We Get DESTROYED - Enshrouded

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We Get DESTROYED - Enshrouded
We Get DESTROYED - Enshrouded

We Get DESTROYED - Enshrouded

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright guys, let's talk about why 'We Get DESTROYED - Enshrouded' is the best video ever!

simon: Oh, you mean the one where we bit off more than we could chew? Which, let's be honest, isn't hard for us.

appsro: Yeah, because who doesn't love watching us get obliterated by pixelated monsters? It's like a train wreck you can't look away from!

neebs: Exactly! It's like our viewers get a front-row seat to the chaos. Plus, I think our screams add a nice touch of realism.

simon: Realism? More like comedy gold! Watching us flail around is practically art.

appsro: And let's not forget the epic fail moments. You know it's a good video when you can count the number of times we screamed 'RUN!' and it didn't help.

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Let me tell you about this wild ride of a video that our favorite gang just dropped. So, the team decides to bite off a little more than they can chew, which, let's be honest, isn’t much to begin with. It’s classic Neebs chaos, and you won't want to miss a second of it!

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So grab some popcorn, hit play, and let’s watch the gang take on more than they can handle. It's going to be a blast!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video and was blown away! The game they are playing looks absolutely incredible. The graphics are stunningly realistic and the world feels so immersive. Neebs and the crew have such great chemistry as they explore the vast open world and get into all sorts of hijinks. Their commentary is hilarious as always.

The cinematic quality of Neebs Gaming's videos truly makes it feel like you're playing the game yourself. The different camera angles and seamless editing gives you an up close look at the gameplay while still feeling like a movie. And the custom animations and skits they add in are pure comedic gold! It's clear how much passion and creativity goes into making their content.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to experience this game without actually playing it yourself. Their videos perfectly capture the magic and adventure of the game while providing nonstop entertainment. From start to finish, it's an absolute joy to watch. I was on the edge of my seat eager to see what would happen next.

Neebs and the team have such a talent for storytelling and making gameplay compelling to watch. I can't recommend their videos highly enough if you want a taste of this incredible game. It's some of the most fun and cinematic game content out there. Neebs Gaming knocks it out of the park once again!

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you behind me I am behind you oh I think6.2793.921
we're here we got some little structures8.5193.601
maybe we'll loot those on the way out10.24.519
all right go for the big boy the big boy12.124.56
we're really good at getting these spes14.7195.361
we seem to be inspiring to everyone16.685.759
great word play this makes Daddy really20.084.84
happy I did it for you because you're22.4395.6
Uncle puns I don't uh like when you say24.924.679
that because you like big puns and you28.0394.881
cannot lie oh my oh wow that's how we're29.5998.201
starting you're welcome oh man wow that32.928.479
was great all right we're here yep and37.88.04
we're kind of pros at this shall we41.3998.081
uh-huh ooh synchronized okay so so far45.845.28
has not been a lot of fighting in these49.484.12
just kind of puzzles Fireballs a lot of51.126.0
fireballs and fire oh yeah okay see if53.66.2
we can open some of these Gates this one57.125.36
does does okay after you sir here you59.84.96
know what quick rule out uhuh this one62.485.92
opens too got it now it says it doesn't64.765.2
open never mind okay just want to check68.45.44
all the doors this one opened and one69.966.199
more that one doesn't and he's like I73.844.319
don't know all right I'll go this way76.1595.161
you go that way all right78.1597.96
deal there he is hey all right okay so81.326.439
you and me are going to go try to find a86.1193.801
table saw for the carpenter yes I love87.7595.4
table saw is by far uh one of my top89.925.4
tools really yeah I love to just you93.1594.401
know if you can have a really big table95.324.52
saw like I got a small one but like97.564.04
those big ones that you can just have no99.844.84
problem like ripping sheets of plywood101.64.68
okay look at your map which way do we104.685.2
need to go uh we need to go East oh wow106.284.35
look at this109.882.12
place is this this isn't where we're112.03.6
supposed to be is it this is where we113.963.72
landed where everything is supposed to115.65.199
be that's very Phil117.685.68
philosophical philos philos120.7994.481
philosophical I think that's it exactly123.363.8
come on let's walk125.285.959
in chapter 63127.164.079
philosophical however the [ __ ] you say131.845.479
it hello oh damn oh wow W there a couple133.765.88
of them [ __ ] oh wow my feet are frozen137.3193.961
okay yeah me too should I I should139.642.879
probably just oh we got toid we got to141.283.679
go for the big guy I punched him we142.5194.521
stunned get it baby Simon uh hold on144.9594.64
hold on where are you there you are what147.044.479
do you me there you are it was behind a149.5996.0
post all right there we go how we doing151.5197.401
I think we're doing good my baby alone155.5996.521
yeah all right don't get behind there158.925.16
ooh yeah you like that eat it Baby162.123.479
mhm yeah baby you like the way that165.5996.681
tastes uh-huh Man168.566.72
O look at you turn it into a true mag172.284.239
what does that sound I don't know that175.283.36
sounds very annoying yeah that sounds176.5194.841
crazy um [ __ ] behind us oh God all right178.643.72
let's get out of here yeah all right181.362.159
let's get out of here I can't take that182.362.46
noise [ __ ]183.5194.481
bats okay aha lots of lava let me see188.767.119
all right got one okay I am let's see193.564.8
where I'm at at zero I got two of them195.8794.961
okay so and that's all we needed good198.365.12
deal we walk through this200.844.959
door okay if you could just get one in203.484.28
this fire that' be that'd be awesome205.7993.241
okay I tell you what you go that way207.763.64
I'll go this way okay maybe my chances209.045.839
will be better here we go oh boy oh boy211.45.88
got wa oh got through got through you214.8796.401
did nice um I got through but wasn't217.287.36
pretty okay my door opens yeah door hey221.286.36
oh hey how many did you get uh just224.644.76
those two that got us this far okay I'm227.644.159
still with the229.46.52
zero and yep door's open here all right231.7996.201
all right let me get these I'm going to235.925.48
shoot these uh two more of these okay238.06.2
got them all right where that put you241.45.559
okay never mind okay should I get one uh244.24.16
I don't know if you can find any you246.9593.081
don't seem good at that yeah I've not248.364.439
found one so this is open okay perfect250.044.96
watch out the electric yeah and we just252.7994.521
got to got to do the thing I guess just255.04.199
go in there and go up yeah is that257.325.4
crossing the portal itself clear259.1996.841
there okay going262.727.32
up easy266.044.0
oh are we at the top yeah did we do it270.284.68
yeah we've uh unlocked the Spire yeah272.724.68
I'm going to hit it okay274.965.12
sweet beautiful now we can go loot this277.46.0
place hell yeah we can chapter 64 how280.085.399
not to infiltrate a283.45.2
base so I think the Handa is in here or285.4795.361
table saw table saw yeah table saw288.63.76
that's what you're after yeah Handa saw290.842.96
can suck a dick I mean there are good292.363.32
ones but you know all right so let's293.83.839
break through the wood right uh either295.683.4
that it looks like we might be able to297.6395.201
jump right here yeah look at this boom299.085.119
right in the tower you lead the way302.843.639
you're the fighter all right I'm the304.1994.801
fighter oh yeah yeah that's a wolf306.4794.601
immediately that is a wolf mean wolf I'm309.03.44
going to punch his ass go punch his ass311.083.6
there we go get him all right yeah we312.444.599
sneaked in We snuck past the guard dog I314.683.48
love it oh there's going to be317.0393.041
scavengers watch out for that trap I do318.163.96
I see it now remember we can we can hide320.083.72
in these oh there's a red Barrel right322.123.56
here maybe we should blow it up oh323.84.08
that's a good idea get their attention325.684.12
oh can you be ready with a bow and arrow327.884.24
I'll lure them in you shoot the barrel329.87.36
so if I hit that okay do I have an arrow332.127.12
I do yeah go ahead I'm ready whenever337.164.84
you are all right I'll go lure them in339.245.04
he are you going to tell me when to342.05.28
shoot sure hey344.285.8
idiot come get me come get me come get347.285.919
me come get me oh right on you oh God350.085.16
that was that bad oh my God there's a353.1994.241
lot of them there's a lot of them there355.243.48
there's a lot more than I thought there357.444.36
would be left already what you BL oh God358.724.8
he just came up well I figure I could361.85.16
maybe shoot him from out here oh oh God363.524.84
are they going to come and follow me oh366.964.4
they Stupid Dogs in a trap oh [ __ ] they368.364.6
did they followed me oh you're dead371.364.239
already some means I should run make a372.964.519
flame alter baby Simon oh God I don't375.5993.521
know how to make a flame alter it is a377.4793.961
crafting game get some Stone and make a379.124.72
flame alter okay hold on flame alter381.445.199
flame alter boom boom boom I need Stone383.845.28
Five Stone hit the Rocks hit the Rocks386.6394.041
hit the rocks how do I hit the Rocks389.123.68
when I don't have a thing to hit rocks I390.683.919
don't have a pickaxe do I how do you not392.83.519
have a pickaxe I have a regular Axe can394.5994.521
I get some Stone out of with a regular396.3195.28
axe I didn't know I was harvesting [ __ ]399.125.919
make a pickaxe damn you pickaxe again I401.5995.961
need twigs and stone get twig and stone405.0394.0
I know we're going to have407.563.639
to we're not going to stick with me the409.0393.521
whole time we're doing this it'll be411.1993.681
painfully long oh wait maybe something I412.565.199
might be clear oh okay so I can like414.884.999
maybe come and revive you snake speak417.7595.401
over to me okay all right don't have a419.8796.44
damn pickaxe shut up maybe I do have the423.165.4
basic [ __ ] tool maybe I have it look426.3193.681
it's like the first thing you make all428.563.6
right I got a pickaxe you do yep I'm430.05.039
proud of you thank432.162.879
you all right I'm sneaking okay all435.526.119
right sneak over to me there's a dog439.445.039
here [ __ ] yeah oh no I'm not sneaking441.6395.481
anymore revive revive me I am I'm444.4797.28
hitting oh tap it it Go tap me did all447.128.12
right okay okay run yeah let's get out451.7595.12
of here go make a flameo let's go make a455.244.399
yeah so that that word play thing the467.6395.081
inspired thing uh-huh I don't get470.564.12
inspired of it you know you don't get472.724.599
inspired of it uh-uh how you feel about474.684.44
that I did that for you I don't know it477.3194.121
felt like because I just did an inspired479.124.56
thing yeah I know that's hey good job481.445.56
babies Daddy hey um baby Simon and I483.684.76
think might need some help oh we're487.03.199
trying to get the table saw uh-huh yeah488.444.759
yeah and uh yeah is a big town full of a490.1994.72
lot of enemies but we got a flame alter493.1993.68
down over there so uh yeah just just go494.9193.72
there okay let's go there we'll help496.8793.28
I'll probably go to the wrong one first498.6393.641
but I'll see you there it's it's not500.1594.48
fine you should not be that502.285.16
dumb bring it in back up baby Simon hey504.6395.881
baby boo I mean Daddy damn it I hate507.444.479
that where the [ __ ] is he where'd he go511.9194.521
wrong place he went to the wrong place514.763.04
I'm worried sick about him he's kind of516.445.12
dumb where are they what is this oh517.86.28
they're just who's director I guess I'll521.564.36
go see524.086.199
director there he is hello okay I'm525.926.2
ready all right this is the town this530.2793.68
nice right so eat your stuff if you got532.124.24
it right power up eat your stuff and533.9594.201
yeah we're just going in we're going ham536.366.0
all right yeah meeting chapter 65 attack538.167.16
of the dysfunctional family okay I'm542.365.24
ready all right Nee you're the tank go545.324.24
I'm the tank I'm just breaching the wall547.64.72
huh hey folks tank nees is here I'm549.564.6
ready to throw down watch out for traps552.323.84
oh you could have told me that like 3554.163.72
seconds earlier couldn't you I got my556.163.96
buddy down I got my bow out somebody's557.883.76
supposed to help me you help bunch of560.123.12
wolves whole bunch of wolves yeah whole561.643.52
bunch of wolves yeah let's take them563.243.56
okay oh this565.164.84
guy all right I'm on this guy yeah566.84.64
it oh [ __ ] oh God no no I'm going to die571.445.48
any second don't die don't die wow there574.923.64
are a lot of wolves that's a lot of576.924.32
wolves that's a whole lot of wolves CRA578.565.24
all right one wol down thank God jump581.245.719
jump and slam it nice baby Dees woo oh583.86.2
ow here I got you healed okay thank you586.9594.081
I can block590.05.48
too it's going down soon he's down yeah591.046.0
there right behind you right behind you595.484.0
oh there's two more oh [ __ ] oh God get597.044.76
away from you hold up I'm in the back599.485.96
woo there's more there's so many more601.86.719
yeah baby de careful over there I'm605.445.32
getting out for a second I got to heal608.5195.121
God I jumping jumping heals at there you610.764.24
go I got the heals I got the heals oh613.645.4
boy Chase no boy I just615.04.04
got sucker sucker ass suck suck suck619.245.839
suck hey what if I bring this gate down622.647.6
bring it down why not Gat down yeah625.0797.161
all right I'm Le them out to you baby do630.245.56
it dead yeah one at a time though632.246.36
please here we go oh wow yeah you guys635.85.479
are tearing everything up there it is oh638.65.88
he ran he down nice all right let's641.2794.881
scour these two houses see if you can644.483.359
find a uh what are we looking for table646.164.04
saw there's three wolves in this one647.8393.921
we're looking for table saw drers not650.23.28
Wolves yeah but I think we have to kill651.763.639
the Wolves though right I don't know no653.483.28
you don't have to we just we're here for655.3992.921
the table saw all right well they're656.762.8
they're in a building that might have a658.323.24
table saw all right there building right659.564.0
here that has wolves well there's wolves661.563.839
in the building yes Wes maybe we should663.563.76
shut the door and you just shut me in665.3993.201
here I didn't know you were going in667.325.079
there okay so let me out okay oh sh we668.65.52
need to verify that there's no taable672.3994.401
saw in there okay so go in there and674.125.0
look we'll kill this wolf first there676.85.68
you go yeah yeah poor defens this679.126.12
animal there we go Nice N now let's get682.486.2
in here going back in table Sal uh oh685.244.52
you're in here688.682.959
yeah you see a table saw there's a guy689.764.28
up top over here he's half Health see691.6394.281
him KN behind you uh yeah I don't know694.043.359
if there's a t I'm looking for a table695.926.159
saw yeah but I'm y get baby s thank you697.3997.921
out P guys down no table saw does that702.0795.121
block do I is there a block with this705.324.079
I'm very hurt uh no yeah it's a707.27.439
one-handed weapon oh that's right oh God709.3997.12
this ain't good this a good what's going714.6393.121
on out there we're getting our butts716.5193.32
kicks what's going on out here okay717.763.48
where'd they go where's all the bodies719.8393.321
that are down revive me two of them721.243.839
watch out though there's a wolf yep I723.164.119
see it all right you you take care of725.0794.56
the wolf I'll get the babies you got it727.2795.92
hey Dad we go here we go thank you Dad729.6395.64
Happy Father's Day Dad all right confirm733.1994.241
table saw in there or not I did not see735.2794.401
one damn all right yeah everyone scour737.445.36
for a damn table739.683.12
saw oh damn it babies I'm looking at the744.045.2
map and now it's like pointing towards747.443.44
the north the circular saw blades749.243.08
location we're not even in the right750.884.28
[ __ ] town shut up it told us to come752.325.68
here did we already didn't you say you755.164.84
saw somebody or saw something say that758.04.12
we got this table saw I don't know I760.04.639
don't know what's happening maybe we762.124.279
already have a table we don't now we got764.6393.44
to go North to get the circular saw766.3994.721
blades let me kill this guy okay all768.0795.161
right everybody come to me yeah back771.124.2
here back here at the gate okay all773.243.52
right yeah all right leave that guy in775.324.92
the jail yeah we got to go like 200 me776.766.16
this way a fine saw blad a fine saw780.244.159
blades oh and there's something glowing782.924.96
out there that's bad uh [ __ ] oh does784.3995.401
anyone else else need to repair their787.884.079
[ __ ] I'm just got other [ __ ] that I'm789.84.0
going to use yeah my wand's broke but my791.9594.281
a is still good all right fun I'll use793.86.039
this oh wait Simon what I uh I can give796.244.839
you something I found799.8393.841
something staff though that be any good801.0796.041
I have oh yeah [ __ ] oh [ __ ] you okay oh803.688.519
god oh I'll give it later oh my God no807.129.48
CH [ __ ] chop chop chop oh god dude I'm812.1996.041
I'm going to hit that I don't have the816.63.239
stamina for It crap all right I drank an818.245.159
Elixir supposed to get more damage uhhuh819.8395.161
NOP oh god oh no it's no good this is825.08.079
this is bad oh Dam Squad829.0796.161
WIP all right here's what we need to do833.0793.961
we got to go back home rest up cook some835.244.56
meat okay yep everybody yeah back home837.043.919
back home back839.86.32
home chapter 66 gearing up for840.9595.161
war okay and we're back all geared up861.363.919
all right so we don't need to go through864.2793.281
the town so let's sneak around this side865.2795.081
happy too all right got a new melee867.564.88
weapon it looks kickass yeah I feel870.364.599
pretty good about my new [ __ ] too oh and872.444.48
here's some of our yeah here's the stuff874.9594.361
where we died mhm I want my stuff back876.923.64
yeah everybody get your stuff back oh879.323.079
God who's is who's yeah how do you know880.563.399
good question uh oh you can go up to it882.3993.12
and you can read it oh you can that's883.9593.88
ne's right by me okay thank you that's885.5194.041
mine it's like Christmas morning isn't887.8394.24
it yeah well it's it's my stocking if889.564.8
you get your stuff just this doesn't say892.0795.641
anything so it must be Me Maybe must be894.366.839
so yeah from here says it's like 170 m897.726.119
this way not too far find the circular901.1994.801
saw blade at the scavenger Camp all903.8393.881
right so yeah I'm guessing this dump up906.04.839
here y oh boy that's a camp oh I see a907.725.2
place to Grapple already yeah should we910.8394.201
just grapple up and go nuts uh we912.923.88
fighting right now uh yeah I imagine915.043.0
there's going to be a fight here all916.84.839
right let's all eat yep everybody eat up918.046.08
eat some of this meat MH mhm little bit921.6395.0
of this little bit of that mhm should924.124.36
have made some arrows all right neebs926.6394.44
you're the tank you go first going in928.484.919
okay so far I see nothing oh yep there's931.0794.601
a guy up here I'm on it let's take933.3996.201
him watch out there's an explosive damn935.685.399
get him get him get him get him there we939.63.799
go here you go baby he blew us all up I941.0795.041
don't know how he didn't die943.3994.88
okay okay anyone we can just take out948.2794.24
from here oh I'm going to take this guy951.165.159
out from here there we go all right952.5195.68
nobody saw that let's see oh there's a956.3193.241
there's a guy down there I was by a958.1992.921
barrel that would have been perfect and959.562.719
yes nobody saw that you might want to961.123.639
eat meat again oh God962.2794.961
exposive God okay I'm moving in on this964.7594.361
guy oh there's three of them oh [ __ ]967.244.159
there's a guy right behind here God oh969.123.6
no there's a bunch oh yeah okay yeah971.3994.081
they're coming up they're coming972.725.16
up going up that other way I'm going up975.485.68
the other way oh need to see you yep I'm977.884.84
just lower oh there you are you got some981.164.56
child chasing you too uh yeah okay oh982.724.599
God there's a lot there is a lot there985.724.119
is a lot oh wait is that the saw I see987.3194.52
the saw you see the saw I see the saw989.8393.961
can I grab it grab I got it let's get991.8393.281
the [ __ ] out of993.84.2
here get I might die I might die don't995.124.8
die don't die let's get out of here oh998.04.6
God where did I go I don't know go fly999.925.399
just run away I'm in the troud I'm with1002.64.56
neees there we1005.3195.161
go baby baby Dora I'm out of the Shroud1007.166.599
yeah yeah I can got a table they're1010.485.039
chasing after us come on let's just run1013.7594.44
run run run yep we on home we got what1015.5194.76
we came for let's go yeah let's get out1018.1993.281
yep let's get the hell out of here we1020.2794.04
got his damn circular saw I guess home1021.486.559
yeah oh God oh God these flowers are1024.3196.921
killing me it [ __ ] stop it okay I'm1028.0395.64
coming I got messing with the flow I I1031.244.36
got this red [ __ ] on my head right now1033.6796.76
it's FR of my face oh God1035.64.839

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