Beware the Frankenstein Muscle Bug!!! - Grounded

Deep under the shed a creature has been cobbled together that defies nature and must be destroyed Ugly Sweaters: ► SUBSCRIB...
Beware the Frankenstein Muscle Bug!!! - Grounded
Beware the Frankenstein Muscle Bug!!! - Grounded

Beware the Frankenstein Muscle Bug!!! - Grounded

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel yet? It's an absolute must-watch, trust me. Deep under the shed, a mysterious creature has been cobbled together and it's causing quite a stir. The team is on a mission to destroy this creature that defies nature - and you won't want to miss a single moment of the action.

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oh god oh oh they're they're here don't1.0796.361
do that it's GNA make me4.62.84
do oh God that's oh no oh they're awful7.765.48
neebs gaming ugly sweaters available for10.924.56
time oh oh uhoh it's not another boss15.485.639
fight is it19.07.119
okay um hello hi that I think is the21.1197.841
so are is the way you're going the right42.124.2
way should we come that way or what it44.0394.641
feels like kind of the only way NBS well46.323.879
I mean maybe they're going to a bad48.683.16
place and you should investigate more I50.1993.561
think we already knew that was the case51.844.519
yeah so I mean do we need to go over53.766.24
there oh yeah this is a spider hole [ __ ]56.3594.72
yeah we're going to need help there's a60.02.6
spider down this hole well you know what61.0793.601
abro we could see it was a spider hole62.63.8
from way up on that ledge we jumped off64.683.88
of well I mean I actually see a spider66.44.079
down there oh well I saw all the webs68.563.52
indicated sper yeah you guys come over70.4794.761
here now I spider hole all right I don't72.085.6
know if I want to do this I mean do you75.244.879
want to do this I didn't want to jump77.684.0
down here in the first place I know80.1194.881
maybe we should just say nah we're good81.686.56
now we're good come on I mean how are we85.05.439
going to even get out of this on the88.244.36
other side of the pipe I I could see it90.4395.401
a way out you I don't know if I believe92.65.96
you yeah there yeah I see a door I see95.844.0
salmon and and an Arby's there's no Arby99.845.12
salmon I guarantee all right let's just103.1593.531
go is that a Taco104.9613.88
spider hole huh no AR all right so it's122.3994.841
going to be dark in here cuz I'm not124.644.28
going to do good without my shield you127.243.439
got the torch ne's got the light I think128.924.0
we'll be okay uh well I mean I know I I130.6794.401
don't want to be the torch guy I want to132.923.959
have a shield and it looks like it might135.083.76
be a little bright up here yeah that was136.8793.521
the Herby I thought it was oh is this a138.844.72
black widow hole oh [ __ ] it is a black140.46.68
widow oh yeah cuz the other a oh what do143.564.88
we think do we want to put up with this147.083.48
or not what148.443.92
I got nothing to heal with it's up to150.563.56
you guys nothing to heal with can we152.363.239
make a jump out in the154.124.32
water uh no I doubt it'll chase us wait155.5995.681
can we run past it oh oh they're coming158.445.879
oh god oh damn little baby spider all161.285.16
right listen are it's who's going to try164.3194.481
to run Dora you going to go I I I want166.443.92
to yeah all right well then you should168.83.12
Dora I'm I'm going to go with you you170.365.159
ready yep all right three 2171.927.16
1 trying to oh why am I am I poisoned uh175.5194.8
maybe you might be po poison a little179.082.879
bit we're going around the black wit a180.3195.161
spider completely around I am so181.9595.881
surprised she did not notice either185.484.2
through guys wow is that what we're187.844.88
doing too yeah hold on let us check down189.685.52
here hold on D I can't see you I'm get192.724.439
attack by something I'm just keep going195.25.48
up okay oh God I guess I'm running too y197.1595.321
are we are we coming or what I don't200.685.4
know yet where am I what is this what is202.486.08
this oh I'm still under the [ __ ] but I'm206.084.96
on the back end of it208.563.52
there's a211.045.36
door babes y you guys can run up here212.086.159
soon as you get to the top there's a216.44.199
door what we think man I I think this224.127.319
was Dr Tully Dr Tully yeah the guy that227.8795.841
invented the shrinking machine oh god231.4395.0
what happened to him uh I don't know233.725.56
maybe consuming all this science it it236.4394.201
doesn't look like like he was doing too239.283.239
good we're we're pretty excited when we240.644.28
get our science maybe we shouldn't be242.5194.521
drinking this stuff if that's what's244.924.8
going to happen to247.042.68
you yeah I don't like that one bit going250.284.679
to look like a raisin oh yeah and253.644.4
Simon's not here today well that's one254.9595.52
year only one year yeah I know I've258.045.36
already seen it okay so no Simon huh260.4795.921
yeah we got no Simon yeah right so uh I263.44.72
guess three of us will press forward266.44.239
into this lab and see what's up oh we'll268.124.12
see what's up and then hopefully next270.6393.881
time he's here we can guide him out okay272.244.36
what are the chances of that working you274.523.8
think let's hope it's easy yeah good276.65.599
good we went past the dangerous part I278.327.8
think you guys hear that I do can't say282.1995.641
I like the sound of it no yeah sounds286.123.16
like somebody's stomach yeah it's287.843.28
probably someone's stomach oh there a289.283.56
door here oh291.124.12
boy don't forget to hold the button292.844.04
don't just tap it oh no I just tapped295.244.56
that one oh you did yeah what I thought296.884.48
you had to hold it well there's one that299.83.839
might have to hold over there all those301.363.96
times I tapped and then there's there's303.6393.801
tap ones haven't seen a robot in a while305.325.56
a flying robot no what is that noise307.446.88
sounds big it does oh hey guys look310.887.439
respawn points oh sweet oh yeah so hit314.327.28
this and all right all right got it jeez318.3196.841
okay so we a door that way uh and a door321.65.64
this way and a bunch of stuffs what is325.164.4
that salt chars hey yeah that's good327.245.2
stuff take that why not why not can I329.565.28
open this door uh yeah I'm right behind332.446.24
you go it's open H yep H guess we'll334.845.96
check it out got to pick one way man338.685.68
this looks cool thisy it does still340.85.04
don't I don't like that noise like what344.362.8
the hell is345.844.479
that all right I'm ready pop it so is347.165.24
this door a press or hold or just walk350.3195.16
through oh wait it's locked am I doing352.45.44
something wrong uh no this door is355.4794.881
locked so got to do the jeez Jesus what357.845.16
I don't know I don't no I don't like it360.363.72
all right I guess we're not going363.02.319
through there go to the other one we'll364.082.959
fall back go to the other365.3194.761
one yeah this one over here all right367.0395.361
I'll I'll pop whatever is there right370.084.76
hit the button okay was it a tap it was372.44.32
a tap sometimes you hold I think you374.843.96
hold the uh the hand scanners know what376.723.879
I mean let me do this one okay you want378.84.16
to do that one yep just just tap just380.5996.201
tap it yep there we go we got go Spider382.967.2
Boys all right all right oh what in the386.85.16
hell all right we got infected oh390.165.92
infected stuff okay oh right here wow391.967.799
we're in it there we are come on baby we396.087.16
got a good amount a oh w got those399.7595.121
explode I forgot about that all right403.246.84
one down one down yep oh crap it down oh404.888.12
ow ow ow trying to get410.085.959
to oh God I'm trying to get to you door413.05.72
oh no this is good come on this is when416.0394.681
I need to be right ass lead him away I'm418.723.12
trying I'm try I'm trying I'm trying I'm420.724.36
try oh God drink drink Dr Dr oh there421.846.84
you go [ __ ] Le him away I got 16 seconds425.084.959
you're doing so428.686.56
good come on you're a hero get him I'm430.0397.241
trying can you jump over this table and435.244.2
get to me and uh give me a437.285.919
second jump the table jump table I got439.447.039
it there we go six five there you go DS443.1994.68
baby nice work yeah yeah you crap chess447.87910.16
bump chess bump this [ __ ] now what's453.127.28
going on in this room oh man is this a458.0395.801
beefy that's an arm it is an arm460.45.799
somebody's growing an arm in463.845.24
here and then this is uh man I wish we466.1994.68
could get this stuff that's good stuff469.085.519
here condensed science folder okay words470.8796.801
that I'm never going to read project man474.5994.401
oh maybe I should have read it it was477.683.639
probably here's another man test drive479.05.879
got that mhm project mant yep we got481.3196.56
musly arm spiderweb goopy gos man what484.8795.921
the hell was Dr Tully doing down here a487.8794.961
lot of weird [ __ ] I mean look at this490.83.56
something was on this table yeah492.844.12
something green and goopy oh God I don't494.365.48
like this no let's go check this room496.965.919
look all the ground knbs uh499.845.44
Footprints something walked out of here502.8794.921
this goopy oh man yeah something tore505.286.319
ass through this place God hey what's on507.86.039
what's on the oh we can open something511.5993.68
but I'm not going to do it oh that's513.8393.041
that hallway we were in the that'll515.2793.56
probably open the door okay oh we open516.884.639
that then we go back I'll grab the that518.8394.521
all right that door is open what can we521.5194.401
learn I just grabbed the audio cassette523.363.8
all oh hey there's a crack here yeah527.166.84
yeah that's where was he building a a a530.5196.561
a man a bug some sort of muscle bug he534.05.6
he put body parts and bug parts together537.084.48
build a Frankenstein bug it looks like539.63.52
he may have been building a Frankenstein541.564.04
bug that might be what we're hearing oh543.126.399
my god oh no why would you do that cuz545.68.44
he's a crazy person oh he'll bosses what549.5196.081
oh he'll bosses there's a couple in some554.043.2
food oh yeah grab those oh and you guys555.65.2
need that is that a oh granola bars yeah557.246.279
okay okay you yeah grab those and uh560.85.32
yeah maybe should you do oh man NE563.5194.841
should we do a hill basa right here uh566.124.32
yeah we can do that yeah Do It Slam one568.364.0
down you got to say heal basa when you570.446.28
do it like he got okay572.364.36
heal that's only part of the578.445.56
way we'll save it for later all right580.9597.721
follow me okay oh584.04.68
God so down this hallway right mhm uh590.766.44
correct where we heard the the grany594.0795.601
mumbles still hear groan mumbles597.24.84
was closed right this one it was yes we599.685.68
opened it wow who what the hell is that602.045.52
that looks like it's from Ben605.365.719
10 what it's behind glass boy good Lord607.566.959
what are you not friendly I'm guessing611.0796.801
it's got underwear on well thank God man614.5196.241
do we have to kill this thing H we need617.884.72
probably there's probably a burgle chip620.763.88
in here we need or something I bet it's622.64.28
very bored let's see we're trying to624.645.04
find we're trying to find signs of Dr in626.886.36
here oh boy oh science right above us629.687.92
can we oh look at that yeah he science633.246.12
science can you get in that room with637.64.0
that M oh looking neebs you say it right639.364.36
now science you641.65.72
sorry okay oh wait my bad yep yep I643.726.679
found a way down into the place okay647.325.88
yeah I see the hole from here oh boy you650.3996.281
think he's friendly nope maybe he is653.24.84
should I do656.683.12
I mean just push the button can you get659.83.64
out of there though that's the question661.64.479
um hey don't well I mean our respawn663.444.8
Point's not too far away I'll be uh I'm666.0794.44
going to come right by you abso and I668.244.599
could shoot down with my bow and arrow670.5194.76
man you need to okay I feel like that I672.8393.721
mean the Arena's so wide you're not675.2793.321
going to be able to hit Jack I could hit676.564.519
him right there what could it hurt right678.64.0
May if we all jump in at the same time681.0793.281
and we all split to different Corners682.63.72
okay all right and I'll just Peg them684.364.12
with uh be all right all right NES get686.323.84
up here yes688.484.68
sir and here I go I'm going to the right690.165.119
corner oh I didn't mean to do that he's693.164.919
right there we go all right all right695.2794.081
all right he's after needes we got698.0794.281
Shield oh he just teleported teleported699.365.56
he did well unless it was a Oh God he702.364.159
hit hard okay might have been a704.923.64
glitch got706.5195.0
a we might be able to do this we might708.565.44
be able to pull this off he's on me so711.5193.961
let's not get greedy keep an eye on your714.03.519
stamina maybe only two near him at a715.485.52
time yeah really confuse him he's on me717.5198.961
sh up yep do it two all721.05.48
right oh yeah that hurt from that hurt727.243.839
from all angles doesn't it yep I don't729.2793.24
like that move is that a little spider731.0792.44
okay hey that's one of our little732.5193.0
spiders good oh that's my little boogy733.5195.801
oh boy I am so low already dang it oh735.5196.801
good head shot yeah yeah yeah okay heher739.324.6
my health742.324.639
though just ate my granola bar I love743.924.68
his underwear I don't know why I love746.9594.44
his cute aren't they they're awfully748.66.76
cute he doing that move he doing a move751.3995.56
nope I don't know what he's doing a move755.363.839
oh we got a a you son of a [ __ ] what is756.9594.56
it oh y firew worker ants coming in are759.1997.08
you kidding me why fire ants no come on761.5196.88
come on he's coming at he's coming in766.2796.201
he's coming in oh my God oh my God I'm768.3996.161
down so he doesn't I'm going for these772.484.2
I'm going for Dees okay I'll get that oh774.565.36
boy come on Dees get in all right I'm776.685.399
back watch out door he's about to swing779.924.68
he's about to throw a bomb yep doing782.0797.0
arrows ow that hurt come on man fire784.66.239
down okay789.0795.161
perfect back to790.8393.401
this come ony oh see he just794.364.08
teleported ooh The Shield's pretty good799.883.519
thank goodness802.1994.401
sweet oh he's throwing some through the803.3996.361
M oh I'm coming for you he's right after806.65.479
me get him get him get up get him get809.765.92
back thank you oh run run run I'm so812.0796.241
slow get up nor okay I want you get back815.687.04
in yeah we back we back no he's popping818.327.12
oh God that eats into my health okay he822.725.88
peppered his ass what oh he teleported825.444.36
that's what I'm828.64.44
saying I need can you get a door uh I829.84.64
got him I got him he's on you he's on833.044.2
you cuz I didn't834.445.959
heal yeah I got a here that's how you do837.245.92
it Swing Swing he's got a three he does840.3995.161
right not that way oh boy oh he's going843.166.479
to do a pop a [ __ ] yay pop so yeah we845.567.24
got to be hyper vill villag villag849.6396.64
Vigilant The Vig villag852.83.479
people when someone gets a second I hand856.6395.601
dor can you get him yep got859.7594.64
him hey leave him alone leave him alone862.243.399
back man I hate Sage missing this he is865.6397.241
too oh God you son of a [ __ ] Shield's869.126.6
made out of you we almost got him we872.885.16
almost got the the big ant oh let's875.724.4
let's not Bunch up no no no no bunching878.044.32
up no bunching880.125.079
up all right fire ants down nice okay882.364.479
he's going to swing at me oh God that a885.1994.44
big H886.8395.12
poing hey we're doing pretty889.6396.281
good he is so low right now good hey we891.9598.721
might pull this off another ant895.924.76
chill oh God that was a fourth hit he901.724.6
knows you doesn't do four Pi up some904.325.12
Arrow bastard this a might be stuck stay906.326.28
there dude oh come on baby uh-oh he's909.444.12
up yeah like an idiot you little913.565.519
idiot oh God hold920.565.68
on oh he unstuck the damn hand it's all923.66.08
right it's almost dead come on I need926.245.8
I got him we got this guy so929.686.36
low oh crap he just red me932.048.799
[ __ ] oh a got me ant's Dead all right936.047.799
I got you oh boy I saw us be baby oh you940.8395.641
coming to me oh what you doing oh stinky943.8394.48
gas stinky juice is that gas who's doing946.485.88
that I'm not really I got gas arrows948.3196.841
somehow I can't see him where'd he go oh952.367.24
there he is oh okay chill chill work955.167.919
he's coming he's focused on959.63.479
me he's going to963.5196.44
pop okay D can you get names I'm going966.487.599
to get him hey D we got him969.9597.401
yes got974.0793.281
this sucker I can't believe we pulled980.1995.64
that [ __ ] off I can that was Master983.165.56
Class that seemed like a dumb idea oh we985.8395.56
didn't have a choice well we Simon it988.724.4
all right well now we got buttons right991.3995.481
I would hope okay open room that opens993.125.199
that door now how do we get back in996.883.759
there uh maybe this way all right yeah998.3194.401
grab all your arrows is this any of this1000.6394.801
stuff good no this is just debris oh God1002.724.2
I think we got a mutation we unlocked a1005.443.6
mutation or something I'm going to throw1006.924.08
up oh hey nees yeah you're going to be1009.044.359
excited about this this is one you hold1011.05.8
oh let me do it you ready yeah do it1013.3996.0
baby and1016.86.36
ah here we go there we are okay okay oh1019.3996.841
man more buttons good1023.163.08
Lord all righty oh another door and that1027.167.6
was a Tapper remember that game Tapper1032.284.519
Tapper no oh yeah with serving the beer1034.763.799
serving the beers God hopefully there's1036.7993.681
some uh healing [ __ ] somewhere that be1038.5593.64
great I got that one heel boss that we1040.483.599
never used it all right who wants to uh1042.1993.961
who wants to hold this uh go ahead I1044.0793.921
don't get off on that like you guys uh1046.164.56
shut out shall I uh you shall uh here we1048.05.0
uh get in there we go all right oh oh1053.08.48
uhoh it's not enough fight is1057.368.48
okay um [ __ ] hello hi that I think is1061.486.0
doctor yep I'd say that's Dr Tully1067.485.0
that's his face in there turn that damn1070.9196.041
light off oh sorry okay yeah hold on uh1072.486.4
why are you hiding here when the1076.965.12
raisining became too much I realized I1078.886.279
had to find a cure before it was too1082.087.839
late I hid here away from the eyes so1085.1598.281
many prying eyes okay I guess doing all1089.9195.64
these science turned him into a raisin1093.446.04
oh I have made many mistakes in my life1095.5596.561
countless really assume being a raisin1099.484.24
was the biggest right that's a big1102.123.679
mistake yeah I I want to know more about1103.725.199
this rais like the grape set out in the1105.7997.88
Sun the body shels Withers in essence1108.9198.721
what you see here before you in all its1113.6795.521
Glory the withered man all right can can1119.26.52
we be raisined well if you will allow me1123.43.96
to check your scabby yeah check my1125.724.04
scabby you've been in the yard for1127.365.92
months you should be well raisen by now1129.765.279
hey good day we're not raisin I don't1133.283.6
want to be is raisin what he is I don't1135.0393.721
want to be there look at him of course I1136.883.159
don't want to be raising I don't think1138.762.32
we're going to be we should have been1140.0394.161
raising months ago okay Perhaps it is1141.085.92
that your youthful bodies are more1144.25.2
resistant than others hear that he1147.04.48
thinks we got youthful bodies y we're1149.44.24
kids likely this is why arant was1151.484.88
experimenting on children to begin with1153.647.36
your parents must be worried so very1156.366.36
worried we have been declared dead for a1161.05.0
long time imagine the process is not1162.725.92
difficult you will simply need to an1166.05.44
igging cocktail at the Java Matic1168.644.84
machine all right sweet what's in the1171.444.96
recipe the igging process is extremely1173.485.84
taxing on living subjects we use the1176.46.32
igging cell to regulate this expansion1179.326.32
by way of unfortunately there is this1182.725.24
small issue of1185.644.84
overexpansion if the subject grows to to1187.965.719
counter the fortunate gr1190.487.199
grilled science the GU right right God I1193.6797.041
can see where gets it from exactly Jesus1197.6795.801
why [ __ ] J do we trust this guy he's1200.725.6
raising okay collect grilled science for1203.484.92
window we got to find grilled science1206.324.359
grilled science good where do we look is1208.44.759
it in here probably is it the size of a1210.6794.12
contact it was a big what what you know1213.1593.76
about it uh I don't know we just got to1214.7995.041
collect grilled science for wle okay no1216.9195.12
one knows what that is it might be this1219.845.6
look in here ah oh I found it yeah1222.0396.721
science is that easy I guess soy1225.446.76
it I great I didn't get to look at to1228.765.12
God I don't want to talk to wend hey1232.23.16
there's good food in here guys get this1233.884.039
food oh hell yeah look at this man my1235.365.0
inventory is full I can't get any of it1237.9194.12
I'll eat it you guys eat it I'll talk to1240.363.52
wend wendle God this better not take1242.0394.921
long gravity my friend brevity are you1243.885.84
ready to go yes we'll need some grilled1246.966.36
science got the grilled science good I1249.726.6
may have failed my own children but I1253.325.479
will not want to go home what is most1256.325.52
important we need to head to the Java1258.7995.601
Matic machine all right I'm guessing uh1261.844.56
we're following Dr Tully we got to go to1264.45.0
the Java machine oh he's leading maybe1266.44.72
or no we are I guess I guess he's with1269.45.639
us T you with us you coming hey come on1271.127.72
doctor there he goes we're1275.0397.52
do okay come on weirdo well we got a1278.845.719
floating head with us now so that's cool1282.5594.12
is it let's see we can get out there1284.5594.441
here is that a button can I push that no1286.6793.6
it's not a button I'll push or hold it1289.03.36
it's a workbench okay move on I see I1290.2793.841
see red things I tap or hold them hey1292.364.08
all right up here you got the button1294.125.24
come on raisin come on Dr Tully follow1296.445.08
us we'll get you out of here get you to1299.364.919
the Java medic okay there's a button I1301.527.039
will open it yeah [ __ ] oh are we outside1304.2796.481
yes outside looks like outside I got to1308.5594.201
switch hats where the hell are we safer1310.763.159
uh this looks1313.9196.081
like hey I see uh all right I just went1317.0395.321
up back here nobody knows where we are1320.05.559
wait a minute I think I think oh God1322.364.08
what is1325.5593.961
that W what the hell what is this wo wo1326.446.16
wo what the hell have we set off oh God1329.524.36
what is this1332.63.28
[ __ ] this is an1333.883.799
orcc fireworker ant what the hell that1337.6795.641
was the ant doing that the ant with a1341.445.0
thing on its head good God I guess the1343.325.28
ants have freaking laser me on their1346.444.359
freaking heads now great job freak Show1348.64.959
good job with your Creations you idiot1350.7993.771
what have we1353.55922.041

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