Everything's Gone Wrong! - (Minecraft Ep 2)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of Simon, Thick, Dora, Neebs, and Ap...
Everything's Gone Wrong! - (Minecraft Ep 2)
Everything's Gone Wrong! - (Minecraft Ep 2)

Everything's Gone Wrong! - (Minecraft Ep 2)

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest Minecraft episode? Everything's Gone Wrong!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one's a classic! I mean, Simon is always getting lost, Thick is off doing who knows what, and Dora and Neebs are at each other's throats. It's like a sitcom!

neebs: And let's not forget how I always get the building bug at the worst possible times. It's chaos, but in a good way!

appsro: Definitely! It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but with blocks and funny commentary. Can't get enough of it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of Simon, Thick, Dora, Neebs, and Appsro, then you're going to love this latest video. The guys are back at it on day 3 in a harsh new world, and things are just as chaotic as ever. Simon is lost, Thick is off doing his own thing, Dora and Neebs are at each other's throats like a married couple, and Appsro is getting his building bug fix. It's like old times with these guys!

I always love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Minecraft, and this video is no exception. The banter, the antics, and the teamwork (or lack thereof) always make for an entertaining watch. Plus, seeing them navigate through this new world and try to survive is both thrilling and hilarious. And let's not forget the amazing mods they use to enhance their gameplay - if you want to copy their setup, they even provide a link in the video description.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll be happy to know that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, and you can check them out through the link provided. And don't forget to join their Discord server to chat with other fans and maybe even catch a live stream on Twitch. Oh, and did I mention they have their own coffee blend? Yes, Neebs Gaming Coffee is a thing, and I can't wait to get my hands on a bag.

So, grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, settle in, and enjoy the latest Minecraft adventure with the Neebs crew. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on all their latest videos.

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you ready to go thick yeah man47.794.03
get at it yeah all right this is daytime50.143.03
god I hope so51.824.169
uh I got a sward which place we come in53.175.61
now crap well there's lights this way so55.9894.951
okay we didn't go this way let's listen58.784.739
eliminate bad all right hold on60.944.86
can I come on you get up this alright63.5193.99
there's lights this way so maybe this65.84.35
way and then did we wall this off we67.50911.821
come this way now - oh this way that's70.159.63
oh god right there man we're stupid we79.786.589
are dumb yeah we are so actually let me82.423.949
Simon we are we just smell the air we91.836.19
can probably smell as grumpiness or some95.7116.89
marinara sauce some spaghetti safe out98.0217.04
here yeah State I know okay it's just112.64.409
it's been a while and last night sucked115.064.349
yeah did you abandon your old place cuz117.0093.9
that's a you build it right by my place119.4092.761
and it's a mess now so yeah I know120.9093.57
um oh so you want it cleaned up I'll122.174.28
probably tear down yeah which one was it124.4794.98
which place did you live in yeah we got126.454.15
to fix your face man129.4593.571
bye okay you've gotta fix your face way130.65.04
to judge me well you look crazy yeah133.034.679
well your your hair looks like that like135.644.47
a tower at a castle you know what I mean137.7094.141
yeah I don't understand it it's not how140.113.3
your hair looks castle head141.853.12
we should probably fix it though okay143.413.96
I'll fix your face you fix mine I'll be144.974.049
like we do makeover you just need a147.374.74
little trim ski up top hey which place149.0196.0
was mine this thing um no what do you152.114.29
mean well where was mine155.0192.911
what do you mean where was yours this156.43.45
was like just the other day uh-huh right157.933.66
here remember I was building there and159.852.88
then you were like I'm gonna build right161.593.66
here like right next to you yep oh it162.733.96
looks great yeah165.255.34
oh crap run with me come this way166.696.03
what there's creep earlier right bus on170.593.07
my house172.722.59
let me bring him over there all right173.662.49
you think you can fight him without175.312.16
making him blood no I want to bring him176.154.56
by your house no oh not by your house no177.474.68
no I was kidding180.716.09
okay all right well let's take care of182.156.57
them hey don't let him blow up ready186.84.17
yeah you got a bet back up I know how188.722.85
this works190.972.79
okay I'll let you do it well I thought191.573.78
we couldn't strike it back away yeah I193.764.44
know I can wait you listen we did 60195.354.05
episodes of this figure out what your198.23.48
house was in one day I don't care okay199.45.16
how to deal with a creeper you'll miss201.687.2
blue yeah blue doraleous Redemption new204.566.51
recipes unlocked all right I'll take208.883.18
care of this because I still want to211.073.0
live right here okay all right I'm busy212.063.93
you're bending into the new house now214.077.2
that's all right215.998.73
nothing like a dirt house baby I like it221.276.63
I like it this is gonna be my maybe my224.726.57
first official like place of my own in227.96.15
Minecraft did I not have one before I231.294.83
don't remember cuz to be honest with you234.055.13
I never watched the other episodes you236.125.61
know I'm saying so I really don't know239.183.99
what the hell that show was even about241.732.94
except for the fact that we were there243.176.9
so here we are getting more dirt sure is244.679.89
nice here nice and quiet250.074.49
yeah we came looking for you said it was256.964.27
nice and quiet that wasn't even set up259.525.13
all right so listen this is my place she261.234.62
came for me Here I am264.654.85
what are you living out here yeah265.856.27
Simon's home go hell yeah269.54.69
no help no I just worked out started272.123.51
work on the sill this isn't gonna be my274.193.51
this gonna be like my shed275.633.63
I'm starting the shed so wait are you277.73.56
living out here well this is gonna be279.264.59
one of my places yes but this would be281.266.01
my first official place here God yeah283.855.04
all right a quick question what how do287.273.57
you get back to where we're at I don't288.892.28
okay so I'll tell you what I'm gonna do291.174.02
you a solid because I love you okay and292.915.64
I'm going to make a series of rocks like295.195.4
I check this out all this good298.554.29
look good alright so you see something300.594.62
like this oh god that's so big on top302.846.87
I'm gonna be like boom top I'm gonna305.216.929
make a path of these things so that will309.714.62
guide you back to where we're at312.1393.811
listen this kind of makes everything314.333.66
kind of perfect right now I think that315.953.3
you guys just made my day317.993.51
by doing that because I feel I feel good319.253.69
being here alone and I feel like I could321.53.03
just coming see you whenever I want it's322.944.38
Hallie how far what's what I want the324.535.55
max distance here what were you thinking327.324.92
max distance for what it's between330.083.96
stones I'll put them where you can332.243.48
clearly see the God they better be you334.042.52
don't you know me335.723.09
be careful yeah but I mean there to to336.563.99
rocks with like a torch on top of it you338.813.12
should be able to see that correct yeah340.552.88
how do we meet again tell me how to how341.932.61
to get food I don't want to be a343.432.34
probably need to kill animals and you344.543.18
need to cook them or find vegetables345.775.27
fish fish but you need string to build a347.725.52
fishing pole I know and then I need to351.043.939
know how to make things and get things353.243.57
or you can come to a village and buy354.9794.381
food from us well can you just tell me356.814.859
what I need to do in order how do I find359.365.429
out what I need for a fishing rod so I361.6695.491
can fish I know you string you can get364.7894.411
string from killing spiders okay so I367.164.29
need to kill spider spider Simon yeah369.24.55
you little babes and go spider hundy oh371.456.029
okay guess what what I got fishing on my373.758.19
mind and I got spiders getting ready to377.4797.291
what am I gonna have them do what should381.944.96
I have them do which I had the spiders384.775.04
do dance it could suck it it's suck it386.96.23
all day and all night389.813.32
sure so thick if you want to go on back396.223.61
that's fine I'm gonna I'm gonna make398.6312.57
this guy path toad you could smell his399.8324.03
grumpiness ballast hello neighbor411.214.52
what you doing up there making it ready423.864.32
for a little place oh oh you're building425.724.11
there I see you got a little bridge hey428.182.94
you don't have any like carrots or429.834.98
anything do you mmm I've got watermelon431.126.799
oh really434.813.109
I've got watermelons i have melon seeds438.076.159
Oh bring them over here okay we start a440.875.82
little garden okay I'm just all I have444.2293.93
is a wheat right now you see these446.693.33
little dark sweet yeah there's a dark448.1594.201
and now ya plant the seeds there or the450.023.99
dark that means a skit yeah I remember452.363.15
look I just like your teaching I know454.013.089
yeah I know455.514.89
yep okay so plant your seeds yeah don't457.0994.591
be bossy about it though that's what460.43.36
makes it not fun why was that bossy461.693.84
so John told me what how do you need to463.763.3
be communicated with maybe that's what465.533.12
you gotta tell just like I'm a human and467.062.039
okay I feel like I've taught other469.0992.761
people this way and they're fine with it470.4793.06
so are you talking so you're more471.863.9
sensitive so I can be more sensitive I473.5394.5
think it's more of like hey when next475.764.909
time you go from here to your house478.0395.13
before the other foot you know that's480.6694.451
how you walk could you be a lamb what483.1693.18
would you be a lamb plant those485.123.39
watermelon seeds I like that486.3494.231
did I do it wrong you are a little488.513.39
dumpling are they there490.583.42
yeah I think so okay so right like I'm491.94.17
still getting that in my you could tell494.03.81
me what you clicked it you know oh yeah496.074.649
that might be too bossy I could use that497.814.77
info all the other stuff is pointless in500.7192.281
a waste502.582.61
you had one seed you had one melon503.04.48
bucket I can put some wheat there you505.195.95
we yeah you do yeah I'm doing week so507.485.01
that's all I got right now no and then511.143.54
week well it's you can parrots or512.494.26
something like the potato somebody I514.683.57
don't have those things I just have week516.753.27
okay am I just doing this all the way518.252.25
yep all right well this is a community520.59.27
garden I feel like we grew today yeah I526.55.43
feel like this conversation was good yep529.774.65
all right well have a fantastic day531.934.41
thanks come visit sometime the place is534.423.15
great over here okay536.343.09
can wait to that stuff gross yeah I537.573.72
can't wait to see it from from here I539.434.11
have a watermelon sandwich you can tell541.294.67
me how to eat it543.542.42
all right low buddy I was gonna ask if546.525.34
you saw a spider but you know what I550.333.87
think I'm happy to see you because Dan551.866.69
you look really goofy but anyway I need554.24.98
a bed558.556.06
so hello hi now that was easy okay and559.188.9
you have a friend over here two friends564.618.18
what happened yeah that was a good one568.086.76
yeah there you go572.794.66
and then you you guys are really kind of574.843.69
clueless here I would think that you577.452.94
don't want to like why aren't you578.532.37
you see I'm killing your friends and I'm580.94.92
keep on doing the freaking Mike crawl583.424.74
thing because I'm hitting chips because585.824.68
of obvious reasons all right588.163.96
I really hope I'm picking up the wool590.55.31
now did I get everything I need I think592.125.82
I have five wool is that enough for a595.815.7
bed so what in the is five well enough597.9421.48
for bed it's three wool on top and then601.5135.96
three faces of wood yeah yeah619.4218.05
Hey look an island let me check this oh639.8397.541
it's deep down alright let me see if I644.385.519
remember how to do the boat hello boat647.385.91
oh that's not enough control the649.8993.991
a look at this place653.8913.23
a bamboo I see a bamboo just go ahead661.08.43
and dismount667.126.27
alright what is this it's just some sort669.4316.23
of coral alright let me get on top of673.3915.509
this mountain hill mountain or a hill685.665.489
it's probably just a hill that ones are688.8994.951
bigger no this could be my like I could691.1495.171
have a palace here693.854.54
keep my shop around here you know what696.324.11
I'm gonna build a little outpost here698.395.09
maybe explore cave but put a bet down700.435.64
yeah over here on the beach and also703.486.52
some bamboo oh that's not bamboo ow706.077.67
it's cactus that's bamboo all right710.06.95
Oh what's happening shot princey732.6114.12
attorney how do you make a torch of them735.30914.7
okay I I don't know why didn't go to my746.733.899
why didn't go to my bed except for maybe750.6295.32
I didn't sleep in my bed now I'm753.4294.861
following these things blindly because I755.9493.69
don't know where I'm going758.295.339
thank God for a pro good man good man759.6396.211
him with these things that that I can763.6294.981
follow what oh of course that I'm765.856.12
hitting freaking shift come on okay768.615.819
don't fall in a hole what a puts foots771.973.869
what's blocking me here774.4293.45
what is block for me come on double775.83913.771
freaking tap jump girl hello which look777.87916.83
at this look at this I oh god that was789.616.479
the spider that just went over my head794.7095.581
bro no leave me alone796.0897.62
me alone where's my stuff okay got my800.297.739
stuff back boom that creeper blew up803.7097.921
inside of my house are you home808.02910.25
I'll see a creeper make sure you lead824.824.9
him away first oh wait all right okay826.964.23
behind me step away from the front door829.723.42
he got away good way yeah831.195.64
all right yeah my house got blown up did833.144.53
you work hard on it836.832.58
I mean no it's just a mud hut there's837.676.78
not much there yeah yeah we can go up839.416.75
here after I have a look just watch out844.453.03
for spiders cuz they'll climb the house846.162.43
oh yeah they will847.484.52
so yeah I'll put a little light up here848.595.96
yep creepers everywhere852.05.38
nighttime in Minecraft OOP what's that854.555.02
down there mmm that looks like a zombie857.383.33
maybe one of the baby ones it look like859.571.83
it was fast860.712.73
okay yeah baby ones are weird they're861.44.26
fast and weird jealous is build across863.448.43
the river see him oh yeah oh where are865.6612.42
you at oh yeah you'll safe space871.878.61
I guess my place over on the island878.084.44
isn't safe yeah well because of all the880.486.98
holes in it yeah yeah they'll do it882.524.94
needs you know what I want to build what888.784.06
you unveil I'm gonna scrap this mud hut890.983.36
thing you see those uh you see those892.843.69
tall trees way in the distance uh-huh894.344.95
treehouse tree have awesome treehouse896.534.44
yeah I mean they just look at them899.293.27
they're like they're made for it those900.972.25
are big trees902.563.33
yes exactly be safe up there exactly um903.224.77
baby zombies so apps Rose awesome905.894.8
treehouse yeah I'm gonna do it up it'll907.994.86
be like the Ewoks and it's not far we910.694.26
can visit exactly yeah I made a little912.853.63
path for Simon oh you can kind of see914.952.61
the little lights off in the distance916.487.47
like a little guy oh yeah oh yeah there917.566.93
he is923.954.28
okay yeah924.493.74
got a spider behind how do I get in the934.1996.211
come on okay oh god no you're not being940.4139.339
chased okay making a lot of holes out977.8599.0
there though spider okay okay I think979.74910.14
I'm good it's so dangerous at night if I986.8593.72
love it989.8898.34
you gotta eat heal up that's right990.57910.95
what there's a spider like right under998.2298.57
you under VA you see his butt oh I do1001.5295.27
come here you he is down that's what I1007.1297.15
need to do I need to build a lip like1013.0192.82
that around the whole house yeah it1014.2793.0
seems to work doesn't it yep1015.8393.21
first thing in the morning first thing1017.2796.3
in what yeah oh girl look at you with1019.0499.27
your big spider lips whoa whoa okay I1023.5796.661
like a girl with some big old fat spider1028.3193.75
lips okay1030.2413.679
Oh hairy with six eyes hey Alyssa is1032.06913.5
around one heart left1043.9193.39
come on give me give me give me give me1045.5693.931
come on leaves ready please it's open1047.3095.011
open this is the door and run and run1049.57.379
and run in oh close shut with all the1052.326.03
yeah get on the roof eat some food all1058.356.93
right glad you made it whoo I got one1060.579.0
freaking heart left what is this in my1065.286.33
hand so everything on my hand you need1069.573.63
that yeah it's some raw meat looks like1071.614.08
I can yeah I wouldn't eat it oh I1073.23.12
already did1075.692.97
yeah well it'll poison you oh great1076.324.53
happy to be back so wait do we offer1078.664.5
feds I got a bid I got a bet I just1080.854.26
never laid in it so apparently that's1083.164.68
why immature oh I did pick up my bed1085.117.02
lost a lot of stuff though oh oh where1087.846.209
is he oh he's over there and his house1092.134.14
little turtle hat up here yeah hey let's1094.0493.691
see you poke it out here you go Simon1096.273.45
better yes you got a spider1097.743.059
oh that spider doesn't come out right1099.726.72
great this might not be safe for me hi1100.7997.081
you didn't fix your helmet I noticed1106.448.82
yeah good to see you you guys said you1107.889.72
got food all right I guess we're waiting1115.264.35
until morning faster than your place1117.65.93
beeps okay I need food1119.619.73
brand new day okay leaves how's it look1136.229.689
out there well it's time now they like1139.449.119
it's not early enough for us right yeah1145.9094.061
they're all coming after you1148.5593.571
when does the fire start I don't know1149.974.23
what's the sunrise what's coming come on1152.139.0
Manny oh crap okay oh the big another1154.28.579
when they can exhale why why would you1161.134.71
go out cuz I'm a warrior man okay good1162.7797.051
come on Oh Skelton take a fall okay okay1165.846.809
get a me oh yeah wait to the Sun you1169.834.53
just wait for the Sun it's gonna hit1172.6494.071
that's a way to wake up sure is Oh slain1198.435.98
by zombie I love it good morning after1202.0110.41
morning doraleous this is the boring1204.4111.13
part of Minecraft that playing it I1212.424.71
think I'm gonna do like a nice little1215.544.68
Sun hut up here maybe all glass so I1217.135.16
could gaze upon the lands but do you1220.223.69
know what I want to take a break I saw a1222.294.02
cave down here I'm a bit of it Explorer1223.916.48
you know okay this looks like an1226.318.61
entrance to a cave why is there why is1230.396.45
there snow in here is it snowing is it1234.928.01
snow is it ash oh god I ain't going in1236.848.88
there I think just caved in it can't be1242.933.41
it's like there might be some sort of an1246.345.62
entrance down here I'm just gonna dig1248.425.67
what's this black block oh it's not a1251.964.86
black block that's okay get the sward1254.097.25
ready alright how far does this go down1256.8219.229
alright so Simon yeah see that way1277.396.1
see yeah yeah I see the marker there if1280.344.68
you follow those markers alright Lee1283.492.82
they'll lead you to your to your house1285.022.48
alright thank you1286.313.3
good luck out there buddy thank you1287.56.72
thank you see how this works1289.619.38
all right baby we go and markers I just1294.226.99
want to go home just want to go home1298.994.799
from here I should see a marker what's1301.214.86
the sign say keep going across the field1303.7894.051
that's for that direction1306.074.949
this one I don't it's probably right in1307.844.86
front of me but I don't see it1311.0197.921
hey sheep I guess I'll just here see the1312.78.339
thing down there probably right in front1318.944.26
of me see it1321.03913.201
I just felt hurt myself all right we'll1323.214.91
start right here on this middle one in1334.245.159
here yeah I'm gonna have to do a little1338.113.059
cleaning this is basically gonna be my1339.3994.591
front door I just want to go ahead and1341.1699.87
get on up there so yep yep ladder ladder1343.9915.529
ladder okay1351.0398.48
Bush Bush we go start clearing some of1360.127.45
this out take my shears up next time I1365.0198.671
think that you might start OOP floor1367.579.439
foundation here Oh1373.693.319
yes oh yeah this is gonna be the start1382.0411.35
of it awesome house three house with a1386.1310.23
monkey house looking all day them can1393.395.34
connect that tree a tree1396.367.74
oh I'm addicted again you this is a1398.738.66
problem this is a problem1404.13.29
do this all day my eyes are gonna look1408.098.23
gross boy here we go feed that addiction1411.497.11
again I just love putting down these1416.326.2
blocks oh man look at that view1418.621.81

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