The Worst Spino Trap Ever Made!!! - Neebs Gaming

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The Worst Spino Trap Ever Made!!! - Neebs Gaming
The Worst Spino Trap Ever Made!!! - Neebs Gaming

The Worst Spino Trap Ever Made!!! - Neebs Gaming

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, folks, today we're talking about 'The Worst Spino Trap Ever Made!!!' and why it's our absolute favorite. Any guesses?

simon: Oh, I know! Because it's a masterpiece in failure! Seriously, who thought it would work? It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion!

appsro: Exactly, Simon! I mean, could we have made a worse trap if we tried? I think not! That's what makes it so... educational?

neebs: Educational? Really, Appsro? I was going to say it's inspiring! It's a testament to human ingenuity... or lack thereof!

simon: Yeah, it's inspiring alright. Inspiring me to never let you design another trap again! But hey, at least we got a good laugh.

appsro: And isn't that the point? To laugh at our own ridiculousness? I mean, why did we think it would work... wait, what???

Hey everyone! So, you won't believe what Neebs Gaming has cooked up this time. Seriously, "Why did they think this would work... wait what???" is exactly what you'll be asking yourself through this entire rollercoaster of a video.

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oh uhoh that oh Caro oh God there's a19.2795.201
Caro right outside should be safe in22.484.639
here oh wow one of's big one of's small24.484.08
is that a baby Caro that looks like a27.1193.48
baby dude we could get a baby Carno how28.564.44
weak would that be so let's see what's30.5994.001
the plan we I don't think we can hurt33.03.559
them uh I mean I'm doing it luckily this34.63.76
game's still stupid and their tails pop36.5594.121
through the wall we'll just do it I mean38.364.28
I just worried about wasting arrows40.684.84
let's see but we'll take it crap my damn42.647.48
bat broke stabbing just stab yeah oh God45.526.559
fire might just round a wood I don't50.123.279
okay this might be working out for us53.3993.401
where's he going where's he going I'm55.8792.081
getting yellow hit markers that means56.84.52
I'm hitting the boat I guess does it57.965.919
this oh crap what do I need fiber any61.323.68
fiber any of these chests I need to63.8793.681
repair them is fiber where'd he go let65.04.72
me look outside did he run he's scared67.565.199
um okay taking a look really could have69.724.8
used that hide oh he's coming back I72.7593.521
think okay yeah yeah I'll be there in74.524.12
just a minute that's is that is that an76.285.6
alpha no is it he's got a bit of a glow78.645.479
to him oh there is an alpha then that's81.886.239
not good that's not good at all84.1194.0
God Dora88.366.039
yes Amon what's this pig doing in my90.7995.921
house I think you know exactly what it's94.3994.321
doing in your house this wasn't what we96.723.52
were we were taming something much98.724.52
smaller when I left it's now a a big pig100.244.879
yeah oh the other thing yeah no that103.243.68
didn't work out listen how's it going to105.1193.121
get out of my house ah it's not106.925.04
important um it kind of is it's not108.246.559
important kind now it's got a111.965.72
saddle and now it's even uh harder to114.7995.96
get outbe maybe I can117.685.88
can I get it out uh no can I crouch can120.7595.921
I crouch nah should be able to crouch123.566.36
don't Crouch son of a [ __ ] and all126.684.72
right um there you go that's Harry129.923.959
pickles I appreciate Harry pickles I131.43.839
really do I just I'm going to have to133.8793.44
take out one of my walls Hey listen you135.2395.201
got a little bed mate um so what I137.3197.56
collect these like these like these yes140.446.159
is that going to be good enough though144.8792.841
well I mean you're going to have to make146.5992.841
like a double door now yeah we don't147.722.879
want to get that killed we get149.442.76
everything killed all right yeah I know150.5992.92
but you know what maybe I'll leave that152.23.24
open so I can put him in and out you153.5194.161
know some prote that's going to get him155.445.12
killed listen let's let's let's get some157.684.72
things going here Simon put put your pig160.564.599
back really well I don't know you don't162.44.559
yeah whatever no let's just leave it165.1595.921
here okay fine take that okay crossbow166.9596.081
oh nice thank you give me those171.083.6
narcoberries let's make some uh let's173.043.36
make some more Tran stuff so we can174.684.72
actually tame something of note today we176.45.839
taming something of note there's 27179.45.68
narcoberries for your that's great hey182.2393.801
we're going to we're going to tame185.084.719
something that's going to impress the186.046.88
world should we run for it that seems189.7995.52
stupid then we'll freeze the Dead uh192.924.64
that's not good either well we could run195.3194.081
south oh wait and he's I think he's197.565.12
actually leaving okay coming up got it199.44.6
we could try to get out of here and run202.682.88
south man look the I think the warmer204.04.799
biome right over there oh God where he205.564.959
come from go back down no I just jumped208.7994.52
off the boat we kill this one I'm210.5194.961
opening the door I'm shutting the door213.3194.361
holy okay balls I think we can kill this215.485.0
one oh I got a broken leg okay and the217.685.04
out back this is this isn't going smooth220.484.64
at all it's not but luckily I mean we're222.723.879
safe in here we leave the boat we're225.122.72
we're we're dead I'm sure we're dead I226.5992.681
mean we're going to die eventually227.842.88
carno's out there we're running out of229.283.2
food we're running out of wood you want230.724.799
to run for it go for it we might have to232.486.08
is all I'm saying oh yeah okay he's this235.5194.92
one's getting bloody so we can't stab238.564.879
him through the wall somehow maybe we240.4395.961
can kill this one oh God oh God oh God243.4394.601
come on get bloody and die get bloody246.44.199
die where'd he go we are so close can I248.045.52
get these arrows back come on where'd he250.5997.36
go come on oh I want him so253.567.72
bad I think we're hurting him probably257.9598.081
going to run yes yes yes yes okay he was261.289.08
a level 44 nobody266.044.32
oh my God what oh272.286.639
spinal could you imagine yeah I can't275.325.64
well how amazing would that be I mean278.9194.12
it'd be fantastic but you know you've280.966.64
got 15 and I've got 15 Narco arrows got283.0397.321
I've got 18 all right I've got 15 it287.64.36
might not be enough but we'd also want290.365.48
to have a uh like a you know trap291.968.679
probably or or we take advantage of the295.847.76
terrain I think a trap would work great300.6395.321
but obviously that's a plan it is we'd303.64.64
have to go back and and get trappy stuff305.964.2
it's not a huge deal man that would be308.243.84
quite the accomplishment wouldn't it s i310.163.64
mean it would but I feel like we're312.083.2
we're biting off more than we could313.84.56
choose of course we are okay all right315.285.0
well I'm worth it I'm worth it I'm worth318.364.24
it's it's worth trying you are worth it320.283.68
it is I am worth it but it is worth322.65.08
trying listen we're going to get a spino323.966.2
today maybe yeah327.684.92
we'll see330.165.64
yeah okay going up all right I'm right332.65.76
behind you Alpha Caro God yep I built a335.85.519
thing well no he's not he's right there338.364.24
okay I don't know if this helps but at341.3193.72
least we're little higher up oh oh good342.64.24
oh good you excited what what's your345.0394.081
plan from up there just to be able to346.844.639
see without getting bit so easily oh349.124.919
okay here we go this PL of fire cuz I'm351.4794.401
freezing already man yeah no this is354.0394.041
this this isn't good we're out here355.885.24
Alpha Carno I really think man there's358.085.839
warm climate right over there warmer but361.124.44
there's a lot of death over there all363.9194.0
the time bad animals oh yeah I know but365.564.32
I mean the bad animals over here too and367.9193.441
over here it's freezing to death and our369.883.24
food's not lasting as long because we're371.364.36
constantly cold here's what I propose373.124.079
all right what you got I think we have375.722.84
enough stuff in the boat to build377.1993.801
another raft okay so we run right over378.564.56
there as the closest place possible with381.04.68
Open Water okay build the raft we just383.124.96
grab what we need put a a little shelter385.683.639
over it so we don't freeze and get out388.083.119
of here okay all right do you have all389.3193.72
the materials in your pocket no it's391.1993.921
it's downstairs did you get enough P you393.0393.761
wanted a bunch of Pelt no I didn't get395.122.84
enough pel we shouldn't leave here396.82.2
without your397.964.28
Pelt we399.03.24
can looking good Dora it's something I402.45.04
mean yeah it is something we know how405.9193.441
this is probably going to go I'm using407.443.68
the Cliff face so we don't need to make409.365.2
as many of the pillars smart but what411.125.16
we're going to have to do is place and414.563.079
this might not be enough you kind of416.283.319
lose perspective of how big they are417.6394.321
pretty big I feel like that could fit in419.5994.921
here could it get up over here maybe I421.964.239
mean what are the I know I get what424.523.84
you're saying like it is a tight squeeze426.1994.361
yeah you know so to get him in here428.364.679
would be a feat so one of us one of us430.565.359
would have to stay maybe like waiting up433.0395.16
there and as soon as they're in like435.9195.241
drop down and um put two pillars right438.1997.081
here all right we're ready nope okay I'm441.167.64
not ready either445.283.52
oh nees our luck is turned are you being450.685.6
sarcastic probably yes and most likely453.3196.521
oh my it's right there I know um go it's456.285.56
looks clear looks clear459.844.24
okay I don't think these slaws I can't461.843.479
tell if they're friendly or not they464.083.72
seem cool I forget too I feel like they465.3194.32
get aggroed they're it depends on their467.84.239
mood hey 25 cooked fish meat that's good469.6395.321
bring it baby what else uh that looks472.0395.241
like a scorpion saddle and like a bunch474.965.519
of oil yeah what is that re do you like477.286.639
rockar rock Rock carrot seeds um yeah480.4795.44
bring it okay get them what about what483.9193.801
is this tintoberry seeds now those485.9193.761
that's easy to get so all this stuff we487.723.08
should just store on the boat right I489.682.4
mean we can come back for it when we're490.83.64
more prepared um yeah we could always492.085.72
come back for it but uh yeah the next494.445.4
thing like I built the raft it's it's497.84.6
downstairs okay you have the raft yeah499.843.68
can you carry it without being in502.43.4
covered I can carry it to the water but503.526.44
what about your your fur um the fur is505.86.32
heavy and I only have 76 of it I I'm509.963.759
nowhere near my goal yeah then we should512.123.479
just stay here till we reach your goal513.7194.041
okay all right so kill more wolves I'm515.5993.68
just worried about supplies run now but517.762.959
all right you know what we just got a519.2793.041
bunch of fish so that buys us time that520.7193.601
does buy us a little bit of time okay522.325.12
can you get Pelt from these guys H man I524.324.92
hate he hasn't done anything to us what527.444.6
if what if I got close and he did and529.245.36
then I'd be like oh no he's a jerk I532.044.239
mean if he attacks you it's on game on534.64.4
in it yeah hey hey look at me who's the536.2795.841
little butt sniffer I am ooh who's539.05.07
annoying who's sniffing some butt is it542.123.959
me no he seems really cool doesn't he no546.0794.801
yes he seems insanely cool damn it it548.563.519
would not be fun to kill that but look550.883.079
at all those wolves over there uh yeah552.0795.041
wolves uh wolves are easy oh you know553.9596.161
what what I've got my rifle I've got 10557.125.279
bullets left o think I can shoot one560.124.279
from here we run to the boat yeah at562.3994.361
least lure a pack you doing Alpha Caro564.3996.0
you stay over there566.763.639
got him okay is he coming oh yeah he's571.122.959
bringing the whole pack let's get in the573.03.0
boat get to the boat the boat uh be574.0794.801
careful uh friendly thing they're coming576.05.16
oh yeah here we go here we go God it's578.884.32
cold and freezer yeah now it sucks here581.164.88
oh crap yep shut door behind me all583.25.44
right and door shut all right make sure586.045.56
they not they didn't lose588.642.96
interest they seem to have lost interest591.84.68
crap can I still get a shot from here uh594.03.76
oh they're in the water over there you596.483.28
see them way over there maybe get up get597.763.44
up high you'll see them better okay599.763.72
going up high Yep they're like in the601.23.92
water they took a dip and then they were603.484.56
like it's605.122.92
cold oh got him you hit him all right610.8394.761
he's coming you're the bait I'm going up613.444.0
top all right uh you come in from the615.65.2
left I have to yes as as for what we617.445.68
talked about yes com in from the you620.85.2
coming yeah uh yeah um I'm not sure how623.124.76
it's going to come oh you swiping up626.03.88
here it's right there come over here in627.885.04
get in here going in yeah oh God did he629.885.079
just come at me he just went in there632.923.68
okay okay look and now I need to switch634.9594.281
the arrow oh boy oh he just jumped over636.64.799
anything he just jumped over yeah it did639.245.08
all right we're going to get him we are641.3996.56
yeah okay this isn't good where's he at644.325.48
where's he at all right um I'm going to647.9594.641
do it nope nope yeah just keep staring649.85.96
at me keep staring you got him trapped652.66.16
you got this no is it coming up here is655.764.079
it coming up658.764.28
where you at where you at sucker oh I'm659.8396.0
almost back okay I'm getting him dude663.044.239
he's got some in him we're not wasting665.8393.601
that oh God [ __ ] oh I'm getting667.2793.761
attacked by the freaking uh what do you669.445.839
call yeah [ __ ] balls [ __ ] balls is right671.048.239
[ __ ] [ __ ] uh I just ran you little dick675.2796.721
my stuff's right679.2792.721
here oh no [ __ ] oh he's right there are683.2796.56
you kidding me686.67.039
[ __ ] [ __ ] no messing up my689.8398.921
plan no did I kill you okay kill okay693.6397.32
holy crap what is going on here okay698.765.56
you're still there not done with you not700.9595.721
done can't see you knocked over a bunch704.323.88
of trees piece of706.684.44
[ __ ] oh man that thing is708.26.48
mobile yeah okay okay711.127.68
uh-uh uh-uh you so fast oh God this714.686.56
isn't a good718.82.44
well wolves showed up we do have wolves726.444.32
this is can we get them right here I729.244.12
mean probably but is that out let me let730.764.439
me let me pick up stairs y take a look I733.364.0
want to see if the alpha Carno is still735.1994.281
yep Alpha Carno is still about is he737.364.52
close yes he's right out front and of739.485.12
course he's walking kind of this way ah741.885.72
oh this wolf pack is here though yep I744.65.56
just saw a head okay okay alha cardo747.64.96
seems busy distracted maybe he's not750.165.2
hungry okay oh God he is very close752.564.719
isn't he okay yes that's what I'm saying755.363.599
let's take this wolf out right here we757.2793.92
get the Pelt maybe we had enough P I'm758.9594.521
the one in the back where is he where is761.1994.44
he oh they're right in the water here we763.485.56
go come on come on you dummy that's the765.6395.281
that's the uh tribe leader right there769.045.12
yeah God these animals are stupid770.926.24
Beyond oh no no no no yep he's in the774.165.32
water oh yeah he's trying to run a lot777.165.239
of arrows it is he's under779.485.44
underwater go come on man go down come782.3995.12
on want to take a look oh he's not he's784.924.88
not coming at us though with the Caro787.5196.041
yep shot him right in his ass yep come789.87.0
on come got to be getting close got to793.565.519
be you think good Lord one animal should796.85.399
not take this many arrows nebes up guy799.0795.2
yeah he's a sponge I think they call him802.1994.121
he would have been a great one to to804.2795.971
tame where is he situation was different806.327.84
are you serious right now dude are you814.165.919
serious Simon's waiting for that bed817.368.68
to oh oh oh no no no my stuff's right820.0797.241
down there man like what are you going826.046.28
to camp out here really I mean uh-uh no827.328.48
you don't you don't you don't see me832.325.519
what are you doing you're always running835.84.399
around like a psychopath path and eating837.8394.36
crap you're just now you just feel like840.1994.801
a break all right this seems very842.1996.76
intentional I know you see me845.06.24
hi please851.243.24
move seriously how many [ __ ] arrows855.7595.161
what always drove me nuts [ __ ] game858.7594.481
take all of them is this an alpha or860.923.96
something this is ridiculous look how863.243.24
many arrows are in his back he's got the864.883.079
glowy stuff I just think that means he's866.483.12
the leader of the tribe though867.9593.481
over the still this many arrows is869.63.039
yep go down go down you damn monkey BL872.6394.0
can you875.483.599
tell um he looks like hell Riser look at876.6396.601
him oh I know oh shot okay head yep he879.0795.68
is yeah he's definitely starting to get883.243.68
bloody how many shots you got left okay884.7594.801
he's down he's a level 110 all right get886.924.56
your get your what is it we want Pelt889.564.04
that's a that's a axe right I thought891.484.32
there were more around yeah okay keep an893.63.799
eye on that car for me can you stay in895.84.88
foot they not you see him oh yep I got897.3996.201
him right here I'm shopping okay got 11900.686.32
more pelts 11 more 70 something plus903.65.64
that 80 you need 100 crap we might need907.03.959
another one where the other wolves go if909.244.12
he was a leader of the pack where's the910.9594.721
no okay well small victory though we're915.686.44
closer all right I got my stuff I'm922.125.04
putting my stuff back on dude let's just924.5195.32
um let's uh yeah he's going to murder Us927.164.56
in there isn't he yeah oh yeah he is and929.8392.881
you know what so we're not going to try931.723.84
to actually Tran this guy are we I mean932.724.799
I mean at least now I have my stuff935.564.839
armed so you know before I didn't even937.5194.201
have a chance to switch it back from940.3993.041
regular arrows did everything we already941.723.239
put into him you think that's just all943.444.0
gone of course all right oh God it's944.9595.0
been forever no really this is a dumb947.446.839
idea it is okay um so yeah maybe I mean949.9597.44
back to we do you want to try to kill it954.2795.761
no like what if like we shot it and we957.3994.961
just like tucked back here it's still960.044.32
going to kill us of course it is okay962.364.159
it's going to bite right through964.365.88
this I know I'm really dumb966.5196.961
yeah man I want to I want to get you970.244.159
if I'm I'm here I'm for listening to974.3996.56
rational ideas if I came up here looking977.924.359
right at me what are you doing buddy980.9593.0
yeah I was staring at me a long time982.2793.48
earlier all right hey I'm getting up on983.9593.761
this Cliff I don't even care I'm going985.7593.88
to get him Simon be safe let me get up987.723.559
no let me get up there I can shoot with989.6394.68
you we're going to get him go shoot him991.2795.281
I trust994.3195.64
you all right nebes you ready uh sure996.565.639
you leading the way yep all right go999.9594.56
going to be freezing okay ah crap in the1002.1994.361
water okay I'm going to try to stay well1004.5194.0
there's going to be no way to do it crap1006.563.519
what beach are you running to I wasn't1008.5192.601
running to the beach I was going to go1010.0792.521
out here in the ice where it opens up a1011.122.44
little bit you're not worried about1012.64.039
getting caught again out here uh you see1013.565.04
a place play oh what was that what was1016.6394.68
that what is on what is on oh God oh God1018.65.719
get in get in I get in okay okay we're1021.3195.841
just going to hop we're ah man you think1024.3194.24
you can barely Jump Then you jump way1027.164.399
too far right okay all right we're ice1028.5594.841
cubing okay1031.5594.041
yeah yeah if we go out here in place of1033.44.639
boat we should be fine okay yeah I like1035.64.359
what you're doing oh we got to do this1038.0393.4
quick it is getting1039.9593.681
cold the boat all right sweet sweet1041.4394.041
sweet sweet sweet uhhuh all right give1043.644.76
me a minute I got uh right here campire1045.485.84
one campire to yep I'm throwing wood and1048.45.12
campfire here mhm light it I'll do this1051.324.08
one well no there's no wood in it okay1053.524.08
yep yep light it got some wood here and1055.43.84
light it okay all right we got two1057.63.24
campfire steal Ice Cube do you have1059.242.64
everything you want out of the other1060.843.52
boat no we'll come back for it okay1061.883.76
we're just going to go ice CU let's get1064.363.6
the [ __ ] out of here names good I don't1065.644.32
think we were at raising voice part time1067.963.959
yet yeah I yeah dilly d I think we were1069.964.56
minutes away from Raising boices oh God1071.9194.24
yeah just get to our goal is to get the1074.523.32
warmer climate you're sitting there like1076.1593.041
while we're ice cubing going we got1077.843.199
everything I thought we were leaving so1079.23.479
what if I didn't have everything what am1081.0393.481
I going to do run back to the boat yeah1082.6793.961
run back to the boat we go out of here1084.523.519
we get the [ __ ] out of here we go to1086.643.72
warmer climate good God okay just1088.0394.52
because you didn't make a plan I I I did1090.363.92
make the plan we run we get out of here1092.5593.0
you're the one I know it you're the one1094.283.68
that you to make a plan you paus the1095.5594.24
plan there's a plan everyone has to know1097.966.16
it not just you stop asking stupid ass1099.7994.321
Questions game on a you're going to be a1106.726.36
well you might not be but oh that's a1110.9193.681
that's a hell of a reach but you can't1113.083.16
get me right here they do and I'm I'm1114.63.16
going to shoot too so it's going to be1116.244.84
great yeah yeah wait you're just trying1117.765.799
to kill it no I'm I'm using my TRS all1121.085.959
right I got two in there we go hey buddy1123.5596.961
hey be ours please just be ours wouldn't1127.0396.561
this be nice if this worked come on no1130.524.96
go anywhere you little don't waste the1133.64.12
all right are you running yeah are you1135.484.64
running cuz you want to be our you know1137.723.88
if there's an easy way coming back isn't1140.124.039
it good is it yeah good oh boy got1141.64.6
another one in you I did too I did too1144.1595.76
yo uhoh oh now it's running now it's1146.26.4
running I ran out of tracks all right1149.9194.801
well I didn't I got seven left okay come1152.64.24
on l s count it went straight across1154.725.36
didn't it yeah it did [ __ ] okay we're1156.846.6
going yep I'm running I've got a club1160.085.959
you got this all right and I am not1163.443.8
going to do the club thing that's1166.0392.88
ridiculous cuz you have seven tracks I1167.243.08
know but even after that oh you getting1168.9194.801
chased by uh I know okay you do well no1170.326.359
okay it piranha damn piranhas I've been1173.725.04
crossed this it fell down Simon it's1176.6795.0
down you're kidding holy [ __ ] that's1178.765.039
nuts I don't have any meat we need meat1181.6794.12
oh I asked if you were prepared well no1183.7994.321
it all it all rotted I think I have meat1185.7994.401
no mine probably rotted too oh no I got1188.124.64
five [ __ ] yes all1190.25.88
right look at that that's crazy that's1192.766.159
crazy yes good for you for never giving1196.085.959
up you just can't no you can't but you1198.9195.841
can sometimes you didn't I didn't you1202.0397.801
look so good you do too thank you1204.765.08

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