maybe it's762.0195.201
time for my smoothie take a smoothie765.64.56
smoothie time all right I used it I767.226.179
can't really tell how beneficial it was770.165.239
I would have probably died777.485.159
come on oh yeah we can revive each other780.543.66
so it'll be good yep if we don't vote782.6393.301
that oh yeah did I just shoot your foot784.24.68
maybe yeah oh I'm gonna die I need785.944.74
another freaking thing give me a check788.886.06
thank you yeah all right come on there790.686.56
we go794.942.3
there we go801.1393.181
okay stop it did you smooth the help did804.626.06
you did you drink it uh huh807.427.26
I did I did I drank it it probably it810.685.92
helped but I was in the midst of things814.684.14
I couldn't pay close attention gotcha816.63.479
look at my health is like I don't know818.824.079
20 I'm gonna hit seven for Smoothie do820.0797.521
it oh now I'm at 50. not bad822.8994.701
oh wow there's a station in here I it's828.387.48
[ __ ] perfect I really want that oh832.55.82
the science yeah I need to drink water835.864.26
though let's uh let's let's analyze838.324.139
these oh what are you analyzing840.124.98
um algae oh yeah algae what do we get842.4595.06
from that algae845.15.16
green machine it's uh looks like847.5194.5
something to drink oh a smoothie cool850.264.62
station so that's that's neat there was852.0195.26
the uh that tadpole854.884.5
um we could make like bait like uh857.2794.381
something that lures [ __ ] away what859.385.639
tadpole bait yep hold on let me uh it's861.665.76
like a decoy bait it said fluid flippers865.0194.32
water boatman Mount and stuffed water867.425.34
boatmen yeah fluid flippers okay all869.3395.401
right that's some cool stuff yeah I872.763.6
still want to craft some Flynn thin874.743.24
flops oh wait did we oh I got the876.363.36
eelgrass strand let me analyze that too877.985.039
get it what can we make out of you879.724.619
oh I got it science oh a buoyant marker884.3397.201
science science oh I can also analyze888.265.68
water flea meat oh no the uh the891.544.26
analyzer's dead oh yeah we used all our893.943.54
I need water I need to get water all895.83.839
right so tomorrow I am going to be897.484.32
searching for more water boatman stuff899.6394.081
yeah I need a couple more I'll put mine901.84.68
in the chest and uh I got a plan too903.724.979
what's your plan oh what is this oh is906.484.46
that uh908.6992.241
share with that912.03.899
that is cool oh there's more science up913.54.68
there door where I gotta drink water915.8996.861
okay I'm getting a science let's do it918.184.58
hey Dora yeah check this out I figured929.5793.781
out how to make something really cool931.984.74
called a gill tube a Gil tube yeah I933.365.82
think I can make two of them yes except936.724.559
for air it's a mouthpiece formed out of939.184.56
eelgrass strands and other hydrophobic941.2794.86
materials creates a thin air pocket that943.744.98
allows for longer underwater Braven oh946.1395.461
heck yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so948.725.34
let me go to my inventory find it for951.64.14
you yeah I really don't want to go954.064.219
ah great so wait if I put it in right958.2795.161
now oh yeah yeah961.1995.401
wow look at that that's awesome yeah I'm963.444.54
gonna be sucking on this all day when966.64.2
I'm under water dog no chili dog second967.985.58
on chili dog see yeah I gotta go kill uh970.85.039
more of those water water goblins yeah973.563.899
okay yeah let's chill around here make975.8394.401
stuff till in the morning977.4592.781
there we go made it all right now let's989.068.62
change hey oh yeah check this out bam oh993.06.72
that's cool Shield it's a weevil Shield997.684.38
okay what's your plan with that I saw a999.724.82
bee I thought maybe if I attacked the B1002.065.16
and y'all help and I'll use the shield1004.544.479
maybe we can bring a b down oh yeah oh I1007.223.66
see one oh I would love to bring a b1009.0193.901
down uh who's with me uh I'm with you1010.884.5
tell you what let me uh let me put it on1012.924.62
there yeah better equipment I'm coming1015.384.74
we're gonna take a b love it I'm behind1017.544.44
you too we're coming all right the plan1020.123.06
is to get him to attack me and y'all1021.982.88
attack the B right see he's way up there1023.184.379
although he's coming down here we go1024.865.36
oh he moved okay1027.5596.601
be still be still oh yeah you got him1030.225.199
you got him you got him okay all right1034.166.259
he's coming oh [ __ ] there he goes okay1035.4197.201
oh yeah we're getting to be can you take1040.4195.861
me y'all attack him oh boy oh damn you1042.625.939
you got attacked news after me he's1046.284.8
after me run run up through1048.5595.12
I don't have a Weeble Shield1051.085.76
my plan bad idea he's coming to me again1053.6794.961
hell keep attacking him he's got a lot1056.844.02
of Health Phil I got you thank you door1058.644.44
yep all right we can do this we can do1060.865.4
this just teamwork okay stay on him oh1063.085.42
oh [ __ ] did he change oh God he's coming1070.945.28
after me oh God damn it he does not like1073.645.46
my ass oh yeah he's super weak all right1076.225.3
I got four arrows left1079.15.64
oh he's out for Simon oh yeah one more1081.527.38
shot he's good yeah1084.744.16
I don't know oh man we need to analyze1091.64.74
that stuff1094.465.88
okay all right got you thank you guys1096.344.959
check your inventory what do you give1100.342.88
you I'm gonna I'm a Reviving Simon thank1101.2994.861
you just I wanted to enjoy it oh we got1103.226.38
uh B fuzz1106.163.44
what else be fuzz that's all I see1110.6794.661
that's arrows I was talking to rock I1113.244.08
don't give a [ __ ] just beef us that's1115.346.24
all I got B fuzzle out there get with me1117.326.78
don't [ __ ] [ __ ] stop shooting at me1121.584.52
my stamina is down1126.17.65
yeah okay deserved it you did1129.168.9

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