We have to FIGHT THAT with NO CLOTHES?! - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 42* Three of the boys fight titanic bosses in their birthday suits, while the other two argue about spiral ...
We have to FIGHT THAT with NO CLOTHES?! - Conan Exiles
We have to FIGHT THAT with NO CLOTHES?! - Conan Exiles

We have to FIGHT THAT with NO CLOTHES?! - Conan Exiles

Neebs Gaming

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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neebs: Okay, guys, we have to talk about our favorite video. You know which one I'm talking about—'We have to FIGHT THAT with NO CLOTHES?! - Conan Exiles.' Classic.

simon: Oh, absolutely. Nothing like battling titanic bosses in your birthday suit. Really brings out the best in you, right?

appsro: Yeah, nothing says 'heroic' like fighting monsters while you’re basically naked. And don't forget the spiral staircase debate. That was the REAL challenge.

neebs: Right? Who knew spiral staircases could be more divisive than fighting a giant lizard with no armor? Priorities, people!

simon: Honestly, I think the spiral staircase debate was more intense. I mean, the bosses were easy compared to figuring out which way the staircase should go.

appsro: Yeah, and let's not forget Neebs' attempt at teleportation. Spoiler: it did not go well. But hey, at least he tried!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode from Conan Exiles Season 2? Episode 42 is an absolute blast! Picture this: three of our favorite boys take on some titanic bosses in nothing but their birthday suits. Yep, you read that right! Meanwhile, the other two are caught up in a hilarious argument about spiral staircases. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

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Oh, and don’t forget to check out the timestamps in the video description – they’re perfect for finding your favorite moments in the episode. From Puddles' Puddle to the epic Stealth Mission, there’s something for everyone.

Thanks for watching Conan Exiles with us, and keep being awesome! 🚀.


The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just watched the latest episode of Neebs Gaming playing Conan Exiles and it was hilarious! Those guys always crack me up with their antics. This time around, Appsro, Simon, and Thick were running around fighting massive bosses completely naked. I was dying laughing as they tried to take down these huge monsters with their bare hands (and other bare parts, lol).

Meanwhile, Dora and Neebs were back at the base arguing about building a spiral staircase. Classic Neebs and Dora bickering while chaos ensues around them. And of course Appsro had to stop and make some inappropriate jokes about "go-gurt" and "spooge." Juvenile humor at its finest!

But beyond the laughs, you can tell how much fun they're having exploring the world of Conan Exiles together. The cinematic shots of the landscapes and builds really showcase how beautiful the game can be. Neebs Gaming has such a talent for storytelling - they pull you into the adventure right along with them.

I don't even own Conan Exiles but I look forward to each new episode. Their videos are the next best thing to playing it yourself. Neebs Gaming is by far my favorite gaming channel for immersive, cinematic experiences. No one does it better. Whether they're screaming in terror from deadly dinosaurs in Ark or embroiled in hilarious shenanigans in Conan Exiles, their epic adventures are always entertaining. If you're looking for amazing gameplay with nonstop laughs, Neebs Gaming is the way to go!

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puddles just soak it up buddy cuz we're6.484.8
going to be heading out in a second ah8.085.759
so heavy I feel like I'm never not11.285.48
encumbered in this game is that crazy13.8394.481
all right I'm just going to build this16.763.8
religion thing and just see what happens18.327.36
you know I'm right about say there okay20.567.16
ah I don't like the way it's turned all25.683.2
right don't worry about it we got stuff27.723.8
to do puddles drop your shoes let's28.885.739
go all right you want to take care of40.324.6
this stuff whack before we go down H42.325.12
yeah I guess we better yeah all right44.925.56
get off get off come on get off I hate47.445.2
this freaking sea business I want it to50.485.0
be the same on button same off button52.644.28
yeah all right so we're going to this55.483.44
light that's the deal yeah I think we56.923.72
can ride straight down down here and58.923.56
then up the other side what's going on60.644.479
at the light whack yeah so that's a62.484.8
event the sacred hunt all right what's65.1193.721
it involve you want to give us uh give67.283.68
us the tip come on so most important68.844.0
part is we're all going to get naked oh70.963.68
okay that's fine I think is it possible72.844.599
that your gollem is wanting to attack me74.644.32
oh no it just started running okay I77.4394.201
bumped in so all right nervous we should78.964.28
be good should be good wow so you guys81.643.36
are just going to pass right over that I83.244.519
say naked and all of a sudden it's just85.04.96
another day for us wack yeah it's really87.7594.241
not that big of a deal no I'm89.964.839
comfortable with my junk I'm tired of92.07.159
the uh the stigma around nude nudity94.7995.841
right come on let's let's have game99.1594.801
shows in Europe that are huh like they100.645.519
do in Europe rather don't they sure it's103.964.479
all naked over there it's all naked they106.1594.761
they go naked grocery shopping they do I108.4394.921
know I like it so you can't shoplift110.924.64
I'll take some milk please I like seeing113.363.64
the hard nips I'd be hanging out in the115.563.599
frozen food section all day I like to117.04.92
put gogurts up my butt oh boy I didn't119.1595.161
know that was okay all right too much121.924.4
well that escalated quickly yeah little124.325.2
much so so yep another126.324.8
abro yeah I don't think he's there guys131.124.479
I know he built this portal recently I133.843.36
think he was building another place and135.5994.041
we check it out so puddles uh it's going137.23.759
to be cold I don't know if there's any139.643.56
water where we're going which one is it140.9595.121
is it this one with the claws oh yep143.24.92
that's it all right uh can everybody146.084.0
squeeze in here puddles let me just just148.123.88
grab you over here real quick okay and150.083.879
nope this one right there all right free152.05.319
holies squeeze in beside puddles and Y153.9595.0
there we go it's going to be tight I157.3196.28
know and hold on West Dragon mouth I158.9596.041
guess we're going to West Dragon mouth163.5994.36
huh all right hang on fellas can't fast165.05.84
travel right now um is that their way of167.9594.761
saying I can't do it ever or right now170.843.56
what right now have to do with it uh172.724.0
crap maybe we can't all go free H tell174.43.919
you what buddy let me try leaving you176.724.56
here so you stay put us two are going to178.3196.84
try to go and Bop all right I don't know181.286.0
where I'm at oh puddles here you are185.1595.36
okay good I afraid you didn't come this187.286.2
place does not look fun oh yeah we're in190.5196.481
the right area193.483.52
abro NE yeah I'm out front go uh you see197.2397.0
spiral staircase I see Bears okay yeah201.365.0
you're in the basement go up the spiral204.2394.681
staircase go through the B room no206.365.76
through the spiral staircase up up the208.927.28
spiral staircase right um is there a212.126.399
tunnel like a tube tunnel it's a spiral216.25.319
staircase I look around I'll see spiral218.5196.8
staircase go into the room with the uh221.5196.841
sacrificial bench the Bears right the225.3195.761
bear room yep now look around and use228.365.519
your godamn eyeballs I tell you what231.085.32
spiral staircase if this channel don't233.8794.841
work out you're not find a working GPS236.44.44
boes a spiral238.726.439
staircase no what do you mean no I mean240.846.28
no there a final staircase in that245.1595.16
[ __ ] room okay I see it good247.126.72
God be right250.3193.521
there Hi whack so we're here at the new254.285.679
car event uh-huh you ever seen when they257.0795.56
put like the spotlight up at a I you259.9594.441
know that's true it's a new car new262.6393.881
carette that way you can find it easy264.44.16
right I understand why I don't know why266.524.16
you had to explain that listen wack I268.563.44
thought that we were going to fight and270.682.76
then you just came up in here I thought272.03.039
we were what's what's going on what's273.443.44
going on no we just talked to these275.0394.241
people well tell okay and buy some stuff276.884.12
so if you want to stand here and talk to279.283.68
someone for a long time you can talk to281.05.039
the bloody tongue of je why good I don't282.965.6
want to do that I mean look some people286.0394.241
like that sort of thing just because288.564.12
it's not your jam okay that's fine so we290.285.16
don't need to hello master of the hunt292.685.12
I'd like a new car but we are going to295.444.479
trade with this guy I'm going to buy a297.84.88
of things and then we can go fight some299.9195.0
bosses for this event don't fall for the302.684.32
undercoat package and always try to304.9193.881
offer him cash so there's no tax all307.03.12
right so I'm going to drop these War308.83.0
paints for you guys if you want to grab310.123.799
those don't equip them just yet so don't311.84.119
equip them yet but get naked no don't313.9194.0
get naked yet either we'll wait until we315.9194.041
get well I mean you can get naked if you317.9194.521
want we don't need to until we get to319.964.959
the spot get naked now well yeah I think322.444.879
that'd be a good idea okay we're doing324.9197.761
it perfect yum y yummy yum yum327.3195.361
delish oh boy okay I'm through the one334.285.44
big the metal door at the top of the338.243.64
stairs all right go left and go out of339.724.52
the front gate those are great341.884.12
instructions the first was great344.243.399
instructions you [ __ ] I didn't know346.03.4
which room everything's gray down there347.6393.28
all right now go to the front hey you349.44.4
see me hey come down here check this out350.9194.801
I got to tell you I do not like this353.84.679
place already why my skin is already355.725.4
gross your Skin's what from the cold358.4795.481
this is cold I don't know I look like a361.125.32
mess oh no that's that that's that's not363.964.76
you that's the uh the teleportation366.443.72
it'll wear off I promise just give it a368.723.28
few minutes wears off okay yeah wears370.164.0
off check this out I built this uhhuh372.03.599
which is crazy you say I have to build374.162.879
this but uh yeah I thought it would be375.5993.361
cool looking if like you know my377.0393.641
sorcerer Castle it looked like I ruined378.964.6
a town before I you know moved in oh380.685.4
okay I see yeah I really want to get383.564.16
some THS or whatever I don't know if I386.083.2
could like make them cry but I kind of387.723.56
want to litter this whole town full of389.284.88
nude crying people I guess not naked I I391.284.479
I guess I need to get fur and dress them394.162.96
up like they would have lived here395.7592.921
sounds like your other place but with397.124.96
fur yes with more fur and it's a town398.685.32
okay I need an alchemist are there402.084.08
Alchemists out here you are asking the404.05.039
wrong the wrong person about that but I406.164.4
think I have heard tell of one in the409.0394.401
volcano region so which is uh all right410.565.479
so you see my castle up here uhuh it's413.444.84
uh it's behind hey puddles how you doing416.0394.401
you cute little [ __ ] he doesn't like it418.283.4
either you should have seen him look at420.442.879
me a minute ago well he can kiss my421.684.04
black ass your ass is not black all423.3195.041
right but yeah come through here so oh425.724.479
excuse me guys s the dog I could have428.363.72
went out this way I could have went430.1993.241
right out this door out have been it's432.082.799
easier to just sit there the spiral433.443.0
staircase because I thought that was the434.8792.921
most obvious [ __ ] thing in the room436.443.52
you know yep okay that would have been437.84.16
easier you coming yep just still can't439.964.959
believe it here I am all right go up441.965.239
here and I think if we keep yeah we go444.9193.68
through here this is the mouth of the447.1994.481
volcano oh all right that's the back uh448.5995.44
the back side of my castle which looks451.684.32
awesome yep okay let's see do you have a454.0394.041
wheel of pain here oh no I don't I've456.04.56
been going back to our old place and458.084.76
using that wheel and honestly I haven't460.564.28
even been like making THS I've just been462.844.4
putting them on like slave chains okay464.843.96
well I'm going to rest up then I might467.243.399
go and look in there all right sounds468.84.92
good puddles looking good cutie is he470.6396.801
single he's a l man I can473.726.4
tell all right so let's put our paint on477.446.719
here okay okay going that's a thing yeah480.125.799
it's a thing so how do how do you put it484.1593.32
on did you explain that already you just485.9195.521
hit equip oh yeah just hit equip I like487.4796.56
that yeah right click on it oh there you491.445.439
go oh wow yours looks pretty amazing494.0395.44
actually oh I like it wait you guys both496.8796.081
look amazing I know we do wow yeah we do499.4797.801
and you look okay also my Go-Gurt just502.966.959
broke what about your all right well507.284.84
let's go let's go do this all right what509.9194.201
what did you say about512.124.68
Gogurt all right forget it sorry moving514.126.32
on what what's going516.83.64
on what's going on back there Giggles I522.767.0
know what's going on we're following we526.085.28
need to fight these let's just go you're529.763.72
so tough w why don't you guys just kill531.365.479
that crocodile oh my oh my here we go oh533.485.96
God you just hit me and almost killed me536.8394.56
you shouldn't have walked into the [ __ ]539.444.519
[ __ ] get get uh healed up and then come541.3996.961
over here right see this this Shrine543.9596.841
unassumed Shrine that's a very lazy548.366.32
Shrine yeah so this is for the Rhino and550.86.599
when I place this lure on here there's554.684.839
going to be a rhino that appears behind557.3994.56
you guys and then what do we fight the559.5195.401
Rhino we kill it oh we we stick it with561.9595.161
all the pointy things okay okay all564.924.599
right so all right what an event let's567.125.8
see this all right here we go boom rhino569.5196.681
rhino I hear something I oh a smokey572.925.76
smokey Rhino wow that's creepy that's576.25.28
pretty cool oh that's a big Rhino yep oh578.686.399
yeah oh boy does the shield work well581.486.08
against the Rhino sure all right I'm585.0794.76
scared to like you guys if I get too587.564.12
close to you we need to be very careful589.8394.601
cuz I almost died with one swing I'm in591.685.48
here I'm swinging away I'll just wait594.445.04
until you're done before I keep on going597.164.72
I think he's big enough for the bolt all599.484.919
right you know what I'm going to leave601.884.24
I'm going to I'm going to reprieve I'm604.3993.161
going to attack he's going to fall606.123.48
peppering from back here man you got the607.564.44
pepper arrows peppers I like it all609.64.2
right go ahead Simon you get in there612.03.839
all right doing it doing a coule little613.84.279
right clickies oh boy you like that615.8393.841
we're going to get a lot of thick tide618.0792.841
out of this isn't there a thick619.683.12
something thick we get oh thick I missed620.923.52
thick tell us more about your right622.84.479
clicking Simon oh I'm doing it good baby624.445.88
listen this is some sweet sweet slang I627.2795.081
got going on and I'm just holding this630.324.44
shield for fun oh God okay I'm run I'm632.364.2
just going to let you finish it no no I634.764.84
don't think I can here go all in I might636.566.56
die right here I'm stuck639.65.64
s oh god oh what just happened okay it645.247.399
had no soul so what what now whack all649.2794.841
right so if you look in its inventory652.6394.681
it's got some items in there Nar bangs654.125.92
and then the brand got them oh you I was657.324.8
just about to do that you snatched it660.043.799
what's up what about it there's two more662.124.159
bosses that we can fight and then we can663.8395.961
go against the main boss so three more666.2795.921
bosses we can fight today te technically669.84.839
there's four all right today for total I672.24.36
don't know all right well let's do let's674.6394.241
try let's be ambitious lead the way back676.566.56
to the horses we go no Dilly dallying678.886.88
whack this is not wearing off abso all683.124.0
right well do you want to go do this are685.762.96
you fine with being a little corrupted I687.122.719
mean I688.723.799
I'm a little hesitant to go in full like689.8394.921
you know swinging look if it gets crazy692.5194.081
we can back out and then we can get you694.763.8
all cured up B there no problem all696.64.64
right okay oo you know I I've been698.563.8
living here for a minute I Haven been701.243.36
back here yet really yeah wack came from702.364.12
this way one time wack says there's THS704.63.679
this way and then yeah you mentioned the706.483.359
uh the what do you need The Alchemist an708.2793.961
alchemist and a dancer I guess okay well709.8394.44
I guess we'll look for both of them yeah712.243.56
I guess the other thing we could do is714.2792.961
go through your portal grab a dancer and715.83.159
bring them back true so what's Puddle717.244.64
story he grew up in the puddles and then718.9596.0
in the puddles yeah is that like a place721.885.24
oh I'm sorry hold on check this724.9595.161
out this he would hate this this is the727.125.32
opposite of a puddle no yeah it's a lava730.124.279
puddle Yep this is bigger than a puddle732.443.199
right like would you wouldn't qualify734.3992.921
this as a puddle yeah it's a puddle to735.6394.0
me cuz it's okay all right well look737.323.6
like we can just keep going up this way739.6392.32
have you ever jumped in there I guess740.922.08
you never been in here have I ever741.9593.161
jumped in the lava no I haven't curious743.05.6
not once if it's like instant gone oh745.124.56
maybe I don't know you ever see that748.63.039
Volcano movie with Tommy Lee Jones the749.685.08
GU saving the girl I think so yeah and751.6394.88
yeah it's it's like he jumps out of the754.763.68
back of a subway train and his feet hit756.5194.601
the lava and he just screams and melts758.445.16
that just sticks in my brain dude how761.124.44
quickly did he go away I mean enough763.64.84
time to holler about it I wonder you765.564.88
know how long that really takes like768.444.12
what's realistic yeah to melt yeah770.444.759
listen I'm about to melt right now oh I772.564.12
don't know if I can stay here oh wow775.1993.32
yeah it's extremely hot [ __ ] we're going776.683.44
to need some like special food for this778.5193.481
place yep okay you know what I'm running780.122.839
I'm running back the other way we782.03.399
running okay we're running yeah no it's782.9595.601
hot oh my God yeah it's hot yep how far785.3995.24
we going to go just back into the hole788.565.719
okay oh man that almost killed me you790.6397.041
okay yeah wo you almost died too huh oh794.2795.601
yeah yeah so I'm hot here but extremely797.683.719
hot well we we probably need some sort799.884.199
of food right um that would be my guess801.3995.081
food that cools you down or maybe or804.0793.961
smoothie I don't know like that's a806.483.479
whack question yeah either that or is808.043.2
there a certain type of clothes that809.9592.721
protect us something's got to protect us811.244.159
from heat I guess so so we need that so812.684.399
why don't we go we'll find a we can go815.3992.921
home get you a dancer and we can look817.0793.76
into that huh yeah and then yeah then818.324.319
we'll do some more exploring day is not820.8393.321
going like I thought I would it never822.6393.241
does I'm just excited I get to go back824.163.679
and see825.884.16
puddles like to make a puddle out of him827.8393.56
you know what I mean I don't see how830.043.159
works this is a cat that is a cat big833.1996.32
huge Panther big huge I like this color836.64.679
Panthers are panthers aren't always839.5194.12
black are they no okay well they're not841.2794.56
ever hardly white unless they're uh843.6394.12
albino yeah well I can tell you this845.8394.721
one's not pink okay well let's see it847.7594.561
here we850.566.639
go yeah yeah oh this look at that oh852.327.68
that's cool I love that's oh look at you857.1996.281
oh he picked me yes he did good I missed860.06.6
twice oh goodness oh oh oh I think you863.485.12
just hit me wow well I haven't hit the866.64.159
cat yet that's for sure oh boy yep868.64.84
giving you some swipes that's right oh870.7595.2
boy there we go all right F get away873.443.88
from me little875.9595.161
KY s I'm sorry about877.323.8
that guess the Guess the bed roll is881.365.32
important sorry about that yeah bad883.884.68
rolls is a good idea here I come here I886.684.88
come you're on it who who was who was888.564.959
that was that the cat yeah was me all891.564.6
right good all right so I'm dead body893.5194.24
here will you try to get the cat away896.164.4
from my body we work with me sure I'll897.7595.401
bring I'll bring it this way appreciate900.565.399
it it like it likes me right now so good903.163.88
boom yeah I kind of sorry about that907.044.159
Simon all right so what was it it just a909.724.359
swing it was an arrow uh-oh one Arrow911.1995.481
yeah wow powerful arrows sure all right914.0794.481
so he almost toasted me with one of916.683.44
those arrows yeah I'm right I did I918.563.48
don't think I want to go in if you're920.125.159
shooting that run run922.046.279
run all right you get going after Dora925.2795.04
now get him kitty pretty cool looking928.3194.281
Kitty it is it is a cool looking Kitty930.3195.121
mhm got very nice cheekbones balls932.65.039
almost saw I almost thought I saw balls935.444.8
no you did it does look like balls yeah937.6394.961
yeah yeah oh yeah so if it's a monster940.244.12
Kitty does that mean that it's got942.65.32
monster balls me anything on it is a944.365.8
monster whatever is on it oh I got to go947.924.44
all right I'm going in oh hold on oh950.164.2
going to steal it little steel in it952.363.2
come on all954.364.719
right steal it in there coming in going955.566.24
to try no no I thought it was a lot959.0796.76
closer come on yeah nice job I'll take961.86.279
that too thank youo all right grab his965.8394.48
stuff got it cool good stuff you ready968.0794.961
for another trip Simon oh no not like970.3196.041
that one we should have bought a973.043.32
car I like these knees oh a hand stand979.8395.24
yeah yep my corruption is gone uh I'm985.0797.601
ready to do this if you are uh sure am I989.8394.961
going to keep this uh this dancer or do992.683.68
we need to find a new one you can have a994.83.519
dancer I want Alchemist okay gotta so996.363.08
that's what we're looking for all right998.3193.76
let's get back to where we were999.445.16
yeah okay we're back yep it's extremely1002.0794.721
hot got the ice I gave you uh yeah so1004.65.08
just eat it eat it and cooling down now1006.85.839
instead extremely hot we're very hot and1009.685.04
okay my health has stopped going down1012.6394.401
good yeah so that'll work oh man it's1014.725.16
got dark man this is not a good place to1017.045.2
be it doesn't seem like a good place to1019.884.36
be but there supposed to be an alchemist1022.243.319
here you know I remember coming here1024.243.559
with thick back in the day okay why1025.5594.721
would anyone live here I have no idea I1027.7993.76
guess cuz they were pushed out of their1030.283.6
homes probably by people like me can you1031.5595.081
tell where to go down hell no I a let's1033.885.36
see where are we at now it's too it's so1036.644.6
damn dark it's right here wait okay1039.243.679
right here is this path it's a path oh1041.243.319
my God not a great path feel like I1042.9193.801
should call in Bob oh your light yeah1044.5594.041
yeah call in Bob let me call Bob I'm1046.723.36
going to going to scope ahead while you1048.64.199
do that yep it looks like lava1050.084.88
everywhere there's a structure up here1052.7994.681
so maybe I think that's where they live1054.965.44
maybe hey Bob good to see you I don't1057.486.72
see any people though not yet anyway oo1060.45.68
man does look kind of cool yeah I1064.24.44
remember being here way back in the day1066.085.479
yeah it was a long time ago okay I I1068.645.159
don't remember not remembering this so1071.5593.961
can't get to that thing to the left it's1073.7994.441
all just lava between us and there yeah1075.523.76
I'm going to have to work work our way1078.242.24
around God that looks creepy though1079.282.84
doesn't it look up there yep can you see1080.483.679
that the very top oh yeah or just the1082.124.0
the statue of the hooded figure statue1084.1594.241
speaking of that I saw two giant guys1086.124.36
outside your Castle on the on the1088.43.759
mountain wait really yeah they're big1090.483.92
guys two giants I think they're real1092.1595.281
people gigantic oh when did you see that1094.44.759
uh I was looking around for resources1097.443.96
you got nothing where you live oh yeah I1099.1594.52
got ice though well I don't even like1101.44.759
that unless I'm burning up oh [ __ ] need1103.6794.841
more ice oh there's nothing oh God oh1106.1594.841
God what are where are you where did you1108.524.0
come from did he come out of the lava oh1111.03.4
there's two of them man my health is1112.524.36
already low from the heat too yep yeah1114.44.48
we got to we got to eat ice constantly I1116.883.159
didn't realize how had to eat so much of1118.882.279
it yeah I didn't either I thought we1120.0393.281
could just eat one oh no okay that one's1121.1593.801
dead okay I'm working on the other one1123.323.88
you uh can you back attack him yep just1124.964.0
step away someone's blood on my screen1127.25.04
want step away oh God all right okay oh1128.966.04
my God eat ice drink a thing oh go1132.244.96
there's another one ah crap where is he1135.04.159
okay you want mean to fight him yeah1137.23.359
let's both fight him got him I just1139.1592.721
don't want to stab you I'm not near you1140.5592.841
yeah fight him there we go oh dude you1141.883.48
got a nice sword oh yeah star Metal Man1143.44.48
jeez I need a sword like thato jeez see1145.364.24
these things drop anything good what the1147.884.0
hell is that hold on what is this what1149.64.88
you got let see a hunter Satchel what do1151.883.919
I do with that can I open that oh1154.483.439
there's money in it and oh is that a map1155.7994.641
I got a flesh map gross that is gross1157.9194.24
I'm not going there there's a lot of1160.443.32
[ __ ] written on that we're not in a good1162.1593.801
spot to do it eat more ice yum yeah we1163.763.48
got to make our way through here quick1165.963.0
hold on is that true okay no yeah yeah1167.243.2
okay yeah let's go a little quicker I'm1168.963.68
run ahead if we cannot I hope it cools1170.447.76
down somewhere me too neebs me too1172.648.64
je what's next wack all right we got a1178.25.479
mammoth at this one is it a giant1181.283.84
Mammoth I mean they're all giant but is1183.6794.081
this one more gianter it's more Gian1185.125.039
okay is it and is this now three of the1187.764.44
four that needs to happen before we get1190.1593.88
to the fifth that's the big one now1192.23.76
there's four total Simon Okay so this is1194.0393.64
the third techically There is five but1195.964.24
son of a [ __ ] I was right son of a1197.6793.961
[ __ ] that's what I thought was1200.24.04
happening and I see a giant like dude1201.643.84
over there we're going to be fighting1204.242.799
him too aren't we no we're not fighting1205.484.28
him no okay no just a mammoth all right1207.0395.161
here we go all right here we go Mammoth1209.764.399
so with this fight you you want to try1212.24.08
to make sure he stays on flat land if1214.1594.441
you go up top there up on the edge it's1216.284.56
it's going to be a really hard fight so1218.64.16
okay okay we're not yeah we'll stay down1220.844.24
here and away from that other boss yeah1222.765.12
oo he's so big hard to know where to be1225.087.52
I'm getting a St the I missed1227.884.72
upsk that hurt that was fun that me1233.246.0
running that's fluffy oh [ __ ] [ __ ] get1236.485.199
away from me get away from me this guy's1239.243.76
going to oh I didn't lay down at bed1241.6793.841
roll oh boy oh boy is right I got I got1243.04.6
him with me so you can get healed up all1245.523.68
right good I'm going to do that oh boy1247.63.88
that's a move oh my god oh wow that1249.24.52
almost killed you that was not me that1251.484.679
was him wow this one's kind of tough1253.724.52
he's a little tougher to fight yeah yeah1256.1594.0
you know what what uh I didn't pick up1258.244.08
my bed roll and I don't have enough1260.1594.321
stuff to make one if you if you just1262.324.16
want to play spectator camera up there1264.484.48
you can no I'll go in and do some1266.485.36
stabbings for sure1268.966.4
oh oh I jumped to a void and it still1271.845.68
got me that's [ __ ] [ __ ] all1275.363.64
right so is that the deal though you get1277.523.68
protected if you are in the air no it1279.03.4
still hurt me that's why I said it still1281.23.479
hurt me well I mean it's sometimes just1282.43.72
cuz it did it once doesn't mean it's1284.6793.281
still not what you're supposed to do1286.123.76
yeah best thing to do is just get away1287.963.959
from him when he does that okay yeah all1289.886.72
right man it's a big anger amama yeah oh1291.9197.521
goof all right all right halfway halfway1296.65.6
yeah just noticed1299.445.359
that oh that's a sound did you imagine1302.24.76
in real life Elephant chargeing your ass1304.7994.921
yeah no not no just cracking every bone1306.964.719
in your body in one step it'd be pretty1309.725.36
rough yeah like that stay with us Simon1311.6796.921
Okay giant all right I will go in now no1315.085.8
no no get away from me I'm hurt uhoh1318.65.04
he's charging no oh yeah stay off the1320.884.52
edges bring down to Flat yeah bring him1323.643.639
down to Flat always down to Flat I'm1325.43.56
going to hit him here try to switch the1327.2794.161
aggro there we go drinky drink drinky1328.965.04
ah doing good there Dora I like the1334.04.64
moves it was all right it was all right1336.523.96
get in there1338.644.0
get what it sounds like Get Back Down1340.485.079
the flat come1342.642.919
here all right okay less rolling more1345.765.159
attacking right well I was trying to do1348.5594.72
less dying there you go do that too1350.9194.201
you're right oh I'm back baby come on1353.2795.561
come oh [ __ ] so close so close God I'm1355.126.76
not good fighting this get away from me1358.845.04
he does like you though son I know he1361.884.36
get up the hill get off that all BR down1363.885.32
bring him down come on all right I'll1366.245.319
hit him here should switch aggro there1369.24.2
go watch out watch out yeah you guys are1373.45.48
fighting awful close to each other yeah1376.6794.401
we are living on the edge loves it he1378.885.12
loves oh there there you go there you go1381.085.8
I'll get it nicely done I'm grabbing it1384.06.919
o Mama good1386.884.039
stuff I see an opening ahead woo I do1394.325.56
like a good opening yeah uh here's a1397.44.44
thing yeah what is this oh he's got a1399.883.64
skull on him it's like a almost like a1401.844.0
rocknose kind of what you call it there1403.524.759
you go get it to wow he's tough is he1405.843.88
yeah all right you do a couple then1408.2792.801
we'll trade out you might want to do1409.724.12
more than me okay oh I missed it all1411.084.4
right get him in the back yeah God even1413.843.4
that scar metal sword that's not really1415.484.52
taking much out of him okay oh boy okay1417.247.039
step in oh god oh no help yep okay1420.05.72
moving away I didn't think coming in1424.2793.081
here would be as dangerous as it is it's1425.723.64
pretty dangerous okay he does that oh1427.365.64
god there you go nees all right for a1429.366.319
tag out but you got him you got him owoo1433.05.24
he drop anything good more rice no not a1435.6794.681
dam damn thing can we pickaxe his ass1438.243.96
yeah do that okay I'm I'm hearing like1440.363.88
good God what is that okay oh what the1442.24.68
[ __ ] are you okay he looks bad I'm just1444.244.28
going to stab good good yeah just keep1446.884.039
stabbing I'm I got my eyes on him hope1448.526.08
he's not good Lu he's stupid oh God Stam1450.9195.36
enough all right can you hit something1454.65.16
quick oh God my oh need to eat more ice1456.2796.0
okay moving in this ice thing sucks we1459.764.399
should have brought way more ice oh yeah1462.2794.321
okay and waa whoa whoa whoa what did he1464.1595.081
do he farted on me no on my friend damn1466.64.559
it he's like Trump in court okay did you1469.244.52
fart on people I think so oh wow okay at1471.1593.921
least that's what the lam stream media1473.763.68
told me okay all right here we go uh1475.084.16
what' I get iridescent scale I'm taking1477.443.44
it just Stone and Crystal out of this1479.243.76
prick oh and now I'm over encumbered1480.885.799
fine put on my pack moving forward and1483.04.799
people they're yelling at us oh wow yeah1487.7994.041
and they uh oh boy they're starting to1490.3993.721
shoot oh there's three of them wow oh1491.844.079
there's a bunch there's a whole bunch1494.124.76
nees can you cover me cover you yeah1495.9195.12
where are you I got the big green oh man1498.883.64
I'm about to die NES I can't cover you1501.0392.961
when you run right in the middle well1502.523.159
well boy I got the I got the green1504.04.76
floating thing above me nees yep okay I1505.6794.681
don't if you see me I came off in a1508.763.279
corner I'm running over to you I don't1510.362.72
like what we're what we're doing right1512.0392.081
now I don't like what we're doing right1513.085.64
now either okay uh okay here man heal up1514.126.96
heal up okay healing up all right do you1518.724.16
think you can cover me for just a second1521.083.839
if you stay right here sure yes cover me1522.885.08
oh crap ice yeah eat your ice uh let's1524.9193.961
oh I just about died d this might either1528.885.48
help us or kill us might K wait why1531.5595.72
might it kill us oh might it kill us oh1534.366.319
[ __ ] I can't summon a storm here storm1537.2796.241
[ __ ] oh okay I'm out I'm out [ __ ] it1540.6794.561
[ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it1543.524.279
[ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ]1545.244.559
it got to bring the whole team in here1547.7994.201
for this [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it [ __ ] it1549.7996.0
ow [ __ ] it fck it what's going on no you1552.06.039
doing [ __ ] it [ __ ] it fck it [ __ ] it1555.7993.521
[ __ ] it1558.0396.841
drink [ __ ] it [ __ ] it it it it it it f1559.328.239
it all right Dora this time you actually1573.5596.48
have to talk to this lady all right hey1576.65.52
she she's going to teach you a recipe1580.0397.161
bloody tongue of okay great name1582.125.08
got it okay now you can crap the grand1592.485.12
champion lure in the alter I got it I1594.526.96
got this man I so glad I'm not1597.63.88
Dora in this guy's inventory the master1606.085.0
of the hunt you'll see a potion of the1608.9195.681
hunt you have H right away when you when1611.086.12
you buy it a till of the hunt no potion1614.64.559
of the hunt I don't know why I yeah1617.23.76
let's let's stop let's I got a potion of1619.1594.52
the hunt Okay drink it right now yes1620.966.0
okay oh drinking oh well I don't think1623.6795.681
Simon drank his yeah we just got to wait1626.966.48
for him mhm there he is yeah there he is1629.366.52
all right hey okay so there's another1633.444.56
alter in here okay and you have the1635.883.96
grand champion lure so if you put that1638.04.919
in your hot bar looks then place it here1639.844.959
this looks very familiar You' been here1642.9194.64
before yes a different event maybe years1644.7995.841
ago maybe the midnight Grove dungeon1647.5595.161
sure it looks more nerd stuff how do I1650.645.12
do this so put put the grand champion1652.725.199
lure in your hot bar and then select it1655.764.44
you got it there you go mhm and then1657.9193.88
just put it right there just put it1660.23.4
there there you go that should get him1661.7993.961
right here we go all right this is this1663.64.319
is the final biggest baddest boss well1665.763.799
not the biggest baddest but this is the1667.9195.0
one we have access to okay oh boy coming1669.5597.24
at me are you yeah you right you are an1672.9195.841
idiot hit hit hit hit1676.7994.521
at me oh boy that was a that was a smack1678.764.0
there you go that was a smack I gave him1681.323.52
a taste all right let me get my turn1682.765.12
every still like you guys here come I'm1684.845.079
coming after this one I'm in okay I'm1687.885.48
out a me this one's uh this one's pretty1689.9196.24
strong yeah yeah yeah out okay who's out1693.364.799
wish we had star metal stuff just go in1696.1593.561
there get1698.1594.801
in yeah I like it all right chisling1699.725.559
away chisling away coming in come oh1702.964.8
you're coming okay go for it all right a1705.2794.0
I missed1707.764.039
woo all right got it got to heal got to1709.2795.88
heal get off of me oh God that's a bad1711.7996.48
beaten all right I'm going in Bad1715.1596.921
Boy come here all right go on me going1718.2796.24
to have to yeah another did lay down to1722.085.439
bed roll again [ __ ] sorry I almost1724.5194.16
almost died1727.5195.361
from there I'm sorry listen I'm a SC I1728.6795.761
didn't even see you all of a sudden you1732.883.56
came right through his legs all right1734.444.8
I'm Going In You Are a are you coming to1736.444.68
me Simon you want to go let me get a1739.246.159
couple stabies in yep go one 21741.127.32
3 on watch out I know I really need to1745.3995.361
work on getting out quicker all right1748.444.68
I'm going in that's why you're at father1750.764.96
I'm pulling out coming in halfway1753.126.52
halfway got this pulling out coming1755.727.88
in oh oh no bad time there you go what1759.645.759
did he just do I don't know I thought it1763.63.079
was going to be like painful for me I1765.3993.321
think he made him angry okay you think1766.6793.6
of it start the first time we hit him he1768.724.12
just hit halfway point there going in it1770.2795.201
looks cool though it does it does this1772.844.199
area looks pretty neat I'm going in1775.482.559
in okay backing out yeah that's neat1778.0394.0
that's really neat like you see it's1780.843.319
true form or something1782.0394.64
yeah I was very far away from him and1784.1594.0
that happen you guys better get out of1786.6793.88
there oh God that was I'm going in I'm1788.1594.281
going in I'm going to try to take Aro1790.5594.401
okay got him on me all right perfect got1792.445.0
you guys heal up yeah I can I don't have1794.963.64
any more healing1797.443.839
so I'm going to die just stay just stay1798.64.439
away and when Dora takes it from me I'll1801.2793.441
I'll come give you1803.0394.081
some I'm coming I'm coming back over I'm1804.725.0
coming coming all right you're good take1807.125.12
time I'm all right I can roll I can roll1809.724.6
all right good going to take him oh boy1812.244.48
that was a bad time that was bad all1814.323.599
right oh watch your back watch your back1816.722.64
no no no turn around turn around turn1817.9193.201
around okay but that's okay it's got you1819.364.199
got the bag there oh good thank you yeah1821.127.0
all right you good woo I Like It goe Go1823.5596.761
okay I'm going in I'm going in all right1828.124.6
almost got it almost got it go in your1830.324.4
turn all right got to try little stab1832.724.6
rout oh okay I want stand on that little1834.726.559
St get out I I don't I can't I can't1837.328.0
remember how to roll ever all damn you1841.2796.24
stabby get in1845.324.719
there did I just kill1847.5195.28
Dora I think you might have something1850.0395.561
killed him damn it I think he spawns1852.7994.521
back in the dungeon though good I just1855.64.6
roll first time ever oh yeah there's a1857.328.68
roll baby out roll roll and a stab did I1860.28.359
learn how to do this at the very end1866.06.44
watch out oh no get away get away run1868.5597.441
roll I got I got him Diamond sorry buddy1872.446.16
no I deserved it we were even we were1876.05.08
even yeah we are even I'm on him so stay1878.66.12
out got it got him1881.086.479
beautiful all right there's 42 fangs in1884.724.6
there I don't want to touch him if it1887.5594.48
means I have to work harder got him1889.324.719
sucker nobody understands what you're1892.0394.12
saying demon thing well that's why1894.0396.801
they're subtitles shut your nerd mouth1896.1594.681
whack all right NES I'm going to give1901.5193.921
you some stuff I guess yeah you I'll1903.3994.28
hold your stuff okay uh you try to get1905.444.76
my stuff that and that that that that1907.6794.561
you do that and then uh you know what I1910.24.04
should be okay cuz I got this pack okay1912.243.72
all right give me a minute yep I'll grab1914.244.52
your stuff right right take all I got it1915.964.92
I'll keep it safe thank you don't die1918.764.399
with that see this turned into a day1920.884.24
yeah did I feel like I've got nothing1923.1594.0
done I know hey some days are like that1925.124.6
all right I'm going to do this oh yeah1927.1593.88
all right that's it baby I'll be right1929.722.319
back I'm going to go get you stuff1931.0391.961
hopefully they don't they don't see the1932.0392.52
big that's not the wayte I yeah yeah1933.02.679
yeah you can still see the big floating1934.5593.401
green ball look like they won't oh yeah1935.6793.761
God I mean this is a very obvious like1937.962.719
this is going to point me out right1939.442.359
maybe they'll just they won't know what1940.6792.921
to attack okay yeah they'll just be like1941.7993.88
o look at that whp look at that cute1943.63.679
little whp they're getting pictures with1945.6794.36
it they're all taking selfies you see1947.2794.88
any monsters yet no not yet still1950.0394.201
running through got to take some ice got1952.1594.4
a belly full of ice I'm hot I'm1954.244.319
invisible hopefully the ones we killed1956.5595.24
are still dead uh yes yes I concur I1958.5594.921
don't see their bodies here but again1961.7993.281
I'm invisible I should be able to get in1963.483.96
grab [ __ ] and get out that's the mission1965.084.559
just climb this Tower from the outside1967.443.959
going inside like Chumps oh is that a1969.6393.961
option maybe yeah I'm seeing the tower1971.3994.0
now it goes up this game [ __ ] with its1973.63.799
rules sometimes sometimes it's like no1975.3994.4
you can't climb here nope you can't use1977.3995.841
sorcery here inconsistent [ __ ] sounds1979.7995.84
like taxes made up that crazy stuff I1983.246.48
don't know idiots okay okay here we go1985.6397.92
uh all right all right don't see1989.729.16
me idiot damn fool idiot damn fool okay1993.5598.561
I ice oh God when I get to his pack are1998.886.96
they going to like see me loot loot all2002.125.439
oh no I was able to get it did I get it2005.844.559
yes I did it and I got my pack2007.5596.041
on you guys are so stupid you guys are2010.3995.24
so dumb you don't see my little green2013.64.16
thing whopping around I'm going to slap2015.6393.88
you in the face with my little green2017.764.08
ding dong slap you in the face with my2019.5195.011
little green ding dong I'm out2021.846.66

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