The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded

The hogs have been affected by the Shroud and we need their sacks! I wish this were a joke. =► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►TH...
The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded
The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded

The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright guys, let's talk about our favorite YouTube video: 'The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded'! I mean, who doesn't love a good hog sack hunt, right?

simon: You know, Neebs, when I woke up this morning, I thought, 'Man, I really hope I get to talk about mutated hog sacks today!' Dreams do come true.

appsro: Seriously, Simon? You dream about hog sacks? That's... well, disturbing. But hey, to each their own.

neebs: Come on, Appsro, don't pretend you're not into it. The Shroud has affected these hogs, and we NEED their sacks! It's practically Shakespearean drama.

simon: Yeah, Appsro. It's like, 'To be or not to be... a mutated hog sack hunter.' Classic literature right there.

appsro: Fine, fine. I'll admit it. There's something oddly mesmerizing about the phrase 'mutated hog sacks.' It's like poetry, but grosser.

neebs: Exactly! And that's why it's our favorite. Plus, it's not every day you get to say, 'I wish this were a joke,' and mean it.

simon: And let's not forget the suspense! Will we get the sacks? Will the Shroud mutate us? It's a nail-biter!

appsro: Alright, you guys have convinced me. 'The Hunt for Mutated Hog Sacks - Enshrouded' is a masterpiece. Now, where's my hog sack hunting gear?

neebs: That's the spirit, Appsro! Let's get out there and find those sacks. Adventure awaits!

Oh man, have you guys seen the latest Neebs Gaming episode? It's hilarious and a bit bizarre – like the perfect Neebs combo! So, here's the deal: the hogs have been hit by something called the Shroud, and now we need their sacks. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a joke, but it's totally legit and as wild as it sounds!

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video where the crew is hunting for hog sacks in order to stop the Shroud, and it was hilarious! The situational comedy that comes out of their gameplay videos always cracks me up.

At first I was like, "Hog sacks? What are they talking about?" But then when Doraleous explained that the hogs had been affected by the Shroud and now they needed to collect the sacks to help lift the curse, I totally went along for the ride. Leave it to the Neebs crew to come up with a crazy scenario like that!

And the way they banter and play off each other during the gameplay is comedy gold. You can tell they're all real-life friends, with the way Simon and Dora bicker or how Thick enjoys messing with everyone. I was laughing out loud when Appsro kept missing his shots on the hogs and getting frustrated.

The cinematic style of their videos really makes you feel immersed in the experience too. The way they edit together gameplay footage, close-ups of the characters, and cuts between all their perspectives gives their videos a movie-like feel. It's the next best thing to playing the game yourself!

Bottom line, if you're looking for gaming videos that are equal parts hilarious camaraderie and zany adventure, you can't go wrong with the Neebs crew. Their videos are always the highlight of my day! I seriously can't wait to see what they'll get up to next. They have such a great dynamic that turns any game into a cinematic masterpiece of entertainment.

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okay we're here yes we are here and we12.085.039
are to get a spindle handle no a spindle14.6394.761
handle is what we're after it is is that17.1194.041
out this way is that uh yeah I think we19.43.28
have to jump off here and head towards21.163.08
the cave right could it makes me always22.683.16
just want to get a little closer you24.244.08
know what I mean uh yeah you ready uh25.844.48
yeah cuz I don't have the upgraded I28.323.24
should have upgraded my thing but30.323.48
whatever all right hit it hit it we're31.564.839
going all right I can make that at least33.84.84
but barely oh boy yeah that's cutting it36.3994.521
tight isn't it little bit Oho boy we'll38.644.16
see there we go did you get it you good40.924.52
oh just barely I'm like on the side of42.84.079
the Hill here there we go and we're45.442.92
supposed to keep our eyes open for a46.8794.52
blue flower called flax right that's not48.364.32
a flax but I'm going to take it cuz51.3992.881
they're pretty I see one right here52.683.559
really flx oh yeah look at that they54.284.68
stand out quite well yeah all right well56.2395.0
Daddy's going to be so proud it's all58.964.599
about daddy according to daddy do you61.2394.121
know where this cave is no but I I feel63.5593.88
like it it would be back here maybe okay65.364.119
I mean why would I how would I know uh67.4393.921
cuz the map well yeah I mean that's all69.4794.121
I know but it's not like I visited here71.365.04
as a kid yeah okay I'm just following73.66.04
you oh yeah I made that jump like a pro76.44.759
yep oh you have a double jump that's79.642.76
right I'm actually going to get the81.1593.92
double jump and go off of my skill path82.45.039
just a touch I hear you yeah double jump85.0794.201
is the bomb Oh there's some flax down87.4393.521
there I can grab grab and we'll make our89.284.08
way up okay just going in for the flags90.964.6
huh I guess there's a bunch right here93.366.759
okay we'll get it all getting it95.564.559
all hey hey baby Salon man I love it and100.4397.841
boom look at that there we go Carpenter105.1196.081
sweet has a table saw man table saw one108.285.24
of the best freaking tools ever okay and111.24.16
we can utilize this I think if we go113.523.72
into crab yeah you know what we can115.363.88
stick wood logs in this and the117.244.479
carpenter will make us wood planks can I119.245.08
see the logs go on there by the121.7194.201
carpenter I don't know you got any logs124.324.32
on you yeah I got two wood logs I think125.924.08
that might be enough go ahead and stick128.645.36
two wood logs onto the table saw okay so130.07.4
craft and then there's two yeah I think134.04.959
you just drag it into its inventory137.43.32
that's what I'm going to do I promise I138.9593.36
swear it's not going to take me forever140.723.56
at all but it142.3197.0
is Boom okay all right yes look at it oh144.287.52
g g g G G but I'm not seeing the wood149.3194.64
I'm just seeing it spit chips yeah it's151.84.159
a chip spitter all right I'll take it153.9593.801
but I wanted to see the wood be go on155.9594.241
there and then you know like in the the157.764.16
what was that thing that we played I160.23.48
don't know we play a lot I know but it161.923.44
was Ranch Sim you know when you're163.683.68
talking about table saws Ranch Sim might165.364.32
have the best table saw in gaming167.364.68
history yeah I mean it's hard to compete169.684.68
right it is no it it worked so well all172.044.119
right so uh now let me let me talk to174.363.08
him is there anything else he wants us176.1593.041
to do okay we've made that we've made177.442.96
the kiln179.23.039
okay no I I think yeah having these wood180.43.199
planks that'll allow us to make some182.2393.041
nice furniture and what what are we183.5994.64
going to try to do like a Chase Lounge185.285.039
the the what does that mean what's Chase188.2394.28
Chase Lounge what's the chase part man I190.3194.48
know what a lounge is what it's a I192.5195.041
think a Chase Lounge is like it's got194.7994.961
like half a couch back it's like half a197.564.36
couch half a chair and it's usually got199.765.039
like a curved back going down I think201.925.599
it's a cheese loud I feel like you don't204.7994.961
know I think I do I think I just207.5195.121
described with a cheese lounges oh I209.764.16
like it when you say it like that a212.644.44
cheese Lounge yes let's go gather wood213.928.76
to make ourselves a chese love thank you217.085.6
yes chapter 67 Creepy224.2394.56
Crawlers help oh this looks like it cave229.06.239
entrance oh a spider webs that's very232.05.599
spidery okay let's do it235.2394.92
doing kind of dark isn't it yeah yeah237.5994.2
I'm picking these cuz they're pretty240.1593.681
okay these spiders shouldn't be that241.7995.481
tough I think oh this shoots like rapid243.846.72
fire I didn't know that yeah I was doing247.285.84
that either okay there's more250.565.44
bugs spider down okay this room is253.124.639
pretty well lit it is do you know what256.04.359
this spindle looks like uh no but I'm257.7595.641
guessing somewhat like a spindle maybe260.3594.84
like a wheel with strings on it I don't263.43.88
know I think it'll stand out right so265.1994.0
far I'm just looking at a cave with267.284.4
nothing in it except for this way you269.1997.601
found a way oh behind the cobwebs whoa271.687.799
okay here I'll bring out some light okay276.85.04
I'll bring out some death I'll keep the279.4795.401
light up you be up front with the weapon281.846.48
okay yeah no spindle yet huh not yet but284.886.599
but all the pretty abandoned Hunter C288.326.159
this is probably the H hey sneaky sneaky291.4796.401
you are sneaky there you go okay lots of294.4795.801
spiders um where would you put a spindle297.884.52
if you abandon a camp this really opens300.284.68
up doesn't it yep be a good room to sing302.44.92
in it would be a great singing room man304.963.799
there's nothing like a place with great307.323.68
Acoustics and you just lay it out there308.7595.561
I see with my eyes some glowing lights311.06.68
up ahead I could be in a musical Maybe314.326.12
you see it too uh yes all right I just317.684.2
wanted to get these out of the way and320.444.0
we'll be on our go ahead you Bight the321.884.8
bugs I'll check out the light deal oh324.445.319
here we go so it looks like there's a326.685.88
table with some stuff on it great oh329.7595.681
hand spindle yeah that was it that's it332.564.759
man there a lot of spiders I'm glad they335.443.319
don't really wig me out anymore isn't337.3193.401
that great yeah oh there's a letter over338.7593.72
here I'm going read it what is going on340.723.759
right now they're going to kill me oh342.4794.881
wait uh you need help no I mean May I'm344.4794.361
coming big brother's347.363.8
coming gice like what were you doing348.844.16
never fear I was getting a spindle like351.163.08
the most important thing we were here353.03.12
for yeah but after that I was reading a354.243.84
letter great anything else you want to356.124.16
know is it okay358.084.92
all CAU up all right let me heal up get360.284.72
out of363.05.0
here so we'll be working on that chase365.06.84
Lounge but also we need to find The368.05.88
Crucible for the blacksmith because we371.843.919
need to be able to make better uh better373.884.92
medals all right Crucible blacksmith375.7595.681
yeah how how far can you fly you think378.83.839
you could make it to that Ridge baby381.443.64
Simon Ridge I don't know uh which you382.6393.761
know what a ridge is I don't know which385.082.8
Ridge you're talking about I mean the386.43.28
ridge oh yeah that Ridge right there387.884.08
yeah sure I I think I can all right I389.684.6
will follow you oh no oh no [ __ ] I still391.964.079
think I'm going to make it okay I think394.283.639
you are too this is looking good so I'm396.0393.88
right behind you baby yeah yeah yeah397.9195.68
yeah yeah yeah oh sexy all right I think399.9197.081
we need to go this way so we haven't403.5995.641
been out here in a minute also keep an407.04.52
eye out for blue flowers blue flowers409.244.64
all right yeah flax linen we need lots411.524.2
and lots and lots and lots of413.885.08
linen chapter 68 baby Simon starts415.725.8
uh well let's see are we near our uh421.5993.841
objective look at the map the objective423.525.079
is no I oh I don't I don't know no425.444.479
doesn't look like you're right next to428.5992.561
me we're pretty far away from the429.9192.881
objective okay well then yeah just we431.163.0
need to keep on trucking to our432.83.6
objective all right then I follow you434.164.4
dad I was hoping you could do it but436.44.88
okay why well because this is like my438.566.44
teen years I'm being rebellious dad are441.286.28
you even my real dad shut the [ __ ] up445.04.16
that's what I thought I'm going to beat447.563.84
you yeah you wish you could give you so449.165.4
much trauma yeah you already have you're451.44.4
going to see so many therapists when454.562.6
you're older you stupid little455.85.399
[ __ ] yeah there we go shall we give it461.1996.041
to uh Emily right Emily this should be464.3194.041
easy for you to remember I don't even467.242.2
know if that's right though we don't468.364.119
talk much so yeah hey is that her name469.445.4
Emily the free farmer all right so we're472.4794.16
going to place a spindle down just throw474.844.039
it down and oh took you long enough I476.6394.4
don't know about this girl man I well478.8794.44
that's why we have her out here okay so481.0394.681
I can craft on the spindle and we can483.3195.641
make linen oh yeah oh and it flax that's485.724.879
why we got the flax isn't it yeah that's488.963.48
what makes the L Cool okay so let's490.5994.681
browse recipes yeah flax is what we want492.445.599
it is L is what we want it is like that495.284.52
can we just drag this over I mean where498.0394.12
do you drag it uh just like that oh into499.84.92
there yep yep yep oh yeah get it got502.1594.48
some stuff I want to make with this [ __ ]504.724.08
we're making linen yeah but then I want506.6394.161
to make some better armor okay you know508.85.239
who doesn't wear linen who knes why is510.85.44
that cuz you have to you have to take514.0393.721
care of it linen is my favorite thing in516.243.679
the world to wear do you wash it yes I517.763.719
mean it takes a lot of you know you're519.9193.12
going to do cold and you're not going to521.4793.761
put it in the dryer yeah who who's got523.0394.681
time for that anybody who likes Lin525.244.8
nobody got time for that okay I guess527.725.2
not you thanks Emily thanks Emily I'll530.044.04
be right there I'm going to grab the532.924.16
chapter 69 Daddy abro has no oh wait who545.2793.881
this oh man who knows this is like a big549.164.44
old mine who knows where a crucible is551.724.96
oh boy oh hardcore coming at you oh no553.65.04
I'm running no don't run fight I got556.683.92
your heal I'm going to fight and then558.644.879
jump jump no no no that's a bad swing oh560.64.799
I didn't like that swing that he did563.5194.32
watch out jumping your Shield hold on I565.3993.68
got to do the shield doing so much567.8393.081
jumping don't forget you have a shield I569.0794.361
do you're right thank you Dad you're570.925.72
welcome son for once said something that573.446.8
was worthless outdated you old576.647.28
man ungrateful little bastard oh listen580.246.0
listen to me you should have been an583.924.919
abortion you didn't have the586.246.36
balls fre your mother was religious I'm588.8395.481
surprised your balls were even good592.64.679
enough to make me real man that's what I594.326.24
am ungrateful little [ __ ] I love you dad597.2795.721
I love you600.565.64
too what's in the cave baby uh nothing603.05.279
yet or in the mine yeah this is a mine606.25.199
this isn't a cave no okay A little thing608.2795.161
right there that I didn't walk in uh611.3995.761
chest ooh anything good uh just these613.446.88
like little red grenade looking617.166.799
things get it getting them oh he's a bad620.326.8
puppy oh yeah oh did your wand break oh623.9594.801
it did you started swinging it did you627.123.399
got another wand there you good job good628.764.84
job CU I'm prepared dad sometimes they630.5196.361
have like uh things to repair [ __ ]633.65.28
around here that' be great if they did636.883.399
so just keep an eye out you know what I638.884.199
mean I will but you know me I'll640.2794.321
probably run right by it but this is643.0793.721
like a butter churner um yeah you ever644.64.32
churn butter dad oh yeah I'm churn646.83.8
butter maybe you should teach your son648.923.84
how to churn butter it's easy you put a650.64.4
bunch of [ __ ] milk and a thing just652.764.24
pump A Thing Up and Down Show me the655.05.72
process dad657.03.72
what's he saying yeah we need shroud661.485.599
sacks how many well eight per glider I663.364.8
don't even remember where the hell they667.0792.241
get them we're going to have to make668.163.04
some more what how much linen all right669.323.68
we can make with the linen we have we671.24.24
can make two Advanced gliders obviously673.04.68
we're going to want one for Simon but675.444.32
then we need eight shroud sacks per677.684.92
glider and we have zero eight shroud679.766.0
sacks so we obviously need more flax and682.67.32
we need a bunch of shroud sacks m okay685.766.44
have we gotten shroud sacks before I I689.925.56
don't remember show yeah you can look at692.25.6
it it looks like a shroud sack talk to695.486.32
them okay yeah I don't I mean I guess697.85.32
they're in the Shroud do we just go to701.83.32
the Shroud and hope for some sacks we703.123.56
should dig around look at our stuff705.123.159
downstairs maybe we have some well706.683.2
wouldn't it show up here it shows what708.2793.36
we have aren't they all kind of linked709.884.16
if they're in those blue boxes huh well711.6394.041
yeah I guess all right I'll look at the714.043.799
other boxes check check the old boxes715.683.76
I'll check the old boxes but then if not717.8393.081
we got to go in the Shroud we got to get719.444.639
more flax anyway720.926.719
yep okay can't you make do with what you724.0796.361
have no and727.6395.88
no no I guess we're going in the Shroud730.444.01
guess we733.5192.521
are s what I think behind this hold736.046.64
on this might be it oh this is what743.3994.521
we're looking for I got a good feeling745.884.24
yep it says location reach that would be747.923.2
a good750.124.92
feeling yeah The Crucible we did it we751.125.519
did it we're going to bring back this755.043.96
tool oh man things are going to be isn't756.6395.801
this The Crucible what repair equip759.04.8
that's that's that's the repair bench762.442.959
that's what I was talking about look at763.85.44
this I got it I got my good one baby765.3995.361
there you go yeah you find those okay769.243.12
tell you what while we are here do you770.765.319
have a pickaxe uh I think I said I did772.365.719
we'll just say I do okay we'll say you776.0794.241
do but all right you you know get to778.0793.921
work and let's get this uh I think this780.323.6
is copper this is good stuff okay I got782.04.32
to pickax uh stuff like this is all over783.924.0
this mine so yeah we should get it we786.323.24
got a crucible now we can make copper787.923.32
ingots that will allow us to upgrade789.564.8
more [ __ ] and make that uh what what791.245.039
what what type of thing you say that was794.364.64
a lounge a Chase Lounge oh that's right796.2793.721
Chas Lou it's like what you maybe like800.05.199
see like like when you're in therapy802.6394.76
person talking to the therapist would be805.1994.681
laying on the chairs l oh it's one of807.3995.361
those type of couches that's called a809.886.84
changee could be one of those a therapy812.765.56
you're going to need after I beat your816.723.84
ass with a belt right oh yes absolutely818.324.4
expensive Chapter 70 the hunt for shroud823.926.88
sax okay here's the828.5195.32
Shroud so shroud sax yeah probably in830.86.039
the strap yep you ready not really let's833.8396.0
go all right keep ring the time yeah836.8394.601
don't get turned around that's 7 minutes839.8394.24
a lot of time I see something what oh841.445.48
these are blue BS that throw rocks at844.0795.401
people okay God oh846.925.8
boy wo849.486.039
wo can I get up get up here get up852.725.96
here get up there I want to cuz that'd855.5196.641
be a really good place to go go up okay858.685.599
can fight from up here maybe uh yeah go862.164.16
for it can you get like some long range864.2794.881
stuff uh medium range okay oh you got866.325.16
your guy huh what's he give me I don't869.164.16
know what's he give you shroud sack871.483.84
sweet two shroud sacks let's kill that873.324.879
other boar I hitting him uh I don't look875.326.84
I think you just silly right878.1993.961
now here we go now we got882.325.72
it this kid is getting them right I885.64.08
think you're hurting I don't know you're888.043.159
probably not doing anything yeah but889.683.959
maybe I am yeah I'll probably get all891.1995.041
the work how many how many did you get I893.6394.88
got two out of each boore man we need a896.244.839
bunch we need need eight per eight per898.5195.481
eight per well so we need you know 24901.0795.76
okay um well let's keep killing bors huh904.05.199
I guess906.8392.36
so what is that oh that's just a plant910.8395.601
oh let's try to fight this what why913.564.12
we've never killed one of these and916.442.56
they're always but we have a very917.683.88
particular Mission maybe they give stuff919.04.32
too let's see well you know it give921.563.8
stuff but don't we need we need a very923.323.84
particular thing nees I'm fighting it925.364.44
won't you help me oh God cuz I'm not an927.164.84
idiot I'm doing it ouch you're going to929.85.88
die help me wa with what we're brothers932.05.72
I know we're brothers fight it with your935.687.36
weapons my weapon okay Jesus yep heal up937.728.28
n tough got two of these we're just943.044.479
wasting our time when we can be Pig946.04.959
killing are you hurting them yeah oh God947.5196.201
all right this one that one's down okay950.9594.161
I wonder what it gives us yeah we're953.723.64
going to find out and it gives sacks too955.124.56
woo wait that one's oh there's three of957.366.0
them yep [ __ ] just watching my time go959.686.639
down okay but we're killing stuff and963.363.88
we're probably going to get something966.3193.561
really good yeah you probably right and967.244.2
you know Simon's the favorite at this969.883.079
point they're hanging out a lot oh971.443.519
they're having a blast I'm sure okay972.9595.24
what we get shroud sacks here we go oh974.9594.601
God that's a978.1994.08
bug woo what am I eating does it give a979.566.279
shroud sack no just crit Parts all right982.2796.281
shroud sacks okay alls I apologize985.8395.281
that's okay I am used to being right988.566.12
let's see wow wow wow seven I got seven991.126.719
you have seven total yep all right and I994.685.68
have three so we can only make one997.8397.24
glider let's get back to it enough Dilly1000.364.719
dalion let's see yeah this is where we1005.1995.44
make it okay we need clay and wood logs1007.3995.24
okay clay and wood logs because we can't1010.6393.801
make The Crucible unless we have enough1012.6394.241
brick and we can't make the brick unless1014.445.399
we have this the kilm yeah we need clay1016.885.36
and logs do you still have wood logs uh1019.8394.36
I've been harvesting and doing work dad1022.245.199
I got 102 wood logs Oh by put them in1024.1995.76
there no [ __ ] I know and then clay where1027.4395.48
do we get clay I don't know you're1029.9595.921
supposed to be telling me Dad h clay I1032.9196.4
would imagine near digging swamps in1035.885.88
swamps mud where do you get clay in real1039.3196.401
life by ditches ditch clay uh yeah I1041.766.48
mean you know yeah I guess ditches yeah1045.725.44
I need word is and sand and beachy and1048.244.679
stuff have1051.165.8
clay maybe I'm not a geologist I'm bad I1052.9196.041
you were a geologist I could have swore1056.964.68
you were one I'm not I'm really stupid1058.964.64
[ __ ] it's my dirty little secret I know1061.643.8
I'm a father but I'm an idiot that's1063.64.88
okay we're all idiots in in some ways1065.445.119
you look really old Dad shut up you1068.484.4
[ __ ] dumb ass you look really old God1070.5593.961
I mean and that's coming from me dis1072.883.36
owning you you were out of the will all1074.524.36
right well [ __ ] I want your weird sex to1076.244.04
dad oh there we go that's it pigs you1080.287.36
ready yeah why can pigs throw things1084.9194.521
that's just not I think they dig it with1087.643.64
their Tusk and they kind of lift it up1089.442.84
oh that's what they're that's what's1091.284.72
going on oh what is that oh crap what I1092.285.68
don't know something interfered why am I1096.05.799
blinking ah Fallen why oh jez I wish you1097.967.24
were a better fighter [ __ ] can you help1101.7996.481
me uh can you help me I don't feel like1105.25.24
my help was gone God I need to heal Dees1108.283.8
I'll be right back okay I don't feel1110.443.359
like my health was gone yeah but it1112.084.2
looks like it's pretty gone yeah but I I1113.7994.0
don't understand what happened to me1116.283.879
where'd that arrance get you not too1117.7995.081
far okay I'm going to heal I'll see you1120.1597.161
in a sec okay I feel like I had like 30%1122.885.56
of Health left I feel like everything1127.322.56
you're saying's wrong it started1128.443.4
blinking red I don't understand oh man1129.884.6
it's a great story brother can't wait to1131.844.36
learn from1134.484.319
it you're coming back right yeah but I'm1136.25.359
trying to heal oh you came back of1138.7995.161
course I did I didn't know yeah but of1141.5593.721
course you seemed like you were going to1143.964.04
leave me loot that1145.285.04
first okay1148.05.12
uh-huh there it is all right I don't1150.326.68
know why I died yeah there you go big1153.126.039
guy all right let's get out of here okay1157.04.72
woo all right Simon we got the clay and1162.444.52
the wood we're making the bricks yeah1165.083.64
bricks should being made baby all right1166.963.16
sweet we get 10 of those and we get that1168.723.16
Crucible all right yeah well it looks1170.123.84
like we already got 10 well I'm sorry1171.885.76
I'm 50 oh okay well we have 11 I'll give1173.966.24
you we're on our way yes we are I would1177.645.36
like to know oh what killed me it was1180.26.04
just blinking red dead poison it's cuz1183.05.12
you sucked nees oh hey neebs oh is1186.243.76
poison a thing I don't know I feel like1188.123.559
I had health left but then I started1190.03.32
blinking red and then boom he didn't he1191.6793.36
just sucked ass you're going to be able1193.323.08
to find out you're going to be able to1195.0394.401
investigate find his own okay cool hey1196.44.12
here's the thing did you guys get the1199.443.4
stoud sacks and the linen yeah here1200.524.639
nebes take these make two of them okay1202.843.719
take these and make two well I'm going1205.1593.921
to oh you're giving them to me yeah okay1206.5594.081
all right so here we go I'm going to1209.085.479
talk to this guy craft this gliders okay1210.647.12
yeah the advanced gliders oh yeah cuz1214.5596.441
we're good boys there we go are they oh1217.765.2
man look at you you are really hit some1221.04.88
fella all right so give one of them to1222.966.199
who Simon no no we got the shrouds no1225.884.36
okay I didn't know if you wanted to give1229.1593.441
one to S no no no of course they1230.244.24
wouldn't want to do that well no we just1232.64.6
did all the work for them you want got1234.483.76
but you know you could have give one to1237.22.8
Simon you could have no I'm not going to1238.244.319
no of course you don't okay thank you1240.04.159
much you got it and then I go to my1242.5595.6
character and then and then Boop okay1244.1595.721
equipped so you got the advanced glider1248.1593.76
equipped I do I mean we we got to go1249.884.88
take it for a test flight right yes yeah1251.9194.281
all right where do you guys you just the1254.764.08
the Spire near the house um yep start to1256.24.08
the house all right yeah yes let's be1258.843.8
let's meet you there let's do it chapter1260.284.56
71 the upgraded1262.645.24
glider okay straight past that Village1264.844.52
we'll see how far we get all you're not1267.883.32
going to get past it okay we going to1269.363.4
try right go ahead I'll follow you1271.22.88
needes get right beside me we'll go to1272.763.799
the same okay but I'm going to end up1274.084.8
following you so 3 2 one jump yep okay1276.5595.201
jump oh God okay that was that was well1278.885.919
he said 3 to what J as an example it1281.765.08
wasn't he's like am I going to do this1284.7995.681
and go past me and make it epic okay1286.845.6
come on baby I feel like we're doing1290.484.079
better than we used to oh yeah it does1292.443.839
feel a lot better yeah you're doing a1294.5594.921
lot better Sage way down there you you1296.2795.64
didn't jump like right after I jumped1299.484.439
yeah we will make it pass the village1301.9194.24
yeah you might that's pretty sweet I you1303.9195.401
showing off I'm at the Village ah you're1306.1595.4
in the damn mud down there Simon Harvest1309.324.4
Homestead isn't this a village looks1311.5594.48
like a village to me all right this is1313.724.839
pretty good it is it's got night time I1316.0394.441
I know where you guys are now oh boy1318.5594.0
this is good I don't feel safe we're on1320.483.84
top of the world don't worry about it1322.5593.401
yeah it's not a scary place you're just1324.324.839
a whiny little [ __ ] shut up Dad grow up1325.966.199
grow up I hate you and I want you to die1329.1596.281
[ __ ] you1332.1593.281

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