A Quicksand Disaster that's HYSTERICAL - Lethal Company

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans, have you checked out the latest video from Lethal Company? If not, you better watch out because it's a wild rid...
A Quicksand Disaster that's HYSTERICAL - Lethal Company
A Quicksand Disaster that's HYSTERICAL - Lethal Company

A Quicksand Disaster that's HYSTERICAL - Lethal Company

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that hilarious quicksand disaster video by Lethal Company? It's our favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where they almost get swallowed up whole? Classic! I can't stop laughing every time I watch it.

appsro: I love how they warn you to beware of the quicksand. Like, no kidding, Lethal Company can really suck you in!

neebs: And did you see the part where they try to escape but just sink deeper? Priceless! Definitely a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans, have you checked out the latest video from Lethal Company? If not, you better watch out because it's a wild ride! These guys can really suck you in with their content, so be prepared to get hooked.

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okay so it looks like we have 60 bucks2.3994.761
to spend seed money that have been good4.644.36
to know the first two missions it really7.164.24
would have but we we're learning this so9.05.24
what two walkie-talkies for sure right11.44.639
uh that didn't hurt did it two14.243.959
flashlights maybe maybe more let's see16.0394.041
how much are they I mean they're pretty18.1993.721
we all have a flashlight all right so we20.083.92
got really nice if we did we can do this21.925.04
we be so we all have flashlights right24.04.8
well we got 30 after the two walkies we26.964.079
only have 36 bucks left flashlights are28.84.8
15 a piece so yeah two flashlight all31.0394.481
right then the first the priority you33.63.76
know is getting another one so we got35.523.039
yeah we're going to order two walkies37.362.879
two flashlights all right so let's go38.5595.52
down we'll go ahead and land40.2393.84
this who wants what it don't matter51.2394.201
you're so smart do you want a walkie and54.0793.681
a flashy I like having a walkie at least55.444.16
yeah well one do you uh yeah one do you57.763.959
take the flashy when you take the walkie59.63.119
give me a61.7193.001
flashy that's all I need in life62.7193.681
hopefully that oh there's a there's a64.724.399
creature already oh really can we oh66.45.039
it's called a mano oh so when I scanned69.1194.201
it that I just added that to the data71.4396.241
hold on okay so if I go to the73.327.759
terminal oh it's on its way the door77.685.32
Here Comes Here Comes oh God open the81.0796.201
door open the door sorry open the door83.07.439
come in close the door in close the no87.285.72
I'm up in top no he's not in open it I'm90.4395.601
on the roof are we clear out here uh93.06.439
it's got a danger level of zero oh never96.045.119
mind I'm hitting e on the door it99.4396.081
doesn't do anything uh or over101.1597.24
here oh God105.526.639
I okay they feed on small insects and108.3995.76
small rodents they're highly intelligent112.1596.56
social dude you okay guys there was a114.1597.121
giant worm that just shot out of the118.7195.961
ground what the hell and into the121.286.159
sky did anyone else see that that was124.684.16
the rocket that was our stuff we bought127.4394.081
that was the rocket no no no no no it128.845.84
was something else there was a war all131.525.92
right hey like a big thing walk yeah134.685.36
like through the137.442.6
ground oh God what is that oh no oh oh141.167.6
what a what a way to start is anybody164.445.64
anyone door's open why's the door170.085.159
open oh that's173.085.159
Simon that's Simon's175.2396.521
guts this is is day one we didn't make178.2395.841
in the181.762.32
building okay let me just184.686.279
look that's me I'm alive that's off187.5195.561
that's on switch190.9594.881
camera that's ABS he looks dead he's not193.086.36
moving that's time he look195.847.039
dead good199.443.439
God why was this so horrible all right203.725.04
you know what I'm going to go in there207.04.68
and I'm going to get208.762.92
um $130 worth of stuff come back to the211.7997.8
ship and then here we go I'm doing214.565.039
it where's all that stuff we220.484.16
bought yeah oh that was a giant hor227.045.32
yeah how do you do that that's like a236.684.399
cold open how do you even do238.4395.601
that that think I think we just set a241.0796.481
record in this game for quickest crew to244.046.44
die God what's the clock on247.566.48
it oh my God insane did I not250.486.439
man we got none of our stuff oh damn it254.046.319
it's eclipsed n oh it's Eclipse it was256.9196.481
Eclipse yeah that was me it was Eclipse260.3594.881
so man so hold on we should go to a263.43.88
different moon right now cuz there's an265.243.6
now we only got two days to do this I267.284.4
know and we lost our flashlights or268.845.12
whatever they we had did we get more271.684.48
money no we have273.965.2
$2 and we got none of our gear blow that276.164.08
was a279.163.879
blow all right we're going to try a new280.245.48
planet called offense well let's learn283.0394.641
about a little bit it's uh dominated by285.723.12
a few287.683.76
species competitive ecosystem supports288.844.199
aggressive life forms Jagged and291.444.96
weathered terrain sounds great all right293.0394.681
what about let's see anything we can buy296.43.32
with our $2 let's uh let's look at get297.725.039
Assurance right now this assurance look299.726.4
let's see Rainy yeah if it's302.7596.041
rainy okay that's better than better306.124.519
than eclipsed let's do it let's do it308.86.8
let's see what happens okay stuff310.6394.961
yeah oh no gear like we used to play no315.6397.56
stuff yeah like like back in the319.247.799
day exactly remember that all right yeah323.1995.881
all right all right so I guess we're all327.0393.081
oh God what am I330.125.12
sinking you are wait oh no oh God cuz331.726.44
it's rainy it's muddy oh no uh oh335.244.48
there's quick sa we just got to get to338.163.319
the place we just got to move all right339.723.36
so yeah follow Dora Dora is going the341.4793.961
right way here so we've been this planet343.085.92
before huh yeah yeah this is Assurance345.445.599
Insurance okay okay quick in and out349.05.56
just grab the good stuff and get out351.0396.121
yeah we've got making up to do though we354.566.919
we lost a lot oh I know yeah it was357.164.319
bad [ __ ] right away that's good stuff363.884.48
all right I'm going to go left man yeah366.444.199
we I got bottles bringing back bottles368.363.8
and there's other individual bottles in370.6393.441
this room guys oh let's grab all the372.164.039
bottles yeah I'm bringing this back374.083.36
hands are376.1993.681
here I found an379.886.759
engine gra it where are the other ones I382.525.239
don't know he said there were other ones386.6393.84
but I don't see them yeah me neither387.7594.081
got a coffee mug390.4794.12
salmon what oh you got one good for you391.843.919
I don't see his bottles though where's394.5992.44
his bottles395.7594.921
at hey Salon hey go grab this engine397.0397.801
Take It Outside oh wait is that yeah400.687.079
that's what grab open the404.845.12
door and then we'll just put them right407.7595.201
here okay fine okay they're outside409.965.44
they're ready to go found a door but I412.964.2
can only access it with a damn ship415.45.32
computer oh okay417.164.92
j6 hey422.085.04
neebs yeah or who's this in front of me423.845.919
who am I looking at Simon not427.125.799
me uh nees behind you behind429.7595.321
you I'm in the main room come to the432.9193.84
main room was that you that walked by or435.085.72
was that Dora Dora's not here436.7597.761
okay okay okay okay440.89.56
okay who whoa wait what no no no444.528.64
all right so say Simon come here yeah so450.364.519
check this out at the end of this453.164.039
hallway there's this door called454.8795.04
j6 uh I'm going to try to run back to457.1996.0
the ship and open this door um with the459.9194.801
ship computer so just keep an eye on463.1994.521
this door okay all464.723.0
right all right I'll be I'm going back467.8794.121
to the470.085.64
ship all right there's a flashy red472.06.319
light there that's that's475.725.599
oh no oh no no no no no the bees that's485.965.44
bees oh God I made488.8794.961
nice oh steering wheel yeah can I carry493.846.4
more things498.247.84
yeah what else is in here [ __ ] door500.245.84
up [ __ ] man did I get lost remember the506.965.519
way we came I was just following Dora510.04.62
this is how Simon feels512.4793.68
[ __ ] here we go okay the Mug's here key516.1596.56
I should keep with me steering wheel I520.05.0
drop God I wish somebody was here with525.167.0
me had to have been this way come out oh528.166.2
yeah there's a ship sweet532.165.96
Dora where the hell did he534.363.76
oh [ __ ] oh god oh no oh no oh no no no542.64.41
no that's how I died it said what551.326.079
happened to you554.043.359
I the same exact561.484.16
spot hey hey are hey shh be quiet what567.926.919
are you573.445.56
crazy yeah okay do you do you see574.8397.841
me no okay well we're close cuz I can579.07.36
hear you I'm waiting by this door do you582.685.32
need me to come to586.365.479
you no AO left me here I don't even know588.06.44
where I am in comparison to the front591.8394.961
entrance I'll come594.447.2
look watching you do it [ __ ] was596.84.84
perfect oh and I told Simon to wait by602.563.92
this door for605.0793.961
me I told him I was going to open it at606.485.44
the um with the609.045.08
computer he's got to realize at some611.924.72
point oh614.122.52
God Ed door it's really617.2798.12
dark who just whispered that are you in621.5195.601
front of625.3994.56
me no somebody just whispered something627.123.839
who was629.9595.601
that uh was it not me I don't I didn't630.9598.0
think it was okay I don't like635.568.12
this neither do I do you want to638.9597.44
leave no I'm waiting for abs for I'm643.686.399
trusting unless he's dead he might be646.3995.44
dead so you don't know if when you came650.0793.241
in if you went left or651.8394.481
right had to be left653.326.88
uh it had to be left here Let Me Wait I656.326.48
see some Ooze there's660.25.52
ooze there's a blob of662.88.88
oo blob ofoo yeah is it coming to665.728.64
me yep it's coming to me I'm going671.686.279
outside okay man I barely moved and all674.365.64
of a sudden I'm like where am677.9595.041
nope did a door683.5196.76
open the door that I was was looking at687.247.2
opened and I didn't even see it690.2797.161
[ __ ] all right I'm going to do697.566.839
this okay there's the Ooze700.244.159
too is that704.565.2
water started the ship oh God he started706.6393.801
ship where is that ship oh see some710.446.88
railing is that the ship what is714.326.079
this yeah ship717.326.959
okay here we go please please fall in720.3996.761
the quicksand nees oh I know go left724.2795.841
left side oh [ __ ] he did the he did the727.164.32
thing all right where's the door oh731.484.24
other side anybody733.765.04
here nobody's735.725.359
here I'm going to shut this door I don't738.85.24
like it I don't like it being open put741.0798.041
the coffee mug here and the key why not744.047.72
got a steering wheel right there it749.126.279
is that's in there oh that's751.767.68
$29 all right let's take a look that is755.3997.161
dalas no759.446.04
movement oh762.565.92
uh I think I'm going to go oh oh no769.166.76
those aren't good those are bad772.2798.24
no oh crap [ __ ] oh God I can't believe I775.927.359
found this you got to be kidding me um780.5195.161
oh no some783.2797.521
hello I'm trying to trying to trying to785.688.68
oh God I'm I'm stuck790.83.56
[ __ ]798.8393.0
[ __ ]807.763.0
oh my God what happened to814.8398.12
him it's okay shut the819.5195.281
um that's824.83.279
me um abro does not seem to be828.767.4
anywhere Simon833.127.04
nowhere dris not moving836.166.88
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one840.166.479
left why this open who opened843.046.2
okay okay849.245.0
Simon oh wait I wonder if I can get852.1994.56
body what killed him oh oh I seea857.0795.161
monsters okay sorry859.8394.281
Simon we're862.244.08
going we're864.126.56
out hope you were all dead866.324.36
surely they were dead I think they were872.2794.601
dead all right I got a steering wheel874.3994.921
it's going to be worth a lot of876.888.04
money alive dead dead dead there we go879.329.0
perfect made the right decision F884.9210.88
crap oh my God yeah oh wow wow888.3211.4
hey one one day left895.85.8
you have no idea what you missed dude899.724.4
yeah dude yeah I'm I'm crying I'm901.65.2
laughing so damn hard it's insan we all904.126.279
three died the same exact way oh no and906.85.599
it's the the entrance on the other side910.3994.24
of the ship that you took like you took912.3994.601
the right one the other one we just fell914.6397.2
down into mud and [ __ ] oh no all917.07.079
right well hey we got a steering wheel921.8395.44
so we got one more day perfect yeah we924.0795.361
got this we got this927.2795.201
yeah this is going929.443.04
great um we could go back to932.6393.721
experimentation but it's934.64.64
foggy okay long as it's not hides936.365.2
enemies big deal oh that's horrible939.243.8
that's a horrible idea you really want941.565.0
to do that do we have money to buy we943.045.2
got no money to buy anything oh there we946.564.079
go thank God all right if I die and you948.243.76
don't see me there's here all the stuff950.6393.801
we got to sell right952.06.04
here this might be the worst we go run954.445.399
in this game that I think anybody's ever958.045.56
done and I'm so happy we're us yeah us959.8396.281
three to963.62.52
getg I can't believe we the fog I didn't966.2794.401
think the fog was going to be this bad I969.242.44
didn't think it was but once we're970.683.12
inside it's going to be better let's try971.684.399
to remember which way we're going one of973.84.76
us should stay at the ship then man um976.0793.68
yeah I'll stay at the ship so I can978.563.279
yield like hey over here or Simon you're979.7593.921
the worst like with981.8395.041
directions he's also wor communicating983.685.12
so I'm I'm horrible at communicating all986.884.84
right so okay I'll I'll stay here and988.85.599
I'll yell so when you guys are outside991.724.44
just listen for my voice or or yell and994.3993.36
I'll try to yell back and you got to996.164.2
follow my voice okay do we stay together997.7594.121
or do we split up oh my God stay1000.364.0
together right stay that's going to be1001.887.0
very hard to do I know well I'm stop1004.364.52
trying got there's no no Compass we got1009.487.039
to find the entrance together and then1013.684.599
got to find the entrance God I wish we1016.5192.8
had a1018.2795.001
that' be dope can you still hear me yeah1019.3196.36
barely we're going to lose remember I'm1023.285.559
this way I'm scanning all over here guys1025.6795.561
can you hear1028.8396.321
me oh God I lost you guys I hear youon1031.245.599
there's no way oh hey guys hey right1035.164.399
there to your left to your left to your1036.8395.041
Lefton stop moving stop moving stop1039.5594.721
moving all right I did right here right1041.885.079
here thank you but yeah follow1044.285.12
follow can I see what they're1046.9596.401
going uh okay they're all three together1049.45.48
there's no way we're going to do this we1053.363.559
shouldn't have come down here when it's1054.885.2
foggy this is so dumb this is the1056.9196.721
dumbest thing we've done all day and1060.086.479
we've had an entire day of dumb the1063.645.68
company is not going to be happy I might1066.5595.321
be going the right wrong oh the moon1069.323.96
might have been a good thing to use if1071.883.32
we remembered but the sun is a great way1073.282.879
navigate yeah1076.1595.081
yeah you shut it this is the1079.06.76
worst oh my God we're not going to1081.249.76
find so stupid shut up shut up oh God I1085.767.72
just want one win I could be right in1091.04.28
front of the ship right now and I1093.483.48
wouldn't know main entrance found the1095.286.16
entrance Simon wow shocking it is1096.966.64
shocking it's going to reward us with1101.445.8
great loot so now I feel like I feel1103.66.559
like if we get something and we get out1107.247.28
of there oh my God is there a ladder1110.1596.281
just out the main entrance you can see1114.524.6
it right if you do your right I see a1116.446.32
building I see [ __ ] see building that's1119.127.039
you guys with me follow me Yep this is I1122.764.799
can't believe the Triumph we have just1126.1594.76
from finding this ladder it's a big deal1127.5596.281
oh wait place I my vote is if you get1130.9194.921
something go down the ladder turn around1133.846.079
180 and go straight yeah like1135.846.6
I saw Nee switching pretty1139.9195.081
oh oh that's how you do it damn it I was1142.446.92
changing one by one oh they found the1145.06.48
entrance oh that's a good start1149.363.76
hopefully it's not foggy in there oh no1151.484.72
that's me God damn1153.126.039
it okay come on guys find the door did1156.25.839
you find the door1159.1592.88
yes so we got left and right options1162.25.479
split up stay together I'm going to go1165.365.679
right I'll go1167.6793.36
left open the door you go ahead if you1171.326.88
want I'm going to check the top side1174.727.12
here oh boy1178.27.28
Whoa what nothing Simon yeah oh God1181.845.48
scare me like when you talk and then you1185.484.0
don't talk it's like you just assume1187.323.599
death ooh is1189.485.559
that it's not like oh God not hurting1190.9199.12
you good there's Simon1195.0398.12
Dora together nebes is by1200.0396.481
himself a1203.1593.361
crap I haven't heard it asst in a while1207.06.0
but or needs I meant I'm down here I1210.085.68
went I'm I'm on to something maybe there1213.06.919
you are oh oh nothing the other1215.769.76
way no potentially um uh what's the with1219.9198.0
radiation potentially okay there should1225.523.639
be a door right there I'm going to take1227.9192.801
this other door and then1229.1593.961
Darkness all right we're going to go1230.725.6
in this one oh this has got to be oh1233.125.679
this is the light thing if I take the1236.324.64
light is that you nebes yeah but don't1238.7994.041
take it yet let's look around the room1240.963.599
no I don't want to we need more than1242.844.319
just that yeah we1244.5595.081
do oh cuz that's going to screw us all1247.1596.081
isn't it yep I don't see anything else1249.645.159
we just need to take it I1253.244.52
guess and that's it that's what we got1254.7994.0
for this1257.762.52
well let's check maybe there's something1258.7994.481
you could I'm going take it I'll I'll1260.284.519
push through that other way on the other1263.284.92
side but um and I'll follow you cuz1264.7995.081
that's yeah we don't want to just that's1268.23.68
not going to be enough1269.884.96
oh this thing works like a flashlight1271.885.72
yeah there it goes radiation yeah we1274.845.959
know we know it does you ready Simon no1277.65.439
this is in the1280.7995.641
dark yeah is if I've already lost you1283.0396.441
you're [ __ ] gone all right pull back1286.445.88
we can't [ __ ] in there dude I can't see1289.486.0
[ __ ] all right s can you can you can you1292.326.76
turn around I can hear1295.488.28
you go up yeah steam no no Up's nothing1299.087.56
he just it gets all wonky Once you walk1303.764.2
a certain distance we don't know what1306.643.44
time of is1307.966.16
do go up and there's nothing you guys uh1310.087.12
hear me still I not know what time it is1314.124.36
all right good news is is everybody1317.24.44
still alive what time is1318.483.16
it 4:42 4:42 doing all right doing all1321.9198.921
right come on guys oh I found the1326.67.12
okay oh neees hey oh God thank God I1333.726.6
found somebody we got to stick with man1337.7993.801
yeah I don't know what's going on I1340.323.959
don't know where I'm going I think maybe1341.65.36
out this way let's try this way [ __ ]1344.2795.681
oh yes up up1350.0396.961
up up right I can go grab that light but1352.326.359
I don't want to lose it I'm going to go1357.04.88
grab the light oh God all right well I1358.6798.24
am hey guys oh sh hey there I got a1361.888.039
key what time is it this thing works as1366.9193.721
light I don't know upstairs I thought1370.645.56
this was a good idea going up but I1374.0395.201
don't think so anymore1376.26.959
oh um I think I'm at the1379.243.919
front yeah hey damn thank God I found my1383.646.8
way out so we have two hours to yeah two1387.64.92
hours to get back to the1390.444.2
ship which we don't know if we can do1392.524.08
less than 2 hours it's flying was nebs1394.643.88
by you1396.67.0
um I don't know nebes yeah1398.527.639
Nies y use the ship computer terminal to1403.65.28
access secure doors come on NS1406.1594.241
what do you mean come on we got to go1408.882.52
it's almost1410.43.24
8 yeah but we don't have enough money do1411.43.92
we no we're going to we're getting1413.643.039
killed no matter what but we it's going1415.323.479
to take two hours to get1416.6797.401
back yeah we got to go okay they're all1418.7998.521
outside so if the ship's that way I go1424.085.52
out and turn1427.326.959
left hey guys can you hear1429.67.28
me oh1434.2795.081
[ __ ] what we ain't got enough it don't1436.883.919
matter if we go back we not enough we1439.362.919
going to lose well we're going to die no1440.7993.0
matter what but we can at least say hi1442.2794.64
to oh [ __ ] I understand that reasoning1443.7995.681
okay what you don't want to leave you1446.9195.921
don't want to leave I to1449.487.48
get guys damn it I can't see anybody1452.847.16
anymore where' y'all find a1456.966.36
ladder here it is1460.06.039
uh did you say there it is yep the1463.324.599
ladder oh wait did I just jump down down1466.0392.681
ladder okay oh [ __ ] the fact that you1468.725.679
could hear me yep I have a big light on1471.6794.48
me don't see a light1474.3996.081
bulb oh no no no he yeah you're getting1476.1596.481
quieter here's the wall I'm going to1480.484.48
back to the wall and just head this way1482.644.68
all right you're getting loud okay hold1484.965.28
on [ __ ] oh you're very you don't see a1487.325.68
light I'm carrying a giant light see my1490.244.799
shadow up against a1493.06.48
rock it's 817 uh oh boy that's a problem1495.0396.88
all right follow my voice okay oh see1499.484.6
you there you go gotcha okay I'm going1501.9193.921
go around this rock you see me stay1504.083.36
right on my back yep staying on your1505.843.76
back okay I'm just going to keep walking1507.446.719
this way I'm hoping we will hear abro or1509.68.88
Dr soon I hope so too hello hello AB1514.1596.52
true can you hear1518.487.96
us hey hey we're coming yes yes yes oh1520.6797.681
okay come on1526.444.52
all right awesome1528.365.199
nice uh that's two of you where's the1530.965.28
other one oh1533.5597.36
[ __ ] the door yeah where's Dora I don't1536.247.319
know look there's something outside uh1540.9195.401
oh it looks like d a moving no he's not1543.5596.161
moving I'd say he's done is uh is is1546.326.4
that all we got that's all we got I want1549.725.48
to get more we got I know but listen we1552.725.319
got lucky we even got that if we don't1555.24.599
have enough money they going to throw us1558.0393.64
in space it ain't going to matter well1559.7994.081
then let's go back out1561.6797.12
neees do it why why the time to do1563.8810.679
that off oh God oh God sh I started it I1568.7999.641
started it I started it okay we lost him1574.5597.441
we lost him shut the door good God Jesus1578.446.0
shut the door yeah let's go back out1582.05.76
there neebs come on you don't go back1584.445.16
out you stay there and do1587.764.279
it we could have kept we could have went1589.64.76
back no we made the right call we made1592.0394.681
the right call that's basically what I1594.365.96
was saying in the first place hey oh my1596.727.16
God that was so my shot my shot over1600.324.88
shoulder with that thing coming in was1605.24.479
awesome also when I ran into the fog1609.6795.6
like I died immediately from that one of1613.1593.441
immediately meet the prophet yeah let's1616.65.04
go see what we1619.0392.601
made okay I don't think it's everybody1622.2793.88
grab something I don't think it's going1624.842.28
to be1626.1593.841
enough something something tells me1627.125.76
steering wheel e mug all right oh okay I1630.06.76
was going to go landing1632.883.88
okay okay might be the best we've done1637.245.88
though huh no and only two1640.0395.721
days we've made more money than this no1643.124.96
this this was a1645.764.68
in uh how bad someone can be at this1648.084.4
game I'm curious though about how much1650.443.76
money we're going to make off for us1652.483.64
though for us we're we're we're it's1654.24.56
going to make 60 bucks if we're lucky1656.126.32
that coffee mug is valued at 30 bucks1658.765.88
almost the steering wheel is about 301662.446.16
bucks too wow and we don't know the1664.647.68
value of the uh the light going ring it1668.65.52
yeah ring it oh so we might actually1672.324.4
ring it's possible we're not going to1674.124.799
it's not hey from the the freaking mug1676.725.12
is 30 bucks that's kind of shocking okay1678.9195.161
so everything without the other thing is1681.843.959
like 50 bucks there's no way that1684.085.079
thing's worth a 100 no it hasn't been no1685.7995.161
hey to the oh my God hey 135 wait did we1692.5596.48
that's what we needed right no wait what1696.885.159
just look I thought we needed 130 that's1699.0396.76
what we needed hey we did it hey wo oh1702.0396.321
my God we did it hey1705.7994.72
one day1708.365.0
yes take it you1710.5196.321
see I you1713.3610.4
wow wow we're the comeback kids baby we1716.846.92

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