Electric Bullets! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 31

Hey everyone, did you catch the latest video from Neebs Gaming? If you're a fan like me, you definitely don't want to miss out on the latest...
Electric Bullets! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 31
Electric Bullets! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 31

Electric Bullets! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 31

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Electric Bullets video in our 7 Days to Die series? It's a real shocker!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one where Simon builds a ramp while we do missions? Classic! I love how he always finds a way to be productive.

simon: Hey, I heard you guys talking about my ramp-building skills! You know, I like to think of it as my contribution to the team.

neebs: Well, Simon, your ramps may not be electric like those bullets, but they sure do light up our gameplay in a different way!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey everyone, did you catch the latest video from Neebs Gaming? If you're a fan like me, you definitely don't want to miss out on the latest adventures in Darkness Falls. In this episode, Dora and Appsro take on some missions while Simon works on building a ramp. It's always exciting to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to in the game.

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I'm coming in like a bat out of hell10.44.239
yeah you ever seen a bear come out of12.94.4
hell yes I have check this out they spin14.6396.421
look at this spin on this baby oh I had17.36.58
no idea how good this thing like did21.064.92
like little fish tails yeah well I just23.884.38
ran over your bike yeah okay so what are25.984.26
you doing today just driving around uh I28.264.319
was gonna help you and then I realized30.244.2
that this thing was so cool that I'm32.5793.541
instead of helping you I'm probably just34.443.779
gonna build a ramp you got a zombie out36.123.9
there yeah I know but I don't need to38.2194.081
hit the zombie all right I'll I'll hit40.024.199
it he's a runner oh yeah I got a couple42.33.84
Runners out here watch this three and44.2194.081
one three one come on come on come on oh46.144.399
I got two of them48.34.86
I think that's gonna be fun for me hello50.5395.081
gentlemen boom boom that damages the car53.165.46
I got in trouble for doing that oh [ __ ]55.626.07
yep all right here she is oh there she62.945.039
is okay now this is a tier two we've65.9394.561
never done a tier two of this but uh the67.9794.561
the goal is to kill zombie utility70.54.5
workers okay but I think before we start72.544.92
I might throw down like a turret yeah75.04.56
I'm gonna I brought my turret uh that I77.463.299
haven't used yet yeah you know what79.562.76
let's throw our turrets down I might80.7594.021
throw down the ODP all right you ready82.325.24
yeah three two one84.787.019
come on oh there they go all right all87.565.44
right all right91.7994.081
yeah come on now oh I've been putting93.06.38
some stuff into my knife skills95.883.5
baby you ain't gonna stop me100.345.08
oh man okay I got a trainer up in there103.0794.561
sorry buddy that was a tier two that was105.424.019
a tier two so look we can handle tier107.643.9
two no problem dude you doing okay over109.4394.621
there bud you got that dude whoa you mad111.544.14
at us now dude what are you mad at no no114.064.44
don't you come at me don't you come at115.684.68
me you damn boy band looking118.53.84
[ __ ] oh we got one more oh you120.363.06
didn't swing on the ground who you122.343.84
thinking your ass down what does he what123.424.199
the I don't know who the hell he thought126.184.02
he was trying to give me this loot127.6194.741
all right oh [ __ ] that's a level 51130.24.44
scrap iron pickaxe132.363.84
damn all right all right I'll take that134.643.179
dude help me get this Treasure Chest136.23.36
over here real quick a treasure chest137.8193.901
today really it's right over here I hate139.564.5
the treasure chest Miss okay don't worry141.724.159
about it144.065.039
hey Neighbors hey buddy I just had a145.8793.991
really good idea149.0992.121
what is it well not really it wasn't my151.224.54
idea it was Jax I'm building this ramp153.484.02
have you seen it over here let me take a155.764.26
look hopefully I'm not being too uh157.55.04
ambitious okay I think that's a fair160.025.76
looking jump yeah yeah I think so all162.545.279
right and Jack was like hey man why165.783.42
don't you jump neebs so you're going to167.8193.361
be standing right here I feel like why169.23.72
wouldn't the first time you do it you171.183.12
just jump it without anything there172.924.679
because the jump if without anything I174.34.92
would think that would create a problem177.5993.42
and more damage but I would think that179.223.9
if I have the ramp it'll create less181.0194.141
damage and it's more exciting to not183.123.66
know how far it's gonna go I don't know185.163.6
what you just said because what I said186.784.2
made sense and then you just like Babble188.764.14
on like some noises well I don't think190.983.479
it's babbling why don't you jump this192.94.32
without me standing here in case the car194.4595.28
falls on me and kills me Oh I thought197.224.68
you were saying why don't you jump with199.7394.441
just one ramp and see how far you're201.94.259
gonna go yeah now you jump without me204.183.66
standing there and then we'll talk about206.1594.86
the other part oh yeah well I'd rather207.846.179
you be underneath it the first charm how211.0195.161
about you get underneath it I'll jump214.0194.08
the car because I don't want to die like216.183.479
you know a couple days before horde218.0993.541
night have you ever been killed by a car219.6594.321
like landing on top of you I never had a221.643.9
car like this jump over me before I223.983.0
don't want you to jump yet the ramp's225.543.839
not ready oh really yeah what are you226.983.539
gonna do you're gonna go ahead and you229.3792.64
you go ahead and you do that if you230.5193.72
break the car it's your fault okay well232.0193.841
they're gonna [ __ ] it up because you're234.2393.121
gonna make it to that you want to get235.863.48
under it well when the Ram's ready I237.363.299
will because I'm not a little little239.343.84
[ __ ] okay then do it put your money240.6594.621
where your mouth is all right I'll do it243.184.86
give me a second I'm coming oh no I have245.285.099
to finish the ramp it looks ready you248.045.22
jackass no next time when you come back250.3795.22
to us then we'll do it man I was in the253.264.8
moment you were still in the moment stay255.5995.281
in the moment I'm doing it don't stay in258.064.1
the army260.883.08
it's crazy like when you're looking at263.964.42
tires and going fast and they kind of266.7593.061
give that illusion of some now they're268.383.84
going backwards and oh yeah like a like269.823.599
a ceiling fan will do the same thing272.225.22
that whole thing whoa okay yeah all273.4196.901
right so hey this uh Corner Cafe this is277.444.62
where our job is but we can't do it280.323.96
until Nightfall okay we gotta restore282.064.859
the power to this place so I I figure we284.284.139
don't come over to this town often we'll286.9193.84
uh I can hit some cars up do a little288.4194.801
looting yeah so yeah enjoy yourself have290.7594.141
a good day meet back here at the truck293.223.72
at uh nighttime this is the this is294.93.9
great yeah this is gonna be good look at296.942.819
this look at that tree I'm not gonna298.82.7
help him because I now hate the the299.7594.261
little Wanderer guys good luck dude yep301.53.72
you did probably shoot him with a304.023.06
shotgun though yeah he was attacking you305.223.84
was he attacking no I'm I'm saying307.083.619
that's what caused him to attack us309.064.859
shotgun the Sprint yep right my bad okay310.6995.681
what do you think the funeral home yeah313.9194.081
there's oh wait I see a passing gas down316.382.879
the road you know what I'm gonna go to318.03.18
that passing gas all right I'm gonna run319.2594.681
that way and hello I want to find a321.184.38
maybe there's a cracker book I don't323.943.84
know yeah oh there's a crack look oh325.564.919
yeah holy [ __ ] that was great crack a327.785.759
book time oh there's a Blockbuster Video330.4797.101
here shut up what a blast from the past333.5394.041
you ready yep Ready okay hey Nick come340.0395.321
on baby let me know when you're about to343.9793.78
hit the ramp let me know getting close345.366.679
tell me when you hit it three tell me347.7594.28
it didn't it didn't make it up no listen353.65.02
I don't even know if you if you356.823.36
reinforce that if that'd be a good or358.625.519
bad thing because it just broke it did I360.185.7
didn't think it needed to be reinforced364.1394.56
to ride the ramp well if it was metal it365.884.86
might have just broke the car [ __ ] did368.6993.661
it break the car though what's the car370.744.44
at the car's at 60 it barely heard it372.365.339
was at 61 before didn't hurt it much no375.184.26
yeah no no problem all right so377.6995.041
reinforced ramp next it didn't even try379.445.699
to go up it it just hit it straight and382.744.86
broke like it wasn't climbing so it's a385.1394.741
waste of time it seems like it here I387.63.42
was thought you were being productive389.883.48
here I know right I mean come on here391.024.14
well I'm gonna go nice and slow right393.363.72
here and see what it does395.163.36
come on397.082.76
come on398.523.179
come on399.843.24
[ __ ] you401.6993.541
son of a [ __ ]403.084.02
oh hey guys you guys want to see if they407.14.439
have any Super Nintendo games to read409.9194.261
too get out of here let's see oh there's411.5393.78
more you coming it's just like a414.182.639
Wandering horde I gotta get in there see415.3192.94
if there's any Super Nintendo games I416.8193.6
can rent for the weekend418.2594.021
Super Nintendo games I hope they have420.4194.441
that's freaking sweet I know I hope they422.284.199
have a link to the past and I hope some424.864.26
prick didn't delete my save that'd be a426.4795.28
prick it's the worst the worst prick get429.124.079
out of here come on all right let me431.7593.181
check this I've never been in this433.1994.701
Blockbuster before and oh434.946.36
I do see something blue will you sit437.97.799
down I'm trying to do a thing sit here441.34.399
stop it now what's over there446.664.08
hmm something behind those boxes eh all450.746.48
right I'm gonna sneak down here and peek455.464.44
definitely oh all right I may have457.224.78
stirred yep stirred the Hornets Nest459.94.44
there we go stirred up that put put all462.07.099
right there you go DP and turret go nuts464.347.199
you found anything good I'm in the469.0993.761
police station I thought that'd be a471.5393.06
good time yeah you think they would have472.863.66
good stuff set your little ass down474.5993.54
there open it up that's some [ __ ]476.524.14
head right off oh you son [ __ ] oh you478.1395.4
went right past oh no you did not but480.664.56
you did are you doing good over there483.5394.981
yeah yes all right turret let's see485.224.68
you're looking a little limp let me488.524.26
reload you then you start you know using489.94.919
these turrets more they're super handy492.784.139
yeah they're always handy it's weird494.8193.72
that we don't want more yeah let's do496.9193.18
back in the day when I was just a young498.5393.961
lad it's weird how much yeast is in the500.0996.061
police police station yeast yeast that's502.56.72
weird no the yeast police that's right506.165.58
the yeast please it is silly we're in509.223.92
yeast L.A511.744.14
oh well you set up a new little bastard513.144.54
did you drop from the ceiling chop his515.884.92
head off too all right locked huh I got517.685.279
a crowbar with your name on it oh I520.84.14
found the loot got good loot I don't522.9595.281
know oh [ __ ] yeah oh [ __ ] yeah yeah oh524.948.54
[ __ ] yeah yeah oh boy I got to welcome528.248.88
that's hilarious you guys are great ah533.485.26
you really see this guy was feral about537.123.719
a feral guy over here let's see anything538.744.279
in this commercial toilet540.8394.981
you better quit oh boy I better take a543.0195.32
bandage while taking's good545.825.28
you guys are you came to party I like548.3395.221
that this is some sweet loot dude oh you551.14.62
found sweet I didn't find [ __ ] not one553.564.44
goddamn Super Nintendo game I wanted to555.725.78
play Super Metroid sorry about that558.06.24
neebs yeah you're gonna be a champ wait561.54.12
what do you draw are you driving the car564.243.659
yeah I'm driving the car and listen get565.623.839
it do me a favor I didn't even know if567.8993.0
it's gonna go up the ramp but it should569.4593.841
so get in the middle there and be be a570.8994.321
man all right it's gonna be exciting573.34.86
okay go you ready boom I'm coming for575.225.52
you do it Simon I'm gonna hit the ramp578.165.94
in three two one580.748.159
yeah yeah you did it584.18.34
nice man I'm doing it again okay without588.8995.221
it being reinforced just because I'm592.444.1
living the dream yeah594.125.52
there we go oh damn I overshot that596.545.919
thing that was pretty awesome holy [ __ ]599.645.34
I think I need to be like Evil Knievel602.4595.101
and go a little bit farther okay yeah604.985.82
you can do it yes this is gonna be a607.564.8
good horror tonight I can tell it is610.83.3
because with the ramp how could it not612.364.08
be right even though we can't ride the614.15.16
vehicles at night it's guaranteed yeah616.447.079
but ramps yeah619.264.259
let's do this oh yeah quiet like I am624.367.14
quiet I'm so all right activating the628.145.54
there are two generators in here so we633.984.359
gotta clear the area of zombies and we636.664.14
gotta restore the generators okay638.3395.781
the easy peas640.83.32
oh [ __ ] you know what I've got my644.764.62
shotgun with no all right I'll play the646.863.96
quiet game you get prepared for this649.382.639
I mean if you want to go loud we can go652.0192.701
loud but you know that's just asking for653.4592.88
it isn't it I know but I [ __ ] I've654.723.9
got like a shock value on my bullets now656.3394.081
or something a shock value on your658.624.2
bullets yeah I think so well give it a660.426.02
shot I will oh my god662.823.62
oh wow all right667.225.679
we're doing it this way oh yeah damn you669.924.96
bullets you shot these [ __ ] so672.8994.321
worth it and it's so worth it all right674.885.66
we're going loud677.223.32
that's dope all right oh cooking pot682.945.139
leaves might like that he does like686.5193.0
those things688.0793.2
is this a generator689.5196.781
I am I am oh here guy up all right uh691.2797.18
nope not one of those oh there's a guy696.35.58
down here yeah [ __ ] man I was like a698.4595.161
ninja move from a movie it was about701.884.26
ninjas yep yeah look Dora there was a703.624.26
generator over here okay oh I didn't go706.143.48
like that way yeah come over here check707.883.959
this out so I you know I've never done709.624.86
this before yeah it's fun oh Buzzard711.8395.461
Buzzard shock him there you go let's see714.485.4
so I think I just do this oh all right717.34.02
there's a timer give me a second cover719.884.139
me for uh covered oh God all right so I721.324.019
gotta do this a couple times keep them724.0193.481
covered oh you're so covered wait what725.3393.961
is that wait what's going on all right727.53.42
three uh-huh two oh I hear them bang it730.923.5
boom all right we got one generator734.423.7
correct I think the other side maybe736.566.12
yeah maybe so or it's inside in the back738.127.98
all right get him shotgun buddy I do too742.685.52
I do too all right clearing it first746.14.979
yeah you clear oh they're out well I748.24.86
mean well I think they're below look I751.0794.861
see him I see the steam there you go753.065.219
there you go shock his ass shock it off755.945.36
done been shot758.2793.021
running over here knock it off762.325.44
there you go all right shot them all too765.324.84
that works too okay cover me I'm gonna767.764.199
get this generator rocking dude I'm770.163.239
gonna hear him we gotta do this quick do771.9593.961
it do it got 10 seconds come on there's773.3994.141
a bunch outside man I'll tell you that775.924.5
much oh crap that failed oh all right777.544.62
let me crank this generator oh they're780.425.78
so oh boy oh here we go782.164.04
get the [ __ ] out of here wait can I yeah788.36.719
bring it oh I shouldn't have opened this791.163.859
shocking dogs796.16.52
okay hey we're outside follow me797.9596.88
here oh God I can't jump like you can802.623.959
you can jump right over there can't you804.8393.661
yeah damn it shut up come on buddy I got806.5796.26
you stay here you got me yeah808.54.339
there we go shock it off oh Shake It Off812.885.54
all right let's get the [ __ ] out of here818.7794.421
grab your [ __ ] yep grab grab the little821.222.78
that was fun that was the best824.05.57
oh [ __ ] what's hitting me what's [ __ ]830.366.12
hitting me [ __ ] you [ __ ] you833.5195.361
all right come on836.484.659
hand grenade that is a hand grenade it838.883.399
didn't do [ __ ]841.1393.241
come on baby it's growing like a little842.2793.24
[ __ ]844.383.54
that's right what do you do what are you845.5194.38
gonna do huh847.923.84
oh you got a friend849.8994.021
yeah go ahead851.764.56
who knows what he's doing so I don't853.926.3
have to thank goodness neebs yeah where856.325.699
are you buddy I just got back from the860.223.119
base what are you doing or the church862.0193.421
base I was trying to build a ramp and863.3394.68
then I got hit by a zombie you're up865.445.399
here I am I'm right behind you okay uh868.0194.861
you didn't turn the power on did you no870.8394.68
I did not okay yeah I wouldn't even know872.885.399
how good probably best that you don't875.5195.161
okay well I mean so right now the878.2794.081
power's on like I can't go out to my880.684.019
ramp uh yeah you can go out and not get882.364.68
and not get shocked uh yeah okay there's884.6994.041
Crouch under there okay887.044.739
what why did that do that what are you888.747.0
[ __ ] doing that was my uh puncher hey891.7795.281
I better pick this up before you get895.743.899
killed please do what is it doing that897.065.399
cheer everybody hey you gotta get out of899.6395.041
there you gotta get out of there you're902.4594.44
standing on the spikes yeah apparently904.687.2
so are you okay uh yeah somehow I've906.8997.861
never seen DP act that way I don't know911.885.579
what got into him yeah neither do I now914.765.1
I'd like to get back inside917.4596.601
look out of my way Jesus Christ man what919.866.479
was your health at I don't know but it924.065.76
got down to 50 at least okay not good I926.3397.281
gotta talk to DV yeah you do929.823.8
a big ass cow right it's really big934.83.899
how's it next to me like we're cool yeah936.7794.081
no that's insane like that is a mutator938.6997.561
easy easy now look at them good what oh940.868.76
I'm glad it's cool oh whoa oh my God946.265.879
sorry I just pulled a Simon yeah like949.624.74
full on I just felt a hole Holes abound952.1395.281
oh [ __ ] there's another giant cow what954.364.979
are these giant cows coming from is this957.425.3
another one it's a bear959.3398.12
that's a bear is he coming for you962.724.739
I'm tempted to try to kill this thing967.563.779
but no that's probably dumb right that's969.244.32
a thing of beauty that's like a a wonder971.3394.981
of the world yeah and he would probably973.565.219
murder us man I want to leave a b I'm976.324.379
just happy I got to see it yeah what am978.7794.261
I looking at over there hold on I see980.6995.401
something is it a bear uh oh no it's a983.044.859
that's a book okay that's like a986.14.08
six-pointer okay hey buddy well hey we987.8993.541
got this mission right over here hop in990.182.76
oh it's right over here yeah it's not991.444.199
far hop on in all right hopping in good992.944.199
morning by the way good morning I hope995.6393.241
you're ready for a sex this morning for997.1394.021
what a sexist morning oh right right we998.883.899
gotta kill a bunch of male zombies just1001.163.96
another day all right this is a tier one1002.7793.781
should be is it is it actually morning1005.123.12
have you heard the ding ding I heard the1006.563.12
boo boo boo oh you heard the boo-boo boo1008.243.3
okay then I'm gonna do it ready yeah do1009.685.7
it yeah all right give us some Sexes wow1011.546.02
crap that's a lot of sexism1015.384.8
okay start shopping1017.566.66
you guys shocked we're here1020.184.04
because of the uh the shock on the thing1024.983.959
you're like that villain from that1027.4394.801
Spider-Man movie or game oh man he went1028.9396.0
100 in didn't he Jamie Foxx was happy to1032.244.86
be there was it him yeah it was him yeah1034.9394.14
he he seemed like he wasn't phoning it1037.13.9
in at all no he kind of redeemed himself1039.0794.461
though that last1041.02.54
fight the last one was pretty good okay1044.03.72
had a Multiverse thing going on you know1045.6794.561
blah blah blah Dr Strange diddled1047.725.28
somebody and made a thing okay but uh1050.244.74
let's see we do it oh yeah easy nice1053.04.08
morning Mission talk to traitor and you1054.983.54
know what on top of it we should kill a1057.083.479
bear yeah let's kill the bear not the1058.524.92
cow no come here Mr Bear all right I'm1060.5594.98
gonna put myself in between all right1063.444.2
yep right there right there you're gonna1065.5393.661
come this way you're gonna come this way1067.643.18
all right I want a dumbass bear this is1069.23.24
the dumbest bear I've ever seen in my1070.823.739
yeah and I'm gonna shoot this bull just1079.0595.461
to see what it does yep1081.56.419
I mean I had to say I've had to see we1084.525.88
were here1087.9192.481
ah look at this big pile of meat and1091.126.96
they're laying right beside each other1094.73.38
bear bull sandwich meant to be I can get1098.444.599
a lot of meat so let me chop them up oh1101.483.24
man start chopping you're a hunter baby1103.0393.721
we're not gonna starve ever with this no1104.724.199
this oh wow this actually looks really1106.764.22
I'm up the road I'm gonna take it up1113.624.6
from the other side I've extended the1116.4194.14
ramp you're going again huh yeah man1118.225.4
listen I I estimated what I thought it1120.5595.401
could have jumped at okay are you going1123.624.62
from that side yeah because I don't I1125.963.959
don't know why but I I this is what I1128.243.12
extended the ramp on the other side I1129.9192.821
think it's more fun to do it from here1131.363.98
what's up1132.742.6
hey you're you're just in time for the1137.05.4
jump oh man that dude is a nice round go1139.225.339
for it tell me all right I'm doing it1142.45.1
boom boom ladies and gentlemen you're1144.5595.781
going the wrong way1147.52.84
that's right Simon same time ready wait1157.06.4
wait hold on hold on save time I'll be1161.0593.681
right back1163.43.659
I'm following you I'm following you oh1164.744.48
[ __ ] well no well uh well I was turning1167.0593.961
around so we're gonna go this way okay1169.224.199
I'm right behind you all right spinning1171.025.279
it and same time on the left side you're1173.4194.681
the right yep yep yep I hit a rock ready1176.2994.88
come on let's do it1178.13.079
here we go1183.0393.541

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The mod packs in so many new features - expanded crafting, new zombie types, terrifying boss battles, and a really engaging storyline about trying to survive against a spreading darkness. But what really makes the series shine is the personalities of the Neebs Gaming crew. Appsro is his usual hot-headed self, charging headfirst into danger. Simon provides some ingenious engineering to build crazy fortifications and traps. Dora is a great grounding presence, gathering resources and providing some hilarious reactions to the chaos.

Experiencing Darkness Falls along with the crew is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their cinematic editing and commentary allow you to really feel immersed in this brutal zombie apocalypse. Unlike regular 7 Days to Die gameplay videos, Neebs Gaming takes you on a true adventure - full of action, humor, and surprises.

Overall, the Darkness Falls series is a perfect showcase of what makes Neebs Gaming so special. They take gaming content to the next level, transforming gameplay into an engaging cinematic journey. If you're a fan of 7 Days to Die and zombie survival games, their latest modded adventures are not to be missed! Neebs Gaming is simply the best way to experience new games short of playing them yourself.

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