This Is Too Suspicious... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 43

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video takes us back to Darkness Falls, where Appsro is going on a loot run while the rest of the...
This Is Too Suspicious... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 43
This Is Too Suspicious... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 43

This Is Too Suspicious... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 43

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest video, 'This Is Too Suspicious... - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 43'? It's my favorite one yet!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! Especially when you were out on that loot run while we were stuck improving the horde base. Classic Neebs move!

neebs: Hey, I'm the master looter! Can't help it if I'm the best at finding all the good stuff. But seriously, the suspense in that episode was off the charts. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

appsro: I know, right? I was sweating bullets watching you navigate through all those dangers. And when you finally made it back to base, we were all so relieved. Definitely one for the books!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video takes us back to Darkness Falls, where Appsro is going on a loot run while the rest of the gang is busy making final improvements to the horde base. It's always exciting to see what kind of loot Appsro comes back with, isn't it?

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I don't know about you, but I always love checking out the music list in these videos. From Doctor True to Babylon Disco Ultralounge, the tunes always add an extra layer of fun to the gameplay. And let's not forget the epic moments that are bound to happen when the gang is out on an adventure in Darkness Falls.

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I think you're gonna like it well I hope13.944.54
it's not a winner because I don't like16.923.18
winter oh yeah no Winner's awful let's18.483.66
see let me open this buggy real quick20.14.62
all right hop on am I supposed to see it24.724.74
yet nope not yet okay see if you notice27.184.58
a difference29.462.3
should I have noticed it by now yeah31.84.38
speed power faster holy God we're faster33.544.08
this thing was already fast this thing36.183.36
was already fast I put a supercharger in37.624.68
it oh a supercharger yeah this thing can39.546.24
move yeah man I guess it was fast before42.35.099
though yeah look I want to make45.783.119
superchargers for everything I also want47.3994.201
to make fuel Savers okay cool all right48.8993.781
I'm gonna take you back to the house51.62.639
because you need to be making ammo have52.683.6
you even started making ammo uh what do54.2394.561
you want ammo I mean I've made some 76256.284.74
is there something specific you want 76258.83.84
more nine millimeter we're gonna need it61.023.48
all I think this is two this car's too62.643.96
fast for you I love this car and it's64.54.74
not fast enough if you ask me well keep66.65.12
it on the road69.242.48
what you doing Dora all right connecting72.545.7
these back up the uh the blade traps I'm75.843.72
gonna probably get some more from you78.243.6
but I'm gonna assess that soon how many79.564.8
do we have like we only have like four81.844.5
or five over there now one two I can't84.365.22
reach that one yet they're not damaged I86.347.74
fixed them oh great fantastic hey 67.89.588.579
hey sexy outro looking good oh is that94.086.899
sexy Astro it is I'm flying East I'm98.1594.261
gonna see if there's any towns down here100.9793.301
with Traders we haven't discovered okay102.424.5
good luck bring me back a surprise yeah104.285.1
I'd like I like surprises too yeah and106.924.739
each one surprise please yeah I'll see109.384.739
what I can get thank you heads up Simon111.6594.5
watch out just want to make sure these114.1196.0
are all good oh okay good oh yeah that's116.1597.021
looking fantastic so listen uh do you uh120.1195.1
have any more spikes are you gonna and123.184.38
because I had I believe I had ten before125.2195.52
or 12 with Kane I miss Kane I miss Kane127.565.46
too yeah he's good peeps I'm going to130.7393.601
see how many more of these we can make133.023.12
I'm going to connect the rest of them134.343.36
and then I'm going to run another system136.144.44
out toward the the stripper base okay137.75.34
all right well you're doing well by the140.583.84
way for the record I've already laid143.044.68
down about a hundred wooden spikes I144.426.24
have another 150 and I've and I've147.724.739
reinforced almost everything with150.666.18
concrete that's super new to view uh152.4596.301
widen the walkways everything this is156.843.119
the most I've ever done for anyone158.764.14
really yeah what about Kane I mean Kane159.9595.28
did was doing for me I'm doing for you162.95.16
yeah so you know I'm like Kane but165.2394.801
without the knowledge stand by for an168.063.48
update I'm gonna have that very shortly170.044.16
all right I'll stand right here171.546.25
waiting okay eagerly all right174.26.22
okay that looks like the edge of the180.425.7
world yep that's the edge of our world183.845.34
nothing but ocean that way and our186.124.979
Town's back yep I can still see a big189.184.38
cluster of our trees there's some points191.0994.201
of interest down here man but look at193.563.84
all this water down here it's like a195.34.26
nice beachfront I wish there was a Beach197.44.86
town we should build a beach town I199.564.14
might come and build a beach house here202.263.899
yeah but I I bet I can talk needs into203.74.56
that too we need a nice Beach Community206.1594.321
in this in this server I mean we got the208.264.14
beach church but it's not really at a210.484.32
beach but look at this that's a lot of212.45.28
beach man I can make that that'd be such214.84.859
a such a cool spot all right let me get217.684.619
some more height here see what I can see219.6594.86
man it's just a big old dirt road out to222.2994.201
nothing out here isn't it there's a224.5194.261
little dump down there oh man should I226.54.98
land it just see if they have ammo228.785.58
may as well may as well a little place231.484.14
out here in the middle of nowhere might234.362.879
have something good or might have235.623.539
nothing I'm gonna try to get ammo today237.2396.14
so uh I gotta go all melee239.1594.22
find some ammo here we go coming in for243.843.84
a minute245.763.72
is this with a whale out front oh my247.686.3
goodness how sweet it's dead and and do249.487.92
it looks wore off all right hey mister253.986.86
hey I brought my titanium arrows257.46.44
oh whoa those are mean260.846.1
what have we got here New Life hope263.846.7
cabin okay I hope someone's here it266.946.06
looks kind of dead is this a traitor no270.544.92
it's a no traitor273.03.6
anybody here all right I'll get sneaky I276.65.159
don't trust this spot280.382.94
oh that's a cute little cabin though281.7593.181
isn't it could come out here for a283.322.659
I see a sleeping lady who's gonna get285.9796.461
popped in the head289.9195.101
oh what'd you drop for me baby what you292.444.759
some coil rounds and uh I'll scrap that297.724.74
tank top all right anything of this300.964.62
workbench oh a chainsaw oh man I'll take302.465.58
it we can scrap it from parts and let's305.584.679
see what else we've got here308.043.84
I don't want to go in the house yet I310.2593.301
want to make sure all the parameters311.883.78
cleared all right okay yep yep yep Oh313.565.04
Boy Buddy trying to keep it cool315.665.16
anything down yep I'll go down there in318.63.3
a minute320.823.3
let's see what we got in here321.93.78
head up324.126.26
yep yep yep yep yep yep okay yep oh okay325.688.34
parkour ability does not work pretty330.385.92
well in close environment or it works334.023.959
perfect oh two wheels yeah I can make336.33.839
more vehicles337.9794.021
let's see oh340.1393.241
are you342.03.06
are you alive343.383.5
oh yeah you're a party girl345.064.02
hmm I'm surprised you didn't get up well346.884.68
it was nice meeting you but349.086.08
I gotta do it351.563.6
all right Simon you got a generator Bank358.14.3
cooking right yeah now listen here's the360.4794.44
question I got eight blade traps cooking362.44.5
that's 30 minutes so why don't I do I364.9193.421
can give you the generator bank if I366.93.06
pause that I'm gonna do that because368.343.72
that'll be ready in two minutes okay369.963.72
yeah that's yeah that's fine all right372.062.82
that's fine you gotta do that and then373.682.7
you do those eight needs what do you got374.883.0
for me did you want those electric376.383.96
offenses I mean I'll use them I mean you377.883.659
want me to set them up you want to give380.344.26
them to you set them up like uh you see381.5394.741
we got the clear stripper towers and384.63.24
then we're gonna fall back it's a pretty386.283.479
obvious plan just put them where I want387.844.56
them yeah okay yeah I like that I want389.7594.141
you to have fun with this Simon are you392.42.94
having fun with this I'm having a lot of393.94.019
fun oh [ __ ] yeah yeah fun times don't395.343.6
tell me they're in the wrong place397.9193.181
they're already in the right place yep398.944.259
okay until I tell you that you put them401.14.92
in the wrong place no no just kidding it403.1994.981
was a joke where'd you go I'm like406.023.48
looking around where'd you go408.182.48
hey hey all right grab another stuff410.665.58
I'll see you in a bit okay413.49.739
okay let's see what these rednecks hid423.1396.221
down here hopefully it's some good stuff426.244.44
oh hey pal430.685.94
okay well there's a couple of you432.4796.301
you're down and about the Robin Hood you436.623.299
wrecked the face438.782.699
oh is that it439.9194.021
is that all you rednecks hit down here441.4794.461
where's your ammo pile443.945.58
let's see okay here's some ammo what do445.945.02
we got what do we got for the boys oh449.522.7
man just450.963.299
44 rounds of that come on you got to452.222.94
give me something better than that game454.2593.361
oh oh what is that455.165.64
[ __ ] them Mod 20 chance to [ __ ] a457.625.82
leg on a bipedal Target now that's460.84.14
actually good oh yeah those are good463.443.659
those are good those are good sawed off464.944.02
shot okay hey that [ __ ] of mod that's467.0994.081
not bad medicine all right what you guys468.964.859
got in here ammo oh another compound bow471.185.88
that's good all right arrows okay not a473.8195.72
bad score477.062.479
where do you come out at480.065.759
here where am I oh I'm in dead Barn I've482.6394.801
already been in this Barn yeah get me485.8192.88
out of this Barn487.443.96
okay thanks for the ammo rednecks moving488.6994.5
on to the next spot let's see what's491.43.299
that sun looking like getting a little493.1993.961
low in the sky but I saw a couple more494.6994.68
points of interest out here it's a497.163.84
little cabin over there all right now499.3793.72
let's get up in the sky see what else we501.03.12
can find let's see if we can find503.0993.361
something massive that we know has a lot504.124.94
of good ammo506.462.6
thank you513.863.0
oh and I just ran out of gas oh but518.825.72
there's a that looks like a big mansion522.364.74
out here in the middle of the woods near524.543.76
the beach527.13.84
all right we're going down528.34.32
oh would you look at that is that a gas530.943.78
station is that a gas station right next532.625.279
to the mansion which is what I need man534.725.46
sometimes things work out537.8994.56
all right yep yep yep yep yep slow slow540.183.86
slow slow slow542.4595.341
boom like a glove passing gas right here544.045.68
I know I got some gas on me but I think547.84.38
I can Harvest this let's see come on549.725.04
gyrocopter let's fill you up552.185.94
and then uh okay little gas station and554.765.519
a little Mansion down the way558.123.839
I go check out that Mansion I mean look560.2793.06
at it561.9593.181
um but man it's getting dark tell you563.3394.801
what we got a speed run this hey stop565.145.52
speed running the mansion568.145.699
hey buddy buddy get over here gonna let570.665.58
you know something Mansion speed running573.8394.761
puppy dog imagine578.63.84
oh yeah oh man this has got some Addams583.225.619
Family Vibes or uh Casper the Friendly586.684.92
Ghost I think I mixed those up in my588.8394.261
brain because that chick that played591.63.66
Wednesday isn't both of them Christina593.14.62
hey wait a minute597.724.08
oh wait a minute hold on I've been in599.4594.141
this Mansion this one's a mean Mansion601.84.5
this one has that underground yamp look603.64.859
at it I already see it because yeah you606.34.02
come out right over here608.4593.721
it's a benefit of uh having played this610.323.54
game long enough I know where some of612.184.52
the secrets are613.862.84
yeah look at that locked how long would616.84.86
you take the break with this oh God I619.444.5
love crowbars God I love crowbars621.664.739
they're just the best all right I've got623.943.66
the good stuff's at the bottom we're626.3992.461
gonna go straight to the bottom and get627.63.179
the good stuff screw going through the628.863.599
whole mansion right we don't need to630.7793.421
deal with Wednesday Adams and her fat632.4594.44
brother and her dad whose weight changes634.25.24
based on the movie or show636.8996.601
okay going down oh yeah look look at639.444.959
I heard him oh can I close this door644.3996.38
good chemistry look at this bag ammo oh652.444.98
there's another crippling mod someone655.624.26
can use that there we go ammo ah it's657.424.56
not that good ammo oh that chest is659.884.5
locked uh661.985.4
crowbar let's see let's go passing gas664.385.459
what you got a battery that sucks how667.383.48
about this669.8392.281
okay look at this got it got it672.125.94
okay oh repair kits we're gonna need675.84.3
those all right what about this this is678.064.08
where the good stuff is come on crowbar680.13.179
we gotta do it before they break through682.142.04
the door683.2793.171
please run baby come on684.183.719
I hear him out there687.8994.141
we're gonna get this it's gonna be a ton689.8994.301
of ammo oh I can't wait to see how much692.044.14
Moment of Truth oh yes it's a good696.186.3
amount of ammo yes Magnum ammo 762 four698.885.76
treasure chests military gloves those702.483.72
that's all good704.643.3
um oh god let's scrap that take that706.27.02
okay I'm full up so long suckers oh oh707.947.139
yeah speed run it baby713.225.66
okay stop me won't stop me715.0793.801
[ __ ] B you gonna try to [ __ ] with me731.187.24
B you all right uh yeah I'm fine if I733.927.08
could he he was in my face let me tell738.425.039
you did he sting you uh no but I'm gonna741.04.019
try to get him right now with the743.4594.461
[ __ ] bow come on come on back baby745.0197.141
and Zumba no can you even shoot through747.926.7
this gate I just tried to like can I752.164.5
even shoot you through this don't try to754.624.44
shoot me don't try to shoot me I don't756.664.44
want to do science in that way jealous759.063.06
if you tried shooting through these761.12.82
Gates what do you mean Gates the the762.124.56
fences they are like super tight try to763.926.419
shoot me Simon uh okay hold on and I can766.685.7
walk through that okay all right yeah770.3394.081
that was hard that was that yeah oh wow772.383.3
I'm really hurt yeah yeah yeah yeah774.424.08
what'd you shoot me with you with a775.686.54
steel Arrow myself okay so yeah oh yeah778.56.899
oh wow it was it wasn't loaded who shot782.225.94
me I'm a hero did both of you shoot me I785.3994.62
had shot you once and that was it and788.164.14
Travis if I shot you just once yeah okay790.0194.38
that's what you want to know yeah done792.33.42
next I'm wearing that mod you know that794.3992.88
was the weirdest size oh [ __ ] are you795.724.919
serious are you bleeding [ __ ] oh797.2795.461
oh [ __ ] am I bleeding and that's what800.6394.26
you ended up doing [ __ ] that doesn't802.744.32
make any sense I was nowhere near you I804.8994.44
hate that you did that I hate that you807.064.88
just you think it's funny to kill me809.3395.521
just do a bandage no bandage doesn't811.945.38
work no right I'm sorry a bandage814.864.5
doesn't work you know that you know that817.324.98
it's gonna end up killing me damn it did819.365.159
you do a bandage you should be fine no a822.34.2
vantage doesn't [ __ ] do it one824.5193.961
bandage doesn't do it I watched a826.53.779
[ __ ] episode are you still bleeding828.484.08
wouldn't I still be that's a waste of830.2794.381
time nibs I mean are you dying is your832.564.5
health going down it was yes it was I834.665.1
think it paused but it works God damn it837.064.62
no but I thought that even with the mod839.764.199
it was a it would keep on going like841.684.38
more so I'm glad it's going up you're843.9594.281
you know what you just give me a real854.244.48
reason to quit this game that I don't856.923.3
have the opportunity to kill you without858.724.02
getting satisfaction yep that's enough860.224.5
reason to quit this game's dead to you862.744.44
it will be if you don't get rid of that864.724.44
[ __ ] mod you're going to want to help867.184.38
with the zombies that are [ __ ] the869.166.32
zombies neeve's just ruined this game871.563.92
there you go all right what's down here879.1394.121
every one of these little things you882.03.44
stepped onto the Trap yeah883.265.639
chop them legs up there you go oh give885.444.839
me the bag once you get in the bag man888.8992.88
just machetes I'm gonna scrap those890.2794.56
money all right so anything down here891.7795.221
all these red lights and all this stuff894.8394.86
nothing just a big trap for dummies all897.03.6
come on there we go God I do like that900.65.039
parkour thing ammunition yes more902.884.56
ammunition man this has been a great905.6394.26
ammunition run small pile right there907.445.399
more safety oh boy909.8995.521
oh the boys are gonna be thanking me912.8395.281
this board night is uh tonight we're on915.425.52
day 49. oh we're gonna need every bit of918.124.74
it okay do I have enough should I just920.943.54
fly back now922.863.96
okay is there anything on top of the gas924.483.93
station I missed926.823.24
well a couple things931.0195.521
oh I hear it I hear it where you at933.8994.321
where you at anywhere936.543.14
shaky floor all right let me smack this939.685.019
I'm passing gas what do you got what do942.0795.56
you got a book oh it's a schematic I944.6994.2
don't know hey now I know how to build a947.6392.64
sledgehammer I don't use sledgehammers948.8992.761
Simon might950.2793.12
come in handy all right screw that951.666.979
Mansion let's get the heck out of here953.3995.24
yeah I don't know if you guys knew but961.745.53
uh kind of a badass964.865.919
you gotta walk way back there don't you973.5194.06
well yeah to get away from our stripper975.8993.541
Towers like I would have loved to just977.5794.801
see how I got these right here like I979.445.22
would love to stretch them across the982.385.639
floor like this yeah uh crap you know984.665.28
what I want to put this one here like988.0194.801
that and then do that crisscross kind of989.945.22
thing maybe I don't know but I can't do992.823.84
it where those walkways are because I995.163.479
missed it I messed up your your last996.664.14
minute plan yeah you didn't expect me to998.6393.481
come here and do stuff like this I1000.83.0
didn't I'd expect you to be here you1002.124.44
know what's funny it's like he said hey1003.85.339
I could do whatever I want and then you1006.564.32
said yeah you could do whatever whatever1009.1393.901
you want and then he refer something to1010.884.379
do yeah and then he's complaining about1013.044.44
it imagine this was all the way across1015.2594.26
the floor I I would yeah like but but1017.483.419
you were supposed to do whatever you1019.5193.301
could do and then not complain about the1020.8993.42
plan that you couldn't oh I didn't hear1022.822.7
anything about not complaining it makes1024.3192.941
it work do you Simon do you hear what1025.523.96
you're saying it's like going like to1027.264.26
the Sistine Chapel and be like oh God1029.484.68
you did that I'm heading that way yeah I1031.523.96
really wanted to put a hot dog stand1034.164.22
over there no I don't like hot dogs1035.485.64
you can't it's a last minute thing you1038.385.98
can't yeah you just you just do do it1041.125.939
just do do it do it and don't complain1044.365.4
well I really wish the uh baby Liberty1047.0595.521
had testicles right yeah I wish instead1049.765.58
of holding a torch she was holding1052.584.44
um I don't know yeah you don't know a1055.343.54
sandwich right that would have been much1057.023.96
better like Hey look it's a lady holding1058.883.659
a Reuben yeah they don't light up I1060.984.26
think the point is it lights up yeah it1062.5394.02
can light up they're gonna be one the1065.242.58
front knees it's gonna be fine we can1066.5592.761
put them elsewhere put them across the1067.822.52
you go across the steps from where we're1070.965.32
gonna put the the little things that1074.123.96
hold the stuff what are you talking1076.283.3
about he's talking about the blocks1078.082.94
without the thing sticking out see those1079.583.18
are back there I would hit you so hard1081.023.84
right now if you weren't poisonous do it1082.764.32
and make it feel good don't oh that's1084.866.54
right hit me hit me the best mod ever1087.086.26
you suck really do how can we kill him1093.345.5
without getting hurt ourselves so that's1097.0393.0
because I'm going to say it now I'm1098.842.88
going to get somebody to help me get the1100.0393.901
mod and then at some point he's gonna1101.725.1
hit me and then learn the hard way1103.945.52
all right neebs across the steps I'm1106.824.68
gonna put the generator bank I don't1109.463.9
I told you he's ruined1113.365.24
my job is done here1118.784.019
uh God1125.786.899
this looks too convenient right1129.287.06
look at this a shed no well out in the1132.6796.24
middle of nowhere literally out in the1136.345.459
middle of nowhere dirt path led up to it1138.9195.601
uh-huh all right yep they're swimming1152.4194.921
they're swimming and so am I1154.46.84
yeah okay get the lamb get the land I1157.345.579
knew it I knew I was gonna send me1161.243.86
all right where am I now in a damn cave1168.24.08
all right that okay that must be the1170.483.12
well right there1172.284.32
that's where I fell in I knew it I knew1173.65.939
it it was too good to be true at least I1176.64.319
got some antibiotics out of that all1179.5393.721
right what else is down here1180.9195.161
it's a couple zombies oh1183.267.5
oh I hear it I hear him where are they1186.086.3
see this is actually kind of nice though1190.762.76
fire pit1192.383.299
a couple of bed rolls1193.526.36
oh oh it's you hit me help me I don't1195.6797.021
have any legs I'm coming to kill apps1199.884.82
bro hit me hit me1202.77.5
ooh hit me hit me hit me baby hit me1204.79.219
hit me I'm a Zombie shut up1210.26.479
all right what do we got this ammo oh1213.9194.561
yeah a little bit of ammo on some Med1216.6794.261
kits that's good A little food here1218.485.4
actually acts like water ammo1220.945.18
Red Remover mod that's actually really1223.883.9
shut up1226.122.919
try to get stuff okay rad remover mod1229.0395.101
that's the best thing ever that will1231.264.56
disable the Regeneration ability of1234.144.44
radiated zombies for 90 seconds okay I1235.824.5
gotta use that on the gun I use most1238.583.719
during horde night which is this guy1240.324.739
right here oh that's a mean looking mod1242.2994.321
right there now1245.0593.601
all right crack a book gonna give1246.623.36
anything good or is it just gonna be1248.663.899
crap nope crap a book that's what that1249.984.559
was all right figure out how to get out1252.5593.301
of this cave1254.5393.961
oh I bet I can just walk up here and hop1255.864.439
on the ladder1258.55.52
okay oh I still hear Keith and Peyton1260.2996.24
what's that over there1264.024.62
those mushrooms I think neebs has1266.5394.201
mushrooms but it sounds like a lot of1268.644.44
activity up top doesn't it1270.745.96
can I jump all right here we go1273.083.62
yeah okay what's up here what's up1277.824.5
holy God damn that that's a [ __ ]1280.464.4
watering horse1282.322.54
screw y'all1287.743.299
can't stop me won't stop me1294.886.099
is that news hey bud hey what's up you1311.4195.401
gonna land up here heck no I'm gonna1315.143.6
land up there that'd be a bad idea yeah1316.824.219
I had a great night we got a I got a lot1321.0395.26
of ammo oh cool I made some too good1323.844.02
it's all right so sweet looks like we1326.2993.061
might be sitting pretty door how's this1327.866.299
base coming I'm true I mean uh we're1329.366.66
doing the finishing uh touches as we1334.1594.321
should be considering it's hard day1336.025.58
night night day night yeah tonight all1338.485.04
right I'm gonna go organize some stuff1341.64.199
and get as ready as I can it's looking1343.526.0
good uh-oh just bring some spikes back1345.7995.221
or whatever and I know thank you for the1349.523.84
ammo yep yep yep yep yep yep none of1351.024.38
these traps are active are they nope all1353.363.96
right good because I may have landed in1355.43.96
the base I can't wait to see you get out1357.325.06
of there oh man it's easy1359.363.02
it's like a little it was like a little1362.623.939
Runway it worked out perfect what's up1364.823.96
seven is that you in the car you look1366.5594.561
good man you always look good baby oh1368.783.12

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