This Hole is TERRIFYING! (Minecraft Ep 26)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft video yet? Neebs and Dora are staring up a scary hole while Ap...
This Hole is TERRIFYING! (Minecraft Ep 26)
This Hole is TERRIFYING! (Minecraft Ep 26)

This Hole is TERRIFYING! (Minecraft Ep 26)

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen this hole in Minecraft? It's absolutely terrifying!

simon: Oh yeah, that hole is no joke! I almost fell in while building that bridge with Appsro.

appsro: You guys are just scaredy-cats! That hole is nothing compared to the monsters we've faced in Minecraft.

neebs: Well, I still think that hole is the scariest thing we've encountered in this game. It definitely deserves the title of 'TERRIFYING.'

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft video yet? Neebs and Dora are staring up a scary hole while Appsro and Simon are hard at work building a bridge. The excitement is real in this episode, and you won't want to miss a minute of the action!

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all right babes um we think wow it's3.7996.071
great you understand it very much so yes7.5894.441
you did I mean don't need this plenty9.874.439
well let me think if I spawned up here12.039.21
as a mob uh-huh is that pretty much the14.3098.64
deuce in the hole they fall to their21.244.41
death so we're gonna take all these22.9495.701
torches yep yep25.655.459
okay I can just a few more you have28.655.249
those grabbed that's it that's it now31.1094.141
we're dark where do you go down the33.8991.861
we shut the door and we go down the35.765.31
hatch yeah all right exciting huh yeah37.4410.56
Kim wait yeah I think yeah is that like41.079.93
game on now they might be spawning as we48.04.59
speak that was like the on button let's51.04.59
get down there okay race ya nice the52.594.739
bottom oh yeah cuz I guess uh I got some55.593.359
things I gotta add first yeah add those57.3294.05
I gotta do the thing and the thing do58.9494.921
they land here huh I don't want to look61.3794.021
up yeah they might not crap we should63.872.789
have done this first well you should65.43.21
have done this up you know what why66.6593.241
would he put a chest there I can start68.613.36
falling on head oh you need a hopper yep69.95.19
ah Dennis oh boy are they gonna follow71.974.77
me I don't see him falling any but if75.093.84
they do I'm here with my trident76.746.809
remember that oh yeah yeah they're gonna78.937.17
fall oh crap okay did that hurt you a83.5494.32
lot what was that I couldn't tell it86.13.809
looked like a dead pig all right a dead87.8692.551
I couldn't tell all right then I hop90.425.28
slap them masks in me hop it okay92.614.89
did that thing die topic oh you know95.73.27
what I got bones of my inventory it was97.53.119
a skeleton look at you98.973.84
so yeah I've been waiting for the first100.6194.801
one that one that one site that skeleton102.814.11
was a oh you know what I had a name for105.424.37
this place - what ya gonna call it the106.927.26
check this out the Mavi lobby okay109.797.0
you like that I don't hate it gets I'm114.185.07
yes you want to put a window hook like116.793.99
for a viewing pleasure you just sit119.252.79
right here look can't wait oh yeah we120.783.42
can okay so this is dangerous right here122.045.009
they're just gonna all die come on Annie124.24.919
mom will do batter up127.0496.331
Manny mom batters up mop129.1198.331
I want to pick up your look in there133.384.07
whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo I feel like a kid139.316.43
mommy love is open any mob will do mob a142.025.94
lot a how did that one come so quick and145.745.19
god I feel like I see lights shifting up147.965.31
there huh like they're figuring out your150.9316.47
scheme and working a way out of it that153.2715.81
was the most I've been scared to video167.43.39
game for friggin ever will watch from169.083.44
back here170.796.74
woo damn man I'll get you going172.525.01
hey hey oh that is you196.06910.39
oh it says hi that's great that much I201.516.3
did I need some more cobblestone206.4593.301
actually you want to take a break for207.813.78
building your thing I got a project just209.763.57
for you okay what is it211.594.56
that's bridge Oh made out of what would213.335.64
you got the wood we can get the wood man216.157.28
so you want me to harvest wood for you218.974.46
nice to have you add a little something225.173.819
some to the pan what I mean I don't mind227.43.75
doing that just talk to me here tell me228.9894.261
what you're looking for oh well we got231.153.66
trees up there in the forest right yeah233.253.36
and I have an accidental axe with the234.813.87
with the name of those trees written on236.613.51
the handle of the axe one of them's238.682.25
named Frank240.123.27
one of them's named Steve and I got the240.934.47
one I got the women trees the one named243.394.56
Sally it's Susan right and what about245.45.04
Samantha yeah find Samantha all the S247.954.59
all the S lady names they're also little250.444.56
baby trees yeah also got Dicky and David252.544.71
yep little baby Dicky yep and he's gonna255.03.03
get the axe257.253.03
oh think he's getting circumcised all258.034.049
right let's go circumcise dick you up in260.285.009
these woods yeah and then I'll show you262.0797.411
where I need you to build some noobs265.2897.44
yeah where's the experiences with them269.495.58
how did we not get any no I was curious272.7294.231
like you have to be next to it to get275.073.42
that I think you have to kill something276.962.94
to get the experience though you can't278.493.39
get it just from that okay but you get279.93.51
the stuff let's see if it's still doing281.883.03
stuff yeah I mean like we should come283.412.819
back there's all kinds of stuff in the284.913.21
chest I mean I was asking about the286.2293.841
experience because I'm like level five288.123.48
right now I'm sure I died recently I290.073.659
don't remember right if I'm a level 11 I291.65.43
can add like a level four impaling to293.7295.401
this trident and I'll be even more godly297.035.18
Wow didn't that didn't that's exciting299.137.349
not much stuff in here well what era302.216.73
well we were only gone what a couple306.4793.201
yeah but come on I just need to go on a309.684.98
killing spree man I need a level 11 I312.1393.421
don't think that will take too long314.663.21
right you just need to kill some things315.567.229
what level are you 31 yeah what was it317.876.72
oh well it was zombie zombie wouldn't it322.7892.491
look in there324.593.81
yep flesh so you need to level up yeah I325.285.25
need to get to 11 and your level what328.46.65
five say Cinco - Randy oh no navale330.535.79
okay uh well we could I mean could I do336.326.96
that miss what I saw the smoke the death339.7295.171
smoke yeah I can do it for you couldn't343.284.74
do it what I can do it for you how I I344.95.519
level it up and I give it to you right348.025.519
oh you would do that yeah it's a lot350.4194.951
less fun for me but I'm I'm open to the353.5394.111
idea well I've got the enchanting book355.374.68
with impaling for you are a true friend357.653.84
and I should talk to you more360.053.57
yeah why not why is your face cream now361.495.67
a zombie fell on me maybe Oh zombie just363.625.4
copy you want to go to the place let's367.1610.47
do it nice nice that should be it I369.0210.2
actually just completed the path all377.633.0
right that looks very good now the379.224.979
bridge is over here yep the last part of380.635.969
this path Simon yep384.1995.851
is right here okay so I need to build a386.5996.421
bridge yep just a regular old like you390.054.08
want me to try to do something fancy393.023.869
yeah do something fancy well okay I tell394.134.289
you what I'm gonna give you you know all396.8892.971
of my oak logs398.4194.201
here's 64 oak logs now mix it up a bit399.865.13
you know use just the regular oak use402.624.71
the planks here I'll lay down a crafting404.993.959
bench for you right here that's your407.333.54
crafting Bridge this is your bridge this408.9494.201
is Simon's bridge you make this bridge410.874.919
look the best you can make it alright413.154.62
I'm gonna start it with dirty started415.7893.391
with dirt alright thank you417.773.63
anything else I can get you I'm just419.183.93
gonna be kind of the foreman here yeah421.42.97
well if you're gonna be the foreman I423.113.059
quit because I can't work under this424.373.72
pressure can't work under the pressure426.1693.691
you know already I got no pressure look428.094.23
just make it good just keep your mouth429.862.79
start working all right432.653.06
anything else I can get you no just434.123.45
leave me alone now you're like the435.714.05
customer that's like the watching over437.573.66
hey can I get you something you mind if439.763.45
I watch yes someone if you watch all441.234.74
right I'm not gonna watch what I am443.218.64
gonna watch so neebs yep I really445.977.38
appreciate this cuz this is gonna take451.853.87
some your points right yeah I can get453.354.71
more points but I've got in here it's455.724.44
just something you might not want any of458.064.139
it but that's for you in here oh really460.164.35
it's for ya oh wow those for an exchange462.1994.741
I'll take that golden apple right yeah464.515.879
good things okay I guess the big thing466.946.12
so here's the book of enchanting uh-huh470.3896.451
okay and here's said trident okay might473.066.03
as well name it now too huh hey you got476.844.38
a label thing well you could do that479.094.5
well it's in it's why you do this oh you481.224.47
do it okay I think so up top so I click483.595.46
on here yeah and then I take the Trident485.696.78
Plus enchanted book impaling yeah I489.055.31
don't know what to name it yet though no492.473.36
and then I can name it right here what494.364.86
would you name it tried it trying it's495.836.12
like a fork Toby499.227.77
what Bob thought Toby Lisa it's a T Toby501.958.61
the Trident let's stick with Bob you506.998.039
sure yes I'm gonna do it simple is great510.567.409
okay last chance to change it no Bob it515.0296.211
is there you go it came from the depths517.9696.631
so Bob makes some sense to behold Bob521.245.52
hello Bob that trident524.65.55
welcome back Baja Bob's a beast I can't526.765.01
wait to try it out what was that thing530.152.46
you've added to it531.774.08
impaling for makes it stronger stronger532.616.06
and let's not forget the lightning I can535.854.109
summon oh yeah okay538.672.789
let's check the thing okay I'm out of539.9593.661
Lottie I'm gonna take this back up okay541.4596.431
meet you tomorrow Bobby okay okay543.626.969
huh huh I think they were spawning this547.894.949
whole time while we were check it my god550.5895.581
you check it you wanna check them up we552.8394.411
got some gunpowder556.174.44
oh but not a whole lot more yeah but we557.254.649
were gone for so long560.613.75
yeah just a few little things hey we561.8994.651
know it works yeah that's great I just564.363.78
can't quit checking though no I know566.554.229
this might be a problem huh no ya don't568.144.379
I would recommend not no I just want to570.7794.981
like barely just yeah you know back in572.5195.94
is just dude like that Hey yep go ahead575.765.16
step in this do experience what I578.4594.44
experienced you'll love it go ahead all580.923.479
the way in yeah it's not gonna kill you582.89916.411
yeah but it's gonna freak me out so this584.39917.011
is like worse than Russian Roulette or599.314.529
something it's so fun we're gonna have601.4111.369
so much arrows and gunpowder I think603.83910.471
that was a skeleton I feel like that's612.7793.331
initiation of some sort that never has614.313.899
to happen oh yeah we got into the f616.113.87
throne Simon try this congratulations618.2094.49
thank you619.982.719
your arm whew you know Bubba you gave me628.479.28
so I appreciate it but I'm full but I'll636.194.17
pretend to eat it okay yeah yeah welcome637.755.22
to my dining hall it's very nice what's640.363.96
it like to live in a place it's not a642.973.0
complete Phillip Simon what do you mean644.323.78
what it what is it like to not live in a645.974.08
place you know you're all your houses oh648.13.96
mighty me but I think you said you have650.053.42
built not the one you're building652.063.15
hopefully the one you're building is you653.474.83
know Ellison fine no I'm a tiny home655.215.31
kind of guy man way it can be tiny but658.33.93
like some nice could you live in a660.524.17
trailer yeah a nice trailer yeah I could662.234.53
live in a nice trailer my nice trailer664.694.8
could have could just be very plain you666.764.44
know yeah but my point is in this game669.493.78
you've not yet built a nice trailer so671.24.079
the money what are you talking about673.273.62
you do you see that beautiful675.2793.81
magnificent glass house that I have676.894.15
attached to also a very nice house with679.0895.721
a roof that's on fire that one's okay oh681.047.26
it's close to a nice trap one's okay you684.815.32
know what this is no pleasing you didn't688.33.45
know it needs a little variety there's690.134.5
no pleasing you I had a chicken coop691.755.25
below that was causing a whole lot of694.633.58
oh what a beauty now there's nothing698.215.13
beautiful about that whole look you know701.094.62
was a lag eat chicken hole you know what703.345.07
that's what your mom is BAM705.715.85
your mom's a laggy chicken hole who I708.415.19
said it throw that on a t-shirt damn711.562.58
mom's a laggy chicken whole damn right714.149.78
and I love that laggy chicken hall dude721.524.44
she's a nice woman yeah she is she's723.925.97
sweet okay725.967.29
all right so get back I could just Wow729.894.86
look at this this village is coming733.257.02
along we're not one empty bed here we734.757.44
got so many villagers now like every740.275.58
beds full okay Wow look at this742.195.46
oh my me all right just looking for a745.854.71
bed all right I'll go to my house one of747.655.64
my house right there yep750.567.74
you did this to yourself okay okay um753.296.3
got a cape moment get me all right759.598.45
plenty of stuff in my home oh crap okay763.617.92
we got it we got it oh here we go Slavin768.046.69
good night good night771.5328.23
holy crap okay guys guys yes oh whoa806.3316.17
whoa whoa wow did you did you divorce816.957.92
your wife abso now I'm married to822.55.9
gentleman named Evan kind of guns oh824.876.36
okay wow that's a lot of work where are828.47.09
you yeah yeah obviously where the castle831.236.24
down the path okay well you can hear me835.495.07
so I'm just gonna hey what's up just use837.473.99
you guys should come back because840.562.28
there's something real fun you should do841.463.51
I'll see you in a bit oh are you taking842.843.81
the card back I took the card from the844.973.21
other side yeah well portals much846.655.34
quicker yes made about my portal portal848.187.17
system I tell you what I I thought about851.996.12
my entire life what I'm doing with it855.354.68
yeah I don't know wait the carts were858.113.51
human trafficking and that's it you860.034.2
should call that that rail the rail of861.624.68
contemplation right you got two options864.233.45
you can either take the path which you866.33.03
know it takes even yeah I'm really not867.683.45
as long but the portal system is the869.334.56
best go through the portal then soon as871.133.96
you're through take a hard left and873.892.7
you'll see another portal I'm looking at875.093.75
your butt Oh looks like two options went876.594.86
into your butt all right good luck hey878.845.27
I'll see you guys in a bit881.452.66
ah okay that yeah that's quicker that is886.295.279
much better890.793.659
what a lovely lovely place we have here891.5694.591
with the exception of Simon stuff and oh894.4495.13
man oh yeah that looks like garbage896.166.269
well thick that's gonna make property899.5796.3
values go way down Wow at least I don't902.42913.32
live next to it yeah I'm heading your905.87911.16
way you didn't even know I left but I'm915.7493.84
back no thank you917.0393.96
I'm gonna go look at the spa no thing I919.5895.97
can help these villagers man they're you920.9995.07
know what925.5592.4
I don't read about what I'm gonna feed926.0694.08
him some more cool yeah we need a couple927.9593.66
more they're not a part of my life930.1491.89
yeah okay yeah it's really loading up932.0395.55
Wow good stuff in there so much check it934.5896.18
out really not so much I know937.5896.69
10 bones done arrows six zombie flesh at940.7696.331
least one thing died in the last hour944.2795.76
yeah good spawner can be patient I guess947.16.449
whoa that's something there we go what950.0395.4
was that sound like a zombie953.5493.54
I don't remember the numbers I don't955.4395.12
think it dropped anything I remember957.0893.47
just get some boots you got some golden966.6195.47
boats with blast protection and feather970.3795.25
falling let's not let's not avoid fact972.0896.75
that that live great no hold on it lived975.6295.69
that's because he had the boots on978.8396.0
bought feather falling you know what my981.3195.051
boots are broke I'm gonna make some gold984.8393.0
boots and put these together I think you986.373.6
should alright getting boots I'll987.8393.24
probably just be hanging here989.976.239
alright waiting for boots alright seven991.0798.37
yeah welcome to my storage facility you996.2095.401
are really put together999.4494.711
yeah alright now in this chest here you1001.615.969
see a andesite granite and diorite yeah1004.166.539
granny die hey so you say I I keep1007.5794.32
saying die right is that how you1010.6993.421
actually say it you know that's how I1011.8994.38
would say it diorite okay whatever but1014.124.5
uh alright open that chest and pull out1016.2794.62
some pull-up we got some diorite these I1018.623.839
don't how do I even open the chest I1020.8993.78
click on the damn what do you like yes I1022.4594.08
do I have to get this out of my hand are1024.6793.211
you clicking on the damn side of the1026.5393.42
chest look it on the Sun don't click on1027.893.24
the side cut on the chest1029.9594.171
jeez you mean oh Jesus sorry go ahead1031.135.699
alright grab you some diary alright some1034.134.709
diet how much tire write you think much1036.8293.51
as you want what's why yeah that's what1038.8392.551
it's in this what's in there for you1040.3392.85
okay and I'm gonna leave some flowers in1041.393.059
there just for you don't leave anything1043.1893.0
okay whatever I'll turn it okay yeah1044.4493.48
I've already got my my inventories kind1046.1893.931
of fault alright good so now you ever1047.9293.12
use one of these1050.123.63
no alright right-click a lip alright1051.0495.281
alright take your diorite and a little1053.755.309
little spot on the left writing me oh1056.336.12
yeah see now you got options what can I1059.0595.221
do I can make different shape things1062.455.219
exactly what's the big deal why is that1064.285.16
good well that's good for your bridge1067.6694.561
I'm not very good at bridges but okay1069.444.38
your bridge can have different shape1072.232.97
things it could have angles they could1073.824.62
have stays it could have stairs one at a1075.26.03
time huh no you can you can like hold1078.444.229
shift and click on it and get all of it1081.233.689
no I'm gonna do I'll do yeah a little1082.6693.421
bit of this a little bit of this a1084.9192.941
little bit of that that's a stonecutter1086.094.23
man hey see I'm trying to teach you I'm1087.864.08
teaching you to be a better person a1090.323.87
better builder a better bridge maker a1091.943.9
better person yes1094.194.109
I had no idea you would teach me how to1095.843.48
be a better person1098.2993.3
yes by learning how to make something1099.323.719
decent in Minecraft1101.5994.5
listen role is gonna be I am decent and1103.0395.88
things are good and and I like I like1106.0996.12
this scheme okay okay let's have fun all1108.9194.291
right do it1112.2193.09
I use all the diorite you need we'll see1113.213.959
what I can come up with it's not gonna1115.3094.261
be good but it'll be something like your1117.1694.921
pile of dirt and seeds a listen listen1119.575.01
I'm putting together just a basic1122.095.009
outline right now and then we'll see1124.584.319
what happens okay thank you1127.0996.12
yeah good bye guys1128.8996.51
yep got my new boots on all1133.2193.75
congratulations look at them they're1135.4092.161
just okay1136.9694.77
I brought carrots to get them Oh Oh yep1137.575.969
you just this is what gets them going1141.7393.69
huh I think so yes because they're1143.5394.68
phallic it's like an aphrodisiac or1145.42919.29
something well that's like we're talking1148.21921.0
oh what a great day for sex this is you1164.7198.94
think they got enough carrots no that's1169.2197.89
never mind just drop two carrot oops1173.6595.34
I see a carrot around here careful with1177.1094.221
your swing1178.9992.331
go ahead and put your hand then I'm1190.3320.74
watching every bit of it - okay I'm1209.215.179
watching you guys hey Fletcher1211.074.859
congratulations kids1214.3895.89
oh there we go here he goes oh look he1215.9296.75
gave you carrots well that's what takes1220.2794.26
a village right sure okay1222.6794.441
where's he go what now what I see him1224.5394.14
like usually sometimes he goes that1227.123.21
jumps on a bit I'm sorry that thing is1228.6792.791
ugly as sin1230.333.089
it looks like the big ones is little1231.474.47
which is why it's ugly cinnamon okay1233.4194.35
welcome to the little world at1235.943.81
Pennsylvania find yourself a bed there1237.7693.841
should be plenty or at least one1239.754.11
available what for do you growing up and1241.613.99
being as weird as the rest of them yep1243.8622.14
and working and making stuff for us oh1245.621.539
hello friend that guy he is going to be1267.1395.311
the first equestrian to live at hung1270.25.459
daddy's on horse horse ranch I like it I1272.455.459
like it and what a beautiful view this1275.6594.441
horse will have can you not get a horse1277.9095.341
through one okay look at the Bridgestone1280.19.419
so far so far hey Simon so far so far a1283.259.659
little bit creative I'm starting to like1289.5196.12
it huh I'm starting to like it son and1292.9094.471
you know what I'm starting to like the1295.6393.691
whole you know switching things up I'm1297.383.81
keeping it simple but but I'm also1299.334.829
trying to do extra thing exact this is1301.194.969
gonna help you so much with your house I1304.1594.081
appreciate that and I'm still trying to1306.1593.461
figure out I want to do something on the1308.242.549
base even if it doesn't make sense1309.622.88
structurally I still want to make it1310.7893.59
look prettier1312.54.769
look at you've inspired me hey look yeah1314.3794.51
look you got something nice going on1317.2694.29
here thank you I like it from you that1318.8894.95
really that means a lot yeah just a1321.5594.71
little variety with the stand I write1323.8394.77
bridge yeah alright you go make sure1326.2694.59
your buddy doesn't get away hold on let1328.6094.14
me see do I need to is that how is that1330.8593.06
how this game works1332.7495.25
hey he's in and he's in and the Sun is1333.9196.81
going down so we should retreat to the1337.9995.22
castle we should through this very very1340.7294.44
nice bridge that's not even close to1343.2195.49
finished but boy oh boy is Simon showing1345.1695.64
promise yeah I'm kind of proud of you1348.7094.26
today so I'm glad you are because1350.8094.23
sometimes I just need to feel your1352.9693.69
loving that's all it takes a little1355.0393.33
creativity and you can feel the love all1356.6593.93
day ooh I'm back into the castle I'll1358.3694.11
show you my love well he'll give you1360.5892.85
another piece of meat1362.4792.97
I hope it's bigger than last time no1363.4394.2
it's the same size at stake stick the1365.4496.58
stake in your button Oh or no potatoes1367.6396.49
if it is I've never heard of it frozen1372.0294.35
potatoes no frozen potatoes oh hell no1374.1294.4
heat them up first1376.3796.48
he's glamour don't ever show potatoes in1378.5296.6
your ass1382.8592.27

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