Who Built This??? - Ark Survival Ascended

A mystery cube shows up on the beach and no one knows what's inside!!! ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON ...
Who Built This??? - Ark Survival Ascended
Who Built This??? - Ark Survival Ascended

Who Built This??? - Ark Survival Ascended

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, fellas, you know why 'Who Built This??? - Ark Survival Ascended' is the best video ever? It's because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can resist a mystery cube on the beach. It's like the universe's biggest 'Do Not Push' button.

simon: Yeah, and the best part is watching you guys try to figure out what's inside. It's like watching a bunch of cats with a laser pointer. Pure, chaotic entertainment.

appsro: Oh, come on, Simon. You were the one who thought the cube was a new type of dino egg. Admit it, you were ready to adopt it and name it Fluffy.

simon: Hey, Fluffy could have been a thing! You never know with these mystery cubes. Remember that time we opened one and got a whole bunch of dodos? Classic.

neebs: And let's not forget the sheer suspense. I mean, who needs a Hollywood thriller when you've got a mysterious cube just chilling on the beach, right? This is top-tier cinema, folks.

appsro: Absolutely. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to show off our Sherlock Holmes skills... or lack thereof. Either way, it's a win-win for everyone watching.

Hey everyone! You won't believe what just washed up on the beach! A mystery cube appeared out of nowhere, and no one has any idea what's inside it. Can you imagine the excitement and curiosity? It's like something straight out of a movie, and I can't wait to see how the crew handles it.

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- Ark Survival Ascended.

So, buckle up and get ready for the ride. This mystery cube is just the beginning, and you won't want to miss a second of it. See you in the comments!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, have you seen the latest Neebs Gaming video? They discovered a crazy mysterious cube on the beach in their new series "Ark Survival Ascended." I don't want to give away any spoilers, but let's just say things get absolutely insane when they finally crack that cube open.

The production quality on their videos always blows me away. The cinematic camera work makes you feel like you're right there on the journey with them. And the way they edit the footage to tell an engaging story is so entertaining. I always look forward to each new episode because I know I'm in for an epic adventure.

But what really makes Neebs Gaming special is the hilarious commentary from the crew. Whether it's Simon's dry wit, Thick's goofy antics, or Appsro's terrified screams, their distinct personalities always have me laughing out loud. They just have such great on-screen chemistry.

I seriously can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's content lately. Their Ark series is the most fun I've had watching a gaming channel in a long time. It really is the next best thing to playing the game yourself. Except you don't have to grind for hours gathering resources yourself! Just sit back and enjoy the cinematic ride.

If you're looking for a gaming channel that blends comedy, storytelling, and elite production value, Neebs is the way to go. I'd highly recommend giving their Ark series a watch. And make sure to smash that subscribe button so you don't miss their next hilarious adventure!

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holy holy crap the poop actually mushes24.0394.32
now when it falls out of the button it26.43.719
hits the ground it it it mushes it's28.3593.32
just the ball cuz yeah Simon your pig30.1195.12
just pooped really and like yeah yeah it31.6795.4
looks kind of mushy it's not all dry and35.2395.84
hard and round like a pet oh yeah that's37.0796.521
nice it' be nice if you could step in it41.0795.761
and mush even more yeah pick it up um43.64.92
okay give me a second Simon you look46.842.719
like you been rolling around in mud why48.523.559
you what are you doing um I've cloth are49.5594.201
broke my52.0794.721
clothes that's okay well are they53.764.4
they're just yeah they're not broke56.83.559
broke yeah that's how when they dirty58.163.68
they're wore out you got to fix them60.3592.761
okay I'll fix guys I'm going to put61.842.999
something down right here I hope you63.122.72
mind oops oh Foundation well good place65.845.88
for that in the middle of town why would70.243.559
you do that because it's the town Bell71.724.079
Town Bell here the town Bell but right73.7994.121
here seems weird yeah I don't like I75.7993.401
like right in the middle you don't like77.923.559
it Bell Tower oh we don't want to climb79.24.32
up to the that's always been a thing81.4793.481
bell towers does this work yeah kind of83.522.919
agree with84.965.28
nees oh yeah I mean it's a great Bell so86.4397.161
look we can move it yeah wow here you90.246.159
here you hey if we get attacked we has93.66.72
ruined the central town did I what a96.3997.68
dumb place for a bell wow I I swear I100.326.56
seriouslyi attitude okay place the bail106.924.32
in the right place we will all right109.684.399
well all right guess who's pants are off111.245.919
going doesn't it oh oh you pants are off114.0796.121
oh the pantsless Bandit struck again he117.1595.64
he did it to himself really seriously120.25.36
rude nees I I'm sorry about that I was133.8795.561
insecure about the the Bell hey no136.9593.881
worries I mean the bad part is you got139.444.28
to watch your back now right right um140.844.759
hey uhhuh I don't know if you've noticed143.724.84
this random Cube down the beach random145.5996.681
Cube yeah you seen that what that148.566.44
doesn't just happen man we got neighbors152.284.92
or something now wow looks like a155.04.76
Rubik's Cube but without the color right157.25.119
I mean it's all always solved isn't it I159.765.04
mean come on we got to I mean yeah we162.3194.601
got to got to address the cube in the164.84.12
room is this going to be another four166.925.92
episodes you chopping something oh man168.926.16
these pants are feeling slippery today172.844.56
let's see yeah look at this175.085.04
thing oh wow oh hey Dory I know you said177.45.119
we needed polymer yeah I got uh I got180.125.08
polymer from uh from one of these guys182.5195.521
oh okay good to know these little guys185.25.16
are perfect chop him up see if you get188.043.88
polymer I'm I'm I'm I'm going to chop it190.364.92
up but hey go look at the cube I'm going191.925.2
hey this turd I'm looking at195.284.879
round round round poop what the hell man197.124.479
I could have swore the one I saw got200.1594.201
squishy I saw it it was squishy I got201.5994.241
one that's squishy right here in front204.364.56
of me maybe it's your diet no it's not205.846.599
my poop okay it's the Harry pickles poop208.925.76
this just seems to be a cube it does212.4394.561
seem to just be a cube like an obelis214.684.04
from that uh that movie and we look like217.04.12
monkeys like worshiping it right but I'm218.724.439
not worshiping it this made of metal221.125.36
yeah tech tech stuff ah great is this223.1595.0
well I mean it's not doing anything bad226.484.16
all we need is Tech neighbors yeah good228.1594.72
point what are you doing there's no way230.645.08
in and I can tell yeah I can't can't see232.8795.321
a way in either what is this guy what235.724.439
the compy that just a compy that's just238.25.679
a Cy look at him it's not nipping oh240.1596.08
there there they go just waiting for243.8794.161
your buddies you little [ __ ] yeah get246.2394.441
him Jeffy Jones here come the comments248.044.72
here they come they've been playing art250.684.919
for 45 years they don't know copies bite252.764.12
when they get together it was just255.5994.561
staring at me I know get away all right256.885.36
nebes let's go on our mission all right260.165.479
let's do it262.243.399
that's true oh yep yep I'm I'm281.684.56
coming here's the birds whoo whoo wo wo294.966.2
ah the freaking frog in the water oh now298.46.48
I'm in the water yep I hate these birds301.167.039
okay okay okay I got my shotgun they got304.884.56
shotgun oh God are you is he dead crap309.446.039
uh licky we didn't hardly leave the313.446.68
house oh crap all right don't die licky315.4799.481
hold up ah man the freaking Birds jeez320.126.6
I'm going to die right here didn't even324.964.359
leave the house okay let's kill one326.725.599
thing kill one thing and then licky help329.3194.201
me out332.3195.401
man sons of Sons of sons of [ __ ] that333.526.56
take long well yeah the the birds337.723.96
whatever the freak the freaking Birds340.083.839
you got killed by a seagull multiple341.685.0
seagulls multiple seagulls so now my343.9194.521
stuff's all in the water it's it's great346.684.4
you know what hold on stay still why I348.445.039
want to remember351.086.119
this Cy I don't have time for you right353.4797.041
now God all right357.1995.521
jeez what a strong copy that was okay360.525.16
um you're365.685.88
licky Alpha368.845.84
Megalodon come371.566.88
on go stop it you freaking374.688.68
Birds God what a freaking378.444.92
day hey hey um yeah I thought you were384.446.039
going to pick me up but you you you388.564.52
didn't what is this on your chest what's390.4794.881
that I got killed393.086.16
by oh God come on okay I'm going for it395.367.32
there's a Megalodon be quick there where399.244.799
all right I don't see your stuff I'm402.683.56
looking well I mean I it's show it shows404.0395.56
me oh my God there's there's a Megalodon406.245.0
so be careful oh wait I see your stuff409.5994.841
it's under the boat can I um just go411.244.6
under the boat grab it we'll drive away414.444.12
real quick okay okay okay H up for them415.844.16
all right you going to let me uh oh418.563.72
there it is okay once you got it just a420.05.24
hit Drive boat yeah all right take it422.284.4
and then switch out with me all right425.244.32
all right jump off put on we go get away426.686.799
from this birds leave yeah oh my God I429.566.12
have no idea those are the worst yeah I433.4795.641
hate those birds you lost your shotgun435.685.12
uh it would appear yeah it's in the439.125.199
water great and my crossbow crap great440.85.16
I've got nothing I was going to give you444.3194.0
them shotgun shells today too I know you445.965.359
damn it what are you doing freaking Bird451.6395.641
yeah I see it kill the bird I'm trying454.684.68
I'm trying there it goes all right spino457.285.52
got it damn it hey hey spino carnosaur459.365.44
get back here come on this carnosaur is462.84.56
so stupid wait now I thought that they464.84.399
were all set to did somebody change the467.364.119
settings oh God getting in between here469.1994.481
wow sorry buddy yeah here I'll lure back471.4793.761
over here it's fine you guys come over473.684.079
here I need wood I need a lot of wood475.244.56
cuz I want you see this tiny little G477.7594.0
here this should have been a behemoth479.84.44
gate but it's not so I'm thinking about481.7595.961
putting the Behemoth gate over that way484.246.28
oh right here so that'll be the main487.724.72
entrance that's the back door I'm here490.523.079
for it I'll help you out how much wood492.443.8
you need I need approximately 1,000 you493.5995.56
know wood okay you know what yeah I bet496.244.44
this spino can hold a ton of weight I'm499.1594.561
going to tell it to come with me and500.685.84
uh yeah I'll go get you some wood baby503.724.8
okay no that's good I love it thank you506.524.04
I I'll work on some wood and we oh oops508.525.68
sorry buddy excuse me come on crazy s we510.568.159
got some wood to get yeah thank514.24.519
you see that Island Straight Ahead um if519.125.719
I peek through this little bit yeah I522.5995.161
see the yes yeah ton of metal there oh524.8395.241
yeah yeah sweet do you have a metal527.765.4
pickaxe no okay I do I should probably530.084.759
do all the chop and maybe we can uh I533.163.28
mean I got a stone one I can help a534.8393.721
little bit I think you get less metal if536.445.6
you use that okay fair fair ah why'd you538.566.399
do that I didn't I'm sorry um all right542.044.4
sorry about that like what' you do just544.9593.801
jump I just moved a little just moved a546.445.839
little yeah okay well don't move a548.764.519
little anymore okay I'm not going to552.2792.481
move a little anymore we got to let's553.2793.841
make a chair for here yeah that'd be554.764.73
good yeah oh that's that's really557.125.44
pretty easy crazy s yeah all right this562.565.12
seems like a good place to come out and566.3993.201
get wood and I tell you oh what is this567.683.719
bugs oh that's good we need the Kiton569.65.64
crazy s kill that bug with that yeah571.3996.44
kill it all there you go I tell you I575.244.68
feel a lot better with you out here cuz577.8394.921
you're a giant wait are these mosquitoes579.924.08
going to kill you no they're not going582.763.48
to kill you did you get the kiten though584.03.56
I saw they went down let me check your586.243.52
inventory if you get kiten that'd be587.565.24
great because we need kiten no no kiten589.764.68
well because it start loading you up592.83.159
with wood yeah you can haul so much594.443.44
weight going to be great we'll come back595.9594.201
to Simon with a whole damn tunnel597.884.12
dilophosaur hey s eat him there you602.07.16
go why'd you do that I moved a little I611.3996.68
you said where are you I'm I'm coming614.8394.961
back I'm coming back ah this is a bad618.0794.041
idea come towards the boat I am I am619.83.4
ready to hit the button get ready to hit622.123.08
the button hit the623.25.72
button hit ah crap okay we're moving now625.27.16
God oh God he is so screwed there is628.926.64
nothing I can do for dris right now oh632.367.44
God okay um he is going to follow me635.567.36
forever okay oh he's on the boat he's on639.86.68
the boat now okay great all right let's642.926.08
go back to the no don't get me646.485.44
underneath woo that was quick move baby649.05.279
oh he's so fast in the water I'm hurt so651.924.76
bad hurt so bad don't fight me again654.2795.601
please okay on the boat moving656.685.159
moving okay what am I going to do where659.887.28
is he is he on the six is he on the six661.8397.601
okay God what can I do for Dres I don't667.164.76
know what I can do maybe I can I need to669.444.8
build a671.922.32
bed crazy swayy look at this place oh674.446.12
yeah it's like a little is a little678.124.6
island here oh check it yeah there's680.564.36
some ruins here hopefully this one I682.723.2
this is going to be one of those stupid684.925.12
boxes yeah apparently oh God you get X P685.925.68
if you open those but I hate touching690.044.44
them oh yeah this is good uh-oh I do see691.65.32
a Sarco over there I know those guys are694.485.799
pretty mean yeah waterfall down that way696.925.719
oh man you know what crazy S I can see a700.2794.281
nice little vacation home over here I702.6393.2
know I'm out getting wood for Simon but704.564.12
I'm getting wildly distracted do I use705.8394.281
the wood that I'm supposed to get for708.683.959
Simon to do that710.127.35
today no no I'm going to be good boy712.6397.89
there he720.564.16
is God welcome back I got to quit moving721.445.92
on this yeah I thought we covered that724.725.76
uh yeah um we got to put a chair down I727.365.32
was scared it was a Saro oh yeah that's730.486.64
true um so why don't I drive the boat I732.687.08
won't move you guide us to your bag yep737.125.2
hopefully the Sarco is not there okay739.766.56
and we get your bag and run and go yeah742.329.28
just uh little bit uh oh you you already746.325.28
moved did you move hey you know what752.64.88
I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll drive there755.0794.681
okay hold on I'm going to sit very still757.483.85
yeah you don't759.764.659
move okay there we go I remember there's764.86.32
a s out there I know okay are we here767.486.479
yeah oh this close not too bad okay all771.124.56
right come773.9596.12
on you TCO I'm not looking for775.687.04
hold in what's get get in what was that780.0794.961
okay I don't know you don't know well no782.723.679
just want to get away did you get your785.044.84
bag yeah oh good all right um let me786.3995.0
there a swamp over there so be careful789.884.36
go ahead I'm not moving a there he is go791.3997.401
go don't move don't move oh God God God794.249.44
God okay no no get off the boat is he798.86.399
hurting the boat or me I think he's803.683.44
hurting the boat this might be good no805.1995.041
he got me woo wo nice throw807.127.36
oh God I'm so far from oh God please810.245.67
still be there814.487.1
bit son of a [ __ ] oh no821.6399.081
no damn it booger825.884.84
butt Simon I'm right next to you hey you831.3996.521
didn't hear me wake up no no I was835.6394.721
paying attention to Harry Harry come on837.925.08
buddy why is Harry coming in here uh cuz840.364.64
I carrying a lot of weight I'm making a843.04.32
behemoth gate oh I see I'm trying to845.04.16
protect our place here man I should have847.324.079
told you to feed booger butt booger849.165.359
butt's dead yeah too bad all right I'll851.3996.481
give it a pirate854.5196.841
funeral ah just get in the857.886.92
water ah come on why you sticking oh861.364.44
on there you865.85.479
go son son of a [ __ ] son of a [ __ ] oh867.687.36
son of a are you kidding me now bubbles871.2795.601
bubbles dead875.045.599
too day oh my God it's the worst day the876.886.399
worst day there you880.6394.921
go son of a883.2797.8
[ __ ] come on there you go885.565.519
oh that's the wrong boat God I'm in the906.1996.041
freezing boat and I'm908.65.72
freezing is there any wood hey there's912.244.44
meat I'll take that meat pleas me some914.325.199
wood any chance this boat can run today916.685.64
by some chance that'd be awesome boom919.5195.161
what happened here um oh cuz you're full922.326.04
I got it and here boom light fire eat it924.687.159
up just just throw me a bone Arc right928.367.56
here just get unstuck931.8394.081
no no you stuck all right before we die937.7594.681
and what a freaking944.86.839
day are there any948.123.519
beds all right this is Behemoth wood952.07.319
gate I need 400956.167.159
and 56 is that no 46 I don't know959.3196.401
something like that963.3194.921
ABS damn it man what the hell's taking965.724.64
him so long what's he getting he's968.243.76
getting just wood I just needed a little970.363.399
bit of help and he's like I'll help well972.03.24
maybe he is in973.7594.041
trouble oh God damn it that is an alpha975.246.8
Raptor um don't go over there uh crazy s977.86.399
stay away from that Al for Raptor just982.045.12
just run idiot God now I got to go find984.1995.12
you I thought this would be a good a987.165.56
good spot to to build a waterfall a nice989.3194.801
little place in AR I guess there is no992.723.52
nice place in Arc cuz as soon as you994.124.68
build somewhere he just goes hey here's996.245.159
an alpha rapper damn it damn it now I998.83.839
just want to abandon this house this is1001.3993.12
going to be an abandoned home all right1002.6395.0
I got to get S I got I got to get crazy1004.5198.281
swayy back okay Alpha Raptor do not see1007.6398.56
me maybe maybe he's no but if he was1012.86.32
dead he would be back here yeah yeah but1016.1994.961
he might be in trouble yeah but just run1019.123.159
right you think he's been fighting this1021.162.56
long and not dead I don't know what's1022.2793.201
going on I I'm just trying to get my1023.723.56
life back together you know what I mean1025.483.959
yeah I hear you've had a rough day it's1027.284.399
been a rough day I'm going to I'm going1029.4394.441
to clean my clothes up good that's what1031.6793.201
I'm going to do I'm going to treat1033.883.72
myself about damn1034.886.36
time crazy sway where'd you go no way1037.65.959
I'm losing a damn spino there's no way1041.245.64
I'm losing a spino out in the woods oh I1043.5596.161
see him hey there you are are you idiot1046.886.2
hey time to go God I hope that's you1049.724.839
yeah crazy squeezy all right let's get1053.083.479
let's come down to the beach this just1054.5593.36
turned in the1056.5593.721
[ __ ] there you go let's get out of here1057.9193.921
why are you so bloody what's your health1060.284.24
at you were fighting a turtle you dumb1061.845.079
[ __ ] okay your Health's not too bad but1064.524.08
still you shouldn't be that Bloody1066.9195.0
fighting a turtle it's a turtle crazy1068.65.959
szy all right guess we got to start1071.9193.961
Gathering more wood cuz I just used it1074.5593.24
all to build that Hut I abandoned damn1075.885.64
it what a day [ __ ]1077.7993.721
Ark you bu got any food uh oh no uh not1082.1597.321
really no just no piece of food no uh1086.45.8
I'll give yeah I got food no I have no1089.486.12
food um nope nothing here oh crap this1092.25.12
berries hey this parasaur got some1095.63.079
berries yeah there's some berries in the1097.324.96
Paras here we go oh man yeah how's your1098.6796.601
day you know how my day was I know1102.284.639
[ __ ] roonies1105.284.44
hey I'm back I got a wood and a ton of1106.9195.441
damn meat I do not need your wood cuz1109.725.439
you were slow oh okay well then we just1112.364.4
have a ton of extra wood there you go1115.1594.921
I'm crafting my gate right now yeah I1116.766.44
lost everything today I lost everything1120.084.959
get the [ __ ] out of my way get out of my1123.24.599
way get out of my way get out of my way1125.0396.88
who you talking to me pterodon oh get1127.7997.36
get off of me both my babies died I'm1131.9194.601
okay I'm done complaining how many1135.1594.321
berries I got to eat a lot1136.524.96
I'll cook you some fish NE oh that1139.483.76
sounds wonderful oh man yeah we got a1141.484.28
stack of fish what kind of fish uh I1143.244.76
think cold Camp okay I don't like it1145.765.2
when it's too bony oh that's a nice Bell1148.04.36
I don't know what it was for that time I1150.963.4
just wanted to I I hate it still in the1152.365.0
middle of town that's where Bells go not1154.364.08
in the middle of town they go like a1157.362.72
bell tower in like the schoolhouse we1158.443.359
had this conversation right middle of1160.085.92
damn Town hey guys what check this1161.7997.281
out boom Oh see now that's a gate that's1166.06.12
a damn gate right there that's a gateo1169.085.64
wait no that looks awesome Simon1172.124.16
especially this lighting it looks God it1174.723.36
almost looks kind of evil like the gates1176.285.399
to Mordor or something we are evil as1178.085.959
far as our enemies know but we're1181.6795.48
actually kind which is really dangerous1184.0397.481
too right sure thank1187.1597.361
Bove oh yeah that look nice that's right1194.9195.841
that look nice here the door1198.1595.201
opens now I can really see1200.765.08
it I should have saved the bell ring for1203.368.72
right then that's oh [ __ ] next time yeah1205.846.24
we have a belt Oh gety yay it's a bell1238.7999.161
tower yep huh okay that's good too what1243.528.44
a productive day we got so much done hey1247.965.44
I'm getting stuff done I'm painting I'm1251.962.76
having a good time yeah I've been1253.44.8
killing it today so have we sure you1254.725.64
have not everybody can be Achievers like1258.26.76
me and dris that's true1260.364.6

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