Ark Aberration : Beware of Smiley

Hey guys! So, I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming on their YouTube channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. The video ...
Ark Aberration : Beware of Smiley
Ark Aberration : Beware of Smiley

Ark Aberration : Beware of Smiley

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're diving into Ark Aberration and you know what? Beware of Smiley!

simon: Oh man, Smiley always gets us into trouble. But hey, that's what makes this video my favorite! It's just so hilarious watching us struggle against that sneaky dino.

appsro: Ha, yeah, Smiley definitely keeps us on our toes. But hey, that's what makes our adventures in Ark Aberration so entertaining! Who knew a giant smiley face could be so menacing?

neebs: Exactly! It's all about the unexpected twists and turns in our gameplay. And Smiley is definitely one of those curveballs that always keeps us laughing.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys! So, I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming on their YouTube channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. The video is all about their adventures in Ark Survival Evolved Aberration and they come face to face with a creature called Smiley. Trust me, you do not want to mess with Smiley!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that their content is always entertaining and full of laughs. In this video, they take on the challenges of the Aberration map and encounter some crazy creatures along the way. It's always fun to see how they work together as a team to survive and conquer the game.

I love how they interact with their audience and even provide links to support them on Patreon and check out their merchandise. It's cool to see how they engage with their fans and show appreciation for their support. Plus, their music choices in the video add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Neebs Gaming's Ark Survival Aberration playlist. It's a great way to escape reality for a bit and immerse yourself in their hilarious and action-packed adventures. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Thanks for watching their latest video and supporting the channel.

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ready so I gotta run the whole way just8.1510.42
say you're ready I come in peace12.7197.771
it's gonna sting a little but I think18.578.119
you'll be happy coming20.4910.47
he noticed is he stuck I'm watching him26.6895.771
he's kind of running in place looks like30.963.54
he's on a treadmill I'm gonna shoot him32.468.06
again it's my be easier than a thought34.56.02
he's free40.976.57
oh yes free oh boy easy boy easy42.455.09
alright somebody's coming this way47.93.61
careful hey bring him through those tall49.749.03
trees he brought it I'm running yeah51.519.03
this place is looking pretty nice what58.773.63
do you think tippy feet pretty good huh60.543.03
we gotta go tell the other guys about62.43.21
this which means we got to go back and63.574.74
find the other guys I also want more65.614.259
metal metals hard to come by here and68.313.54
wood so you're gonna be you're gonna be69.8693.841
a little bit of my my workhorse although71.854.23
you're not a horse my work hyena they're73.713.51
gonna be hauling a lot of wood and I76.082.16
need to haul wood and here we need77.222.97
supplies I could cut down a lot of these78.243.36
trees in here but I don't want to cuz80.192.969
they look nice you know what I mean81.63.24
Neeb says I think neebs said you could83.1593.391
grow fertilizer I'm not sure how to do84.842.01
damn it you know tippy you don't have86.853.99
any idea how to grow fertilizer course89.133.27
you don't you're a hyena90.843.48
I'm out here talking to a hyena lose my92.44.22
[ __ ] mind94.322.3
are we looking it goes to rest your96.645.02
house sign that's okay you never get98.938.85
that thing finish move his body should101.668.85
have been here he's coming in107.787.43
hey hey look easy boy easy110.514.7
keep shooting him I can't shoot him at117.353.719
all I got nothing left119.843.839
think he got any more for me can't drop121.0693.811
any right now all right123.67911.911
just holy [ __ ] holy Sh don't shoot him124.8819.8
anymore oh boy did he kill needs water135.5913.05
oh [ __ ] I need to shoot this guy don't144.686.419
get deep stuff on the water oh yeah I'm148.643.0
on it151.0994.23
where's he at he's right there where you151.646.2
don't see if he's running up the ramp155.3296.931
I'm back in baby okay I spun on the boat157.846.55
hey great you slip for trick arrows I162.263.089
stole yours164.392.58
well I can't activity not long it took165.3493.03
me to make those you didn't make any166.974.26
problem no I didn't but I'm shooting168.3794.021
them sir Oh God171.232.64
is he coming up here to me he's coming172.44.919
down he's alright thanks sorry needs do173.875.1
you want me to give you arrows back just177.3193.601
take them I'll use my slingshot alright178.974.349
leaves are ok I'll hit him with180.923.36
everything you got183.3194.621
come on boy he sees me he's got to be184.285.41
going down soon man187.943.98
yes there we go good shot right I'm191.926.76
putting some tranqs in him I'll put some197.033.539
berries in him he's gonna need a lot of198.687.74
berries I got a lot of berries all right200.5697.14
we need to go down to the river because206.422.97
where we're at the only problem we have207.7094.651
is water let's see what's down here at209.395.21
the river I see a spy know down here212.364.74
maybe if we just keep cool he'll keep214.66.01
cool and mr. Spinosaurus you're gonna217.15.16
stay there I just need a little bit of220.614.67
water just coming down here for a drink222.266.259
cool all right good deal225.287.65
yes coming down here for a drink hmm228.5197.601
okay okay okay I'm gonna try it a little232.936.339
faster here all right oh good there's236.124.619
dead [ __ ] in the water can't wait to239.2693.271
drink it hey you want to hear that way240.7394.591
there you go what's that for yeah you242.544.53
eat then all right turkeys ready we're245.333.06
gonna do this fast I got a couple of247.073.93
water pouches ffff fill them up take a248.3910.11
drink boom and we're going okay rivers a251.09.03
problem bud once we get our bearings258.52.669
about us and we get a little bit260.032.43
stronger that rivers not gonna be an261.1693.541
issue all right we'll get set up a262.463.6
little bit more than we're gonna go out264.714.26
and find the boys that's a plan okay266.064.56
tippy I made you a little garage where I268.977.67
can park here dippy gurage270.626.02
man dick you got kite karma already I277.715.56
made some chitin armor would you know281.713.69
that chitin it was in our smithy was283.273.6
taking all of our resources and building285.44.01
stuff for yourself no no it was there286.875.34
yeah it was there so I figured it was289.415.53
community stuff so I well that's kind of292.214.38
what he just said that you did not tell294.943.75
him the stuff and where's his tribe I296.593.54
don't think there's anything wrong with298.692.819
it I'm just saying that's kind of what300.133.629
he said yeah it's not like I make that301.5094.53
stuff for myself what was in my own303.7594.261
tribe you got to paint that day you look306.0394.47
you look weird you are absolutely right308.023.929
I can't look like that guy that used to310.5093.63
have a member salmon he had a suit it311.9493.871
looked like this is organs these are314.1394.351
muscles and stuff it's a spandex suit oh315.826.599
yeah yeah hard to look at right now well318.495.94
you're not too easy on the eyes yourself322.4195.731
yes I can ol inspector tell him well I324.435.7
think that actually you're both easy on328.154.47
the eyes okay you so can you take my330.1313.34
side Tippie come on Timmy332.6210.85
get it344.0395.91
we got ourselves a pair sir gentlemen370.384.54
all right it's a boy so what do we name372.979.96
it hmm smiley smiley name smiley all374.9210.11
right well no you know Navin sure I'll382.934.53
do it I already have it up oh you do385.034.65
yeah slam387.4626.1
we got smiley there we go tippy I owe389.6826.58
you one good job way to uh413.565.43
way to kick that scorpions button and416.267.21
I'd say you deserve a reward Lou reward418.997.67
smiley you are to protect our base this426.666.58
rotting corpse and these stats platforms430.35.61
are our base yep in this bag that bag433.244.68
totally if I touch that bag we don't435.914.5
want anything to be different guarded437.925.73
with your life smiling understood all440.414.55
right ready443.654.46
yes these earthquakes all aboard444.964.59
so I know you just said what we were448.113.21
doing but what are we doing taking a449.554.29
boat ride that's it smiley I'll be right451.323.15
back buddy453.842.46
with lots of berries yeah what are we454.473.66
doing back here again I'm gonna show you456.33.989
Simon you're you're gonna love this458.134.379
okay so you're you're we're back here to460.2895.581
just do this just do what what we're462.5095.25
doing what are we doing well I mean what465.873.389
are we doing here like even in the game467.7593.061
that's what I was talking about just469.2592.821
think we could not be here right now470.824.26
Simon we could not be here right let us472.084.8
think about it think about the fact that475.083.63
we could not be here right now476.884.19
Trippi ain't it leaves god I feel like478.714.35
you're like you're not making sense481.073.67
course that dude all right there's a483.063.21
spot on the beach but he's a little bit484.745.04
further up now watch this this is why486.276.75
this boat is brilliant stop it here see489.784.949
all those rocks and wood yeah on the493.023.959
count of three everybody run for it got494.7293.451
as much stuff just can't get back on the496.9795.12
boat okay one two three498.183.919
this is gonna be too much wood take it507.774.36
back to the boat that's what I'm doing510.3894.411
timber and we're racking up I like how512.134.23
enthusiastic you are you're trying to514.83.179
make it sound like it's exciting it is516.363.599
exciting we could build a castle now517.9793.99
right and we're not even in danger cuz519.9592.551
the boat521.9692.771
oh boy McCumber too522.514.0
just have to watch it don't get too524.743.42
encumbered everybody back to the boat526.514.05
get some more stones the last one dick528.163.96
back in a boat all right530.563.81
he decided about the boat now I'm not532.123.99
more excited than I was before we534.374.35
started next up brother down the island536.1111.25
anybody got any metal put it yeah look538.729.929
at this tippy now I'm looking real547.363.419
professional yeah big blue myth ain't548.6493.931
you it's not my best paint job but it'll550.7795.911
do for now what you mind just gonna just552.586.9
gonna walk through huh tippy you think556.694.41
he wants to join the tribe what if we559.483.51
can knock that dude out with a slingshot561.14.47
probably not tell you what before we go562.994.62
see the guys I'll work on some narcotics565.574.019
and I think maybe we'll we'll have a567.613.33
little stakeout guarding the place what569.5893.181
do you think tippy Oh bright back oh570.943.63
that's a good name right back you know572.773.54
what yeah I'm doing it I'm working on574.572.91
that and then we're gonna go we're gonna576.313.27
go get the boys I swear right then go577.483.419
get the guys telling about this this579.583.93
awesome place we don't we don't want to580.8994.971
keep it to ourselves583.512.36
can you hit it from that oh you got a587.163.91
crossbow yeah I got a crossbow did you589.063.66
get that with the community metal as591.073.9
well oh no I harvested the metal in ion592.723.78
you didn't use any of the metal that we594.973.71
had put and stuff we didn't have any596.54.29
speedy and I've been getting metal for598.682.5
no you have not that's finals a level 36601.185.279
okay should we just do it yeah we're604.03.69
like we're safe up here aren't we I606.4593.69
doubt it the top of the stone fortress607.694.139
boat okay let's do it610.1496.141
yep now boy just shot one it's against I611.8296.691
cuz I need new shoes and they had better616.296.66
judgment I need some spy no shoes nope618.527.21
circle around here we go622.9510.699
on in the face well he's really got some625.7310.229
damage right yeah all right I'm in633.6495.36
trouble oh [ __ ]635.9593.05
oh boy641.2097.291
you're an [ __ ] my god okay I'm still643.735.549
I'm just gonna watch this thing and I649.2793.781
want bucket maybe I can draw them over651.174.349
here come on653.066.87
die don't take my boat our boat forgot655.5196.841
I'm in the tribe one day only we're here659.935.279
only one more day this is stupid if I662.368.07
can get closer oh that did it here we go665.2098.851
you my friend are gonna die today this670.436.33
was a good plan attack the boat while I674.067.139
kill you buddy oh god it's gonna take676.765.129
oh [ __ ] oh is more valuable than his hi681.88910.25
all right Tippi we've got old bright692.985.979
back here I got a 16 tranq arrows and I695.815.31
got my slingshot so we're gonna bring698.9593.091
this guy down701.123.42
Yuki BBI be a good guard dog Oh bright702.053.81
back the guard dog all right you ready704.546.979
we're doing it I'm home right back705.865.659
lure him out into the open a little bit712.4593.44
alright let's run a little bit tibi this719.424.839
is great we got a lot of room here722.495.13
turn around here he comes a couple shots724.2596.901
off tippy we don't want to go that way727.624.769
so we're gonna circle around a little731.168.299
bit hey come get his fat boy732.3897.07
oh yeah it's a good shots here739.548.68
oh yeah Oh bobbin and Weavin there we go742.826.87
two shots how many years all right we748.223.9
gotta say arrows left maybe you'll go749.698.79
down before then we'll see if not boom752.128.73
one more for prosperity plus posterity758.485.91
plus plus Patera us posterity I think760.855.79
yet it's not prosperity that'd be stupid764.397.16
hey Tippi good job buddy766.644.91
alright guys any time now Meijin to771.857.71
comfy beds Danny up there's somebody oh775.077.92
yeah hey the genius who wanted to attack779.566.49
a spy now welcome I was bad take our782.999.39
things two things we're Simon probably786.0510.56
spawn in the wrong place let's go find792.386.09
him what a crate no this and I wanna get796.614.26
my bag back no it's dangerous798.474.32
well yeah go go back towards the spine800.873.45
Oh kill me do you know where do you know802.793.33
where that's at I'll go up top I'll be804.323.3
the what do you call it the lookout806.127.26
where are we I don't know what the hell807.629.15
man did I unclick on the bed I think I813.385.61
unclick down the freaking bed I don't816.775.07
want to get my [ __ ] and wait and it just818.994.62
randomly put me here right by the house821.845.91
that's lucky at least hey smilee Simon823.618.07
hey hello click on the bed yeah I827.757.5
thought I thought I did I unclick wow831.685.7
he's doing good let me make sure looks835.254.05
like everything's still intact837.387.23
oh wait bags gone smile eh come on man839.310.95
whoa hold on Hamid alright what hey it844.617.08
might not be Smiley's fault remember850.254.35
bags will actually despawn all right you851.694.86
got lucky this time smiley will be back854.63.42
we're gonna bring you some berries we856.553.26
died so see you in a minute858.024.71
I thought you could join my gun I'm not859.815.5
on because what why can't you jump from862.735.52
the water here it wasn't new it was it865.314.86
just wasn't working it must be the game868.255.41
Simon it's just the game's fault870.178.089
hey bright back alright873.667.989
hi just got you some hide my friends so878.2595.611
now let's see I got a run inside and get881.6495.541
my wood real fast stay there883.873.32
see boom there goes sad alright887.617.36
oh what am I missing I got the hide oh892.633.66
that's right the hide894.975.369
sorry the hides inside the hyena it's a896.296.479
hyena ah sure Alex would appreciate that900.3396.031
alright stego boom of making a902.7696.391
Stegosaurus saddle I come I come back a906.374.88
confine on cook909.166.45
alright let's see and buh buh buh buh911.2510.959
boom Tippi you stay there all right we915.619.12
got a big bodyguard now let's see what922.2096.18
you can do big boy boom oh man okay so924.735.88
you are you are a gatherer cuz that just928.3894.921
got a ton of freaking berries holy crap930.615.219
Tippie we're in the berry business all933.314.62
right you got any attack moves I kind of935.8293.99
want to go attack something but I don't937.934.05
want to risk you some tiny around here939.8192.76
what's over here941.987.52
oh that's Raptor Tippi stay there942.57910.801
can we take a raptor stego versus raptor949.56.61
oh man he's coming on our property953.384.949
anyway this is a good test to see if956.115.279
you're a worthless [ __ ] bodyguard hey I958.3295.7
don't want any Raptors on my preference961.3896.63
I better get out of here [ __ ] okay here964.0295.201
we go968.0196.451
oh hell yeah okay come on enemy969.235.24
back down rafter977.055.43
Yeah right back979.925.44
this is the start of a long sexy982.485.87
what's next dick I don't know maybe find990.3296.45
a Giga tak it yeah from the boat now992.986.87
feel like anywhere we go we're gonna get996.7795.651
attacked by something right we need to999.855.849
become the attackers but we tried that1002.435.04
it won't work well we could do it again1005.6994.2
we need to get stronger with something1007.476.479
more realistic what's 2 grands right1009.8994.531
below us1013.9494.01
Oh dick1014.433.529
okay come on all right tomorrow can I1023.4497.09
get on the boat Oh Sark oh you leaving1027.9595.161
me behind come on come on you're leaving1030.5393.12
me behind1033.122.909
get out of the boat you'd open up the1033.6594.68
bank come on Simon hi mom imon1036.0295.101
attempting thank you should be I'm out1038.3395.0
there's only one thing to do1055.019.51
I saved me thank God1058.715.81
let's see all right tippy a little bit1066.267.93
more stone all right see before we go1069.036.72
and find the boys I was just saying I1074.192.82
want to work in a little project1075.753.12
you know just I'm not happy with the1077.013.57
front yard just I want to make sure it1078.874.02
looks a little nicer so I was thinking1080.584.71
yeah I'm thinking maybe a little fence1082.894.83
out front right well spruce up the place1085.295.07
a little bit you know when you go in I1087.723.72
need to add a little bit more there but1090.363.12
yeah when you show up like it's like1091.444.65
it's like a defining front yard ah yeah1093.484.98
gotta get more of it so yeah you tell1096.093.69
you what before we go we're gonna go1098.463.48
find the boys after this before we go1099.784.38
just have em spruce up the front just a1101.944.38
little bit not much just just it's just1104.165.43
a wee bit yeah look it's more stone yeah1106.324.35
it's a little bit you know actually I'll1109.596.06
get stolen wood I mean it both wood here1110.677.16
we are1115.652.18
now tipping you [ __ ] you sneaky1125.3895.331
give me now hey [ __ ] I gonna lose you1159.757.44
all right boom right back go check off1167.197.7
god - right there right there1170.9424.72
[ __ ] the rental buy my stuff Simon hold1174.8922.03
still for a minute okay1195.663.69
what are you doing what are you doing it1196.924.74
giving you a haircut yeah but you you1199.354.08
don't just go up to somebody give them a1201.664.56
ham you look a mess you guys here for a1203.436.06
look a message just to me yeah you just1206.225.16
walk up to people and just go hold on1209.495.18
I'm on your hair yeah no don't touch me1211.387.17
you don't touch me no no no you look1214.676.94
like a homeless man ask that's all you1218.555.07
do why you still going after me1221.613.87
seriously you want to do this hey what1223.623.57
are we doing here Nick what do you what1225.483.48
what shouldn't we be where we lost our1227.193.72
stuff well I lost some of my stuff right1228.963.51
there but yeah I guess that's from a1230.913.87
previous death well I got I had to get1232.474.47
us away from the danger Oh like you did1234.783.72
when when the danger was actually there1236.943.84
he just parked because we were waiting1238.54.17
for Simon to get on the boat he's like1240.785.01
what do me a favor do me a favor all1242.675.07
right can you please not be the normal1245.794.92
douche bag that you are swedish bag just1247.745.52
bow your this is me you know what you1250.713.81
don't know what it was like for me to1253.263.3
try to get on there the e wasn't showing1254.524.71
up often times and you could see it in1256.565.22
the footage okay all right we can go get1259.235.97
stuff yeah I want to stop it keeps on1261.784.89
trying to cut my hair noobs and it's1265.22.31
really getting to me1266.672.7
noobs you need a haircut I do need a1267.514.29
haircut look I'm down here cut my hair1269.374.23
yeah let's see what you got all right1271.84.32
let's see I can eat a chair and you1273.64.53
squat down because you're can you reach1276.123.75
my head no I can reach you just fine1278.133.6
look at you how's that all right goods1279.874.26
gonna grow out in a certain way and it's1281.736.44
gonna look magnificent1284.134.04
come on Lady after all you can do this I1290.0113.32
was making too much noise1299.733.6
stuff all right1309.176.25
sneak back a little heavier now tippy1310.5912.45
die I want to continue saddle hiding1315.429.78
hiding this rock and drop some stuff cuz1323.047.07
this is really slow also kind of a rock1325.24.91
this here is his garbage is absolutely1333.95.16
this is garbage1337.865.18
the hyenas don't hear these boxes1339.063.98
guy alright but [ __ ] me dammit dammit1344.037.56
dammit dammit1348.782.81
all right I'm going okay1357.185.74
get us closer to the thing right let's1360.434.38
do this you're gonna turn around yeah1362.924.74
I'm kind of ready to book it okay1364.815.34
perfect here we go boy1367.664.59
what's happening okay Jesus you're gonna1370.153.62
be over1372.254.04
there we are top of me right now got it1373.776.06
all getting off we go okay there can1376.296.11
only be one sorry old me get a good run1379.835.61
all right oh you're way over there you1382.44.75
leave your body just laying around pack1385.443.869
it in pack it out Simon yeah well I1387.153.87
can't seem to get on is somebody driving1389.3093.601
yeah kick never gets out of course yeah1391.023.42
I think that's what was happening for1392.913.36
half of what happened before1394.444.65
oh okay we got our stuff back back home1396.275.88
seems right can we end the day I mean we1399.096.21
got a parecer and I got a haircut and it1402.154.98
seems like a full day yeah you're gonna1405.33.6
love your haircut by the way I can't1407.138.76
wait to see it really go away from my1408.912.37
bag my bag that's all you gonna do1415.898.51
okay move it away here we go this is1421.276.39
when I make my move1424.45.22
sounds of the earthquake1427.665.92
hide me come on come on right here1429.626.19
and Graham okay I got my stuff back boo1435.8113.02
boo oh oh1444.935.97
small victories that's all it is in this1448.836.65
map it's all victories1450.94.58

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Ark Survival Evolved series Aberration! I've been a huge fan of their cinematic Ark content for years now, and this new series set in the Aberration expansion is some of their best work yet.

The Aberration map offers a really unique environment and new challenges compared to the base Ark maps. It's set entirely underground in a maze of glowing mushrooms, winding cave passages, and bio-luminescent lifeforms. Neebs and the gang have captured the eerie, alien beauty of it wonderfully in their cinematography. The way they use camera angles, music, and sound effects creates such an immersive experience.

Gameplay-wise, Aberration shakes things up by taking away flyers and introducing new hazards like radiation zones and nameless creatures that only spawn in the dark. Watching Neebs struggle to adapt to the map's quirks is hilarious, especially when he inevitably gets his butt kicked by the tough new enemies. But he also has some genuinely smart strategies using the new zip lines, climbing picks, and gliding suits to safely navigate the treacherous terrain.

The dynamic between Neebs, Appsro, Thick, Simon, and Dora never gets old either. Their personalities play off each other so well, and they have such great comic timing in their improvised conversations. Even when they're just gathering resources, their banter makes it fun to watch. No matter what they're doing, they find ways to make me laugh.

For me, Neebs Gaming is the ultimate way to experience Ark's world without actually playing it yourself. Their cinematic editing makes it feel like you're watching a movie, and their commentary adds a layer of comedy that the game alone can't provide. Aberration might be the most alien and dangerous Ark environment yet, but Neebs and the gang make exploring it a blast. If you're at all a fan of Ark or this crew's humor, their Aberration series is a must-watch!

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