TRAGEDY AT SEA! - Ark Fjordur

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to talk about the latest episode of Ark: Survival Evolved - Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episo...
TRAGEDY AT SEA! - Ark Fjordur
TRAGEDY AT SEA! - Ark Fjordur

TRAGEDY AT SEA! - Ark Fjordur

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you watched that new video, 'TRAGEDY AT SEA! - Ark Fjordur'? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I love seeing the noobs take on the Alpha Tribe. It's always a disaster!

appsro: I gotta agree with you guys, that video is pure entertainment. The chaos and mayhem at sea are just too good to miss!

neebs: And don't forget about the new challenger that shows up in this episode. It's a game-changer for sure!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I am so excited to talk about the latest episode of Ark: Survival Evolved - Noobs Vs Alpha Tribe, Episode 16. And guess what? Today, we have a new challenger entering the mix - Freaker Socks! Yes, you heard that right, Freaker Socks has joined the fun and you can check out their awesome collaboration with Neebs Gaming on their website.

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In this episode, the gang takes on the world of Ark: Survival Evolved once again, facing off against the Alpha Tribe. The stakes are high, the action is intense, and you won't want to miss a minute of the excitement. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs and the crew.

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all right thick I know you're still0.2993.541
recovering from your surgery but we're2.13.36
The Underdogs and you're not pulling3.843.66
your weight so we had to call in budget5.464.559
thick hope you're not mad hey7.53.9
budget thick10.0194.921
much I'm I'm thick is that what I do uh11.45.16
yeah so I don't need you to help us14.943.36
gather stuff and you know prepare for16.563.479
this you're nothing right yeah if you18.33.0
kill anything just tell them they're20.0392.941
nobody okay you're nobody that's it21.33.42
you're already messing up oh I'm sorry22.983.539
I'm learning it's my first day okay24.723.54
tighten up I know I have to run in26.5194.281
random directions28.262.54
you're gonna work out great bye all31.0194.021
right Adam West see if my buddy fix in33.33.48
recovery I think I need to pick up his35.043.179
mantle for a second and do something36.783.66
crazy so what do you say we lead one of38.2194.5
these little guys down here over to uh40.444.74
Doran skyman's face today42.7197.02
oh yeah let's see oh that's a nice big45.188.539
fella is that the only one oh yeah yeah49.7396.541
you know what I'm thinking53.7194.901
I'm thinking today might be a double56.285.36
whams kind of day58.623.02
it's time to go higher77.43.98
hey I'm incoming with about the sexiest102.65.64
thing you ever did see really yeah that105.064.62
that could be so many different things108.243.96
it's true all right so are you uh109.684.86
dropping it in the tame cage I am I just112.24.68
I want to make sure that everything's I114.544.5
guess I can't reach it you're I don't116.883.48
know what you're well I'm with the119.045.18
babies I got I got five babies120.363.86
I've got an orgy ready to go after this124.824.48
but this was a pleasant surprise what a127.384.8
sexy sexy animal I'm very curious I'm129.34.5
gonna have to go out and see where this132.184.38
how sexy Anne was oh boy it's like it's133.85.579
really it's really something yeah oh hey136.566.62
okay are you in the oh yeah see this oh139.3796.781
that is143.185.139
that is perfect for you buddy yes it is146.166.48
my goodness oh I know glorious truly148.3197.201
glorious Glory Be oh sweet little baby152.647.7
how you doing all right right now butt155.527.14
yeah I couldn't pass this up I know we160.344.24
were no how do you pass that no the162.663.6
colors right there I'll I'll tell the164.583.72
guys that I painted it myself yeah do166.263.96
that do that they win yeah they won't168.33.079
[ __ ]170.223.78
I'm so good171.3795.621
Philip you know I never understood until181.985.399
today you ever you ever go on Steam and184.265.46
you see those reviews of Arc that are187.3793.901
negative but they got like a thousand189.722.76
I get it now192.484.32
I really really get it now194.1597.5
I bit his tail and died instantly by196.87.219
biting his tail201.6594.86
holy [ __ ] all right let's see if we can204.0195.58
go get our stuff back206.5193.08
yeah did we mean for four beavers sure215.344.02
it's a big trap right oh yeah I could217.083.78
fit four beavers in this are they behind219.363.36
me yes yes no they're doing it actually220.864.92
yeah are they coming and coming at us222.725.099
right over here come on come on there's225.784.379
a big one come on come on right over the227.8193.261
yeah shoot him shrinking them wait231.086.579
Hank that's pretty amazing it is amazing234.864.599
it's got like a white stripe in it too237.6593.72
there's a thick one too let me get oh239.4593.661
the purple one yeah okay the other ones241.3793.481
are following me maybe the others well243.122.759
they're all kind of attacking these244.862.519
walls now they're trying to like save245.8793.78
their friend inside right keep tracking247.3794.86
are beavers packed animals I guess so I249.6593.72
mean I guess they work together to build252.2393.121
dams you're drinking right I'm drinking253.3793.181
it just need some sort of verbal255.362.64
compliment oh you got two correction256.563.84
damn should I just focus on one uh yeah258.04.32
Focus one is sleep one's asleep okay260.43.54
focus on the other one why not it's on262.322.939
its way this one's straight up a badger263.943.96
now look at it yeah a what Badger yeah I265.2593.901
mean it's not really a badger but it267.93.06
looks like a badger okay hold on let me269.163.36
help you out here come on wait wait wait270.963.9
wait wait what's happening oh crap oh272.524.26
the bat's fine that's way up there okay274.864.619
we're good stay there Mr Cates Mr Keats276.785.16
yeah Michael Keaton here we go Batman279.4794.44
yep you guys are so clever you're so281.944.14
clever oh wait that's not what am I283.9193.78
doing babes don't look at me you better286.083.3
not kill don't look at me I didn't do287.6993.78
that this Badger looking guy or skunk289.383.72
he's more of a skunk maybe yep he's291.4793.061
gonna be a porcupine soon with all these293.13.24
arrows in them it's got to be getting294.542.86
close I would think296.343.32
are we happy with two I just need one299.663.88
for you really oh there we go there we302.12.879
like my stuff should be around here304.9794.921
somewhere let's see where did I die307.1394.921
where did I bite a giga in the tail oh309.94.56
and yes the Giga is still there holy312.063.54
all right go away giga315.65.7
this is perfect this is perfect today on318.364.86
[ __ ] the game this is a gig in an321.33.3
alpha Raptor right near where you need323.222.58
to be okay324.63.06
we can do this quick right we can do325.84.32
this real quick we'll land they're both327.663.96
going that way look the alpha Raptor and330.122.94
the Giga have made a friend all right331.623.6
Terence get your stamina up please333.064.68
Phillip oh sorry Terence died earlier335.224.14
Terence was on the boat got attacked by337.744.739
an argentavis you're Phillip uh stuff's339.367.88
right there Giga is seemingly gone342.4794.761
in the stuffed potato348.565.8
now where okay there's the bag I want to351.445.94
grab that bat saddle354.363.02
oh my God my weight367.943.9
so remember that black box that used to374.885.099
that came up for a couple episodes and377.585.339
it was like you know somewhat opaque I379.9795.041
had some opacity to it but it was like382.9194.62
on the screen yes so it is appeared385.024.739
again on the upper right hand corner was387.5395.22
that in that's in shadowplay yeah it's389.7595.16
in shadowplay it's your webcam is turned392.7595.22
on my webcam is turned on okay so how394.9195.481
would I397.9792.421
okay Captain Kangaroo hot pink401.847.359
like hot pink406.45.919
um you guys are both Prime just like409.1995.041
like this is gonna be perfect I don't412.3193.301
know why I called you Captain Kangaroo414.243.84
considering a female butt uh you're415.625.4
ready to go Dora yes Dora we have a418.086.0
missing baby wait a minute yeah I think421.024.56
one of them must have been following me424.084.02
when I left earlier on I'm just saying425.585.399
and who knows I mean if you see just428.15.879
look for a little little whatever is it430.9795.821
a raptor the Raptor yep so you're not433.9795.461
blue starting up like a babysitting436.84.32
service anytime soon I hope right I'm439.444.259
not you know what I did find the remains441.124.26
of the dead baby that you were supposed443.6995.22
to oh yeah oh this is what okay so I'm445.385.52
just saying let's I'm not the only one448.9194.141
if this Baby's dead I'm not the only one450.94.5
that's that's responsible for killing a453.064.74
baby okay then all right yeah no we've455.44.88
all killed babies we've all been there457.85.22
yeah it's part of the world you know and460.285.08
it's they're accidental killings but we463.023.899
are responsible for them tell you what465.362.88
you've got466.9195.041
Captain Kangaroo right now am I oh are468.246.12
they killing it by inserting privates471.966.299
into privates yeah uh 43.3 on that and474.365.339
I'm gonna yeah this is gonna be a478.2593.481
there's gonna be a quality I think I'm479.6994.641
gonna call it little little tooth okay481.744.92
that's a good rapper name but that's484.346.52
their little tooth yeah t-o-o-f love it486.666.36
coming little tooth on its way yeah look490.863.72
for look for a little baby though I493.023.54
don't know I'm just just in case you see494.584.619
a little bobbin baby okay up your game496.564.88
how you feel I feel good I feel flying I508.1994.381
feel like I'm up in the air fantastic510.723.96
goodbye Beaver friends I was surprised512.584.199
that Mr Keats could carry you in uh who514.684.44
is it Mr Polar this is Polar Polar kind516.7793.721
of looks like a polar bear and now that519.123.359
the saddle's on him he looks even more520.54.32
like the one from The Golden Compass I522.4795.281
gotcha Battle Bear okay well after I was524.824.32
gonna be angry that you're not naming it527.763.72
after a coochie oh is that a thing yep529.144.199
oh I'm sorry I didn't know where there531.484.38
was rules hey it's your beaver you do533.3395.881
what you want yeah my Beaver so uh I535.865.52
don't know if uh we should go do a539.223.6
mission I think app store is trying to541.383.24
rebuild yeah I think he's having a bad542.823.9
day yep so hey why don't we just do one544.624.98
more Mission first okay uh you stay546.724.739
there on polar and I will switch out549.63.72
okay Beaver Mission I'm really good at551.4593.661
staying where beavers are sweet just553.323.72
hang out it's gonna be great yeah what's555.123.0
the mission you didn't tell me the557.042.28
mission it's a surprise you're gonna558.123.779
love it yeah but all right oops crap559.324.86
fever I really screwed up hello Beaver561.8994.321
friend that was the wrong564.184.68
[ __ ] oh he's snapping why is he sleeping566.225.34
he's got crime sickness I really screwed568.866.0
up that was oh no I did both what's571.566.48
happening you can't you can't unfreeze574.865.52
like ah just trust me I blew it all578.043.96
right I trust you you screwed it up we580.383.0
have to stay here and protect now damn582.02.7
it neebs I can't believe you've done583.383.84
this thing you've done geez how long584.74.699
up throw hey can you get my beaver589.3995.801
no I just got cryo sickness on both of592.24.88
my animals now like an idiot595.24.74
yep don't you this game wasn't fun no it597.084.9
wasn't art that was my stupidity I don't599.943.78
blame the game for my stupidity you601.984.56
having a bad day Astro603.725.76
no okay606.545.94
I think he likes me neebs he does man if609.484.859
I had Mr Keats right now I could I could612.485.25
go to that drop oh shoot oh shoot dang614.3395.041
oh come on come on little tooth come on621.127.68
little tooth oh my goodness little too625.866.9
oh my goodness far away are you I'm not628.87.94
too far I want to see the baby632.763.98
what a biscuit oh my goodness you little637.0195.341
biscuit little tooth might be one of my639.9594.201
favorite names ever well tube's pretty642.364.26
good yeah yeah don't get any bigger644.163.96
little too but it's absolutely perfect646.624.92
right now level 223 oh man oh man I know648.126.659
it's no joke really no nobody's laughing651.545.039
well there's nothing to laugh at nope654.7795.041
only smile for a little too oh yeah656.5794.921
getting all that oh yeah who's getting659.825.1
so big so quick look too oh come on come661.56.18
on all right up here we're close bud and664.924.26
one more for the nursery and then I've667.683.12
got like one more thing I kind of just669.183.18
want to go out and do all right I'll670.83.42
take care a little tooth when you get672.364.32
here and then you do you yeah well it's674.224.98
I'm doing us okay but you're gonna do676.685.88
you while I do us us we're both gonna do679.26.78
our okay routine682.565.279
what does that mean I don't know685.984.22
it's saying something yeah687.8396.601
yeah almost dramatic you know you're690.27.24
dramatic like there's a Twist is there694.446.56
tune in next week to find out697.446.899
yeah we're close I I don't believe you701.05.68
okay we're on the uh yeah we're like my704.3393.901
brother it's like oh it's gonna be 10706.683.779
minutes 30 minutes later it's one of708.243.599
those pieces of [ __ ] it's only 10710.4594.141
minutes away no it's not now maybe he's711.8394.861
more like 20 but he's he's got issues714.63.239
that's what made you all weird about716.74.1
that stuff maybe your brother717.8396.601
it's a good sessions hun lovely yeah how720.85.68
much do you know just a handy will be724.443.18
fun all right726.483.18
oh my God that's too much look at that727.623.09
[ __ ] look at it729.663.5
yeah that might be my favorite baby739.5797.0
oh man how much meat does she have it's743.126.52
it's up quite a bit all right this whole746.5796.0
Nursery is the best she can barely get749.646.3
up those stairs I know look at her oh oh752.5795.161
assistant little tiny little butt too755.943.899
it's a weird little butt it is a weird757.746.62
little butt all right you shut that door759.8394.521
all right I think the Beavers are strong773.663.58
enough leave Michael Keaton alone he's775.862.88
my favorite Batman bite him in the tail777.243.18
though for hit marker stuff oh I did778.743.42
more perhaps earlier go for his tail all780.423.24
right is he following you fighting no782.163.179
he's still numbing on the best stop it783.663.299
stop it I'm in that bed okay we'll just785.3392.94
do the best ah he's gonna die we're786.9592.82
gonna lose Keys oh I'm afraid of hitting788.2793.86
the bat myself789.7792.36
he's on me I'm stuck on Michael Keaton792.744.839
okay is he following me nope he's back796.1392.481
at me797.5793.481
I can't get to him because of the Wings798.624.38
laying on the ground801.064.68
dibs turn around man okay where do we go803.05.019
we fight this thing okay I think there's805.744.38
a river oh Big Bird what's a big bird808.0193.721
called argentavis coming after you too810.123.779
go to the water okay yeah maybe the Run811.744.56
maybe the running813.8994.761
kind of want to kill him now the Raptor819.25.56
where's that Argentina in the air where821.825.48
Birds Go yep come on824.765.639
a final loose sloppy too oh come on827.35.26
Fuller your Battle Bear get him you830.3993.361
fight him in the water circling each832.562.459
other it's hard to hit him but this is833.764.199
my territory bloody Izzy I don't think835.0194.44
he is I'm trying to turn around this837.9593.661
Beaver he's very slow yep I'm not bloody839.4594.44
either just bite my butthole neebs yep841.623.839
I'll bite for a minute here we go here843.8993.06
we go we're doing damage we're getting845.4593.781
revenge he's getting bloody a little bit846.9594.021
yeah you should bring positive changes849.244.5
yeah come on yeah I think you can kill850.986.32
Mr case and get away with it oh yeah853.746.12
that's for MJ's father857.36.96
you suck you suck spoilers859.864.4
all right Val Kilmer we're making lots866.14.02
of metal but we need lots more I can't867.8993.361
get out of here because I don't have any870.123.12
Beaver odd for me I usually have all the871.264.079
beaver I want damn it I can't swim out873.243.599
of here yeah I guess I'm just stuck in875.3393.3
here making metal and hanging out with876.8393.24
you you want to hang out on the ceiling878.6392.94
or something get you out here a minute880.0793.421
is there anything up here how cool it be881.5793.301
if there was like a hidden treasure883.53.66
chest with a rocket launcher in it oh884.883.84
yeah that's not that's not how you land887.163.739
on a ceiling buddy let's try that again888.724.22
like right here890.8995.201
yeah seeing this nice just hanging out892.944.899
I'm sorry there897.8394.201
yeah what's up buddy how many bats we899.724.78
got down there one oh just one yep yep902.045.46
okay uh I just lost Mr Keith so oh well904.54.32
we need more we need more bands I've907.53.18
already said that today you know yeah I908.823.6
like to grab him so we can use them to910.684.14
get more bats oh please come on uh get912.424.08
bring metal bring metal bring metal we914.823.54
need way more metal so just load those916.53.72
beavers up with metal yep we're on our918.363.36
way two all right see you when you get920.223.619
I like that you don't talk much about924.063.18
uh Papa Simon come in Papa uh Papa's927.245.82
here what do you need son I just want to930.664.32
let you know uh I came back over to that933.064.8
area where I last had interaction with934.985.159
them perhaps run specifically937.863.9
I kind of wanted to throw a few more of940.1393.601
those those mines941.764.5
I wonder for notification like comes up943.744.62
if like one of these things kills one of946.264.019
them you know uh-huh that'd be pretty948.364.32
cool that'd be really neat all right I'm950.2795.641
gonna put a few more up the way and she952.685.88
said I don't know why why not I'm gonna955.925.599
put a few more UPS away958.565.639
I think they're on the beach where just961.5195.38
stay away from the beach yeah not on964.1993.901
this beach like really far away on the966.8993.3
other Beach they're over there getting968.14.46
the draft oh yeah970.1996.14
they might find our beavers972.566.279
I don't know just just stay out in the976.3393.761
water right now all right I'm in the978.8393.321
the drive983.162.479
felt nothing985.682.599
that might be amazing to us I know but988.2796.06
we're not going in there yet991.263.079
swimming around the water996.722.96
yeah wow1001.423.719
all right budget thick is it clear now I1009.0794.68
think it's clear I think usually good at1011.9593.781
knowing when it's clear no all right1013.7594.5
well I think it is okay we'll keep your1015.744.2
eye out all right all right there's a1018.2593.901
brono uh-huh it's got two of the1019.944.139
Triceratops ones underneath it are they1022.163.96
dangerous they don't attack I don't know1024.0793.781
just keep looking all right things look1026.124.559
good there's a there's a gallimon and uh1027.865.4
there's rocks fiber okay here we go1030.6793.961
there's not much else to spot you're1033.262.939
getting anything good two more cryopods1034.642.64
but I'm built if you can build these1036.1992.581
things oh you can build in those yeah1037.283.419
okay it means we could store beavers oh1038.783.84
look a shipwreck yeah let's hey let's1040.6993.0
get back to the water I don't trust1042.622.28
because they were they were just around1043.6994.021
you don't trust never trust yeah 2022.1044.93.779
Kate's trusted me hopefully that got him1048.6797.761
a nice nap forever now forever nap1051.085.36
oh no oh we we lost a [ __ ] Vampira1061.586.36
Simon where the where was vampire I1065.784.2
forgot about vampire I don't know but1067.944.28
remember vampire and Elvira yeah yeah1069.985.819
I'm an Elvira talking and Elvira tried1072.225.98
to be Vampira and it was taken so then1075.7994.74
she turned into Elvira okay did you1078.24.859
notice that we uh one of the minds I put1080.5394.801
down uh killed like a beaver and two of1083.0593.601
what yeah a beaver and two of them yeah1086.669.32
that's wonderful that just happened1090.7998.521
man we gotta end our day that's it I'm1095.985.319
going to bed1099.325.82
that's perfect I'm so happy you I'm so1101.2996.24
I'm so proud of you I'm proud of you son1105.144.68
wow we're so proud of each other yeah we1107.5394.861
are I love being proud like sucking1109.824.56
around yeah yeah look how beautiful this1112.44.62
freaking bird is1114.385.36

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