BLOWING UP Bread World - Minecraft (#34)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the YouTube channel like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest Minecr...
BLOWING UP Bread World - Minecraft (#34)
BLOWING UP Bread World - Minecraft (#34)

BLOWING UP Bread World - Minecraft (#34)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see the latest Minecraft video where we blow up Bread World? It's a classic!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was epic! I loved watching you wreak havoc while I battled my computer problems. Classic teamwork, right?

appsro: Guys, that video was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at Dora's grand plans to take down Bread World. And the Pillager Outpost surprise was pure gold!

neebs: I know, right? Dora's antics always crack me up. And the timelapse of finishing the farm was so satisfying to watch. Definitely one of my favorite videos!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the YouTube channel like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest Minecraft episode. In this video, Dora and Simon are up to their usual shenanigans, with Dora aiming to take down Bread World while Simon deals with some pesky computer problems. As always, the dynamic trio of Neebs, Appsro, and Anthony embark on an adventure to find a Pillager Outpost, but end up stumbling upon something even more exciting.

And hey, if you're loving the content as much as I am, why not show your support by snagging one of their awesome Super Simon Defense Squadron shirts? The link is right there for you to check out and grab your own. Plus, if you're curious about the mods they're using in this video, they've got you covered with a handy guide in one of their other videos. It's always cool to see behind the scenes of how they set everything up for these epic Minecraft adventures.

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And let's not forget about the awesome music featured in this Minecraft video. From "Evil March" by Kevin MacLeod to "Rainbow Forest" by Quincas Moreira, the soundtrack really sets the mood for the epic adventures unfolding on screen.

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my goodness okay look at them all oh my1.973.97
like we're outnumbered Sarge way5.943.15
outnumbered oh god there's one right7.474.2
behind us ah-huh get it get it I don't9.095.719
know we were fighting them oh my god11.673.139
okay you really went crazy on the turtle15.927.99
breeding I thought we were gonna storm22.353.12
the beach yeah we're gonna storm the23.914.08
beach all right get ready yeah don't you25.473.99
storm the beach like the other way like27.993.15
like you're on a boat you come in and29.463.72
you store them up the beach no no or31.143.9
even Nazis in this situation yeah no33.183.6
yeah we are that we are the Nazis we're35.044.26
storming down the beach oh no we were36.784.439
the Nazis yeah we're gonna kill Turtles39.33.9
they're the you know the Allies yeah41.2194.351
they're killing Turtles just one storm43.22.71
the beach45.573.38
the children54.63.57
yeah I was mining and then I got lost93.513.179
and now I just came through hey I see103.777.83
you turn around hey hey how are you hey106.6796.87
follow me let's talk let's walk and talk111.64.17
ready unless you want you have more work113.5493.96
to do I mean I I'm doing my own thing115.773.45
today what's up yeah I didn't want to117.5095.101
interrupt your thing I mean I'm119.225.429
interested I'm interested to see you122.613.84
know what you're talking about but I124.6493.33
don't know what are we doing today yeah126.453.36
I wasn't even talking about anything yet127.9793.51
but you know like how I live over there129.813.39
I feel a little bit separated from131.4894.141
everybody it's not that far but kind of133.24.02
like you feel the way over there you135.634.68
have yourself yeah yeah I'm thinking137.225.22
about scouting the area around you to140.315.459
make a little me home around you I don't142.444.56
think you're gonna want to do that145.7694.5
why's that because my house isn't gonna147.05.7
get finished and it's just gonna be ugly150.2695.28
but my house is gonna be finished if you152.74.92
don't care as long as you don't care155.5494.56
I don't do you think I care I don't know157.624.32
sometimes I think you doing160.1094.021
I make boxes you know I just make big161.944.26
squares yeah but you're you're good I'm164.133.449
not even gonna make a box166.24.05
you made an aquarium though yeah I asked167.5794.651
it to kind of see it but no I just170.253.239
wanted to let you know that you've got a172.233.629
whole neighbor coming into that side of173.4896.12
town nice I to mind I need materials you175.8596.78
know yeah yeah I wish you the best in179.6094.951
the mining hopefully I'll have some sort182.6392.551
I'm gonna go check it out okay okay you185.195.33
do that later187.323.2
see in this nice this is pretty great193.823.49
man yeah196.563.69
oasis yeah Attica desert the grass took197.314.44
obviously that's nice200.253.36
yeah no just tan just takes a minute to201.754.59
spread but once it got here yeah smooth203.615.58
sailin mmm just sit in here what I like206.344.17
to do I like to put a little with this209.192.79
seagrass from the Turtles210.513.24
oh yeah sticking or he's just sit right211.985.04
on it just is it Wiggly oh it's so213.755.1
wiggly wiggly let me see that217.023.54
yeah get in there get in there put one218.853.03
in each corner oh I just wanted it to220.568.19
watch okay okay I can't take guard221.889.03
that's enough did you say you knew where228.755.37
a pillager village was well I know yeah230.915.94
the one thick kind of clear now I don't234.123.93
know if they respawn though why you236.853.24
could have checked yeah let's go check238.054.32
got must sort out okay we can leave all240.093.72
these Turtles here because look at this242.373.33
is madness yeah you're gonna need scoot243.814.35
if you make chairs yeah big chairs a big245.74.62
oh you're gonna need scoot in the future248.165.19
so we come back yeah just don't worry250.323.96
about it right now let's go to those253.353.6
pillagers I mean okay but that is insane254.285.519
we have so many Turtles I love it all256.954.5
right it's turtle heaven leaves259.7993.361
pillagers have towns that make like261.453.54
towers or something I've never seen that263.164.66
I've seen them attack the town yep264.9913.28
yep okay there you go267.8216.54
Anthony hop in with me okay following278.277.74
you all right I don't like the sea grass284.369.44
a little bit just as Wiggly yeah okay286.0110.32
this looks nice nice little humble piece293.84.36
of land got a little Street little Brook296.334.47
right next to it that's lovely and then298.164.59
you look to the right and we got Simon's300.84.14
place which I'm sure he'll finish well302.754.92
he said he'll finish then you look here304.945.64
in what the what's this I mean I know307.675.04
what this [ __ ] is but across the street310.583.84
even in our beautiful neighborhood312.715.4
really I don't think so I I'm not about314.424.02
I don't know if anyone's about it how318.444.44
does that just move in and take over and320.129.0
become like this it's just bread it's322.888.64
just bread you probably have t-shirts329.126.99
that say that well can't do nothing331.527.65
about it now but uh I'm living here I'll336.114.95
tell you what you're not you're not339.174.38
living here bread world I'm gonna get341.063.36
all right fellas this right over there352.5695.53
we're straight ahead I'm looking at it355.0694.05
now Wow358.0993.81
there's not much left that thing yeah359.1194.56
that thing holy moly oh yeah that's361.9093.81
right thick got at it it looks like you363.6794.74
got blown ZUP it looks like it got blows365.7197.081
up and caught on fire there may still be368.4196.57
pillagers there so let's go check it out372.87.44
no one would want to live there I'm just374.98916.8
going Revit okay we're approaching from380.2414.699
the east west not entirely sure right391.7895.43
now we're son we're approaching from the394.9396.15
north west copy moving forward check397.2196.15
those corners no corners I mean it's a401.0894.05
game made of hitboxes there's a lot of403.3693.991
corners yeah that's true but when you405.1396.471
say check those all of them all right407.367.169
he's just going right in there okay 44411.615.829
there really no pillagers left doesn't414.5294.29
look like it looks like thick kill them417.4392.66
for us well is there more of these does420.0994.63
this just one you found sure there's423.113.0
more out there in the world we go this424.7293.3
is the only one I knew of there might be426.114.229
more somewhere so you're saying there's428.0294.831
a potential adventure oh there's a lot430.3394.17
of potential it listen we can just keep432.863.299
walking and walking and walking until we434.5093.72
find stuff that to happen I have two436.1594.141
loaves of bread left that'll take us as438.2293.75
far as the eye can see440.33.0
yeah but it might not be anything as far441.9792.46
as the eye can see what do you see over443.33.269
here neebs I see our buddy thick would444.4394.801
be a horrible beekeeper Oh absolute446.5694.86
harvest he would just take all the honey449.243.389
and kill all the bees and be done with451.4293.09
it yep you're not gonna need any next452.6293.78
year no it's fine454.5194.71
perfect at least there's some metal down456.4095.16
here I'll get that sweet coming all the459.2295.72
way out here wasn't a complete loss461.5693.38
hey hey how's the mining going uh I have471.287.6
not had much luck mining and and then I476.274.77
was just looking at these villagers and478.883.78
that's what they are right the world481.043.6
villagers their villagers and there's482.665.76
the golem back there so there's so many484.645.64
their own little thing they got their488.423.15
own little thing going on don't they490.283.54
yeah I mean how many I mean I remember491.574.29
that there used to be like three of them493.827.23
yeah they mate and hi no they don't495.8610.47
scuse me do they I don't know what you'd501.057.74
call that sure506.334.59
are there any babies in there now no and508.793.93
you'd never want to see when they're510.923.51
gone awful ugly they're horrible it512.723.54
makes me want to I'm not gonna say what514.433.96
I want to do to my god I don't want to516.265.34
be wanting to be there no we could just518.396.48
kill the baby if you wanted to do listen521.65.79
there's a Fletcher sir524.875.28
it's not really we were talking about527.395.4
yeah we're not gonna kill your baby if530.155.4
you have words Fletcher keep you mouth532.794.44
closed about the baby killer535.553.63
well I'm sure Fletcher's are ugly as sin537.235.61
to get out just God like we ascend I539.185.73
speaking of ugliest sins I mean how do542.844.14
you feel about bread world being out544.915.43
there I think bread world is it's just546.987.07
bread right it's only Brad Pitt yeah550.346.84
yeah you know I mean look at the [ __ ]554.055.77
that I make who might occur right I want557.184.2
that there because that's you bread559.824.56
world's corporate listen I'm gonna have561.385.96
those at home eating at some point okay564.387.46
yeah once they're in town it's well567.347.33
listen we could always they could always571.845.5
have an accident you know that's what574.673.57
I'm thinking577.342.88
yeah listen I got to get some clay578.243.9
Fletcher nobody heard anything580.224.38
your baby's a beautiful nope that's fine582.144.5
hey listen I heard I heard that there's584.65.1
been some ruffians around breaking stuff586.644.61
you know and589.75.43
fighting random Ruiz on fire yeah that's591.256.339
what I was hearing I did to keep her595.135.49
eyes open Simon I'll try597.5895.731
we should start a community watch Hey600.625.76
right okay Simon what what I'll see you603.325.55
at midnight I'm being sarcastic you know606.387.91
that right no alright see ya608.875.42
over here over here it's over here616.185.95
what's over here what's over the thing619.553.779
what thing622.133.06
oh you guys are gonna be excited who623.3294.021
told you about this thing I found is it625.194.649
did you hear it from Jesus yeah I heard627.355.69
it from ate of Jesus from the gods oh629.8395.821
it's over he was it a burning cactus633.045.41
it's not a burning cactus no did the635.664.679
burning cactus tell you where it is no I638.453.42
think it's right here640.3395.641
Oh oh yeah yep see that that's a dungeon641.877.35
it's a hole okay it's a hole so it's a645.985.4
hole something special in it which which649.223.869
side to go to it's a special little hole651.384.29
yeah that's a skeleton spawner Wow boy653.0894.831
watch out yeah okay you're in there oh655.674.919
wow crap we gotta get away over here you657.923.599
knew what this was660.5892.281
why are you getting shot you should have661.5196.841
expected this Oh careful there good job662.8710.19
Anthony oh where is it right here668.366.69
alright alright let's light it up light673.063.73
it up baby the panthan a popular booth675.055.61
what are you doing it's trapped in there676.796.75
now yes I think what's the name tag name680.665.97
tag Thank You sweet Louise nice horses683.545.64
or whatever you get cool these do you686.633.99
want that one villagers can take it689.182.94
thank you I'm gonna name my llamas690.624.079
here's some bread Oh a saddle yes sir Oh692.125.909
saddles are sweet bread oh my god I like694.6995.521
bread alright so we should build one of698.0294.17
those things real quick like an XP farm700.224.29
right here huh how do we do holy crap we702.1995.851
a danger look up oh yeah if we not gone704.516.569
if we knock any one of these sands out708.056.56
of place the whole thing comes crumbling711.0793.531
but that wasn't that was not as bad as I715.8993.58
actually reveal the nice night sky yeah719.4793.33
we're second I thought you guys were721.6094.62
dead no that's like looking though yeah722.8096.44
oh wow okay it's getting dark Yeti oh726.2295.07
wait we gotta we gotta build another729.2493.94
roof what uh uh yeah we need to build731.2993.09
some materials can we build a roof in733.1893.09
here like here we want to live here734.3894.17
let's just let's make like a yeah listen736.2793.75
for the night just stay here it's just a738.5593.661
night roof night my roof I740.02913.35
I'll have a sand the best roof it's it's742.2213.679
not serviceable it's a service roof753.3794.83
that's what they said on yep it's good755.89912.84
enough for me yes what did you break a758.20912.66
window I've already broken a couple of768.7396.0
windows yeah nice hey hold on hold on770.8698.31
hold on huh774.7397.02
that's right okay hey you know what we779.1794.8
should do hold on a second what they got781.7594.89
one of the lights right yeah just yeah783.9794.621
yeah but it's well I can start working786.6495.071
this like this here Oh bout time788.65.189
whoa oh God you get AB you go right to791.7210.049
what we do oh yeah oh god no it's not no793.78911.55
there it still yeah but but it's not801.76910.34
it's not spreading okay805.3396.77
we should one store the day why because812.5711.76
it's the easy oh oh man we were just815.620.97
getting started well you and the roof824.3315.57
right now no no no I'm inside oh oh836.576.15
there's a creeper on the roof we should839.94.98
get that creeper to freaking blow up842.724.35
come here Simon oh where are you again844.884.44
won't you sit inside it's inside the847.074.5
building yes wow that doesn't seem like849.324.02
a very safe place considering you lit851.573.96
all these fires it's not of course it's853.343.63
not come on come here855.533.24
alright try to get in it won't let me in856.975.46
you just got it where no air in the858.775.61
front on the one door I know in the862.434.03
front right at world864.384.43
they must have cyber security or868.815.92
something well I know how to deal with871.2215.72
that not that way that way okay all874.7314.99
right I'm out of here886.942.78
Wow I really need to get out oh he did a895.3812.18
lot of work that's all corporate puppet899.328.24
tree whole tree whole that's a deep tree909.9914.02
hole that would it definitely died at913.9914.7
the Magic Tree Hill such a great924.0129.49
reaction the swamp get out of the will928.6925.89
get out of the water953.54.02
okay a third time so well I'm just an954.588.24
idiot that's why third time is idiot957.525.3
all right we ready to do this I'm crazy1010.7095.291
the artists will do it oh my do it by1013.5093.63
myself go for it1016.02.819
I gotta how close off the thing you come1017.1397.41
through okay take the torches out I'm1018.8197.201
gonna break the blocks to right in just1024.5492.52
let's just break the blocks and break1026.023.09
the torches okay if anything they'll1027.0694.201
come to us okay good job guys get them1029.112.88
get them1031.272.76
oh yeah I can hear the bones rattling1031.9916.29
yeah hit me all right oh no it's fine1034.0314.85
it's fine1048.283.029
now do the glass glass instead of bucket1048.884.23
okay should have had that your hot horse1051.3092.971
you've been brave you should have done a1053.114.02
lot of things okay okay okay in theory1054.284.11
there we go1057.133.45
and now we know you just murdered can we1058.394.59
reach the stuff well we're not reaching1060.585.849
the stuff the stuff hello yeah well no1062.987.439
no no we could we could just break one1066.4295.641
of these and then look here comes all1070.4193.361
the stuff here we go we could just stand1072.072.37
in the water1073.782.279
open here they cut here comes a whole1074.4416.2
bunch more space it's just what playing1076.05916.951
Minecraft is yeah the only makes $11090.644.68
water contraption you see the harvest1093.014.2
skeletons yeah I think that's what you1095.323.75
do that's what all the youtubers do it1097.215.07
is it yeah so now wait a minute block1099.075.099
ourselves off here yeah exactly what I1102.283.6
was thinking yeah yeah now we have a1104.1693.681
nice little pool right keeps us cool1105.884.62
cool cool pool I know what this pool1107.855.5
could use this sea grass Oh1110.55.52
Hey well here here I'll just crouch down1113.3511.52
and I can wiggle I'll use my tongue all1116.0211.659
right give me the SEC Pete1124.872.809
oh boy1137.4810.85
Karma's [ __ ] arm up be a [ __ ] because1141.799.51
that place is still going down the fact1148.336.08
that it's here they're gonna pay I know1151.37.28
that the one would think I deserved that1154.417.42
plus the amount of God anymore that kind1158.5811.26
of sucks man oh man okay okay we rebuild1161.8311.18
you don't you got to keep the head up1169.846.38
well uh red world I'll see you in hell1176.2230.549

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest hilarious Minecraft episode! I always get excited when I see a new Minecraft video pop up in my subscriptions because I know I'm in for a treat.

The cinematic storytelling and character dynamics between Dora, Simon, Neebs, Appsro, and Anthony make for such an entertaining viewing experience. Even though it's just them playing Minecraft, it feels like you're watching a fully produced television show with how immersive their roleplaying is.

In this episode, Dora is as eccentric and explosive as ever with his mission to take down the Bread World stronghold. His vendetta against Bread World just keeps escalating and it's amazing how Neebs Gaming has crafted such an engaging overarching narrative throughout their series. Dora's partner in crime, Simon, also shines with his trademark computer incompetence that never fails to crack me up.

Meanwhile, Neebs, Appsro, and Anthony are off on their own fun side adventure trying to locate a Pillager Outpost. Their banter and reactions always make for comedy gold. And the way they seamlessly cut between the different storylines keeps things moving at a great pace.

Of course, the episode delivers on the Minecraft action as well. The attack on the Bread World fortress with TNT explosions going off left and right was an absolute blast to watch. And the discovery of the skeleton spawner added some nice loot to their inventory. The Neebs Gaming editors are masters at capturing the most exciting and hilarious moments.

All around, this was another stellar Minecraft episode from Neebs Gaming. Their cinematic approach makes it so much more entertaining than just standard Minecraft gameplay. It's like you're watching a big budget action comedy! Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to experience Minecraft if you can't play it yourself. I could gush about their videos all day. If you're not already watching, I highly recommend you check them out. You won't regret it!

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