Brontosaurus Rampage!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

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Brontosaurus Rampage!!! - Ark Survival Ascended
Brontosaurus Rampage!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

Brontosaurus Rampage!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, guys, I think we can all agree that 'Brontosaurus Rampage!!!' is the best video ever!

simon: Oh, totally! Who wouldn't want to see a giant Brontosaurus causing mayhem? It's like Jurassic Park meets a demolition derby!

appsro: Exactly, Simon! Plus, who doesn't love shouting 'Go Away Brontosaurus nobody wants you here!!!' at their screen?

neebs: Yeah, it's the ultimate stress reliever. Bad day at work? Just watch a Brontosaurus flatten everything in sight.

simon: And let's not forget the epic music we added. It's like the Brontosaurus has its own theme song while it rampages!

appsro: Right? I think next time we should give the Brontosaurus a cape. Super Bronto to the rescue—or, you know, to the destruction!

Hey everyone! So, there's this hilarious new video on Neebs Gaming that you absolutely have to check out – it's called "Go Away Brontosaurus, Nobody Wants You Here!!!" and it's a riot from start to finish. If you're a fan like me, you know the gang always delivers top-notch entertainment, and this video is no exception.

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day two with abro so far not too bad he2.448.92
hasn't murdered me yet only been8.126.2
insulting of my intelligence as usual11.366.759
damn I found an egg egg yeah big ass egg14.327.4
a bro egg man can I eat that spoils in 718.1198.761
hours or is that it might be 7 weeks b r21.728.08
wig oh wait I should not have picked up26.885.16
a Bronto egg oh no I should not have29.84.72
picked up a Bronto egg no you do I need32.045.16
to find you and kill a Bronto I made34.526.24
mistakes yes you37.23.56
have okay oh he's turning around he's46.1994.241
turning around he got tripped up on the48.83.919
Rocks there you go so from the boat if50.443.759
you were to head down the beach instead52.7194.121
of going up the hill take a right stay54.1994.16
on the uh the bottom of the island on56.844.679
the beach all right I'll do that taking58.3595.8
going around the beach this will be good61.5196.041
we need to hide come on sa looping right64.1595.481
okay okay yeah you turn it around you67.564.12
turn it around yeah good thing you are69.644.64
slow and dumb man I hope I'm going I71.683.88
mean you gave me very simple74.283.04
instructions go up the beach and look75.564.12
around yep oh wait you know what I got a77.324.52
flare flare it where did I I know I79.684.04
brought them there they are oh don't81.844.44
mess with me oh I see red glowing83.725.56
somewhere oh I'm right here all right86.287.28
did you shoot it oh I see oh wow you're89.288.08
way on the other side the other side oh93.566.36
[ __ ] damn it can I repair that yep oh97.364.96
God okay okay he's going up there yeah I99.924.44
see him okay you see him good this guy102.324.159
oh I see an angry BR that's the one104.363.6
we're after the fler should be falling106.4793.28
right on his ass yep I'm shooting him107.964.4
right here I'm getting his attention oh109.7595.801
yeah he liked my butt oh yeah you do oh112.365.0
yeah I saw I saw him swipe I saw him115.564.879
swipe oh yeah um oh man I am practically117.364.84
dead I should have had some sort of120.4394.121
bandages wait is is there another bro122.24.76
involved in this now uh there might be124.564.72
damn I got no bandages run sa run I see126.965.2
him I'm running running look at this oh129.284.959
damn it all right Jurassic Park R right132.164.079
there ran under that damn thing okay134.2393.64
here we go here we go don't piss off his136.2394.841
friends don't piss off his friends don't137.8794.72
oh God he's coming at me he's coming at141.083.96
me oh God yep right under his friend's142.5995.601
Dale oh hello how you doing yeah caught145.044.919
on your friend is that another one did I148.23.24
piss another one off we just pissed off149.9594.601
every damn brto on the damn151.443.12
Island oh159.566.64
God I got it dris oh my God it came out162.8795.041
of nowhere scared the [ __ ] out of me166.24.08
which is good cuz we need more meat yeah167.924.8
this uh Saro is hungry I saw you stuck170.285.76
berries in the berry on172.726.0
it you know what I was just I was just176.044.32
playing a joke were you being silly178.723.519
because bar in his name wasn't it needed180.364.64
fish huh yeah it's only fish listen um182.2394.601
you might want to go back to the base185.04.879
and cuz these panas are a pain in the186.844.56
butt kill I know like you think it's189.8795.28
even possible I get this um oh God uh191.45.8
yeah go for195.1596.521
it yep yep yep you going uhhuh quick197.25.72
maybe I can draw some of them away from201.682.88
you by oh God one just running at me202.926.28
right away yep okay n uh-uh uhuh uhuh ow204.568.039
ow all right um woo oh God there's so209.25.759
many it's crazy there's so many did you212.5993.881
get I'm going get this one I'm going to214.9595.881
get one I got yep I got one ah sucker216.488.039
one out of 100 Kilt okay now bring the220.846.64
food back I got to eat too God so hungry224.5194.8
all right I got some steaks on the227.486.479
fire again oh my God NOP NOP nope do you229.3198.84
mean no oh name you Saro oh Saro yeah233.9598.081
Saro holy way you have any any ideas um238.1594.961
yeah let's get him somewhere safe we242.041.88
should get him back to the base243.123.44
shouldn't we uh probably okay we'll name243.925.0
him in a246.562.36
minute he's going for the boat yeah he249.925.44
is he's going to be dead in a minute I252.484.96
see it come on yeah he's getting real255.364.159
bloody this is working out he kept257.443.56
chasing me I think it's because of the259.5195.161
egg yeah that's fine mama's mama's proud261.05.8
all right come on come on come on she's264.683.64
dead yeah she's in the water so this is266.82.88
working out all right let's lure out of268.323.319
out of the water oh out of the water so269.683.88
if it dies in the water is it a problem271.6393.041
nope this might be yeah this might be273.562.68
working out I can't I think she might be274.683.16
trying to get away right now yeah I'm276.243.08
sure she is and she looks like she's277.843.96
going to be I give her three more shots279.325.0
oh man no way come on you don't think no281.84.88
way oh hey yeah we're luring her into284.324.12
this uh this area over here though she's286.683.48
definitely running she's she's got the288.444.16
scared on oh man I made 20 something290.164.36
arrows I put all of it into this [ __ ] I292.63.08
know I don't I don't think I've missed294.523.399
one yet oh wow wow295.684.68
wow oh wow Jesus Christ you just went297.9195.761
flying by me like a [ __ ] bowl of300.366.36
ball Oh no you're still mad at me okay303.684.519
here we go now I got to make more damn306.725.36
arrows on the Fly I need some of this308.1997.201
don't God okay all right take a hit here312.086.399
we go okay there we go damn that thing's315.45.6
strong yeah she is and she's on my ass318.4794.56
SE shooting her all right I'm getting my321.04.08
stuff are you eating yeah what are you323.0396.321
eating cashew cashews cashew cash all325.087.119
right you got [ __ ] going on I know it329.367.08
gives me energy damn it it's the332.1994.241
best jealous yeah we got it baby I love336.687.16
it so much and I tell you what oh a raft340.845.76
I had to you made a raft just to get my343.846.4
stuff oh to get your stuff okay um yeah346.67.08
is it still there it is appears to be350.245.2
okay you grab your stuff I'm going to353.683.079
open up one of these walls and get the355.443.599
bionx home and then we start focusing on356.7594.88
the saddle okay buddy yeah I just want359.0396.121
to you good oh I well we'll see this361.6395.56
is yeah and then just hit the bottom of365.163.319
the boat and hit drive you should be367.1995.44
fine okay come on get it yeah suck a368.4797.84
[ __ ] ass suckers way to go baby yeah372.6398.201
think i' make a wrap did you376.3194.521
success oh I got her on the interior of382.444.479
the island she's getting like kind of385.164.56
messed up on these rocks and trees oh386.9194.041
what what is this what what am I looking389.723.24
at there oh there's a drop here can I390.963.04
get into392.965.32
this uh yeah oh God what that was that's394.07.0
awesome that's really good I'm not too398.284.72
heavy am I oh [ __ ] I'm too heavy oh no401.03.96
no no no no no no no no oh what can I403.04.319
drop drop that oh what else can I drop404.963.959
what a [ __ ] I don't want oh the egg the407.3193.72
egg's put 20 lb I'm eating the egg all408.9193.84
right oh I think I just found you guys411.0394.0
oh God oh God shoot start shooting her I412.7594.88
hold on a second I only got seven shots415.0395.28
left okay what can I drop can417.6394.441
damn it okay drop that drop that thank420.3193.32
you sain thank you sain you did really422.083.44
good I can't believe I just scored that423.6395.201
though that is a ton of Bel oh that belt425.524.84
holy [ __ ] I got to go put that on the428.844.88
boat immediately and I got to do it fast430.365.08
before the D gets me and I got to make433.723.8
arrows as I'm running I got this i got435.445.8
this I'm a [ __ ] Survivor wo let's437.526.679
go God ass sorry Shadow I sorry shadow441.244.799
boom drop the Pelt take the Pelt drop444.1993.72
the Pelt uh get the thatch might need446.0393.28
that get the wood might need that need447.9192.641
Stone okay don't don't be fighting my450.564.079
ARS don't be fighting my ass all right452.7594.72
arrows 25 [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] yeah here we go454.6395.84
here we go all right she's ready she oh457.4794.921
God oh God oh boy all460.4795.761
right this way this way Bon this way oh462.46.199
[ __ ] that that a't good that's not a466.245.399
good space to get knocked out468.5993.04
too oh God my my all my animals all472.524.44
those animals are attacking don't kill475.6395.68
that pig oh no come on oh damn it Stinky476.967.519
Pinky I just got you oh my stamina is481.3195.361
[ __ ] and my health is [ __ ] no no no484.4796.68
no no no no486.684.479
no okay you go there we go we return hey497.8796.241
buddy you were a pain in the ass uh yep502.083.64
and he fits through there504.123.919
fantastic okay all right look at this505.724.72
get up man I know I know it was a pretty508.0394.201
that was it was success okay we're510.443.2
starting to feel powerful now huh a512.243.239
little bit better better the thing we513.644.079
need now is Saddles I've been chopping515.4795.0
River Rocks for metal yeah yeah you want517.7195.88
to get get a saddle on these two guys uh520.4796.641
yeah don't we yeah yeah yeah okay make523.5995.001
some more TRS we'll get some more stuff527.124.48
it'll be great528.63.0
okay uh I'm going to piss her off there531.8396.761
we go all right yeah start shooting all536.083.92
right hold on now see now the other538.63.6
one's coming I didn't do anything or540.04.2
shoot anything okay we need to focus on542.23.44
oh God yeah the other one is coming oh544.23.92
no I know that's a problem that might be545.643.92
just if you shoot one Bronto and they're548.123.52
near the other bronos it just agrs all549.563.88
the bronos yeah so do should I bother to551.643.439
shoot the one in the back no yeah we553.442.88
need to go for the one that's already555.0793.121
bloody I'll lure the other one away all556.323.4
right I'm shooting the one that's yeah558.22.52
then that's the thing as soon as it559.722.32
turns around it hits me once and then560.722.559
I'm dead oh God oh God don't want to562.043.52
fall up that okay maybe563.2795.361
oh that was close that was really close565.565.32
all right all right no the yeah that guy568.643.96
right now is about to go down to the570.884.36
beach and there's his buddy tagging572.64.84
along still I wish there was a very575.245.2
clear like help yep I see it or I see577.445.24
her I think the other one's not aggroed580.443.76
anymore I'm right beside it and he seems582.684.56
chill oh I can't tell I lied I lied584.24.96
Maybe not maybe587.246.44
not come on here we go oh did I get it589.168.119
yes it's dead she's down there you go593.686.44
baby let's get that sweet sweet damn597.2794.921
brosaurus meat there's question to600.123.92
whether I got that I might have gotten602.23.879
that all right here we go yeah we need604.044.08
all of this hide that's perfect all606.0793.121
right keep an eye on that other one make608.123.0
sure it's not coming at us I am not609.25.0
doing that right now thank you yeah I611.125.52
mean I'm already in my inventory so614.25.16
thank you you're616.642.72
welcome salmon yeah there's a baby brono624.447.519
out here with no mama oh really yeah yes627.5196.361
dude I tell you what I'll go get I'll go631.9594.0
get the ank if you want to like try to633.883.48
like tame this thing but you got to like635.9593.641
keep it full of berries come on now do637.364.12
you want this thing to live or not I639.63.56
want it to but we need an ank I I can't641.483.44
focus on a baby Runner right now go up643.163.76
go up to AIT e see if you can tame it644.925.479
okay all right so e imprint yes all646.926.479
right okay so all right baby B I don't650.3994.761
see any brosaurus getting pissed off oh653.3994.12
my God we got a baby brono yeah all655.163.76
right you just okay all you got to do is657.5192.721
gather ton of berries and just keep658.923.28
shoving a ton of berries in that thing660.244.159
okay T of berries in the thing right I662.23.6
wish we had a Paras sir all right good664.3996.081
luck I'll be back with an ank hopefully665.84.68
okay Valas yeah I don't God all right671.9595.921
we're going to kill some innocent things676.562.8
for a minute okay well it's cuz we need677.884.48
to hide yeah don't overthink this so679.366.8
here we go yep G on sorry buddy oh God682.365.8
I'm sorry yeah don't you don't have to686.164.2
be saying sor the whole time ah just688.163.76
feels so bad for him yeah don't worry690.363.719
about it I'm going get this one now691.923.599
let's just hold on I want to just double694.0793.081
check and see if they're getting hide oh695.5194.041
okay there's three hide on this guy so697.165.44
yep all right uh oh yeah they're getting699.565.36
hide all right all right who's702.65.44
next come on right over here right over704.924.599
here come on take a little nap right708.044.239
here on the beach go down you stubborn709.5195.841
little [ __ ] here we712.2795.401
go are you running is that is that715.364.279
Running Oh you getting slow oh you're717.683.44
getting real slow don't run in the water719.6392.801
don't run in the water you can't go721.124.44
anywhere in the water yeah this way that722.447.959
way go go there oh God what was that oh725.567.04
no did I piss your friend off oh and I'm730.3994.8
out of arrows that's all the arrows I732.64.2
got oh please go down please be enough735.1993.841
to go down oh you're running can I make736.84.08
a club real fast can I make a club and739.044.0
just Club this idiot that's crazy right740.884.079
that's that's a crazy thought from a743.044.2
man yep you know so this is not going to747.246.2
be officially your new home I'm assuming750.446.72
we're going to take you with us um but753.446.04
yeah over here we got Harry757.167.76
pickles right Harry baby b baby b Harry759.486.84
I don't know what you're764.923.64
doing little yeah you're a little pain766.323.639
in the ass over here you're pretty768.564.399
colors but yeah so hopefully you can769.9594.481
make it through the day I hope you like772.9594.56
the berries I gave you I like your color774.444.32
yeah that's right you turn around you777.5194.68
dum [ __ ] are you running now is this is778.764.4
this you782.1995.561
running I got 30 30 something rucks come783.165.88
where's your friend don't want your787.763.36
friend saking up okay it's com you're789.043.4
going that way yeah you're running yeah791.123.48
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah here we go792.443.519
right here no not in the water not in794.63.0
the water get out of the water get out795.9594.081
of the water don't you [ __ ] dare try797.64.56
to go down in the water come on out of800.044.039
the water I need you out of the water802.165.2
out of the water get out of the water oh804.0796.041
you dumb green [ __ ] oh God what is this807.364.88
what is this stegosaurus always810.124.0
something always something hey just live812.243.76
in peace hey are you chasing after this814.124.24
guy right here chasing no he's chasing816.05.88
me do you have any TR arrows uh I don't818.365.36
wait a second oh there's another one821.884.24
there's somebody up here running I have823.725.119
uh the thing that you gave me slingshot826.124.68
yeah that's what I'm trying to use I828.8393.68
can't really tell how effective it is it830.84.2
seems pointless all right I got him in832.5194.961
the head okay double slingshot yeah835.04.24
double slingshot you really want to do837.483.159
me a favor you see this blue one running839.244.399
at us yeah kill it okay kill this one840.6395.281
all right hold on got a waste bullets on843.6395.241
it let's see hey845.925.24
buddy there you go there you go I like848.885.24
that sound yeah hold on CLE more bullets851.164.359
to the854.125.12
face oh God you hit me good there okay855.5195.041
he's running so I might try a couple859.243.959
clubs club club club yeah Club them in860.564.279
the back that's got to get that toror up863.1995.64
there right on oh yes [ __ ] yes he's down864.8397.36
yeah oh my guy it was synchronicity yeah868.8395.56
all right got the Narco berries in there872.1993.521
oh [ __ ] Simon you got any regular874.3994.081
berries uh yeah come over here go right875.724.32
right down here stick him in this guy878.483.12
you got it can't believe that [ __ ]880.043.26
worked there you881.63.12
go all right now everybody we're going884.724.359
to try to jump this okay cross the river886.683.519
crossing the we're going to we're going889.0793.281
to jump it okay single890.1995.0
foul no he bailed out oh it was pretty892.364.839
close though oh we can't jump this that895.1995.2
is long well shot oh God come on897.1996.681
everybody jump all right okay no you're900.3995.521
not jumpers are you not big jumpers are903.883.6
they all right we need about 100 more905.924.359
hot folks not too bad at all look at907.487.4
this SPO stop oh come910.2798.601
on I'm coming I'm coming all right914.887.68
please what have you done um okay he's918.885.0
something come on got another parer I923.885.759
guess we have to chop these things927.684.36
so um I guess make some beds when929.6395.12
sleeping here tonight wow okay that932.045.56
sorry about the bridge idea it's all934.7598.041
right um I think oh wow doesn't make937.66.76
sense I can't even see the health of942.83.159
this thing944.363.719
9,000 these are worse than the damn945.9594.68
Towers oh great well but they go down948.0795.961
quicker but okay not much oh I'm sorry950.6395.32
buddy I'm so sorry don't put your face954.045.2
in the way955.9593.281
listen I know you're you're all you're960.0795.281
growing up oh no [ __ ] all right hold on962.7594.801
trying to get some lipstick on you a965.365.08
little bit now this is your your grownup967.565.0
person that I'm painting this970.445.12
on will it972.564.68
yeah how about977.244.64
hey there you go now you stand apart I981.885.439
I'll paint you better a little bit985.9593.601
better but yeah987.3194.921
welcome to the989.562.68
family is doing it yeah see993.445.48
that okay I got this pillar going down996.0795.281
too so see what happens first this P's998.924.88
got it might be enough okay let me uh1001.364.52
pardon don't bite me don't bite the hand1003.84.2
to feed you m kind of feeds himself1005.886.0
though yeah okay we're almost under a th1008.06.56
with the the pillar anyway yeah this1011.886.399
might be the answer I think so yeah1014.566.079
hopefully once get st's free yeah you1018.2794.441
yeah come on here we go1020.6398.241
300 200 100 and and and you get it1022.728.16
really I I have to do this thing son of1028.883.679
a [ __ ] this should really be a draw1030.883.799
bridge yeah we should have just fixed1032.5594.601
the bridge yeah it's not ours it's not1034.6795.36
ours to1037.162.879
fix all the [ __ ] places in the world1043.884.48
y'all can stand and you just stand right1046.43.32
there's a whole island here and everyone1049.724.88
just to you know just wants to hang1052.6794.561
around what I'm trying to1054.66.319
do get out of1057.243.679
here all right plenty of room over here1071.324.92
now you think he's free got to be oh1073.524.76
there he just oh he's still chopping1076.244.12
well he doesn't have to job anymore but1078.283.04
come here come here come here come here1080.362.199
come here we're going this1081.324.52
way come here come here done come on1082.5594.961
come in here he must he really likes1085.844.28
biting that thing now I guess we get the1087.525.12
taste come in here you freak come in1090.123.88
over here get out of there buddy you1092.643.44
know you can make it what are you doing1094.04.159
what is he doing where's that look at1096.084.88
him there's no reason you look so dumb1098.1595.161
now he's fighting a turtle just leave1100.967.48
the turtle here go get over there you1103.327.2
got your room what are you1108.446.719
doing y you idiot no more bridges no1110.526.84
bridges oo there's Simon how's the baby1118.126.32
uh so far so good you know I got to keep1122.524.32
the berries in her it's hard to you know1124.444.44
she just eats them right up yeah we1126.843.4
almost need a Paras if you had a Paras1128.883.76
you could get the berries quicker yeah1130.243.88
the pig might be able to harvest berries1132.644.279
have you tried uh no I haven't try yeah1134.124.799
try taking the pig and biting plants1136.9193.921
what happens okay I don't even know1138.9193.521
where the pig is probably like back on1140.843.199
the damn Beach where you left it oh yeah1142.443.239
there of course we move around and I1144.0393.88
lose track yeah it's okay all right1145.6794.201
let's see how the ank's doing we're1147.9195.801
sitting at a solid H 89% all right we1149.886.039
almost there and uh I have the materials1153.725.16
can I go ahead and make the saddle let's1155.9196.081
see I think I have enough yep one ankos1158.886.2
saddle coming up beautiful so yeah all1162.05.48
she has to do is wake up and then we're1165.085.12
in the metal hob stand a business day1167.485.319
two we're already in business yeah I1170.24.52
know we're doing great day two was uh1172.7994.041
started out a little rough but hey we're1174.724.6
getting there that's right all right1176.845.12
come on baby just I just need you to eat1179.325.53
some berries yeah please come1181.966.0
on we really need that saddle for that1193.26.4
spino yeah yeah I know I know1196.1596.481
okay good God they're everywhere what's1199.65.559
everywhere just the animals I'm just kid1202.645.24
it's Arc nibs I know but we need Saddles1205.1594.361
yeah I know let's uh throw that hide in1207.883.44
there let's make this sucker and did you1209.523.2
learn to make it you want me to do it I1211.323.2
learned to make it you make it okay yeah1212.723.68
make it bionic saddle all right you got1214.524.84
to name the bionics I named um the Saro1216.46.44
cernus cernus yeah um it's not something1219.365.84
I want to say a lot you don't have to do1222.844.24
you have a nickname like a short1225.24.0
name no1227.084.0
you're going to say cernus every time1229.23.04
yeah I don't know how that I don't know1231.082.599
why that's hard to say nobody wants to1232.243.2
do that I'm just I I don't have a1233.6793.681
problem doing it okay you say nobody1235.443.68
it's you just mean you I don't see1237.363.84
anyone say in the whole name cernus1239.125.0
cernus it takes like okay whatever let's1241.25.0
put this out little like cppy takes1244.123.96
longer to say ne's gaming yeah but we1246.23.08
don't say that you don't call me ne's1248.083.04
gaming do you no but people say ne's1249.283.6
gaming and they don't [ __ ] about1251.126.52
it there we go oh that looks good let's1252.886.96
see now they're supposed to be really1257.644.36
good in water you'll see how fast he is1259.844.079
yeah I'm I'm curious go for it okay you1262.03.76
coming with me I mean I'm going to watch1263.9194.921
all right let's go out here to the water1265.764.08
here he1268.845.12
goes oh fast that's yeah Birds aren't1269.845.92
going to catch that are they H he's kind1273.965.04
of fast I mean faster than a raft um1275.765.88
maybe as fast yeah listen old Cappy's1279.05.08
the way to go in the water I1281.644.6
know you know what I'm talking about1284.085.16
like a c a Kappa cap Kappa1286.245.319
uh cernus capern that's short for cernus1289.244.67
yeah Cappy1291.5595.12
okay okay cementing paste soon yep1296.6795.641
cement paste we'll get both Saddles1300.25.52
sounds good1302.323.4
yeah there she is baby look at that ooh1338.7997.0
nice pretty vibrant green mhm I'm1342.6796.401
thinking Hanky Panky yky I like it and1345.7995.161
you like it cuz you like Hanky Panky I1349.083.599
do I love me some hanky panky I'll tell1350.965.079
you that all right and then go in here1352.6796.841
put this [ __ ] on Boom we got the ankle1356.0395.401
sorry stop that go ahead whack that1359.523.639
thing right next to right here yeah see1361.444.239
how many rocks I get boom oh man I got a1363.1594.76
little bit of metal already get metal1365.6795.161
out of just basic rocks look at that1367.9194.401
yeah break it why yeah I feel like it1370.842.4
should break1372.323.239
it boom Oh it broke the little one1373.244.16
that's what it was hit I want to break1375.5593.201
quit breaking the little ones the big1377.43.879
yeah yeah there is1378.764.96
go come on Hanky Panky let's go get us1381.2795.161
some metal1383.7218.05

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