Day One - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the news? The start of a brand new "BIG" survival series is happening on Neebs Gaming an...
Day One - Grounded
Day One - Grounded

Day One - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why 'Day One - Grounded' is our favorite video.

simon: Oh yeah, definitely! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us struggle to survive in a giant world, right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, and let's not forget the iconic moment when Neebs got stuck in a hole for like an hour!

neebs: Hey, that was a tactical decision, okay? I was testing the physics of the game!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you heard the news? The start of a brand new "BIG" survival series is happening on Neebs Gaming and I am beyond excited! If you're like me and can't get enough of their hilarious commentary and epic gameplay, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this new series.

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If you're itching for more Neebs content while waiting for the new series to drop, be sure to check out their playlists on their channel. From hilarious cartoons to intense gameplay in games like 7 Days to Die and Subnautica, there's something for every Neebs fan to enjoy. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with the Neebs crew!

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oh God0.746.42
oh God3.983.18
well here we are36.384.859
in tiny land yeah38.5796.48
okay oh hey Simon hey hey guys hey41.2396.221
trellis hey Dora you look good hey neebs45.0596.48
hey yep true Simon hey you look adorable47.467.079
I know I looked super cute on your shirt51.5397.081
is that a cat that is oh oh no cats54.5397.221
don't do skateboards58.623.14
all right61.82.34
let's get out of here yeah that's great64.143.36
that's a good stuff I think we should66.542.48
follow the path67.55.34
okay as a what was the other option uh69.025.08
stay in the case72.843.06
ah this is gorgeous great yeah75.97.1
oh wow79.887.12
to grab probably like like a sprig for83.05.799
example are you gonna do with that87.03.479
sprick what are you gonna do with that88.7992.701
spring I'm gonna watch you do something90.4793.061
with a sprig91.54.799
okay yeah let's get to it uh we need to93.544.5
I'll say something yeah there's a signal96.2993.061
we got to locate the source of the98.043.66
signal I say something 61 centimeters99.363.78
away what do you see right ahead of me101.73.779
it looks like a little of octagon yurt103.143.78
or something yeah yeah yeah that's105.4793.0
that's uh that's the source of the106.923.78
signal I don't need a signal I got about108.4794.261
here we go now we're talking look at110.74.22
uh oh it's a resource analyzer there's a115.925.4
freaking nice ladybug right here like a118.685.28
big ass ladybug all right so I guess121.324.079
things we find out in the world we bring123.964.139
to this it scans it and that allows us125.3994.321
to create new items are you guys all128.0994.021
getting this like data oh great so we129.723.72
don't all have to do it just one break132.122.759
yeah as long as one of us comes and133.443.24
brings the uh I think it's science to134.8794.5
this thing perfect oh that's good that's136.684.8
good Summit139.3793.961
where are you at I'm jumping on the141.483.96
ladybug while I'm holding the rock don't143.344.5
get locked oh look at this I'm riding on145.445.879
the ladybug salmon yeah keep your fat147.845.399
ass with the groove is this151.3193.78
is this oh yeah super cool super cool153.2393.72
you get lost out here we can't find you155.0995.28
yeah but I'm on a ladybug yep yeah you156.9595.161
might be a little ladybug but soon you160.3793.901
might be dead yeah but then I'd be even162.124.619
dead on a ladybug is cooler than alive164.285.179
on the ground like you166.7395.401
oh all right it says we need to analyze169.4594.841
a pebblet at the resource analyzer is172.143.599
that a pebble that you're holding in174.32.939
your hand just a rock it didn't let me175.7393.741
analyze it but it's not a pebblet177.2394.741
sounds Jesus179.485.44
what is wrong with you anything oh God I181.983.839
didn't think it would hurt I didn't184.922.819
think it would hurt you so it does hurt185.8194.5
oh that is good now I know when I get187.7396.541
pissed off yeah [ __ ] exactly you little190.3196.601
oh don't even [ __ ] with me pal listen194.285.239
come on196.922.599
see now I feel like an 80s kid we're206.184.059
throwing rocks at each other out in the208.564.74
yard yeah exactly no more hurts we're210.2395.881
good okay that's okay now we got the213.35.4
next problem which is Survival let's216.125.52
find a campsite okay babes why don't you218.76.42
lead us to a campsite space follow me221.645.7
people I will lead you to the promised225.123.72
land you got that leader quality about227.343.6
you man he looks like he looks like a228.843.479
little kid I'd want to punch in the face230.943.48
yeah I want to hug the [ __ ] out of stuff232.3193.291
my people234.424.679
did it wait Moses yeah Moses yeah Moses243.085.739
got hooked246.724.2
so this thing's pretty cool what is it248.8195.161
it targets and activates the locator of250.924.44
some sort can we push any of these253.983.12
buttons probably like the target button255.363.3
that's beaten right here yeah oh yeah257.14.979
pushed it oh God okay lasers oh hold on258.665.34
guys yeah yeah look at look around you262.0793.541
see that blade of grass that the lasers264.04.759
hit uh265.623.139
yeah knock that down be happy to273.386.46
okay oh yeah oh yeah that's good Hey276.624.96
listen I might start sitting up camp all279.843.419
right so now we got two of these things281.584.74
going uh the third one looks kind of283.2594.921
weak man yep and I don't see anything286.323.3
blocking it so we're probably gonna have288.183.239
to go out there and investigate I289.623.18
believe there's something wrong with the291.4193.301
wires you want to go check out this wire292.84.92
thing with me yes sir okay hey uh neebs294.725.16
you and Dora set up camp Simon and I'll297.723.66
check out the wire thing I already said299.883.48
I'm setting up camp okay I'm with you301.385.22
now that was my idea I'm with you I'm303.366.3
Moses quit hogging the mushrooms Moses306.65.099
god I'd love to put his ass in the309.664.44
desert for 40 days and 40 nights I think311.6994.921
it was 40 years was it 40 years yeah314.16.24
that's [ __ ] no [ __ ] right right okay316.626.859
we're going this way320.343.139
so they're pretty easy to kill yeah no I326.6994.321
made a spear you just stabbed a little329.164.02
bastard [ __ ] man you could walk up there331.025.399
pretty easily I have issues with that as333.185.1
easy as it looks it's super easy all336.4193.361
right we gotta get to the top good338.282.82
stuff's at the top339.784.5
holy crap Simon what there's a b a b341.15.58
yeah the B is probably big and scary344.284.56
maybe throw your rock at it see what346.684.739
happens all right hold on348.844.139
oh that was a mess you got another rock351.4194.5
yep I do it I'll go a little bit above352.9795.301
it now355.9192.361
no shut up move out of the way I am a358.6993.401
well it's going right through his ass no362.13.78
he's not going through it didn't hit him364.53.18
well looks like it's going through from365.884.319
here he might be too damn High also this367.684.26
was a bust there's nothing out here what370.1994.141
am I seeing that there371.944.94
laser was379.024.44
that bugs off the uh the bottom of it381.184.2
maybe we gotta go we gotta follow the383.464.92
wire even we're down I guess385.384.98
no oh no and it looks like this wire388.385.039
goes into a cave you know what I'm not390.365.279
gonna do this in the dark no I say we393.4193.72
run back to that little Science Center395.6395.581
and we uh scan some items I agree I have397.1397.28
nothing to scan but okay let's do it401.226.06
love you oh wow he just gave me a kiss404.4194.661
in the dark heck yeah I did I didn't407.284.259
give you consent for that kiss but I409.085.059
liked it anyway411.5392.6
we found uh sapi at Dallas a little bit414.4795.94
of sap along one of these logs here we417.665.34
go do this you got that's great I mean420.4196.541
that's yes sap rope uh dry wood right423.05.46
whatever I don't think I found the dry426.963.959
wood yet it's usually like hooked to428.465.64
logs and stuff I like the sap yeah yeah430.9195.4
see that but yeah I'd recommend getting434.14.379
one of these I wanna uh well that one436.3193.901
research station438.4793.241
um got some other stuff but you remember440.223.479
where the workstation was I think so441.723.96
just I'm just curious where you think it443.6993.661
is walk in the direction you think it is445.683.9
um oh that's a fun game uh which one's447.364.26
me are you using a map you're using the449.586.6
map aren't you I am it's this way is it451.626.859
this way456.182.299
let's see all right let's enter right uh458.6394.381
this is some dry grass we're analyzing460.84.08
oh good I haven't been able to find any463.024.5
like uh is it dry grass and chunks of464.885.43
grass the same yeah467.525.9
it's uh476.0993.421
I'll sap I picked up yeah you will477.724.14
Analyze This sap what can we make from479.524.38
that oh wow okay we can make a workbench481.864.14
now that's what we need that's where483.94.699
we're going okay486.05.58
I'm gonna analyze this uh piece of raw488.5995.021
or we will meet our found Analyze This491.585.42
Weevil meat oh yeah493.623.38
that's okay all right hold on this499.55.759
analyzer has a charge okay and this next502.2594.921
charge isn't for another like 30 seconds505.2593.78
oh crap so you can only do a couple507.185.039
things at a time oh not much I just I509.0395.601
wanted to analyze things oh sorry512.2196.721
analyze this oh514.644.3
it's so bad yeah521.8994.08
there's a freaking spot spider like529.264.139
right by like door there's a spider531.63.299
right behind you yeah but is it gonna533.3992.88
come into tent I don't want to look I'm534.8992.461
oh God yeah oh geez I just I just saw it537.364.26
it's big coming this way right right539.644.199
this way oh yeah oh [ __ ] oh I'm getting541.625.279
inside can we Crouch oh my God I think543.8396.081
it's [ __ ] huge all right546.8993.021
oh God551.8393.421
it's on you run away561.0195.561
his corpse can't oh God it's coming back563.667.739
yeah oh oh God oh God566.584.819
don't look at me like that I will look571.765.699
at me I'm gonna protect myself all right574.686.0
wow wow that's really something Simon577.4594.901
that is you want to have a staring580.684.2
contest do we almost can't go oh no he's582.364.86
looking at me oh never mind okay584.884.26
um should I sacrifice myself why589.144.1
oh gosh I can't move605.4595.761
man I just respawned it man I'm in here608.883.48
with you611.223.239
you guys okay over there612.365.419
all right now we can do some help614.4593.32
what scene's a bit of problems620.8994.321
there's another one652.763.6
oh my God664.883.78
all right so it's pretty clear uh I669.7794.62
wouldn't say it's clear pretty clear672.484.2
yeah spider can't get in here right I674.3993.481
wouldn't think yeah we could hide inside676.684.32
of this machine yeah this is like this677.885.16
is like a temporary safe spot maybe yeah681.03.42
maybe we should just getting here at683.044.14
night I like that I'm down for that okay684.424.68
where should we make that workbench687.183.839
because we need some uh protection okay689.14.26
leaves how's the base coming uh we have691.0195.341
a lean too and I have a torch so it's693.365.58
perfect we're done wow so it's coming696.364.62
slowly that's good ahead of schedule I698.943.66
would say you know what Simon I think700.983.18
since I can make a torch now you and I702.63.239
go back to that cave and we clear them704.164.44
bugs off all right whatever you say you705.8394.981
know what I needed uh a spear all right708.63.96
go gather your stuff to make the spear710.824.32
meet me back here in like three sure712.565.16
three seven minutes or is that a time715.145.34
it's time oh yeah three like three717.724.37
minutes okay720.484.68
all right725.164.5
yeah we got some light now Simon yeah we726.725.94
do so so we're going back here I said729.664.619
yeah that makes sense but I don't know732.663.84
really what we're doing going Remember734.2794.021
The Wire yeah we're going up to the wire736.53.18
but what are we doing now that's738.32.82
different we already killed the boys739.683.3
before so we could actually see in this741.124.38
cave oh because of the cave down there742.985.28
because you know the darkness yes yeah745.55.82
here we go all right you with me yep oh748.264.019
boy all right all right you want me to752.2794.141
try to stab these little [ __ ] you754.743.24
want to give it a shot yeah you get it I756.424.38
like you yeah there you go there you go757.984.2
well don't leave his body behind that's760.83.839
probably gives me a shot get him Simon762.188.58
Okay get him trying to yep oh man I'm764.6399.061
[ __ ] hurt big time man we should we770.764.92
should have made bandages those things773.74.139
are very powerful so you just got to be775.685.219
careful all right all right we got some777.8395.581
sparkies oh God get him something get780.8994.581
him I'll help him783.424.02
all right don't worry okay don't worry785.483.34
I'll get it I'll get it yeah there we go787.443.66
all right oh God come on back you know788.825.48
what man yeah791.13.2
there we go there we go listen you802.164.0
should be able to stab those [ __ ]804.8994.081
once they're not in one side stabbing806.165.58
are they but they are not a one [ __ ]808.985.52
shot stabbing yeah which is [ __ ] I811.744.5
agree I like how your ponytail flops814.53.06
around like look back and forth real816.243.719
quick look at me look at oh oh what's817.565.219
going on oh what819.9595.481
that looks great look at that what's826.0794.981
going on828.9595.041
my name's yeah is my memory sounds dumb831.066.42
but dry dry grass chunks what the [ __ ]834.05.639
oh you want one of the dry grass turkeys837.483.599
all right look over that way the way I'm839.6393.121
looking yeah all right now there's see841.0793.841
all the grass blades I do one of them842.763.9
looks dry right844.924.5
oh yeah see that one is kind of almost846.665.16
over so it's not a cryptic thing I see849.424.74
like this guy yeah oh and you can just851.823.84
you chop that854.162.82
um look at this little sprig that855.663.78
follows man ah grab that little856.984.08
curlicues because that's what they do859.446.12
yeah yeah oh yeah all right we need some861.067.38
more Dew though huh um high five right865.564.44
do you do that868.442.399
and clap oh870.8394.731
thank you thank you872.724.059
Simon there's two more of them all right876.7794.081
they seem occupied I think you and I879.063.42
tell you what pull out a rock I'll take880.863.539
the one on the right you take the one on882.484.44
the left Nick you said you said uh on884.3996.781
the left yep three two one hit him yeah886.926.479
see now that's how it's done that is891.184.68
that is nice it's gonna pick up those893.3994.261
[ __ ] rocks because they're good oh895.867.02
god oh oh [ __ ] leaves needs whatever you897.667.02
needs I'm coming to you buddy are you902.883.72
you shouldn't what are you we got a904.684.64
spider yeah906.62.72
all right930.1393.241
okay we're not ready for spiders are we936.1998.32
what is this Pebble but oh [ __ ] Simon940.565.82
that moves you could tell it moves it944.5193.421
does move but it looks like we need some946.384.56
sort of hammer yeah requires a busting947.944.44
tool well let's see do we have enough950.943.42
stuff to crack the hammer uh give me a952.383.6
second there's a pebble Hammer I thought954.363.24
that was one of the things we can craft955.983.539
yeah Pebble it Hammer oh wait I got957.63.179
enough stuff so I'm gonna do that right959.5193.961
now do it space bar crafting the hammer960.7794.441
getting out of that963.485.18
taking the hammer getting the bust on965.226.54
mustard baby come on968.664.419
remember that old song was like busting973.0797.281
me if you want it you know975.125.24
God we're old we are984.84.5
gonna swing out this way991.443.079
there'd you go oh I saw them legs995.546.88
okay here we go1000.1995.58
maybe 20 up oh man he caught a bug right1002.424.32
oh man I wish I could help you got my1006.745.399
stuff nibs your stuff I got my stuff oh1009.624.32
you got your stuff yeah you came back1012.1393.421
I'll see you back oh yeah I need my1013.944.74
stuff I'll see you back here okay cool1015.565.88
oh I call that a steady stream yep that1018.684.8
is a steady stream of laser I believe we1021.443.54
fixed it yes1023.483.18
do you have a pretty steady stream when1024.983.839
you pee oh absolutely good yeah nothing1026.664.38
wrong with me yet I know you're old I'm1028.8194.441
sure yours is broken no I've got a1031.044.5
steady stream sometimes us old fogies1033.264.439
have better streams than the Young Folks1035.545.1
really it happens okay hey good for you1037.6996.061
man yes yes I am all right well the1040.645.88
three lasers are here yeah let's see1043.765.94
where's Dora and Neve's names oh there1046.524.22
it is1049.74.58
eyes right there1050.743.54
I got it1060.0397.301
oh boy oh boy okay run away I'm gonna1062.446.94
lose him in the bush oh what's happening1067.344.68
with me1069.386.36
here yep okay run away okay what is that1072.026.44
what is that a snail it's not a snail1075.744.34
is he behind me anyone tell I don't know1080.086.88
I lost it hey1083.446.88
eggs yeah where you at I'm making my way1086.965.28
back to Camp all right because I'm gonna1090.324.62
put down a workbench okay wait are you1092.245.34
put it on the Crooked yeah it needs1094.945.28
crazy crooked I am you shouldn't have to1097.585.52
put it there man the door you're falling1100.225.339
apart in this game it really falling1103.15.34
apart you gonna make two right click man1105.5595.341
you think Dora you do1108.444.979
apples like Simon and they're like oh1110.95.899
you're falling apart yeah1113.4193.38
oh look who came back together you look1119.144.779
at you yeah you're killing it by hitting1122.0593.661
buttons it's crazy crooked though right1123.9193.841
now you never should have been put there1125.724.62
can we pick it up move it I think so1127.764.56
um yeah free locate oh hell yeah that's1130.343.78
great look at this there you go yeah we1132.323.2
can reorganize it easy1134.124.53
they were organized what all right hey1139.5395.741
we fixed the lasers you want to hit this1143.1796.12
button here yeah hit it activate in1145.288.17
three two one activate1149.2997.21
no girls allowed yeah yeah you're a girl1202.966.719
thank you1217.243.059

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