WE GOT POWER ARMOR - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Today in 7 Days, Neebs returns from the failed adventure. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www.p...
WE GOT POWER ARMOR - 7 Days to Die Fallout
WE GOT POWER ARMOR - 7 Days to Die Fallout

WE GOT POWER ARMOR - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Guys, can we all agree that 'WE GOT POWER ARMOR - 7 Days to Die Fallout' is the best video ever?

simon: Oh absolutely, Neebs. I mean, who wouldn't love watching you return from a failed adventure? It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

appsro: Yeah, Neebs, your epic fail really made my day. I think I replayed that part at least ten times. Classic!

neebs: Hey, at least I brought back the power armor! You guys can't deny that was pretty awesome.

simon: Sure, if by 'awesome' you mean 'barely functioning and covered in mud,' then yeah, super awesome.

appsro: Don't forget, Simon, Neebs also managed to get lost, run out of gas, and almost get eaten by zombies. It's a miracle he made it back at all!

neebs: You know what? I think my next adventure will be solo. Then we'll see who's laughing!

simon: Oh, we'll still be laughing, Neebs. We'll just have to laugh a little louder so you can hear us from wherever you get lost next!

Hey everyone! If you're a Neebs Gaming fan like me, you're going to love today's episode of 7 Days to Die. Neebs is back from his last adventure, which, let's be honest, didn’t go so well. But hey, that’s what makes his return so exciting, right? You never know what’s going to happen next, and that’s why we keep coming back for more.

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

7 Days to Die is a survival sandbox game that truly captures the struggle to endure in a harsh zombie-filled world. As a player, you scavenge, mine, craft, and build to create shelter and weapons to fend off the undead hordes. Neebs Gaming's latest 7 Days series showcases this tense gameplay in an entertaining and cinematic way.

Through clever editing and voice-overs, Neebs transports us right into the action as we follow the crew's desperate attempts to survive and rebuild after a devastating attack. Their humorous banter lightens the mood amidst the looming danger. We feel the thrills and chills of nighttime zombie assaults on their base. Each episode moves the narrative forward, revealing new challenges and triumphs.

Watching Neebs Gaming play 7 Days to Die is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their cinematic style allows you to experience the key emotions of the game - the satisfaction of a hard day's work fortifying your base, the camaraderie of surviving together, and the ever-present dread of the undead. The crew's genuine reactions and commentary make their journey through this harsh world compelling and enjoyable to watch.

For anyone looking for an entertaining way to preview 7 Days to Die or relive its highlights, Neebs Gaming's series is a must-watch. Their cinematic approach showcases the best parts of the game while keeping you invested in the unfolding story. So grab some snacks, barricade the doors, and get ready for an immersive apocalyptic adventure with Neebs and the crew!

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God I hope he made it home cuz good5.126.96
Lord I'm coming8.5593.521
back oh a it's a wolf not a wolf but a18.245.4
coyote how fast is he he's going to21.2794.481
catch me he's going to catch me aty23.645.16
catch me bag did I say me bag I think I25.765.12
did God28.84.68
okay take it all open here we go get out30.885.64
of there all right is my am I reloaded33.485.8
yes I got one in the chamber folks don't36.525.28
even try39.282.52
anything God there we42.126.2
go okay NES is back with his mediocre44.924.72
equipment going48.326.93
home reload here we go a pro49.648.74
good God three birds back there three63.06.439
birds oh I reminds me that song uh but66.326.04
this is not as nice oh the freaking bug69.4394.281
be that was a hit right I swear that was73.728.16
a hit reload baby come on oh not you did76.649.24
I get him okay there we go three little81.887.08
birds God okay reload nope I don't want85.885.199
the knife I want this one and I want it88.965.32
loaded God where's home that91.0797.481
way seriously did not94.289.199
die crap just D no stop it why aren't98.566.64
you doing103.4794.68
anything man I'm going to die again I'm105.26.36
going to die again right here okay God108.1596.0
I'm bleeding oh wait I got the bandage111.565.72
stop it stop bleeding okay God I can't114.1596.6
I'm so freaking turned around117.2810.32
no no God stop it leave me alone I said120.7599.241
that earlier I said leave me127.65.56
alone okay there's freaking stuff130.05.92
everywhere just everywhere just reload133.165.04
and run135.926.88
please okay God let me look at my map I138.26.56
just want to look at my142.85.64
map stop it144.766.559
no okay148.444.879
good Lord I don't have anything to heal151.3192.721
with that's not my bed there's no way154.046.4
that's my bed um okay I'm going156.048.199
this this way no oh160.446.76
crap if I can just get close to home and164.2394.231
die that'd be167.23.759
great hey guys I made a quicker entry170.9595.161
and exit instead of going all the way up174.1594.641
that was uh spiraly stairs yep I love176.125.64
just a boop boop and and a boobs oh yeah178.85.519
Hey cuz why not yeah why not no that's181.764.199
that's great little ladder down oh yeah184.3193.56
I was sick of going up the spiral stairs185.9594.241
it's beautiful yeah it's nothing much187.8794.72
really what's beautiful oh look who's190.26.84
back he that's mine okay uh y w sounded192.5996.601
like thick right there that was a bad197.044.32
trip was it man it was a great trip we199.23.44
had a good time we didn't find any201.362.72
biotics yeah we didn't well you you're202.643.2
right but dor had some antibiotics so it204.085.04
all worked out for everybody but we I205.845.16
also saw a cracker books over there so209.123.199
I'm thinking if three of us go we might211.02.959
be able to take a cracker book cuz we212.3192.84
need the knowledge to be able to make a213.9593.041
workbench we do cuz yeah right right now215.1594.241
we're stuck let's do it and you and use217.04.159
this nebs but better than what I just219.44.24
did okay to get that's how we get inside221.1595.841
yep yeah that's one way up okay I like223.647.04
it yep hey welcome back nees oh wow cool227.05.12
nice you going to work on farming I'm230.683.08
going to plant one see if it grows yeah232.123.08
good yeah we we're going to need uh yeah233.762.44
we're going to need all of it all right235.22.679
I'm going to take what little food we236.23.679
have what little bit of water I can237.8793.681
muster and then yeah let's go for that239.8794.401
Cracker book241.562.72
okay should we hit this house up oh oh245.844.8
hold on somebody just ran out oh excuse248.5195.241
me oh [ __ ] sir no no no no you oh whoa250.645.52
okay is this a place uh controlled by253.764.159
Raiders I don't know but he's running256.163.799
very aggressively he doesn't have a gun257.9195.081
did you just shoot him there you go yeah259.9595.561
how you like a laser Pew pews he still263.04.919
you like the lasers yeah he got tag team265.524.76
oh no a poor will Bo always get back267.9194.601
there we go easy what' you have on you270.285.04
oh some uh some uh coins all right so272.524.399
does that mean I mean there's more in275.323.84
here potentially uh potentially yeah276.9193.681
where there's one there might be many279.163.96
but I tell you uh I I got bad news those280.65.08
antibiotics they do not completely cure283.125.2
infections anymore what uh yeah only285.684.68
cured 20% of my infection so I'm still288.324.8
at like 38% infected I'm going to call290.365.119
some [ __ ] on that maybe there's some293.124.76
antibiotics in this place I'm just I'm295.4793.881
going in all right yep we got a right297.884.72
guy in this room here yep oh where's he299.364.16
going where's he going I'm going to302.62.36
shoot him in the foot he's he's going303.524.399
crazy I think he's Lo on you door he's304.965.04
got a knife be careful all right I'm307.9195.481
going in do it oh no oh there's two of310.08.08
them oh that's you that all you got hurt313.48.16
I'm so dumb oh there we go watch318.083.48
out yep we got another oh yep there's a324.65.4
couple in there guy with a bat yeah all327.365.8
right this is a raider house I'm yeah330.04.8
you guys didn't expect a laser gun did333.163.0
you they really334.84.44
didn't bat versus laser gun laser gun336.167.4
wins every damn time it do PE Pew right339.247.48
in the butt you idiot hey can I can I343.565.759
join yeah please all right oh he's346.725.24
already dead okay I knew349.3195.401
it Lely oh here let me hit this guy oh351.964.6
yeah there you go you get one little354.725.24
swing on him hey356.565.359
yeah I'll do another one just like I you359.963.48
know pretend like I'm doing something361.9193.641
hey buddy oh you manage yourself up and363.443.199
you're walking away let's just let365.563.4
ourselves in watch out oh never mind oh366.6393.721
no I got him in the face one more time368.962.88
give me one more yeah I wonder what he370.364.16
thought about that I bet it was371.846.52
[ __ ] yeah now you de beautiful all374.525.239
right we're raiding the Raiders I love378.364.0
it I do379.7592.601
too okay I don't know how this works385.0394.961
seem like it changes every game but a388.1994.44
prepared a place here this will be nee's390.06.639
little rooftop garden and I will put one392.6396.361
there I'm going to plant some396.6396.241
potatoes nope doesn't like it nope great399.06.4
of course402.887.159
swear I swear what like405.49.239
why God okay just let me have this let410.0397.121
me just put the potato in the dirt put414.6394.361
it in the dirt all right you know what417.164.159
me try maybe it's the seed doesn't like419.04.44
seed where is it424.1996.28
potatoes corn coffee blueberry I'm426.846.359
looking for corn I don't want Golden Rod430.4793.56
now T seed okay corn seed here we go all434.0398.081
right T of this working are pretty439.087.04
slim and nope442.127.519
God ah can't have a good day just just446.125.919
can't do449.6392.4
it okay oh wait a second God oh God459.288.08
basement man oh oh tell you what this463.6396.761
wouldn't be a bad place to live um uh-oh467.366.519
you got a lot more of them uh no hold on470.44.919
hold on real quick let me build473.8792.801
something down here we don't want to get475.3192.801
caught we want to be able to get a get476.682.919
out if we need to you know what I mean478.123.759
right yeah all right so let me just give479.5996.0
us a little way up and then just a quick481.8795.76
Boop all right so now we can jump here485.5993.521
and jump here if we got to get out okay487.6394.12
yeah come on down boys coming down let's489.124.479
see oh491.7596.241
man oh this is big it's big down here493.5998.121
yeah oh boy oh I've been in this POI498.07.28
before yeah you have I I edited it can501.726.199
you lay a claim Block in here I mean I505.284.44
suppose you could once you clear it out507.9192.801
I don't even know if you actually have509.722.439
to clear it out but yeah the loot room's510.723.4
over there oh and I see Power Armor512.1593.68
there's power armor in this loot room514.124.96
okay oh and I see ID too okay it's US515.8395.0
versus idiots how many uh how much ammo519.083.079
you got there we got some idiots over520.8393.761
here too there's an idiot uh in his522.1595.12
there two idiots we can take them we can524.63.799
take them oh yeah look they're hanging527.2792.761
out in that bedroom528.3994.0
together probably touching each other in530.045.16
inappropriate places likely yeah what532.3994.161
else you going to do down here just like535.24.04
uncle Todd used to do okay I'm ready for536.567.0
a oh just Po from up top he did yeah539.247.8
what the hell there we go tag taming you543.565.04
guys need me help just let me know while547.043.239
those other idiots548.65.6
are yeah nice okay oh yeah these guys550.2795.201
are behind the cloth and like they554.23.199
really don't hey do you know how to555.483.84
break cloth or are you a big dummy557.3992.961
they're having a real big issue with559.322.56
that aren't they they really yeah it's a560.363.599
curtain that's very strange okay they561.883.199
can hit you through the curtain though I563.9592.641
learned that the hard way that's fine565.0793.44
here let's bust the top part so we can566.64.4
hit you through there go so I should be568.5196.681
able to hit you yeah get him Simon yeah571.07.8
uh-huh going try to get his feet huh575.28.199
these guys are a special kind of stupid578.84.599
dumb you challenge me oh yeah here we go585.367.64
I need something to turn this day589.8393.161
around right here make sure we're safe593.924.159
around okay where's she at oh598.0797.041
yeah I think what I got to try next is601.566.44
maybe farming near water there might be605.125.6
a couple little places of water what oh608.06.04
god I forgot about that okay there's a610.725.92
shoot they're running too all right614.044.52
thank God I brought this616.644.56
truck okay maybe I can just lure him618.567.88
away uh-huh man that was I think I even621.28.48
knew about that I forgot626.445.32
okay can I just man they're just going629.683.76
to stay right there and attack631.764.519
it can I can I can I grab it real quick633.444.76
and just636.2795.56
run don't hit me don't hit me what I say638.26.12
oh okay the bag's out yep all right one641.8395.601
more lap ouch okay644.324.68
ooh yeah baby where's that bag right649.07.279
there okay he spinning653.2796.441
around better move656.2799.321
there it is a okay bag take off stop it659.728.95
okay I got it too smart for you665.66.16
K oh boy they're coming in quick pushing678.5194.241
forward they're coming in quick all681.23.56
right this isn't good they're coming in682.763.639
real quick this is bad oh he's trying684.764.16
he's trying to heal no you don't sir oh686.3994.481
damn there you go Simon all right I688.923.2
don't understand this there you go get690.883.079
his squish on there's a wiggle I'm692.123.48
looking for right oh you're doing the693.9596.201
unlock game yeah okay so you got to put695.67.039
the uh I guess the pin watch out s oh700.164.4
God scared the [ __ ] out of you got to702.6395.841
put the pin in like a uh a position yeah704.565.959
and then oh yeah when you start wiggling708.483.599
the pin will like it will start to move710.5193.0
the log if it's if it's close to the712.0793.121
right position this guy walked right713.5194.201
back in here yeah like he was going to715.25.4
rest that hurts Dora we could use your717.726.72
help yeah I know we really could you720.66.28
stupid [ __ ] come on get down I'm not724.444.76
seeing a wiggle you know yeah you got to726.883.399
let you got to put it in the right729.23.079
position like move it left to right with730.2794.68
A and D yeah and it should uh it should732.2795.041
wiggle if you're in the right position734.9594.56
uh-huh oh there's a wiggle you got a737.323.959
Wiggle all right so that's close to the739.5196.241
right position uh-huh oh hey you got it741.2796.68
f yes oh there you go he learned it745.764.24
what'd you get I hate that game it's so747.9593.801
dumb I love once you once you start750.03.279
playing it a few times you you'll learn751.762.84
to love it I'll hate it more you learn753.2794.0
to love it what did you get uh bulk754.65.08
plasma microfusion cells or ammo and757.2794.761
energy cells ammo ammo that we don't759.684.32
have anything to use ammo all right hey762.046.28
sorry I wasn't helping we're used to764.04.32
it all right770.165.0
baby okay can I just mow him over that'd772.5198.281
be great right did I get one yep I got775.169.119
one okay backing up coming780.86.159
in all right just missed the Box take784.2795.92
the zombies yeah here we go spin it786.9597.68
around tight turn tight turn ah crap790.1997.281
nope man it doesn't back up good doesn't794.6394.0
back up797.485.88
good take him nope I'm out of gas might798.6398.44
be out of gas shoot okay run away for a803.366.2
minute all right I got a couple bullets807.0797.12
here why you running yeah woo stay down809.568.399
baby there it is nope crap your friends814.1995.281
are coming817.9594.68
no okay please have some gas in here can819.485.28
I get on the top I think I have gas on822.6395.721
me N I got to do it inside God stop with824.769.4
the Box how's my health um bad Health828.3610.839
bad no ow woo wooho834.167.74
okay ice cream truck I'll be839.1995.44
back stamina come back to me stamina844.6396.401
come back stamina and oh she glowing I847.7595.721
don't like that she's glowing I don't851.043.76
feel like I have time to switch and853.483.76
reload maybe I do854.86.52
reload okay there she coming I got to857.247.8
make this a head shot861.323.72
all right I think I have this figured870.244.24
out boys so what I just found I found a871.685.44
bunch of power armor frames so like each874.484.799
piece of clothing is a power armor frame877.124.12
so there's like a chest piece a glove879.2794.521
piece whatever but it doesn't actually881.244.599
turn into Power Armor until you actually883.85.039
find like a helmet like I have a power885.8395.44
armor frame helmet but I have to find a888.8394.641
power armor helmet to put on top of my891.2793.721
power armor frame if that makes any893.484.4
sense uh somewhat yeah it does okay so895.04.959
since I got that if I modify and take897.884.8
the power armor helmet and that goes in899.9594.961
the Cosmetic so yeah that just up my902.684.32
heavy armor so wait do I have a helmet904.924.8
on right now yeah dud it looks907.04.88
ridiculous without anything else oh [ __ ]909.724.84
yeah well there look at that I got a911.883.959
power armor helmet figured that out with914.562.719
the arms that we have back home I was915.8392.641
about to say don't we have a pair of917.2793.0
power armor arms back uhhuh that's going918.484.0
to make you look better and more920.2794.961
proportional and I found this gun don't922.484.52
have any damn ammo for it but yeah feel925.243.2
like a badass how how much long you guys927.03.88
got on this it just opened up now what928.446.0
what's in there a lot of stuff a lot of930.885.24
like stuff that we could use or ammo for934.445.839
guns we have tanks five first aid kits I936.127.24
got a hunting rifle thank the Lord a940.2796.68
bunch of books and money oh nice fral943.366.279
Vice Dart trap bundle we can use that946.9595.32
for our next hoorde okay no antibiotics949.6394.801
no antibiotics no but you could share a952.2793.961
little bit of the knowledge just the954.443.36
knowledge with me I helped you I help956.243.92
just with what some of some of the books957.84.399
oh you want some books yeah there any960.163.52
Forge books there's some there's some962.1993.801
books yeah there Simon tactical Warfare963.685.24
here ABS take the uh tools digest tools966.04.759
oh yeah I'll take some tools thank you968.923.44
yeah all right I'm kind of thinking I'm970.7593.241
loading up with stuff so before we go to972.362.88
that Cracker book I'm thinking go back974.02.56
home and dump off our [ __ ] I think975.243.519
you're probably right yeah let's do it976.564.48
this was a good find though oh yeah978.7595.0
there's no Escape oh [ __ ] there's a981.043.919
bunch of them in the hole there's a983.7593.56
bunch of them in the984.9596.201
hole all right time that you you doing987.3196.361
pew pew that came out of nowhere here991.164.799
hold up I'm getting up here little H H993.683.719
little hit for you all as soon as you995.9595.8
pull back I will PE PE for you hold on997.3995.521
come on that was a swing that should1001.7595.2
have hit there we go all right my guy's1002.926.12
dead help me with this guy shot him1006.9595.721
right in his ass there we go idiot what1009.045.4
you got on you nothing get nothing all1012.682.92
right that ought to do it let's get out1014.443.319
of here we'll see oh more more she1015.64.159
really there's a again my God there's a1017.7595.161
gaggle hey hold on guys yeah this could1019.7595.28
good I like that idea are they burning1025.0395.561
are they how's that feel you got to look1028.525.76
at them I SP them SP they're burning1030.67.839
spill that time I did yeah it smells1034.288.72
bad oh God yeah this is working great oh1038.4399.0
wow wow man what that was awesome what1043.05.96
man that was like that was like sprayed1047.4394.761
damn wasp nest that was amazing good1048.964.8
call Dora1052.215.96
clear nees yeah what are you doing1068.165.6
trying to push this thing back keep1071.284.56
running out of gas hey you got like we1073.764.36
got to make gas look at you I oh yeah1075.843.64
found this helmet1078.123.52
that you like a stormtrooper yeah it1079.483.52
does look a little silly like I want to1081.643.08
get the whole thing though eventually a1083.03.0
whole power armor set I figured out how1084.723.199
it worked but uh we got all I got all1086.04.679
the base Parts okay don't we have some1087.9194.281
parts upstairs we have a little bit1090.6793.641
we're not not we're not fully loaded1092.24.56
okay well great did you guys do anything1094.324.64
I did stuff uh well we got wildly1096.764.0
distracted by loo in a place but yeah we1098.963.24
never made it up to the books but that's1100.762.72
our next thing that's our next goal we1102.23.359
go back to town we find books okay I got1103.483.36
the loot drops I don't know what's in1105.5594.721
them gotcha um did you make a farm yet1106.845.24
uh I found out that I can't grow1110.284.2
vegetables on the roof that's [ __ ]1112.085.2
my next uh thing is to find water and do1114.485.36
it by the water H good call is there any1117.284.0
water here in town I saw there's like a1119.843.92
little I don't know Reservoir around the1121.284.36
corner so I'm going to try that all1123.763.44
right I like that plan I like that plan1125.642.96
a lot yep I'm going to go through my1127.22.92
goods that I just got all right dorais1128.62.68
Simon you want to throw our inventory1130.122.679
out and then try to make it that book1131.283.16
store again yeah yeah we should yeah we1132.7993.481
got to focus yeah yeah all right let's1134.445.0
do it1136.283.16
oh no guys what what what hey day seven1148.364.04
just turned1151.284.879
red oh what time is it right now it is1152.49.639
uh it's 1906 oh no oh my God Place 19061156.1598.321
oh my God weird screwed can we do the1162.0394.52
fire thing gas station to the gas1164.483.559
station we build a wood pit and we burn1166.5593.561
them all to death okay okay y you want1168.0394.401
to build a wood pit yeah oh we can put a1170.123.96
bunch of boxes out there and and I've1172.444.16
got nine Molotov it's not a bad idea oh1174.084.8
and I've got uh a 10 of something that1176.64.6
explodes hey I'll do anything at this1178.883.64
point I got to dump off a lot of1181.25.92
inventory oh crap oh crap oh crap oh1182.524.6
[ __ ] we're at uh 2154 it's about to1191.6795.841
happen oh my God okay get on up I'm not1194.485.559
home yet you know home yet I'm not like1197.524.519
where I'm sorry where you guys are gas1200.0395.0
station yeah I know [ __ ] where you at1202.0395.401
it's 2158 it's about to1205.0395.52
go okay here's the plan I stand right1207.445.4
here hopefully they gather below me yeah1210.5594.561
when we got a ton maybe we get a couple1212.844.0
people out here let them have it huh get1215.124.0
a ton below us and then we light them up1216.844.839
who's got moltov I do okay door with the1219.125.12
moltov all right NE you an eye on this1221.6793.761
they're going to they're going they're1224.242.52
going to start chewing through this real1225.444.0
quick damn it I got them in our sorry1226.765.72
guys what because I'm here you're not1229.444.76
supposed to be there time they're going1232.483.88
to destroy our [ __ ] get out of there get1234.25.8
out they're chasing me I ran out and now1236.365.24
I'm trying to get to you I didn't think1240.03.799
it would happen so quickly and D this is1241.63.4
actually where I'm standing right now1243.7992.641
this should be a good spot for a moltov1245.03.08
right down there on the right now oh1246.443.599
yeah oh boy yeah they're breaking1250.0395.561
through quick oh okay well that's going1253.04.679
to start the fire I think oh boy I1255.63.6
needed to get in there1257.6792.921
you can still get in you got time go1259.23.16
around back jump on the ladder all right1260.64.76
try oh God it fell oh yeah okay y yep1262.365.12
jump yeah jump on the ladder get up here1265.364.48
oh boy I'm caught in the middle of bad1267.484.36
news come you can get the ladder get the1269.845.199
ladder Simon bad news all right hold on1271.844.8
oh boy it doesn't help when you're1275.0394.161
glitchy glitch no no no no it does yeah1276.644.279
no yeah yeah the lag gets a little real1279.23.64
once the zombies show up oh there you1280.9195.321
are come on you can do it youd yeah1282.845.4
there you go oh man they're going to1286.246.28
tear this place quick1288.244.28
yeah oh yeah here comes a Rad Cat Rad1304.6797.521
Cat yeah Rad Cat to save the day man1307.9195.441
yeah we got to be able to hire these1312.22.76
guys yeah look at him down there kicking1313.365.76
ass man ramp down well that work for a1314.966.52
second Rad Cat stay here the whole time1319.124.36
please thank you yeah yeah yeah honestly1321.484.319
yeah we're going to rely on you Red Cat1323.485.16
are they all inside yeah maybe we can1325.7994.561
like cut a hole in the roof and take a1328.643.84
look down good idea how long's that1330.363.799
going to take to break through where1332.483.04
we're going this roof I don't know is it1334.1594.041
a middle roof it's a 10,000 oh God no1335.525.08
it's not even worth it where's that fire1338.24.0
can I lure him out I might try to lure1340.63.439
him out uh oh yeah there's a bunch of1342.22.839
them coming towards you though Dees1344.0393.041
watch out yep I'm out here yeah yeah1345.0393.081
you're out there but they're coming from1347.083.16
everywhere way y'all come outside quit1348.123.36
messing around there yeah where are they1350.242.72
going hey you know what I'm throwing one1351.483.16
down there just cuz they're down there1352.963.76
fireing hole you going to blow up our1354.644.2
ladder Simon you think well the ladder's1356.723.559
right there you're dropping pipe bombs1358.843.52
right beside it I mean all over the1360.2793.801
ladder it's pretty high up though oh the1362.363.16
ladder we're we pretty much lost the1364.083.079
ladder lost the ladder God yep yep now1365.524.24
the ladder's on fire all right fire and1367.1594.921
hole oh no that's not going far I got to1369.764.56
hold something different I think we're1372.084.959
going to lose our ladder we might I need1374.325.12
that ladder to get back up get up I1377.0395.12
can't someone the ladder on Fire come on1379.445.0
up the ladder's on fire will you please1382.1593.721
get up here right now instead of1384.442.839
complaining that it's on fire just run1385.884.32
up on fire I'm burning the dead get up1387.2796.441
there now and rollink drink is it better1390.25.719
than you being down there some water1393.724.68
give me a big hot water drink drink of1395.9194.081
water drink of water you got water throw1398.42.759
a bomb at1400.02.96
well oh boy shouldn't have taking the1402.965.12
ladder right I mean come on it's on fire1405.2795.161
you see anything anybody down there at1415.9194.161
all no they're all yeah no there's a1418.124.52
couple down here chewing on this uh the1420.084.92
auto oh they're going after the damn gas1422.645.0
sign my bab's back at the house I'm1425.04.559
coming yeah jump up come up on the1427.644.36
ladder nah ladder's probably I'm1429.5594.321
surprised it's even still here yeah it's1432.03.48
cuz it's fine it just looks like it's1433.882.96
burning I'm going to get these zombies1435.483.84
attention there we go lure him out to1436.844.68
the fire I'm trying how hurt were you1439.323.88
when you went up there already you were1441.523.96
not as hurt you were probably very was1443.24.76
horrible very very hurt if that's the1445.483.96
the answer you're trying to get my1447.962.92
answer is if you had full health you1449.443.239
probably would have made it salmon what1450.884.919
come help me with this hole okay we got1452.6795.0
a couple of them on fire knes yep I'm1455.7995.921
working on it ouch oh come on through1457.6797.0
folks oh what you just hit me hey over1461.725.88
here oh yeah I think I I saw him get on1464.6794.961
fire for a minute come on baby barbecue1467.64.72
party yeah this is working Dora you got1469.644.44
you got it I don't see one that's what's1472.324.76
your number at 8800 yeah I don't see1474.084.64
that there it is all right so if I hit1477.083.479
that am I hit there we're good to go no1478.724.199
it's not doing it there it is how it1480.5593.561
going down there names they get they're1482.9193.321
burning a little bit oh God he sees me1484.125.919
okay over here oo oh yeah go that way go1486.246.2
that way yo come on right into the fire1490.0393.601
I tell you what it does take a minute1492.443.56
for a wood block to burn doesn't it it1493.644.36
does it's like one of those expensive1496.05.0
logs get the grocery store W yeah well1498.04.399
they were all fortified for the most1501.03.48
part too right and if we re if we uh1502.3993.481
rebuild this we should probably make the1504.483.799
ladder out of stone1505.885.519
yep I got you covered1508.2795.28
okay finally firing this thing off this1511.3995.041
thing sounds all right yeah let's see1513.5594.921
stand up I want to get your head well no1516.443.64
you're he's going to be that way this1518.484.36
guy's fireproof right here oh he might1520.085.44
be he's not1522.845.16
freaking wow and he was tough too he's1525.524.56
having a good good night yeah sorry NES1528.04.039
that was after a good day too yeah no1530.084.719
he's had a great1532.0392.76
day oh good morning oh wow wait is it1535.886.6
morning oh it is it's 4:00 watch us me1539.085.68
chewing like right into a like a a1542.484.0
[ __ ] wall1544.764.08
right guarantee that's going to happen1546.483.4
we're going to chew through this it's1548.842.719
going to be solid underne what what is1549.884.279
this is this me all right Bird there a1551.5594.561
bird item needs repair okay bird two1554.1596.0
birds bird hey bird1556.126.64
the bird with the laser got one got one1560.1594.24
beautiful more birds oh yeah right up1562.765.88
there one coming God very nice stop wo1564.3998.241
oh hey D hey I'm back beautiful um this1568.646.8
guy over here he don't die oh yeah I1572.644.039
noticed that it almost look like he had1575.444.04
a fireproof outfit on didn't it he might1576.6794.36
let's see speaking of fire this place is1579.483.679
a mess yep I'd get my stuff but there's1581.0395.321
no ladder uh n can you clean up all the1583.1595.281
zombies and stuff still underneath us1586.363.6
yeah I'll just punch them until they're1588.443.599
dead for you real quick perfect oh is1589.965.439
there stuff like right beneath me here1592.0395.081
nees look at me let's work with each1595.3993.481
other there's not much below you there1597.123.279
okay where is there a bunch of that's1598.883.48
underneath okay I will guide you let's1600.3994.0
see oh I'll take that block nope is it1602.366.64
broke crap um so to your left more to my1604.3998.561
left yep NOP your right my left yep yep1609.06.96
and then more and then back back up1612.964.92
actually probably where they're they're1615.963.4
chopping is a pretty good spot right1617.883.44
here like I'm looking down right here no1619.364.08
remember when I said chopping well no I1621.323.719
want to know what I could do to throw1623.443.16
something down at the base here well1625.0393.281
that's why we're we making the damn hole1626.63.799
Simon yeah there's just one hole I'm1628.323.359
asking him if there were ones in the1630.3993.52
outside of the perimeter I would take1631.6795.48
turns with the ho are there perimeters1633.9195.601
um he said to walk away I'm walking away1637.1594.24
is there anything in the perimeter goes1639.523.56
through this damn hole don't give a [ __ ]1641.3993.64
I'm asking him a separate question I'm1643.083.959
telling you wait for the ho I'm telling1645.0394.081
you I'm asking you everyone saying wait1647.0395.12
for the hole shut the hell up godam it1649.125.84
me shut up St out of it you're not even1652.1596.281
involved in this after get I want to be1654.965.959
involved one [ __ ] hole you shut up1658.444.2
I'm asking you a question are there1660.9194.6
zombies on the perimeter there's one1662.645.039
thank you that's the only damned answer1665.5195.481
I wanted he's gone now thank you that's1667.6796.961
so hard wait for the hole shut up I1671.05.48
about the hole look here we go the1674.644.039
hole's almost done less than 1001676.485.28
oh this is the best oh this is going to1678.6796.761
be so fun suckers all right yeah now I1681.767.32
see back step back I'm stepping back1685.447.92
yeah yeah eat1689.084.28
it for1707.123.96

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