Day One in the Robot Apocalypse - Generation Zero

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's a wild ride set in the year 1989 during a...
Day One in the Robot Apocalypse - Generation Zero
Day One in the Robot Apocalypse - Generation Zero

Day One in the Robot Apocalypse - Generation Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video, 'Day One in the Robot Apocalypse'? It's my favorite one so far!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I mean, who doesn't love running from killer robots in the 80s?

appsro: I have to agree, it was definitely a wild ride. Plus, it gave me an excuse to wear my Space Mammoth T-shirt!

neebs: Haha, of course you had to show off that T-shirt. But seriously, the music by White Bat Audio really set the tone for the whole video.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's a wild ride set in the year 1989 during a robot uprising. Imagine being one of the four survivors desperately trying to navigate through the chaos, seeking shelter and answers about what caused the apocalypse.

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there's two of them there's two of them13.843.92
[ __ ] simon door where you at i'm by the15.445.36
house i'm in the bushes right now and i17.764.64
i don't know i have any idea where you20.84.319
guys are and i'm oh god he's right here22.45.28
oh jesus i got one oh there's the second25.1194.48
one on me names you're in the shack come27.683.28
on all right am i getting [ __ ] do you29.5992.64
have any help he's going next he's30.963.2
behind you i see him32.2394.16
come on come on get him babes i got five34.164.16
health left or should i be going towards36.3993.601
the yellow house probably not kill a38.323.52
robot got it oh there's more to the40.03.68
south oh gosh [ __ ] why don't we run41.843.28
toward the police car and pass it let's43.682.719
run towards repeat yeah let's go let's45.123.119
go let's go run run run simon back to46.3994.081
the police car okay i'm running running48.2393.84
i see you guys incredible it's a50.483.759
horrible idea i know i know okay i can't52.0793.681
wait for the plank from the back break54.2392.881
off to the right all right break it off55.763.439
to the right break it up to the right57.124.239
here in the woods crash oh god i can't59.1993.761
believe what y'all are saying61.3594.561
cowabunga dudes62.962.96
we're in the 80s it was gnarly66.7996.081
that was stupid you're stupid can i hurt69.686.53
oh god oh god that was me that was me72.8812.619
all right do you know where we're going102.644.159
yeah well i think there's a church not104.723.439
too far from us that we want to try to106.7993.28
get to we need to find a safe house108.1593.6
because there's robots everywhere you110.0793.921
know yeah yeah i actually have the thing111.7594.0
up on my map so yeah that's right i know114.03.6
where we're going okay you know what we115.7593.441
need to get back down to the road but117.63.199
they like to hang out on the road don't119.23.36
they yeah yeah but we can take them we120.7994.0
coordinate i have a bat i know but we122.566.319
don't want to take them we need to124.7995.68
we were told that we shouldn't be128.8793.041
destroying these things because then the130.4793.041
more we kill the harder they're going to131.923.36
be two kids we're gonna get harder too133.523.68
simon i like getting stuff out of them135.283.12
yeah no you get good loot from these137.23.119
guys oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay we're getting138.43.52
plan is to i don't know man we could we141.924.16
could probably avoid this guy we don't144.084.08
have to take him out we could be sneaky146.083.68
yeah you know what all right let's book148.163.439
it west straight west follow me follow149.764.08
me straight away i went you know151.5993.601
straight west west you have a big153.844.0
conference at the time i know [ __ ]155.25.92
well then what was the yeah157.844.56
okay which way161.123.44
i didn't say which way's west did i i162.45.44
said oh wes what's the win oh164.566.64
what's a dick you167.844.72
taking that right171.23.36
to you all right i see you dora where's172.563.92
neebs where's simon there's neves all174.564.319
right here there's old douche bagels176.483.44
you're just running through the woods178.8792.401
avoiding it i'm not gonna kill these179.923.039
things no look there's the church that's181.283.2
a safe house we can use that as like a182.9594.161
face of operations neebs okay it means i184.484.85
have a bath187.123.92
all right you guys think you can get191.043.919
into that church yes yes yes we could do192.3195.361
this oh there's a lot of robots i have a194.9593.521
you know what somebody should have lent199.5994.881
him the gun i just realized that201.5195.041
simon you're the gun guy yeah i know but204.484.08
two guns would have been better next206.563.679
oh i like how the grass moves you see210.2393.521
that they knock down the grass211.924.16
that's [ __ ] cool can you keep it down217.123.44
up there please he's talking about the219.124.0
grass y'all see that [ __ ] [ __ ] shut up220.564.72
shut up it's still down shut up it's223.124.24
time for me to talk to dora what you225.284.08
what's your plan have you seen any robot227.363.92
check cause i haven't my plan is to get229.364.4
in that church i know but have you seen231.284.72
any robots yet because i have never when233.764.08
we were on top of the hill but not since236.04.48
okay good i liked our approach i do see237.845.119
one off to the left of the church from240.484.24
our perspective all right well we can242.9594.321
get in you see right there right there244.724.879
straight ahead yes part of that tall247.284.72
peak isn't that called a steeple yeah it249.5994.161
looks like a steeple right yeah you're a252.03.92
steeple person i'm not a steeple person253.764.56
but i've seen steeples you love steeples255.924.24
i know you love steeples258.323.84
like this one look at that that gets you260.164.24
off doesn't it262.166.8
what the hell are you talking about264.46.88
oh here's like a bike and [ __ ] all right268.963.76
follow this corner right here you can271.283.52
get it right here right here right here272.723.12
we're in274.82.88
dude we're in the church we're in the275.844.24
church we're in baby we're at the church277.683.92
all right do you want to try to get to280.084.64
the church yes i do281.63.12
okay so this is something we can284.964.0
interact with you say it looks it hold e286.4795.681
to use vehicle station and288.965.519
is it it's just spawned vehicle i don't292.164.08
define parts i don't to do anything oh294.4793.361
god that's awesome see what happens296.243.2
we're so used to like having to get297.844.56
every goddamn thing i know sorry lord e299.445.68
spawn vehicle oh right there yeah you302.44.4
got one right over here oh we can do305.123.12
like we're gonna go306.83.76
oh we all do them okay everyone try to308.243.84
spawn all right310.563.919
oh now oh my god now it is really we're312.084.559
children of the 80s314.4795.44
go i've got e.t another thing from etgo316.6394.801
that was just riding in the front of the319.9193.521
basket of the bike say what you've never321.444.08
seen eighty uh yeah it's been a minute323.444.64
oh boy oh take a right i just hit that i325.524.72
hit a rock oh wow these bikes are not328.083.92
[ __ ] no controls330.244.08
oh quit riding over my bike [ __ ]332.04.12
sorry is everyone behind334.325.28
me come on come on oh god this is a very336.125.799
bad thing oh jesus i'm getting shot339.65.28
serpentine oh god oh god why don't we341.9195.441
keep driving past robots we should be344.883.84
killing them we're trying to get to the347.365.76
next thing oh god damn it oh348.724.4
stay on the road that helps whoa did you364.084.959
see the grass i have it i'm trying to367.123.68
catch up to you guys the grass was going369.0393.6
down when the bubbles walking on it it's370.84.08
amazing sure maybe we should stop372.6394.4
because what why are we going to go safe374.886.96
right here yeah it's safe oh my gosh377.0394.801
i mean you jumped off the bike about 10400.6393.601
feet in the air oh did i oh okay sorry i402.243.519
was just taking a med pack oh that was404.244.0
get the [ __ ] away from me409.843.759
all right hold on how far away are we411.684.16
all right listen these bikes are fun but413.5994.32
they're dangerous right ahead robot415.844.16
entered combat did anyone else see that417.9195.081
oh [ __ ]427.9193.921
okay okay that's a damn tank is that429.0394.16
where we're going no it's not where431.843.759
we're going433.1992.4
why oh i keep following you people oh435.684.799
you're really excited437.5995.04
i'll get to the same spot i'll get to440.4794.801
the new spot they're surrounding us yeah442.6396.481
they are oh god come here oh boy oh man445.286.4
that is a rather large robot oh god449.124.799
there's the big robots run back to the451.684.639
church oh i'm going to the point that453.9194.56
we're supposed to go oh god what [ __ ] i456.3193.841
got to go back to the church church see458.4793.041
you later460.163.52
oh god oh god now there's a lot of461.524.56
little objectives i know it's kind of uh463.684.959
overwhelming don't don't don't no no no466.083.76
don't shoot me468.6394.56
oh god sounding nothing back it up back469.844.479
it up473.1994.241
this guy's right [ __ ] here474.3194.481
you don't see me477.444.0
oh god478.82.64
you should have shot um482.8796.231
hey guys yeah where are you are you the490.05.36
church uh yeah i am at the church i'm492.724.08
actually looking at a board right now495.363.839
and that translates to we have gone to496.84.0
stenhaega farm to meet up with the499.1993.361
andersons go there is that where you're500.83.44
at i think that's where i'm at yeah502.564.639
there's four robots i've got one shotgun504.246.959
shell and two explosive uh gas cans507.1995.441
so at least i can thin the herd511.1993.681
hopefully okay would you want us to come512.644.879
to you well i'm gonna do what i can514.884.56
while you try to get to me517.5193.44
yeah why don't we do that why don't we519.443.279
just go to him well yeah eventually we520.9592.96
got to go there but all right we can't522.7192.721
take the bikes the bikes are suicide523.9193.681
right right so let's just go no i don't525.443.519
want to do anything y'all want to do527.63.919
from my experience today528.9593.601
what do you want to do i don't want to531.5192.801
drive bikes right through kill robots i532.563.36
know that's what i just said that bikes534.323.92
are suicidal i want to see535.923.359
what is this538.242.24
what is this539.2792.961
we're not killing any of them we should542.243.44
be killing these things stop with the no543.764.639
it's sneaky sneaky time needs a sneaky545.685.2
time for you for me it's tactical kill548.3993.841
you know what for oh yeah because you've550.883.68
been doing so good i've been following552.244.32
you idiots and that's what's got me554.564.08
killed you haven't been following you556.564.0
in the church558.644.24
go ahead go ahead be the killer go ahead560.564.0
go out there and [ __ ] kill him i just562.884.079
found a radio you have a radio yeah yeah564.564.56
i do i've already picked up radios i'm566.9593.681
sick of them you guys won't even be up569.123.04
here finding radios you're in your570.643.84
goddamn stand marsh hat [ __ ] god572.163.84
you're getting a574.483.76
oh look look i'm taking this i've took a576.05.44
piece of paper names oh yeah yeah well i578.246.0
just took a can i get oh i just found a581.445.36
shotgun wow look at you don't act like584.244.32
wow that's a great thing actually that586.83.2
is a great thing i'm gonna we all get to588.564.16
pick up the same [ __ ] by the way so now590.04.959
and we end up with shotguns oh wow well592.723.84
i mean i could have said explore the594.9593.121
let's run oh boy what was that don't598.084.319
worry i'm gonna go okay600.3994.721
he's okay he's okay he'll be fine602.3995.12
not worried about him605.124.0
no i was worried about him but then i607.5193.361
started exploring the church609.123.6
see my head was like oh we'll go to our610.883.6
buddy to try to help him out now let's612.723.92
abandon him and explore the chairs and614.486.32
what happened we got shotguns616.644.16
we here at neebs gaming don't conform to625.23.84
fancy fans like timeliness and relevance627.043.28
which is why we present to you the629.044.239
official space mammoth t-shirt spaceman630.324.72
get you a spaceman with t-shirt right633.2793.12
now spaceman with t-shirts are actually635.042.4
available at the link in the description636.3992.0
below this is not just a gag for the637.442.32
video get yours while supplies last638.3994.361
what the hell are you646.9595.921
tiny little robot little roblets649.685.44
no no no no no no you're like655.125.08
all right tactical knees what's your672.643.36
play close the door674.163.919
yeah and then what let's go out the676.04.0
other door all right yeah let's go out678.0793.681
the other door good good call nick680.03.519
what's in here there's a bag here oh681.763.84
yeah geez i just found a shirt683.5194.641
oh what else i find i found some shoes685.64.64
oh damn look at that just so did i what688.165.04
the hell that's another radio all right690.244.64
jesus so didn't we just do aren't we693.23.52
leaving we were supposed to be come on694.884.16
let's go but tactical dumbass here696.724.48
making a ton of noise knocking [ __ ] over699.045.76
shotgun don't wait for him701.25.759
yep you're right i'm out all right simon704.84.159
i'm with you all right good i'm going706.9594.32
this way and i'm trying to be sneaky if708.9595.921
somebody shoots at us run that is my711.2796.721
game plan sounds suicidal i love it okay714.884.16
guys come here719.043.84
yeah what's up i killed two of the four720.324.72
robots with that one explosion god damn722.884.399
that is awesome yes okay listen we've725.043.599
been crouching the whole time maybe727.2793.761
we're being728.6392.401
yes that732.84.0
yeah no listen uh caution in this game734.165.28
seems to be the way to go okay well good736.84.4
then we're not being too cautious we're739.444.32
nailing it all right741.24.96
i can't tell though i mean like743.764.72
the [ __ ] [ __ ] looks oh god746.163.6
holy moly748.482.72
come on man749.763.92
catch him catch him come on needs run751.23.68
little legs753.682.32
i'm not out of foot oh i got756.03.04
that's what i'm talking about768.484.32
guys i just killed a robot yeah nice770.564.399
great that's really i got great stuff772.84.32
why do you hate doing good stuff774.9593.601
what do you have777.123.68
okay i am what are you assuming geez you778.564.959
weren't down my bad all right let's go780.84.88
let's see what's in these uh can we loot783.5192.88
i don't know786.3993.12
looks like we're really close to some787.5195.041
[ __ ] let's see there's a cop car here789.5194.801
anything in the back yeah look we can792.563.04
open these794.322.079
simon hold on let me see if i can figure796.3993.761
out how to equip this what is it i798.164.4
picked up a silencer [ __ ] i should try800.164.799
to equip that too because i think i i802.564.16
picked up what you picked up804.9594.401
hey neebs we found silencers for our806.725.2
guns we're doing good stuff why do you809.364.479
hate everything i do yeah i'm happy for811.923.76
you i hate that you hate everything i813.8393.361
was trying to do what you were trying to815.683.44
do is get me killed over and over817.23.28
i didn't know how this thing worked but819.122.88
now i know robots are [ __ ] down i820.482.96
could have told you that we've been822.03.6
sneaking the entire time simon i see823.443.759
another robot825.63.84
i might try to kill it oh yeah cause827.1994.64
that's right you should try to kill it i829.444.32
got a lot of great stuff from killing831.8394.321
one well kill one again all right simon833.765.6
you ready to move yes let's move836.164.64
come on839.364.159
yeah baby you run it's knees the robot840.84.0
oh boy844.83.599
come on846.723.76
certain one circle where'd he go oh848.3995.68
smoke here we go yeah850.485.84
that's two phillips oh yeah i just found854.0794.801
more ammo some nine millimeter ammo856.325.519
handgun what is this oh some jacket ammo858.885.44
there's a box here with a bat oh really861.8394.721
i found a car full of stuff i got some864.326.639
ammo and i got some moisture up866.564.399
you're my favorite hippie yep we're882.164.32
almost to you i'm a rocker okay i884.244.0
thought you were a hippie886.483.919
you seem hippie-ish yeah888.244.24
by nature just found a gas mask in the890.3993.68
back of a station wagon i bet it looks892.484.18
dumb on your face894.0794.0
all right we'll get to you soon i think898.0794.32
i'm stuck on a tent damn it oh [ __ ] wait899.8394.481
a second oh for a second i got stuck902.3993.601
over there all right uh i wonder if i904.323.519
could hit you is there a way for me to906.04.72
hit you maybe with a bat oh yeah let's907.8394.56
give you a bat let's give you a tap with910.724.16
the bat912.3992.481
a little harder the ultimate hard harder915.2793.761
yep this ain't working i'm stuck in this917.5192.401
[ __ ] now i'm stuck919.925.039
damn it923.442.8
all right we learned a lesson about924.9594.401
tents yeah don't go inside them they926.245.279
suck it might be all up to you dora929.364.0
neebs how are you doing out there just931.5193.521
found another robot he ran me off from933.364.839
the cars935.043.159
thank you i'll make my way to you944.244.839
come on yeah again958.9594.161
okay yeah it's down low hit my feet all960.724.0
right what are y'all doing we're trying963.124.32
to get his tent964.722.72
oh yeah y'all should have came with me967.682.64
you wouldn't be in that situation yeah968.9593.12
but also wouldn't have a silencer right970.323.199
yeah and then we would have had to have972.0793.2
been with you okay that's cool where'd973.5194.401
you get that um on our adventure also in975.2794.161
that truck right over there okay well977.923.039
now i'll have one great what do you want979.442.639
me to do i can't get you out of here980.9592.161
um do you have any explosives uh yeah i983.124.959
think i do yeah you could do that you986.163.679
could try to blow this [ __ ] up988.0794.0
okay and then revive us okay you're989.8396.68
ready yeah shoot that chip992.0794.44
okay you couldn't have just did that1003.63.2
without the explosion no we couldn't do1005.043.359
it we were like we were locked in we1006.83.36
were stuck we couldn't do anything all1008.3992.641
should we try to get the door um yes1011.045.599
i'm gonna get that silencer yeah i'm1014.6394.241
gonna raid this police car right and1016.6394.801
then dora and then dora1018.884.38
okay this is the town1028.5595.24
yeah baby1030.243.559
man you're like a damn rambo look at you1039.364.24
i know well i've been through some [ __ ]1041.65.199
guys yeah you have yeah come on in oh so1043.64.8
what yeah what's at this place this is a1046.7994.801
village it's just a farm ow1048.45.279
so this is the new place we can spawn it1051.63.76
is there's some stuff up in this1053.6793.521
particular barn ahead of me that you can1055.363.92
do some things with okay i guess every1057.24.08
one break explore loot and then we'll1059.283.92
reconvene in a minute where are we gonna1061.282.96
wherever you want to who gives a [ __ ] i1064.244.4
i do pick a room simon i'm going to take1066.5596.641
a nap right now me too i'm going to go1068.644.56
yeah well you said it first oh i'm in1073.525.84
the garage this is perfect for me1076.484.91

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