Rise of the WYVERN KING - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 13? It's a wild ride as th...
Rise of the WYVERN KING - Ark Fjordur
Rise of the WYVERN KING - Ark Fjordur

Rise of the WYVERN KING - Ark Fjordur

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neebs: Hey, Simon! Have you seen the Rise of the WYVERN KING video on Ark Fjordur? It's hands down my favorite video on YouTube!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where the alpha tribe is munching on bread like it's their last meal while the beta boys are out there getting a new pet? Classic! Definitely one for the books.

neebs: Right? I mean, who doesn't love a good bread-eating alpha tribe and some beta boys on a pet quest? It's like a soap opera in the Ark world, but with more wyverns.

simon: Exactly! And let's not forget the epic battle scenes and the drama between the tribes. It's like watching a blockbuster movie, but with more dinosaurs and less popcorn.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Ark: Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 13? It's a wild ride as the Alpha tribe munches on some bread while the beta boys snag themselves a new pet. The chaos and hilarity that unfolds in this episode will have you on the edge of your seat!

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If you're a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, you definitely don't want to miss out on this episode. The Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game when it comes to gameplay, commentary, and overall entertainment. And if you're looking to level up your gaming experience, be sure to check out Xidax PCs - the powerhouse behind Neebs Gaming.

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right Alicia unfortunately you're bait0.246.72
so that's why I've got all my clothes4.566.619
off let's see what's in this here cave6.968.82
let's just take it soft and nutty oh11.1796.721
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah15.786.74
okay is this17.94.62
just floating around in floating them22.6194.5
around they'll come after me in a second24.666.72
but can I do it can I do it can I do it27.1196.481
I think I can get it here we go here we31.386.179
go this is gonna suck keep going go go33.68.88
go go go get the [ __ ] go there we go ah37.5599.361
can I get it no you don't Gonna Fly Like42.486.2
an Eagle46.925.4
I wonder if I can lead him to uh48.686.46
something big oh God all right I'm gonna52.327.2
did you lose me because I'm so Swift55.149.419
damn it okay yeah wow no you don't oh59.527.02
here we go here we go here we go and a64.5593.181
little bit of this66.543.6
a little bit of this67.745.4
oh that's her okay it's hurtful dropping78.684.78
thank you great through83.465.479
oh and you're nobody90.084.079
oh hold silver nuggets on the prowl yeah119.365.56
we haven't been up here no this is122.9393.96
pretty cool because look at it I'm on124.923.96
the map now I like cherry blossom126.8994.021
colored leaves and stuff which is128.884.2
gorgeous you can't beat a cherry blossom130.923.78
I didn't even know that the cherry133.083.96
blossoms looked like that they do like134.75.1
uh the whole like very Asian like a137.044.38
Japanese kind of thing I mean it's that139.83.84
what a great color man those Japanese141.424.02
they really know how to grow them right143.644.02
yeah they do they really do it's pretty145.444.08
amazing like the different [ __ ] like man147.664.079
I used to have a bonsai tree when I was149.524.62
a kid how'd you pronounce that Bonsai151.7395.401
like bun yeah like but I call it a a154.145.88
bonsai or is it a bonsai well I'm just157.144.739
gonna recognize the O in the beginning160.024.859
sorry yeah sorry Bonsai Bonsai I have161.8795.401
the right to make that a you you don't164.8793.901
have the right I don't care where you're167.283.959
from okay Hey listen I'm not saying that168.784.08
it should be pronounced any particular171.2394.981
yeah it's just how I did it oh man it's172.868.18
really yeah really opens up over here176.227.98
oh and another cave you see a cave I see181.044.54
a cave but it's not behind a waterfall184.22.7
but but that's good we should probably185.583.48
check out what a giant structure ahead186.94.199
with fire okay and there's also a very189.063.78
giant thing over there like built into191.0993.481
the wall that's fun I'm gonna go to the192.843.36
cave with this guy see if I see anything194.584.799
I'm so glad we we kept on going yeah196.25.58
yeah this is good times tonight all199.3794.321
right so you know what you I'll let you201.783.66
go go in there and investigate see if203.73.06
there's any uh evidence that they've205.444.5
been here none clear clear okay did you206.766.02
see that the big like209.942.84
next when he's not stuck coming soon oh215.6597.241
my goodness well this is what you saw219.845.52
huh guess what this is crazy I didn't222.94.979
see this this what yeah I didn't even225.364.14
see that little platform right there227.8794.381
this is nutty town we found nutty Town229.55.099
yeah this is where it is what's the ZIP232.263.44
okay uh so I'm gonna cry with this guy235.76.94
yeah and then uh we'll take the birds239.586.299
and I just want to swing by the old boat242.645.34
for a minute I love we got crowd pods245.8794.14
yeah I wish we had more we only got what247.984.319
two three oh we got three okay okay250.0193.961
that's got potential all right you know252.2993.421
the weight of the boat yep follow me all253.983.06
right following you bubba stay out of255.723.06
trouble man I'd never stay out of257.045.4
trouble okay this time yeah what is that258.786.06
what type of stuff in there no no no not262.444.86
that this you see where I'm at uh yeah I264.844.68
do what is this uh looks like a mess267.35.22
it's like an absolute it's ours oh I269.524.32
think must have built this yeah I was272.523.42
gonna say either salmon door or thick273.843.66
but now we know is this supposed to be275.943.36
an RG trap it's the messiest damn277.53.78
[ __ ] RG trap I've ever seen in my279.34.08
life I've been guilty of messy traps too281.284.979
I guess ah my ex-wife has a messy trap283.385.039
all right Simon I'm Landon and I'm gonna288.4195.041
go in a little bit all right so should I291.34.14
uh go in with you I don't know how you293.464.08
doing I feel like I should you know what295.443.72
I feel like I should go with you yeah I297.543.12
think you should yeah but you know what299.163.3
is that smart because there's a lot of300.664.08
you know and then now we both can't get302.465.16
back here I know because we don't have304.747.62
wow I haven't seen one creature so wow307.627.46
this is really something yeah it is312.367.32
you know Indiana Jones much yes oh whoa315.086.28
that was a little scary it's all319.684.859
switched with the red well well what are321.364.8
we gonna find in here there's gonna be324.5392.701
they're gonna give us something really326.162.759
big and important I feel like we're327.244.92
gonna get trolled yep or see it looks328.9195.821
like so what is that I thought that332.164.5
light was just like just the other side334.743.899
of an opening but apparently not it's336.664.34
looks like a big giant crystal338.6395.4
let me let me just shoot one of these341.05.38
Rockets soon okay I know I got you even344.0394.861
if it's just to take out a spider346.384.8
this thing collectible348.94.28
huh yeah351.185.519
200 I've got 16 of 200 oh this breaks353.186.28
into four J's okay this is a lot bigger356.6994.981
deal than we thought it is well it359.464.799
splits off two ways let's go to the361.685.34
right first all right364.2595.041
all right who's this guy that's one of367.023.899
ours I think it's one of the thick heads369.33.179
yeah no okay got you it's Philip we370.9193.181
shouldn't leave him here nah it's a bad372.4794.021
idea we could uh hey I got extra I'll go374.14.379
put him in that uh oh yeah yeah remember376.54.139
that cave I found I'll go storm in there378.4794.381
okay yeah you do that let's do some runs380.6393.9
here and you know load up and load this382.863.839
box up full of resources gotcha yeah you384.5393.66
know all right I'll do some runs too all386.6992.581
right I got a little bit of metal throw388.1992.401
that in there tell you what I can do the389.282.82
runs to the box if you want to run from390.63.78
the box down to the base yeah and you're392.13.719
gonna take care of Philip oh yeah I'll394.383.24
get Philip I'll go put Philip somewhere395.8195.1
nice you you do this Phillip come on397.624.919
baby you like you know how rich people400.9193.421
have their Mistresses and they got on my402.5394.081
condo in Paris and all that stuff oh do404.344.919
I that's you I know you and Philip me406.624.799
man Phillip I'm gonna hook you up so409.2593.481
you're gonna get laid so much in this411.4192.461
place it's gonna be the best damn412.743.06
bachelor pad you've ever seen I don't413.883.96
think that's how it works with Mr sis I415.83.66
know you got to tell them though you're417.842.699
a bachelor you don't want to let them419.463.72
know about your wife ah I play this game420.5396.741
okay I got a lot to learn423.184.1
so salmon we we can't forget this one428.6994.801
thing what no reason to be here out of430.864.74
curiosity I mean that's the only that is433.54.08
the reason yeah but that's the reason I435.63.659
mean yeah I mean why wouldn't we check437.583.42
it out it'd be kind of crazy not to but439.2594.38
I'm also ready to run very quickly home441.05.28
yeah yeah yeah yeah Tales between the443.6394.921
left okay there's uh all right we can446.286.259
get I'll get the guy on the left okay448.563.979
there we go okay yeah oh it just fell453.1996.72
off for me457.55.819
idiot idiot look up make sure we got no459.9196.521
beds oh yeah yeah they were463.3195.28
for sacrifice or something what's going466.443.9
on here468.5996.301
um what did I do oh my my weapon needs470.348.34
repairs oh oh that's not good no oh [ __ ]474.96.239
it was good mine's doesn't what is going478.685.16
on here checking there481.1394.56
man that looks like it'd be a crate that483.843.84
you'd search what the hell485.6994.261
what the hell man it's like let's let's487.683.54
build something that looks like489.963.299
something you'd get [ __ ] out of so this491.224.199
is dead Endy okay we'll go down that493.2594.56
other hole495.4194.201
yeah um hold on hold on hold on we have497.8193.901
one more thing to test go into the edge499.625.699
hold on here we go and uh stay back okay501.727.759
oh yes yeah hold on hold on yeah yeah505.3194.16
hey it disappeared and revealed nothing510.05.94
right but still the fact that it reacted512.946.719
is a win okay back down the other path515.946.18
and then home right or something well519.6594.081
okay hopefully the other path has got522.123.18
like a stripper in there that's going to523.743.36
jump out of a cake remember back in the525.33.9
day when that happened did it strip was527.14.62
that back when I was a kid strippers out529.25.34
of cakes was like an everyday event in531.725.46
my neighborhood you witnessed one all534.545.46
the time I didn't witness one yep I feel537.184.32
like I had a [ __ ] childhood now540.03.5
strippers out of cakes541.55.339
I mean I've heard the the Tails it was a543.55.68
thing was it listen in the 40s we were546.8394.021
bored God I kind of want to shoot that549.185.9
too yeah but let's wait yeah yeah550.864.22
or not now yeah yeah all right final556.57.2
Hall final hall for things we take that559.685.94
back from here I don't know can you I563.73.9
mean can you I can't I only see a wing565.624.88
if you take the bat wing from here yeah567.67.38
hey all right very last room as maybe570.58.98
not holy [ __ ] wow a lot of bats man I574.986.66
only see one okay and now it's behind579.484.2
the pole so a lot of bats there's about581.644.56
three or four up there all right what583.685.94
the flip balls yeah I like the amount of586.25.16
bats so far there's a little room over589.623.3
here all right they're coming at us591.363.08
okay well you got the stuff all right594.445.019
this is open all right buddy I don't596.884.2
know what's happening here but599.4594.021
I bet they're suck down one I bet there601.085.64
is yeah you want to get baptized no you603.487.4
shoot a bow and arrow yeah okay606.724.16
you got balls611.365.02
here strong arrows dude unless they're613.884.78
[ __ ] cats well I was also shooting it616.384.74
with my Advanced bullets yeah because I618.664.619
was getting hits because I I am it's621.125.279
like one shot I'm a killer listen man623.2795.941
this place is a [ __ ] it is oh that's a626.3994.741
lot of gold look at that gold look there629.224.4
look at that631.142.48
what the hell is this this is a mine633.744.56
how cool would that have been oh would638.645.72
have been great how does it not blow up640.623.74
oh thick hello what's up baby not much644.765.34
man you smell like you've been on an648.63.239
adventure yeah650.14.7
um smell it with a wyvern egg651.8396.18
I like the sound of that yeah baby yeah654.84.659
oh man we should take it uh take it658.0193.421
under water and do that yeah are you659.4595.041
following me yeah right behind you661.444.8
gotcha yeah we'll uh we'll take it down664.54.2
to our uh super secret base have you666.244.02
been down there yet I've not oh you're668.72.699
gonna love it you're probably gonna need670.263.06
to make a grappling crap yeah because671.3993.361
you gotta grapple yourself to a beaver673.324.32
you know like you do oh okay yeah or I674.764.8
could get a beaver I don't know that's677.644.199
an option we all got beavers we don't679.564.62
but I would like to have one it'd be681.8394.761
nice to have a fever684.185.099
all right buddy let's grab some more686.65.08
metal and see if anything's here in the689.2795.161
chest and nope that's what I left in691.684.02
there because it's too heavy oh man694.443.18
there's a purple drop really should695.73.66
probably get that drop you know that's a697.623.18
good one wait is that one of our guys699.365.28
that's true grab that purple drop on it700.86.08
see it yeah how could you not okay704.645.4
purple's behind you I thought thick yeah706.885.139
yeah what are you doing I just got710.045.4
something for us oh yeah yeah let's see712.0196.721
what's in the drop um this is what's a715.446.12
doedicorice I think that Rock oh it's718.744.68
one of the the ball on the butt crack721.565.339
yeah gotcha oh yeah just got an ascended723.425.76
dodicorice saddle all right sweet that's726.8995.521
not terrible yeah there we go welcome729.185.7
back tubby okay Toby we got some stuff732.425.76
welcome back dick welcome uh to you to734.885.579
you thank you what do you what do you738.184.2
got what do you got uh I got a little740.4593.241
bit of Crystal a little bit of obsidian742.383.84
okay you may as well put that in there743.75.1
too and um well I'm just gonna keep the746.223.78
party going I'm gonna make another run748.84.62
go get it keep it coming memes look at750.09.68
this oh no oh yes level 76 poison wyvern753.429.3
Yeah well yeah hey do you want to uh759.685.56
hatch this down on our secret cave yeah762.725.82
okay I don't have anything to to swim oh765.244.8
yeah you wanna do you want to take it768.544.2
with you how about bam right behind you770.045.28
what oh wait you know what I'm worried772.744.38
now that I say that because there's uh775.323.6
nope never mind okay it just all this778.924.56
you'll just drive it into some jellyfish781.54.44
it's true all right so I'll take I'll783.485.46
take this yep okay don't eat it don't785.945.639
eat it almost did five times all right788.944.86
oh and turds I collect turds so if you791.5794.681
see them you know let me have them okay793.84.62
yeah Where'd I park here I am all right796.264.94
what do you think801.483.78
what do you think Simon yeah I say like803.044.38
I don't know just cut kind of straight805.264.62
to home and see what we run across yeah807.424.02
I'm down with that you know I just809.883.3
realized what's that the thing in front811.443.6
of us kind of looks like a Doobie it813.183.959
does it does look like a Doobie and it815.044.32
also looks like a skinny turd Sky817.1396.0
doobies skimmy turd Sky doobies okay819.366.3
must be a little Mr Hanky yeah I wish823.1394.621
we'd have run a pond oh I just hope they825.663.239
didn't attack our base you know what I827.763.54
mean yeah that would suck certainly I828.8995.041
feel the need to yeah go home I guess831.35.219
just to make sure but it's dark is it833.946.24
well it's getting dark okay836.5196.06
so that that's a reason for us to go840.184.2
home right and split up I just want to I842.5793.301
want to feed the babies we can do844.382.94
whatever we want845.882.94
trying to say you want to get rid of me847.322.819
no do you want to have some of this848.823.78
banana bread oh banana bread yep yeah850.1395.161
hold on let's get let's let's get this852.66.479
taken care of yeah okay now did you make855.36.659
this I bought across the street at the859.0795.88
little coffee place oh that's good it's861.9595.06
nice and moist864.9595.341
but moist where did you get this867.0196.281
Brooklyn cap right right wow can I have870.34.159
another piece873.34.44
oh my goodness that's a good banana let874.4595.081
me tell you it's nice it's not like it's877.745.339
not overdone yeah this is delicious and879.545.28
this is why this is commercial banana883.0793.901
bread this isn't just out of here no I'm884.823.66
in the kitchen they make it they make it886.982.88
homemade there I know but if you made888.483.0
this that would be very sweet oh yeah I889.864.38
would I would yeah Mass Market it that's891.485.599
a good banana bread894.242.839
this is my dinner oh that's a good idea901.766.3
I know where I'm going for dinner905.487.26
they're closed at like three p.m damn it908.064.68
thank you915.424.26
it was banana bread917.16.14
brought to you by that's a lot of bees919.687.74
what crash [ __ ] [ __ ] in the air on my923.247.899
dragon oh [ __ ] because of banana bread927.426.44
think you ready yeah all right let's do940.444.079
it let's get in here let's get on before942.63.26
someone sees us944.5193.661
you got everything out of your bed that945.864.5
you need yeah come on baby get in there948.184.2
there we go950.364.0
starting to worry all righty all right952.384.319
so uh the one that I'm riding is the954.364.2
strongest okay so we're gonna need you956.6994.2
to Grapple to the butt all right here we958.563.839
oh come on962.3994.921
was that the only grapple I think he964.564.74
meant the beaver's butt dick yeah I know967.325.1
that's how I did yeah but you hit me do969.34.2
you have another grapple we didn't972.422.64
realize that would take someone off a973.53.24
mount though is that was that work on975.064.32
enemies I hit the butt okay still all976.744.32
right yeah here I got one more I think I979.383.24
got one more grapple we were worried981.063.06
about time right yeah I got one more982.623.12
grapple thick and this is the last one984.123.659
don't okay fudge it up should I get off985.746.06
first maybe here okay nope you know that987.7796.36
sorry got about that butt okay right991.85.64
here yeah ready yep there we go hop on994.1394.62
the beaver okay now you lead the way up997.442.88
Sir oh yeah it's gonna be so dark kind998.7593.181
of okay okay1000.323.06
um let me hop in first and take a peek1001.944.62
oh my God I can't see a thing yeah we1003.385.639
should have done this well we didn't I1006.564.32
can't see him here you can do it keep1009.0193.841
no no this is suicide1014.64.739
is that an alpha that's an alpha shark1017.7793.42
oh God that's not the shark names stay1019.3394.641
away from sharks hold on1021.1997.561
okay new rule we go down at sundown yep1023.986.819
because I can't see a thing that there's1028.763.659
no way I can find that in the dark1030.7993.54
you're gonna have to I'm gonna have to1032.4194.081
we've already grappled you want to1034.3394.201
sacrifice a beaver no1036.53.299
I don't think we're gonna lose well1038.542.46
that's what you mean by you're gonna1039.7992.64
have to I'm gonna get down there and1041.03.12
eaten by a [ __ ] shark or shocked by a1042.4394.26
damn jellyfish okay shall I try1044.125.58
me you think you can find it all right1046.6994.321
thick I'm gonna need you to breathe1049.73.12
every time we come up right God all1051.023.18
right just keep holding I don't know1052.823.42
space bar or something okay here we go1054.24.979
you win yeah all right stay with me oh1056.247.439
God yep shark are you good right guys1059.1796.801
yeah just keep going I think I see some1067.5396.481
kind of like needs yeah maybe okay1070.47.26
let me get a breath oh god oh I think I1074.026.46
found it thank you good oh God no you're1077.665.04
not good yeah keep just keep going okay1080.484.819
hang on jellyfish1082.76.2
see it come down1085.2993.601
going up service1091.0393.02
you good yeah1095.144.02
hey tell him to beat it don't scram oh1102.46.22
good luck caps Rose1105.9195.101
[ __ ] put on for this drop that's1108.624.919
what I'm doing going for a drop trying1111.023.72
to get down the face in the middle of1113.5394.26
Now new rule Sunset that's when I get1114.745.48
down there1117.7992.421
okay you seeing me Sam no I I do not oh1122.326.52
um and then you come up to me1128.845.94
I might see you coming oh hey I see you1132.25.099
I see you turn around hang around hang a1134.783.66
left well you know how long that takes1137.2993.481
to turn around I know that's fine you1138.443.96
hit you oh is that you and then am I1140.783.48
coming right to you uh no1142.44.2
no up here now go up now now take over1144.263.96
take a right a little bit I mean you got1146.64.319
your torch up yeah stop right there1148.224.5
buddy oh yeah yeah yeah right here all1150.9193.061
right I gotta pick you up oh look at1152.722.699
that buy one of these little guys hey1153.984.26
buddy hey yeah he was in my face a1155.4194.921
minute ago all right come out to uh oh1158.244.08
just dropped a gem that's correct yeah1160.343.36
don't pick up the gems all right you1162.323.239
stay right there turn around pick you up1163.73.54
thank you very much sir I appreciate it1165.5593.541
welcome that kind of worked out you know1167.244.799
dragon is home safe yeah just give me a1169.15.34
good uh give me a five star okay yeah oh1172.0394.321
absolutely I'll give you five stars and1174.444.26
I'm gonna leave a comment on top of that1176.363.96
[ __ ] that's above and beyond and I'm1178.75.46
gonna say Dora was not only timely but1180.326.719
such a gentleman and when he picked me1184.165.639
up it only took one try yeah it was one1187.0394.861
try and the banana bread was fantastic1189.7995.641
it was worth the entire thing yeah the1191.96.779
banana I would I would do that again and1195.446.239
again for just one more bite yeah what1198.6794.261
do you think those guys are doing do you1201.6793.601
think they're they've been having very1202.946.06
nice day I hope so me too because when1205.286.0
we eventually tear them the shreds1209.05.52
demolish their insides you know I'd like1211.285.58
to the insides of a person taste better1214.524.44
when they've had a happy life yeah and1216.865.04
right until they die as they see their1218.965.04
souls slip into Oblivion they can1221.95.22
remember the smiles yes and then and1224.04.799
then we'll poop them out later which is1227.125.78
always fun yeah a second visit1228.7994.101
I could just shoot you right because1234.26.24
you're just there let me see hold on1237.086.06
hold on hold on bam big don't miss your1240.445.22
firstborn okay okay well this thing1243.144.919
can't get me a man I love you with that1245.665.78
a monster you got about 15 minutes okay1248.0596.24
so I'm just gonna1251.445.14
help this thing with arrows you shoot1254.2994.201
arrows at that thing yeah I feel like1256.583.78
that'll take all damn day that is an1258.54.26
alpha Megalodon yeah how many arrows you1260.364.8
got maybe four I think I'll do it just1262.764.14
hit it with a pike you got a pike do I1265.163.48
have a pike yeah yeah that's what I'm1266.94.1
gonna do I'm gonna hit it yeah all right1268.645.159
you like tag team it you go uh you go1271.04.72
left side I go right side all right all1273.7995.541
right ready in three two one get him1275.726.6
that'd be great oh my God I don't know1279.344.66
what's happening okay oh God he's turned1282.323.599
he's turning he's getting turned oh yeah1284.04.02
he wants me he wants me because I look1285.9194.681
the most delicious yeah there you go you1288.023.84
hit him in the back while he's looking1290.63.18
at me hey Bubba oh now he's turning at1291.865.9
you that's when I move in I get his back1293.783.98
it's the first time anybody in art can1301.344.5
uh officially say they have killed an1303.444.44
alpha Megalodon with a pike because1305.843.719
we're doing it it's getting scratches1307.884.64
he's got scratches that's his name1309.5597.441
his name is about to be nothing Prime1312.526.159
yeah yeah yeah yeah oh what do you want1318.6795.401
I'm gonna stab your tail how do you like1322.283.6
it when I get you in the butt oh my God1324.084.74
yeah Steve you've seen this come on come1325.884.919
on come on come on oh remember the time1328.825.04
I was I was like what's an Aquaman he's1330.7995.421
gonna just swimming [ __ ] my Pike broke1333.865.699
oh well I'll pop him one oh yeah but you1336.226.72
were Aquaman like Jason yeah1339.5593.381
oh my god1344.4197.101
oh Nelly that was crazy1346.727.72
let me check this egg can we keep it1351.526.159
yeah wait can we drag we can't drag this1354.445.099
thing can we what's in his uh what's in1357.6793.841
his inventory hey you got some Megalodon1359.5395.101
Finn man some red Ram shackle kiting1361.525.24
boots I'll take those what is this1364.645.279
runestone what the [ __ ] is runestone I1366.765.2
don't know that reminds me of the1369.9194.681
classic film Tombstone that is a classic1371.964.199
it's available on Amazon everybody1374.64.459
should go watch it1376.1592.9
get an hour1381.444.4
all right1382.942.9
look how badass we must look to those1387.0395.02
people back here yeah we're just all1390.146.38
silhouetti I bet we do look badass1392.0594.461
almost there where we at oh yeah like 271398.2996.36
seconds out yeah okay you know baby oh1401.65.939
this is exciting yeah I think yeah I1404.6594.801
don't want you to waste this thing I1407.5394.38
will I mean well yeah we haven't looked1409.464.04
up Saddles yet1411.9193.721
I've been making us gunpowder so we're1413.53.76
gonna be loaded1415.645.1
there we go wait baby do we need to kill1417.264.74
the Torches1420.743.12
um yeah go for it yeah damn I'm1422.03.6
overheating here1423.866.799
yeah what was that oh [ __ ] yeah1425.65.059

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