WE'RE BEING ATTACKED - Green Hell - Hardest Difficulty / Ep. 2

Hey guys, it's Day 2 in Green Hell and things are already getting crazy! I mean, we're being attacked and we're only on the hardest difficul...
WE'RE BEING ATTACKED - Green Hell - Hardest Difficulty / Ep. 2
WE'RE BEING ATTACKED - Green Hell - Hardest Difficulty / Ep. 2

WE'RE BEING ATTACKED - Green Hell - Hardest Difficulty / Ep. 2

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest video, 'WE'RE BEING ATTACKED - Green Hell - Hardest Difficulty / Ep. 2'? It's a real nail-biter!

appsro: Oh, you mean the one where we're already getting attacked on Day 2? Yeah, that was a rough start, wasn't it?

neebs: Haha, yeah, maybe we should stick to easier difficulties next time. But hey, at least it makes for entertaining content, right?

appsro: Definitely! Our fans love to see us struggle and get attacked left and right. It's all part of the fun!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, it's Day 2 in Green Hell and things are already getting crazy! I mean, we're being attacked and we're only on the hardest difficulty. Maybe this was a worse idea than we thought, but hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?

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last time on Green Hill0.3593.861
I heard boys5.7592.54
y'all see him9.244.14
did we build our camp right next to a11.046.0
travel Camp Maybe13.383.66
so what if I take a stone blade maybe a32.164.68
the Rope oh a stone pickaxe maybe yeah36.845.64
figured out how to make a stone pickaxe40.7393.66
a stone pickaxe yeah it's a stick one of42.483.66
those Stone blades and some rope I don't44.3993.121
even know what we would break with that46.143.84
oh look at this thing I mean seems like47.525.219
we would break stone right well you see49.985.64
a stone like it's this way I want these52.7395.701
uh snails yeah get the snails yeah but55.627.2
am I doing anything here nope oh God I'm58.446.539
tired I don't have really enough energy62.824.14
to be doing this64.9794.741
can someone tell me how to make a66.964.56
freaking Stone spear that's what I was69.723.48
trying to do I was trying to take a71.523.48
stick I think it would be a long stick73.23.419
like maybe a long stick and a stone75.04.32
blade it is but it's for the life of me76.6194.441
I've made them before and for life of me79.324.08
I can't remember how to do it somebody's81.064.14
snail's gonna burn then take them off83.43.539
and eat them all right I'll take them85.24.279
yeah I'm gonna eat one of these things86.9394.621
protein I need proteins more than89.4792.861
what's this over here is this for rocks92.344.139
uh yeah I made that that's for rocks94.54.5
small stones not big oh yeah no not big96.4795.941
stones but small stones gotcha okay I'm99.05.88
screwed get stuck on this stupid102.423.9
[ __ ] I don't even know what the hell104.884.14
I'm doing did you try a long stick a106.325.4
string and a little knife Stone blade109.026.139
yeah you tried that yes111.725.66
do it please115.1595.201
do it so I've got your little uh Stone117.386.16
blade all right I got the stone spear120.364.859
you did you got to do it with the long123.543.539
stick and not but I swear I did that125.2193.54
already but apparently I didn't doing127.0793.96
one two anybody tried these green128.7594.801
glowing mushrooms no I haven't and I131.0394.321
have to sleep I'm gonna take a nappy poo133.564.5
I mean one of these mushrooms do it oh I135.365.28
hope you trip balls five carbs two138.064.98
energy not bad140.645.16
safe yeah no very safe I'm eating these143.045.76
all right150.362.78
oh guys protein is a big issue yep I155.525.219
would like to go hunting I think hunting158.644.14
would be a good thing wait oh yeah hold160.7394.441
on I got some Brazil nuts nuts have like162.785.64
two proteins 35 fat but yeah like two165.185.22
protein yep not mine well that's good168.424.38
for my fats but [ __ ] yeah protein's bad170.45.46
I need meat I got one bird here I'm look172.85.04
kind of low too though but I've got like175.866.959
maybe 35 protein yeah I am much lower177.846.179
than that I got like five percent182.8193.481
protein okay well listen this this is184.0195.281
cooked grab that oh man thank you neebs186.36.24
oh 12 proteins yeah that's better but189.35.46
that's not great now yeah I'm with you192.543.779
Simon we're gonna need to hunt I'm gonna194.763.839
take your spear you drop yep and I got196.3195.221
this good spear so boom let's go maybe198.5994.92
up River this way all right all right201.543.24
following you203.5193.36
neebs I feel like we should wait till204.783.66
morning but all right whatever well206.8793.661
listen we go up River we run into some208.443.06
and you'd hope these snails would give211.53.9
us more freaking protein I remember213.183.479
where we sponsored should we just go215.43.839
back there nips are we I mean you don't216.6594.261
need to be animals this way219.2393.541
I mean there might be but I know for a220.924.14
fact that some damn Hogs back that way222.784.08
or there were225.064.14
well uh yeah we can turn around if you226.863.12
want to229.22.88
I mean we'll look for a minute229.985.46
look for this what the stingray can we232.085.1
eat that oh yeah we should be able to235.443.659
eat it yes yes I mean if you can kill237.183.18
the crab why couldn't you kill a239.0994.7
stingray here we go do it240.363.439
oh I got him yeah you did okay uh expand243.845.13
back to the fire I mean I don't know I251.73.899
think we're on the Hunts if we still254.0994.2
have some time yeah but we are kind of255.5994.32
at a dead end at least as far as the258.2993.06
river goes unless we want to go down259.9193.0
there but I don't want to get too far261.3593.421
from Camp you know I don't want to get262.9194.56
damn lost yep I hear you it'd be nice if264.784.139
we could all have some meat you know267.4792.761
yeah listen we're playing this on the268.9193.06
highest difficulty we're doing pretty270.244.14
good other than me yeah271.9794.201
tell you what let's go back to where uh274.383.3
we kind of spawned in which wasn't far276.183.06
from the base anyway277.683.0
I want to see if there's Hogs are still279.244.16
there follow me280.682.72
oh salmon yeah stay still you gotta286.745.1
leech on you do I okay well there's blue289.383.96
mushrooms on this tree here I suggest291.843.359
you pick them up okay let me grab that293.344.079
leech off yet yeah there you go you're295.1994.381
welcome thank you Sarah and the blue297.4193.301
mushrooms you said just give you a299.582.82
little energy boost energy they give you300.723.72
like 10 energy it's not even that little302.44.739
all right I might have just hogged them304.445.039
all no that's okay I took a nap not too307.1393.78
long ago which I guess is what Navy is309.4792.581
doing right now310.9192.701
I'm gonna search the rest of this thing312.064.02
and Brazil nuts we're always down at the313.624.98
base of these big trees Big Trees Brazil316.084.5
nuts ooh that's good neebs how you doing318.64.319
on um what are they fats that's the320.584.26
green one protein's low carbohydrates322.9194.681
low fats are low fats man Brazil nuts324.844.26
are the best for fat I haven't seen one327.62.939
the whole time we've been here I'll give329.12.879
you one I just found one right here and330.5392.94
neebs come over here this is the tree331.9793.181
that you find them at oh I found one333.4793.421
right here too yep there you go because335.163.18
he's at one of those big trees I'll give336.93.96
you the one names here okay boom boom338.344.26
boom let me see hey you gotta see yeah340.863.059
you're gonna have to harvest it and then342.63.06
you could use the shell too so you343.9193.241
harvest it and then you get like a345.663.66
couple of things I've never seen this347.164.14
before found two of them over here there349.325.64
you go exactly this way you find them351.36.06
food is under food354.964.26
no you have to harvest it to get the357.363.96
food out I did I harvest it there they359.224.259
are seriously [ __ ] seriously something361.324.379
just happened what I don't know but363.4794.861
something just said ah [ __ ] seriously oh365.6994.321
wait I got a little watch icon what does368.343.299
that mean oh no that just means my damn370.024.44
I have proteins but yeah I just found I371.6394.261
found a ton of Brazil nuts right back374.463.679
there yeah look at all these375.94.68
man my fats are good now now it's378.1394.961
carbohydrates and protein well carbs you380.584.32
need more mushrooms anymore well I've383.12.76
unknown mushroom385.866.059
all right so where were we going again I387.725.52
was going up to see if we could still we391.9193.421
can find those Hogs yeah not far from393.243.84
base I think we spawned in like kind of395.343.479
up this hill a little bit hey neebs397.083.72
maybe you should cook that meat I forget398.8194.141
how long it takes for it to go bad I'll400.84.32
cook my meat y'all go get more402.965.22
and I won't walk through the bees405.125.519
yeah see this is dumb it's so dark it's408.184.139
not that dumb though I mean we're pretty410.6393.961
close to home yeah we can see I can see412.3194.081
the fire back there which is nice you414.63.539
know let's it'll be a big win if we416.43.54
could just kill something we can all418.1393.84
have a little bit of meat to eat I love419.942.819
oh wait is this that purple is this the422.7594.321
molinary you were talking about Simon uh425.163.539
no I think that's the stuff for the Lily427.083.959
dressing okay damn it all right but you428.6994.141
know what though it's good431.0393.72
all right we'll grab some I'm doing it432.845.699
oh hey Simon what found a bird oh well434.7596.421
that's good listen we're hunting dead438.5394.56
things we would have won right now yeah441.183.359
no [ __ ]443.0993.241
I was really hoping we find some pigs444.5394.38
over here come on come on piggy what's a446.343.86
good pick call448.9194.401
yeah I'll leave the pick call to you453.625.5
oh some larva456.965.28
oh there's grubs can we eat these uh you459.124.74
could cook them pretty sure I don't know462.243.179
if they're you know they're gonna uh463.863.66
they might make you throw up oh well I465.4194.801
guess we can try molinera oh this is467.524.26
molinero oh the little yellow flowers470.224.08
perfect yep yep yep all right good now I471.784.68
know oh man as far as hunting Adventure474.34.26
this has been really unproductive it476.463.72
really has and I can't I can't not get478.563.12
the small an hour no do it yeah we're480.182.94
gonna need it later I'm sure I'm sure481.682.76
Something's Gonna screw with this yeah483.123.419
this isn't going bad I was like oh this484.443.72
is going to be the hardest difficult I486.5393.241
thought we were gonna really struggle as488.164.08
of right now I'm surprised you know but489.786.02
else there's also the Jinx thing492.243.56
oh fruit496.53.96
I know I know we're looking for protein498.4193.421
but I haven't seen that fruit yeah I500.463.419
think maybe needs carbs so yeah when he501.843.419
needs to eat more mushrooms but yeah503.8793.421
what does this fruit give you505.2595.641
uh six carbs eight hydration so that's507.35.4
not bad [ __ ] where the [ __ ] is this510.95.04
thirst okay I'm thirsty yeah eat two512.75.339
more of these fruits then I just got 28515.945.94
proteins out of this uh Stingray 28 yep518.0396.12
holy [ __ ] wow that's a lot of protein we521.883.899
just need to hunt stingrays let me see524.1594.86
what the soup does uh mm-hmm looking525.7794.74
spill no I want to drink this here we go530.5196.901
30 proteins 10 hydration wow yeah532.867.8
stingrays of where it's at yep yep537.426.06
um oh salmon oh nee you know what I'm540.664.7
gonna have to freaking go soon what's up543.486.359
uh this is what's up545.367.84
grappling hook it's a climbing place yep549.8395.341
it's a climbing place these are monkey553.24.86
heads you're monkey heads are damn555.185.64
monkey heads oh my gosh some nuts hung a558.065.76
monkey head here that is disgusting560.825.4
all right I need to go sleep but that is563.823.66
you should have come out here if you567.483.24
were tired I know well I mean I was569.163.119
hoping I'd find some more like blue570.724.32
mushrooms but my shit's going down quick572.2796.721
wait what is this what just is this a575.046.299
dead animal oh yeah yeah pick up the579.03.779
maggots they're good581.3395.421
okay yep maggots in the bone582.7797.381
okay all right I need to go to bed is it586.765.92
just straight back this way home uh yeah590.164.64
down to the river I found a dead mouse592.685.099
yeah cook that baby we cook the mouse we594.84.78
need the protein I'll take some mouse597.7794.321
soup please in a nut599.584.92
I started traveling west and then I602.15.0
couldn't there you go604.55.399
are you near where we're going oh no I607.15.739
got turned around I think it was ever609.8995.88
I think it was this way okay guys I'm612.8394.201
lost and I'm probably gonna end the615.7795.101
passing out is it West where where where617.046.06
is our base620.884.32
all right hold on I can tell you as far623.14.799
as my watch yeah so from where we were625.25.48
you should have headed south627.8998.341
would you say I'm at 44 west 25 South 44630.687.839
west 25 South I think it's over this way636.245.099
man okay well I I just heard a voice in638.5194.32
my head telling me I was going insane641.3392.841
44 will you take me home please I'm644.184.42
going crazy you're insane already will646.864.02
you please take me just got here I know648.64.26
will you take me home yeah I think it's650.882.94
this way652.862.219
okay I'm gonna pass out655.0794.801
um just stay with me okay we'll walk657.64.739
faster okay I think this way I think659.884.28
it's right over here662.3394.861
boys oh God664.164.6
how can I make it what do you think are667.23.24
you going to bed yes I need to go to668.764.519
okay uh670.445.519
he's gonna get worms now and you know673.2794.901
what he's already got leeches on him675.9594.261
look at this pull those leeches off of678.184.2
him got it just let him nap there he'll680.225.88
be fine napping your leech bad682.386.0
you sweet prince686.15.359
I'm gonna cook a mouse688.383.079
oh wait what was that I showed you here695.5793.961
screaming I did is there something697.325.34
coming for us if there is I don't see it699.545.16
Simon's over there passed out and we got702.663.54
attackers coming704.72.699
I hope not706.22.879
well I just want to eat this bird meat707.3994.38
oh there we go thank god oh proteins709.0794.681
only 12 of them damn it that's not711.7793.3
yeah right should we wake him up here715.0793.841
yeah I'm gonna help him up Simon get up717.124.26
you can do that yeah okay why are you718.924.14
getting me up oh so you can go to sleep721.384.26
in like a normal [ __ ] bed okay you723.066.18
okay with that oh God Diamond across the725.645.28
river what coming right after you stop729.245.779
it oh God it's a tribal guy oh God730.924.099
I'm uh really hurt what do you need744.685.56
really hurt need a bandage probably uh I747.424.56
got a bandage oh hold on just like a750.243.539
regular bandage I don't know I got I got751.984.56
one leaf bandage I got worms I got some753.7794.321
sort of weird thing oh you got a cut756.542.78
oh no is he dead I think so but I guess759.326.759
the good news is he died close he got a763.863.9
leech on you you got another leech on766.0793.421
you oh thanks you're such a great friend767.763.54
thank you're welcome is he gonna spawn769.54.079
in this thing I don't know I hope so771.34.56
let's see what happens can we eat this773.5794.521
let's see neebs look at this so I'll779.2795.941
craft a stone blade so can we use this782.15.479
oh yeah look look okay785.226.0
oh what are you doing Simon no Simon787.5796.7
respawned all this [ __ ] gotcha okay oh791.226.54
hey hey get all your stuff back okay uh794.2795.881
okay I made a stone blade I can hold to797.764.019
okay oh oh man this is this is something801.7796.901
right here you harvesting I want to806.365.38
watch this happen okay yep yep yep wow808.685.459
oh okay a lot of Bones a lot of Bones811.745.7
did you get human meat did I get human814.1396.901
meat I did get human meat hey bro dude817.446.6
listen protein's good abstract yeah add821.045.76
a bone if you harvest bone if I still824.045.28
have one of those uh like ground worms I826.84.74
need to pick the worm out with like a829.324.5
bone pen there's bones right here Simon831.543.78
right here is a whole bunch of them okay833.823.36
can you harvest one of them then yeah835.323.72
because you want to do me a favor if you837.184.44
like me sure thanks oh I'm dirty because839.045.52
I'm covered in like tribal man blood so841.624.98
wait hold on can't I oh yeah give myself844.564.68
a little wash here we go there we go846.64.979
clean boy now oh by the way while you're849.245.76
there you can Harvest mud how mud will851.5795.341
uh unlock the things that we need that855.04.8
you can use mud to build [ __ ] man that's856.924.859
tomorrow that's tomorrow on my list of859.84.5
[ __ ] to do I'm cooking some damn like861.7795.161
ribs and then all you do is you pick up864.34.56
mud and then it unlocks things if you866.944.26
don't want to do that and I'm taking the868.865.219
mud gee got the money dropping the mud871.24.5
all right how's this human meat looking875.73.96
oh that's exciting first time you ever877.444.8
ate human meat we cook my grandfather in879.664.799
a pizza oven at his funeral huh that's882.244.32
what he wanted weird delicious though884.4595.101
sure all right so now that my health is886.565.04
really low and I have like hardly any889.564.92
energy what should I do because now I'm891.64.859
feel like I'm doomed since I've died no894.483.479
no no no you just go you gotta work896.4593.18
yourself back up I know but that's the897.9593.661
hard part working myself back up I mean899.6394.26
all right yeah fine meat find carbs Hey901.624.44
listen I think we watched afro eat this903.8993.781
human flesh and see what happens it'll906.063.839
cheer you up and yeah look I got two907.684.38
more pieces of human meat so we're all909.8994.201
gonna get full bellies tonight that's912.063.6
not gonna fill my belly it's gonna give914.13.599
me a tiny little sliver let's see I'm915.664.38
gonna eat it let's see what happens917.6996.181
damn 44 Pro oh my God920.046.78
so good news bad news protein does923.884.639
really well fats does really well926.825.94
increased my Insanity by 35 points so928.5196.281
I'm going a little crazy932.765.1
but the hell's [ __ ] good well good934.85.94
for you because guys as of right now I'm937.865.039
[ __ ] oh man look you get a little human940.744.32
meat in you you'll be fine no I'm not942.8994.981
really this is what happens when you die945.065.04
and now I'm just gonna be struggling the947.884.92
entire you're such a defeatist just try950.14.5
I have what do you don't think I have952.83.3
been trying the whole thing no you're954.62.88
not you've been standing around here956.12.82
bitching you could be out Gathering957.483.659
mushrooms getting your health back up958.924.5
you're just standing around moaning quit961.1393.841
moaning get up there and do something963.423.359
all right well this is where we don't964.983.78
[ __ ] record for more than an hour and966.7795.961
30 minutes all right so how about that968.768.06
money money972.744.08
feel good yeah all right978.627.44
[ __ ] this982.883.18
next time on green hell988.0197.201
oh God oh God oh God names yeah you want991.265.879
to come help uh because it comes in blue995.223.66
got some bananas man I don't think we're997.1393.601
in a safe area here oh yeah what with998.884.019
all the the natives oh are you fighting1000.743.899
somebody yeah I'm fighting two simple ow1002.8993.961
God he stabbed me I think he might be1004.6395.361
going crazy oh am I I don't see anybody1006.865.7
oh okay you can play this game what1010.04.0
you've been doing eating human meat or1012.562.459
something I did have a little bit of1014.03.199
human meat Maybe1015.0196.26
yeah I can play monkey boy too1017.1994.08

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