Frighty Night - 5 Nights At Freddy's 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, I just watched the latest video where Neebs and the gang decided to dive back into the spooky world...
Frighty Night - 5 Nights At Freddy's 2
Frighty Night - 5 Nights At Freddy's 2

Frighty Night - 5 Nights At Freddy's 2

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Frighty Night video we did on 5 Nights at Freddy's 2? It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! I still can't believe we decided to take on those animatronic nightmares again for some damn reason.

appsro: Haha, yeah, it was a wild ride. But hey, at least we didn't get stuffed into any animatronic suits this time, right?

neebs: True, true. And hey, it's always fun to see who screams the loudest when those creepy animatronics jump out at us!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, I just watched the latest video where Neebs and the gang decided to dive back into the spooky world of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. And let me tell you, it was a wild ride!

If you're not familiar with the game, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is all about surviving the night in a creepy pizza restaurant filled with animatronic monsters. And let me tell you, these animatronics are not messing around. They'll jump scare you in a heartbeat if you're not careful!

Watching Neebs, Doraleous, Appsro, and the rest of the crew try to navigate their way through the game was both hilarious and nerve-wracking. I mean, who knew watching grown men scream at computer screens could be so entertaining? But that's the magic of Neebs Gaming for you! They always manage to turn even the scariest games into a fun and entertaining experience.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest hilarious and terrifying let's play of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. As longtime fans know, the Neebs crew brings their signature blend of humor and skill to every game they feature on their channel. Their FNAF2 series is no exception.

Right from the start, their trademark banter and camaraderie make the creepy animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza far less scary. The jump scares still get you, but the gang's constant one-liners and screams of terror turn the tension into laughter. Even while battling for their virtual lives against the murderous mascots, the chemistry between Neebs, Appsro, Thick, Doraleous, and Simon shines through.

Beyond the comedy, the cinematography of Neebs Gaming's videos is exceptional. The editing bounces between different POV shots and reaction cams seamlessly, giving viewers the best of both worlds. You get the genuine first-person scares of each night shift along with the hilarious facial expressions and quips of the crew. This allows fans to experience FNAF2 almost as if they were playing it themselves.

By the end of the series, you really feel like you've survived the week at Freddy's right there alongside the Neebs Gaming crew. Their FNAF2 videos perfectly capture the tense, terrifying, and yes, sometimes ridiculous fun that has made Five Nights at Freddy's so popular. For any fan of the games or of well-produced gaming content, Neebs Gaming's playthrough is a must-watch. It's the next best thing to battling the bots yourself.

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all right guys Welcome to frighty Night7.726.56
fry night are we really going to [ __ ]11.24.8
play this one thing I did hear is we14.284.6
need to listen to the guy talking it16.04.96
helps all right listen to the guy talk18.883.8
but until then can we talk yeah [ __ ]20.963.559
yeah talk how's how's your day buddy22.683.08
load it's going pretty good you know I24.5193.961
got my transmission fixed remember that25.764.679
and then I had to go back there okay all28.485.48
right shut up enough of that hello hello30.4396.481
hello uh hello and welcome to your new33.965.48
summer job at the new and improved36.924.959
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza M39.445.88
it netive41.8793.441
impression ENT is to you got scared from45.5596.881
that I didn't get scared you said oh God49.844.64
it's another layer is anybody listening52.444.52
to that guy no not really hey nees look54.484.44
your only56.965.399
fan funny we should beay them to guard58.927.76
you you should [ __ ] can you close doors62.3596.361
there's no there's no doors now he's66.684.36
dragging this thing on man yeah he is so68.724.64
he's been talking for two hours now hold71.044.84
control while you're on the camera oh73.365.439
wow oh Jesus why is that flashing like75.884.919
that oh yeah you see that little yeah I78.7993.921
see it what that mean he might have told80.7993.36
us can we play that message again I82.723.32
didn't wind up the music bugs so it's84.1593.721
all about86.044.079
lights and then whenever I I guess87.883.48
something comes through you're like oh90.1192.921
just a bear you got a you got a thing91.363.119
going right yeah something's going on93.042.84
what does that mean this is confusing94.4793.881
now oh oh there's one go to looks like a95.883.68
Bear what the [ __ ] happened to that99.563.879
thing I don't even know I'm looking for101.64.44
oh [ __ ] all right there's103.4395.761
that okay so then106.045.28
nothing boy look I bet you he's still109.24.48
there still how you doing he's a cute111.324.36
little how this isused I don't know113.683.6
what's happening you got to wind up the115.686.16
music box that's what he's doing117.284.56
[ __ ] you guess what what happened I'm122.3996.0
I'm frustrated let's listen this time125.564.8
okay and let's see if we that is128.3993.961
impossible no it's not he's not going to130.363.12
talk this time I'm still going to ring132.363.08
he's not going to talk no I hit continue133.483.68
oh okay so we know the rabbit's quick135.444.079
right rabbit's quick yeah oh that's so137.163.96
clever can I just do this what's so139.5194.041
clever the rabbit being quick what what141.125.92
what first one to Gob ttis and rabbit143.566.12
okay okay Simon gets weird like this147.043.8
scared yeah I don't cuz when we saw that150.844.52
bear a second ago I mean what do you do153.564.0
what do you do exactly 2 a.m. I155.363.799
appreciated the first game I kind of157.564.2
hate this one already okay look it's159.1594.601
coming it's getting closer but what the161.764.52
hell do you do he's [ __ ] oh he's in the163.764.52
vent he's in the v there's put the mask166.285.0
on so we just going to keep this on I168.287.56
guess oh that's cool oh I like that oh171.286.959
he's back okay good job good job we175.843.8
haven't heard's voice in a while you178.2392.201
yeah I'm just trying to figure this out180.443.12
I think you're you're rocking it man one182.1595.36
more hour yeah check more cameras183.563.959
hey well done hey you know what let's do189.8795.321
a cheers cheers guys Cheers Cheers we192.5995.0
did it we did it we did it in in uh in195.25.119
true uh neebs gaming fashion we finished197.5994.161
the second night all we got to do is get200.3193.801
through the second night and we win oh201.763.72
wait all right everybody shut up let's204.124.039
listen to him this time uh hello hello205.485.16
hey uh see told you your first night208.1593.521
wouldn't be a210.644.799
problem trick will work on foxy if for211.686.199
some reason he activates during the215.4394.641
night have a good night and I'll talk to217.8792.92
tomorrow okay that was some good220.7995.681
info that guy could have said that in 5223.7994.241
seconds yes he could226.484.119
have who quick flash flash flash your228.043.479
maskkkk there we go you can't check if231.5194.041
it's I can't use my flashlight and wear233.5995.241
a mask that's stupid that is pretty dumb235.565.039
how many people have been in Halloween238.844.56
wore a mask and used a flashlight no you240.5997.761
hear me that what second night wow here243.47.119
we go there's no camera battery in this248.363.76
which I don't like just flashlight250.5193.201
flashlight flashlight it's all about the252.123.959
light now that noise means something is253.725.039
that not you winding it up means you're256.0794.72
winding yep check your hallway buddy so258.7593.641
those are the two most important cameras260.7993.081
to check probably yeah because that262.42.96
means they coming near263.884.24
you oh oh look there it is flash flash265.364.76
flash and mask mask mask I don't you268.123.48
don't need mask that's what they said270.123.48
for the you do you need the mask for271.64.84
this one the fox is the only one that it273.65.08
that the Mask doesn't fool apparently276.444.92
why would you you need the maskk put the278.684.0
mask on all right well I'm not going to281.363.0
do it just to see okay all right let's282.684.28
see what Happ see what284.364.36
happens there's one in the vent there's286.963.76
one in the vent put the mask288.724.52
on uhoh I got to wind the thing how did290.724.72
you know do the same time I can't do it293.245.0
here's oh Jes [ __ ] oh Jesus we're dead295.444.64
we're dead we're dead we're we're gon to298.242.92
go back to it and there's something's300.083.32
going to be there we're [ __ ] we're [ __ ]301.164.36
put the mask on as quick as you can bam303.45.32
oh wow okay well done305.527.16
okay so what are you doing tomorrow Naes308.725.8
oh did that get312.685.11
you wait what320.0396.561
let's is this another game still nothing323.565.28
what what the [ __ ] going on what is326.65.12
like remember ET this is like ET oh you328.844.28
following that guy I guess I'm going to331.723.199
chase that thing so far this is my333.124.12
favorite part of the game it's a ghost334.9194.961
okay what's in the gift box what's down337.244.799
on the ground there is that a cobra down339.883.68
there or yeah looks like looks like a342.0394.121
snake bent over corpse no it's a snake343.563.96
yeah I would say a mummy I don't think346.165.68
it's a snake let's find out it was a347.527.64
menu scream King me I don't know all351.846.16
right these Friday nights are limited355.164.52
they are limited see this this this358.03.08
brings the worst out of us guys oh he's359.684.4
gone oh that's fun I like that it's got361.085.0
a little cupcake for you oh I hear364.084.119
something in the366.085.32
vents all right put on your Jack P maybe368.1994.641
this is what we're supposed to do [ __ ]371.44.48
if I know now the last scare we had got372.846.079
me because you know why oh you were I375.885.08
can't believe it got you cuz it was378.9193.56
right when I was switching my mask and I380.962.56
was like oh I just got to do this do382.4793.361
this wo wo wo I don't know what just383.523.44
happened there what is that all about385.843.359
why the lights you're Ultra focused and386.964.079
you're right front of the screen okay389.1993.44
that's how it got you so right now like391.0393.56
I need to wind that box wind the Box the392.6393.321
Box soon as I do something something's394.5995.0
going to kill me true see where is the395.966.16
wolf coming from see I wasn't scared399.5994.241
that time where is he coming from you402.123.079
knew it it's kind of a [ __ ] move403.842.6
isn't it it was predictable so I was405.1993.161
like here it comes yeah yeah same thing406.442.96
with the last I want to know where the408.362.8
[ __ ] coming from be coming from409.43.359
somewhere the coming out of nowhere is411.163.08
[ __ ] got to come from somewhere412.7592.921
though there's something we're missing414.242.92
there's something we [ __ ] missing I415.683.0
kind of want to hear the first night's417.164.24
audio and I know that's painful I think418.685.199
we should let abro try to play all right421.43.84
I like it all right all right I'm down423.8792.921
cuz he loves figuring this stuff out and425.244.239
I hate it now abro do you feel like we426.84.36
should go straight to night two again or429.4792.801
do you want to hear the audio from the431.162.8
first night you know what [ __ ] it I want432.283.039
to hear the audio there we go I want to433.963.04
see what's up there we go here we go435.3194.041
help grand reopening this vintage437.04.84
[ __ ] Pizzeria what could go wrong439.363.64
what could go wrong is me paying eight441.843.199
bucks for it 8 my gosh this guy's443.04.56
probably made millions of course he has445.0396.201
I know and you know what it upsets447.565.96
good you made a million doll great451.244.12
listen to this shut the [ __ ] up everyone453.525.16
shut the I swear to God have a good455.364.839
night and I'll talk to you tomorrow from458.683.4
what I from what I just figured out the460.1994.68
music box controls the wolf the one462.085.04
that's what I thought maybe so as long464.8794.801
as the music box is wound and the mask467.125.039
is on you should be safe oh469.686.239
[ __ ] hey bud one's gone oh there's472.1596.6
that I told you there it is BR bring us475.9195.96
a wind the Box first the Box give it a478.7596.16
Flash and wind the Box we're good I like481.8795.361
this we got neees he's outside this you484.9194.201
know and he's and he's and he's being487.244.04
strategic we have a Tactical Team here I489.123.96
like we go and one person that rips on491.285.44
it yeah and that's me we need that yeah493.085.36
we you should we might beat this whole496.723.64
game now yeah yeah we're going to night498.443.96
eight I would take the mask off Flash500.363.64
the light and wind the Box again good502.43.12
flashlight the box there you go the it505.527.24
it's already 5 a.m. look at this killing510.1994.041
it I just heard him you heard him in the512.763.399
vent I don't know I heard I heard him in514.242.919
the [ __ ]516.1594.161
vent you got to the Box the get is that517.1596.721
the Box the box that is the box is it520.326.12
flashlight Fu [ __ ] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] so he's523.884.24
probably slow with that click that's526.443.959
enough go back and Flash the light back528.126.44
yeah there you go yeah master all right530.3995.56
right you know what we need to stop534.563.32
doing is we need to stop getting the535.9593.961
high alcohol content beer because I'm537.884.12
four deep right now good yeah this this539.924.12
is a phone we don't need to hear this542.04.32
we've already heard this guy the no it's544.044.72
a different night we heard we heard this546.324.24
the one we listen to oh that was night548.764.72
one but we have to be here anyway I got550.564.24
excited for nothing is that why you got553.483.76
excited I thought we were night three no554.85.12
no you left I thought you did something557.244.92
special go back you did the same [ __ ] I559.924.2
did yeah but he did it better but now we562.163.919
know he did it better let me tell you564.124.36
this why the Box let me tell you this566.0794.841
though if I was the guy on the phone568.484.32
what oh God okay that means somebody570.924.479
just moved oh God that thing's gone what572.84.0
thing was that the thing that was there575.3994.241
that thing's gone [ __ ] oh576.86.279
god oh there it is Jesus look at that's579.645.04
what I was talking about it's up there583.0793.2
what is that that's pretty that's the584.683.48
mangle [ __ ] thing mangle thing yeah586.2794.321
it's right there wind up music Bo the bo588.163.799
I'm in the Box I'm the box then go back590.63.479
to that camera you 2591.9594.201
a.m. oh God it's going to be a long594.0795.401
night flashlight for Mid hallway yeah596.166.88
yeah oh Jesus Christ that's the wait I599.485.28
don't think the mask put the mas no The603.043.44
Mask doesn't work on604.763.759
thei wait how do I get out of the Mask606.483.08
you're right you're right oh I hit608.5192.841
Escape oh that that'll get you out of609.564.279
everything J CH out it hold on did I611.364.919
quit the game yeah you hit Escape oh613.8395.881
[ __ ] how did I get God damn it continue616.2796.24
night two that's okay go down go down oh619.725.72
you just go down okay thank you Jesus622.5195.361
Christ cool yeah these things [ __ ] them625.444.399
flash them flash everything it can go627.884.48
anywhere at this point [ __ ] it who's629.8397.641
laughing come the [ __ ] on the okay what632.367.84
the [ __ ] see the balloon guy came how we637.485.32
doing on music box ah [ __ ] me [ __ ] me in640.24.879
the dick [ __ ] me [ __ ] me in the dick642.84.68
[ __ ] me in the dick [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]645.0797.2
[ __ ] [ __ ] one [ __ ] one in the dick oh I647.484.799
can't didn't even see it652.446.04
box box [ __ ] I'm doing it oh there's656.04.16
something in the [ __ ] oh God there's658.483.4
something in the [ __ ] that's enough660.164.919
go back and do light mid light he's in661.886.88
the room good in the room here we go oh665.0795.361
keep it on you've got you've got the668.764.68
balloon boy in the room okay music box670.447.04
wait not he's fine it's still there673.445.32
Flash the light guess what flash the677.483.12
light at him I can't no you678.765.96
can't okay he's okay MK680.66.64
leave turn the mask no he's not going to684.725.32
leave I'm telling you mask off687.244.159
[ __ ]690.044.0
flashlight God damn it you didn't have691.3994.521
anything to worry about the guy with the694.043.919
balloon was fine let me tell you real695.924.24
quick how the first phone call should697.9595.041
have went day one Cliff Notes this hey700.164.76
here's what you need to know keep the703.04.68
music box wound right you can use the704.925.159
bare head to hide yourself from animals707.684.64
and use your flashlight that startles710.0796.361
them thank you end of call done712.326.6
hello as soon as you start putting kid716.445.04
voices is in it you're over no thank you718.924.44
yeah they know are you afraid of kids721.484.88
yeah I'm afraid of kids I got two of723.365.76
them what the [ __ ] what are you doing726.364.64
you little [ __ ] what do you think you're729.125.76
doing G no he's oh no ah he's731.06.0
there middle734.883.959
you you don't need the mask we got this738.8394.281
right yeah is you got to wind that box740.9593.801
though I got743.123.92
to no flashlight first the thing would744.764.12
flash if you needed to wind it up you747.044.12
flash it it won't let me flash it751.565.24
anymore you know why Le cuz what what I752.925.88
what I think they do cuz the programmers756.83.08
didn't know how to get rid of the758.82.64
animals J I hear something in the vents759.884.92
yeah in the vents Jesus here's what I761.445.8
thought though the middle guy all you764.83.44
need is a767.243.599
flashlight side guys I'm thinking mask768.244.2
all right I'm going to go again the770.8394.481
music box was wound last time when the772.445.72
fox attacked yeah so the music so that's775.324.319
not affecting the778.163.16
the music box might be affecting that779.6394.121
gangly looking [ __ ]781.325.68
yeah see now that thing's gone what was783.766.639
it what was it that gang the one that's787.04.92
attracted to the music box look at the790.3994.081
music box there it is that's what yeah791.924.96
that thing's attracted music box oh it's794.485.08
that's a stage right we're all796.885.68
ohk what why yeah now now it's just Gott805.6396.401
actually the we can get through this809.885.56
night all right wind your812.043.4
box you notice that Bud Ice kind of815.563.44
makes you817.84.159
grumpy did you notice that I think it's819.05.8
Simon F821.9596.281
game that rabbit's close by somewhere a824.86.12
dance party out there828.242.68
ybit dance uh I guess that's the second831.05.759
time he's not going to move when I'm835.484.799
doing that you sure836.7596.801
oh boy so now maybe a mask music box oh840.2796.281
is that oh god oh mask come on mask843.565.719
weird something's about to [ __ ] theic846.564.839
okay whenever you see the cameras get849.2793.961
glitchy that's when you need to put on a851.3993.041
yeah mask mask off music box oh [ __ ]854.446.639
it's too late fire guys you are it's858.565.6
only 2 a.m. let's get past 2: a.m.861.0795.361
that's just crazy oh there it is that864.163.919
[ __ ] thing flash it flash it flash it866.446.0
flashing mask too put the mask868.0798.2
on you need to use the mask thank you872.445.48
that's what I was looking876.2794.081
for all we got to do is to make it 4 4877.924.32
a.m. and we beat the game oh880.367.96
yeah mask on good callick that was good882.246.08
Mas go889.83.12
home boy oh no not that thing son of a893.9596.161
[ __ ]898.324.68
The Mask900.122.88
back you want to finish this put the903.887.16
mask on the box put the freaking mask906.167.239
oning hold on check the vents check the911.044.799
vents some winding why would you even913.3994.921
that's a blue guy in the v915.8396.201
oh is that all right mask thank you the918.325.639
box has to be wound what time is it we922.043.4
should see a clock up there there's no923.9596.641
CL I wind it oh the oh Jesus [ __ ] flash925.449.6
at the we need to the thing we need a oh930.67.12
God put in The Mask we're almost there935.044.279
put the mask on but we're not going to937.724.559
make it oh that's what I was saying good939.3197.2
timing good timing you put the mask942.2794.24
on 5 a.m. the Box we're right946.6396.921
there wind that box all the way the put950.0796.641
the mask on until 6 yes yeah yeah put953.564.36
the mask956.723.119
got the lights cuz that's what he's959.8394.8
doing you don't want to really getk961.685.48
that's right there put the mask on hey964.6394.401
your flashlights almost dead put the967.163.919
mask on put the [ __ ] mask on you want969.044.96
to fin you don't want to finish it do971.0794.841
this thank you we're good thanks all we974.03.88
got to do is make we good and we won and975.924.32
we won Friday night right we're fcking977.885.16
beat this game so hard keep it on I got980.243.48
on [ __ ] [ __ ] you983.727.2
take take987.443.48

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