We Made a ROLLER COASTER! (Minecraft Ep27)

Hey, fellow Minecraft fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming, you're in for a treat. In this episode, t...
We Made a ROLLER COASTER! (Minecraft Ep27)
We Made a ROLLER COASTER! (Minecraft Ep27)

We Made a ROLLER COASTER! (Minecraft Ep27)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see the latest Minecraft episode? Appsro built a roller coaster!

simon: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I can't believe he actually pulled it off. Definitely my favorite video so far!

appsro: Hey, don't act surprised, guys. I'm a Minecraft genius. The roller coaster was just the beginning of my masterpiece!

neebs: Well, I must admit, it was pretty impressive. But let's not forget about SGTV's epic comeback. That was pure gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey, fellow Minecraft fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming, you're in for a treat. In this episode, they introduce a new player to the server, SGTV is back in action, and apparently, Appsro has built a roller coaster - how cool is that?

And hey, if you want to show your support for the Super Simon Defense Squadron, you can grab their awesome shirt from the link provided in the description. Plus, if you're interested in copying their mod setup, there's a helpful tutorial linked as well.

If you're not already subscribed to Neebs Gaming, what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and join the fun! And don't forget to check out their Discord server for even more gaming chatter and shenanigans.

Oh, and did I mention they have their own coffee now? Player One Coffee, anyone? Sounds like the perfect pick-me-up for those late-night gaming sessions. Plus, their Minecraft playlist is a goldmine of entertainment, so be sure to binge-watch all the episodes if you haven't already.

I love how they always provide links to the music used in their videos - it really enhances the whole viewing experience. And the attention to detail in their gameplay, from building roller coasters to exploring new worlds, is what keeps me coming back for more.

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they're alleys yeah things working like1.614.12
a charm it's working so good4.3194.651
oh man I never have arrows so I never5.736.06
I'm taking these arrows I just stole 648.975.31
oh I'm taking 51 yeah that's what the11.798.7
whole point is right exactly oh boy use14.289.3
me gentlemen how's it going sup Bubba20.495.4
I'm in Minecraft yeah we know if you23.585.16
might not know neebs is on vacation so25.894.92
he has kept sent me here to do things28.743.839
what are you gonna do I have to pick30.814.47
wheat I have to wait there's a list over32.5794.801
here somewhere hang on pick wheat he35.283.869
said I have to harvest his wheat I have37.384.38
to feed his dogs and then mine for coal39.1494.891
iron and diamonds next to the house play41.764.83
Minecraft hey yes and nobody knows this44.045.13
game like I do okay I'll just kind of46.594.289
float around you make sure you're doing49.174.319
it right okay and if you're not tridents50.8795.421
going right up your butt53.4892.811
good to it doraleous look there's74.343.94
watermelons and minecraft yeah I know76.573.42
that it's been a very long time since78.283.69
I've played welcome back last time was I79.993.689
think they had it horses uh-huh did he81.974.05
say anything about um getting water moan83.6793.031
he didn't mention water my let's get to86.713.99
the wheat then okay this is wheat yep88.573.99
do I punch wheat you can punch wheat a90.73.449
punch sweet there you go that works92.563.33
Simon would probably prefer to use it94.1494.08
like a dirt block to get we put say95.893.99
punching should be fine works just as98.2293.271
well yeah sure it's not I might be onto99.882.129
yep so go ahead okay doing great yeah102.0095.7
there's a lot of stuff okay this is easy105.5495.701
yeah yeah mine crepes easy go out it107.7096.421
just keeps going - doesn't it you think111.254.17
you plan it and more like or does it114.132.129
need to be near water115.423.6
have you met noobs no yeah he's got116.2594.47
issues now he hired me through an app119.025.629
alright this is yeah this is smart120.7293.92
alright you got it yeah I think now124.774.029
replant the weed now you got to replant127.1493.481
the weeds yes the seeds of the weed yep128.7999.72
do I need a hoe you are a hoe you want130.6313.29
you want to be in a bright space hey138.5199.171
Lizzie DIY baby143.923.77
are you a man yes sir150.0610.62
what you up to I just finished making156.876.48
this all level cuz I've decided to make160.685.82
a dirt version of what I want first and163.355.31
then I'm gonna switch out the blocks one166.53.87
by one okay brought you a couple168.663.78
housewarming gifts Oh crafting table170.373.51
well thank you oh you already got one172.447.769
yes a mega two and a furnace oh nice you173.887.2
know what I'm gonna do180.2092.701
what's that I'm gonna lay down where do181.083.81
you think would be good well I got the182.913.6
crafting table up here is good maybe184.893.72
I'll put the furnace next to the maybe186.513.84
I'll put the furnace right here what do188.613.39
you think sure you know what you can do190.353.78
with the furnace other than food cook192.02.94
food now194.132.609
cobblestone you cook cobblestone and194.943.57
then you can make regular stone then you196.7393.121
can take that and you can make some198.513.05
really good looking stone like it's199.865.01
really yeah all done in the furnace man201.565.17
that is pretty so here I'll even give204.873.06
you a little bit of coal I'll call it up206.732.34
for you I'll give you your first207.933.15
twenty-two colt oh you rock you know209.074.41
what maybe I'll do okay maybe I'll start211.084.379
with the floor yeah you know what I'll213.484.17
do well maybe I'll try to figure out a215.4594.411
good way to make some herringbone floor217.654.08
do you make herringbone it's just219.873.119
whatever type of wood you can get a221.732.7
whole I think there's oak and spruce222.9892.97
snow jungle Oh224.433.18
now if you want to do something real225.9593.631
crazy no one has a jungle floor no227.613.78
listen they could go to the jungle maybe229.594.23
we'll do the jungle but I have an idea231.395.879
yeah I have an idea for huh for a hood233.826.12
maybe parquet what what did I say237.2694.981
parquet what was the floor I said he was239.943.6
parquet what does that mean what's242.252.25
parquet I don't know what that it was243.542.85
what I was I talking about I don't no244.53.39
idea what you were talking about all246.392.819
right forget it we'll do what you said247.892.909
let's do the other floor the jungle249.2096.09
floor yeah adventure I got live Tyler250.7996.991
and let me look at my map I think if the255.2994.801
jungles a ways away Simon but we're257.794.11
doing a jungle floor but we're gonna do260.14.01
a jungle floor and a double261.95.06
this way all right I don't even know264.114.529
what a jungle floor is but I'm following266.962.419
you buddy268.6393.24
but is it jungle floor the floor made269.3796.521
out of jungle wood all right so I've271.8797.801
planted almost all the wheat I got to go275.96.509
put in the wheat I got somewhere okay279.683.93
now making sure I make a sign or282.4092.76
something or no don't worry about that283.613.359
um what's the next thing on the list285.1692.97
once we do this next thing on the list286.9693.45
was feed this dog that you don't think288.1395.011
exists did you see one I didn't see one290.4194.53
yeah it might mean I did a horrible job293.152.759
taking care of it294.9492.731
no one needs he would have like named it295.9094.26
and had us all know the name yeah many297.685.01
times over okay so go ahead and throw300.1696.361
the wheat in the downstair ever actually302.695.49
I think downstairs I saw a bunch of306.535.129
signs he's very particular in where he308.185.28
wants to put his big particular wheat311.6594.021
bin we've been let's see no there's not313.463.989
a wheat bin so I'm gonna use the last315.683.449
bin tell him it was in the last bit I'm317.4493.601
not telling him anything okay I'll send319.1293.421
it in the update okay what's the next321.053.63
thing unless vo then the next thing was322.554.47
just go to his mind and collect as much324.685.76
diamond iron and coal and emeralds yeah327.024.799
and I think he wanted you to give that330.443.27
stuff to me when you were done331.8193.9
oh really think so I mean it wasn't333.714.47
mentioned but yeah I sent me a text335.7195.341
after I think yeah yeah okay well that's338.185.97
fine where's my bit yeah it's right down341.063.509
okay Oh see he must have closed the door344.5698.641
yeah I think right over here magma like348.5297.35
through here and then down okay so it's353.214.679
kind of kind of dig it out yeah he must355.8793.66
have filled it back in so no no my stove357.8892.671
it's right down here359.5392.34
okay well I'll start working you don't360.562.639
have to I mean it's not your job it's361.8793.9
mine yeah so alright I appreciate it363.1993.991
though thank you yep that's where's -365.7794.651
all right good luck down there Thanks367.195.879
get some good stuff got an advancement370.435.099
good for you who does it tell everyone373.0695.371
yeah Oh everyone all my friends can know375.5297.89
I hate Anthony being here yeah boy no378.446.899
you know just do stuff yeah it was gone383.4194.081
I would rather Anthony be here just for385.3394.161
himself and not be the387.54.43
yeah that would be our gonna invite389.54.41
somebody into the server yeah just say391.933.24
hey come in and do whatever you want393.913.93
yeah come in and like be my slave he395.175.07
could be doing his own thing immediately397.843.78
it makes me want to smack him in the400.243.09
face cuz he's here for names401.623.27
yeah well he's supposed to take care of403.333.27
neebs house I don't care about neebs404.892.88
house yeah me neither406.63.72
that's why sabotage oh did you oh yeah407.7711.58
how did you sabotage you I just410.3212.33
basically did a bunch of stuff Wow wow419.354.71
you really know how to paint a picture422.658.67
yeah I know what I wanted you to tell me424.0610.95
things but okay jungle mist I think this431.325.01
is jungle according to the map it looks435.015.55
like jungle I really like this grass is436.336.54
this different oh I love grass is this440.563.54
grass different it looks a little442.872.549
different doesn't it there was it444.13.39
exactly the same no it just looks like445.41911.131
regular grass okay all right now Simon447.4911.52
over here yeah see jungle wood jungle456.554.59
wood let's see a few is it this is459.014.26
jungle this is jungle wood right that's461.145.19
dirt that is no this was just one yeah463.275.49
this is jungle wood so hold on you and I466.333.81
if you're gonna make your entire floor468.763.51
out of it we got a harvest all this470.144.62
jungle wood damn alright I'll go over472.274.47
some jungle wood bamboo boat all right474.764.14
thank you very much for bringing me here476.744.26
absolutely thank you for helping me I478.97.56
want you place looking nice Oh what Oh481.08.58
what's up it's warm white lava486.466.33
oh okay I'm just getting this dangerous489.584.83
it's not just pure look but there's a492.794.59
crafting table home whoa whoa this is a494.415.85
thing yeah we should build like Oh497.385.11
Ripper that's my first enemy500.263.88
what we're tried it in we're tried in504.144.53
Tim he's up no I won't get it back I506.663.57
read this well what they're right over508.673.48
there I can't reach him yet I don't have510.233.72
anything shoot arrows well any of our512.153.39
concern right you won't come at us hey513.953.63
be careful no how could he you can't fly515.544.89
well try yeah what if I get a little517.584.26
closer I don't know what you're trying520.434.05
to careful but come and get me maybe521.844.98
he'll kill himself into the fire yeah we524.484.08
need to get down there okay making a526.823.81
little wooden not what a dirt staircase528.564.62
sure you're doing really good look at530.634.38
mater this has all been tapped hasn't it533.183.72
I guess so well let's find a good spot535.014.08
and just like bear into it you don't I536.93.48
mean like yeah you probably hasn't539.093.27
gotten that far into them he couldn't540.383.39
have it all covered there's tons of542.362.85
diamond out here I couldn't smell them543.772.88
water right here you can jump into and545.214.05
ride down okay careful down there now546.655.79
nice he's not coming for us so I know if549.265.64
we lost vigil oh there's a skeleton just552.444.79
look at man waiting once is so bad554.94.86
there's like a path on this side all557.234.87
right there's red is red good I tell you559.764.56
what Anthony mmm you passed your first562.15.19
test - you found here thank you564.325.25
really yeah wait is this all designed567.294.83
just as a test it's all a test my and569.574.65
you just kept one gun now the real work572.124.71
starts well done thank you574.224.86
what's up I mean what see a bird okay is579.085.96
that a good thing is that maybe my bird582.715.76
no I think it's a girl he's blue he's585.0414.38
cute the damn ax just broke okay oh man588.4712.03
he's adorable599.423.84
I'm gonna name him blue balls oh nice I600.55.55
don't know exactly where you are I'm603.268.85
looking at you there's a tree my my my606.057.98
axe broke I can't make another one right612.113.66
now because because I got to be at a614.033.99
table right well yeah but I tell you615.773.75
what we can honestly go ahead and head618.025.09
back because I got some some saplings619.526.3
jungle saplings so we can plant jungle623.115.05
trees near your house me too and guess625.824.35
what I got a sapling and I got a lot of628.164.59
you know at least some stuff things are630.174.32
good the floor is gonna be guys and I'm632.753.15
thinking about having some nether Rock634.492.74
in there too because I'm gonna have a635.92.5
our place in the middle but it's gonna637.233.84
be on the floor fireplace in the mail K638.44.14
yeah you didn't man you do whatever you641.073.96
can listen I am doing things what's that642.543.75
in the water over there I don't know645.032.64
what I'm gonna do actually is that ink646.293.33
sack hello that's how I was like a647.674.32
couple of ink sacs just floating there649.625.07
wait well I think what would you say651.997.65
great story that's what you say there's654.696.93
lots of birds in here your bird salmon659.644.38
no no no I'm fine with the one bird that661.623.78
I have that I don't know where it is and664.022.49
it's probably dead and I'm fine with665.42.64
that too okay well you want to head back666.516.81
sure mm and we need to go this way come668.047.05
on bird actually he's probably never673.323.81
gonna follow me back no he's not because675.093.57
I'm not waiting for those things are too677.138.85
slow is this the second test yes do yes678.6610.35
it is Anthony really yeah awesome yeah685.984.89
I'm doing really good I'm a diamond689.014.02
together no diamonds yet oh I got a690.875.34
where what in the what do you mean what693.035.1
well where I was just I went down a696.213.5
couple of paths over here and I got a698.134.23
look I've got this entire room this is699.716.52
the most diamond just make a long path702.365.85
yeah do you know this the serpentine706.233.75
kind of technique know what's right you708.213.66
go like check it out if you were to do709.982.76
this right here711.874.71
mhm so you go way down okay right way712.745.88
down and then you're gonna cut over716.584.5
three blocks right it's reblocked718.623.75
and then you you would make your way721.084.11
back right because then you're do you722.374.2
understand the science behind then725.197.62
you're seeing more side you go ahead and726.577.41
mine a little bit more I'm gonna go up732.812.97
top side I got some stuff to do okay733.984.06
I'll see you know in a few okay735.783.729
you know I've got some jobs for y'all738.043.57
right find your way out yeah give me739.5093.601
some diamonds and I'll see you in a few741.614.08
okay get me I don't know if I can the743.114.86
third part of the test okay get me some745.692.88
well yes sir good luck hey you remember748.574.79
how to get out of here752.2310.529
nothing so you want this whole floor753.3611.469
jungle log first of all let's see what762.7594.02
it looks like when you put her down boom764.8295.341
jungle log oh that does look good yeah766.7796.12
man I'm thinking we could do some sort770.175.58
of a pattern no got pattern I don't know772.8995.011
I mean with different types of wood yeah775.756.66
that's true ooh ooh throw down an oak777.916.989
throw down an oak okay that's okay oh782.415.25
now I want to see what four of them that784.8994.291
are different what they look like is787.663.419
that gonna be giving me this parkade789.193.78
look that I was thinking about so you791.0793.24
would you would want to put some oak792.973.78
right there no I wanted to have is there794.3194.171
another different type of wood that you796.753.6
could put in there that is not here798.494.469
Burch Burch baby all right hold on I see800.354.289
a birch tree right over here all right802.9593.63
break that stupid glass so I can get out804.6394.351
and it's getting knock we're gonna have806.5894.05
to defend this place tonight Simon well808.994.079
we're gonna have to snuggle in bed I'd810.6395.461
rather snuggle defend against monsters813.0695.791
all right whatever man I do what I do it816.14.41
oh I already got what the hell's going818.863.75
on over here what is there a couple of820.514.439
guys a couple you see it's like822.615.159
villagers maybe what are they oh no is824.9494.981
it a larger sir I don't know Oh God827.7698.25
really I don't know I see oh yeah did I829.937.8
just spot something that was important836.0194.56
maybe look at that my eyes are so good837.734.799
oh yeah those are Ilitch840.5795.461
so what now on it's dark now into the842.5295.401
base Simon I'm too into that this isn't846.044.47
a basis of confound ation all right into847.934.709
the foundation into the foundation we850.514.05
got on we got to lock ourselves in yeah852.6393.721
let me get let me get let me get some854.564.529
dirt going boom boom boom we protected856.364.95
on all sides no can I get up not even859.0894.23
close they can get everywhere I get now861.313.23
I can barely see863.3194.281
to be doing dirt oh all right so just864.545.43
gonna close this stuff up I don't mean867.63.21
to put that down869.974.02
Oh God forgot about phantoms of course I870.815.94
love we need to close up a very small873.994.98
area get over here right right right876.754.95
get in here with Papa Papa Simon okay I878.975.22
mean Papa all right close it up close it881.74.95
up it up there we go here we go all884.194.59
right get oh no leave that one open886.654.8
leave one open or one of them just open888.784.26
one and get a torch please I don't have891.453.66
any torches I should I want to talk to893.044.29
you we got one open your perfect all895.113.87
right we good we're not we're not only897.334.47
good word team yeah just hang out here898.983.96
for the night that's what we do I know901.82.37
but we're a team and I'm feeling really902.943.6
really like happy to be with you right904.173.99
now I want some action906.543.15
I know you want action but I'm just908.163.18
saying right now I'm now connected with909.694.02
you stop it I just said I feel connected911.345.79
with you God you've ruined everything913.715.25
hold on I'm going after actually you917.134.23
ruin everything and this is why you'll918.965.43
never settle down where you admob's god921.366.18
oh I see some creepers I thought I could924.3912.42
make you happy this is fun this is fun I927.5413.77
just keep going up and up wait what is936.815.37
that hmm941.315.16
doraleous like I hear murmuring I just942.186.33
here to see a name threw a rock it's got946.474.13
to be the way though oh this is outside948.515.76
Wow I expected this to be a whole ordeal950.67.69
and you know Oh what are you going hey954.275.73
what happened where'd you just come up958.294.29
what happened what the house what do you960.04.23
mean it's been reclaimed by it by the962.583.81
earth that's it and the grass is growing964.233.66
hello what's like down in that cave966.392.16
oh you know really how long was it968.554.55
you know diamonds you got some spiders979.0415.4
coming up behind you I need to fight981.20916.261
what is this what is a loom now I can't994.445.67
sleep because you brought spiders it's997.4718.27
fine I'll slay them all right I killed1000.1117.55
one all right that was your fourth test1015.744.26
you passed it Anthony thank you yeah1017.664.41
was it was stealing the sword part of1020.03.899
the test the spider I don't know okay1022.074.44
well thank you to Elias mm-hmm um I1023.8994.321
didn't find any diamonds1026.513.72
okay I'm just gonna take a little nap1028.224.949
ski okay play do I look next to you or1030.234.469
how do I get some diamonds I don't know1033.1693.15
I'll just kind of hang out in the corner1034.69915.771
no diamonds over there all right Simon1036.31918.511
birch birch baby oh that's interesting1050.476.579
now do you think that we could find some1054.835.91
sort of a pattern to go with for the1057.0497.081
entire floor except for of course this1060.745.16
area here which I'm keeping on that1064.133.39
trial we want to keep that green oh1065.93.48
natural everywhere where there's1067.523.87
cobblestone and grass on this level1069.384.14
I would like to potentially have an or1071.393.75
should I just go with because it's too1073.524.35
boring to just pick one floor yeah no I1075.144.44
agree we'll mix it up now you could also1077.873.84
you can actually go with the log instead1079.583.75
of actually breaking it down see poop1081.714.44
you got that oh damn1083.335.19
that's even not that's nice you know1086.153.6
what would probably good something like1088.522.76
this I'm gonna throw this out there1089.754.21
throw it throw it out like1091.284.96
we got a little bit of that uh-huh it1093.963.87
got stuff like this I hear what you say1096.244.11
in the middle yeah yeah I hear what1097.834.44
you're saying i what is it what there's1100.353.63
a saying like I hear I hear what you're1102.273.3
dropping down you see what I'm doing1103.982.85
you see what I see what you're doing1105.573.39
there's something about like I hear what1106.834.17
you drop it I tell you the kids are1108.963.78
saying okay but uh yeah won't do it and1111.02.789
then like in the middle that's all1112.743.569
uniform maybe birch I know I know we1113.7893.481
went out and got this jungle and the1116.3091.831
jungle would still probably look good1117.273.12
but the birch like that that's an option1118.144.019
too well I tell you one thing1120.393.81
well hey I'm just throwing this out1122.1594.02
there I mean you know oh I mean that's1124.24.32
an option but you could have went with1126.1794.671
another option what's the other option1128.525.31
put put the other ones back this is1130.854.84
birch you said yeah that's Burch Burch1133.833.829
go back and then this will be jungle1135.695.28
okay now listen okay no not jungle what1137.6595.351
was the other one we got oak I think oak1140.973.75
might be possible Oh Oaks the one you1143.013.12
want huh I said it might be a1144.723.179
possibility I wanted to see it cuz I1146.134.23
like oh oh sorry that's birch dammit1147.8994.681
yeah I like oak better you like the best1150.364.77
yep yeah it's enough contrast it's in1152.585.55
this better color family it's there but1155.134.95
that's just one way to go and now I can1158.133.179
do other designs1160.083.3
oh okay leave that there baby leave that1161.3094.47
there that birth something in me that I1163.384.799
think I just figured something out okay1165.7793.961
maybe all right I'm gonna leave you to1168.1794.47
it then you are such an inspiration yeah1169.744.47
I love you alright I hope this floor1172.6493.481
looking good okay but I have to leave so1174.214.14
I planted some jungle trees out there1176.134.08
for you thank you hey before you leave1178.354.319
what you want want to do something fun1180.215.63
maybe you want to have some fun maybe1182.6695.431
follow me to my place all right1185.846.16
oh wow the whips might be a willow whips1188.15.52
I said no whips it's gonna be a whip1192.04.73
maybe okay1193.625.61
all right Simon you ready for this I1196.735.71
think so all right I want you to come1199.235.0
back here I want you to open this door1202.444.38
open this door right here yeah this one1204.236.669
boom boom look at that roller coaster1206.826.66
baby that is a roller coaster1210.89921.06
that's crazy hop in man hop in1264.118.19
okay this is very unexpected jeez and1267.266.33
I'm not even knowing this place yeah I1272.32.61
want to make it look a little bit more1273.593.0
it's like a little beach fair all right1274.913.99
look at this I even instinctively ran1276.593.96
right where I was and I've never been1278.93.69
here all right well I mean it's a giant1280.555.33
damn roller coaster1282.593.29
that was good thought you'd enjoy that1303.584.95
that made it weird going again no no I1309.975.29
can't I don't think I don't feel good1313.644.02
tougher to get out I'm gonna get out oh1315.2611.13
I see you can't do that rule okay almost1317.6613.83
clean the last couple blocks and leaves1326.397.08
is you know really picky but I think I1331.493.48
don't think you can find a problem with1333.473.69
this and today yeah doraleous how's it1334.973.839
going over here good I just finished we1337.163.42
think oh sorry there's a block upstairs1338.8094.981
hang on come on good gonna get there all1340.583.45
yeah I think needs will be happy yeah1344.033.779
but that was the most important part1345.983.449
wasn't it yeah crazy that it grows so1347.8093.271
fast here you know yeah crazy it in1349.4293.63
front of diamonds well I mean he won't1351.083.93
be back for what a few more days I can1353.0593.991
still keep working okay yeah and I think1355.013.09
he wants you to put them I've got a1357.053.54
chest for put all our diamonds in a1358.14.2
chest that I have right that makes sense1360.594.469
yeah you let me know um well done today1362.35.58
Anthony thank you yeah Elias yep I mean1365.0594.861
I just followed my instincts yeah1367.884.59
and they worked out I guess yeah whoa1369.925.04
what is that back behind the woods there1372.4710.68
what you hit me once right - but afro1374.9610.05
what your presence makes the grass grow1383.155.56
I'd yell about this oh I'm sorry1385.0120.48
why is he after me - gastro thank you1388.7119.0
all right Anthony yeah yeah get to it1405.494.76
I'll see you in a bit1407.712.54
my bird uh is he down in the mines1417.359.46
underneath my house no I forgot yeah1421.26.57
that's fine1426.814.74
yeah it's your bird that's my bird I can1427.777.68
forget all I want I remember I named it1431.555.49
I don't know an aerosol forgot the name1435.454.07
it's right now and my not in my head1437.047.56
something McGee slowpoke ID but yeah the1439.526.61
last time I remember seeing slowpoke1444.63.93
McGee I was I named with a nametag I1446.135.7
don't remember what happened after that1448.536.569

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