Ark Aberration - The Perfect Base Location!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you been wondering where the safest place to build a base in Ark Aberration is? Well, in this late...
Ark Aberration - The Perfect Base Location!
Ark Aberration - The Perfect Base Location!

Ark Aberration - The Perfect Base Location!

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neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that video on Ark Aberration - The Perfect Base Location? It's my favorite video on our channel!

appsro: Oh yeah, that video was hilarious! I mean, who knew there was actually a 'perfect' base location in Ark Aberration?

neebs: I know, right? It's like finding a unicorn in a video game. But hey, at least we can always count on you to find the best spots, Appsro!

appsro: Aw, thanks Neebs! I guess I have a knack for sniffing out those hidden gems. Maybe we should start a new series - 'Appsro's Amazing Ark Aberration Adventures'!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you been wondering where the safest place to build a base in Ark Aberration is? Well, in this latest episode, Appsro might have just found it! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see where he decides to set up camp and defend against all those dangerous creatures on the map.

As always, Neebs Gaming never fails to entertain us with their hilarious gameplay and commentary. I'm sure this episode will be no exception. Plus, who doesn't love watching Appsro try to survive in the wild and make some questionable decisions along the way? It's all part of the fun and charm of the channel.

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So grab some snacks, get cozy, and get ready to watch the latest episode of Ark Aberration with Appsro. I have a feeling it's going to be a wild ride full of laughs, surprises, and maybe even a few facepalms. Let's see where Appsro's adventures take us this time!

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all right what's the dealio I mean one0.295.23
more day right yeah only one more day3.05.13
right I'm tired of this place what's our5.525.07
goal for the last day personally if we8.134.2
want to try to get chitin armor or just10.593.9
something to better ourselves I want to12.334.11
go out on tippy and then just get hide14.495.07
and eat scorpions get chitin okay16.445.37
because I tried trying to go out like as19.564.139
we are has just resulted in nothing but21.814.32
failure well a lot of that was your23.6994.441
decision in the last time I leave it all26.134.77
on me you [ __ ] elcapitan died because of28.144.8
you notice how doraleous likes to blame30.94.11
everybody but himself I didn't get32.944.86
elcapitan kill did you know I didn't35.014.56
well great what a great name I remember37.83.15
when you named him that was great son39.572.07
all right40.954.129
I'm going off on tip people so you guys41.646.87
be careful let's see this way okay house45.0795.41
is a piece of [ __ ] Simon fix his pal48.514.26
well that wasn't gonna be my plan and50.4894.261
now you told me to do it I don't want to52.773.84
do it anymore he's kind of an [ __ ]54.754.289
Simon don't yeah you want a shot bland56.615.129
no but I want to do I want to actually59.0394.141
stick around and do that plus I feel61.7393.21
like very prepared cuz I have a lot of63.185.009
arrows okay all right guys we need64.9495.221
stronger weapons I'm gonna bring that to68.1894.5
us I'm gonna make a smithy and a forge70.174.68
if this is the last episode what's the72.6893.451
point of any of this well we're just74.852.909
gonna need it from now right I'm gonna76.143.089
take that long I mean four and then we77.7593.331
could play on the side for fun not make79.2294.561
videos out of it yeah yeah just okay81.094.41
that's nothing good I needed that83.793.06
perspective you're noobs85.53.27
yeah you mind if I put a smithy and a86.854.019
Forbes in your boat yes go for it that'd88.772.61
be great90.8693.331
all right hmm all right so any pointers91.385.699
on how I should build this thing doesn't94.24.379
really matter in the end you know that's97.0793.841
true I'll get maybe I'll get artsy with98.5794.5
it I'll get artsy with you you want to100.924.62
get artsy yeah put some Flair in it all103.0792.791
we're gonna put some flair in but you105.873.0
know it's cut you know things can get a107.312.91
little bit rough when you try to have108.874.47
like two artists working on one price110.225.37
are you saying no we could do it but113.344.05
maybe we should split the house up in115.593.63
two in the half you know I like come117.393.0
come come here come here119.222.79
we'll do it we'll put like a line down120.393.18
the middle and you design one half of122.012.79
the building and I'll design the other123.573.6
half and we'll surprise the guys I got124.84.08
an observation deck look at me127.177.38
congratulations thank you see you over128.887.95
there mr. scorpion now we need to chitin134.554.11
you know what else we need we need136.834.68
allies allies in our photo let me see138.665.49
are you a scrapper okay tell you what141.515.19
scorpion if you win this fight a man you144.156.72
do the tribe gonna do it gonna win the146.75.94
fight between the Scorpion and whatever150.873.0
the hell that is152.647.68
come on aah sorry scorpion you failed153.8710.11
the audition we're not worthy however160.327.8
you what are you you seem to be kind of163.987.08
peaceful and also a bit of a scrapper168.127.1
and I got this slingshot you know what171.069.24
going for it all right tippy let's take175.226.09
this guy down180.36.62
tippy and Appstore style ready come on181.3110.96
all right come on tippy where's the air186.929.55
Oh whoop hey oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]192.276.66
what stuck tim peake what we go all196.473.57
right tippy you can't get stuck like198.933.12
that all right do that we're gonna be200.045.28
here all day Jason zone tipping all gays202.055.159
fighting back again alright alright you205.324.2
little [ __ ] where'd you go where'd he go207.2094.551
oh I see you running boy ain't get away214.1311.46
me go down he's obnoxious there I keep217.1910.879
hitting you why won't you fall225.595.869
there you go damn all right little dude228.0695.581
what you got in here I got some231.4593.81
narcotics and I think you look like a233.652.97
berry eater so I'm gonna stick those235.2696.2
guys in you oh here you go berry eater236.624.849
okay good job Tippi you and me oh you're241.656.16
already at 38%246.283.45
oh you're too go quick we're doing good247.813.33
- oh god is that a rabbit you're over249.735.159
there tippy you not come on don't see us251.147.409
go the other way the other way go the254.8895.241
other way258.5494.861
yep there you go go then you better260.135.37
hurry up it's a boy263.414.56
[ __ ] yeah [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] yeah265.53.599
all right267.973.15
see if we can make it back to the house269.0998.891
alive needs hold on have something to271.127.229
show you277.994.38
man I tell you what smithy George we are278.3497.07
coming along speaking of coming along282.377.829
hey are you a ninja man no I'm a climber285.4197.03
look at you look at those yeah and290.1993.9
there's like dangerous probably kill292.4493.931
somebody hey boys how's the bath Kevin294.0993.75
yo what's up not much I got us a new uh297.8494.591
got us a new buddy he was behind me I300.372.91
don't know where he went302.444.3
okay oh wait there he is hey idiot303.285.5
except you named him John it's what I306.743.0
wanted him there we go308.783.6
it's an Iguanodon Oh nothing's big yeah309.744.56
okay pretty tough too312.383.509
what does that thing dude I don't know314.33.03
he beats the [ __ ] out of scorpions I315.8892.611
know that much Simon how's the house317.333.929
going ah building building maybe doesn't318.54.86
look good - I got to say got us some321.2593.831
hide got some chitin we're doing great323.364.11
chitin need to build a saddle for that325.095.919
guy I wanna die yeah maybe later I'm327.475.46
still well I'm still working like it331.0098.701
thick yeah find something okay yeah try332.938.7
to clump up they're thick we're just uh339.714.13
it's just right add these rocks okay341.635.3
here we go343.843.09
so my gift take a banana360.0395.021
this is wonkey you're walking you're362.03.449
can you go sideways when you climb or365.4495.19
just straight up ah still trying to work367.2213.499
on this oh there we go you make them for370.63912.511
everybody no I'm gonna need a lot of380.7194.351
metal okay383.154.14
your buddy collect metal I'm on hiding385.073.6
chitin right now but soon as I'm done387.293.42
with that I'll go on a metal run sounds388.673.24
good I like metal390.712.82
alright I'm gonna continue my adventure391.916.12
see you guys later alright so these are393.537.95
great scenes over thick okay398.039.33
Oh tippy is that a raptor I see man you401.487.2
know what the boys back home would407.365.79
really love a raptor shall we I think we408.686.84
can handle this guy yeah just a raptor413.154.89
you're fast I'm a crack shot for the415.525.73
slingshot let's do it let's do it let's418.047.32
do it let's do it come on Raptor missed421.257.23
it I really wish I had arrows Oh yep425.368.1
that's me boom what you got oh oh got if428.488.39
we got they can jump Timmy help Timmy433.467.64
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] Timmy let's run run436.877.32
got these little bastards could jump441.16.75
uh-huh Emeline after still ami yep after444.194.83
still on me damn it447.855.67
okay Tippi we're not giving up damn it449.026.81
oh my Corinth my slingshot broke all453.524.86
right Timmy we're running run it all got455.834.98
stamina set your stamina Skippy458.386.72
well you stem this fight fight him kill460.815.7
it kill ya there you go465.14.62
damn it jumpy ass little rabbit little466.516.39
bastards least we got the hide slingshot469.729.0
broke piece of [ __ ] needs enn great job472.97.65
on the boat you've been working hard man478.724.11
yeah I can appreciate that it's the only480.553.96
way I know how to work I don't know but482.834.02
hey watch this come to this484.516.95
goofy-looking guy all right boom486.854.61
- throw Nathan No huh is it491.8898.59
let me see is it a male or female it is495.626.93
a what someone with the arrow is that a500.4795.431
male yeah cuz it's a it goes in things502.554.739
with Aaron ooh yeah watch he's gonna505.918.129
level up yeah was that sassy yeah so507.2897.321
alright let me uh let me see how this514.616.33
thing rides okay gallops what about516.5298.191
swimming pretty fast man too bad not too520.948.54
bad let's see we got oh that's524.724.76
he likes the laughs535.817.759
it's tell a joke what's what's orange539.495.279
and sounds like a parrot543.5699.63
I don't know carrot yeah yeah so we've544.76915.451
got the titty twister yep he could send553.1999.36
like a ready pose yeah like a football560.227.309
player okay like cuz oh god he's swirly562.5598.851
hands up hands down hands up hands down567.5296.131
hands up in town and does he run571.416.299
different okay there's that but the573.665.969
hands down oh sorry577.7098.31
and then oh he's slower huh I guess I579.6298.18
wonder if it's different when you swim586.0193.56
something you want to name this thing587.8095.051
where are you outside your home that's589.5794.271
looking great by the way592.862.81
yeah I don't know how to place roofs593.855.729
yeah so I think I might be done hey595.675.199
listen remember when you killed that599.5794.38
name with the Sarka okapi ton yeah you600.8694.741
should come up with a name for the the603.9594.98
new guy he's sassy he's a boy he likes605.615.88
to kid he's got a good sense of humor608.9398.25
berry sassy berry sassy sassy berry you611.497.949
like that thick yeah welcome to the617.1897.14
tribe sassy berry [ __ ] oh good timing619.4398.661
buddy you're you're quite the jokester624.3296.48
all right I'll just head down the coast628.14.39
a minute see if there's anything to see630.8095.7
other than spy nose and crabs sorry I632.496.809
can't forget the way I came from luckily636.5095.281
I am an adventurer and I brought a639.2995.52
compass so that's north and I'm heading641.796.509
west so to get back home I need to go no644.8196.481
what is this648.2999.921
what is this is this oh it's a raptor651.39.54
but that certainly isn't the interesting658.227.27
thing where are you over there oh don't660.847.44
see me Raptor don't see me all right I665.494.92
could probably take the Raptors tiffy668.283.12
you and I could probably kill those670.413.36
Raptors however that's our Co that could671.43.42
be a different story673.773.18
I don't want to do this any of this on674.824.71
my own I don't want to be responsible I676.954.08
want to get you killed tippy I don't get679.533.15
myself killed with that it's like a big681.035.28
green metal space-cadet thing over there682.686.6
aliens was here doing alien stuff I686.314.76
should probably keep it on my ass that689.287.08
Sarco is actually going away running691.076.94
running just take a peek leave me alone696.366.9
Raptor Raptor you okay over there Sarco698.0112.12
you over there yeah Wow okay pretty neat703.269.09
pretty neat right all right leave me710.135.37
alone Raptor want to get off and712.355.6
investigate but I am surrounded by Death715.56.87
para sir nope nope nope yep alright you717.956.07
see me722.373.27
all right well come back here in a724.023.42
little bit you know what I got a plan I725.642.55
got a plan727.444.92
Sparky so what's going on with the house728.197.41
guys what do you mean it looks like you732.366.12
made this in fortnight I love it yeah735.66.57
it's different it's um art deco art art738.487.41
deco that's it okay so if I come up here742.175.52
and I see ninja shooting me I can come745.894.05
back down and build another like top and747.694.92
then ramps and walls and rams and walls749.944.47
and ramps and walls this is crazy752.614.47
the Rams pretty cool huh I like it Simon754.414.65
opted for like them are you got to come757.085.1
in from one entrance on my side oh okay759.065.07
yeah that's what you get but I love it762.184.2
what do you mean what's that there's not764.134.35
just one entrance on my side Oh is there766.384.23
a door somewhere are you talking about I768.483.12
got three doors770.614.349
I got a door over here oh yeah I don't771.65.19
have any of those you're doing yeah I774.9594.32
was I didn't mean to disrespect it they776.795.52
just blended it um I'm happy you love it779.2794.831
I think it's the best building you've782.314.2
ever had you know to make colors no you784.115.039
take water a water skin put it in the786.514.59
cooking pot with some whatever color789.1493.571
barrier you like and that's how you make791.12.97
dye you could color this and be792.723.0
beautiful yeah but there's the last794.074.41
episodes oh yeah but you know Nick you795.725.07
come with me I do the boats not done but798.484.02
look at it it's looking great huh it is800.794.5
oh wait a second now you've been saying802.54.41
nice things about the house805.293.96
are you fishing for compliments on this806.916.36
beauty no Simon you're weird it does809.256.27
look good though thank you where are you813.275.16
going we're going on a mission make make815.525.16
it coloring her brother have your hair818.434.05
look I've retained nothing of what you820.686.2
said water ski822.486.9
there's not a threat in front of them I829.385.57
hope so yeah831.723.23
all right this worked out better than837.385.77
expected because a mole killed the840.726.21
Raptor so we can get in here yeah all843.155.67
right tippy you gonna watch my blood846.934.95
okay this sounds just case something848.826.78
comes up what is this current charge851.887.05
fully charged charge node excess855.66.86
inventory what is this Ingram element858.936.21
crafting requirements blue gems charge862.466.04
battery okay so we can make Ingram865.144.5
element here868.52.52
I don't know what we do with that hippie869.644.52
yeah you don't know you're a dumb animal871.027.14
but if we ever need Ingram element now874.165.2
we know where to make it we got to bring878.162.97
a bunch of stuff to this thing which I879.364.86
guess is an Engram element producer hey881.135.13
we learned something a Tippi you and me884.223.93
we're out we're out we're gathering886.264.62
knowledge we're exploring but like888.154.23
Daniel Boone890.883.48
we're females so uh Danielle Boone892.383.42
that's what they're gonna call it's894.364.68
blazing trails through the craziness of895.86.26
aberration also gathering hide from899.047.91
those come here [ __ ]902.069.51
here we go good yet there's a glowy906.958.4
thing up there on that big rock let's911.574.53
see it915.353.33
thinking climb up there I'll probably916.15.22
mess it up but let's try uh get me right918.687.07
up to it yes sir got a name this boat921.327.019
I'll be thinking about it alright925.756.37
okay is this uh can you reach it928.3397.281
yeah I can reach it now I think932.123.5
all right here we go what a great boat936.64.21
yeah I feel safe right now awesome boat940.816.87
what's your favorite Stallone movie oh945.155.47
that's easy rocky - well the second one947.687.47
yeah where he fights Apollo again yep950.626.21
you didn't like the one where he fought955.156.18
a Hulk Hogan that one was okay I mean956.835.4
they were all good961.333.72
Thunder lips thunder yep you know what's962.234.92
cool what's that coming down it's gonna965.055.28
be easier oh I know I bet there's967.154.26
something good up there like an970.335.31
ascendant shotgun man what's wrong I971.417.02
made one of these for you too but I975.644.65
might have to use it you're gonna use978.434.77
mine yeah I might have to no sir those980.296.8
are mine well if it breaks I'm screwed983.26.72
it's the worst Christmas ever thick it's987.095.32
not Christmas okay it's the worst not989.927.17
Christmas Day ever jeez it's hard to992.419.11
read a compass in the dark look at this997.097.71
see any monsters any bad monsters1001.524.57
there's a mole I know how to deal with1004.84.67
you just don't take your stupid jewels1006.095.81
okay you know what this is a great spot1011.98.41
for a base it's always light it's always1016.624.44
light here1020.3110.04
oh wait what's that oh boy okay tippy1021.069.29
covered right1030.535.9
what is this okay well what poisoned1032.5611.16
alright whoa all right tippy go up okay1036.4310.98
Oh lesson learn don't don't go near that1043.727.14
flip all right other than that this is a1047.415.37
cool place for a but look at this it's1050.864.38
it's just lit up middle of the night lit1052.784.68
up tippy you know what I think we're1055.244.95
gonna establish an outpost here yeah1057.465.76
right here not too far from the river so1060.194.35
we can go and get water plenty of1063.224.83
mushrooms around I think yeah yeah tippy1064.5412.24
I'm laying down a foundation the [ __ ]1068.0510.55
was that1076.784.52
just Nick just buy the house1078.65.769
oh you dirty dick all right I am getting1103.5913.28
on where you get you all right you [ __ ]1107.54914.84
yeah that's right where you at1116.8713.0
there you are oh yeah I'll bring you1122.3899.461
somewhere far away from my house yeah1129.872.97
[ __ ]1131.854.199
oh where yeah I know you're gonna get1132.847.74
away from them [ __ ] it up get away from1136.0498.1
our [ __ ] house oh my god he's in our1140.5819.919
house yeah go ahead and keep getting1144.14919.02
that house he'll oh [ __ ] go ahead and1160.4996.62
I'll keep okay what the hell1163.1697.86
he needs yeah man I just heard death1167.1195.8
yeah I think something just attacked1171.0294.98
their base [ __ ] did you see anything1172.9195.101
come up on the screen1176.0095.341
and Hana are you up there or what I am1178.025.25
but this thing's gone I wonder if it1181.353.87
just comes back in the daytime the day1183.275.279
times back but uh yeah I don't know1185.226.72
ma'am come on back down this is gonna be1188.5495.521
a fun fun way down yep1191.946.369
see but jump1194.0710.539
like this and do this I'll see you1198.30910.23
parachute huh yep are you going I don't1204.6094.26
can't control myself you're gonna get1208.8695.76
killed boy you'll land swap somewhere1211.0295.4
bring the boat towards me you come1214.6293.84
through the boat yeah I tried to okay1216.4293.75
what was it mostly glitch now I'm coming1218.4695.88
I'm coming stay there try to turn no no1220.1796.84
yeah I just said stay there okay I want1224.3493.57
to do a 1801227.0194.171
slow down you come in hot I'm good you1227.9196.63
gotta stick this I'm gonna stick it now1231.194.89
you're gonna have shoot nope1234.5496.45
sure impossible I'm a 44 and it doesn't1236.086.779
mean a thing that means I can parachute1240.9994.35
like a champion I mean if you do this1242.8593.66
it's a rare event1245.3498.721
no way come on champion good lord that1246.51911.22
was rare though that's not the norm it's1254.075.979
not the norm it is the norm I'm the most1257.7394.17
competent person you know alright1260.0493.45
weapons out we got to go back to the1261.9093.27
base something obviously killed Simon1263.4994.65
and rallies over there oh [ __ ] I already1265.1795.58
see it you get noobs it's one of those1268.1494.801
those things what is that oh the1270.7595.01
basilisk or whatever yeah they what1272.955.609
let's circle around you're gonna fire at1275.7694.74
it we're gonna lead it out to see about1278.5592.43
alright I think I can hit it from here1280.9893.99
you have it wait till I'm ready okay1282.7294.5
don't get too close okay1284.9794.92
you got a clean shot oh yeah he's up1287.2296.961
he's mad alright it's coming oh it1289.8995.88
coming at us never hit us1294.195.25
never eat us with to advance for you sir1295.7798.431
oh he's hard to hit slithering - and1299.447.02
throwing the water can he shoot from the1304.215.22
water you could kill him thick think you1306.465.22
could kill him I don't know shoot from1309.433.6
the water though you didn't seem to be1311.684.92
shooting it does he kill that son of a1313.038.06
[ __ ] oh Jesus1316.64.49
oh there's two Revengers and they've1321.734.23
take it on the damn house1324.377.2
hey again bloody know I can't tell looks1325.967.08
like he's wearing a crown of arrows1331.573.93
though oh yeah yeah cuz I'm at that shot1333.044.41
he doesn't seem to be able to spit in1335.52.43
the water1337.454.95
nope this is good to know but he could1337.937.86
possibly run up on us like if we stop so1342.46.81
I'm my boat's faster than he is we're1345.795.63
my trick arrows Anya you will be mine1354.36.48
for hours yeah keep working that keep1357.036.27
working that your buddy just left I got1360.787.47
you all day long time ago CB tax time1363.38.31
Lugosi Pinto time ago Steve returns go1368.256.78
ahead run back at the house [ __ ] [ __ ]1371.617.74
yeah yeah I got my stuff okay I'm gonna1375.036.18
try to help you you know what if you got1379.354.44
trained girls drinkable do I have I have1381.214.29
trick arrows hold on I'm coming up to1383.794.76
you I mean there's a checkout damn it1385.56.83
that was a dead cow wasn't it1388.556.7
Nick how you doing arrows man man I've1392.335.95
got 16 left this on my pro pro crap I1395.255.49
got a bunch if oh [ __ ] sir go oh no1398.285.49
Marco hold on I'm turning I know how to1400.744.17
deal with these guys done it before1403.774.74
you're gonna get a zigzag okay okay1404.919.57
zigzag crap zigzag and Sark are you1408.517.31
ruining everything1414.484.65
crap okay you can't shoot the Sarco1415.827.0
Canyon no I my boat broke that's right1419.134.82
the crab good dammit careful all right1423.959.42
God knocked it off 84 you're you're a1430.643.21
why shoot my fits - still there yeah1433.856.0
what about the snake snakes gone1437.394.53
snakes gone looks like it hold on clean1439.859.36
up with you okay pack em the water trap1441.9211.24
get back in I line up the water oh no1449.216.62
come on names I'm trying man1453.166.36
no they can't crab1455.833.69
come on eggs both of us yeah safer up1462.738.2
here okay1469.524.41
oh crap where's the Sarkozy see him in1470.935.89
front of the boat brother boat1473.934.77
see circa1476.824.33
cannot tame a Sarco up here man come1481.4311.13
down snake you're ranking second yeah1488.636.41
there we go okay good good1492.567.92
who should I kill yes all right1495.049.13
fighting Sarco come on a lone circa1500.487.98
thick all right you getting bloody oh I1504.174.86
had the chance1508.466.51
sorry goes what is that you'll never get1509.0314.88
me up to twirly I'm coming back I'll his1514.979.42
Kevin thick needs come on where are you1524.397.65
look at this crap Oh No1528.926.95
thieves can you get there Ryan1532.043.83
come on needs get us out of here1538.016.85
come on no you drive whoops Oh God1541.266.36
all right I'll Drive all right whatever1544.864.05
you did last time don't do that again1547.624.92
try to turn don't eight don't no don't1548.915.4
stand back there stand on something flat1552.545.1
all right something died that's you all1554.317.38
right sir go bloody Oh1557.648.67
Tripp what did I tell you get over here1561.697.5
snakes coming right behind us but right1566.315.43
the hockey puck white kid sneaking up1569.194.41
beer I'm gonna kill this make them1571.746.11
understand I'll break you break1573.64.25
don't leave me1582.193.92
okay we will rebuild ooh something shiny1596.2911.41
doraleous yes all right I got a stupid1604.933.49
what all right I'm gonna shoot this guy1608.423.6
and I'm gonna have him regularly come1610.434.14
over here yeah and then get into a fight1612.025.82
with this parecer back in okay did that1614.575.07
sound like it might work I love it it's1617.844.65
a yeah all right hold on I've got one1619.645.04
more tranq arrow are you trying to trick1622.494.65
this guy I've been trying why not like1624.684.59
you know making chicken salad out of1627.145.43
chicken [ __ ] I'm gonna shoot come on1629.273.99
[ __ ]1632.576.09
yeah get over here huh are you doing1633.267.92
talking to him or me are you not chasing1638.663.69
Mara okay come on1641.183.62
come on through1642.356.76
ah I got my little bass here oh yeah1644.87.29
come on you little [ __ ] oh yeah come on1649.116.18
you want to come1652.093.2
I gotta [ __ ] kill ya that's what I'll1657.016.59
I can't track them oh god they're busted1663.864.59
[ __ ] up that's what they do what they do1666.353.959
come on over here you son of a [ __ ]1668.454.68
whatever they want rancheros jump up1670.3095.191
here again we're so predictable come on1673.136.75
all right dick come on now that's my1675.55.07
stop oh boy you stop up Gus would give1680.576.359
me trade care of salmon that's no I1685.2793.39
don't know looking at a bloody mess and1686.9294.811
I love it okay no suck on that1688.6695.571
gret when you destroy my house huh it1694.246.93
was our house before Allen's house yeah1698.775.06
and the jar is brutal alphas dead1704.5395.42
come on come on right there1710.247.53
my friend go I'll get it boom back here1714.446.15
and I'm gonna get it back I'm gonna get1717.774.44
you from the back before you kill up on1720.592.719
all that blood come from anything how's1726.649.24
that how's that it's dead Simon Simon1728.9811.42
yeah breathe huh [ __ ] heroes man oh1735.887.77
boy and our house looks amazing turn1740.43.99
it's done a purr of a work of art truly1744.397.05

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