Freeing a GIGANTIC Fish God from Aliens! - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 44* Turns out the fish people are bad! Huh! 🏝️ Resort Merch! 🏝️ �...
Freeing a GIGANTIC Fish God from Aliens! - Conan Exiles
Freeing a GIGANTIC Fish God from Aliens! - Conan Exiles

Freeing a GIGANTIC Fish God from Aliens! - Conan Exiles

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Dude, freeing a GIGANTIC Fish God from aliens! How does it get any better than that? This is definitely my favorite video!

simon: Seriously, Neebs? The fish people are bad! Who saw that coming? It's like a plot twist in a bad B-movie.

appsro: I mean, come on, Simon. You can't tell me you didn't see that one coming. Fish people are always sketchy. It's rule number one of gaming!

neebs: Exactly! And the part where we had to hit a goddess? Classic. You can't just make that stuff up.

simon: Yeah, because nothing screams 'epic quest' like smacking around a deity and then setting your sights on some Set priests. Real smooth.

appsro: Hey, it's all in a day's work in Conan Exiles, right? Plus, who else can say they liberated a god and survived an underwater sandstorm? We're basically legends.

Hey everyone! If you're as big a fan of Neebs Gaming as I am, you're in for a treat with *Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 44*. This episode is an absolute rollercoaster! Who would've thought the fish people would turn out to be the villains? I know, right? It’s just one surprise after another with these guys.

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In this episode, we kick things off with Appsro's Rocks at 0:00, which leads into the usual hilarious intro at 2:51. Neebs’ Free Mail segment at 3:03 is always a blast, and this time they dive into an underwater sandstorm at 3:58. Trust me, you don’t want to miss Roy Dorason at 5:29 and the epic moment of liberating a god at 6:46.

There's also some divine drama when they hit a goddess at 11:01 and then set their sights on some Set Priests at 12:28. And if you’re wondering about the furries reference, well, that’s at 15:01. The team rounds it up with some cheeky innuendos about Appsro being horny at 18:16 before the outro at 19:16.

As always, the music is top-notch, licensed through, adding that extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. If you’re not already subscribed, hit that button and join their Patreon for exclusive content. They also stream on Twitch, so follow them there for live shenanigans.

Stay connected with Neebs Gaming on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website. And if you want to chat with other fans, hop into their Discord server. They’ve got some amazing shirts and other cool stuff on Design by Humans and Spreadshirt too.

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Conan Exiles is an expansive open world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Neebs Gaming's ongoing playthrough showcases the incredible depth and imagination infused in this title. Their cinematic approach fully immerses you in the savage lands, drawing you into the humor and camaraderie of their intrepid band of explorers.

In the latest episode, "Turns out the fish people are bad! Huh!", Neebs and the crew continue their adventures along the tropical coast. The brilliant azure waters and swaying palms hide dangers, however - the ominous fish-like humanoids prove to be violently territorial. The editing aptly captures the mood whiplash, from lighthearted banter to sudden combat. Appsro's panicked swimming as spears rain down perfectly encapsulates Conan Exiles' blend of horror and hilarity.

Each episode expands the world and scope of the series. The sprawling maps, diverse biomes, and wealth of lore are on full display. Neebs Gaming's signature chemistry and improvisational storytelling grant additional life to the ruins and civilizations. Their cinematic techniques, zooms, and sound design make you feel part of the journey. The top-notch editing and performances are on par with television, creating an experience as entertaining as the game itself.

In summary, Conan Exiles is a deep and riveting open world survival game. Neebs Gaming's ongoing playthrough provides the definitive way to enjoy this brutal yet beautiful realm, short of playing it yourself. Their cinematic approach and talent bring out the best in the source material. For an immersive tour of Conan's savage lands, Neebs Gaming is your guide.

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you know you are always playing with3.284.4
rocks I mean I love it kind of I mean I5.05.28
wish I wish it cooler let's see oh yeah7.684.4
I'm going to do this I'm going to be a10.283.84
scout cuz we don't know what's ahead all12.086.84
right so okay give me one second and14.128.159
Baba buy Baba buy Baba buy don't bye18.925.119
okay they'll never see me we can still22.2794.801
see you yeah and can't but what about we24.0395.521
can see Bob yeah but uh they can't what27.084.48
about so they can see us right uh they29.563.679
can see you they cannot see me I'm going31.564.4
to scout to the left okay okay I think33.2394.201
we're just going to follow behind you35.964.599
way his back okay there is one guy here37.444.799
he's heading your way it's one of those40.5593.961
ugly fish guys yeah almost get ahead a42.2394.041
little bit what is this this just a pile44.523.679
of fish guts pile of damn fish guts in46.284.959
here all right one guy down mhm I'm48.1994.88
going to skin these guys up behind you51.2393.881
do it yeah get that dag on yep there's53.0794.32
another guy over here to the right Simon55.124.04
Okay want get that guy right there's a57.3993.12
guy to the left too they're going to59.163.12
make a Simon sandwich watch out there's60.5193.36
going be two of them on you s yeah there62.282.919
is yeah you don't want to get in a63.8794.28
corner I know you're in a corner I'm in65.1995.24
a corner s you're in a corner I'm trying68.1593.841
to get out get out the corner Simon I'm70.4394.081
trying to get out just block just block72.04.84
I am blocking all right okay I'm going74.524.52
to kill this guy there we for all right76.844.52
nice see I'll Scout a hit see what's79.044.28
down in the dark dark cave you got one81.363.68
guy down here who's here I'm [ __ ]83.323.28
yelling in right now and he don't know85.043.28
[ __ ] all right I'm going to go get him86.63.92
from behind booy88.324.839
and then booby and then one more little90.525.84
booby there you go hey I am really glad93.1595.361
we brought afro I don't know how we96.363.68
would have done this without him there98.523.44
you go never would have got past100.044.359
anything oh damn it o look at this I had101.964.839
to open the door so now they see me oh104.3995.0
we got some W what what the hell is that106.7994.36
it's a cool little guy that's mine look109.3994.521
like a leech this one's mine too maybe111.1595.32
that's your leech I can't okay I pick I113.925.4
picked one up wait you have leeches116.4794.96
there we go all right I picked them both119.323.839
up all right abser you let me know and121.4393.561
I'll step in whenever step in step in go123.1594.64
for it all right oh I missed there got125.05.16
you man yeah that sword you got kicked127.7994.44
ass it does especially when almost130.164.92
everything I do is power power clicker132.2394.801
jeez yeah I need I need better I need135.084.879
better Wolverine claws mhm these are not137.044.6
keeping up another door looks like139.9593.721
someone got drug in here oh yeah there's141.643.92
another one of these guys just hanging143.684.32
out wow what is this I I feel like I145.564.8
remember this yeah you you know what148.04.92
sorcery be good for you right now I150.366.32
absolutely do is this a big hole big152.925.2
hole probably won't let me use it it's156.683.96
going to be like you can't do that here158.124.28
I wish you could use that for all of us160.644.599
that'd be nice that would be really cool162.44.36
I think it's we're going to get hurt165.2394.121
drop it down there all right and it166.765.8
looks like it actually works and here we169.366.2
nebes yeah I don't know if you should be185.24.52
there did I tell you about that package187.7994.72
my mom sent no you didn't she sent a189.724.84
package and they forgot to put postage192.5193.521
on it uh-huh I think it had like194.563.72
sunflower seeds in it or something okay196.043.8
they're like crap she Liv in a small198.282.879
town so she thought maybe they'll give199.843.959
it back to her yeah they didn't oh201.1594.64
package shows up at my house203.7994.321
today there we205.7996.52
go no postage what made it to my house208.126.52
is that crazy yeah kind of so I got212.3194.801
sunflower seeds now thank God that looks214.644.12
great it doesn't look bad it's it's a217.123.56
little less creepy yeah it's cleaner218.765.08
it's uh fancier it looks more expensive220.686.8
yeah and oh oh my goodness we have got223.847.679
some fun stuff to make like227.486.479
antidotes I'll show you later and kids231.5194.321
in their antidotes I know I'm going to233.9595.881
go check on Alchemist do it235.846.52
oh hey sorcery came in handy for once239.844.84
yeah it did for all of us oh wa look at242.364.48
that that's cool looking Simon check244.686.96
that out hold on uh oh oh yeah the sky246.846.64
and the thing that's I oh no wait till251.644.879
you get close yeah come here right here253.484.439
yeah that thing that's in the far256.5193.321
distance that's what's257.9194.881
oh yep that's259.846.84
insane it's a giant fish yeah that's262.86.04
crazy man I like that I wish we could266.683.88
tame him take take him home as a pet268.843.76
know what I mean yeah all right let's do270.563.52
this we're going to fight and then with272.63.36
the fish head is somehow going to fight274.086.04
us too I have no idea okay ready almost275.966.079
I'm going to put my helmet on oh hold on280.124.4
I'm not there you go hold on and I don't282.0394.16
have any if you anyone have any good284.524.32
potions yeah yeah give me some I've286.1995.121
already I've already done my stuff ready288.845.12
we have a sandstorm what here what the291.326.0
hell what just got look at Holy God I293.965.12
can't see a thing nope all right I got297.323.599
to I'm put on my mask well yeah we're299.084.119
not fighting this no I don't well I300.9193.72
don't have a thing that says it's a303.1993.72
sandstorm but yeah all the effects looks304.6394.521
like it would be a sandstorm in an306.9193.801
underground water temple it's like309.164.08
watching an old fuzzy TV yeah a little310.725.56
bit Caroline come towards the light313.246.2
Caroline it's like 1984 yeah you can316.286.359
hear her though Simon she's319.443.199
like stupid little [ __ ]326.1997.641
pretty impressive huh yeah I didn't even333.844.16
didn't even notice you were there for a336.722.72
second I was like working around you338.03.44
yeah I was blending in yeah this how I339.444.96
hide gotcha all right well I like that341.445.08
okay um yeah listen thanks for helping344.44.88
me get the uh what you call it right hey346.526.88
mes yeah look at me good God what did349.286.32
okay um you like that Star Wars girl353.44.4
yeah I guess you're right mhm hey set355.65.2
likes it so I like it yeah okay you are357.85.519
a a very easily influenced person it360.85.959
seems right anyway too wait don't leave363.3196.761
why I got The Alchemist guy okay oh366.7594.72
herey here you go you got your butt370.083.6
crack showing little pencil holder check371.4793.361
that out now should be able to build a373.683.04
lot of new stuff can you build a pencil374.843.24
you want a pencil well they put in his376.723.0
pencil holder man look at this I can do378.084.399
all these throwables now the gasas orb379.725.879
okay grease orbs yeah demon fire orbs382.4796.28
right yep lots of Elixir a Roy Orbison385.5995.361
oh man yep that'd be the best what's388.7594.201
your favorite song390.966.5
crying crying mhm392.967.48
cry another word that's beautiful I love400.445.12
it it's good one yep now too yep thanks402.965.0
for stopping405.562.4
by oh they're coming oh guy just ran in408.48.359
I'm lucky I how did he see through the413.686.359
sandst I don't know I got that was416.7595.201
creepy think you can take that mask off420.0394.241
bubble oh oh there we go who the guy's421.965.799
right here no you don't sir424.287.56
oo my damina so bad there you go all427.7595.72
right I'm going to stab this guy in the431.843.919
butt sounds good do it one at a time oh433.4795.041
boy hold on no we' aged we AG all of435.7595.56
them hold on oh [ __ ] the [ __ ] now yeah438.525.44
we are I'm going to try to get the what441.3195.0
in the world I've been swallowed up I've443.964.6
been swallowed up damn it okay I got I446.3193.72
got the two big guys448.564.199
yep let's take care of that uh the450.0394.521
Trident guy first the two big guys are452.7594.12
slow right yeah they are yeah attack454.564.84
what you want when you can all right456.8793.44
that's how you want to roll with it459.44.239
we'll roll with it okay oh god oh damn460.3195.72
it get off of me get off me [ __ ] you463.6394.801
keep that blue one I got the green guy466.0393.84
uh all right I'll try to yet I'll get468.443.4
him apart oh my God my health is not469.8793.481
good and my stamina is not good cuz I471.844.44
the sorcerer okay hold on run away a473.366.64
little okay yep looks like he's on you476.286.479
yep okay I got480.02.759
him man I I feel like he he does a swing488.3195.481
and it looks like it's it shouldn't hit492.363.119
me but it hit hits me like I don't like493.83.519
the hit box yeah it's not seeing the495.4794.361
animation for yep who's that when did497.3194.56
Jafar get here you got the lady down499.844.72
here oh run away run back who is that me501.8794.961
hit she's she's one of the other bosses504.564.44
I don't know how we pulled everybody but506.845.12
I have uh I got three so you guys deal509.05.12
with what's down there I'll keep these511.964.28
ones confident all right listen I'm I'm514.124.039
doing okay on this guy don't you all516.244.2
right you're doing okay yeah hey yeah go518.1593.921
do your thing I think I got this one520.444.92
take care of event this give me a stab522.084.439
man they always run away when you go to525.362.56
stab them I hate it no that's cuz526.5194.081
they're on me right now [ __ ] oh that ja527.925.2
far lady's tough yeah she's super tough530.65.56
uhoh he likes533.125.68
me oh God all right got knocked up my536.164.52
ass that time have it suck on me all538.83.719
right now I'm good I'm okay I'm okay540.683.599
come on I lost one of the three down542.5194.041
there you're going to die544.2794.8
soon your546.566.68
ass o I got my guy oh yeah he's down I549.0796.76
lost another guy's coming down oh [ __ ]553.247.599
there you go oh shits the bear oh555.8397.361
[ __ ] damage on you okay how you guys560.8394.401
doing I got the ritual keeper I'm563.24.92
finishing up this guy right now probably565.244.839
there you go one more h oh no he's going568.123.88
to bleed out watch570.0795.281
more nice was there bleed damage on him572.05.079
did he have bleed damage yeah what is575.363.599
this now he's got something on him what577.0795.801
am I looking at uh tablet of duretto O578.9595.841
there you go you can learn duretto with582.883.56
that oh man maybe I'll give that to Dora584.83.84
he switches God every damn week yeah all586.444.839
right so we done it we done did it nice588.645.52
we got the scales we have one more thing591.2795.521
to touch before we leave up here I hope594.165.0
it's sumon up the stairs and then you596.84.719
just want to lick this tablet over599.164.799
oo all right we've acquired a new601.5194.481
knowledge the daggers of Deon ooh and603.9594.12
there's Treasures oh of course we got to606.03.92
have keys that we don't F have cuz the608.0793.121
game doesn't give it to you wait wait609.922.84
wait wait here wait you actually got611.25.12
keys I have a key oh my god oh Sim open612.765.319
a chest door number one door number two616.325.079
door number three ooh I say look at my618.0796.401
pants and then door number two uh door621.3994.88
number two it is I always go for the624.484.0
middle oh look at these pants they look626.2795.881
really nice so so we be the Corbin A628.486.68
Warhammer which combines hammer and pick632.167.0
see the damage don't do it hey now w w635.166.56
careful this okay right we see the639.164.64
damage might be cool see what the damage641.725.32
is uh all right so yeah the damage on it643.86.12
is looks like 66 compared to my claws647.045.28
which were 36 yeah yeah man all right649.924.64
I'm a I'm a hammer [ __ ] now there you652.325.759
are mine 70 so yeah right there woo good654.566.68
job boys yeah658.0793.161
yeah look at him he's not even here665.123.88
today and he's trying to steal the show667.444.199
I know right running man in the air yeah669.04.399
logged out going to sleep on a bench and671.6393.841
this is what we come back to this is673.3995.68
ridiculous what if I hey everybody back675.486.039
I'm back what's up uh nothing muches I679.0793.641
wonder if I can kick him have you seen681.5193.041
my new kick Anthony check it out kick oh682.723.32
wait sorry that's that's the punch684.562.6
that's a punch the weirdest kick I've686.044.12
ever seen watch it oh God Jesus it's687.164.76
like it's like a really really mean kick690.162.96
wait no let me get up here real quick691.922.8
yeah no go ahead and punt me out into693.123.76
the ocean oh okay kick into the ocean694.725.559
ready this a lake and696.886.6
go did that actually work it did it700.2794.521
great I wonder if I can kick neebs into703.483.0
the ocean come on nebs come for a swim704.82.88
wait well then he won't have his stuff706.483.08
that might be bad ah it's fine he'll get707.684.52
over it come on oh I did it do it again709.564.04
well now he's over there okay now he's712.22.639
good go back to sleep now he's just713.63.08
standing there he hasn't drowned fixed714.8394.361
him there's no fixing that man sweet716.684.24
speaking of fixing something whack you719.23.639
know I got these and I like these but720.922.96
you know when we were in the fight the722.8392.56
other day I was just like boy gee these723.883.8
aren't doing the damage I want God can725.3993.56
you take me to a place where I might get727.683.44
something you know stronger meteor yeah728.9593.961
we could go look for some black claws731.123.92
I'll take some black claws like little732.924.68
kitty cat [ __ ] oh my God hello what the735.044.28
[ __ ] where did you come from oh my god737.63.96
get it get it I'll get it I'll get it739.323.4
don't worry you guys keep going I'll741.562.6
find it you get it whack following you742.724.239
let's do it all right let's go stop744.165.239
hitting me746.9594.32
you ready for this Simon I'm I'm ready749.3993.88
for your face look at that gorgeous751.2794.321
thing it's really something in it yeah I753.2795.321
mean it it it almost matches because755.64.919
like the yellow on the top kind of758.64.599
matches the yellow no it's it's a big760.5194.76
contrast set really likes this763.1995.08
apparently and um I'm all about set yeah765.2795.201
okay that's that's why we're here all768.2794.161
right I want to get a priest for set I770.484.08
just don't want to murder the priest by772.443.36
accident you know what I mean should I774.563.32
be having my truncheon out just in case775.84.039
well let's get to the uh777.884.199
uh I'm just saying this way if if I'm779.8394.44
fighting them I can't I just beat them782.0794.12
like down with this and won't it hurt784.2793.56
them yeah but I think we should just786.1993.76
focus on the prize first all right so787.8394.12
you'll point out the prize yeah once we789.9593.88
find said prize and and we don't know if791.9594.68
there is a apparently a set priest is793.8395.281
commonly in this area all right let's796.6394.521
see all right yeah we got a ways to go799.125.079
so nice to see everyone again yeah and801.165.28
all the cats that I assume are here what804.1994.76
are you doing what is this one doing I806.444.079
don't I don't know what this one is oh808.9593.481
that's you you're looking at it was you810.5195.801
oh okay all right so somebody praying812.445.48
yeah usually doing front of an altar816.324.0
maybe usually right yep all right so you817.925.359
want to split up oh wait in here there820.324.28
something going on in here oh what's823.2793.601
going on in here hey how you doing I824.64.28
have my ID but I just I think I left it826.884.44
in the car yeah no they don't let you go828.884.519
by no guess not I mean they could but I831.323.68
don't see anything in there that anybody833.3993.841
worshiping prison yeah I doubt I doubt835.04.68
it's in the prison anybody pray and over837.245.36
here boy oh boy do I love God anybody839.685.519
seen a set priest of sorts set's the842.65.52
best set your mind to it oh hold hold845.1996.241
hold on oh boy you see a similar um848.128.36
headdress oh yeah hold on now cuz we are851.448.04
surrounded by a lot yeah we are um so856.484.32
that means I'm going to have to kill a859.483.0
lot yep you're going to probably have to860.84.76
be on the kills yep I'm going to listen862.486.32
with my rolls yeah and my good blade I865.565.44
think I could do some serious damage868.84.08
right all right so why don't we do this871.03.279
you ready to do this take these you want872.882.759
to concentrate on these four people874.2793.081
right here all the buddies oh God I875.6393.44
don't want to mess this up all right you877.363.64
ready Simon it's getting dark it is okay879.0792.961
you don't want it so I'm just going to881.02.519
try to kill you're going to do that all882.042.479
go nope I completely missed oh God I884.5195.32
I yep you just yep I missed my swing is889.8396.44
what I did okay yeah okay I'm going to894.045.88
run sorry Dora896.2795.0
D this place is neat I like that laser901.2794.321
going up in the sky seems like something904.0793.68
out of you know like an Avenger movie905.63.88
yeah that's for the sacred hunt event907.7593.281
we're not doing that oh my God should I909.483.0
should I kill this should I kill this I911.043.239
don't think so he he seems cool he912.484.0
doesn't seem I mean you I like the way914.2794.081
he looks I feel like I see uh guys like916.483.32
this now when you go to like Comic-Con918.362.919
there's a bunch of these types walking919.83.399
around you know what I mean I had no921.2794.56
background for costume building wow923.1994.521
never done anything with925.8394.68
cosplay but I was really big into927.725.0
Halloween oh yeah the one that like you930.5193.8
can't enjoy the convention at all932.723.16
because you're in this giant outfit and934.3193.121
waddling around I mean yeah you do what935.883.28
you want to do I mean yeah do it for a937.443.199
little bit but then yeah you see of all939.163.28
kinds you got dogs you got cats I940.6393.241
they're impressive don't get me wrong oh942.442.879
yeah some of the costumes I'm like wow943.883.48
someone put a lot of work into looking945.3194.561
like that don't you know bump them no no947.364.599
God no they'll fall over into like six949.883.879
booths it would hurt it would be funny951.9593.0
okay well what are we doing here wack953.7592.481
well we're going to pay this guy some954.9593.721
ferof flesh so we're going to grab some956.244.599
po I from him and go to the midnight958.684.639
Grove is that a bar so what is that960.8395.44
here's some feral flesh for you well963.3196.481
thank you feral FL and some for you sir966.2796.04
and we just we feed this guy you go up969.84.0
and talk to him you should be able to972.3194.681
buy a potion of midnight yeah learn oh973.85.12
wait purchase potion of midnight for977.04.199
five feral flesh boom got it there you I978.924.2
got two of them and then use it right981.1995.241
away okay where is it oh there it is oh983.127.24
where am I whoa986.443.92
Jesus Christ it's like the dream what is990.925.359
that hi Anthony God stop you all right992.684.839
oh I'm sorry there's a lot of weird [ __ ]996.2793.161
in this place oh wow yeah dude this997.5192.921
place looks999.443.879
cool yeah now we just hope that the1000.445.199
bosses drop the black claws that you1003.3194.161
want oh so it's one of those random1005.6394.68
things yeah man I hate that I really do1007.485.08
most things in Conan Exiles are random I1010.3193.921
know I really hate it it doesn't make it1012.563.36
good no yeah it's like I I want to know1014.242.88
that I'm getting the thing when I Beat1015.923.159
the Boss AB I promise I will do this as1017.123.44
many times until you get those stupid1019.0792.68
black claws that don't really mean1020.562.519
anything thank you Anthony I love you1021.7593.56
let's do1023.0792.24
it all right door so I'm going to I'm1025.44.039
going to shoot one of these guys and I'm1027.6793.481
going to try to you know get them away1029.4394.441
from here yep you ready yeah I put on my1031.164.039
other helmet so I could be have more1033.884.439
protection all right and boom got you I1035.1994.681
didn't do it I tell you that much I1038.3194.081
didn't do it oh no don't you go priest1039.883.88
oh is that what's happening the priest1042.44.039
is running doing stuff come on down I1043.764.6
know I know we're learning all right oh1046.4393.881
you guys want danc oh God I just hurt1048.364.12
myself from that jump okay all right I1050.326.719
got to roll baby roll baby right oh I1052.486.76
just got two of them in one shot oh oh1057.0394.921
boy that was a that was a hit come on o1059.244.64
got my third what do you want you want a1061.963.24
little piece oh no no no no I don't want1063.884.48
to hit the damn it why you fighting me1065.27.68
oh God sorry s [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm so sorry1068.369.04
Simon quit [ __ ] chasing me ah not1072.887.12
going good good job Simon I'm sorry1077.45.12
buddy okay yeah just going to run1080.07.88
forever H how do I do I know how I1082.529.68
do crap kind of priest are you not want1087.888.679
to peace I'm going to report you to1092.24.359
set that way what do you suppose that's1096.646.76
a symbol for a frog sag yeah oh that's1100.0396.241
javel sag yeah it's a javel sag symbol1103.44.639
yeah kind of looks like a lady laying1106.283.48
down on her back her leg spread like if1108.0394.241
you flip it around she's I like the way1109.765.56
you think wearing like a burlesque mask1112.285.279
yeah yeah sexy lady I kind of see it all1115.324.479
right let's go through it not I'm not1117.5594.48
waiting for you I'm already circling1119.7994.24
okay yeah let's do it doesn't know what1122.0394.201
to do with me though what is this this a1124.0396.0
cat now a who your push it is it is oh1126.246.4
wow he's a strong push beat him up I'm1130.0394.321
going to kick him actually no I'm not oh1132.645.12
God yep all right going in Panthers are1134.366.48
so cool scary as [ __ ] damn they're cool1137.765.12
they're Sleek yeah I'm going to go in1140.843.88
bet I can see their eyes night oh all1142.883.24
right oh did I get the things let me1144.723.68
check I just see a dumb spear in it uh1146.124.559
no yeah it's a dumb spear I'm not after1148.48.8
a spear next yeah look what I found next1150.6796.521

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