Tourist Ambush - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 16

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute blast as Simon and Appsro take on some trader mis...
Tourist Ambush - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 16
Tourist Ambush - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 16

Tourist Ambush - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 16

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Tourist Ambush in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls mod? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where Appsro and Doraleous are running around like headless chickens trying to survive? Classic!

appsro: I love how we pretend to be tourists while getting ambushed by zombies. It's like a vacation from reality!

neebs: And the music choices in the video are just spot on. I can't stop humming the tunes!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute blast as Simon and Appsro take on some trader missions while Doraleous works his magic on the next horde base. If you're a fan of intense gameplay and hilarious commentary, this episode is definitely one you won't want to miss.

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The music selection in this video is on point, featuring tracks like "Doctor True" by Jingle Punks, "Enter the Maze" by Kevin MacLeod, and "The Bronx is Burning" by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions. The atmospheric tunes really add to the excitement and immersion of the gameplay, making it a truly enjoyable experience for viewers.

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simon yeah this lady has like unique11.364.96
missions really yeah i just took on a13.844.56
mission i'll share it with you it's16.324.4
called starving tourist all right i just18.44.719
bought aloe and okay you shared it with20.724.639
yeah i'm gonna share that and if i look23.1193.601
at it on the map yeah it's like right25.3592.961
below the base like out in the middle of26.723.6
a field starving tourist i guess there's28.323.279
some terrorists out there we go kill30.322.88
it's like it's a zombie killing mission31.5993.361
all right zombie kill a mission but i33.23.359
forget how you share something with you34.962.8
i got to click something or i already36.5593.281
did it oh boy no uh yeah you have to go37.764.0
to your quest thing oh [ __ ] there's a39.843.28
guy coming up here's a guy coming up41.762.88
yeah i get him yeah you you accept the43.123.759
quest oh you mean i gotta go and go to44.643.759
her and accept it from her god damn it46.8792.721
now you hit tab and you go to your48.3994.081
request icon like always hold on i don't49.65.04
like always how many quests do i do you52.484.559
did one last week with me will you54.643.84
accept the fact that you're gonna have57.0393.52
to tell me how to do this [ __ ] every58.484.399
time probably yeah all right just accept60.5593.841
it no i clicked it hopefully that62.8793.6
actually accepted it there you go come64.43.68
on follow me all right man there's a66.4793.121
bunch of zombies trying to get in here68.086.399
you [ __ ] damn it come on grumpy69.64.879
doesn't this look familiar75.4394.961
from a hit series aloneish i believe77.65.44
this is where apstro and anthony were80.43.84
holing up83.042.16
not a pun it's like they were in a hole85.24.72
so we'll do that87.923.68
a little bit of that89.924.159
and here you go come on out91.64.32
i know you are there94.0792.961
come on95.922.08
i don't really have time98.03.439
for night coming and [ __ ]99.523.12
there you go101.4392.72
thank you sir102.644.4
all right go ahead all right just you104.1595.121
for that one [ __ ] did i waste107.046.0
okay okay sneak around here and109.287.519
one more go ahead thank you ma'am113.047.28
just come on come on come on116.7994.881
is that it120.322.64
head two121.683.119
there's gotta be one more122.964.799
gotta be hello out of the shower come124.7994.481
out of the shower coming out of the127.7592.64
that's it oh [ __ ] it was easy just grab130.3994.161
the goodies and go perfect132.724.8
all right134.562.96
look at this all my apple trees are139.444.159
blooming oh wow you can plant apple141.444.4
trees yeah that's wonderful wow there's143.5994.961
gonna be so much food [ __ ] yeah could145.844.399
you build another farm like out near the148.563.679
church yeah okay i got all this i can150.2393.761
make seeds big time sweet all right152.2393.041
we'll do that hey you want to join us on154.03.28
a quest yeah because uh it's like right155.283.92
back there in the woods yeah i've been157.283.599
farming for weeks oh yeah accept the159.23.679
quest come with us i want to fight160.8793.601
something all right well hey this is you162.8792.64
know what i'm going to let you do most164.482.88
of fighting did you accept the quest uh165.5193.201
nope simon can show me how to do it on167.363.23
the way there yep168.724.239
we gotta find some starving tourists172.9593.041
here we go there they are oh wow there174.43.28
they are oh they're all holy crap that's176.03.599
uh that's more than i thought177.684.0
oh boy okay all right names you wanted179.5994.0
action you got action baby find them181.683.52
come on185.22.319
what should i do should i fist oh yeah187.683.279
i'm gonna fist them here189.283.92
yeah oh yeah that's not the the190.9593.761
terminology you want to use but just out193.23.6
of curiosity like uh what you got oh you194.723.439
got little uh knuckles there got196.83.359
knuckles baby i'm just using my sleds198.1594.401
one at a time there you go oh [ __ ] what200.1594.241
you get hit no it was just close to me202.564.56
all right come on turret help me out get204.43.919
him you're not even hitting them turret207.125.839
oh boy they hit me watch out names oh i208.3194.64
my favorite headshot oh that was okay215.685.279
time at the same time219.5193.521
yeah teamwork ready it's one two three220.9595.28
shoot up that was off now hit him simon223.045.199
perfect he hit the dick puncher yeah226.2393.341
well whatever228.2394.0
all right this looks like a place it232.2393.92
looks like a place i'm probably gonna234.9592.0
if i go in through the bottom236.9593.601
certain death239.362.079
going through the top241.4397.601
i think we can do so nerd pull let's go243.046.0
breaching it's almost like rainbow six249.283.039
except uh worst graphics252.3196.081
all right let's take a look256.4794.241
i mean if they just even poke their258.43.84
[ __ ] heads out260.722.8
blow it off262.242.399
here we go263.523.84
all right get the dick puncher out264.6394.0
put it down267.362.8
oh my god268.6393.28
this game sucks270.163.68
come on there we go271.9193.601
punch her in the face just275.524.239
give it give it to her yep give it to277.523.04
one more time come on280.564.56
i'm just gonna go in here and just283.443.12
beat her ass285.122.799
let's go286.562.4
all right287.9193.601
hopping in288.962.56
simon you get a good reward yeah i got292.04.16
an apple pie actually an apple pie293.9193.521
that's pretty good i got a bunch of296.163.44
arrows is that your apple pie yeah i297.444.0
could i could have used some arrows i299.64.72
just put my my two bows in the golf cart301.444.72
because i don't even i have one hour304.323.439
that's it gotcha oh you're eating the306.163.84
apple pie yeah baby at least you got307.7594.241
some good food hey i i was looking out310.04.72
here i know dora hid in here yeah oh312.04.0
yeah that's right like the first or314.722.64
second night right yeah but did we316.03.36
explore it i mean i know i didn't let's317.364.08
explore it like ninja turtles [ __ ] i319.363.839
wish i had arrows i'm gonna be going321.444.08
down there with a gun okay you coming323.1994.0
it's going to be loud i got arrows up325.522.959
with it that's all oh god there's327.1993.601
already oh god i fell already oh no i328.4794.081
wasn't reloading all right i'm upstairs330.84.8
already yep okay okay what's not ready332.564.479
for that good thing i bought these335.63.599
bandages eh yeah wait did these actually337.0394.641
hit yeah heal me up a little bit oh god339.1994.081
there's another one341.683.359
okay that's really loud you're gonna343.283.68
charge we're in the city yes we are in345.0393.6
the city why don't you get melee346.963.2
whoopsie daisy348.6393.441
all right melee it is all right whoopsie350.163.68
daisy you uh are you ready let's explore352.083.52
this a little bit353.844.16
mm-hmm all right see you guys355.63.599
stupid [ __ ]359.1992.72
all right looking good great here we362.45.519
can't get through365.284.24
oh there's a door that that looks like367.9193.681
it's something and it's unlocked all369.524.799
right you want to do the honors yes i do371.65.12
all right come on buddy374.3194.481
hello all right go in there and smack376.724.16
him i got you covered hold on you got my378.84.239
back covered that's good looking looks380.883.439
like nothing should drop from the383.0392.88
ceiling man we should have moved here384.3193.841
look at this this is nice this is cool385.9193.601
hey we're going to shut the door behind388.164.24
us oh god that's a feral oh god oh sorry389.523.92
i just392.42.4
you should did god damn you shut the393.443.12
door yes i did394.83.44
stop it sorry396.563.68
oh god yeah i'll shut the door i'll lock398.244.079
us in here yeah with the zombies what400.244.72
were you thinking i was thinking hey402.3195.361
at that point they had not jumped out404.964.32
and i was gonna try to keep them from407.683.919
coming in okay409.284.24
yeah why don't we open our doors so we411.5994.481
have a place to retreat to in case the413.524.88
zombies come well i thought we had416.084.76
cleared it but we418.46.32
didn't hey ma'am what starts with a w420.845.24
and ends with a t424.723.199
it really does i swear426.085.28
get it cuz what w h a t427.9194.161
i figured you'd like that joke better432.082.64
let's check the attic434.723.759
keep an eye above you440.3195.041
okay yep dick puncher down442.964.079
boom sick out let's get this445.365.399
shotgun let's go447.0393.72
get back451.5995.04
okay i hope there's some damn food and453.1994.481
and all sorts of goodies up here457.683.6
i'm low on a lot of stuff461.284.96
but this is gonna464.04.0
that was [ __ ]466.243.12
that should have been dead468.03.759
netcode all right ooh we got some469.365.44
goodies up there i told you471.7594.081
oh my god475.843.68
look at all this stuff it's a good day477.525.66
to be thick 44. i'll tell you that479.524.959
oh simon yeah i hear him yeah i'm sure484.4794.881
you do oh oh [ __ ]486.8794.481
all right489.363.04
you want to give him the old smacky491.362.559
smack i'll give him one smackie then you492.43.199
get the other one right behind got it493.9192.481
all right495.5993.44
come on watch out little swing496.44.72
smacky for you there you go and then499.0393.84
look at that teamwork baby501.123.44
yeah oh there's a lot of these guys502.8793.6
smacky for him504.564.0
no he's okay yeah god there are a lot506.4794.0
aren't there yep i don't have much power508.564.719
yet i can get one smack in okay i'll do510.4795.12
one let me get one smack there we go get513.2793.361
it going515.5993.761
okay ow that hit me oh [ __ ] that's not516.644.48
good oh519.363.359
and you look you were quite far away521.123.68
from me my friend okay all right i'll522.7194.161
stay back even further back524.84.8
okay and smacky poo there you go geez526.884.48
that was like a conga line of them yeah529.64.16
what in the world a lot of hazmat guys531.364.0
all right all right let's get a little533.763.84
sneaky when do i get i feel like i535.364.0
should close that door behind us but you537.63.76
don't like it closed i mean it's good to539.363.68
have a retreat point in it i know but we541.363.52
could just hit e okay okay yeah543.044.0
nothing's uh i think down here was544.883.519
pretty clear yeah this is oh wait547.043.44
there's a little ammo pile here four548.3994.241
shotgun shells anytime you see stuff550.483.359
like this simon you should be wrenching552.642.56
this stuff yeah but aren't you worried553.8393.521
about noise i tell you the gunshot and555.23.84
wrenching thing i feel like they're557.363.76
pretty similar you think wrenching559.043.919
sounds the same as a gunshot well in the561.123.44
game it does562.9593.041
maybe crouch when you do it make less564.564.8
noise you know yeah oh all right566.06.0
i don't trust this569.364.0
it looks like above there shouldn't be572.03.36
anything dropping from that all right573.363.84
i'm going to take a peek down here575.363.599
there's a ladder down there into the577.25.44
water and the sewer goes oh [ __ ] what i578.9595.361
stepped over here and it did like a582.643.04
weird like584.323.92
jump down okay just like like something585.684.08
was gonna break so i'm gonna run across588.244.159
okay we're good all right all right589.764.24
looking at some ammo592.3994.401
yeah okay those aren't good got some gun594.05.76
powder here any good [ __ ] here hey596.85.2
that's a four grip mod a little bit of599.765.04
762. that's not bad here so come on602.04.0
maybe something good's in this passing604.83.68
gas crate come on come on be something606.03.68
good baby608.483.28
ah calipers we got a hundred of them but609.684.64
we'll sell them611.762.56
uh home sweet home hopefully they have615.684.159
some food618.644.08
all right hello hello it's the619.8395.68
bar needing some food what's up dick hey622.724.96
nice you building a jail uh625.5194.721
kinda yeah who's it for i feel like we627.683.92
always get attacked and we're not safe630.244.4
that's my safe room panic room oh nice631.65.04
neeps panic room i'll make a sign oh634.644.56
okay i'm upgrading the door hey you do636.644.879
you have any food uh yes should be some639.25.12
in the fire and in the food bin nice hey641.5194.961
boys yeah hello oh hello is that a safe644.324.4
house safe house for names perfect there646.484.72
we go what's going on dick i'm starving648.724.88
i need water but overall i'm doing well651.23.68
nice good good to see you i'm glad653.63.12
you're here i'm glad you're here yeah654.883.28
all right let's see you know we gotta we656.722.88
actually need to move all this [ __ ] ah658.163.119
god not tonight659.62.96
still got some work to do over at the661.2792.8
church you're gonna build a safe house662.563.519
at the church neebs um yeah it's night664.0794.401
time right uh it's not quite but it's666.0794.161
getting close we came in the sun was668.482.799
going down670.242.56
so yeah i'm probably uh yeah we should671.2793.041
hunker up here for the night get some672.83.279
food you got some good food cooking here674.323.199
yep yeah let's see what you get there's676.0793.521
more coming did dick eat it all i didn't677.5193.601
know no679.63.2
vegetable stew681.123.279
that's good oh yeah it reminds me i'm682.83.44
hungry i'm gonna eat this vegetable stew684.3993.521
thank you neebs i'm gonna eat this meat686.243.68
stew oh wait you know what i got plenty687.923.359
of food in my belly i'll hold it for689.923.68
oh wow694.644.08
um how's that bam696.0794.0
wait oh wait nope nope nope this700.0794.641
smack bam704.722.88
oh yeah706.242.88
it's getting there707.64.239
that's all i can say is it dark out709.125.36
yeah i'll bet yeah711.8394.961
safer by the minute714.483.28
[ __ ]716.83.44
oh there's gonna be something else717.765.12
really oh so much more to do we're gonna720.245.36
be fine it's gonna be our best base uh722.885.3
this season tell you that much725.69.58
did the male tear that zombie oh yeah735.762.72
one at the front door is zombie the737.123.76
front door zombie the front door yep738.483.919
don't ask oh god he dropped the bag740.882.88
neebs you the front door yeah is it742.3992.721
clear go out go to the right get that743.764.0
bag grab it simon all right out to the745.125.44
right to the right very vague oh there747.765.44
it is down here right yeah yeah okay750.563.92
right directly in front of the753.23.6
foundation is it paper what is it uh754.484.799
it's just nails in the mechanical parts756.84.32
did you get it yeah okay nails is great759.2793.841
we can use nails i i know you could use761.124.0
everything nothing to get excited over763.122.8
not the amount of them that i got765.924.56
hey guys hey dick today was my son's767.925.12
fourth birthday party i didn't recognize770.486.51
him at first i'd never seen him before773.046.32
you're gonna kill me aren't you no779.364.8
i want to but no okay what's got into781.684.08
you thick i don't know did someone give784.163.6
you a joke book recently books are785.764.24
obsolete did you know that yeah are you787.764.16
like subscribed to a subreddit like dad790.03.839
dad jokes or something yeah kinda i just791.923.28
thought i'd bring some fun into your793.8394.081
lives okay well hey i don't hate it okay795.24.0
keep it up797.923.2
i hate it yeah799.23.68
i know you do801.125.59
i love you though i love you more802.886.95
hear that uh no yeah you see it814.05.199
it's kind of dark on my end i see some816.84.24
movement out to the south southeast819.1994.161
south south east so it's the back of the821.044.4
building there you go oh yep there's a823.364.56
dog out there a wolf he's out there825.444.639
barking should we kill it oh i see him827.924.24
we could all shoot at him same time i'll830.0793.521
shoot him hit him at the same time get832.163.359
that sweet sweet wolf meat yep count it833.63.599
down all right i'm counting it down and835.5192.801
in three837.1992.0
one loose839.1993.481
who's a dumbass wolf is there meat out843.2794.161
there there's meat out there should i go845.2794.321
yes you should watch my back all right847.444.32
watching your back head out head uh to849.64.479
the south southeast south south east yep851.764.079
yup yup mclaren yeah it's right by the854.0793.76
picnic tables and then your subway yep855.8394.481
yep next door picnic tables picnic857.8394.081
tables to the left860.325.519
see how i give exact instructions861.926.32
okay coming back god we're awesome dogs865.8395.201
do for dinner dogs do868.246.88
nothing says home like dogs do871.044.08
hello get some of that sweet sweet xp i879.65.359
don't have any ammo you don't have any882.564.32
well except for shotgun i got crappy884.9594.721
shotguns what about a melee weapon yeah886.884.16
but it's nighttime and you know how it889.683.04
gets do you not have a bow and arrow891.043.2
should always have a bow and arrow i got892.723.359
that but how many errors it takes takes894.243.52
like 100 to kill something what are you896.0793.681
on about what are you on about 100897.763.439
arrows to kill something i've been using899.763.36
a bow and arrow to kill [ __ ] all damn901.1994.161
day yeah when they're walking it's903.125.92
running time get just be sneaky905.365.36
running is he is he down there he's909.043.44
running oh okay910.724.96
oh [ __ ] oh he fell down you okay ah912.485.52
broke my leg oh that's not good damn it915.684.0
you don't want to break your leg918.03.44
for obvious reasons919.683.92
oh good morning it's morning921.443.6
girl coming back923.64.32
where'd you go lady where did you go i925.045.599
hear ya i hear her yep i lost her in the927.925.039
tunnels don't let her sneak up on you i930.6395.12
know she might see her now see her come932.9594.161
on baby935.7595.371
got her awesome good job buddy937.1210.24
oh easy all right this is the place yeah947.365.44
it is uh the thing's over here though950.05.04
yeah wait did you accept it you've952.83.76
already accepted it yeah it did the955.043.52
things that you said to do yeah hell956.564.48
yeah already so you see the bouncy958.565.279
bouncy of course i do bam all right961.045.039
uh trader bob wants us to clear this963.8394.481
place of zombies so all right get966.0794.721
started get started oh should i utilize968.324.56
the arrows you know i have similar to970.84.32
what you have as steel arrows oh yeah972.884.879
yeah oh watch out people created a steel975.125.12
oh boy well i found them i found them in977.7594.32
the thing and i and i said screw it i'm980.243.599
using them steel arrows are really good982.0793.921
oh this is a tough boy yeah it is all983.8395.201
right might go melee on him a minute986.06.0
yeah [ __ ] nice so yeah this i forgot989.045.039
this machete this machete prevents these992.04.48
guys from being radioactive oh all right994.0793.921
so if you see a radioactive guy tell me996.483.84
hey there's a fat dude in here hey fatty998.04.399
oh right in your stupid face and watch1000.324.319
so yeah yeah steel arrows i think are1004.723.679
the best arrows watch out he's back for1006.564.399
more i got the iron arrow simon all1008.3994.8
right well i hope nobody minds that i'm1010.9595.201
i stole 94 of them from the weapons or1013.1995.44
ammo crate oh so you got them out of our1016.165.599
our surplus i did oopsies that's not1018.6395.68
oh god okay he's a rudder he's a runner1024.3195.6
topping all right1027.0392.88
uh-oh oh this got harry yeah it did all1032.164.799
right we're retreating downstairs oh1035.524.96
here comes run boy yeah i'm retreating1036.9593.521
all right come on stamina come on1040.9593.281
stamina come on stamina i got a swing1042.43.84
here buddy if you need one boom you're1044.243.12
i'm a [ __ ] damn machete ninja yeah1047.364.16
you are oh and i think this son of a1049.523.36
[ __ ] dropped his bag come on be1051.523.84
something good this time uh level 461052.884.159
scrap fire knuckles i saw needs using1055.363.52
those earlier maybe he he would like1057.0393.601
those yeah all right you want to take1058.883.6
the roof i'll take hold on we didn't1060.644.399
clear every room yeah yeah yeah we got a1062.485.76
radiation cowboy here okay he's dead yep1065.0395.281
nice looks like we got some little stuff1068.243.92
in here let's clear the bathroom let me1070.324.4
get this guy oh oh [ __ ] oh knock him1072.164.32
knock him off the railing i just tried1074.723.04
to hard1076.483.84
my i need my [ __ ] now hold on there you1077.766.159
go fine i'll do it good okay let's see1080.325.76
all right not too much stuff in here oh1083.9194.961
hey you and your uh your wrench since1086.084.8
you're the wrenchy boy am i a rancher1088.883.36
boy okay yeah you're a wrench but you1090.883.6
see these radiators yeah any radiator1092.243.52
you ever see go ahead and uh go ahead1094.483.28
and wrench because we can use the brass1095.765.2
it's not radiator it's radiator i know1097.764.48
you used to say radiator yeah1102.244.64
for a second there i thought i was right1105.524.32
all these years1106.882.96
what is all this racket out here hello1111.0395.52
hey dora oh hey neebs this is the base1114.164.8
huh excuse me1116.5593.841
wow i can just fall from anywhere it1118.963.68
doesn't matter i'm kind of in inventory1120.44.24
nimble what do you think we changed this1122.644.72
sign huh oh my god are you doing what i1124.643.84
think you're doing what do you think i'm1127.364.4
doing no pain no grain1128.486.88
i love it isn't that great yeah oh crap1131.765.039
that's crooked we're not going to want1135.362.96
that o like that so that's not good1136.7992.801
enough i don't1138.322.719
oh i1139.63.439
love this1141.0393.52
i thought it was going to be1143.0393.441
so dumb but it's brilliant1144.5593.521
so you're just going to have the the one1146.483.04
no cover both1148.083.76
no paint1152.43.24

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The editing is top-notch, moving the story along seamlessly from moment to moment. The conversations feel so natural, I sometimes forget I'm not watching a scripted show! And the humor is spot on - their jokes and reactions always give me a good laugh.

But it's not just comedy. Neebs Gaming builds real tension and drama as the team tries to survive against increasingly difficult zombie hordes. The base building is strategic and innovative, using the game mechanics in clever ways. And the battles are epic, with dramatic music and slow motion effects ramping up the action.

Overall, Neebs' cinematic style is the perfect way to experience 7 Days to Die. It's more immersive and entertaining than just watching raw gameplay footage. And it captures the heart of what makes these survival games so much fun - the camaraderie of building a base with friends, scavenging for supplies, and fighting off an enemy together.

So if you want to see 7 Days to Die brought to life in the most cinematic way possible, Neebs Gaming's series is a must-watch. It feels like you're playing the game yourself, but with a whole production crew and top-notch writing team behind it. I can't wait to see what adventures they'll take me on next!

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