Frighty Night - Dead Space 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you probably can't get enough of watching Neebs and the gang take on...
Frighty Night - Dead Space 2
Frighty Night - Dead Space 2

Frighty Night - Dead Space 2

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Frighty Night! Today, we're diving into Dead Space 2, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, Dead Space 2 is a classic! I love watching Neebs take on those creepy necromorphs. It's like a horror movie come to life!

appsro: Haha, yeah, Neebs definitely brings the laughs while playing this game. I can't get enough of his screams when those jump scares hit!

neebs: Hey, I gotta keep you guys entertained somehow! But seriously, Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite games to play on Frighty Night. It's just so intense and creepy, I love it!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you probably can't get enough of watching Neebs and the gang take on new games and adventures. Well, in this latest video, Neebs dives into the world of Dead Space 2. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how he handles all the scares and challenges this game has in store.

As always, the video kicks off with that catchy intro music "Pisco Sour" by Gunnar Olsen. It never fails to get me pumped up for whatever gaming shenanigans Neebs has in store for us. And let me tell you, Dead Space 2 is no joke. If you're a fan of horror games, this one is sure to give you chills and thrills.

I love how Neebs always includes links to more information about the game he's playing. It's a great way to learn more about the storyline and gameplay if you're interested. Plus, those Twitch channels he mentions are perfect for catching live streams and interacting with Neebs and the crew in real time. And hey, who doesn't love some sweet Neebs Gaming and Hank and Jed gear? I've already got my eye on a couple of items from their online store.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again - providing an absolutely stellar cinematic experience of Dead Space 2 that makes you feel like you're right there alongside Isaac Clarke as he battles the nightmarish Necromorphs.

From the very first episode, you're drawn into the dark and gritty world of Dead Space. The top-notch editing transports you seamlessly from cutscene to gameplay, maximizing the storytelling and drama. The guys' hilarious commentary and reactions perfectly complement the tense action - you'll be jumping and yelling right along with them.

Over the course of their epic 30+ episode series, Neebs Gaming highlights all the best parts of Dead Space 2. You get to experience the thrill of zero-g sequences, intense boss battles, and harrowing escapes from hordes of horrifying enemies. The cinematic camera work captures both the grand scale and chilling details of the Ishimura and Sprawl environments.

And the storytelling is absolutely superb. You become invested in Isaac's struggle against the Necromorph outbreak and the Marker conspiracy. The clever editing interweaves game footage, custom animations, and movie magic to craft a riveting narrative arc full of twists and turns.

Simply put, Neebs Gaming's playthrough of Dead Space 2 is the definitive way to experience this survival horror masterpiece short of playing it yourself. Their cinematic approach draws you into the world and story like you're watching a big-budget film while still allowing you to appreciate the excellent gameplay. If you're a fan of sci-fi, horror, or thrilling cinematic adventures, you must watch Neebs Gaming's Dead Space 2 series. It showcases this fantastic game and the talents of these masterful content creators at their very best.

Neebs Gaming
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guys oh yeah what welcome to nebs gaming7.3995.041
uhhuh yeah [ __ ] usually you scream it10.366.04
obnoxiously it's Friday night oh Friday12.446.32
night Frid take that back yeah we're16.44.44
playing what Dead Space Dead Space 218.764.08
what is that word I I don't use it if20.843.759
you don't know what it is Zealot or Z22.844.0
with you let's go to the one before24.5994.52
casual I am so lucky to be serving26.844.4
aboard her so she's lucky to be serving29.1193.761
aboard this ship this is going to end up31.243.639
naked He's Got Sexy Love eyes right now32.883.4
he does have sexy love eyes look that34.8795.321
look at his eyes he's like oh yeah oh36.286.72
honey you're Isaac he's a cop okay we're40.24.92
Isaac oh looks like she's taking a dump43.03.16
no she doesn't have her pants down45.122.36
there's no way she's on a toilet you46.162.68
remember those flaps you know back in47.484.16
the day you just drop the flaps down the48.844.48
she has pajama flaps she might have51.643.28
would you find a boy the ship Isaac what53.324.0
did you find aboard that ship Isaac you54.923.639
knew what he was going to say I found a57.324.399
Lobster Claw oh CLA I can't tell if this58.5596.96
is sexy or gross both make us whole o61.7195.76
that's even sexier look at that know65.5196.761
that Dana I found Isaac Clark wow he can67.4796.521
balance that flashlight on his shoulder72.283.6
K he I can explain everything but you74.04.04
got to trust me okay okay explain the75.884.68
flashlight on your shoulder explain that78.046.2
no oh like that kindy holy [ __ ] balls80.567.32
what the hell what that was subtle frco84.246.559
what happened what what happened I no he87.884.519
put the flashlight on his shoulder and90.7994.401
it just stuck I don't get it there's an92.3996.04
evacuation God what is the [ __ ] is that95.24.959
okay you in a straight jacket that's98.4393.68
just oh what happened dead are you dead100.1593.161
already that's what a lot of people102.1192.561
[ __ ] about in this game is like it103.323.6
takes forever till there's some action104.683.88
oh really that was an action are you106.924.199
[ __ ] kidding Simon108.566.04
too this is pointless oh man there's one111.1196.561
way to run and that always pisses me off114.64.479
yeah it should it's like you just have117.683.359
to remember the course and that's not a119.0794.36
good way to make a game I love that121.0394.841
little thing little cute little B like a123.4394.481
puppy oh jeez X hold x x tap X oh you127.925.84
see the little X down there holy [ __ ]132.285.16
I'm the [ __ ] I'm tapping it waa that's133.766.32
violent all right where was that [ __ ]137.445.64
oh come on x x x x tap x x x x x x x is140.084.799
the bottom One X yeah yeah yeah yeah143.085.519
there it is oh Jee [ __ ] you okay look144.8795.64
now I can make decisions there you go148.5994.041
game should be about making decisions150.5194.241
mhm I agree I want to knock this down152.643.599
yeah Fu that place how am I going to154.763.32
open this I'm going to straight Jag it156.2393.36
with your nose there you go okay well158.082.799
that makes sense doesn't of course it159.5993.321
makes I can't jump but I can open a door160.8793.241
hey there's some people over there go162.922.84
say hey no they're probably bad guys164.123.039
come on you don't know that they're bad165.765.68
guys hey guys hey holy [ __ ]167.1597.241
okay yeah they're good guys oh they were171.446.64
trying to take that oh no boy they got174.47.44
taken oh178.083.76
H oh coffee time I tell you what demon182.845.399
aliens always steal the hazelnut186.643.84
creamers every time every time is that188.2393.601
me in the back wait you're Isaac is it190.483.2
Isaac straw can you get closer to them191.843.399
is he the guy with the dreamy eyes from193.683.279
the beginning okay cuz you would have to195.2393.401
have the legs of a human to jump this196.9593.92
and I don't apparently have that all198.644.04
right we're making progress yeah we're200.8793.401
on our way unlock think you're doing a202.683.839
good job buddy thanks Simon we got we204.285.64
got a human hey easy206.5194.761
friends oh why Jam got some no he's211.286.92
cutting it Loose oh wow oh okay a health214.8795.761
b and a flashlight in that wall218.24.52
Locker you should grab them all right220.644.08
now neebs uh hunt around the room for 25222.723.48
minutes and then eventually end up at224.722.799
the uh he pointed right to where you226.23.119
need to go we got stuff going on227.5193.881
somebody's on there period okay I turn229.3194.961
my back for two seconds and what do you231.45.32
do die like a [ __ ] you ate the glass234.284.36
shards didn't you I didn't even get to236.723.2
ask him about how that guy had that238.642.879
flashlight you can ask him he'll be back239.923.48
soon probably go the way that you didn't241.5193.92
come from which is that way yeah yeah oh243.44.199
boy don't start hear did you hear that245.4395.72
start that t the T that he just got no T247.5995.601
he had a little T he got no T it's early251.1595.161
for the T it's not even 2:30 who had a t253.26.319
230 thanks man 230 I just got that than256.325.24
Simon good job that's a good one back I259.5193.12
was taking a nap pull out your261.564.0
flashlight okay I guess the Spooks begin262.6396.201
now press and hold R3 R three oh that265.564.52
tells you where you need to go that's268.843.16
what neebs needs I won't use it oh270.083.559
you're using it though I wonder which272.04.199
way we have to go bodies everywhere look273.6396.161
at that guy all it had the glass Shard276.1995.28
Buffet can I have the glass shards279.84.28
medium rare and a glass of glass shard281.4794.241
in a284.085.04
please hello boogy boogy boogy boo I285.727.12
like your boogy boo boogy boo I like289.126.6
it yeah get the [ __ ] out of my way292.846.199
Walker Texas Ranger I know right now295.724.72
this is the future like everything299.0393.081
should be motorized even Walmart has300.443.96
those motorized wheelchairs like the fat302.124.04
people right around in yeah I was at304.45.16
Walmart uh last year and I saw uh an306.165.319
older lady and she must have had like309.563.56
two of her grandkids and they were all311.4793.641
three on the motorized carts having a313.123.799
good old time oh right the kids didn't315.123.16
need them I'm pretty sure the lady316.9193.241
didn't but I wanted to kick them all318.284.039
over like while they were riding like I320.164.0
wanted to physically hurt them the older322.3194.16
lady God I know and I don't really get324.164.08
that way but I wanted to hurt them326.4794.72
that's that's I know I'm going328.245.16
to [ __ ] you for being disabled I'm331.1993.84
cutting this out no she might have but333.43.2
the kids sure as [ __ ] weren't yeah but335.0393.041
they're only using one cart and no they336.63.039
were both in one they were three cards338.083.679
us oh there were three carts in all see339.6393.921
yeah no that's [ __ ]341.7596.641
up oh watch out headache oh ha Shadow343.567.079
did you see that yeah I saw the shadow348.43.799
what the hell you know they they really350.6393.28
need to take care of this water problem352.1993.641
cuz water the water the leaks don't go353.9193.481
away I think they have bigger problems355.843.0
right now yeah I know but I'm just357.44.28
saying the the just like slightly yeah358.846.12
the mold is a a huge361.684.799
who oh what is that hey there's that oh366.4796.361
hey buddy can Kinesis369.9198.321
grab y oh press Circle to grab372.847.72
tesis oh you got a flashlight you378.244.28
already had a flashlight hold with380.564.039
Kinesis and then a flashlight press R1382.523.44
to throw384.5995.801
it yeah what up pick I want to pick up385.965.6
the body can you pick up the body yeah390.44.079
and throw it well I just tried oh god oh391.564.52
what the what are you doing throw it394.4793.201
what are you doing throw it wrong button396.083.679
I forgot what button to push there we go397.685.519
there we go there we go oh no yeah suck399.7595.921
it oh that's great stick his ass to403.1994.0
that's [ __ ] awesome it's like a405.683.44
remind me later407.1995.761
note oh one those guys I'm going to stop409.126.24
it I'm this412.967.16
kick oh boy Circle oh get get him415.367.32
advancing quickly get him oh he's on to420.125.759
you yes see I'm liking this game I enjoy422.685.799
that much more than the other games so425.8794.04
far on Friday428.4795.0
night yeah Su429.9198.081
600 yeah now can you open things with433.4797.521
sure small441.4795.761
man how you liking it nebs so far444.1994.241
starting to get better man starting to447.243.76
get better it look at this how how how448.444.599
many plug Outlets does one elevator need451.04.4
like look at that on the like there's oh453.0394.481
hold on well people charge their phones455.45.799
in that 5c trip what is that look behind457.527.359
you ah oh461.1993.68
hello lot of stuff going on oh boy hello465.04.44
you're you're going to need a lot of468.3192.241
those things469.443.08
aren't oh you do have a lot of those470.565.479
things man nice man I like the physics472.526.399
are great you doing good me we're476.0394.361
looking at you the only one playing478.9193.201
anything else I still hear [ __ ] so you480.43.6
may want to that's482.124.799
something what the [ __ ] no get him get484.04.639
him do it do486.9195.24
it oh he's he's not done run run is that488.6396.361
R is that him492.1595.081
X I can't I I can't see what's going on497.245.6
you did you got out you got out did I do501.1993.201
yeah oh I was an abortion you pull off504.45.16
of him what is that a claw I don't know506.9194.84
you just took part of his Anatomy he509.564.159
can't jump you know you can't jump over511.7595.041
that remember when I was us Vault you'd513.7194.961
have to be a cheater to climb that good516.84.039
deduction buddy I'm going to explore518.684.4
you're like the lisis and Clark of space520.8395.041
I'd pick up the thorned gizzard again523.084.879
Louis and Clark great show probably the525.885.28
best Superman show ever made thank God527.9595.121
please come help me I got you back calm531.163.28
down everything's under control in this533.083.24
whole station all I got to do is press X534.443.16
she'll be536.324.32
fine repeatedly537.67.04
cut oh god oh oh my God okay now look I540.646.28
see the Monster I should be able to544.644.8
stop oh man going to hurt for a minute546.924.12
come on he'll be549.446.36
fine ah Jesus Christ no give me a minute551.046.12
I'm just going to finish working on this555.84.52
Mach no aim aim and press R1 aim and557.165.359
R1 there you go oh562.68.0
yeah right in the nuts or the head565.325.28
that's how you go for a head shot go for571.444.68
a head shot his head's already gone oh572.765.24
man yeah D I got to tell you this is a576.123.64
lot better than Fatal Frame hey I did578.05.04
good [ __ ] yeah Fatal Frame 2 being a579.765.92
classic Jesus the Water waste here583.045.6
somebody left the water on hey all right585.684.92
hey to a save station we'll change of588.644.16
scenery come on okay so is this all like590.65.52
a big hospital kind of a hospital whole592.86.159
thing I like the pose that he takes when596.126.32
he does there you go I go that598.9596.601
way good unfazed but yeah that602.444.88
everything what's that light is that607.324.88
something oh you got some credits you609.645.24
buy some stuff at the gift shop [ __ ] oh612.26.6
oh [ __ ] shoot where are you going shoot614.887.399
oh wow wow wow that618.87.2
was yeah grab that toy oh622.2798.201
yeah get him with the toy toy plan yeah626.06.8
shoot shoot I don't know if he has anys630.484.4
he hates good childhood memories okay632.87.12
nine oh [ __ ] oh oh come on what about634.888.32
your hit button your hit thing a go with639.925.52
the wheelchair this time yeah wheelchair643.24.16
is probably a one shot kill right I645.443.519
don't know647.364.8
man oh boy or you do it you could do it648.9595.841
nees you could do it buddy limbs go for652.165.4
go for limbs654.82.76
legs oh boy you shot him in the dick657.6394.801
shoot like you do in Battlefield oh he's660.365.76
doing good oh watch out oh my goodness662.444.68
oh my666.125.159
goodness oh my God why give me why why667.126.6
please press X to continue dying we need671.2794.441
a game plan here let's not grab anything673.724.0
that's a blunt object I mean I think the675.723.559
solution is when you shoot at them you677.723.72
know actually hit them oh he's going to679.2794.721
drop down from the vent there he is okay681.443.6
on yeah you just reloaded okay there's685.046.359
one behind you down and out yeah there688.84.2
he is good691.3995.801
job there you go oh Bo a third693.06.48
one no well he didn't fall down I just697.24.52
tripped and this is on easy mode Jesus699.486.44
tap dancing Christ well casual casual we701.726.64
got this trigger trigger the and then705.924.919
come back trigger the fire extinguishers708.364.719
and run back all right now run back and710.8394.921
maybe a leg shot like if you you know713.0794.121
you have to reload it you have to reload715.763.24
don't you cuz you have to reload every717.23.8
time always do that because you never719.05.24
reload is there a Reload button yeah721.06.279
probably okay the legs thing sorry I724.246.76
just know that jeez look at that oh [ __ ]727.2797.281
no you got to be kidding me hey go ahead731.04.279
reload how aim and then try to shoot735.2795.56
your gun you see how that said zero and738.165.039
then now look aim your gun aim your gun740.8394.321
see know how it says 10 okay now you're743.1993.521
ready for this [ __ ] nees will you do me745.163.2
a favor what's that we do the same thing746.723.0
we just did last time748.363.12
come back into this room and then take749.723.32
your time I know it's intense but to get751.482.84
a leg shot753.044.039
on leg shot leg shot you really don't754.324.4
you want to stop their movement toward757.0793.56
you why would you take off one arm when758.724.239
they still have another arm I think this760.6394.041
uh I feel like the arms are the most762.9594.68
deadly part squeeg but they'll bite you764.684.44
squeegee mop might kill him though767.6392.961
squeegee M so right now it's going to769.125.68
drop right here three two one use your770.65.4
mop fire shoot776.06.519
now go good now go move to your left779.5195.12
another guy's coming there you go leg oh782.5194.641
that's nuts there you go legs oh [ __ ]784.6394.961
stop yeah now they're still coming oh787.163.6
God they're still alive that's okay789.63.52
though deras you were right [ __ ]790.765.079
right oh God he's just randomly going at793.125.92
[ __ ] [ __ ] nailed it that's awesome795.8397.401
that's why this game is awesome799.044.2

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