WHAT IS THIS THING!? | Subnautica #12

Hey fellow Subnautica fans! Have you seen the latest Subnautica Log video on YouTube? It's intense! The deeper the player goes, the more cha...
WHAT IS THIS THING!? | Subnautica #12
WHAT IS THIS THING!? | Subnautica #12

WHAT IS THIS THING!? | Subnautica #12

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Subnautica video titled 'WHAT IS THIS THING!?' That one cracks me up every time!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love how they're just freaking out over some weird alien creature underwater. Classic entertainment right there!

neebs: I know, right? And the music they used, 'Fingerbang' by Drayton Tunes, just adds to the comedic effect. It's like the perfect soundtrack for exploring alien oceans.

simon: Definitely! And the description about diving into a vast underwater world and managing oxygen supply while exploring kelp forests? It's like a survival comedy show down there!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey fellow Subnautica fans! Have you seen the latest Subnautica Log video on YouTube? It's intense! The deeper the player goes, the more challenging it gets. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all things Subnautica. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this content.

The video features a track called 'Fingerbang' by Drayton Tunes, and let me tell you, it sets the perfect tone for the underwater exploration and adventure that Subnautica offers. The game is still in development, but there's already so much content available to dive into. From sun-drenched coral reefs to deep-sea trenches and bio-luminescent rivers, the game's underwater world is vast and full of surprises.

One of the coolest aspects of Subnautica is the scavenging, crafting, and survival elements. As the player navigates through kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and cave systems, they must manage their oxygen supply and be on the lookout for both helpful and harmful creatures. It's a thrilling and immersive experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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So, if you're a fan of Subnautica or just love watching exciting gameplay videos, give this one a watch. The music, the gameplay, and the overall atmosphere make it a must-see for any Subnautica enthusiast.

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well I see you on the couch and your9.6796.641
curves are looking so12.846.72
good and if I plan this out right I'll16.326.68
know you do the things that you19.566.92
should so I slide on over put my hand on23.06.64
your neck you start to wake up so I say26.485.759
what the heck I guess you're in the mood29.646.32
for a good finger banging32.2393.721
tonight I'm going to finger bang you36.045.92
baby finger bang all night long this is38.526.199
the song it gives me I'm going to finger41.965.599
bang you baby till I get guy this guy44.7194.881
singing about finger oh God okay I got47.5593.52
to turn it49.64.08
off all right I need to get to work so51.0794.721
let us see all right I want to be able53.684.519
to go deep with this sea55.85.48
moth press or compens58.1996.04
MK3 MK2 which I have PL steel ingots61.284.8
which I can make aluminum oxide crystal64.2394.801
is computer chip I think I can do that66.086.96
oh I only got one I need more69.047.0
lithium it still is it dark out H woke73.044.2
up in the middle of the night I want to76.044.439
go out when it's dark I'll screw it may77.244.89
as well get to80.4794.041
it welcome aboard Captain yeah shut up84.527.32
all right going to get lithium88.243.6
passeng Fu come in this is hey hey neebs103.685.96
how you doing Ben um had a question for106.964.92
you okay you know the Star Wars movies109.644.4
right uh yeah I've seen a few of them111.885.32
what is a gray Jedi I I have no idea114.045.92
never heard of that a gray Jedi never117.25.08
heard of a gray Jedi no okay that's all119.964.24
I needed I'll uh I'll catch up with you122.283.119
later no no wait wait wait I mean what124.22.879
what do you need to know that for I saw125.3993.84
an article it said is Ray you probably127.0794.481
haven't seen the new movies cuz you out129.2395.08
there there's new Star Wars movies oh131.564.039
yeah yeah I knew they were making them134.3193.961
yep so there's a girl a girl named Ry I135.5993.961
don't want to spoil anything it's not138.283.88
really a girl's name is it it's kind of139.565.48
uh multisexual yeah I guess it could be142.166.24
seexual what the word um trans no no no145.044.96
I don't think any of that's right okay148.44.919
transformative trans trans transgender150.06.2
sex sex sex stuff yeah anyway they're W153.3195.28
to know is this is this the first gray156.24.6
Jedi oh wait you know what what's up158.5994.321
maybe maybe it's uh a Jedi who is160.85.12
neither light or dark sided right that162.924.44
that would make sense right that does165.923.72
make sense so it'd be she'd be in a gray167.364.08
area I think you're right glad I called169.644.319
you hey how how's it going good I knew171.444.519
you were kind of into like science173.9594.28
fiction and stuff yeah yeah I'm I'm kind175.9594.801
of a nerd at heart yep so I figured you178.2394.321
would know you didn't know but you180.763.399
figured it out yeah all you got to do is182.562.88
think about it a minute but they don't184.1593.681
call them black Jedi or white Jedi do185.443.879
well no there's there there's the Light187.843.319
Side the dark side so maybe it should be189.3193.761
is she the first dim Jedi so yeah she's191.1593.401
not really light she's not very dark193.083.56
she's just kind of dim yeah I would194.562.959
that I'm going to uh I got a lot of guys197.5193.44
to tell about this Jedi thing cuz we199.563.759
were all wondering so uh yep I'll catch200.9594.881
you later hey oh203.3194.681
would really love someone to talk205.844.959
to it's lonely here208.05.36
all I got my dragon you'll never abandon210.7995.281
me will you Mr Dragon no I won't abandon213.365.64
you you're my best216.085.439
friend thank you Mr Dragon all right219.04.439
let's let's get this uh let's get this221.5193.801
upgraded passenger 00 F this is knes231.4395.16
from HQ yeah you just called me idiot234.564.12
yeah I thought of something okay what um236.5993.601
the other day I was thinking about your238.683.96
uh directional problem what do you mean240.23.48
my directional problem like we were242.642.959
trying to figure out which ways we were243.684.04
looking for a base it was like Southwest245.5994.401
or something yeah yeah we yeah the sun247.723.92
rising rises in the East sets in the250.04.159
west yeah on uh on Earth I'm not sure if251.644.439
the planet you're on has the same kind254.1594.721
of east west situation as the Earth so256.0794.4
oh you know what you might be right258.883.079
you might want to build a compass wait I260.4793.321
can build a compass yeah one second I261.9594.24
looked it up for you where would it be263.84.64
would it be in my let's see266.1995.961
equipment oh yeah yep a compass268.445.28
you're welcome a copper wire and a272.163.44
computer chip you got273.724.759
it I'm actually getting hungry get you275.65.24
something to eat man I might call Pinos278.4794.201
get some pizza oh yeah oh yeah go go get280.843.199
you some pizza baby do you like282.683.76
pineapple on Pizza no you're one of284.0395.201
those huh what do you mean one of those286.445.479
uh you know uh bigots is that what they289.244.0
call it's not a bigot just because you291.9192.881
don't like pineapple on Pizza doesn't293.243.48
mean you're a big you just don't294.83.16
no you just don't like pineapple on296.723.039
Pizza there's nothing wrong with that297.965.84
bigot how do you spell that i b i g t h299.7595.561
that'd be a good word to have a double g303.85.28
on a person who is intolerant towards305.326.4
those holding different opinions right309.084.399
and I'm not intolerant towards people311.724.84
liking pineapple on their Pizza okay so313.4794.641
that would I wouldn't be a bigot then316.562.96
right you're the first most people that318.123.639
don't like pineapple just won't accept319.525.84
it I don't know if that's true bigots321.7595.401
one G oh hold on I'm checking this325.365.119
Compass out what do you think it's a327.164.759
it it kind of just integrated right into330.4795.481
my HUD South West331.9196.681
North East you are in business my335.964.28
friends so let's see we were at princess338.63.64
parmesan hold on let me look at that log340.245.0
so 1 km Southwest of Princess parmesan342.245.239
uh-huh how you going to get there well I345.243.92
am working on my sea moth right now and347.4793.081
I'm trying to make it go a little deeper349.163.64
your what uh Dr350.565.28
spaghetti yeah yeah you know it's grown352.85.679
on me it really has oh355.845.639
good fing binging tonight you got the366.884.28
song I sent you oh yeah is that what she369.163.599
was just singing oh yeah it's it's stuck371.163.64
in my head it's catchy isn't it it's372.7593.681
honestly it's uh I don't know I only374.83.2
listen to a second of it but I can't376.443.759
stop thinking about it uhhuh so yeah I378.03.44
guess that would be the definition of380.1992.72
catchy yeah you know what that song's381.444.84
about don't you finger banging yeah I I382.9195.601
I assume it's about finger banging a386.286.639
woman no it's about playing guitar what388.526.679
it's about playing guitar listen to the392.9195.56
lyrics uh you okay395.1997.041
woman your mind's in the gutter sir well398.4797.0
I see you on a c and your curves are402.245.84
looking so405.4795.84
good and if I plan is out right I'll408.086.679
know you do the things that you411.3196.961
should so I slide on over put my hand on414.7596.761
your neck you start to wake up so I say418.285.8
what the heck I guess you're in the mood421.524.85
for a good finger banging424.083.76
tonight I'm going to finger bang you427.846.72
baby finger bang you all night430.3197.0
long I'm going to finger bang you baby434.565.14
till I get you to sing me a437.3193.88
song well I pull off here got it all441.1995.761
right let's go put this bad boy in man445.03.479
you're going to places no one's ever446.963.639
been before I can go deep is that where448.4794.12
that base is you might be the second or450.5994.481
third person to ever go there what B oh452.5995.681
yeah the deasi base yeah yeah that's455.084.48
right they were under that Island man458.283.16
should we go try to check that out it's459.564.599
up to you man ah we'll see I also Man461.444.479
part of me wants to go to uh princess464.1594.961
parmesan mhm because I know now we have465.9195.041
to be Southwest of that so we went in469.124.0
the wrong direction hey they all sound470.964.519
fun they all sound fun man you know what473.124.16
I want I I would actually like to take a475.4794.801
couple of uh wait what do you call them477.285.759
what the princess parmesans regular um480.286.12
not buoys I'm losing my mind oh the yeah483.0395.44
the uh beacons beacons beacons beacons486.43.44
yep I wouldn't mind taking a couple488.4792.921
beacons just to be able to mark stuff if489.845.359
I find it beautiful491.43.799
idea all500.5994.361
right how we looking we're looking good502.525.079
I just went uh went and got some food uh504.965.16
you know while I'm here I'm about a I'm507.5995.32
about a one kilometer away from Princess510.126.159
parmesan so512.9195.401
Southwest I'm going to go west a little516.2794.0
bit okay cuz I think this is where we518.324.199
should have been yes cuz we went over520.2794.24
there we were uh we were under the522.5195.041
Aurora yeah last time you surfaced right524.5195.161
around the Aurora yeah for all we know527.564.2
this planet rotates north to south yeah529.683.96
exactly I don't know what we were531.764.6
thinking we533.646.879
weren't oh see the mushroom Forest536.366.24
so are you heading down there now well540.5193.401
I'm just I'm just I'm going to take a542.63.479
peek I'm here okay but did you get all543.923.44
the stuff you're like I want to prepare546.0793.041
and get all this stuff well I can go 900547.364.919
M down I just want to see what's here I549.125.159
mean if I can find an alien facility552.2794.68
yeah I'll I'll check it out554.2794.601
okay but you got all the food and water556.9594.32
you needed right yeah I mean I'm okay558.883.8
now all right I mean I'll have to go561.2792.441
eventually oh wow hey neees yep I found563.725.239
a new area I hadn't been to before but566.922.76
it's got those blood vines everywhere569.685.92
okay so this is about oh571.9595.961
god oh oh what was that what was575.66.04
that what was that neebs saw a big577.926.479
electric worm you can't scan it can you581.644.08
I'm not getting out and scanning that584.3993.401
thing okay might be a help you more if I585.724.6
knew more about587.85.64
it all right so this is about a590.324.959
Southwest I'm going to go down here and595.2797.061
see if I see anything oh it goes597.326.68
deep oh God okay what what are you what604.06.079
are you what are you seeing AB uh it is607.9596.281
a giant crab jellyfish610.0797.481
thing huh unsure if friendly or not614.245.4
maybe scan it I'm not getting out and617.563.959
scanning that thing I can't help you if619.643.36
I don't know what you're dealing with621.5193.44
man can't wait can't we can we put623.04.92
Torpedoes onto the sea moth I think so624.9595.241
but that's no way to make friends is627.924.84
it hey630.25.759
buddy man this thing looks crazy you're632.765.12
getting close to it huh uh he's getting635.9594.161
kind of close to me what are you doing637.883.079
what are you doing what are you doing640.123.08
leave me alone oh he's out oh why did I640.9594.32
jump out why did I jump out I643.24.16
accidentally jumped out it scared me so645.2794.8
bad I jumped out well did he ever attack647.366.919
you no so he may not be aggressive God650.0796.32
he looks terrifying he might just be654.2793.641
curious I mean it looks like something656.3994.56
from a damn sci-fi movie it is just nuts657.925.68
looking okay but you like sci-fi660.9594.641
remember I like sci-fi I don't like when663.65.359
I'm living it traveling further down665.65.52
pit oh man this thing goes671.124.6
deep keep your eyes peeled AB I got my682.6393.721
peeled holy crap I seem to found I found686.368.039
a giant underwater cave okay all right689.325.079
man you're got to remember this spot694.885.8
what in the698.122.56
hell NES this is terrifying man yeah703.246.0
yeah just never seen anything like this712.9596.361
all right traveling a little a little f716.2796.521
further oh my719.323.48
God what is that is that723.124.159
a oh what are these what are these728.485.84
neees there's all kinds of creatures and732.2794.281
down here yep get out your scanner734.324.759
buddy oh man I don't I don't I don't I I736.564.279
don't trust them I don't want to get out739.0794.12
of my I don't want to get out of my SEMA740.8394.36
no hey buddy you745.1994.721
aggressive okay yeah he's he's747.565.16
aggressive okay so we know oh oh749.925.0
oh I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm752.724.96
the out of here NES there's like754.925.96
this giant skull oh really yeah it is a757.684.959
skull of a760.884.0
creature you remember that thing that762.6393.76
that tried to eat me last time I was764.883.399
talking to you and Simon I remember you766.3994.88
being attacked yes yeah this thing768.2796.041
easily three times bigger than that well771.2794.721
at least it's a skull and not the774.324.72
creature right oh God which way oh God I776.05.279
got turned around okay wait hold on hold779.044.44
on hold on where's781.2795.321
uh no not that princess parmesan there's783.484.88
princess it's got to be this786.64.44
way it's why you do788.364.76
beacons all right hold on I need to I791.043.96
need to hop out and793.125.04
repair all right be careful oh God what795.04.24
that there's a manta ray it's799.244.2
come come come811.162.76
on did you get it yeah all right got it814.446.04
good job okay that's the way I came out818.124.88
I recognized that all right so I tell820.483.719
you what I'm going to put a buoy here at823.03.079
the entrance what you going to call824.1995.601
it uh I don't know scary place scary826.0797.44
place deep entrance here we829.86.24
go oh God why are there so many weird833.5194.361
Sounds here what is that are you836.044.719
attacking my sea837.882.879
did you name your buoy not841.885.84
yet probably do that all right I'm going844.0795.481
to just call it scary place ow what the847.723.88
what's biting849.565.36
me a I don't like this place at all851.65.039
needes that's why you call it a scary854.924.279
place right right but soon as soon as856.6394.401
enter it's like a giant cave and there's861.044.719
a way to go right and a way to go left863.7595.721
left is the way I went so try right huh865.7595.041
uh right looks like it's going to take869.483.68
me back towards the870.85.8
surface oh yeah right just takes me oh873.168.039
right just takes me out oh jeez876.64.599
okay see oh there's one of those881.365.52
warpers run for it I'm I'm running these884.1994.601
things like to spawn in crazy are886.884.36
you going to go back down yeah I'm going888.85.24
to head back down see if we can't find891.245.599
that uh was it a medical base yeah be894.044.359
great if you get cured to your coties896.8394.841
yeah I'd love to get cured of my898.3993.281
coties yeah I got a large Hawaiian pizza918.64.88
oh yep that's921.884.12
me hey here you923.485.52
go oh that looks good wait is that is926.04.88
that the pizza guy yep is that D it929.04.199
sounds like dalius what is your name930.884.92
dalus yeah but oh that's the pizza guy I933.1994.64
talk to nebs this the guy you talk to935.83.68
yeah Dalias what are you talking about937.8394.281
you were here calling passengers no I939.485.599
didn't no no tell him I told you it's942.125.159
okay abro said he told me said he'945.0794.24
talked to you you were delivering pizza947.2794.12
one day and you called him no that949.3193.44
there's no way that was me I just he951.3993.761
said you're lying abso no I'm not tell952.7595.481
the Ries it's cool man he said it's cool955.166.08
he's not not lying you did it AB you you958.244.959
told me that you weren't going to well I961.244.519
did I I told him okay cuz the questions963.1994.88
were risen all right I was getting965.7595.56
pressured I tell you what um I helped968.0794.961
him quite a bit he says he helped you971.3193.64
quite a bit okay yeah he did he was973.046.479
great listen you you were uh neees right974.9597.281
yeah hey do not tell anyone about this979.5194.281
please oh no I'm not going to tell982.243.959
anyone I okay I can't hear him will you983.83.599
tell him to like get on the mic or986.1994.0
something get over here D can't hear987.3995.44
you yeah yeah I got990.1997.921
time oh man so how you oh nees yeah oh992.8397.201
what's that what's that what's that998.123.8
something's nipping at me I don't know1000.043.599
how people don't1001.925.719
like pineapple and ham1003.6397.081
right shut up I I found something alien1007.6395.76
oh really yeah how's your vacation going1010.725.28
after it's not a vacation you1013.3996.68
jackass okay all right on dalas I have1016.06.519
to work for a second yeah yeah durus uh1020.0794.281
I'm looking for that uh uh I think you1022.5193.68
were with me remember that medical1024.363.559
facility that got brought up you1026.1994.6
remember any of this H I smoke a lot of1027.9195.841
weed okay okay well I I I I found1030.7996.04
something Mees I found an alien base it1033.765.0
looks mangled1036.8394.48
though appears to have collapsed to the1038.765.96
sea floor cause unknown Computing1041.3195.681
theories all right my computer is1044.724.36
Computing theories about how this thing1047.05.4
may have fallen I hope it works me too1049.084.8
don't you hate when something crashes1052.44.24
like oh I'm looking for uh Solutions and1053.884.679
it like the wheel spins and it's like no1056.643.6
we couldn't find any okay yeah yeah1058.5594.321
hopefully hopefully it won't crash God1060.245.4
Is there a way into this thing got to be1062.885.72
keep looking man it wouldn't build1065.646.399
something broadcast linguistic analysis1068.66.319
reads caution hazardous materials and1072.0394.921
life forms contained within oh that's1074.9196.721
good hazardous materials dehydration1076.966.839
stabilizing how many Waters did you1083.7994.721
bring uh one I may yeah I may have to1085.763.96
abandon this but that's okay I can leave1088.522.84
a buoy I can come back that's what I was1089.723.079
asking you about did you bring a lot of1091.362.64
water yeah listen I went a little1092.7992.801
further and I thought I was going to go1094.02.679
and that's1095.63.4
okay wonder if there's a Pinos down1096.6794.36
there there's not a Pinos down here I1099.03.88
mean it's a small chain it's branched1101.0394.0
out to three different locations oh1102.884.919
warper out of here oh is that a way1105.0394.961
in is that a way in oh neees yeah I1107.7995.441
think I found a way in oh good hey R1110.06.32
yeah are there less toppings now than1113.245.679
usual this doesn't seem very to I kind1116.323.88
of feel like they're holding back a1118.9193.161
little bit you know cutting so but you1120.23.32
didn't hear that from me they keep that1122.083.839
up I'm going to quit order it it's still1123.524.88
got more than spaghett across the street1125.9194.041
all right guys shut up about1128.44.0
Pizza Delicious I'm sure it's delicious1129.964.079
the walls in this section are1132.44.44
substantially reinforced indicating the1134.0394.921
designers were seeking either to keep1136.844.959
something out or contain it within1138.964.959
whatever their intention it clearly1141.7994.081
failed yeah no thanks1143.9195.281
computer hold on can I squeeze here I1145.884.279
squeeze sea you did it huh that's why I1150.1594.481
love like if I brought the Cyclops down1152.963.68
here that would have sucked right how's1154.643.519
that one thing you got that one the1156.642.96
thing when I was with you the thing the1158.1593.201
suit thing what are you talking about1159.64.319
fron suit yeah the the shrimp suit oh1161.364.08
the oh yeah yeah yeah that that thing's1163.9195.12
okay okay it's kind of it's slow1165.446.88
all right hold on see something here1169.0394.961
terminal all right I downloaded some1174.04.24
J okay uh there's another there's1178.244.08
another giant skull in here of some1180.365.28
creature that's huge1182.326.359
okay do you not have to be back to work1185.644.519
duris I mean I'm just going to hang for1188.6793.161
a little bit and I tell you what this1190.1593.64
next delivery um let's go ahead and eat1191.844.52
the matah sticks the the matah twists1193.7994.801
matah twist yeah the matah twist that1196.363.88
take like two like things of dough and1198.64.64
they twist it around each other1200.246.04
mozarella suggests that indigenous life1203.245.319
forms were brought to this location and1206.285.36
subjected to intensive Gene1208.5595.48
manipulation that's always dangerous1211.644.32
yeah do sound good to me yeah I'd say1214.0393.561
this is some sort of research facility1215.965.04
but it is 50 Shades of oh all1217.65.84
right hold on hold on I see another data1221.05.44
terminal grab this data pertaining to1223.445.44
the bacterium is being downloaded1226.445.56
caution detecting atypical fluctuations1228.886.44
in blood plasma proteins a self scan is1232.04.24
advised hey hold on computer's asking me1236.247.0
to scan myself yeah we heard it newda1238.728.439
data performing self scan bacterial1243.245.84
infection has spread to the skin and1247.1593.841
pulmonary system oh good it is1249.084.2
imperative you find a way to neutralize1251.03.84
the infection no computer what do1253.283.24
you think I'm1254.846.12
doing oh wait you f oh what is that no1256.528.279
no no no no no no what is this okay oh1260.965.88
my Skin's green you're going to be a1264.7993.441
fish my screen I'm not going to be a1266.843.319
fish my screen has green you1268.243.439
remember those those fish I found names1270.1592.601
I was telling you about with the green1271.6792.761
dots on it you got that on your skin now1272.763.36
my skin has green dots on it yeah does1274.444.44
it itch not really which is surprising1276.124.919
did you ever see the fly yeah let's hope1278.884.08
to S one of those fly situations oh that1281.0396.201
would suck huh yep oh good lord okay I I1282.966.0
just found some data on this uh this1287.244.319
bacteria infection okay confirmed deaths1288.966.92
so far 143 billion that's a big number1291.5596.12
okay good Lord no wonder they don't want1295.883.2
this thing to get off Planet this thing1297.6793.641
is deadly as jeez and you're just1299.083.599
kind of hanging around by it yeah it's1301.323.359
all over the1302.6794.321
place help1304.6794.88
me yeah from the fly and that was at the1307.04.6
very end yeah yeah yeah Jeff Goblin's1309.5595.841
still alive but he's tiny yeah it's1311.63.8
sending you data for for some skeletal1323.44.2
remains I found in this alien habitat1325.724.68
gotcha skeletal remains good find check1327.65.12
Roger we don't do that on phone it's1330.44.399
more of a radio thing oh right right1332.723.36
well I'm new to this okay are you going1334.7994.48
to look at the data needes uh yeah and1336.086.56
Ras you're not really doing this you're1339.2794.801
just kind of stopping by right well1342.643.32
you're kind of in the way of it well you1344.085.36
work at papos and I work here uh-huh so1345.966.199
I don't come to your job and make pizzas1349.444.76
you could I don't think anyone would1352.1594.88
mind what am I looking up ABS skeletal1354.24.12
Remains the dad I just sent you for some1357.0393.52
skeletal remains I don't know just big1358.324.44
big ass fish okay distracting my pizza1360.5594.24
face over1362.765.36
here nees this is terrifying man yeah1364.7996.0
looks like your vitals are elevated1368.125.439
buddy never seen anything like this hey1370.7994.321
won't you put that song on might make1373.5595.12
you feel better yeah yeah I'll try it1375.126.72
well I see you on the couch and your1378.6796.641
curves are looking so1381.846.959
good and if I plan is all right I know1385.326.64
you do the things that you1388.7996.681
should so I slide on over put my hand on1391.966.76
your neck you start to wake up so I say1395.485.799
what the heck I guess you're in the mood1398.724.87
for a good finger banging1401.2793.721
tonight I'm going to finger bang it baby1405.05.679

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