WHAT HAPPENED HERE? | Subnautica #4

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Appsro's Subnautica Log series? It's a wild ride, let me tel...
WHAT HAPPENED HERE? | Subnautica #4
WHAT HAPPENED HERE? | Subnautica #4

WHAT HAPPENED HERE? | Subnautica #4

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest Subnautica video? It's a real doozy!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one where we find out we're not the first humans here? Classic plot twist!

neebs: I know, right? It's like a bad sci-fi movie, but in a good way.

appsro: And the way we stumbled upon that weird underwater creature? Priceless!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from Appsro's Subnautica Log series? It's a wild ride, let me tell you. In this episode, Appsro discovers that he's not the first human to visit the mysterious underwater world of Subnautica. I won't spoil too much, but let's just say things get pretty intense!

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hello no no who's this me you got the22.0110.269
wrong passenger number oh crap that's28.839.389
right your rooms are fu okay you woke me32.2799.8
up I was sleeping are you trying to call38.2195.191
what's wrong with him/her they're stuck43.415.25
in orbit none thrusters you guys make45.36.349
shitty equipment you know48.662.989
right there yeah but still here you guys59.3512.85
have a manager you have to like call70.7294.89
soon how often does that happen more72.25.4
often you would think I would think75.6197.591
pretty often dealing with you idiot tech77.68.28
savvy either that very tech money tech83.2114.82
savvy really yeah this is that's85.8814.489
I've been okay just going around Oh100.3699.211
Piedmont fragment a ok I can build a C102.6799.241
Mon yeah I just scanned all the109.5810.59
materials I need that is me oh god don't111.9211.309
get me started on him Thanks ah man he120.177.47
is uh he's depressing because yeah that123.2295.551
makes sense from the Winnie the Pooh127.645.569
cartoon yeah he he fits the description128.784.429
they means X oh Jesus he something137.5913.67
Oh leaves I'm feeling alone yeah we kid142.6512.509
need this uh island seems to be floating151.268.22
no most really yeah got these bright155.1596.121
purple things under it159.488.94
what if I can scan these guess not161.2810.17
yeah it's like it held up by giant168.425.58
jellyfish or something crazy looking171.4517.099
under here yeah it seems to be a like a174.023.22
jungle island Oh Mouse I will be ill no188.54910.741
one else I better get out my uh let's197.225.519
see know what quit my knife too just in199.293.96
nice nice nice ah looks like you left203.257.739
your hair yeah I added another oxygen208.34916.561
tank I know why did it yeah I built that210.98917.61
up when I was talking to Simon yeah have224.916.53
been busy trying to survive man hold on228.5995.161
cuz I'm picking up multiple faint energy231.448.35
signatures here man it's beautiful here233.767.71
these trees are incredible they're like239.798.599
like bioluminescent solo needs I think241.4711.879
then a base yeah yeah I don't know I248.3896.611
don't know how to describe it almost253.3493.211
yeah it looks like a base on the top of255.05.13
a mountain here well if I can get to it256.567.109
maybe let's see if I can get there260.138.759
oh crap I got some those damn jumping263.6696.361
spiders Oh268.8896.15
how do you guys Krabs they look like a270.0310.259
look like both well spider crab it looks275.03911.271
like a mix between the two idiot crap280.2896.021
I have no idea huh ha ha so long [ __ ]288.38.28
sorry I just picked up a crab with my um293.095.229
pulsing cannon and it's launched tickle296.5810.32
boom no logs [ __ ] why oh they don't298.31911.791
want me here because I'm shellfish yeah306.96.15
I get it it's terrible to plant alone310.117.04
lately I laugh at a good joke okay313.057.38
no trying to survive focusing on that317.156.09
not lighting joke320.432.81
I've not seen a bail bad but right now I334.35.32
have found I found some ruins of a base337.168.97
I mean if you want to tell me about a339.627.41
damn bail Babs346.132.64
go for it I'm not that interested in her347.0314.85
like interesting you know what are we we348.7716.23
mean are you we haven't done do you have361.885.25
done that yet yes in the rescue ship365.04.56
idiot we never confirmed that's what you367.135.13
wanted cause that's what I want okay we369.564.5
had a son big thing then you're like I'm372.264.11
gonna build a bay you never said you374.064.5
wanted to rescue save the rescue ship376.375.25
okay good that should have been378.565.19
immediately we have a guy stranded out381.623.75
there on the water planning what should383.757.86
we do send a rescue ship the Sun Bay385.3712.74
bull up yes just regionally all right391.6112.18
thank you great about I know yeah eleven398.118.05
eleven point four years if the math is403.798.37
right oh hey these yeah tell another one406.169.27
of those alien artifacts really yeah412.164.98
just lay here start to put down the415.438.28
collector II I may as well sigasi417.1411.58
survivors hold on I think it I don't423.716.09
even know what that is never even428.722.46
[ __ ] heard of that drops you you429.83.8
never cry never [ __ ] heard of it not431.185.25
told you again maybe433.64.81
all right just shut up about [ __ ]436.434.7
television shows438.412.72
Amy I mean I'm inside this old ruin now443.087.899
doesn't seem to be much here found447.496.07
another supply crate hey free battery I450.97910.351
don't come in handy no oh yeah Jarvis453.5611.55
what is it I don't know it looks to be461.337.05
for a while but wait so did another ship465.117.44
crash here like before the Aurora ah you468.387.59
[ __ ] kidding me well no the PDA said472.554.47
something about that they were the crew475.974.19
of the Degrassi477.023.14
so there's another ship that's crashed481.4498.891
here before the de Gossie you guys have483.659.0
lost three ships on this planet you guys490.348.699
are like oh Jesus okay there's a UH one492.657.92
of those crab critters crab spider499.0393.991
critters stuck in a wall yes switching500.574.4
seems to be stuck seems to be like503.035.33
making love to the rust504.976.989
shut up [ __ ] up hahaha508.366.51
wait you're gonna tell that later511.95910.21
alright the Kazi had a crew of six five514.8710.659
four six I don't know is it522.1695.851
am I on planet 45.6 me you're the525.5293.671
company you tell me528.0221.94
wow what a view climbing the mountain549.968.29
yeah feeling a good view yeah camped up555.05.53
here oh okay558.255.46
I have a couple bases I can get to I'm560.534.35
gonna go check see if there's anything563.711.8
in them564.883.21
I guess the crew of the de Ghazi didn't565.514.29
make it I don't see anybody I haven't568.0910.11
run into anybody here well that's good I569.810.38
can use the schematics from their bases578.24.89
to make one of my own before I die but580.184.2
Simon will remind me583.097.68
anyone there yeah maybe really know how584.388.22
to name a milky you know how we came up590.775.58
with all the best how like we just put592.66.57
the number in an empty with just kind of596.358.01
a shinjuku I get it oh yeah yeah no I599.177.59
get it I get it604.365.97
oh man looks like a it looks like these606.766.36
guys tried to go really deep we're not610.334.35
warming down there they don't trust us613.123.84
you think they don't lose he talking614.686.03
about they Oh God so man it sounds like616.965.73
members of the crew with deep deep620.7110.59
underwater no not no no what what it I622.699.84
can't can't even believe it just asked631.34.52
me to fill out these forms completely632.536.12
blue why is that even on the635.826.73
questionnaire did any of them been638.659.2
through a lot gets their mom happy642.555.3
country March United States state where650.146.09
the North Carolina oh really654.15.88
yeah no [ __ ] you sound like you're from656.236.21
North Carolina except the middle of659.983.66
North Carolina where the public662.4411.28
education system is [ __ ] I think I've663.6412.24
think I've explored about all this on I673.725.4
want to cool place but uh I need to head675.889.72
back no not yet oh wow they need yeah679.128.21
sounded pretty cool like landbridge685.65.22
goes over the water you ever jump off a687.336.27
like a waterfall into water690.825.16
I'm about to do it right now because I693.65.64
can't resist this this looks perfect695.983.26
movies I mean it's pretty high but it's699.274.93
survivable no I've jumped off enough701.958.6
cliffs to know here we go yeah ha ha oh704.211.1
there that was fun love doing that no I710.557.48
don't wanna climb back up there over715.33.95
so for what it sounded like though the719.256.12
people that were on this island722.7094.981
apparently they tried to explore and go725.375.95
really really deep I wonder if they're727.696.08
below it731.322.45
yeah should I go down there just to see734.4910.48
I shouldn't even see the bottom say what739.367.02
I'll take a deep breath and just see how744.975.09
far how far I can get I won't know whoa746.385.25
there we go750.065.31
if I couldn't even see the bottom751.633.74
ooh boy yeah that deep holy [ __ ]757.767.71
I'll need like a submarine or something763.0896.671
get down there well I can build a face765.476.39
and I can build a vehicle babe and yeah769.7613.29
I get a seem off going hey771.8621.57
loading rocks the hell huh hold on now783.0513.62
the being getting this little creature793.433.839
on it796.6712.289
Oh alien life-form caught a floater in797.26911.69
the fauna category right it looks like810.765.129
okay if I ever get heavy things that's817.0295.131
good to know819.862.3
tonight where should I build my base822.5193.611
yeah I build my base a little deeper824.663.39
that's where I got it now is just kind826.134.17
of in the shallows what do you think I828.053.96
play a good place to like build a first830.35.76
base would be well I'd like to go pretty832.015.759
deep I'd like to I'd like to see if I836.063.24
can find those other guys yeah he's837.7693.06
probably build it like halfway between839.33.659
where you are able to go yeah that might840.8294.141
be a good idea I'll tell you what I'll842.9596.031
be wrap in my mind well I'll take it if844.978.07
it good yeah848.996.15
but I couldn't do it right then853.046.14
yeah back in the bottle hey I got a UH a855.149.509
message nine new biological subjects859.187.75
designated mode something anyway these864.6494.021
three subjects location with other866.935.149
agents how does that mean868.673.409
oh [ __ ] in yeah yeah he won't stop ah883.6710.64
yeah he's out there just uh spinning888.45916.06
he'll hold on well it looks like one of894.3114.589
those floaters is spinning around [ __ ]904.51911.94
in yeah yeah alright I got him908.89911.12
and I'm gonna shoot him at your head916.4593.56
no no I'll use the floater like it926.445.41
[ __ ] away from the quad he annoys me929.545.57
it annoys me to no end931.853.26
both the floater hold on yeah babe what940.9911.789
I killed get head yeah I said um because946.0898.28
he was annoying the flutter seemed to952.7793.48
like it's stuck to him and then like954.3695.16
killed it oh I wonder if I could there's956.2595.661
another one that hangs around here oh959.5296.29
come on get lost idiot961.923.899
yeah kill the other one967.297.93
these are kill them both because those970.4396.551
things have been enjoying Academy since975.225.19
I got here yeah but you don't understand976.995.519
try sleeping with those two idiots just980.415.58
screaming all night do it I don't care982.5096.39
killed [ __ ] manatee there's 100 of985.995.61
them around this planet oh I love it I988.89911.761
gotta take this in Lenny listen I love991.610.89
these ditches shuffle check out front of1000.669.51
me stop for a minute the happiest I've1002.4910.699
been since I've got here needs1010.173.019
happiest I've been sun's rising peaceful1013.376.569
out here finally listen Oh God1017.363.99
George you're going to take it in a1019.93916.77
minute y'all not glad they're dead no I1021.3519.469
live here yeah okay I guess so I know it1036.7097.2
isn't I love it oh man excited alright I1040.8194.801
need to go fishing real quick fill up on1043.9094.77
water some fish all right should I1045.624.59
I should probably just manage all this1048.6794.441
space they had going yeah also because1050.215.76
it's the basis beside some more of those1053.125.34
manatee things so if I build a base here1055.973.3
I'm going to kill more of those1058.464.099
creatures so this is a terrible idea1059.273.289
I'm tearing this old habitat down so I1073.019.63
can suck fresh gives me two titanium1077.010.2
back sweet alright now I'm going to1082.649.06
travel toward that island Islands got to1087.26.54
be this way I kind of like that area1091.75.16
with a like red grass there's like a1093.745.37
good like red grassy area might build1096.866.39
something there and yeah the thing I1099.116.54
want to explore is I mean it's not too1103.254.53
far from it so it's a good point in1105.654.68
between the Life pod and the island1107.784.6
you're like it's gonna be the best back1110.339.459
all right hang out I got the main room1123.248.549
set up every morning think so I needs1128.017.11
any more titanium yeah I got a bunch of1131.78912.171
it stored at the pod and Lydia Tempe1135.128.84
alright one hatch alright I need to1147.156.99
power this damn thing let's see solar1150.188.42
panel right on top1154.144.46
you might like cycling around1160.036.45
Philippines work underwater yeah really1162.787.93
what a fun light mr. nerely do it all1166.487.8
primary victims I welcome aboard captain1170.719.42
hey me yeah i debate I'm a man I'm1174.288.25
really excited you like in there I don't1180.135.46
know well it's not hold yet okay but uh1182.535.1
man now we can get really get to working1185.596.09
on stuff right now man you'll need a lot1187.635.01
of power my power1191.683.18
okay oh how is increasing I'm looking at1192.646.81
it right now 6 out of 59 get the rescue1194.867.47
ship let me know junko don't care to the1199.455.82
rescue ship while your belt I know I'm1202.335.19
gonna be here for 11 years okay so I1205.274.35
need a place don't care for the rescue1207.5216.47
ship to rescue ship [ __ ] ship I'm not1209.6216.64
gonna be happy1223.993.27
we're about a 3/5 haha you starting to1233.694.66

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