Ark Survival Spino vs Otter - Aberration

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about a epic battle between a Spino a...
Ark Survival Spino vs Otter - Aberration
Ark Survival Spino vs Otter - Aberration

Ark Survival Spino vs Otter - Aberration

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, folks! Today we're diving into the epic battle of Spino vs Otter in Ark Survival. And let me tell you, it's a showdown for the ages!

simon: Oh yeah, I remember that video! The moment when the Spino and Otter faced off was pure chaos. I couldn't stop laughing!

appsro: Haha, that was definitely a wild ride. I mean, who would've thought that an Otter could take on a Spino in such a hilarious way? Only in Ark Survival!

neebs: Absolutely! And the best part is that our fans loved it too. It's no wonder why this is our favorite video. Pure entertainment from start to finish!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about a epic battle between a Spino and an Otter in the Aberration map of Ark Survival Evolved. I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait to see who would come out on top in this intense showdown.

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thank you you're not gonna take any36.264.36
dinos with you uh yeah I gotta drop him38.164.14
and then grab the spino and Go part of40.623.36
the way oh my God it's gonna be a minute42.33.599
y'all have fun we got this we will okay43.983.72
yeah good luck getting another spino45.8994.461
thank you47.72.66
good my ax just broke okay I got a51.5394.141
little storage thing here in front of54.2393.361
this new place so yeah just get wood get55.683.359
stoned and throw it in there we're gonna57.64.5
make this place livable59.0395.881
and love it love to hear about it62.15.519
okay really stay put we have ravages or64.924.68
something right there67.6194.441
you thought I couldn't see ya but I did69.65.0
because of eyeballs72.066.239
do this more often huh just the boys out74.66.879
hunting love it great job spina bifida78.2996.421
where'd you go there you go all right we81.4795.841
press forward84.722.6
yeah that's looking good sir oh yeah I'm88.585.98
gonna need Stone though I know really92.44.56
lean into the stone you know I'm I just94.564.86
made two pickaxes oh I need regular axes96.965.159
for the freaking Stone that's right hold99.425.1
on yeah no make a regular ax and really102.1194.741
lean hard into that stone all right I'm104.524.139
gonna lead are you trying to make it106.864.14
like a stoned reference or something oh108.6594.14
I need you to just really lean hard into111.03.6
that stone I actually I'm gonna try to112.7993.721
make something crazy really but in order114.63.6
to make something crazy I need a crazy116.523.959
amount of stone so you want me to lean118.24.32
hard and I need you to lean real hard in120.4794.14
that style all right I got a crazy idea122.524.68
that may work but it also may not we're124.6195.64
gonna see all right well hey I like your127.26.08
crazy you know what I'm saying130.2595.881
yeah yeah look at that even in your133.284.539
voice you make me smile you crazy136.147.8
bastard oh crap guys no ah137.8196.121
you're a silly approach he's silly I see159.086.58
him down there stupid silly pants162.5995.461
if I spina bifida I might just call you165.666.18
Biff because that's wordy you know is168.065.819
there is there a choke point no not171.843.6
really I wish we had a tighter choke173.8793.181
point we're just going to go for it175.443.72
we're gonna put a gate right here why177.065.28
not right and then we're gonna do like a179.165.52
little uh that's probably wide enough182.345.28
right yeah there we go we'll do this I184.684.86
did this trick on something what was it187.623.899
was a while back I built this and they189.543.72
can't get through it here we'll try it191.5194.381
I'm riding you right and you get right193.266.059
here and boom stuck see what I'm saying195.95.339
see all these spine is over there on the199.3194.14
idea guy okay I'm gonna Park you back201.2393.901
here though whoa what you getting bit by203.4594.741
an otter you got bit by an otter is that205.145.58
what that said there he goes man he's208.24.74
got it for you look at him210.726.08
see seriously yeah212.946.9
holy crap you didn't take no crap from216.85.98
him man that was crazy what were you219.844.92
thinking tell you what you'll be our222.785.16
doralius today yeah all right come on224.765.039
Brothers we're going hunting227.945.0
good job Beth229.7993.141
all right Simon Pooh233.5194.921
um you can cool down on the stone I235.7994.8
think uh yeah switch to fungal wood I238.443.54
knew it because you know what I bet you240.5994.261
I bet you I got like 2 000 extra Stones241.984.74
perfect we can use it as well don't244.863.599
worry I'm making something crazy all246.723.78
right well that's good because all right248.4594.5
so fungal wood what do I got I got I250.54.14
only got another four slots I'm gonna252.9593.9
need another box all right I made this254.644.319
big box right here son what big box I've256.8595.481
been putting in these two little boxes258.9593.381
got a big box263.282.66
a big box all right big box that's what266.524.58
your mom said put it in the big box268.625.519
yeah she did have a weight problem yeah271.17.319
she had a real big box yeah it's sad274.1394.28
Simon yeah what's up got a buddy here300.386.52
that is uh nudging me oh303.065.96
yeah one of these306.94.5
door eight don't make me calling my309.024.78
friend he has a bear yeah311.45.82
yeah fair is not one for nudging313.84.44
you want to come take care of this317.223.06
nudger really you know I didn't want to318.243.959
have to kill it but all right you nudger320.285.52
do it I'm on you yeah322.1995.94
yeah is he trying to nudge me away I325.83.899
know it's the last day you could have328.1393.721
done boy I suppose I could help you329.6994.681
could yeah I'm gonna attack his feet331.864.7
yeah that's not a bad idea334.385.22
it's confusing oh yeah it's working it's336.566.4
getting nice and bloody you okay oh yeah339.65.099
no I'm just trapped in this nudgy butt342.964.019
uh he's running away don't let him I'm344.6996.241
not gonna eat this butt right now man it346.9795.881
tastes good with blood well that's good350.943.72
I know what we're having tonight nudge352.865.1
meat I'm gonna make some nudge fudge out354.665.52
of your ass oh yeah oh [ __ ] I'm357.964.739
exhausted now why why can't I move oh360.184.739
nudge you into stupidity I don't know362.6994.861
but I'm still healthy oh I got him huh364.9194.56
level up available what the hell does367.563.9
that have to do I can't move hold on is369.4793.421
that what I think it is oh it's another371.464.86
one in Bulldogs all right listen this372.95.1
might not be time I should really get376.324.439
away across but I'm hoping don't get378.04.86
stuck here and I can knock them out so380.7595.401
yep I got Frank you just stay put okay I382.865.279
got you on like neutral I'll run to you386.165.479
if I need you let's see here388.1393.5
32. all right let's try that one okay394.884.74
yep yep yep yep we're coming in oh boy400.6395.261
oh boy oh you fight me403.54.58
that's how we do it oh man oh he's409.6994.901
trying look at him412.684.56
he is standing up almost over it414.67.099
right I'm gonna run in a minute I bet417.244.459
he's scaring me trying to go don't go423.244.62
around do not go around oh what's he425.165.819
doing yep427.863.119
oh stop and the fruits of our labor are443.285.039
about to pay off really oh yeah I'm445.9794.56
building it I'm building it and I still448.3194.581
have no idea what it is450.5395.1
following you I think I found a really452.95.739
cool spot over here I'm back oh babes455.6396.541
okay yep um boy I don't know if my ah458.6395.521
every time I see my hair it freaks me462.184.079
out you have gorgeous hair thank you464.164.86
just born with it yeah it looks it looks466.2594.621
great don't ever get rid of it like a469.024.32
knee thing uh so the spino thing's going470.884.5
good pretty good oh he's so cute all473.344.44
right Simon come over here all right475.384.86
let's see if this actually works it477.783.84
probably won't because it's Arc and480.243.48
nothing ever Works in this game well you481.624.079
know that's not true some things do work483.724.879
diamond yeah we got arced did we really490.9795.94
oh yeah we got Arc I built a Stone Cliff493.9795.881
platform and I can't place it on this496.9196.661
Stone Cliff Stone Cliff platform499.865.76
platform but I can't put it on that503.584.44
Stone Cliff is that a Stone Cliff what505.624.799
determines a cliff just something with508.024.139
an edge let's see if we can put it510.4194.821
somewhere else right512.1593.081
that way listen515.2795.161
right they'll know I mean yeah of course518.0394.321
the interweb will know but I'd love for520.444.14
once to go oh this thing says I can522.364.68
build platforms on a cliff that's a524.584.56
cliff oh I made this thing I'm gonna put527.044.02
it somewhere around here damn it let's529.144.44
find a clip the most Cliff looking thing531.063.26
there is533.583.809
I follow me keep walking if let me know537.64.06
if he comes my way okay540.482.299
here we go542.7796.341
all right Phil got it coming back sir545.546.4
all right let me get suited up okay here549.124.32
we go I'm gonna do it from this side551.945.7
wish me luck here he is second name bam553.445.579
I got him557.643.96
all right he's coming in559.0196.301
wow boy there he is okay man those561.66.0
things are frozen565.324.8
okay come through567.64.859
get through it Biff you see how quick he570.124.14
got through that here right in the big572.4593.121
stop it he jumped so easily575.583.8
oh [ __ ] you heard of such a climber581.163.6
aren't you583.82.7
yep getting ready to die again brace584.762.88
where is he588.8392.601
how does he do it it's incredible592.647.06
he's like circus flavor here oh it hurts596.3394.981
so bad I'm [ __ ] so slow I know it's599.75.36
hard to watch but just I'm fine601.323.74
thank you605.123.0
I hear you I don't see you oh I'm over614.727.119
here oh okay oh boy oh hey neebs hey618.35.34
Simon man I think I got this platform621.8394.261
thing figured out you got to be on top623.643.9
of the cliff to do it well whatever626.13.96
sense that makes okay hold on so let me627.544.799
come down can I survive this fall yeah I630.064.86
can spot that ball all right uh let me632.3393.901
come back to the house I'll meet you634.923.12
there I need to I need to make something636.243.84
oh neebs is still here what you doing638.044.799
buddy I'm having a time so uh hmm I640.084.319
think I gotta go build some more I was642.8393.421
trying to rush this thing anyway good644.3994.021
luck to you thank you good luck you have646.264.56
a hell of a physique sir I got my locks648.424.8
they're pretty too let's see yeah I'm650.824.199
able to make a couple of these all right653.225.059
follow me all right655.0193.26
hey you remember these salmon uh uh no I658.624.44
don't see anything yet you don't see661.743.24
anything in my hand oh crap is that663.064.14
though yes I do yeah not grapple664.983.84
climbing but I thought that was in a667.23.6
different game oh that is just an668.824.199
aberration isn't it um670.84.68
I don't think so but we've never used673.0195.161
those in other Arc I think they're675.484.2
available in other Arc but I think they678.183.8
started here679.684.56
we go it's looking good it's happening681.984.24
yeah you're all looking good things just684.243.659
turn yellow for some reason and I don't686.222.76
know why687.8993.901
okay ooh is my help down right oh it's688.984.979
dark wow it's dark okay it just got dark691.85.039
yeah that goes quick all right but now693.9595.82
since I'm on top of the cliff696.8394.201
that's a shot699.7795.461
sure why not KaBoom oh I see it yeah701.046.06
this is where our Cliff base is gonna be705.244.86
look at that stone and wood huh all that707.14.859
that you gathered this is what I made710.14.799
that's it that's the fruits of my labor711.9593.901
I guess we need to either make a ladder715.863.78
up can we do like a rope ladder that's717.8393.361
super long I might be able to look into719.644.259
elevators or zip lines zip line is721.25.639
always fun yeah God can I survive and723.8994.62
jump into this water though I think you726.8393.901
could that'd be my guess a zip line to728.5193.841
where that little Hut is right there730.743.539
would be great oh and it's a gorgeous732.364.14
view up here I like them a lot734.2794.761
I please736.52.54
please now uh no no but I I gotta try to740.223.84
get back down so I'm gonna see if I742.742.76
can't jump into the water all right try744.063.42
to jump in and if not no biggie right745.54.23
come on747.485.37
that was a good jump754.946.04
okay that place is gonna look awesome758.066.6
yeah success760.983.68
all right Biff I know you think that I'm764.764.86
an idiot um hey I'm gonna he's gonna766.864.38
jump right over that inning I got a769.622.88
different strategy I just got to get in771.243.12
my bag stand by772.54.26
here we go oh he's gonna turn I know774.366.479
he's gonna turn man just walk away776.766.6
here we go all right got the stuff if780.8395.641
you follow me and I hope not okay we're783.366.419
good oh oh man that guy's so close what786.485.58
is he doing that's a 32 what's this789.7794.441
other one bam792.064.8
48's the one I want Biff you okay right794.223.96
there I don't think he's gonna mess with796.863.419
you because you're bad to the bone all798.184.2
right here we go check this out Biff800.2795.281
we'll go up here uh can I go to this802.385.1
Cliff where is he oh it's kind of close805.564.86
what about this metal hold up yeah there807.484.02
we go810.424.56
up here here oh crap oh man he is close811.55.459
we got right here814.984.68
rep will not stick to anything if this816.9594.081
isn't looking good my grapples aren't819.663.0
really sticking to the Rocks I should821.043.06
stick with the rock I think all right822.664.08
right here let's try this nope yep824.14.32
pretty disappointed in these grapples826.745.88
right now oh there's a basilisk oh babe828.427.859
what a day huh yep832.628.839
yeah okay I'm gonna mess up your allies836.2795.18
oh boy hey neebs hey buddy let's go848.5795.341
what's going on pal man you know I just851.6393.961
wasn't patient today that's the problem853.923.659
you rushed into it yeah I was trying to855.63.84
do some stuff and I wasn't ready and I857.5793.541
thought maybe I'd get away with it yeah859.443.54
you gotta be like me sometimes I just861.123.54
hung around today I made us a platform862.984.02
up there see that platform we made a864.664.799
platform we yeah that's right we we he867.04.019
contributed a whole bunch oh way up869.4593.481
there yeah okay I feel like I'm that871.0193.541
every day I was trying to just get in872.943.959
and do some action today right and uh I874.564.62
see why I don't normally do that anyway876.8994.321
I wanted to take dorelius hunting he879.183.779
wasn't here and I got deralis's body881.224.2
eaten right and then uh I don't think882.9594.021
I've done anything good for adralis885.423.9
today no it's been a pretty unproductive886.984.2
day for you which is odd I'm working on889.323.3
making a fabricator what are you doing891.183.599
next well maybe I'll go finish my little892.624.019
wall if the wall was finished it would894.7793.24
work well you do your thing I'm just896.6393.841
gonna go uh I'm just gonna go yep have a898.0195.641
good time yep don't lose spina bifida I900.485.099
yo man905.5792.961
all right Beth you're up uh I can't do909.364.8
it without you you ready let's turn912.185.339
around and Bam okay where's that914.165.84
all right I'm gonna jump off and then920.3994.261
you're gonna attack ready don't let me922.682.94
there he goes925.625.04
scare me a little bit all right come on927.625.019
bip get in there930.664.859
you got it I know you got this932.6394.081
tell me you got this I can't make it936.723.479
without the fifth938.823.18
man you are a machine942.05.639
that one's down there we're here we can945.244.44
build the whole wall and we can tame it947.6394.081
when we're done and you'll have a buddy949.685.959
all right great work Biff951.723.919
hey Simon hey all right check this out I958.18.979
think if I aim up here oh not far is963.35.339
that gonna stick oh yeah that actually967.0794.44
stuck though okay right that might work968.6394.741
okay let me get uh let me get Black971.5194.56
Betty hold on all right Black Betty973.383.84
they're taking you out in a minute976.0792.76
you've been doing good977.224.14
see if she remembers how to do this978.8393.68
okay look at it jump982.5195.68
all right had it I just used a word oh986.044.5
my God it climbed up there or walked988.1995.341
like up right or upside down felt like990.544.919
okay yeah like a little reticle pops up993.545.96
and then I can nope oh God995.4597.041
hold on let me wait for [ __ ] to pass999.56.699
see oh that just howls right click jump1002.55.92
oh that did it yep okay you jump on it1006.1995.76
all right and then yeah yeah here we go1008.425.4
all right here we go now we got our way1011.9595.221
up looking good now I can't go up unless1013.824.74
I have one of those1017.183.0
yeah you're gonna be one of these oh1018.563.54
then I'm stopped right here but yep okay1020.184.46
yeah hey we can get up here there you go1022.15.459
to readjust it though like I'm not happy1024.645.38
with its placement and it look it it did1027.5593.841
go through it went through the damn1030.025.6
thing of course it did I win it okay1031.44.22
is this absurd1036.3194.74
and then attached one down there oh this1038.026.039
actually might work and yeah see that's1041.0597.461
better placement oh yeah yeah yeah1044.0597.081
we can take the other one out and then1048.524.659
yeah just jump on here I hit space bar1051.143.24
Jesus Christ why does that work1053.1794.5
sometimes looking at it space bar1054.386.78
Christ game oh Jesus Christ Gabe he's1057.6796.36
just consistent rules sometime anytime1061.165.399
consistent rules is all I ask one day1064.0395.341
Arc two please have consistent rules in1066.5595.041
Arc too actually I just heard consistent1069.384.44
rules are coming at the end of 2024.1071.65.959
perfect thank you wild card Jesus1073.823.739
not bad huh Biff I think that's gonna do1081.5594.021
it sometimes you just gotta take a1084.143.12
little time and do it right most the1085.584.92
time write that down okay here we go all1087.264.68
right I just need to get his attention1090.54.679
here we go we're gonna start with the1091.946.0
long neck rifle oh he's right in the1095.1794.141
middle of something1097.943.84
um he's so fast man I can't be this1099.325.219
close he's so preoccupied you know oh1101.785.639
boy he coming oh boy he's coming he's1104.5396.481
coming fifth again I gotta get through1107.4195.281
this wall1111.022.76
oh you stop what's going on I was so1113.787.7
scared what are you doing man I'm Tasty1116.967.62
that's it that's it that's it he's got1121.485.26
to be mad at me yes he's mad there we go1124.583.32
faces don't speak okay1127.96.04
it just freaks me out every time I don't1131.4194.14
like where that rock placement is you1133.944.92
know all right Biff I think this is1135.5596.12
working I wish I had a headshot as faces1138.864.16
in the1141.6794.86
Rockies is gonna be so happy that I got1143.026.1
him killed and I broke all of his gear1146.5395.76
but sometimes the best memories are the1149.125.46
hardest I don't think that's gonna stick1152.2995.101
as a phrase but I said it be up it's1154.586.18
going pretty good oh okay oh you know1157.45.34
what Biff this means we're close1160.763.96
he's probably gonna try to lure me1162.743.299
away or he's just gonna run away and1164.722.76
ruin my day1166.0393.901
that might be the one he's doing1167.487.079
he's really going far yep I swear it's1169.947.08
like he's going to college or something1174.5593.661
I think it's the last we're gonna see1177.023.01
him if1178.2212.299
thank you1194.988.629

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