Auto Shotty Unlocked! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 32

Today in Darkness Falls, Simon becomes an apple farmer while Dora and Appsro do some trader missions. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►S...
Auto Shotty Unlocked! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 32
Auto Shotty Unlocked! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 32

Auto Shotty Unlocked! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 32

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey guys, today's episode of Darkness Falls is absolutely hilarious! Simon decides to become an apple farmer while Dora and Appsro take on some trader missions. The shenanigans that unfold are just priceless, you have to check it out!

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The music in this episode is on point, with tracks like "The Pirates Are Coming" and "Bread & Breakfast" setting the perfect tone for the gameplay. It really adds to the overall experience and keeps you grooving along with the action.

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's facing that weight whoops you just13.584.72
shot yours like a nut I know sometimes I16.024.019
forget we play off different games okay18.33.3
I'm gonna put my that way if you're20.0392.641
gonna put yours that way all right you21.63.179
ready to do this yeah I think this is22.683.66
just another tier two so hopefully not24.7793.721
too bad yeah whatever oh here we go26.344.74
hello man yeah yeah yeah whatever yeah28.55.24
come at us31.082.66
Jesus this is like this doesn't get any36.025.32
easier this is fun I love it see these38.943.959
are tier two like what is it gonna be41.343.12
like when we get into tier three which42.8994.32
is more just yeah but I don't know I'm44.466.38
just curious curious to do it hey47.2198.461
dude hey sit down come on even yeah50.847.239
anything good in these bags I mean yeah55.684.199
oh would you get an auto shoddy oh yeah58.0794.021
I just got one oh my God I love the auto59.8794.201
shoddy yeah I'm pretty extended I put62.14.019
the tube extender mod on so it's like 2064.084.399
and I've got that electricity thing in68.9394.921
it too oh yeah that thing's sweet grab70.863.95
the turrets73.864.049
what's up so when it comes down to these80.524.86
it looks like it's an apple tree I don't83.1594.5
think I've ever chopped one of these85.385.96
things down I feel like you came87.6593.681
okay so here's an apple tree because92.523.779
I've got I've already got like 20094.6194.261
spikes cooking for you okay so and what96.2994.261
your proper response would be like oh98.883.12
great that sounds good you're doing100.563.18
something that's fantastic you are a102.03.659
team player all right so what's up with103.744.5
uh the apple tree what what are you an105.6594.801
expert on well you can like hit it with108.244.62
your ax and you'll get I think you'll110.465.04
get apples boom apples and I also got112.866.0
some wood sticks yeah so see now these115.54.74
apples if you don't cut this down will118.865.28
grow back oh oh watch out psycho oh my120.245.58
what are you doing you just running into124.144.259
the golf cart hey we got a zombie125.823.719
Merchant like right over here you two128.3992.521
want to join us129.5392.961
um um yeah130.924.02
I'm gonna keep working all right I do I132.53.7
want to join you it's right over here134.942.28
I'm going to share it with everybody you136.22.16
want to keep working neighbors I'm gonna137.222.7
keep working okay keep working then138.363.54
tomorrow is horde night isn't it uh yeah139.924.14
tomorrow night yeah uh let me jump on141.93.54
the hood let's see if I can ride this144.063.48
bad boy yeah it's right over here all145.443.9
right I can't ride it okay all right147.543.779
just meet us over there yeah it's right149.345.42
behind the walk in151.3193.441
did you accept the question uh yes it155.44.26
did we can we can't start it without you157.983.899
all right well it's 140 meters actually159.664.74
yeah I guess we can I like it well it's161.8795.181
because I got close164.42.66
I'm here doing nothing169.73.78
all right187.5193.181
screamer oh creep [ __ ]191.769.44
you got it she did good job195.3195.881
yeah I want to try to plant one of these202.8194.241
apple trees it gives me something to205.53.42
work on okay you don't have a seed or207.063.72
you have a seed no I've got apples I208.923.06
don't know how you I don't know how to210.782.94
get a seed Hannah's apples here maybe I211.983.66
can do it it might be like a learned213.723.659
skill you know it might be all right215.644.379
hold on a second here are some apples217.3795.401
okay is that it yeah I mean there are220.0196.121
nine apples apple seed apple seed craft222.785.819
how many you want as many I mean I want226.145.159
to plant apple trees okay so there's one228.5994.321
I'll take as many as you give me there231.2993.72
you go there's two all right there's232.923.48
that's that's as many as you want to235.0192.881
give me where are you going that's all I236.42.64
can make with the apples you gave me237.93.479
okay I'm still not sure how to use them239.044.68
yet you just stick them in the ground241.3794.201
um okay where are you gonna do it where243.723.06
I was gonna do it in the general245.583.6
vicinity of the other uh the other apple246.784.8
trees we got okay so like beside them249.184.199
right I don't want to discourage you251.583.359
because I think you're being a team253.3793.6
player but apple seeds aren't going to254.9394.321
help us during this horde no but you256.9794.141
know what it might help it might help my259.263.84
heart art okay well that counts for261.123.66
something yeah because if I could just263.14.68
see an apple tree like more often my264.785.4
heart will smile okay that works for me267.784.62
buddy all right so we're we're on well270.184.2
we're on our way I'll show you when when272.43.42
I'm done you're really not gonna care274.383.06
but I'll show you anyway can't wait to275.823.61
see it all right buddy yep277.444.56
hey Dora I picked up some nail bombs282.04.5
I've I've got like 18. oh really284.284.32
apparently they cause bleed damage so I286.53.9
I kind of want to use some of them to288.63.599
just you know test out the bleed damage290.43.66
see how it works is it gonna are we292.1993.72
gonna bleed um well it says it causes294.065.28
bleed damage within a 10 block radius so295.9195.521
as long as we throw the pipe or the nail299.344.139
bomb away from us far enough I think301.443.96
we'll be okay okay I trust you I don't303.4793.241
trust me all right I'm gonna start this305.43.72
thing all right oh hello ladies306.724.38
the lady killer Mission all right don't309.123.54
kill them all because I do want to try311.13.48
so this is you know nail bomb stuff he312.664.02
likes to kill a bunch you know yeah kill314.583.839
a bunch but let's leave a couple they'll316.683.56
get you out of here get you out of here318.4194.441
hey easy320.244.54
all right let's see okay all right322.863.66
follow me over here ladies I got324.783.84
something for you the women love326.523.959
anything you'll love it they're knit328.624.62
you'll get your nails good and yep330.4795.041
oh [ __ ] okay well you don't like this333.244.26
one by the way you just throw it okay335.524.019
don't shoot them down I wouldn't think337.53.479
of it I wouldn't think of it all right339.5392.72
and yeah340.9793.301
okay I think I bleed a little bit too342.2595.561
from that but yep okay and they're344.285.1
getting back up all right yeah no just347.822.64
get damn heads off all right kind of350.464.32
disappointed in the nail bomb yeah me352.684.079
too all right what do you got on you oh354.783.24
you gotta get me for that suppressed Boy356.7593.081
camp [ __ ] you358.024.94
scrapping it359.843.12
man this probably looks dumb but uh I364.443.78
feel like I'm getting desperate Horror366.843.78
Nights tomorrow I know I know and I'm368.224.62
sure it doesn't look as dumb as you370.623.359
think it looks you're probably372.843.419
overthinking it man I lost one of my373.9794.261
apple trees like I know it's gonna pop376.2594.801
up but like I placed it down and it's so378.245.22
damn small I can't find it oh yeah you381.063.66
know what come back like in a couple383.463.78
weeks it'll be uh it'll be obvious see I384.724.5
know a couple weeks though it's like I'm387.243.78
impatient I want to see it by the end of389.223.419
the day I want to see a bigger Sprout391.023.36
you just want to see a little Sprout you392.6393.241
know what you should put like a little394.383.72
fence around it well I put a block over395.884.56
by the one that I did find well whatever398.14.8
but Hey listen oh wait you found one the400.443.539
other one's gonna look just like this402.92.579
one I know oh no I know they're gonna403.9792.821
look the same I just wanted to be able405.4793.961
to come up to it there's no tree here406.84.679
right there okay well the other one409.443.84
looks just like that Simon I know it411.4793.241
does I just thought I'd be able to find413.283.419
it I tried to make it like a row a card414.724.02
like a lot like a line I put them kind416.6994.261
of in between each other okay so let's418.744.32
retrace your steps you came out here420.964.38
yeah we came out here laid this puppy423.064.32
down and then and then I went around425.343.6
this way I said okay I'm Gonna Keep it427.383.659
in the same line so I'm gonna walk or428.944.199
similar to the same line so I walked431.0393.6
where I thought was about straight433.1393.18
that's the line you didn't go like434.6393.421
parallel with the road or something no436.3194.261
no no I was creating like picture the438.065.1
the you see this tree over here you see440.584.14
the tree that I'm looking at443.163.3
um I guess yeah and then you see that444.723.539
there's one a fully grown tree this way446.464.139
right wow man that create connect the448.2594.861
dots okay connect the dots and then when450.5995.521
you connect the dots drop a tree about453.125.639
maybe 25 of the way through you didn't456.124.56
think the road was a better reference as458.7594.56
far as okay because I'm using these460.684.44
trees as a reference I want to have463.3194.201
these four trees in line with each other465.124.019
yeah that's what everyone's gonna yeah467.523.119
they're gonna man I love the way you469.1393.84
kept that line going I didn't do this470.6394.801
for everyone I did it for me oh that's472.9794.261
right your heart we did it for your475.444.5
heart yes I don't understand what why477.245.579
you don't get that I do no you don't479.944.74
you're just faking it you're faking it482.8193.66
like someone who has emotions like484.683.48
you're a robot you're like oh that's486.4794.321
right I was taught that hey I get it488.164.159
listen if we're trying to make your492.3194.181
heart feel better I better go all right494.225.4
robot you have no heart do you gleep496.56.18
glop Glory that's what I thought499.624.139
Dora I feel like you and I are like the503.7593.78
team to send out to do this I I think505.743.78
you're right now we're destroying this507.5394.321
I've never felt more confident yeah here509.523.78
you know yeah let's go in this way let511.863.72
me get rid of this yeah things can go to513.34.739
hell I I just want to [ __ ] them up I515.583.72
know you're gonna come out come on out518.0393.36
yeah no this is a fish do we uh what do519.33.479
we want to do you want to lure him out521.3993.421
or just to like blow through it I feel522.7793.601
like we can just blow through it yeah I524.823.0
mean I'm feeling pretty damn confident526.382.88
in my opinion at least what's in this527.823.66
track come on come on guys come on where529.263.96
you at where you at come on I know531.483.96
you're in there come on look at God I533.223.619
love that shocking mode535.444.74
I love it so that it's so nice hey you536.8396.041
quit it feral [ __ ] all right going this540.184.98
way all right right behind you oh you oh542.884.38
oh right in the butt there you go butter547.265.579
up pooper pooper come on out come on out549.7796.24
come on out oh boy oh wow hey hey now be552.8394.821
careful this floor is a little yeah556.0195.521
Wonka yeah a little bit oh no oh there557.666.28
he goes hey come on down there we go hey561.545.52
Barrel [ __ ] you better shut your ass fat563.946.12
fat [ __ ] don't be fat shaming that567.065.04
[ __ ] but I mean yeah she could afford570.063.719
to lose a few that's usually your job572.13.359
all right what we got what we got what573.7793.06
we got man cave do you think anything575.4593.0
this pretty sweet man cave oh look at576.8392.961
this idiot578.4594.32
holy [ __ ] come here that was fast yeah579.84.96
they're feral anybody else oh he has a582.7793.301
couple in there let's get him come on584.765.22
let gators come on come on oh hey oh god586.085.36
what have I done589.985.72
really oh God what591.448.94
I'm sure damn it595.74.68
man this sucker is hard to see yeah holy603.36.539
moly you got it huh uh listen I've been607.144.62
clearing out I've been wasting a lot of609.8393.541
time trying to find this little thing611.763.9
right here and I'm sorry I was just so613.384.26
excited to find it okay well uh what'd615.663.6
you do to make sure you don't lose it I617.643.66
put a block by it you put a block oh619.264.019
it's right here exactly I mean you can621.34.08
do better than that right no I mean what623.2793.301
do you mean I could do better than625.383.079
better than the block626.584.379
what do you want to do you want to put a628.4594.721
fence around it make it look good at630.9594.201
least I mean the block is there just as633.183.599
a marker I don't want to put a fence635.164.08
around the tree let's see something like636.7795.941
uh maybe like this no you're blocking639.245.64
the beauty of the tree but I guess that642.723.48
doesn't suck and then you look at it644.883.0
over here you go oh yeah look at that646.23.84
that's true I mean I do like that why647.883.6
don't you go do that over there you're650.043.239
my new Gardener okay but I'm also651.483.599
building a horde base remember I know653.2793.24
but what is more important right now655.0795.521
okay let me see you looked at a tree out656.5196.541
there and then there yeah I didn't have660.64.859
a very good line it was kind of like a663.064.92
line okay so I'm glad you recognized665.4594.56
that yeah well you know what I'm glad667.983.84
that you recognize that you criticize670.0194.56
everything do you recognize that671.824.259
um things that need to be criticized674.5793.781
yeah right so everything that you don't676.0795.281
do right got it there we got these678.366.32
apples thank you for the seeds681.366.479
there he is684.684.899
I don't either687.8394.141
I shot you yeah I mean I had my hood off689.5793.961
because I was confident you know yeah691.983.359
and I know and I'm pretty sure you693.544.02
didn't shoot me or if you did like you695.3393.781
might have shot me and then a zombie hit697.564.08
me but I checked the log you didn't kill699.125.279
me well the zombie killed me yeah yeah I701.644.8
wouldn't kill you but it was crazy like704.3993.421
I hit a button I put down the blue706.443.24
square next thing I know I was dead so707.824.139
what are you what's your number at that709.685.339
might be five six that's insane still711.9595.101
yeah there's seven it's it's still715.0193.961
pretty low that's right you were you717.064.14
were doing death you know no yeah it was718.983.9
time for a day it was still I'm721.23.54
flabbergasted by that death that make722.883.959
any sense to me just let it go let it go724.744.56
okay I don't want to you should turn it726.8394.021
turn into uh yeah turn in the old trade729.33.659
Edition the sun's getting low you think730.865.78
we got time for one more yep let's do732.9593.681
look at this house of pain and death744.265.079
Dora it is really something cookie746.3995.101
cutter [ __ ] yeah all right this is a749.3394.44
Fetch and clear okay so we can't leave751.54.44
until all the zombies are dead I would753.7793.961
never well we did that last time so this755.943.12
is kind of a Redemption thing oh we did757.743.659
that yeah one time one time that one759.063.719
time that one time and I like this let's761.3992.94
go let's go in the way we're supposed to762.7793.721
is that is this the way well I mean it's764.3395.281
the most obvious it does seem it yeah we766.55.399
went through the door last time oh hey769.624.86
yeah all right I'm gonna I'm gonna hang771.8994.44
back I'm I'm scared of you and your774.484.74
shotgun what oh really now yeah a little776.3396.06
bit I wouldn't be okay you know just the779.225.76
inexplicable death last time sure I'll782.3994.38
I'll just do it all I mean I'll help if784.984.56
need be okay come on out I know you're786.7794.261
there you go oh wow that is a radiated791.045.7
military guy isn't it yeah yeah but that794.223.9
shotgun just chews through them doesn't796.744.32
it yep didn't have a chance look God I798.126.18
love it so much dude all right okay801.066.3
my sneaks pretty fast these days see I804.35.4
think my uh my stash it's in the807.364.8
basement okay okay there's gotta be oh809.74.439
you know what oh yeah I'm gonna open812.165.29
this door oh yeah there's one hi baby814.1394.7
is you dead yeah you did how you doing818.8395.68
Dora I'm doing great man it sounds like822.123.54
you're doing great I've got a new824.5192.401
got the carrier Satchel okay I think826.925.219
mine's down here somewhere oh boy829.685.06
what are you doing buddy oh God dying832.1395.76
hey oh get that shotgun Messiah crate834.745.8
is this my Satchel boom all right I got837.8994.141
the Satchel all right now all we got to840.545.099
do is clear clear clearing come on out I842.044.739
know you're in here all right yeah845.6392.94
here's my Redemption story846.7794.021
all right not gonna die this time can I848.5793.961
go first sure yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah850.83.3
yeah yeah852.543.479
bring it on y'all I know you're in here854.14.62
come on out now oh yeah here to go there856.0194.44
you go oh yeah oh there's a bunch back858.723.119
there too I got him I got him I got him860.4593.481
okay so yeah they only got hit once I861.8393.06
didn't take my health down that much863.942.699
okay this doesn't make any sense don't864.8993.18
make any all right so let me use some of866.6395.461
my my bombs dude yeah okay oh yeah bleed868.0794.94
them out now872.13.26
yeah watch out yeah I'm watching him873.0194.421
kill him oh yeah I think I'm hitting875.364.26
it's my Redemption story and I'm not881.04.839
doing a good job no okay I'm gonna put a883.1995.281
little bandage on myself and uh oh all885.8395.591
right pump asking shotgun going in okay888.484.4
shoot their feet yeah there we go all892.885.8
right was that yeah that was it oh all895.625.18
oh Treasures902.4596.261
all right906.122.6
Simon so look man tomorrow's horde day916.945.32
night yeah so right here I'm just920.043.299
getting desperate I'm just throwing922.262.46
stuff down so this is like a little923.3394.021
electric fence Wing okay uh yeah I can't924.724.619
really see very well I know but listen927.364.2
okay I'm gonna get this guy actually go929.3393.721
ahead and hit that switch there's a931.562.88
switch on the wall that turns the933.064.26
electric on uh it says uh switch light934.445.519
on there you go did it you good did the937.324.259
one that I could see from right here939.9594.861
okay so man I hope it's on it looks on941.5795.341
right is it like a green light maybe uh944.824.259
that's it says that it says that I'd946.924.56
have to hit e to switch light off so I'm949.0793.961
assuming you know what the motor in the951.482.94
ground hit that you got to turn that on953.045.46
too okay uh Eda interact uh turn on954.426.539
there it is that's it I put a light on958.53.6
the front of the build and that's how I960.9594.32
know for sure okay so uh crap where'd962.14.739
that zombie go he was just here what the965.2793.901
green one yeah I feel like I shouldn't I966.8393.901
don't need to be locked in here so969.182.899
you're safe970.745.64
I know but I I wait so oh [ __ ] so that972.0796.161
electric is on right now I was almost976.383.78
gonna walk into so if I walked out of978.243.599
here right now I would have died yep you980.164.08
sure would wow really glad that I I981.8394.8
didn't do that984.245.459
oh okay I hit him all right good yep I986.6395.281
see him okay I'm not down below anymore989.6994.26
do I need to be uh you can be wherever991.923.599
you want to be good because I can see993.9594.141
better from here okay you coming uh yeah995.5194.68
I'm tempted to shoot him but I won't998.13.239
there you go you can kind of run around1000.1992.58
here hoping they'll be weakened before1001.3393.12
they even get to us you know a little1002.7795.281
bit yeah sounds good can I go down uh if1004.4594.74
you want to you can go out the back door1008.063.12
there's a back door where you jump yeah1009.1993.26
you jump1011.185.159
okay oh [ __ ] damn just fell I got his1012.4595.981
attention with arrow you ain't dead here1016.3393.961
he come come on now I'm waiting for the1018.443.899
payoff oh he's going up why is he going1020.34.019
up I don't know hey there's nobody up1022.3394.08
there hey come on over here oh you're1024.3193.421
trying to get him to run across this1026.4194.26
yeah there we go come on no no this way1027.744.14
there he goes1030.6794.561
okay let's and now what okay now we just1031.884.74
we can go back and forth can't we yeah1035.244.86
we can nope jump it ah yeah1036.626.54
oh he did okay he is dead all right well1040.15.16
listen if you jump down here oh you know1043.164.139
what hopefully everybody's got parkour1045.264.32
you know kind of Pumped up a little bit1047.2994.081
yep so you can get back in right here1049.584.92
bam yeah with me I'm with you and then1051.384.56
just right up here1054.54.14
up here and then bam back in the base I1055.945.16
love it that is a very look at this my1058.644.2
Parkers I jumped on top by accident1061.13.84
you're like a frog you're a human frog1062.843.839
look at this let me let me switch down1064.943.18
let me see if I can get in and out come1066.6794.921
on in and out there we go this is good I1068.124.86
feel confident I think you did a great1071.64.319
job thanks like your trees too thank you1072.985.16
you like how the line you like the line1075.9193.961
that I chose to put them on it's a great1078.142.42
hey uh what you got Dora uh some Runners1083.146.84
from the West uh they might not1086.366.0
hey they're heading this way directly1089.985.199
this way all right I'm coming up oh man1092.365.64
is it from the West uh from the West so1095.1794.74
okay I'm going up on the wall over here1098.03.9
oh yeah here I'm already yeah there's a1099.9194.741
good chunk there's some oh god oh wow1101.94.38
okay oh wow we're going loud huh all1104.663.36
right sweet let's do it sorry I was just1106.284.32
trying to yeah I might be dumb but not1108.025.84
right I'm fine with it1110.63.26
the night before horde this game just1113.984.74
goes like now here yeah1116.4194.921
what the hell was that what something1118.724.9
just blew up well is it one of those fat1121.343.56
there you go thank you1127.1793.781
are your shoes green yeah they're really1142.484.78
good running shoes oh okay keep my1145.344.44
stamina really high gotcha that's cool1147.264.32
yep I can [ __ ] all night so listen I1149.783.18
can't tell because all these wires are1151.583.24
running through the concrete but I ran1152.963.78
another one from this switch to that1154.823.3
little uh what do you call it conductor1156.743.48
thing on the side yeah a little dingy so1158.123.72
I couldn't tell if I either removed it1160.225.16
or added it so switch is on and hold up1161.845.459
are you willing to touch it uh oh yeah1165.384.64
sure okay1167.2992.721
heck yeah okay good job names all right1173.084.3
Horton nights tomorrow night I'm gonna1176.123.66
get in the vehicle and go rent cars and1177.385.22
get gasoline gasoline yep that's my job1179.785.22
cool you're a legend yeah you guys want1182.63.9
to work on like spikes yeah I'm gonna do1185.04.14
things like that hey I got 500 like1186.55.96
actually almost 600 spikes already1189.145.94
and hopefully those apple trees will be1192.465.26
ready and I found an orange tree too1195.085.76
shut it happy day it's gonna be a good1197.724.62
hard night guys I feel it1200.8418.97
thank you1225.283.06

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