TOO MANY WOLVES - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 13

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs community. Today's vide...
TOO MANY WOLVES - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 13
TOO MANY WOLVES - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 13

TOO MANY WOLVES - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 13

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neebs: Hey Simon, you know why this video is my favorite? Because it's got TOO MANY WOLVES! I mean, who doesn't love a good wolf pack chasing us around in 7 Days to Die?

simon: Haha, Neebs, you're right! Those wolves keep us on our toes, especially when we're trying to find a spot for the next horde. It's like a never-ending game of cat and mouse, but with wolves and zombies instead!

neebs: Exactly, Simon! And let's not forget the epic music in this video. I mean, 'Darkness is Coming' by Kevin MacLeod really sets the tone for our wolf-filled adventures. It's like we're in our own action movie!

simon: Oh yeah, and don't even get me started on 'Babylon Disco Ultralounge' by Kevin MacLeod. That track is pure gold! It's like we're partying with the wolves instead of running away from them. Good times, good times.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs community. Today's video drops us back into the world of Darkness Falls with Dora and Simon as they embark on a quest to find the perfect spot for the next horde. The suspense is killing me - will they make it out alive? I can't wait to find out!

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As always, the music in this video is on point. From the intense tracks like "Darkening Developments" by Kevin MacLeod to the more lighthearted tunes like "Babylon Disco Ultralounge" also by Kevin MacLeod, the soundtrack really sets the mood for the adventure. It's like having your own personal DJ spinning tracks to match the action on screen.

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all right dora yeah here you go oh look10.166.879
all right simon hey you go hey14.05.6
hey oh [ __ ] i'm gonna have to paint it17.0394.4
pink but i don't have my pink on me yet19.63.679
all right hold on uh i think i first21.4393.441
yeah i have to unlock them since i made23.2793.121
them so boop that one's unlocked oh24.883.92
thank you that one's unlocked all right26.43.68
there you go yeah when you get a chance28.83.279
find some dye paint them up oh yeah so30.083.6
we know whose is whose i think the green32.0793.601
one's obviously neebs the white one here33.684.559
was uh community and uh i got the nice35.684.24
one the motorbike but i'm gonna be38.2393.681
making a whole lot more vehicles because39.923.76
uh yeah we need we need vehicles before41.923.2
we can actually move out of this dump43.684.08
yeah yeah hey we're gonna scout for the45.125.2
next horde base i'm gonna find somewhere47.764.88
just wonderful okay sounds good and hey50.324.64
we need repair kits too so you find a i52.644.16
don't know a car dealership oh or a54.964.239
mechanic shop yes yes we can do that all56.83.919
right good luck enjoy those bikes don't59.1996.2
lose them i'll try not to60.7194.68
simon not to brag but just watch this73.685.439
okay okay let me show you real quick oh76.06.0
no oh is there a big fence yeah look at79.1195.36
that fence82.02.479
holy [ __ ]89.925.04
yeah that's messed up yeah all right so91.64.879
when we shoot these guys through here94.963.119
let me see yeah96.4794.64
get your arrows hey buddy that's a deaf98.0795.36
one there yep you yeah not anymore i'll101.1193.36
shoot you103.4392.881
you might want to go back there this guy104.4795.28
looks scary yeah it's a hound from hell106.325.52
all right clear and109.7594.241
nice you want to go in the front i know111.843.76
you can't do that yeah i can't do that114.03.36
i'll go in the front exactly pretty neat115.63.36
that i can do that though right it is117.363.68
we'll meet we'll meet in the middle i'm118.963.839
going to get my sledge hopefully there121.044.079
isn't too much nonsense going on in here122.7995.68
there's likely some nonsense hello hello125.1194.881
no nonsense128.4794.161
wow very little nonsense in here130.05.2
oh she's bringing some nonsense okay yep132.644.0
and there's a little gentleman over here135.24.0
just slight nonsense so far okay hello136.643.52
take a swing140.164.32
car alarm oh car alarm i got some ammo141.365.84
yeah oh and i got a i got one here come144.485.28
on baby oops oops oops not charged up147.25.52
yet there we go i'm in you're in and i'm149.767.119
in two zombs down and oh a level 42152.726.879
shotgun nails yeah156.8794.72
it's not a scrap one either159.5994.561
it is i think but it was a 42161.5995.28
so you're in the garage yeah i'm in uh164.164.799
where they'd work on you know166.8794.401
the cars okay so i'm in one bay you're168.9593.601
in the other and there's stuff in both171.282.72
here so i'm going to be searching in172.563.6
here you searching there yep you got it174.03.76
all right good luck buddy we're being176.162.46
here we go abstro what's that that's uh181.25.28
oh yeah apple tree oh yeah183.764.88
next thing i gotta do is gather apples186.484.32
and make apple seeds i'm gonna hit this188.643.92
food thing hard now you know okay wait190.83.12
you're making apple seeds can you grow192.563.12
apple trees i think so it might take a193.923.679
while oh do we need rabbits because i195.683.44
see a rabbit out there i mean we'll take197.5993.601
the meat yeah yeah let's see rabbit i199.123.68
got my hunting rifle where is he oh yeah201.23.28
hold up202.83.68
pop up stay still you son of a [ __ ]204.484.8
thanks yeah did you get him maybe he's206.485.039
kind of far away yeah hard to say gotta209.283.679
go over there and check it's like real211.5192.72
hunters oh yeah212.9593.28
yeah and214.2394.64
i don't know if i got him oh you missed216.2394.56
maybe i don't know i just lost his ass218.8794.881
okay here's oranges um yeah listen220.7994.481
food's not gonna be a problem for long223.763.68
man i hope not because yeah like you225.283.679
have to go out and find food yeah that's227.444.0
annoying for so long yeah hey check this228.9593.28
the horn yeah do i have one yeah do your232.2393.841
horn x234.083.68
see that's how the horns on everything236.084.32
sounded back in the old one yeah that237.764.32
that actually sounds like a horn mine240.43.039
sounds like a horn too yours sounds like242.083.2
a bike horn i remember like the mini243.4393.201
bike used to have a everything had a245.283.44
[ __ ] bike horn oh yeah in like246.645.519
regular seven days not this nope this is248.725.74
oh my god yeah oh my god just a reminder256.2397.281
of uh well yeah i didn't even see it so260.06.24
the safes didn't do jack i mean all the263.525.6
damn cobblestone down below is all there266.244.399
i'm trying to see269.123.84
if there's any spare mines because i270.6394.881
didn't see one of them blow up on a mine272.964.799
and apparently oh see this simon oh god275.524.16
there's mines around here yeah but see277.7594.081
this one uh yes i do i see that one i'm279.686.4
gonna do some science do it ready yep oh281.846.799
uh i'm jumping on a mine you can't even286.084.96
set it off i thought you survived them288.6393.441
yeah i mean291.042.64
it doesn't matter if i'm an idiot now292.084.0
and step on them cause i don't blow up293.684.32
holy [ __ ] and that's what it kind of296.083.04
sucks is298.02.72
i could blow up right next to you you299.124.48
would blow up mm-hmm damn i'm jelly i'm300.726.08
i'm uh happy um all right so anyway this303.64.64
was did you have did you give yourself306.83.44
cage on top nope that didn't happen oh308.244.16
that was a part of my plan yeah i got it310.244.799
but you weren't here312.44.4
oh boy all right well yeah i don't even315.0394.561
want to go oh [ __ ] [ __ ] let's i'm going316.85.52
around i'm going around completely319.64.56
i'm going around completely i can do all322.323.84
this fancy [ __ ] but i can't324.164.319
bike over a little piece of wood right326.164.56
and i refuse to blow up by a landmine so328.4794.0
i'm going the long way i'll see you on330.723.77
the other side332.4793.681
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah336.166.06
yeah i see a hog oh yeah338.84.48
i'll be the bird dog you'll be what i'll343.284.08
be the bird dog bird okay yeah number345.123.919
dog here we go gotcha here's the dog347.363.44
that goes after the bird once it's been349.0393.44
shot now bring it back in my mouth yeah350.83.28
well you're not really doing that okay352.4792.881
that'd be cool though imagine being able354.083.119
to pick that hog up in your damn mouth355.364.399
haul it around listen i have the worst357.1995.28
guns of the group i've been farming i359.7594.081
need a better weapon well we've been362.4792.881
sticking stuff in the weapons chest when363.843.68
we get it is there okay there's no ammo365.364.0
yeah there's ammo in the ammo chest oh367.523.76
there's an emitter you pay attention at369.363.679
all okay what the hell is going on why371.283.28
would it just be in the weapons chest373.0392.241
there's something because there's374.562.479
weapons but we find a bunch of weapons375.282.88
we find ammo we want to mix them377.0393.121
together is the weapons chest full uh378.163.36
last time i checked had a bunch of [ __ ]380.163.039
in it there was a damn assault rifle in381.523.119
there okay i'll take that i'll take some383.1993.921
ammo same place okay yeah walmart you384.6394.081
don't have a store for each thing do you387.123.84
i'm gonna go to the meat store for meat388.724.08
and then the fork store for four yeah390.963.359
but it's all in one place i got a new392.82.56
spoon what i'm gonna do is look at the394.3192.481
embossing i'm gonna stop by the spoon395.362.8
you just gotta look and read what's in396.83.44
the box neebs okay well now i know thank398.162.65
oh who's a good boy yeah we got a good403.285.28
boy over here405.9194.881
and we're just gonna go right over here408.563.6
is that what we're gonna do okay we're410.83.839
gonna go nice and slow right here412.164.0
because there's one over on this side414.6393.201
too oh [ __ ] you're going not even around416.164.4
the house oh simon what i did this once417.844.72
and i can't resist it this is what is it420.564.8
i'm gonna pick the lock oh of the atm422.564.96
yeah yeah yeah okay all right cover me425.364.559
come on i'm watching your back all right427.524.079
all right i hear stuff yep if i hear429.9193.28
stuff you're the first person i'll talk431.5992.32
come on come on baby come on433.9194.4
oh [ __ ] there's a frickin though the guy436.4794.16
is right here dude no like right next to438.3193.761
me like i'm not moving because i'm so440.6393.601
scared it's close okay okay okay like oh442.084.48
[ __ ] come on baby we got it do you got444.244.56
it yeah get ready to jump on the back446.564.56
815 bucks all right i like it okay we're448.83.519
going to see him you see him you're451.122.88
going to run fast go fast go go go go go452.3193.761
go go go go go go go i'm going fast [ __ ]454.04.72
okay is he moving is he coming after us456.085.92
nope all right so simon yeah this might458.725.52
be batshit crazy but what do you think462.04.319
about the green place that could be a464.245.28
good horde base buddy's green maybe but466.3194.801
the fact that now there's two dogs469.523.92
frolicking each other that makes me471.124.96
nervous if there were for the two dogs473.443.84
yeah we're going to take care of those477.284.0
suckers yeah yeah can we just explore478.964.32
this is option number one we'll call it481.284.319
see that bear the bear's attacking that486.083.6
zombie yeah you think i can outrun him487.5994.481
in my bike no no i mean maybe but i489.684.48
should uh i should hit him to get like492.084.239
sneak damage that's like 3.5 times494.164.0
normal damage you know yeah okay all496.3193.44
right ready but if he runs at us i498.162.96
thought if i did circles you might want499.7593.12
to get out and get ready to shoot oh501.123.68
shoot yeah i don't think i have any ammo502.8793.521
oh well then i'll shoot hold on what do504.83.519
i have i have like a couple bullets all506.43.919
right get ready i got six bullets that508.3193.041
was a little bit of sneak damage he's510.3193.441
coming he's coming he's coming yep all511.363.919
right open fire513.762.48
oh crap oh boy wow516.244.12
that was kind of dumb that's why i need524.723.84
i need ammo jeez i don't have any526.484.4
medical supplies on me oh you don't no528.564.8
nothing i got honey hmm that ain't gonna530.884.24
do me much you don't have a bandage do533.364.96
you i got apples but i need them okay oh535.124.8
and then i've got a bunch of bear meat538.324.639
yeah you do chop that bear up539.924.64
oh wait i know it'll increase my health542.9593.601
this delicious meat stew you've made oh544.564.16
yeah yeah546.563.44
all right get my health up a little bit548.722.559
it actually gives me a buff check this550.03.36
out if i look at my character551.2794.641
yeah i've had a hearty stew stew's good553.364.159
for you keeps you full for quite a while555.923.2
increases your food by a small amount557.5193.521
every 10 seconds ah there's a lot more559.123.68
there in the future yeah yeah there is561.043.04
especially with all this bear meat562.83.76
that's right neebs the sous chef all564.084.08
right do you want to head back or do we566.562.959
want to spend the night in this little568.163.44
town we're near oh it's getting dark uh569.5193.841
well i mean we still got time but the571.63.2
sun is getting a little low in the sky573.363.36
let's start heading back or what what do574.83.76
you want to do what's up to you man this576.723.92
is your adventure well i'm all about the578.563.92
garden i just need a few more apples and580.643.44
i can get back to my farm all right i'm582.483.44
with you a few more apples back to farm584.083.36
you know i might i might slink into this585.923.12
town just to rent some tires i'll meet587.443.6
you back at the place yeah i'll meet you589.044.08
i'll catch up to you yes be careful i591.045.68
will you don't have any bandages593.123.6
got to eat up simon i just got to eat598.03.68
real quick yeah i'm hungry too and i599.5194.081
don't have any more food i should have601.684.56
left with food i know i mean listen i i603.64.64
know i ate my two things of eggs and606.244.08
bacon yeah and food went down quickly608.244.159
are we gonna try to go in here to what610.323.199
i mean612.3992.321
what's the point because i feel kind of613.5192.801
feel like it's getting dark and i think614.724.16
we should be going home soon well okay616.324.16
so what do you want to do that's dumb618.883.36
that's dumb yeah i know but i mean620.483.599
that's what we were sitting here for i622.244.719
know okay i vote for grain place because624.0794.161
we've gone too far even though there's626.9593.281
this grain place oh this is a different628.243.68
grain place of course it is let's go630.243.2
back to that one cleared out real quick631.923.599
and maybe stay there no are you insane633.444.16
how about what you mean what tonight635.5194.0
yeah no i'm going back home with637.64.64
everybody else to be on a roof639.5195.041
in a [ __ ] place yeah but at least i'll642.244.48
be hiding you think i'm trying to like644.564.16
die tonight no of course not you think646.724.48
i'm trying to die it sounds like you are648.724.64
trying to die tonight651.23.759
yeah why would you do that why would you653.363.68
why would you be spending the night in a654.9594.401
place that's not safe that had like dogs657.044.799
hanging out well because because what659.364.159
because even though i've died more than661.8394.321
anyone significantly i feel pretty tough663.5194.88
well i'm sure you do but i don't feel666.164.96
pretty tough because i don't have food668.3994.641
man there's a giant bee up there what671.125.12
the [ __ ] [ __ ] these bees [ __ ] these673.044.32
i'm not i'm not feeling confident right677.365.599
now come on simon679.363.599
here we go here we go here we you know683.684.64
what you you and your sniper rifle686.483.039
that's fine688.323.68
that is fine buddy hey there's a watch689.5194.721
you yellow bag back there oh there is a692.04.0
yellow bag i'm a sucker for a yellow bag694.243.599
are you going to get the yellow bag yeah696.04.16
i'll get it oh there's that697.8393.921
right there get them with the if you're700.163.919
going to do this go ahead and get him701.764.4
oh he's coming though oh [ __ ] oh you got704.0794.88
to get a shot no i don't have a gun do i706.164.56
maybe i do of course i do but i'm708.9593.281
oh boy that's a that was dumb that was712.244.08
dumb simon yep i'm just gonna go714.0794.241
oh boy that was dumb simon i can't reach716.323.519
that i can usually reach everywhere okay718.322.959
i might have been able to help you hold719.8393.921
on let me let me get a gun721.2796.0
are you alive yeah723.763.519
sorry buddy i don't really feel727.8393.281
comfortable going yeah i don't either729.26.48
simon run run run run running running731.127.279
let's go oh that's really dumb of me oh735.687.2
shoot oh [ __ ] wow yep yep738.3995.281
go fast this guy fast743.684.0
he's faster we'll tackle this tomorrow745.5193.241
holy moly757.684.48
stuff is ready to harvest holy crap this759.24.48
is looking good762.164.479
all right should have enough app oh no763.684.719
was that zombies what time is it are766.6393.281
they outside my door768.3993.601
crap get out of the way the other way oh769.925.28
boy i'm stuck in here gotta go gotta go772.05.44
i see you neebs i see you775.24.16
chasing you in the back777.445.36
oh yeah you got a gun yep trying to get779.365.599
them okay keep running buddy reload782.84.32
reload names oh i missed that one [ __ ]784.9594.721
come on baby787.122.56
bam did i get him yep and i'm uh okay790.166.08
done and he's good he's dead oh man got793.124.56
another one coming for you watch out i796.244.08
was so close to doing doing my seeds797.684.959
watch out okay i gotta go in i'm in take800.324.0
him out802.6394.561
done and one more one more on your butt804.324.4
i see her807.24.4
it's lois oh that [ __ ] won't die just808.725.6
please die come on lois oh yeah god i811.65.679
want to get that oh yeah that bag oh814.324.48
okay i'm gonna get it are you going down817.2793.92
there yeah hey hey come watch my back818.84.399
all i got to do is make these seeds and821.1993.921
then i'm like to my next thing of being823.1994.161
a farmer oh boy i hear him out here give825.124.079
me the bag give me that oh great well it827.363.12
was cobblestone that'd be good i see and829.1992.401
you know what i'm gonna830.483.039
can't i think by you being down there831.63.679
you've caused them to want to come over833.5193.361
here oh they're jumping over to the next835.2794.481
neighbors my garden crap oh [ __ ]836.884.56
everybody be quiet turn your lights off839.763.439
oh god crouch what's going on names841.443.6
they're in my garden oh no they're843.1993.2
they're look they're passing the girls845.043.28
going by they're going into the house846.3994.24
next door stay down so we haven't848.324.16
learned by now that at night time we're850.6394.64
in the house i don't have a watch i know852.484.64
but you can look at the sky855.2793.601
light out there isn't there yeah but857.123.2
that means the sun's going down there's858.883.28
a clear difference between daytime and860.323.68
oh no it's [ __ ] sunny862.164.08
i can see the sky right now look at that864.04.24
i know it's dark can you see it when the866.243.52
sun was going down did it look like it868.243.839
was sunset look at this [ __ ] one of us869.764.879
has to make a watch okay we can make a872.0794.0
watch because clearly you need it why874.6392.88
don't you go downstairs and look in the876.0794.56
boxes maybe there's a watch really it's877.5194.721
our watch box it's our whole box just880.6393.841
for watching882.243.599
it's right next to the box that says884.484.719
[ __ ] you what's in there885.8395.761
door are you gonna go get that yes889.1994.241
seriously there's other guys down there891.63.2
that are right there they're gonna can't893.443.6
help it simon i know i kind of want to894.84.719
do it too yeah897.045.28
oh oh he's [ __ ] with the mic899.5194.801
all right trying to shoot him902.323.519
nope missing904.323.6
he's running in circles he's a dumb [ __ ]905.8394.161
oh my god who's firing me oh yeah sorry907.924.8
about that sorry oh my god910.04.8
oh god okay now they're trying to come912.724.32
in we got the door914.84.08
that was the dumbest [ __ ] that was not917.044.64
good i'm shooting with arrows918.884.959
all right one down there you go doors921.684.159
open open the door i open the door okay923.8393.761
he's got a dick puncher here gotcha we925.8393.761
got a silencer we're golden this is927.64.64
great just getting some xp don't move929.64.32
too far to the right app sir copy that932.243.44
hey good night no i want to check the933.923.2
back too i heard him round back want me935.685.27
to shoot my shotgun no copy937.1210.079
am i clear right here wait no you got947.1994.0
one you got one in the in the in949.1994.0
in your garden i see her she's down oh951.1993.921
yeah nice shot953.1993.361
that was awesome955.124.88
okay we're clear for now okay here i go956.565.76
i'm almost in yeah i see you yeah you're960.04.88
going in i'm in crafting appleseed962.325.04
number one nice number two this garden's964.884.0
looking good neebs thank you things you967.363.279
could keep to yourself yeah we don't968.883.68
need to hear that i did it quest970.6394.801
completed farmer four of six oh hell972.564.719
yeah nice what do you gotta do next975.445.36
animal feed animal snare chicken coop977.2795.201
pretty cool stuff why aren't you980.85.279
whispering anymore pretty cool stuff982.486.32
oh [ __ ] oh god yep yep yep guys there's986.0796.0
some down [ __ ] oh damn in the base in988.85.839
the base uh we're downstairs like down992.0794.0
downstairs yeah they were they were994.6393.76
underground okay i think i think i might996.0793.601
i might be able to take care of them oh998.3993.921
you look running son of a [ __ ]999.684.64
one more biker boy i see you down there1002.323.28
i think you're gonna hide from me i'm1004.323.12
gonna [ __ ] you in your ass come here why1005.63.44
would you do that wow yeah that's not1007.443.04
going to teach anyone a lesson he's1009.043.76
still warm1010.484.32
oh boy oh boy1012.83.52
who's got him1014.83.44
got hit oh no guy who's in my way i'm1016.324.16
not in your way simon i wasn't in your1018.243.279
sorry no that's me firing [ __ ] simon i1021.5194.081
was not in your i was trying to climb1023.7593.04
this damn thing you were all in my1025.63.839
business oh you guys heard a shout out1026.7994.24
absolute shotgun yeah that was an1029.4396.561
emergency situation oh yeah 26 help1031.0397.28
well there's a cop salmon the fat cop1036.03.039
back up yes did you see the fat cop here1039.0394.8
i got some i got some uh arrows for the1041.8394.72
backpack stop shooting1043.8394.96
yep that's a problem1046.5596.0
yeah oh god oh boy oh1048.7996.0
oh boy there you go there you go the1052.5593.921
one's down1054.7994.721
everybody okay up there yep rebuilding1056.486.139
abstract yeah bunch of zombies down how1071.6793.761
are they all getting down there i think1074.02.88
there's a tunnel down there well yeah i1075.442.56
know there's a tunnel you said there's1076.883.52
an ammo box uh yeah oh yeah right there1078.03.36
uh nope can't use that oh i could1081.363.6
probably use that that's crappy though1083.363.76
isn't it oh wait steal ammo is that good1084.964.0
or bad i mean it's it's better nothing1087.123.04
isn't it we need to figure out how1088.962.0
they're getting down there are they1090.162.399
coming in from the other house hey [ __ ]1090.964.88
those call them up i'm ready1092.5593.281
oh god they're glowing hey1096.03.36
right here buffers don't come upstairs1097.523.6
come on come on come on upstairs wait1099.363.76
what's your turret is your a gun turret1101.123.28
yeah what's going on turret oh man's a1103.123.52
punched her she's coming up and1104.44.159
i thought they were are they not coming1106.643.2
here tell you what let me do this you1108.5594.081
set the turret down there yeah yeah yeah1109.844.8
just drop it there you go1114.645.12
there you go you like that dum-dums did1117.364.72
they like it uh they clearly don't and1119.764.41
they are dead perfect1122.085.52
simon yeah yeah we're flanked by dogs1127.65.199
aren't we yeah that's okay though oh1130.164.48
[ __ ] there's a dog right down below you1132.7993.441
i didn't realize he made it that close1134.643.44
because i [ __ ] dropped my [ __ ] oh1136.243.36
yeah it's right there oh i'm gonna [ __ ]1138.083.44
them up are you good oh there's two of1139.63.199
them right there good they're kind of1141.523.44
like messing around inside of the1142.7993.76
yeah they're getting hit by spikes and1144.963.12
stuff yeah they are oh they're fighting1146.5592.641
oh no1148.082.4
oh no1149.23.359
that's not good oh but this worked out1150.484.559
really nice it did1152.5594.641
that really worked out nice look at1155.0394.561
these guys oh god oh wait now i don't1157.24.24
feel at all confident being on these1159.63.439
things because they're just gonna chomp1161.443.76
on them yeah i feel pretty safe where1163.0395.121
i'm at i don't um just gonna see how1165.24.96
this unfolds you know what i mean you1168.164.48
are yeah okay well not one of them have1170.165.12
died right oh [ __ ] there's a third one1172.644.24
coming in1175.283.68
yeah that one's dead so one down now i'm1181.525.039
feeling good oh my god oh no1183.847.0
they're on the roof oh now they fell1186.5596.321
yeah who's your good boy come on poo1190.845.16
chase oh you go come on po chase you got1192.883.919
oh [ __ ] oh there's two of them up there1196.7993.601
again watch out1198.963.36
and you're falling again1200.43.6
it's a fun little game they're playing1202.322.64
like this1204.03.12
should i go down and try to help or no1204.964.32
oh there's another dead another dead and1207.123.84
that one's up1209.283.84
thank you1213.122.96
let's clear it out time okay i'll1214.245.4
pretend i will1216.083.56

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