5 Old Men Try to Play Minecraft with Raytracing (Ep 1)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's been five whole years since the first Minecraft series started? Well, guess what? ...
5 Old Men Try to Play Minecraft with Raytracing (Ep 1)
5 Old Men Try to Play Minecraft with Raytracing (Ep 1)

5 Old Men Try to Play Minecraft with Raytracing (Ep 1)

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Old Men Try to Play Minecraft with Raytracing! I'm Neebs, and I'm here with my buddies Simon and Appsro. This is definitely my favorite video because watching us struggle with long, dark nights is just too funny!

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, this video is a classic! I mean, who knew that five old dudes could be so bad at Minecraft? But hey, at least we have each other to laugh at, right?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! I love how we always manage to mess things up in the most hilarious ways possible. And let's not forget the epic soundtrack that accompanies our Minecraft adventures, it's pure gold!

neebs: That's right, Appsro! And don't forget about the raytracing, making our Minecraft world look so fancy and realistic. I can't wait to see what other shenanigans we get into in the next episode!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's been five whole years since the first Minecraft series started? Well, guess what? The guys are finally back in Minecraft! I am so excited to see how much they remember and how they cope with those long, dark nights in the game. It's going to be epic!

And hey, did you know that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs? If you want a gaming setup like theirs, be sure to check them out at the link provided. Oh, and if you want to copy their mod setup, they've got a tutorial video for that too! How cool is that?

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Now, let's talk about the music in the video. From "Clenched Teeth" to "The Heist," the soundtrack really sets the mood for their Minecraft adventures. And let's not forget those hilarious moments that only Neebs, Simon, Doraleous, and the gang can deliver. I can't wait to see what shenanigans they get into this time around.

So, grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for some quality Minecraft content from your favorite gaming channel. Thanks for watching and supporting Neebs Gaming.

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move over PewDiePie17.094.599
move over jacksepticeye they're not19.2894.65
watching this though so double we're21.6894.141
just still telling them to look out yeah23.9395.58
here we come whoa watch it no listen I'm25.836.15
actually very excited about this it29.5194.351
looks great cuz yeah look at this are31.984.53
the glorious editor ADA hop has33.875.55
installed these wonderful mods like come36.515.4
here follow me guys check this out you39.423.72
didn't paint the inside of your legs41.915.1
today haha like you're wearing like43.1411.55
buttless chaps hey we're gonna show off47.019.389
a little bit of what this the shader can54.694.86
do follow me boys I hear some spiders56.3995.371
and zombies around but that's okay check59.555.009
this out look how shut it this is can we61.774.23
start surviving yep64.5593.661
come on yeah yeah yeah wow this is gonna66.05.51
be the start of a fun adventure68.223.29
good lord look at the flowers we need to95.3996.04
at least establish our first night place98.7994.621
well I mean we could be in the flower101.4394.171
field the first night one is night come103.4210.769
when the Sun Goes Down sign I know how105.619.66
long it's gonna take114.1892.43
because do we already need to start115.273.48
settling like building something on the116.6193.511
edge of the woods by the water over118.753.39
yonder yeah look at these trees these120.134.44
trees look awesome alright let's get out122.144.319
here get to it let's take a field and124.574.889
then say okay here alright pick it up126.4594.381
field yeah come on give him this way129.4593.03
come this way guys I know I said that130.842.97
earlier but I just want to see it looks132.4892.671
kind of a little flatter out here a133.815.64
little nicer oh yeah I see pigs I see135.1610.799
trees that's what I'm talking on the top139.458.22
over there what do you guys think about145.9595.821
this spot beautiful alright good spot147.675.37
for a starter all right let's start151.782.9
chopping wood153.0413.05
noobs yeah men how's your home going you170.05.89
know would home rock floor would home173.164.5
rock flora trying to do that yeah are175.892.73
you doing something fancy I'm just177.662.82
building me a mud hut yep I was gonna do178.623.66
that and I was like well might not be180.484.95
here for a little bit yeah well I mean182.285.76
if it's like in two days you know might185.434.29
as well be comfortable yeah no listen188.043.18
you're not wrong we're here for a little189.721.71
uh-huh but I don't want to leave here191.433.21
long but they I mean I'm gonna make a193.173.72
good-looking mud hat though yeah someone194.645.85
should keep an eye on Simon huh I don't196.894.77
know if I want him around me too much200.492.88
too much but uh where is he201.663.15
there's a hole over here in front of my203.375.73
house okay yeah up summons in it what204.815.82
are you doing Simon what does it look209.13.39
like I'm doing he's gonna live in a hole210.635.55
no I was told that I was told that uh212.497.71
you know what a stone look like it's216.187.29
gray all right and it's a gray square220.24.98
huh I mean you went to go a lot deeper223.473.12
hi Simon225.183.09
hey how are ya don't forget you got to226.594.05
come back out of there it's a gray yeah228.274.8
how do I know I don't I get to know if I230.645.55
if I have I see a gray box but I don't233.075.79
know if that's stone and it only had it236.194.71
doesn't have a number on top of it in238.865.04
your inventory yeah if you give a toy240.96.18
like that hover over it sand uh-huh243.96.03
that's sand yeah so I don't have any247.085.46
stone no no what's so many you told me249.934.38
what he's like I you just dig down a252.544.009
couple dirt you find stone no problem254.314.679
look I'll usually here there's stone256.5493.94
right there I know just that one right258.9893.091
well I mean if you keep digging there's260.4893.541
a whole bunch of me he goes he goes just262.083.57
take down one or two you're gonna find264.033.45
it no problem usually I got one right265.652.25
you like like yeah you picked a bad267.94.53
place that's what that's the story of my269.856.27
life I picked a bad place can't wait to272.436.36
see the movie picked a bad game so I276.127.25
picked already regret Nick278.797.129
don't hang in there buddy yeah you got283.374.91
this we love you yeah285.9194.231
careless what are you doing right here288.283.4
oh yeah you building right there huh290.154.049
yeah it's a subdivision okay though all291.685.1
right yeah okay I ran out of that anyway294.1994.801
it's time tons of room296.783.66
oh well it's gonna look like garbage but299.05.94
temporary Hey what help my freakin300.447.14
pickaxe go hey break and it just304.946.57
disappears yep done all these games work307.589.03
that way come on no no not all games and311.517.56
you repair them doraleous okay you316.615.61
repair them all games you can repair319.074.62
them before they break when they break322.222.79
all the way you have to make a new one323.694.65
fine I'm really glad that I told you325.0112.75
that I'm yelling from near a cave that's328.3411.34
got some resources if you're interested337.763.719
what direction you and Bubba turn339.6812.0
directly around like you're six there341.47913.741
Cole yes I want resources Oh daddy meets351.685.94
Cole oh yeah I'm gonna be a cold daddy355.224.5
who's daddy Cole daddy357.6217.43
oh wait pigweed we need food so much has359.7216.89
been passed yes375.053.48
speaking of torches I put some torches376.613.75
down here so we have decent amount of378.533.389
light oh that's why I need the coal baby380.363.6
I feel so far from home already381.9194.5
oh it's not that bad I'm so scared oh383.964.26
let's see where where is the coal386.4194.111
where's the coke thick oh it's easy yeah388.2211.04
I got some coal in here oh yeah that's390.5311.49
cold see Cole daddy you are cold daddy399.267.1
look old daddy Jones pulled daddy yep402.026.75
Cole's a good resource to have it yeah406.365.26
we also need we need pigs we need food408.775.459
because my food is already like halfway411.625.43
down oh my foods great and I've been414.2294.44
doing stuff so what the hell you've been417.053.39
doing I'm doing pigs and eating their418.6699.9
food later guys great names hello do you420.4411.909
make a bed yet no hmm okay I mean a bed428.5695.871
is only gonna be useful if we want to432.3494.561
give me a night right well it's gonna be434.443.879
night eventually at night yeah but don't436.914.11
you want to see your first night yeah438.3196.541
yes I guess hey I brought you some coal441.025.94
oh you did awesome that's a good gift444.864.11
that's all of you yeah I went to the446.964.35
mines got a McCole daddy Wow448.974.41
thank you that's really useful thank you451.313.84
some you know torches light the place up453.384.469
because Suns going down and look at that455.157.62
sunset oh yeah oh man I'm pretty way to457.8498.491
play Minecraft hello boys hey Simon462.776.51
Simon yeah how does my face look to you466.344.35
I don't think it looks right oh no it469.283.12
looks completely wrong yeah no there's470.693.81
something definitely wrong472.44.05
I heard you talking about beds though474.54.02
and I'm really curious on what well I476.453.45
don't know if it's yet because we need a478.524.41
ton of wool for that back there but yeah479.94.05
we don't have sheers482.933.45
oh so really so what happens when we die483.954.38
again you're just random place like how486.384.14
am I gonna find my way back home when I488.333.87
die it's true yeah we must you die you490.523.87
go back to spawn where we first started492.25.55
oh man don't die no die no die even that494.395.79
guy is there a map a way for me to find497.754.5
what is it what are the coordinates in500.184.47
here what a beautiful hit f3502.253.72
yeah let's write them on the board504.653.96
alright slap every time I did give me505.974.62
some coordinates there's a lot of508.615.54
numbers up here the next Y and a Z510.599.12
anybody X Y Z okay so X is 300 point514.159.46
nine four seven Y I believe is 69 point519.717.29
zero zero zero zero zero yeah yeah I523.614.83
don't need the anything after the527.06.54
decimal 369 233 all right Wow I'm gonna528.446.75
finish my house cuz it's coming down533.542.16
doraleous Simon if I want to make a540.5294.96
do you have sticks and coal looks like I545.4896.06
have coal and it looks like I have one548.7294.83
stick grab behind you some behind it551.5495.43
really [ __ ] a ruling bust out this door553.5596.9
I don't have a sword a shovel oh gosh556.97910.47
yeah whatever it takes you know that560.45911.18
you're what I'm a monster hunter for you567.4497.19
oh man okay I think this general598.416.6
vicinity I'm not even it's so dark602.828.43
oh okay okay think this way I can do605.016.66
oh there's a creeper but hello I will611.675.43
not be dealing with you this evening be614.854.76
another time617.12.51
rattles hey good you're back good to621.2319.57
know you can make it back you know what639.573.54
next time we should we should light the640.85.31
path back yep yep did you have stuff643.114.65
yeah get your stuff646.115.37
yep it's in my house got out of it like647.764.56
it never happened651.482.19
which I've known you guys are building652.323.57
well yeah you guys are so close I feel653.675.37
so far away but my head ah crap that's655.894.92
the two of us all right Simon watch out659.043.54
now there's a zombie right there how do660.815.52
I get my hell you are gonna eat all662.584.86
right all right666.333.5
dick has all the food my name's thick667.445.58
you start making holes see right669.839.61
oh no oh can Simon make it back how's my673.029.58
friend okay good679.446.34
death Oh God682.65.04
of course it's night where the hell am I685.784.14
going there was something he said f3687.645.01
before wow I can't believe remember that689.927.05
I've stuff written down Oh 369 negative692.659.35
233 369 negative not even anywhere close696.977.74
know where Chloe forget it702.06.18
forget this I'm just gonna run704.715.91
doraleous was blown up by creeper708.186.22
apparently come on great guys710.627.74
did anyone hear me nobody's close to me714.45.25
right right718.365.1
damn it names hey man hey listen I've719.656.39
done this before as follow me okay I you723.464.71
know how I died how'd you do well I was726.043.96
running from some spiders and stuff ah728.173.84
humming remember where that big hole730.03.63
that Simon just dug in the middle of732.012.04
yeah no way out yeah fell into it and I734.053.75
was stuck in there with a bunch of736.849.69
spiders yeah you with me you with me I'm737.811.52
climbing the hill uh I lost you I'm746.536.44
beyond the hill oh yeah749.323.65
I mean just where were you753.494.68
I'm on top of a hill yeah okay okay758.177.85
yeah man yeah hiding up on the roof766.028.01
Oh God can you guys cut all they get797.645.15
guys guys follow the whole time hey so829.2798.411
I'm aware the Hillary I let the whole836.164.2
brain sucker oh god I can't really stop837.694.139
here oh my god yeah there's all these840.363.9
zombies okay good this is where I am oh841.8293.661
they're gonna I hope they don't fall844.267.62
right hi okay well stay safe I'll come845.498.37
back I can't stop I don't want to get in851.883.81
the hole right now but come back like a853.863.36
man good I know where you are I'll855.693.329
remember stuff I'll remember stay alive857.222.91
lose them859.0192.611
I did they're in the water now there860.132.91
they take forever to get over they come861.633.39
back and help me863.044.08
got you I'm scared in the hole don't be865.025.28
that's your natural environment hasn't867.124.83
been here I've been here in a while870.320.13
I'm little scared Oh oooh village I'm871.9520.7
very slow one heart can I get to the890.434.65
village because I don't have to remember892.656.72
where Simon was cuz he died again okay895.088.28
hello friend oh that was bleep er let's899.375.55
see okay okay903.367.49
and now Oh safety Oh what is this904.929.32
brewing stance910.853.39
I guess I'll stay here till morning914.795.09
sorry Simon916.673.21
got the swamp babies babes that's what928.465.26
I'm saying then they different anything932.13.6
yeah that's cool though933.724.59
you still down there uh yeah just I see935.74.05
it running around because the stuff just938.315.28
chased me all night all night all night939.755.73
have been I'm going back to my house now943.594.83
the Sun's up so yep945.485.13
mommy no I'm still open my little948.423.93
treehouse my babies I can't stand around950.614.2
and like chitchat all right I'm coming952.356.99
down I'm running someone may pass954.816.51
fantastic right oh yeah you got a swamp959.344.11
baby behind you yep yep it's run running961.323.81
like it's light but the sun's not963.452.76
technically up yet965.134.01
uh-huh Oh God run skeleton cramp Oh966.216.63
creeper frickin let's call it skeletons969.145.92
eggs take those all right okay all right972.843.75
so yeah we just follow this tree line975.066.33
uh-huh oh man nighttime it's a lot worse976.596.57
than I remember it well listen I would981.393.12
have been fine when I had my weapons but983.162.73
as soon as I fell in that hole oh yeah984.513.9
we were done over we're done so we985.894.83
really need to focus this day on finding988.414.47
metal getting ourselves like Harvard up990.723.9
and filling in Simon's holes and yep992.884.35
filling in Simon's holes tell doraleous994.624.59
about the rule the other zombie room you997.233.21
have a sound b-roll don't ya don't bring999.212.94
thousands armies in about how reasonable1000.443.18
rules I think yes1002.154.17
Simon act like we gonna make him wear a1003.623.96
seat belt or something crazy like that1006.322.84
he needs a seat belt1007.585.449
safe to come out I assume Oh night but1013.0298.62
now I can steal from these friendly1018.475.309
villagers seems pretty vague and what1021.6493.63
does that block over there1023.7796.06
what are you is this I'm gonna steal it1025.2798.06
that I know and you know what was great1029.8395.24
that was were pups1033.3396.85
what whoa is that ha ha yeah I took1035.0797.151
their stop1040.1897.411
Hey oh nice hat dude yeah I might just1042.236.63
live with you guys you seem to know what1047.62.579
you're doing and you seem to have a1048.863.39
golem I saw him beating the crap out of1050.1795.161
some things at night that was cool okay1052.254.679
how are you sir1055.346.03
Oh what what look at me look at me1056.9297.021
what's on your face that is cool1061.375.309
I don't have any of those but I could1063.954.29
steal some from you maybe buy some1066.6792.341
things from you1068.245.039
let's see you're a cartographer yes nice1069.027.289
nice dude huh1073.2795.791
I agree and have a pleasant power1076.3095.691
oh okay1082.177.44
looking at this wonderful wonderful1086.974.95
screen here just gonna try to get the1089.615.1
300 that's all I need just gonna try to1091.924.32
get the 300 I don't like these new1094.718.01
buttons oh okay getting close if I make1096.249.66
my way back home I'll be very proud of1102.724.22
hello somebody should be able to hear me1106.947.24
I should be so close that somebody can1111.486.78
hear me hopefully Oh God wait a second1114.185.34
that third number is supposed to be1118.263.99
negative to something how do I get that1119.526.15
to be this looks like it's hello I'm1122.256.24
just gonna live here maybe I'll just do1125.6710.14
that yeah oh my god oh my god1128.4911.34
I just ran for like ten minutes1135.816.71
and it came back to the same village1139.836.87
this is like Twilight Zone crap oh my1142.529.27
god am I here forever witch1146.710.47
okay I was they do have fine watermelon1151.797.0
here but they don't speak my language1157.176.18
nothing but math and that gets old1158.7910.77
really quick and I want to judge them1163.357.53
they might understand each other but I1169.562.21
doubt it1170.888.99
um okay Coast coast to the right I think1171.7712.42
we're gonna do this we're gonna do this1179.874.32
hey hey what's going on1190.595.35
nothing hey uh what's your metal1194.0493.901
situation do you have any oh yeah hold1195.946.569
on um oh shoot in my house um I had some1197.957.74
cooking and actually my god1202.5095.311
hey there's seven in there man you can1205.693.839
have them I just need a couple so we can1207.826.959
make to make shears to get wool yeah1209.5297.71
this guy just he seems to like me I1214.7794.201
haven't killed him hold on let's see if1217.2393.54
I remember how to do this yep made some1218.986.059
shears and then now come here buddy you1220.7797.97
must come up by your cut time and you1225.0396.21
sweet alright listen I'm gonna go get a1228.7494.3
bunch of a bunch of wool so we can make1231.2494.68
beds okay I've got a bed in your house I1233.0494.26
know you do I don't know if I can pick1235.9292.911
that up and put it in my house you can't1237.3092.761
I mean yeah you can destroy it pick it1238.842.789
up and put it over in your grave okay1240.073.03
cool all right well I'm gonna go get us1241.6293.24
enough wool to make more beds because if1243.14.669
we can all sleep through the night1244.8692.9
at a village oh well cool hey I'm making1255.1195.591
us a ton of bed you should all have beds1258.5495.61
now agreed yeah except uh notice a lack1260.715.52
of complaining recently so we're missing1264.1594.77
one yes we are which one is it the1266.237.559
complaining one all right yeah I'm not1268.9299.12
going through no we don't need to so1273.7896.151
yeah we all need to make sure we're nice1278.0493.96
and defended mm-hmm so when nighttime1279.944.38
comes just uh yeah just hop in your1282.0093.51
house stay cool1284.322.789
so are we doing the beds tonight or I1285.5193.03
think we can't Simon doesn't have a bed1287.1092.13
he's nowhere near us1288.5493.24
should we try to find him or right now I1289.2395.221
don't know he split up you have five1291.7895.85
beds I do have five beds oh man you know1294.465.789
what I guarantee he's probably not far1297.6394.92
from spawn I could like if he's in a1300.2494.321
radius so sort of like ten mile radius1302.5594.98
around spawn ten mile yeah probably I1304.574.14
tell what I could do I could take two1307.5393.811
beds run back to spawn and just see if I1308.713.92
can find it run1311.353.59
oh boy yep all right I'm doing it now I1312.633.9
should go with you probably will grab1314.944.38
your bed ah okay hold on hey I'm coming1316.535.64
too boy okay hey good luck guys1319.325.97
I hope I see you back here at some point1322.175.43
oh yeah we better make this fast all1325.294.5
right all right thick yes you need a1327.63.96
contingency plan we can't find them we1329.793.42
have to just Perot in somewhere do you1331.564.23
have a we have stuff to make torches yes1333.214.95
I have torches I have 20 torches all1335.794.02
right so worst-case scenario we can set1338.163.69
up a place and just bunk down for the1339.814.41
night absolutely you and a furrow like1341.8510.11
little Badgers get and shut the door and1344.2213.5
I'm ready okay yep got an e arrow1351.968.13
permanently I haven't been shot in the1357.724.26
knee since yesterday why is that still1360.093.87
there no no got in there real good I1361.985.76
guess yeah let it heal it's been plenty1363.966.36
of time slip the skin form around it1367.745.13
vehicle story for people about how you1370.326.59
used to be an adventurer yeah1372.874.04
hopefully we'll get a staph infection I1377.097.42
forgot my bed okay well I guess it's you1379.737.18
to have good luck all right geez well1384.513.81
yeah I was you brush me with the sword1386.913.3
and the knee thing and you can1388.324.17
understand no I can't okay if it gets1390.214.14
night we'll all jump in bed yep sounds1392.492.46
good luck oh yeah Sun is going down I1394.954.5
want to live in these woods to our left1397.983.57
by the way not me come on look it looks1399.454.17
like Endor we could be a walk stick you1401.554.17
and I no I don't want to be a little1403.623.9
Ewok sand just like snuggle up against1405.723.57
each other and then one of us gets shot1407.525.97
tragically and then we're all like that1409.295.76
does sound appealing now now that you1413.493.06
put it that way come on he walks baby1415.052.97
you and me we're gonna be watched one1416.5523.67
day we would know that's good I don't1418.0224.78
like the fact that I can't easily get in1440.225.85
there I think I need to change that what1442.85.66
do we want to do it's getting dark a1446.075.46
little bit a little bit nervous but not1448.465.77
very nervous because I'm pretty prepared1451.534.11
what's this1454.234.17
okay that's two two of those things I1455.644.38
need to do torches but let's do this1458.46.99
before I go in are we there boom boom1460.026.87
yeah they're not the right they don't1465.393.75
match but you know what whatever good1466.894.26
enough I don't have anything to make a1469.145.64
torch do I I'm gonna be in the dark son1471.155.01
of it alright well it's gonna be a long1474.785.58
night it's gonna be a long night alright1476.166.84
but I'm prepared and I'm alive baby look1480.367.16
at that we can just check out the sky1483.08.07
that's beautiful I could enjoy this1487.524.8
so be good enough crap there's so much1492.328.29
stuff I don't what to do um I could try1498.124.799
to get my bed but they didn't find Simon1500.614.049
I'm just gonna be sitting in my freaking1502.9193.6
bed waiting and then something gonna1504.6594.38
blow me up and just relish just died so1506.5195.601
there's no way he's in bed a spider1509.0396.72
wrapper so much I'm moving slow moving1512.128.139
slow I can't even move fast now I know1515.7595.79
it I need to get somewhere where I can1520.2594.351
get my stuff back all right come on I'm1521.5497.051
so slow I can't even move fast crap he's1524.616.689
not feeling well I need all my stuff1528.66.329
somewhere safe anything Oh me nope1531.2995.73
might be good right now I can just get1534.9293.901
this stuff in a box and then die that'd1537.0294.631
be the way to go I make my food1538.836.05
it's behind me what is that creeper1541.669.46
there a creeper gonna make like a box1544.8812.75
be inside to do that dang okay we're1551.129.66
going up up and over here we go there we1557.635.13
go everything goes in is there an all1560.789.35
button keep my sword die its it'll be1562.767.37
crap I took the wood out okay peep one1570.346.67
piece of coal seems to be attacking me1574.256.75
in here huh okay well that's good what's1577.015.39
going on out there1581.03.36
it's a creeper over there he's not1582.42.56
it might be all right look at this it1584.963.54
might be all right Oh1587.456.18
bed okay sweet dreams nobody else is1588.59.0
sleeping I guess you think the others1593.636.51
are okay oh well they're not asleep we1597.53.72
know that much yep1600.143.09
wish they would go to sleep yeah I kind1601.223.45
of like this though you and I just1603.233.99
casual talking to each other yeah Oh1604.674.17
what about our a walk village one day1607.223.9
thick yeah since yeah you painted a1608.844.23
pretty good picture of that you know one1611.124.32
of us getting shot yeah that'd be nice1613.076.06
then one of us gets shot yeah the other1615.448.25
one goes that's the noise hey can I tell1619.135.55
you something sure1623.695.3
I still hate this game yeah it's great1624.688.369
can I take the night after1628.996.12

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