Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 4: Heads Explode!

Hey there, fellow Fallout 4 fans! Have you ever seen those head explosions in the game? They are just epic, right? Well, in this latest epis...
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 4:  Heads Explode!
Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 4: Heads Explode!

Fallout 4 GAMEPLAY + ANIMATION Part 4: Heads Explode!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest Fallout 4 video? Heads are literally exploding left and right!

simon: Oh yeah, that detective's head explosion was epic! I couldn't stop laughing!

neebs: I know, right? It's like watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, but with more brains splattering everywhere!

simon: Haha, definitely the best head explosions I've seen in a video game. I can't wait to see what other crazy stuff happens in the next episode!

Hey there, fellow Fallout 4 fans! Have you ever seen those head explosions in the game? They are just epic, right? Well, in this latest episode from Neebs Gaming, I'm on a mission to save a detective who can help me find my sweet baby boy! It's all about the thrill of the chase and the excitement of taking on new challenges in the wasteland.

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Oh, and let's talk about their Twitch streams - every Thursday starting at 8:00 EST, it's the world's greatest stream! I mean, who wouldn't want to tune in and watch the Neebs Gaming crew in action, right? Plus, their Spreadshirt shop has some awesome merchandise that you can rock while you're gaming or just hanging out.

And the music in their videos? It's top-notch! From the Neebs Gaming intro to tracks like "Wingy Dang-Dang," you'll be jamming out while you watch the crew take on all sorts of crazy challenges. So, if you're a fan of games like Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, or horror games, this is the channel for you. Trust me, you'll be hooked from the first episode you watch. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Neebs Gaming!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where they're playing Fallout 4, and it was awesome! Those guys crack me up with their hilarious commentary while exploring the post-apocalyptic world.

In this episode, they're trying to help a detective find a missing baby. Classic Neebs hijinks ensue as they bumble their way through conversations and blast enemies' heads into a bloody pulp. The slow-motion head explosions are too good!

Neebs Gaming always finds ways to showcase the best parts of whatever game they're playing. Even though I don't have a console anymore, I feel like I'm right there with them on their adventures. Their cinematic editing really pulls you into the experience.

The way they roleplay conversations and build storylines around their gameplay is so entertaining. They take you on an immersive journey that's the next best thing to actually playing the games yourself.

I don't know how they come up with their zany ideas, but their videos are always a highlight of my day. I love how they find humor in every situation. These guys are comedy geniuses!

Neebs Gaming is hands down my favorite gaming channel. Their Fallout 4 playthrough has me looking forward to each new episode. I hope they keep the adventures coming for a long time! This is premium entertainment that's not to be missed by any fan of gaming videos or comedy.

Neebs Gaming
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alright let's go find this Valentine guy8.125.92
okay I am here that's not too far away I10.4696.331
like having a good map nothing to see14.044.829
here I wasn't looking at anything16.87.229
[ __ ] prick monkey hey buddy18.8697.291
looking for Diamond City no it's right24.0293.931
there it's right there it's to my rights26.164.59
the giant [ __ ] baseball stadium right27.965.21
out here this morning in it hey pal30.753.86
doing good33.179.639
what's up here I don't know why guys34.6110.03
died you had a damn first-aid kit right42.8093.811
beside you your own damn fault but you44.643.149
died in each others arms46.622.88
hopefully somebody was getting either a47.7894.59
[ __ ] or a little diddle this place is49.54.8
gorgeous I mean it's you know it looks52.3794.231
like [ __ ] but they put a lot of effort54.34.16
into making this place look shitty I56.614.969
pray Oh58.463.119
see that don't know wild mongrel I have65.9710.42
my sunglasses on well admit it I look74.237.23
badass baby oh [ __ ] Raiders oh gotta76.3930.78
reload this thing I forget oh oh my81.4629.79
goodness puppy puppy puppy puppy here107.177.92
you go oh [ __ ] getting fired on where is111.255.04
it coming from boy where's it come from115.093.48
hell damn that way we don't want to get116.294.079
too deep we have no business there we118.578.25
are trying to find a detective what's120.36911.581
that oh [ __ ] that is a super mutant all126.829.44
right dog all right Stacy stay low131.954.31
follow me follow me go this way over136.447.25
here let's go this way139.893.8
shut the [ __ ] up hey you with me you144.528.68
with me [ __ ] up let's go in there so try149.487.79
to keep it quiet keep it subtle153.24.07
hey dog get over yourself174.9599.06
all right we're good now we're good180.063.959
look weird-looking dude take him into186.626.61
the light take a look at his face191.376.229
drop it him up turn him over193.234.369
bathroom scale look they have traps205.188.309
watch out puppy whose seemingly standing210.5496.33
on nothing they have traps so you're213.48911.821
where my sneaking skill up they see me216.87911.521
immediately oh boy here we go here we go225.316.05
open fire228.42.96
dog you just run in you don't give a235.1114.68
[ __ ] do you I like your brand I'm gonna237.422.23
shoot him the leg oh yes guys ain't249.7911.06
never gonna take me down259.634.17
crazy [ __ ] dog what are you260.855.85
doing what do you got on you buddy263.87.19
submachine gun I'll give that a whirl266.74.29
see man280.1293.201
here we go there's a shot oh no dump my298.7118.67
doggie you guys leaving my doggy get314.954.74
loud he's my best friend he's been my317.386.62
best friend for a late couple hours now319.694.31
take that [ __ ]326.225.86
alright what have we here oh my goodness328.659.64
this looks like a vault yeah I believe332.088.7
this is oh that there we go338.295.61
vault 114 hey puppy we've got another340.787.17
vault whoo I have a pip-boy but I can do343.914.87
this yeah yeah here we go347.9510.82
open up 114 all of you in the face359.527.14
going too fast stupid ass dog you skinny376.4613.35
it's skinny hollow to the head well that389.8143.5
does the job done it doggie so I got a429.54.979
why the hell would anyone build a vault434.4794.321
out of a subway station this place is436.1595.07
like the opposite of airtight because438.83.929
they weren't planning to use it you441.2297.381
[ __ ] get a bunch of Union boys to work442.7297.771
some construction job never go nowhere448.615.91
keep everyone on payroll all right450.55.009
there's two of them you think we can454.523.51
take him [ __ ] yeah we can take him ready455.5094.771
1 2 3458.034.639
oh man I [ __ ] love this game somebody473.18924.82
else here you want some [ __ ]496.41910.141
come get it all just a few an athlete498.0099.601
foolin me506.562.669
hey I got you buddy you want to see his507.615.07
head c-dawg that's called uh where's the509.2293.99
it's called intimidation yes you know we513.2196.24
made it bad they used to do that in516.7895.55
ancient times down there what are you519.45910.801
doing down there you dumb ass what hey522.33910.881
here's your friend530.262.96
yeah are you intimidated now that's what534.314.949
I'd do to your buddies where'd you go I536.624.769
don't know I must be still up here539.2597.161
throwing bodies down to you all right541.3895.031
there now you quit being a dumbass553.2597.601
what's this what's this undamaged at558.3296.151
Breck so cleaner okay I'll take it560.863.62
quit whining it's not my fault you565.294.779
jumped down the damn thing and got all568.424.05
shot what's this a light bulb a570.0696.361
screwdriver or a wrench a light bulb I'm572.476.059
taking it all I don't know why I feel576.433.54
like you know in the future might be oh578.5293.211
hey we need a light bulb579.974.32
guess who has a light bulb this guy how581.745.159
you doing in there Valentine feeling584.297.589
hungry keep talking meathead it'll give586.8997.081
skinny Malone more time to think about591.8794.5
how he's gonna bump you off don't give593.983.99
me that crap Valentine all right you596.3794.981
know it's not even got done really I saw597.975.339
I'm writing your name down in that black601.365.43
book of his lousy cheating cart603.3095.07
all right we're the only ones who think606.793.81
he's the only one here dog nice truck608.3794.08
think he's the only bad guy here my610.64.44
happy three strikes in the black book612.4595.271
what I never615.045.5
Oh God in the face take it622.314.37
take that Dino where what's wrong Dino638.996.7
did I shoot your India face there I'm a642.4494.861
teabag teabag Nino645.696.72
oh yeah blow your head off a teabag647.3116.709
teabag dino all right I'm working on him652.4113.369
we're going on getting the door open664.0195.99
easy peasy all right are you Valentine665.7798.5
holy [ __ ] haha my knight in shining670.0097.931
armor question is why does he come all674.2796.691
this way it was life and limb old677.948.61
private eye okay you are not you do not680.979.299
look how I expected you to look Oh what686.556.209
are you the only thing that matters is690.2694.62
why you went to all this trouble to cut692.7596.69
me loose I am trying to find my boy694.8897.95
Shawn Shawn is missing missing kid huh699.4495.401
well you came to the right man702.8395.011
not the right place I've been cooped up704.854.08
in here for weeks707.853.479
turns out the runaway daughter I came708.934.2
here to find wasn't kidnapped711.3295.971
she's skinny Malone's new flame oh she's713.137.019
got a mean streak anyway you got717.34.86
troubles and I'm glad to help720.1494.411
but now ain't the time let's blow this722.164.83
joint then we'll talk yeah let's blow724.564.32
this damn popsicle stand right oh hey726.994.349
the bobblehead all right Valentine we728.884.25
gotta get the [ __ ] out of here right731.3394.411
this way huh I'm gonna assume you know733.134.99
how to get get out it's a cool looking735.754.949
character hold up I hear some of them738.124.53
come okay740.6996.181
how do you want to play this oh I want742.655.61
to play this I don't know are there two746.883.06
of them just run in with a shotgun and748.264.2
go [ __ ] guns IDO quit resin that749.943.99
detective and get down here752.466.08
oh boy three how the heck is he hey nope753.937.23
I'm over here come over here we're gonna758.545.98
ambush him okay oh damn it dog761.165.31
all right you go loud go louder cuz the764.524.88
[ __ ] dog through it766.472.93
what happened hit the face I got hit in784.45.52
the head hold on let me do a stim pack787.355.04
you can't go you can't just go running789.924.72
out there okay I tried to lure Mindy792.393.57
can't you come running out there and794.643.24
just attack the enemy you're a bad dog795.965.3
bad dog listen to me797.8811.76
American you watch out Valentine watch801.2612.01
out oh damn nice handle yourself in a809.647.23
fight get him alone and the rest of his813.276.03
boys are waiting for us somewhere the816.878.76
names Malone why is he fat what are you819.311.46
doing Oh guys you have any idea how much825.637.59
this is gonna set me back I wouldn't be830.764.14
here if it weren't for your two-timing833.224.95
game skinny I told you we should've just834.96.75
gelled $10 I'm handling this skinny838.175.85
Malone's always got things under control841.655.07
oh yeah and what's this guy doing here844.024.92
huh what's the deal with you people in846.723.03
Nick anyway848.943.54
Darla's a runaway my father wanted me to849.754.92
bring her back home turns out she852.484.26
skipped town to be with my old pal854.676.3
skinny Malone hey who's running this856.746.78
show in you got something to say say it860.977.98
to me hey man just get in peacefully863.526.42
right this is all just a868.953.0
misunderstanding skinny you know that869.944.83
you let us walk and we won't come back871.955.76
well I tell you won't what don't you get874.775.19
it all the other crews in the area will877.712.99
see this879.963.97
with this then they'll come for me sorry880.78.21
time to give you both the hard goodbye883.934.98
impact on the end this is already a halt897.4419.57
Jesus this is one of those fights hurt900.2719.97
hurt hurt dog917.013.23
well they're skinny its guinea doggie921.2095.04
whoo [ __ ] that was crazy good night oh I927.2998.77
found Darla she's just a big pile of ash932.8895.43
gonna be an awkward conversation with936.0694.11
Darla's parents when I tell them their938.3193.78
daughter bit the big one940.1794.95
yeah Batum please the case is closed942.0994.71
you want to skin up these up until like945.1293.42
a toolbox or something make this right946.8093.87
to the search or just [ __ ] it whatever948.5493.72
come on doggy950.6793.09
gotta get out of here [ __ ] this vault952.2697.17
vault 114 but 114 111 for life [ __ ] all953.7698.4
right here we go back babe I like going959.4394.53
in through the back door if you know962.1693.84
what I'm saying963.9695.42
I like butt sex966.0093.38

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