A Desperate Search - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Today in 7 Days, Appsro searches for ways to get rid of his infection. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON h...
A Desperate Search - 7 Days to Die Fallout
A Desperate Search - 7 Days to Die Fallout

A Desperate Search - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Guys, 'A Desperate Search - 7 Days to Die Fallout' is my favorite video! I mean, who doesn't love watching Appsro panic about an infection?

simon: Oh, absolutely, Neebs! Watching him run around like a headless chicken, it's like a comedy show!

appsro: Hey, you two! It wasn't just running around; it was a strategic search for survival, okay?

neebs: Strategic? You mean flailing your arms and screaming, 'I'm gonna die!' every five seconds? That was pure gold!

simon: Yeah, Appsro, your 'strategic search' involved checking the same empty cabinet three times. Riveting stuff!

appsro: You know what, Simon? At least I didn't mistake a zombie for a friendly NPC. Twice.

neebs: Oh snap, he's got you there, Simon! But seriously, that video is a classic. The best part was when Appsro finally found the antibiotics and then got infected again immediately.

simon: Yes! That was a plot twist worthy of an Oscar. It's like the universe was playing a joke on you, Appsro.

appsro: Alright, alright, laugh it up. Just remember, it's moments like that which make our channel so darn entertaining!

Hey everyone! If you haven't checked out the latest episode in the "7 Days to Die" series, you're in for a treat. Today, our guy Appsro is on a mission to get rid of his infection, and trust me, it's as intense and hilarious as ever.

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So grab your snacks, sit back, and enjoy Appsro’s wild ride to cure that infection. It's going to be one heck of an episode!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

7 Days to Die is a survival sandbox game that truly immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world. Developed by The Fun Pimps, this game throws you into the aftermath of a global nuclear war where the only objective is to survive against zombies, hunger, thirst and the elements.

Neebs Gaming's ongoing 7 Days to Die series on YouTube brings this harsh world to life in a cinematic way that is both entertaining and visually stunning. Their custom-built wasteland feels like a real lived-in environment, filled with detail and their trademark humor. The group's chemistry shines as they face each challenge the game throws at them. Every triumph and setback feels meaningful.

While the gameplay itself is engaging, Neebs Gaming's cinematic approach makes 7 Days an absolute joy to experience. Clever camera work, custom sets, and improvised scenes create an immersive world. You feel like you're right there surviving alongside them. Their storytelling ability transforms a sandbox game into an episodic saga, one you eagerly await each week.

For anyone interested in 7 Days to Die, Neebs Gaming's series is the definitive way to enjoy it short of playing it yourself. Their creative spirit and filmmaking expertise bring the game to life in a way no one else has achieved. Each video feels like a mini movie that inspires you to keep fighting in this post-apocalyptic struggle. Neebs Gaming's 7 Days series is a can't-miss experience for any gamer.

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guys I'm not feeling so good yeah well3.7194.321
you know what extra water can help I5.723.44
don't think extra water is going to help8.043.88
my 29% infection no you're right about9.164.359
that you're right oh maybe Hugh has11.924.08
pills maybe he usually doesn't though13.5194.361
trador Hugh never has pills I ask him16.04.119
every time okay yeah I know go ahead and17.884.52
you you get in there first hey well one20.1194.201
let me turn this in do can you have22.44.56
pills damn it he do have any24.325.4
pills uh might as well take those yeah26.964.319
[ __ ] all right let me see your inventory29.724.64
pills Hue anything someon usually just31.2794.721
dies to get rid of stuff yeah but I34.363.199
don't like to play that way well I'm not36.03.52
doing that now if I don't need to I have37.5594.0
I have healed myself with honey so far39.523.6
this game oh if you find any honey yeah41.5593.361
he's got nothing neees yeah you want to43.123.2
go out with me see if we can find like a44.924.479
hospital or anything I guess so yeah I46.324.28
got honey but I ain't going to fix you49.3993.32
so don't even ask for it I mean can I50.63.88
have your honey it's like 5% you're like52.7193.84
20% gone oh do you just have one honey54.483.68
yeah but honey doesn't do anything56.5593.441
except for just help a little bit but it58.163.32
any little bit helps right now need's60.03.239
being stingy with his damn I just I just61.483.6
did the math it don't work out yeah kill63.2393.92
yourself yeah let your friend die let65.085.6
your friend slowly die whoa bye guys67.1594.921
we'll see you later yeah have a great70.684.0
day yeah you too Simon buried supplies72.086.719
or clear zombies clear zombies all74.684.119
right oh some little solar maybe up80.565.879
there is that no that's not solar no83.725.2
that's like a really big sun what the86.4394.481
hell do you call the thing that what do88.923.72
they call the freaking roof the hole in90.924.879
the roof but it's like glass my God I92.644.68
know it looks dumb on this house though95.7994.481
yeah it does all right so you ready yeah97.325.88
yeah yeah clear clearing those zoms mhm100.285.32
front door is unlocked how uh how nice103.24.48
of that easy peasy so what is it when105.65.119
you have that like the the cut into the107.684.96
roof that shines the light from outside110.7195.881
in Simon what Simon what I got a present112.646.88
for you oh okay look what was in the in116.63.76
the laundry a leather duster yes oh my120.366.799
goodness yes it's so much better oh wow124.563.919
that is such a big deal we were just127.1594.001
talking about that it was meant to be I128.4795.041
know oh this is so good all right so131.164.359
anyway is dark what's that basic thing133.525.04
called it's going to drive me crazy uh135.5194.72
what you don't know I don't care anymore138.563.679
I've mov on past that it's very dark140.2393.121
yeah it is I'm going to kill this guy142.2393.72
right here okay I'm going kill someone143.365.68
over here okay you did oh what a stance145.9595.64
look at that so dark looking good shut149.044.479
that I couldn't even see you oh151.5993.761
Jesus hello153.5195.0
lady goodness snuck up from goodness155.365.84
turn on a light yeah maybe if we have158.5195.121
one of those those things in the roof161.24.319
right there look at that Skylight it's163.646.44
called a skylight I wish it worked165.5194.561
y oh man nees yeah baby I got a heat172.9595.481
stroke what how heat Strokes happening176.044.24
right now we always have heat Strokes no178.443.64
we don't we're always hot this is a heat180.284.12
stroke says drink something cold like a182.084.0
cola or smoothie to clear it up oh you184.43.479
know what I do have one sunset186.084.159
sasparilla come on will that get rid of187.8793.28
that heat190.2394.121
stroke maybe I don't know let me know191.1594.401
but check this out this is that Verte194.363.4
bir I think Dora was talking about oh195.564.64
really yeah we can fix that thing up he197.764.8
found this yeah he's been over here200.24.319
before but uh good news for me looks202.563.319
like there's a pharmacy right behind it204.5195.481
what do we need to fix this oh let's see205.8796.92
h verdier n damn it we need that stupid210.05.2
repair impact driver to even look all212.7993.64
right there's a pharmacy over here I'm215.22.92
breaking into it I'm just checking oh I216.4395.041
got a book tools and stuff hell yeah I'm218.127.08
reading that I still have a oh God what221.486.319
is that what's what there's I was225.25.52
getting radiated oh really yeah what was227.7995.0
radiating me nothing looks radiated230.723.96
around you that's what I'm thinking why232.7994.16
was I getting radiated wow this truck is234.684.04
cool an old236.9595.12
semi stage two of eight oh wow yeah238.725.239
being able to fix that yep would be cool242.0793.36
if we could pull a trailer and our base243.9593.521
could be in it just pull our base around245.4393.16
yeah that'd be awesome we need to get247.482.839
like an yeah we need more impact drivers248.5993.881
so we can start ripping cars apart okay250.3194.2
I got a wrench does that work uh yeah252.484.24
wrenches actually do work okay oh God254.5193.24
all right how do you get into this256.723.16
Pharmacy back door I was work going to257.7594.04
work on my farm today and now I'm259.882.92
walking around with you looking for261.7992.561
medicine oh God getting radiated over262.84.24
here really not me God is there264.364.16
something radioactive inside the267.043.32
pharmacy damn it268.524.32
where were you like right here yeah like270.363.8
right over yep yep yep yep okay yeah272.842.88
it's got to be something right in there274.164.12
yeah oh man all right so all right we'll275.723.919
go to the back of the pharmacy this is278.282.199
probably where they're going to keep the279.6392.641
pills oh God it's the whole damn place280.4793.28
is radiated yeah I don't know how you282.283.0
haven't written this off son of a [ __ ]283.7593.321
I'm writing it off now we can't go in285.285.28
there yep [ __ ] I'm at I'm at287.086.76
34% uh yeah you're you're a goner man no290.565.76
I'm not I am a survivor and I'm going to293.845.44
find either honey a ton of damn honey or296.325.76
I'm going to find uh the the the pill299.284.32
that I need I'm not going to argue with302.083.52
you I'm just here for Comfort right now303.63.52
there's got to be places all over town305.63.68
antibiotics e that one was easy dude311.524.519
super easy we needed something a little314.283.039
more challenging316.0396.121
sir okay man those Waters I don't okay317.3195.961
I'm not going to get a water I don't322.163.56
have water options I've got Tech 10 duct323.285.96
tapes or like five repair kits or richat325.726.56
WR watch mod that's a tongue twister329.245.88
yeah I'm going to get more uh ammo uh332.285.08
for my laser Pew pews all right I'm335.126.32
picking another job do it a fetch uh I337.366.6
mean who doesn't like a good fetch me I341.444.45
though uh there's a guy in the road and348.883.84
I don't know if he's cool and I over350.83.6
here's a robot oh [ __ ] that guy's not352.723.52
cool go over here to the354.45.88
van you with me uh yep I am with you oh356.245.519
there's a red I think there's a red cat360.284.24
over there too okay maybe the robot will361.7595.72
protect us maybe so robot help us please364.524.399
red red367.4794.72
cat where' the guy go I don't know oh oh368.9194.56
yeah he's fighting the robot should we372.1994.881
help oh if we can man I wish I had any373.4796.321
ammo I got arrows I guess I shoot in the377.086.28
back oh I turned oh God robot get up oh379.86.08
no oh God he's coming he's coming he's383.364.92
coming around the car he's on top of the385.884.0
okay reload oh boy that hurt I got to389.887.24
get this zombie all right oh he's down393.45.84
I'm hitting him with an arrow Wolf's397.124.88
involved robot's on him yep robot wolf399.245.079
versus military guy yep where is this402.03.919
guy oh404.3194.481
[ __ ] oh God I swear I hit reload all bet405.9194.881
I switched oh I think I got the I think408.85.32
I got the guy okay410.83.32
and we're eating that that's dinner all414.9195.521
right Rad Cat thanks for this this buddy417.8796.521
down your weapons and submit to a420.447.12
Target what a piece of [ __ ] yeah this is424.45.479
awful all right you want to go for it427.563.919
yeah we're just you're really good at429.8793.6
finding the stuff aren't you oh I'm431.4794.961
listen I've actually been very good at433.4795.921
it yeah I've heard I've heard tail have436.445.92
you yeah God it's so dark it is it's439.44.44
what happen oh hey442.366.119
sir how you do ah how's he do eo's dead443.848.079
oh no not yet how about this time oh you448.4795.601
duck you're like a little puppy dog this451.9196.0
is a meth house yeah for sure I already454.086.88
got my Satchel oh you did yes I got to457.9196.4
get one too don't I I got my Satchel man460.965.76
this is tough we're really getting the464.3195.241
the the toughies466.722.84
today side of Town's kind of crazy nebs470.7594.521
I feel like your plan to heal your thing473.284.56
is going to get us both killed uh no no475.285.199
no no no no no it's not no I'm going to477.844.28
find a spot there's a spot in this town480.4793.16
look look how big this town is there's482.125.919
got to be like a pharmacy that isn't483.6398.28
radiated come on oh cop blew up think he488.0396.28
set that fence on fire yeah he did491.9193.68
that's not my fence I'm not worried494.3193.56
about it exactly burn this whole damn495.5995.6
town down for all I give a497.8793.32
[ __ ] this does look cool though I like501.8794.361
this side of town yep I'm looking for504.084.119
medicine I don't see it I know I've been506.244.96
looking too Duds there's a bar508.1995.76
Electronics one Pharmacy this whole town511.24.48
can't just have one Pharmacy no a lot of513.9593.32
people lived here what's this all right515.683.32
any water some maybe something in this517.2793.921
cooler oh some murky water am might have519.03.8
some Tylenol or some I perer or521.23.84
something I I just need I need anything522.85.12
we need shelter cuz I'm burning up yeah525.045.28
have you made a um Poncho yeah you got a527.924.28
poncho I got a poncho on yeah I've even530.324.6
leveled up some kind of fory things cool532.24.36
crack a bug that's534.923.599
good yep you look over there I'm going536.564.56
to check this mailbox538.5194.56
yep see if there's any pills in it541.124.2
Warfare We Fresh hey what's uh what's We545.325.48
Fresh bird549.2794.441
bird got the bird oh names there's a550.85.96
popping pills heck yeah b a pharmacy553.725.119
okay oh please556.764.92
God okay this place this place is going558.8394.881
to have the pills I need all right let's561.683.8
get in there oh God yeah yeah yeah yeah563.723.44
yeah yeah come on please be open yes565.484.56
it's open all right idiot oh okay I567.165.0
won't crowd you yeah don't crowd the570.044.039
door here we go what about you nothing572.164.799
on Steve all right oh these shells look574.0796.44
looted come on pills I need pills576.9596.721
looking for pills all right any pills in580.5194.161
the drink583.683.8
nope come on pills nothing in this cor587.484.359
Dam vitamins I don't need vitamins I590.123.159
need damn591.8394.761
antibiotics oh boy okay maybe she got593.2795.081
pills am I uh hey I light you fight596.65.04
watch out behind us okay behind us hold598.366.159
on oh through this door no no yeah look601.644.92
yeah he's he's stuck on the concrete I'm604.5196.681
looking at him okay um oh this guy okay606.565.8
well that's a flower shop or something611.22.92
next door oh good guess what I don't612.364.599
need fluck flowers I know I need pills614.124.08
you're going to need flowers soon cuz616.9592.241
you're probably not going to pull618.26.12
through this oh I [ __ ]619.25.12
I'm like a stormtrooper for like a for631.123.76
real one yep and I'm going to get it632.924.359
with a sledge got it oh I hit you with634.884.0
Sledge you get it you dead is you dead638.888.84
yep and I picked up a six bone knives so644.486.08
cool we got uh buried supplies here647.724.88
figured we'd switch it up a bit do it650.564.0
get our digging on yeah I actually have652.64.28
a shovel with a mod all right Bird uh oh654.565.16
that's a bee coming at you oh no well656.884.48
not coming at you might not have seen659.723.84
you I hate bees one of those greeny661.364.24
beanies I'm going to have to oh is it663.564.12
coming after to you oh God all right I'm665.63.32
going to try to get it with this thing667.683.12
huh how come668.924.4
on I guess I've got670.85.68
um a stormtrooper673.326.92
attachment just okay come on man we676.488.919
can't start until I think I hit it oh no680.249.93
no no nice685.3998.121
I'm almost out of damn arrows oh okay694.884.759
keep run go back go back go back go back697.124.399
grab close the other door uh yeah bring699.6394.32
them into this room maybe where' they go701.5193.601
uh they're probably trying to figure out703.9592.961
this dirty in there all right they're705.125.36
slow go ahead and get one M close the706.925.52
door okay door's closed this will give710.484.12
us time can I make any more arrows712.443.32
you're going to tear through it quick am714.62.679
I of arrows yep out of arrows too yeah715.764.24
I'm making like 13 more through it717.2794.041
yeah but I think you're also hurting the720.04.0
door okay here back up oh god there you721.326.519
go God it's so [ __ ] weide now yep hey724.05.44
Cat can Rad Cat come down here man he's729.444.92
over there just he was stuck on a pole a732.565.519
minute ago can't walk past the pole okay734.365.279
there we738.0793.961
go all right I'm getting my stamina up739.6393.841
okay thank you Red Cat well what kind of743.486.24
flowers you like oh man I guess746.6395.241
chrysanthemum yeah that's great I can749.725.0
get those for you all right let's go751.884.639
back into this room come on maybe754.723.799
upstairs although this isn't even in a756.5194.0
pill Place anymore hey maybe we go758.5194.201
upstairs above the pill place right yeah760.5193.12
it's kind of what I'm hoping that's762.722.64
where they're oh this guy's dead you763.6393.2
good I'm going to go upstairs oh yeah765.363.68
I'm right behind you going upstairs too766.8394.12
okay so the pill place should be to the769.044.039
left come on upstairs to the pill place770.9595.32
maybe this a damn pizza joint what773.0795.56
Luigi's ah can I even get through here776.2794.201
this a damn Pizza Joint oh there's778.6393.521
nothing it's780.483.76
unlock they're not going to have may oh782.163.32
maybe they have a bathroom what about784.243.08
the fridge anything in the fridge pills785.483.2
oh they got a787.323.48
cookbook oh come on I just read a788.684.719
cookbook oh that's great that's Grand790.83.76
wonderful country there a shotgun store794.565.44
and electronics yeah everything but a798.1993.521
damn pill store what about the janitor800.04.56
did he have pills no801.725.32
plastic oh yeah NES I think this is a804.564.959
yep I could have had a whole CP of corn809.5194.401
grown but now I know I know listen come811.366.24
on anything in here a shotgun stuff a813.925.84
shotgun Messiah yeah hey that might be817.64.32
worth just breaking into though right um819.763.879
probably oh crap I just saw something821.923.4
green fall out of there oh yeah okay823.6394.521
there's a there's a cop oh he's spitting825.324.319
God okay we can take him just just one829.6395.801
fat cop okay well uh lady to your right832.7594.0
be careful oh yeah get out of here he's835.442.28
about to pop he's about to pop he's836.7593.561
about to pop oh he running for you he's837.725.88
running oh steps he took out the steps840.325.439
he took out steps okay I'm up here843.64.479
you're down there now right beses oh845.7593.801
there's a bunch there's a bunch there's848.0793.401
a bunch you might have to jump down here849.563.92
oh my God that looks851.484.52
step you can make it over okay there we853.484.32
go okay yeah good oh that's a military856.03.519
boy yeah there there's probably no857.83.32
Fields up there okay oh God they're859.5193.081
falling all right yeah we should get oh861.122.6
God we should get out of here we got to862.63.72
get out of here oh God and they're863.723.479
they're falling they're falling they're866.321.879
falling they're falling from everywhere867.1992.64
they're falling oh God this way through868.1995.281
the bathroom um did I go to the yep okay869.8395.161
I for my get the hell out of here get873.483.359
the hell out of here875.03.88
yeah all right maybe there's a pill876.8393.56
place down here let's go this way all878.884.28
right I'm here for880.3992.761
Comfort hey Simon yeah I got the buried885.9595.761
food stash I love it I'm hungry there's889.485.0
food in it I mean not much but you know891.724.44
it's it's not bad all right let's go get894.484.12
our stuff it's getting dark hey guys oh896.164.32
yeah wow after you that's what happens898.66.159
after uh oh wow I let that happen I'm900.486.12
sorry that's904.7596.121
embarrassing okay okay yeah that was hey906.66.4
hey that was that was a big deal all910.883.8
right three rags that's great oh wait913.04.839
someone here wow all right let's go back914.685.24
yep going917.8393.841
enjoy oh God beses what's that guy now921.685.159
you're what is that guy I don't know924.6395.32
he's got skulls on his back can we tell926.8395.641
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] are you trying929.9594.961
to W it took a swing oh no my stamina's932.486.0
bad my stamina's bad oh God oh God I934.926.399
shot him once okay what's he doing he's938.485.2
healing up healing I shot him again okay941.3194.0
come how many bullets you got okay okay943.684.639
you did good stay on him help me I'm945.3196.041
trying my stamina is not really good oh948.3195.0
no my stamina is really bad oh God you951.363.839
got more you got more ammo I'm reloading953.3194.08
give me a second got me some time okay I955.1993.32
shot him with an arrow I don't want to957.3992.12
okay he's mad at me okay I'm try I'm959.5194.161
trying to hit him with what arrows I got962.243.36
we run back your way oh [ __ ] I missed963.684.279
him careful Crossing oh God stamina965.64.679
stamina stamina stamina stamina reload967.9594.961
baby okay I got him oh wait he down oh970.2794.36
no he's he's not down he's not down oh972.923.96
stamina please right to pooper and with974.6394.64
a smack that's it good got oh wow good976.885.519
job dude nothing and he got nothing on979.2794.721
him perfect this guy owes us an982.3993.0
antibiotic son of a [ __ ] we're just984.03.12
trying to get trying to get out of here985.3995.88
mhm oh oh oh God oh God just run just987.127.719
run W running just west yep okay I'll991.2795.36
meet you home how about that okay yeah994.8394.721
good luck yep good luck damn it could996.6394.071
out a f999.564.239
today h thanks for the easy ass day oh1004.1997.481
look at this what do you got antibiotics1008.9594.68
really yeah I'm going to grab them cuz1011.683.56
someone's probably going to need them1013.6393.801
yeah are you good I'm good yeah I'm1015.244.399
going to grab those so a couple things1017.444.839
but Hugh you're the best um yeah we'll1019.6395.2
go situate we need bikes you know what I1022.2794.92
mean yes yeah stuff like that see1024.8394.521
walking for suckers walking for sucker1027.1994.401
ass suckers that's right that's what we1029.364.559
is and mama ain't raised no1031.67.12
fool right you I'm saying yeah [ __ ]1033.9197.241
come on baby go home we got this it's1038.725.04
going to be a nice easy night uh I like1041.164.639
to play look at that that was a prank I1043.764.76
played oh closing the door yeah being1045.7995.041
that's hysterical are you coming out1050.886.88
tonight Salon yeah I'm right right here1053.7995.961
oh God yeah the whole time I was next to1057.763.44
you I was laughing you're like I pulled1059.763.32
the prank and I'm like who you talking1061.26.24
to oh it's hot out oh but the rain comes1063.086.68
good neees Y is that you yeah there's a1072.728.12
biker trying to me in the face ow [ __ ]1075.884.96
you in Street yeah there's a bird behind1081.646.44
you oh man crap okay I got him thank you1083.246.36
I thought this little grocery store1088.086.4
might have pills or anything no pills no1089.67.4
not yet I'm not into it one more there1094.486.04
we go all right I got to be by a snake1097.05.88
Okay ooh a sunset sasparilla oh please1100.524.639
be a sunset sesir in here what is that1102.885.52
nukea chip [ __ ] [ __ ] I I just drank a1105.1596.121
nuka car and I don't know what it does1108.45.8
you got zombies oh it gave me help and1111.286.36
and water good okay that might be enough1114.26.959
to get home okay uh this is great we'll1117.645.039
go home you'll be sicker than when we1121.1594.481
left yeah oh I'm thirsty you don't have1122.6794.641
more water do you I didn't have water1125.645.08
last time you asked me just1127.323.4
seeing hey is that guy with a1133.286.16
gun what G1135.726.24
I'll buy you1139.442.52
flowers oh thank God oh yes yes yes yes1153.127.72
hey is anybody home yeah oh our1157.765.32
antibiotic run was a failure and I think1160.844.319
names was killed by Raiders I have some1163.085.079
for you you do oh you Lu you little1165.1597.921
[ __ ] woo oh he's so nice to you abro I1168.1597.841
knew someone needed him I knew okay1173.085.24
where are they I I need a b are you by1176.04.64
me come upstairs I'm coming upstairs oh1178.324.599
boy you're slow and dumb oh God yeah I I1180.644.159
I took a beating today there you go I've1182.9194.161
been drinking dirty water oh thank you1184.7994.161
yeah we had a real rough day too yeah it1187.084.36
was awful hey get some food we got1188.966.32
Hunter eggs um scorpion eggs some Hunter1191.446.0
bits oh nice we got any flowers nees is1195.285.36
going to need them1197.443.2

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