These Alien Dogs Keep Bullying Us - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Today in 7 Days, Appsro and Simon explore new areas while Dora gets his loot on. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us o...
These Alien Dogs Keep Bullying Us - 7 Days to Die Fallout
These Alien Dogs Keep Bullying Us - 7 Days to Die Fallout

These Alien Dogs Keep Bullying Us - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, guys! So, 'These Alien Dogs Keep Bullying Us - 7 Days to Die Fallout' is hands down the best video we've ever made!

simon: Oh, totally, Neebs. I mean, who doesn't want to see me running away from alien dogs like a champion?

appsro: Champion? More like a scared potato, Simon. Those dogs had you beat before you even saw them!

simon: Hey, hey, I wasn't scared! I was strategically retreating. There's a difference!

neebs: Yeah, sure, Simon. And Appsro, you were so busy exploring new areas, you didn't even notice Dora looting everything valuable!

appsro: Hey, exploration is an art, Neebs. And besides, Dora loots like a magpie on caffeine. I can't compete with that!

simon: Well, next time, I'm bringing a leash for those alien dogs. They need to learn some manners!

neebs: Good luck with that, Simon. In the meantime, let's just enjoy the video and our inevitable hilarious failures!

Hey everyone! If you're a big fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you're in for a treat with today's "7 Days to Die" episode! This time, we've got Appsro and Simon venturing into some new areas, and trust me, it's as hilarious and action-packed as ever. Meanwhile, our buddy Dora is on a looting spree, grabbing all the goodies he can find. It's the perfect mix of exploration and treasure hunting that makes this channel so addictive.

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Catch you in the next adventure!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen the latest 7 Days to Die videos from Neebs Gaming? This game just keeps getting better and their adventures are so entertaining to watch. The gameplay is always intense yet hilarious with how the crew interacts with each other and the zombie hordes.

In this latest episode, Appsro and Simon are off exploring new biomes while Dora collects resources and loots buildings in classic Dora fashion. The banter between them all is comedy gold as usual. Appsro's screams of terror when he inevitably gets jumped by zombies make me laugh every time. And Simon is there to save the day with his sniper skills.

Meanwhile, Dora is on a mission stockpiling supplies and you just know he's going to have an epic base built up soon. His strategies for maximizing loot while staying safe are genius. I love living vicariously through the crew's adventures, getting to see all the best parts of the game without the frustration of dying constantly myself!

The cinematography and editing of the gameplay also makes it so cinematic and entertaining to watch. It's like you're watching a zombie survival movie unfold. The different camera angles and slow motion effects during action sequences really add to the experience.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to enjoy 7 Days to Die without actually playing it yourself. Their commentary and camaraderie really enhances the gameplay and makes it even more fun to watch. I'd highly recommend checking out their latest episodes if you want laugh out loud entertainment and epic zombie survival action!

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hey Simon yeah I know that POI were4.3195.32
supposed to go to was about 600 M away7.685.52
but you see this I've not ever seen this9.6397.441
no it looks like uh just a jagged like13.26.12
giant stone is this a crater or17.084.88
something a crater I I don't know crater19.324.879
is concaved into the ground right this21.964.639
is protruding upward okay yeah you right24.1994.4
right oh wow what the the hell am I28.5997.001
looking at here oh God okay oh no run31.966.119
run run run whoa whoa whoa this is a35.65.92
super mutant facility oh okay so we are38.0795.841
not we're not close to that level uh41.524.199
yeah W I want weapons before look at all43.926.479
the damn snakes oh yeah oh God okay uh45.7196.16
yeah that's a ton of snakes coming out50.3993.081
of there and super mutants yeah I want51.8793.16
to get out of here let's just get out of53.483.559
here uh yeah I mean you don't want to55.0393.961
fight these guys right uh no not right57.0396.361
now our our obje was like 380 M59.07.799
away do you think we can take him no I63.45.92
don't I we might be able to I mean do66.7994.921
you want to try let's just see let's see69.323.6
how about how about you give him a71.723.52
couple of hits and see if you72.926.64
uh put a dent in him okay oh God did I75.246.839
put a dent oh you don't like that oh did79.563.879
I just get hit by him or oh that might82.0793.881
have been a cactus oh [ __ ] he hits hard83.4395.401
yep I just hit him okay hey let's let's85.965.76
tag team as ass all right hold on Simon88.845.279
and Amro versus the Super Mutant yes oh91.723.8
God okay he's down but he might be94.1193.761
getting back up yeah it's okay I hit up95.525.84
again oh yeah okay we did it all right97.886.239
oh no we did not oh God okay it's okay101.365.64
it's okay there we go oh and we did it104.1194.28
what's what's he what's he got on what107.02.88
you got buddy oh an old sandwich I'll108.3996.471
take that ooh lucky you sham sandwich109.8810.239
H hey buddy it's rough out there um just120.1198.601
a job we don't have nebs today so you124.0797.24
know I do like a clear I'll just do the128.725.76
clear and if we can this is horrible can131.3195.28
I just can I just be honest with you134.483.72
about something real quick136.5996.521
H um I want to go back into the Vault138.27.28
you know what I143.122.36
mean ABS man I'd back up far were you oh147.644.239
yeah no I'm trying to a little bit I150.682.279
didn't think he was going to come this151.8793.041
way yeah yeah yeah just let's just go152.9593.92
wide yeah I'm going wide we don't want154.924.64
to piss off a deathclaw no I know and156.8794.0
this is right here anyway I mean we're159.563.12
so close right here yeah we made it wow160.8794.881
look at this like blown out Town yeah I162.685.24
like it I like it even more that I'm not165.764.6
overheating watch out bird bird167.925.44
bird all right that bird suck I know170.365.56
they do hello sir ooh I didn't hit you173.363.72
in the head I should have hit you in the175.922.8
head here you go that was the head shot177.083.36
I think this repair shop up here this is178.723.879
going to be our180.444.28
objective yeah is this a yeah I think182.5993.36
this is a little western town it184.724.32
absolutely is I like a birdie bird oh185.9595.121
bird dead bird189.044.08
deadd oh and it's not we're going over191.084.2
to the metal works oh no I guess they're193.123.679
attached listen the death claws making195.283.64
its way into town oh that's not good no196.7993.881
it's not this town's not big enough for198.923.959
us at a death claw nope watch your back200.683.04
watch your202.8793.681
back oh God I think oh did I hit you by203.724.76
accident uh Poss sorry CU I was wait206.563.0
watch your back and I was swinging that208.483.8
a I got you all right I got I'll use one209.567.28
of my three bandages [ __ ] I'm212.284.56
sorry oh got a new freaking pistol224.9593.84
good I like it holy crap oh my228.7999.961
God o you are oh man something behind me235.2395.56
uh-oh uh-oh this not this isn't great238.765.039
nobody likes this what even a240.7996.601
dog okay we got to we got to do this243.7996.64
smartly oh you got247.45.64
through no bad250.4397.841
boy holy [ __ ] heal I got to heal253.047.039
oh use they're coming through guys real260.0796.12
quick I got to use this use263.286.4
it Holy balls I'll use that even I don't266.1995.56
I don't even269.685.72
care oh271.7593.641
God who's getting cornered I'm in the276.9194.0
last loot room279.124.4
why okay got to jump over here excuse me280.9193.521
me let's all go this way guys I was284.445.8
going to come around from the other287.0396.921
way okay okay I might have some I might290.246.399
have my bearings now get the [ __ ] out of293.965.679
what the hell is that maybe a radiated301.325.719
dog it's half inside the building so I304.524.36
can't really see it well you know what I307.0395.121
mean uh should we go in the building and308.887.319
see if we could see Ted oh oh okay yeah312.167.879
I could do that yeah you do that hold on316.1995.641
it's unlocked I think it started320.0393.921
growling oh no I thought I heard321.845.6
something growl probably hold323.963.48
on oh okay oh yeah it's not a dog it's327.7596.361
like an a an it looks like an alien head331.846.52
you know the movie Aliens really kind of334.126.68
but like with a really thick neck come338.364.32
on in wonder if I could get like a sneak340.85.0
attack on him maybe I mean if you oh who342.686.799
who radiation radiation damn it okay345.85.839
good from him and I'm not a radi y you349.4794.401
get radiation from oh God yeah okay we351.6394.84
can't get near that dude nope oh no oh353.886.64
no no no no no oh no okay okay I I I got356.4795.641
a few arrows I'll try to help I'm360.523.92
running I'm running there you go I don't362.123.96
want I don't need radiation nobody wants364.443.36
that nobody wants a radiate a damn dog366.083.48
oh yeah now I'm getting radiated hold no367.84.6
this ain't good no it's very bad nobody369.565.199
likes radiation nobody's like hey get372.44.72
out of here you Stam mud oh God I got I374.7594.681
got no more I got no more arrows left377.124.12
we're getting chasing by a radiated dog379.444.08
no it's very bad we need to God uh we381.245.28
need to do something we got to run uh383.524.76
how about I do this uh I'm going to jump386.523.84
up you got blocks on you uh-uh don't you388.284.44
do that that's chaon oh you bastard did390.364.8
you just do that yeah that's CH oh you392.723.759
son of a [ __ ] you're just getting close395.163.28
to that thing now oh is it chasing me or396.4795.081
you it's chasing you you prick it's me398.445.56
I'm down you deserve401.564.919
it all right fine you want to go that404.05.599
way I'll go that way you stupid the406.4796.16
radiated mongel oh God is it almost dead409.5995.801
no it's not I'm almost dead come on heal412.6394.84
heal please heal please just heal just a415.43.479
little bit just jump away from it and417.4792.84
run he418.8795.44
help who you oh no420.3197.72
you karma is a424.3193.72
[ __ ] you I'm not going to lie I almost433.5994.201
didn't make it back to you I like436.1994.4
talking to you I'll get close to you hi437.86.36
not bad okay not great just damn this440.5997.201
all your tell you what I'm going to take444.166.52
the 1500 wood I feel like that's the447.85.519
best bet right now I see your ammo have450.686.04
[ __ ] to shoot it I'm going take the wood453.3194.841
that could help us with the random horde456.723.84
holy [ __ ] I'm close to you you're all458.167.12
right Hugh you are all right with460.564.72
me hey how you doing just spawned back468.565.12
in I had a bed in this western town I471.6395.381
just want to try to get my bag back now473.686.04
okay no no don't look at me take all all479.724.64
right we got it no no no no don't look482.5993.6
at me don't look at me don't look at me484.365.32
you can't see me you can't see me oh you486.1997.041
stupid oh he's so dumb all right Simon489.684.88
yeah yeah let's get let's get that493.243.16
coyote meat Let's uh let's head north494.563.359
and then uh let's turn back East to the496.43.4
trader there you go oh all of a sudden497.9194.201
it turned into a beautiful day we did499.84.119
now it's nice out here is [ __ ]502.123.479
blazing hot which I guess we could we503.9193.361
could ride this line in between the cold505.5994.0
and the hot region let's do it cuz507.284.75
biomes make a lot of509.59910.011
sense feels like someone's got a laser519.8394.08
gun yeah it's that guy running out there522.0394.841
with a laser gun oh is he going to get523.9194.6
that coyote I don't know I don't think526.882.8
so he's shooting at the other thing I'm528.5192.521
going to get the coyote oh be careful529.683.56
you got a radiated dog to your right I531.044.08
do oh he's coming right at you oh God533.243.36
the radiated dog I didn't even know it535.123.68
was here I know I tried to warn you you536.64.239
did didn't you538.83.8
okay I I I think he got away from him540.8394.24
though he seem to give up [ __ ] man we do542.64.96
need that coyote meat though I got 32545.0794.32
meat right now Simon this might work out547.563.16
for us let's see if we can get the guy549.3995.56
with the laser to fight the radiated550.727.08
dog let's see where's the radiated dog554.9595.721
he's right there ow Cactus I'm really557.85.279
hungry by the way oh yeah me too well I560.685.12
ate a donut and a sham sandwich yeah see563.0794.241
I didn't have sham sandwich and I can't565.83.64
eat mushrooms and that's stupid yeah I567.323.759
don't even know if this guy's569.443.959
friendly I don't know I don't know how571.0797.721
to tell hey are you for hire573.3998.721
buddy I'm I'm abro my buddy Simon we're578.85.4
out here wandering the Wasteland well I582.126.76
just found three eggs oh good yeah hey584.27.72
this guy seems cool okay cool now uh oh588.885.76
it's a Rad Cat that sounds familiar yeah591.924.72
it's this dude oh yeah we we can hire594.643.759
them eventually but not right now oh so596.643.48
we could absolutely lure the radiated598.3993.361
dog I'm getting the dog keep an eye on600.123.32
red cat don't lose him believe me I'm601.764.4
not losing you603.446.28
pal hey you stupid green son of a [ __ ]606.164.72
I got a I got a buddy I want to609.723.08
introduce you to yeah over here come say610.883.92
hey to my buddy Red612.84.24
Cat where's Red Cat I don't know I'm614.83.4
cutting up what you me I I told you to617.042.76
keep an eye on him you did you did where618.23.72
did he [ __ ] go there he is I was619.84.36
cutting up a coyote okay here he is here621.924.96
he is yeah red cat help me out help me624.164.88
out Red Cat Red Cat I got it out Red Cat626.886.8
red Red Cat ow Red Cat Red Cat Red Cat629.046.919
Red Cat help me with a dog I don't think633.683.88
red cat's going to help you Red Cat I635.9594.761
need help with this [ __ ] no red cat637.566.839
red oh God Red Cat Red Cat why are you640.726.4
there he bit him shoot it red cat Red644.3995.321
Cat Red Cat why are you such a647.126.48
disappointment to me oh [ __ ] I'm running649.726.32
there we go yeah there you go Red Cat653.65.72
took you long enough bandage now wait656.044.919
shoot wait is he shooting at I think659.322.959
he's shooting at you I just started660.9593.0
swinging at this thing for some stupid662.2793.961
reason why I don't know oh what the [ __ ]663.9594.88
was that where did you oh Red Cat Red666.244.24
Cat shoot the green668.8395.321
thing yeah yeah red cat oh god dog said670.486.039
so run run s r how many times have we674.166.04
said Rad Cat you said said it a lot a676.5196.521
lot thanks Rad Cat he Rad Cat you're680.24.65
holy [ __ ] two pumpkin cheesecake I just690.925.719
got two pumpkin cheesecake and I'm694.65.72
hungry pumpkin cheesecake yes it's uh696.6396.88
food is worth 42 Health UPS you 21700.327.04
maximum stamina bonus is 20 holy crap703.5196.081
wow that's yeah that's really good yeah707.364.64
man I I'm in bad shape I infected I got709.66.08
a skint knee and I'm like 4.8% radiated712.06.0
oh and there's a coyote right here715.684.64
that's very bad yeah no I'm not doing718.04.56
good I did not find Cheesecake I found720.326.199
death should you just die uh no never722.565.88
okay so then what what is it that I can726.5194.801
do to help you uh well I took another728.444.92
mission uh to retrieve supplies I'm731.323.4
hoping I can find enough stuff like733.364.64
maybe get some honey maybe get some uh734.725.679
the the the antibiotics might help I738.05.12
think we have some radby gone in the740.3995.201
firehouse some guy with a gun is he cool743.124.36
oh God he's not cool he's not he's not745.65.56
cool no no no damn it747.483.68
let's see radby Gone radby Gone oh all753.9595.521
right yeah it's in here radby gone cures757.325.72
radiation 25% I'm using it there you go759.485.719
I think that might have even been mine763.044.44
oh really I think I don't know you never765.1994.481
know but anyway oh I'm hungry I'm going767.484.24
to eat one of these damn pies uh go for769.686.08
it I grilled some meat hey Simon hey I771.725.52
oh you know what I need to go some meat775.764.0
upstairs too I'm coming up there777.244.8
how you been Dora I mean probably as779.764.319
good as you guys what's up absil hey782.044.599
what's up Dora oh you know hey got put784.0795.601
another shoty shotgun I got to putting a786.6395.241
shotgun in here okay extra shotgun cool789.683.68
I'm going to try to get to my M man I'm791.884.16
at 25 damn per Health yeah can we make793.365.8
bandages yet uh the the good ones I796.045.159
might be able to first I got to start799.164.76
doing some of the levels oh I can make801.1994.521
them check it out oh aloe cream I think803.924.24
we've been getting aloe I got some uh805.725.52
aloe seeds make some aloe cream yep I'm808.164.84
crafting some aloe cream right now I811.243.36
need some damn cloth to make the813.04.44
bandages we got cloth look at me look at814.65.679
me I'm [ __ ] awesome you how great are817.444.72
you C some of that got some first aid820.2794.441
bandages coming down the pipe baby wow822.164.16
all right let me uh let me heal up then824.722.5
I'm going826.325.68
out all right Simon this is the house832.05.0
it's just a an easy little fetch I like834.6393.88
little houses like this man if I could837.03.639
find a place like this and like the838.5194.201
desert somewhere it be a nice little840.6394.921
piece of property you know no I agree I842.724.559
do like the idea of having something in845.563.88
the desert yeah a little desert a desert847.2794.961
getaway a Hideway where nobody could849.447.959
smell me drop it in hey hello everyone852.247.8
well be careful down there I think I857.3995.8
feel confident I don't know why but I860.046.719
do and it's upstairs from here so it's863.1997.121
up there gotcha there's also a fire in866.7595.961
the house or a broken gas pipe okay870.325.36
that's fine I like the smell of gas I872.724.72
don't know where you jumped in at oh875.683.92
right here I got it I see it yeah there877.444.319
we go there we go look at this trail of879.64.4
bodies man my Sledge power game is on884.365.839
point oh you're on fire and now you're887.365.159
not on fire who was on fire it was a890.1994.241
zombie on fire and then not on fire I892.5195.281
find that strange now what oh oh God oh894.445.56
God damn it why it because you scared me897.84.76
I turned and I it was just me I didn't900.06.12
know just me oh it's a spinner damn it902.565.719
don't no I don't have the ability to hit906.124.279
him like I want to okay hit him hit him908.2795.041
harder uh my stamina's bad oh God he's910.3994.201
going to pop watch out watch out he's913.323.04
going to pop he's going to pop watch out914.63.799
him again hit him again hit him again916.364.399
back up okay that'll918.3995.161
work [ __ ] listen you scared me I scared920.7594.361
you I was I was right behind you just923.563.68
with you you you were next to me and you925.124.399
weren't with me before that927.245.599
man that hurt I know I have a powerful929.5199.44
swing that hurts so bad I know I'm sorry932.8396.12
sry an old police car yeah I don't think943.245.48
I'm going to make it over to that Osprey946.724.88
in the other town but Simon did give me948.726.359
this let's see if I can figure this951.68.84
out let's see if I can figure this955.0799.921
out okay uh-huh 81 is that what is it960.448.72
even doing what is that am I taking this965.04.16
well there's that so maybe right973.247.56
click maybe I'll right click next976.927.24
time good to980.83.36
know sa it hey hey what are you doing986.8394.641
running around at night I'm just989.9593.56
checking stuff out and I didn't I really991.484.719
need to have uh medicine and do you have993.5195.32
any bandages on you uh I do I made a996.1995.32
good chunk but they're mine998.8395.48
okay all right tell you what you bring1001.5195.24
me you bring Daddy abro some aloe cream1004.3194.2
I'll make you some bandages but I need1006.7593.721
that aloe cream I kind of want to get1008.5193.841
this bomb guy if I get this as long as I1010.488.52
don't bird oh boy yep bird bird oh God1012.3610.719
coming after you Bird bomb guy bomb1019.07.4
guy oh boy jump in the fence hold on uh1023.0794.88
I got one of these I don't know if it'll1026.45.6
do anything but we can try it um oh boy1027.9597.36
flare I have a broken bone I got a1032.05.36
broken bone oh wow look at this flare1035.3193.76
hit him in the head oh it goes away when1037.364.92
it hits the ground hit the1039.0796.24
bomb idiot you damn1042.284.799
okay I'm going back home1047.0793.761
you know what screw1056.325.599
it I'll sit on top of the sign wait it1058.166.36
out a little bit see what happens1061.9193.521
die oh come on officer is is1065.448.28
yours that's cool new looking officer I1070.764.08
that here we go party time1074.846.0
ah take okay and then let's1081.0394.921
see oh yeah you can't make it up there1086.725.439
oh God I forgot about that option1089.486.72
[ __ ] not good not1092.1596.441
woo wa what was1098.65.88
that what' you blow1101.7995.801
up hey that1104.487.4
abro hey who's that oh hey hey Z hey1107.65.959
sorry going to the trador I didn't know1111.883.919
you were talking to me yep I was this is1113.5595.0
not a good time to break into anything1115.7996.521
really yeah sorry um for you good luck1118.5596.841
with that thank1122.323.08
you oh no um oh [ __ ]1126.125.72
[ __ ] no1135.128.72
oh copper you kidding give me give me it1143.847.36
it takes so long it takes so1146.844.36
long I I got it I got1152.48.68
it can I get out1157.243.84
though AB I got some friends1161.286.95
coming over for dinner1164.286.12
oh oh I don't have no no no no no no I'm1170.47.68
show a little hand little1174.967.16
help what little help please oh god oh1178.087.0
no where where are you oh I just sent a1182.125.16
message oh there you1185.085.8
are you damn idiot God why you doing1187.289.12
that so dumb I'm going back upstairs1190.885.52
oh the river R by the L1204.47.24
M calling me1211.647.8
calling there's a sweet for me day by1214.49.72
day so aways1219.449.359

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If anyone has any fan art they would like to submit, a post idea or promotional content for the crew just reach out and let me know! This is community supported so feel free to get involved if you love Neebs Gaming half as much as I do!

Contact me and I will be in touch.

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