Deadly Robot Bunker, We’re Going In - Generation Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! So, in the latest video, our favorite survivors are on a mission to find a new main base deep und...
Deadly Robot Bunker, We’re Going In - Generation Zero
Deadly Robot Bunker, We’re Going In - Generation Zero

Deadly Robot Bunker, We’re Going In - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic adventure with yours truly, Neebs! Today, we're diving into the Deadly Robot Bunker in Generation Zero. Strap in, it's gonna be a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, this is my favorite video ever! I mean, who doesn't love a good ol' robot apocalypse underground base exploration, am I right?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, this video has it all - action, suspense, and of course, the classic Neebs Gaming humor. What more could you ask for?

neebs: Exactly! And don't forget to grab your Space Mammoth t-shirt, because we're about to embark on a journey that will go down in Neebs Gaming history. Let's do this!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! So, in the latest video, our favorite survivors are on a mission to find a new main base deep underground to take on those pesky robots in the apocalypse. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how they strategize and survive in this challenging environment.

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Oh, and let's not forget about the awesome music in the background by Karl Casey at White Bat Audio - it really sets the tone for the intense gameplay and hilarious commentary we all love. Can't wait to dive into this new video and see what adventures await our favorite survivors. Neebs Gaming for the win!

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well they're scanning1.4392.961
all right everybody stay crouched3.1994.72
everyone crouch there's two of them4.44.72
they're going to see us they're going to7.9193.76
see us yeah they might stay crowded oh9.124.639
god oh god it went right next to me11.6794.0
we're in combat13.7593.041
here we go15.6794.161
take cover behind this barn corey16.85.6
yep i'm coming oh he's coming in19.844.88
yeah there we go yeah baby22.43.84
that's right that's one door you see the24.724.479
other oh yeah26.242.959
think yeah i think it's safe now56.964.239
oh there's another one okay that one's59.284.16
oh became the plague of the what what i64.325.36
don't understand what that was no i67.684.0
think it's a boss fight oh thank you69.686.68
anthony thank you good luck71.684.68
oh hey guys come up here check this out103.363.92
i got a jet oh that looks like a crash107.283.76
jet crash jet that we're gonna have to109.4394.161
go check out all right uh i don't see111.044.32
anything you gotta look around all right113.63.519
i'm gonna come up here by this tree uh115.363.759
door simon you guys want to move in117.1194.32
uh sure enough for sure i'll watch your119.1194.96
backs okay all right wanna run121.4394.161
i think we should craft trump you gotta124.0792.761
scope on that thing125.63.12
yeah you keep an eye on them too then126.843.88
yeah i'll keep uh you know i'm like a128.724.0
recon guy simon130.724.0
yeah we're like the crouch and going132.724.08
first team right exactly we're the134.724.72
badass folk yeah it's true or we're the136.85.76
expendable folk that's also true i don't139.445.36
see anything up there guys142.563.6
well i'm thinking we're gonna be able to144.83.439
hit search on something i'm hoping is146.164.0
that right oh is there a pilot still in148.2394.08
there search his ass150.164.159
stupid dead [ __ ] no but they're oh152.3194.64
there is i had some ammo thank you sir154.3195.121
yeah i'll take that he looks like he's156.9594.401
in actually pretty good shape hey uh159.443.92
another one of those relay stations is161.363.28
uh you see a door it's right in front of163.363.36
kind of it's kind of up the hill a167.682.8
little bit through the field168.723.44
um i don't see anything here except for170.483.68
the one floating in the sky no no to172.164.719
your right go right it's a big damn like174.164.56
satellite dish176.8793.601
by the woods give us a direction north178.724.239
west south one gonna say to the right180.485.039
from me west okay i see that yes that's182.9594.881
not that big that's kind of small185.5194.321
yeah you remember what to do with that187.844.64
orange canisters break it so orange ran189.844.24
we got a sheet got orange canisters192.483.52
right yeah194.082.76
[ __ ] or that or that that's a way okay196.844.36
shoot that that's a better way199.043.919
so from here201.24.0
uh we're not too far we keep going south202.9593.761
we're gonna get to that bunker we gotta205.23.92
get to206.722.4
i'm gonna leave this dead bitch's body209.764.08
okay guys we're getting close to this223.5192.881
bunker apparently it's at the top of224.9593.041
this hill226.42.96
all right so are we looking for anything228.03.12
in particular in the bunker i don't know229.363.04
we don't know really we're at the231.122.64
military base we're going there to see232.43.759
if we can like find the trail of people233.764.16
trying to find other people okay i236.1592.72
didn't know if we were supposed to go237.922.56
there and loot well there's always238.8793.44
that's probably what's gonna happen240.483.36
i like looting but we're gonna get242.3194.081
bigger weapons like a rocket launcher i243.844.399
hope so246.43.28
well it looks like i see a tower or248.2392.961
something like something yeah that's249.684.32
going on right that's it tower tower all251.25.2
right we can expect some uh adversaries254.04.32
here i'd imagine yeah all right i'm just256.44.239
gonna try to find a spot get a good view258.324.319
all right it looks like a nice building260.6394.481
over there i'm falling a little left a262.6393.921
little flankage265.124.56
i don't see any bots nope neither do i266.564.96
free zone right there okay huh read that271.523.6
uh in gnome data on radi are it275.125.68
attributed at ut train till stand we've277.7595.44
okay well that helps all right does288.03.919
anybody see a way into this place no but289.7594.481
there are robots to the south just fyi291.9193.521
careful up there294.244.0
i'm down low perfect oh [ __ ] robot right295.444.8
here right here298.244.0
oh yeah really right here uh that means300.243.44
we're gonna be oh [ __ ] we're gonna be302.244.48
swimming in robots yes we are gonna get303.685.359
started i'll see another one oh [ __ ]306.724.479
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] yep yep yep i'm going for309.0395.921
that barrel in his head oh wow311.1993.761
oh one down here comes the drone315.7595.121
how you doing names i'm hurt but318.43.68
i'm looking good320.884.48
come on drone oh [ __ ] watch out322.085.679
got the drone we got the drone oh my god325.363.44
watch out327.7593.041
moving in oh god328.84.56
yeah okay he down330.84.32
the road out there333.365.72
oh god well there's another one335.123.96
definitely still a couple out there yep351.0395.121
oh my god oh boy here353.683.6
you through356.164.879
yeah you think oh there's two of them357.286.08
oh boy oh no i'm okay i'm okay but i361.0393.361
need the hill363.363.279
damn shotgun that [ __ ] what is that375.445.12
noise a horn that's a horn if there's a377.524.56
robot blowing a horn i'm leaving the380.562.4
came from this way is that another drone382.964.079
maybe oh yeah it's the drone384.564.479
oh god one right here he's sitting out387.0393.041
oh [ __ ] signal yep [ __ ] take his ass390.086.399
down the blade where is he392.883.599
not sure if he called his buddies or not397.1993.761
let's get the hell out of here i guess398.883.52
we can't though right because the whole400.963.2
reason we're here is to be here402.45.56
yeah that's why we're here404.163.8
check check check check hello408.03.919
what's going on guys it's uncle thick i409.7594.801
bet you like t-shirts you also want a411.9195.361
back rub from uncle thick right we just414.565.44
released a great space mammoth t-shirt417.284.479
but did you know we have others here's420.04.319
one right now the thick 44 in black big421.7596.801
44 white thick 44 purple are you 18 no424.3196.081
need to get a restraining order i'm just428.563.84
kidding yeah sure we got other t-shirts430.44.96
but you know you want the thick 44432.45.12
wink wink i was stranded here when the435.365.04
robots took over anyways by my shirts437.526.399
uncle fix shirts and more come by and440.45.17
yes this is this is it451.525.119
it's a bigger bunker yeah bigger bunker453.684.16
all right so oh wait hold e to unlock457.844.96
sure oh oh boy officers abandoned460.164.879
notebook whoa462.84.079
that's game scan me all right that's465.0394.481
fine hold e again to unlock maybe it466.8794.241
stands for people huh and simon this469.524.32
sign says stop with two p's which means471.124.079
really stop473.843.199
interesting all right so it was denied475.1994.241
it says locked denied ah yeah it just477.0394.241
said explore the island for more key479.443.92
cards just to find a key card just to481.283.68
find key cards yeah we got to explore483.363.36
this whole island more to find key cards484.964.0
to unlock this never seen that new486.724.0
mission key cards488.964.88
key cards all right split up490.726.24
split up sure493.843.12
sit down here498.564.16
i would be oh it is close crouch silent500.085.36
crouch i'm crouched no you're not i502.724.8
wasn't crouched505.443.039
so see that down there yeah i see it508.4793.041
building i see a roof that looks like509.9194.56
it's about 20 30 square what a robot511.523.92
down there514.4792.8
okay i don't see the oh yeah i see the515.445.959
robot now oh [ __ ]517.2794.12
wow okay521.5194.481
they make so much noise522.9595.121
oh god you started shooting that well i526.04.0
was far away like uh528.084.24
i mean how much noise can two guys make530.05.44
i'm gonna stop shooting simon put on532.325.6
your shotgun what about my shotgun put535.444.64
it on okay we're gonna run down to the537.923.359
left of that building down there and540.083.28
we're gonna take him like that541.2793.921
all right i'm running come on baby543.364.0
there's following there you go yep there545.24.639
they go547.362.479
all right okay okay552.324.24
well done554.244.32
all right babes they're going that way556.564.0
you uh you and i want to head south yeah558.564.08
let's go they're distracting everything560.563.52
so they're calling the whole woods let's562.643.12
get out of here okay all right the last564.084.0
time we'll see them565.764.48
okay listen should i have the shotgun i568.084.48
mean sure it should be coming churches570.243.599
should be572.563.44
probably pissed oh shit's right here573.8394.321
yeah got it that's the wrong thing i576.03.839
have a shotgun we talked chuck i know i578.165.28
know i think the wheel thing is weird579.8393.601
oh [ __ ]584.644.8
did we just get a key card app sir yeah589.443.28
i saw the sign yeah it says one out of591.123.2
three one or three keys they must have592.722.88
gotten a key card i guess they did594.322.959
that's awesome what is that don't see595.64.16
these blue lights up ahead oh throw them597.2793.12
don't try this they don't see us stay600.3993.68
nope that's a horn604.0794.241
up flashlight606.244.08
okay he obviously sees us right i mean608.323.28
it seems like it but i didn't i didn't610.323.68
have that inner combat thing no oh yeah611.66.52
no it's called shoot it shoot it614.04.12
there we go628.883.32
this is not a good place to be i'm going636.0793.76
you heal up okay nope you can't hit me638.03.92
i'm too quick to spray639.8393.601
oh here we go641.925.039
all right switch it to the big gun for643.443.519
all right we gotta we gotta figure out a659.123.279
way wait two or three key cards yeah did660.3993.12
you just do you just get them out of662.3994.081
robots oh maybe so wait if i come up to663.5196.401
this now and it scans me uh-huh666.485.55
i got the key cards here669.923.599
it's a green light673.5192.641
we're in hey simon dora yeah yeah we're676.325.28
into the bunker oh679.763.199
yeah we kind of went around we're on a681.62.799
different side than you are but i bet if682.9592.88
you go back to the one that you were in684.3993.761
you'll probably meet us in there okay685.8394.0
come in here688.163.119
simon come in some of the door's689.8392.961
shutting oh god691.2794.0
hold on692.82.479
[ __ ]696.883.84
what i'm inside this bunker i didn't698.0794.961
know that700.722.32
why'd you shut it again what do you mean704.483.84
why did i shut it i'm right now just706.3993.521
trying to [ __ ] i don't even know708.323.519
where you are dude709.923.52
i didn't even know that there was a big711.8393.921
ass bunker door right here but now you713.444.72
see it but the door's not open pull back715.763.92
so it scans you718.163.76
oh so in other words i could have just719.683.68
gone up to the door yeah you're a big721.923.2
boy why were you acting like i needed a723.363.68
rush here i reacted like you didn't know725.123.44
where i was oh because you were like727.043.28
hurry up hurry up the door's gonna close728.563.839
doesn't that imply that the door's gonna730.323.68
i don't know not being able to open732.3993.68
easily when you let's go on you new734.03.839
yorker you ever go up to a [ __ ]736.0793.041
grocery store and they have those737.8392.881
automatic doors and then somebody's739.123.12
behind you and you're like hurry up740.723.6
hurry up hurry up done you gotta hurry742.243.839
up before the door closes i'm done with744.324.0
all right it looks clear and apes all751.123.36
okay i'm gonna come down here754.484.84
this is spoopy oh wait should we have760.244.48
closed the door uh it'll close itself762.165.119
all right that's a clear exit sign so i764.723.919
kind of like the double thing though you767.2792.961
know like you ever heard if you got if768.6394.0
you got one you got none if you got one770.243.92
you got none yeah it doesn't make any772.6392.801
sense that means like you're not774.163.04
prepared what if you uh you need a775.443.519
backup you always need a backup oh okay777.23.28
i get what it say if you got one you got778.9592.801
none all right i don't know if that's a780.483.2
phrase right now all right hold up let's781.762.879
take a peek around here mm-hmm oh yeah784.6393.521
you know what we need to find the787.123.44
generator for this place oh really788.165.44
okay oh oh oh [ __ ] robots you see enemy790.565.44
robots yep there's robots in here fight793.65.039
em uh yeah i would like to there's one796.04.959
to the798.6392.32
did you hear that yeah what the hell was801.364.64
that i heard a bang803.122.88
sorry i was trying to just i was trying806.565.36
to put some bandage on yes that's not809.125.279
how you put it811.922.479
it's okay817.042.96
you have got brillo pad hair assignment818.0793.2
let's move on820.02.48
i hear it821.2792.24
you do822.482.64
all right are you shotgun sounds like825.123.12
you think they might have heard me just828.243.36
shoot a big [ __ ]829.66.08
oh god we're in combat oh god831.66.08
oh can i shoot you because i just shot835.686.92
right through you oh [ __ ]837.684.92
oh god854.03.199
i'm seeing flashes neebs i'm seeing855.62.88
flashes too857.1992.88
dora simon you guys are in the bunker858.483.84
yeah okay you're a different spot than860.0794.32
we are it was this direction okay it's862.323.6
funny how we're whispering while we're864.3993.291
shooting things865.924.08
does this door go uh i don't know870.02.72
there's only one way to find out you871.5193.361
want to open it no power no power all872.723.919
right we got to find power neebs yep874.883.28
pretty sure there's a robot up here hold876.6394.481
on i'm going to do something878.162.96
yep sneaky on buddy883.364.56
that's right baby what's that noise what885.044.799
what's that noisy no you want to check887.922.24
it out889.8391.921
into combat891.763.6
yeah oh wait it didn't even hurt him did893.5195.12
it oh god it did that was a tiny one all895.364.719
right yeah all right hey get in here get898.6392.721
the collar get come get the helmet oh900.0792.801
oh okay please die902.884.88
stay behind me yeah okay905.683.839
let me heal up907.762.72
come on909.5191.841
you're my hero911.363.36
let's see we got to find the generator914.722.96
to this place916.483.12
get power back on917.683.2
hey guys we919.62.799
i mean it might be down by us too920.883.12
wherever the hell we are yeah you guys922.3994.641
see a generator yeah all right924.05.44
oh wait guys where the [ __ ] did you just927.045.12
go hey i'm right by you oh yeah929.444.639
over here we're all together i see a932.163.52
sign that points to an electricity934.0796.481
symbol so we're going to keep oh oh yeah935.684.88
okay let's follow the electric thing943.5193.061
is it clear so far appears to be952.164.64
oh we got some955.042.799
oh [ __ ] okay957.8393.44
damn we got we're going loud959.362.96
watch out962.322.319
oh yes964.9594.401
okay this has got to be the generator967.7594.08
room right yes uh969.365.52
this away this is it right here i think971.8395.68
oh right here974.883.84
still in there yep yes i'm jumping978.725.85
i think we're clear all right992.563.04
there's got to be it right that's got to994.3992.88
be it all right fire up the generator995.64.64
somebody do it997.2792.961
now i got some juice so now what uh it1004.0794.161
said find the1006.82.64
yeah there's a robot hiding in this1019.8394.48
little dumpster thing right here hiding1022.0794.72
in a dumpster yeah oh god you're right1024.3194.88
what's he doing in there being a dummy1026.7995.04
wow that's weird maybe it's learning1029.1995.521
watching us hide poorly yeah maybe he's1031.8394.401
scared should we kill it i don't know i1034.724.16
feel like we are1036.242.64
can someone put one of those little1039.363.439
blow-up barrels in it doesn't seem to1040.9593.761
let's do firing line get a shot1042.7993.52
everybody get a shot and we'll do three1044.724.16
two one shoot okay okay all right1046.3196.521
everybody got a shot yeah1048.883.96
why are you always so slow i didn't want1054.7993.601
to cross the path i don't have a shot i1056.484.8
had to come across your guns1058.45.2
jesus christ1061.283.759
that would have been fun we just crossed1063.63.68
everyone's barrels just okay i think1065.0394.481
this blue i think this is heading to the1067.283.759
command center yeah let's just keep1069.523.12
going this way look at that blue door1071.0392.961
down there that's that might be the1072.643.84
lavatory yeah this looks like here boom1074.04.84
a command center come on it's gotta be1076.485.12
oh this is it1078.842.76
oh this is our safe house this is nice1082.165.2
this is great this map up here is1085.124.4
beautiful we could have meetings in here1087.363.84
talk about like1089.524.24
oh it's all lit up look at this we got1091.24.479
some rifle over here did anyone else see1093.764.159
this it was like an smg thing right on1095.6794.721
the table oh wow man1097.9195.041
fancy man's1100.411.199

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