She A Spitter! - Enshrouded

Hawk Tuah! We have the fight of our lives with an acid spitting lady in this episode of Enshrouded! ► SUBSCRIBE -------
She A Spitter! - Enshrouded
She A Spitter! - Enshrouded

She A Spitter! - Enshrouded

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, you know why 'She A Spitter! - Enshrouded' is my favorite video? Because nothing says quality content like getting spit on by an acid lady!

simon: Yeah, Neebs, I totally agree. I mean, who doesn't love a good ol' 'Hawk Tuah!' right in the face? It's like a spa treatment... if the spa was run by a dragon!

appsro: Oh, come on, Simon. It's not just the spitting. It's the way she does it with such elegance and precision. It's practically an art form. A very disgusting art form.

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! It's like watching a master painter, except instead of a brush, she's using her mouth and instead of paint, it's acid. Pure genius!

simon: And let’s not forget the sound effects. That 'Hawk Tuah!' is the stuff of legends. I bet even Shakespeare would have written about it if he could!

appsro: You know, Simon, I think you're onto something. Maybe we should pitch 'Acid Spitting Lady: The Musical' to Broadway. It could be a hit!

Hey everyone! You won't believe what went down in the latest episode of Enshrouded on Neebs Gaming! We've got an epic showdown with a fierce, acid-spitting lady that had us all on the edge of our seats. Hawk Tuah! If you're a fan of intense battles and hilarious commentary, this is the episode for you.

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Trust me, you don't want to miss this episode. Dive in and enjoy the ride!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, have you seen the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Enshrouded series? I'm totally hooked on watching their cinematic adventure through this creepy fantasy world. The production quality is insane - it feels like you're watching a big budget fantasy movie at times.

In this episode, the Neebs crew stumble upon this terrifying acid-spitting witch deep in a dark cave. The way they set up the lighting and camera angles makes her look absolutely menacing. And the sound design, with all her creepy vocals echoing through the cave, sent shivers down my spine. You could really feel the peril the characters were in.

And the way Neebs and the gang voice act their characters and react to threats always cracks me up. Even in the most dire situations, they find ways to sprinkle in humor and keep things entertaining. Thick's screams of terror are always priceless!

I also love how they edit together gameplay footage, custom animations, and scripted story scenes to make each episode feel like a cohesive adventure. It's clear how much passion and effort they put into crafting their cinematic vision.

In my opinion, Neebs Gaming is by far the best way to experience games like Enshrouded without actually playing them yourself. Their mix of humor, storytelling, and high production value makes their series as entertaining as they are immersive. I always look forward to joining the Neebs crew on their next big adventure!

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Simon hey hey baby you you looking nice2.525.8
I know I got my new6.2794.681
Shield yeah oh watch it yeah I was going8.324.56
to you can whack it if you want go ahead10.963.28
give it a12.883.56
whack you're just you're just damaging14.243.799
the bed just hitting the bed come here16.443.08
come closer to me son all right closer18.0394.0
to you oh that's very I don't think you19.524.12
you can actually hit each other but yeah22.0394.281
now I got a new wand I got a new uh top23.645.16
I got a new Shield it's it's looking26.324.439
fine and dandy good because guess what28.84.08
babies today we're doing some fighting30.7594.681
yes cuz we need to upgrade our flame32.885.28
alter cuz if I come out here and35.445.24
look uh yeah we need to strengthen the38.165.239
flame now we got everything except for40.685.719
the scavenger matron head okay so we43.3997.921
need the head of a big fat [ __ ]46.3994.921
oh there it is babies so yeah debes76.24.32
you're the tank you're in front Okay78.45.28
Simon you're behind am I going I'm80.525.68
behind I'm the I'm the the ass end oh83.683.88
yeah you got you you you know you're86.23.279
ranged you're with the wand okay all87.564.36
right I'll do um uh you'll be in the89.4794.721
middle I mean yeah bow and arrow and can91.924.36
ierse I'm a hyb do we do we need to94.24.48
crawl uh yes yeah we'll be sneakier if96.285.119
we crawl there's yes use the middle kid98.684.64
what's the middle kid mean uh I don't101.3993.281
know I don't know I was just going with103.322.799
it there always stereotypes with which104.682.92
the middle kid and babyes there's a106.1193.721
guard on that bridge uhhuh you see I'm a107.64.6
tank remember oh hold on oh hey there's109.844.08
a grapple hook to your right baby I'll112.24.44
do it I just shot the guard oh yeah he113.924.04
did he's just shooting them all right116.643.0
guard coming he's going over there I'm117.964.24
going up where is he C119.646.04
here oh yep he's down here oh oh oh I122.25.519
couldn't he jumped down already very125.683.999
dark they127.7195.561
dark come on [ __ ] boy I don't know why129.6795.241
I was calling you that but you seems133.284.0
[ __ ] there you go there you go oh you134.923.679
know what I got something for the137.284.4
darkness oh your whsp yeah I can get a138.5995.561
wisp going how you doing up there I got141.685.08
a guy all right let's go uh grapple up144.163.96
there with baby nebes let's all stick146.764.36
together okay right oh God148.125.839
I don't know coming up who he just151.126.399
stunned me okay hold on baby dor I'm153.9594.441
behind there you go yeah work together158.45.919
oh God oh God yep I got my look at this161.05.879
you can't break that baby I'll revive164.3195.321
maybe focus on this guy get him down169.645.519
yeah now all right now get baby baby172.25.039
here we go here we175.1596.681
go wow okay good177.2394.601
Chapter 58 fatty fatty boom183.924.12
batty oh yeah look at this place this is189.085.32
where probably some big [ __ ] lives all191.644.84
right right behind you nebes okay I194.44.839
don't oh nope that's just a lantern that196.486.92
was a person oh wolf who he's a big boy199.2397.321
oh yeah oh here we got someone come on203.46.919
Wolfie oh wow that's a big206.568.72
oh my god oh no okay we get him D bab oh210.3198.721
God what are these guys that just bup oh215.286.239
jeez babbe yep hold on I don't know if I219.045.399
can do it while the guys around can I221.5196.36
I'll try all right revive oh God oh my224.4396.601
good come on you sucker don't spit on me227.8794.961
what do you lure the fat one away and231.044.199
then revive us all right hold on all232.843.92
right where's it going you're going to235.2393.92
have to do the reviv I will I will is it236.763.679
coming at you though I'm got to make239.1594.28
sure I'm okay oh damn oh that's what it240.4395.921
is I used up my wand oh I think I came243.4395.201
in a little back way this will be fine246.364.239
revive he's coming toward a Simon I'm248.644.92
hitting revive baby Simon oh God is it250.5996.92
just a tap it's yet it's just a tap okay253.565.04
that's the problem you've done this257.5192.96
before I was holding it this is a new258.64.319
game you son of a [ __ ] no isn't this is260.4794.121
new run262.9194.72
away everybody okay no no God I'm264.65.08
getting mortar attacked this isn't good267.6394.041
we need you Dr I know but I'm I got to269.683.92
get them away from you they're all271.684.079
Waiting by you it's a tap if you get to273.64.4
us apparently I swear I275.7594.961
tapped I think I Hil it didn't work nice278.06.039
throw baby Dora did I miss him oh God no280.727.28
you got him I did throw it again it got284.0396.641
him oh yeah get hit oh not there yeah288.05.16
yeah got to get you out sucker sucker290.683.799
watch out she's293.164.44
throwing come on baby Dora come on got294.4795.881
to get you out of here watch out oh nice297.65.12
move run and heal run and heal Baby D300.365.2
I'm Healed all right all right all right302.725.319
all right we got this all day all day305.564.16
all right still got the fat one and this308.0394.841
guy with a what looks like a [ __ ] log309.727.24
mortar I need stamina I need stamina I'm312.885.72
going to go around again there you go316.963.48
play it safe if you got any water drink318.64.28
it it'll increase your stamina oh boy320.445.36
that's quite R okay there's no timer on322.885.52
this on this uh heel huh oh as long as325.84.399
he can get to us okay328.43.28
you take your time330.1994.601
Dres all right this guy's down yeah331.685.4
sweet no right the fat one's still on us334.84.239
oh God there's one there's another one337.083.959
oh wait maybe it wasn't oh there is339.0395.081
another one God you341.0394.841
left how you doing baby door I'm all345.884.36
right I'm all right I got to heal sorry348.0396.961
guys just relax okay yeah no it's fine350.247.16
take your time I don't see the big guy355.05.16
anymore I do she she's right behind us357.45.68
oh was that the girl yeah we need her360.164.52
head we're going to get your head you363.083.44
fat dumb364.684.88
[ __ ] can you get one of those gr or no366.525.92
looks you look clear except for the369.565.759
quickly quickly oh no thr one sorry run372.445.879
away run God all right she I'm being375.3196.28
revived I'm the worst one I'm the worst378.3194.32
one oh381.5994.561
God get you no run away heal up that was382.6395.68
so close it was working though you might386.164.0
be able to lure wh lure her away and388.3193.16
then do a wrap around know what I mean390.164.0
she's coming for391.4792.681
you there you go yeah pistol Rob yeah394.4796.56
yeah that's my that's my son door it is398.83.119
me oh oh oh or you going to throw401.9198.921
something she's a good distance away now408.563.44
coming wrapping412.05.8
around oh sh B po afro first doing it414.126.799
doing it back coming back suck she's417.86.92
coming back she's about to throw go420.9196.881
yeah here we go here we go back action424.724.44
all right one of y'all lure away and the427.83.36
other heal us needs there's no we don't429.164.759
stand a chance door is definitely Abo's431.164.479
favorite oh yeah it's fine we'll start433.9194.441
our own family oh435.6396.481
boy all right babies oh you got oh can I438.365.839
get him he's coming to us God I'm being442.124.479
revived dor can you lure her away well I444.1993.601
thought you were that way that's why I446.5993.44
came around this way oh okay you're that447.83.959
way yeah you you lure her that way and450.0394.401
then I'll get the babies all451.7595.801
right coming in coming in coming in454.444.479
who's he going to pick probably second457.563.079
favorite there she's really it's me I'm458.9193.321
the second favorite there we go got you460.6393.601
up oh I'm being462.244.679
revived and got you up yes all right464.244.639
heal up babies thank you all right let's466.9193.801
get let's go get this bitch's head yep468.8793.841
all right you got470.724.919
it uh where's my where did my freaking472.725.919
Shield go is it broken hit alt it might475.6394.481
be in your other thing it's probably478.6392.96
because you got that weapon that weapon480.123.16
doesn't work with the shield baby gotcha481.5994.56
all right does anyone have my my oh damn483.285.4
it I need an extra wand I'm looking for486.1594.641
this lady where' she go uh she was488.683.6
following me around the back end now490.83.839
where is she uh probably back this way492.284.72
all right following following you Dora494.6393.721
should I keep look out here or follow497.05.039
you guys uh keep look out there okay oh498.365.72
there she is she's in the tunnel okay we502.0393.321
can sandwich her be she's on the other504.083.36
side of the tunnel I'm coming does The505.365.239
Shield help you from the the goo oh507.445.56
[ __ ] bees be a little510.5995.601
ow there's bees I think I got him oh513.06.0
she's right she's right red a red Barrel516.25.279
oh here we go get her the pooper wolves519.04.8
wolves wolves damn it I'm running521.4795.961
someone hit that Barrel get uh Barrel523.85.88
anyone got a shot at the barrel oh yeah527.443.72
there's a barrel right beside her baby529.683.32
door use your arrows I don't I'm out of531.165.32
arrows oh [ __ ] I know I got hold on let533.07.24
me get a shot can I hit with536.487.919
the thing there you go nice baby Dees540.247.4
yeah sucker suck suck there you go on544.3994.44
her all right now we're getting her give547.642.68
it to her548.8395.361
baby sit yeah spread out yep don't let550.325.56
her take any all of us at the same time554.23.12
oh you stupid [ __ ] you can't throw it555.886.0
at me good plan oh throw to me oh boy557.326.199
maybe s we get a little closer all right561.883.72
hold on hold on she's about to spit it563.5194.041
is she does she heal is she565.66.04
healing I don't think so oh God stamina567.566.36
not stepping this571.647.0
goo here we go boom boom he up baby door573.928.599
if anyone needs heals call it out oh oh578.645.639
boy oh no that's not good all right582.5192.76
let's spread584.2794.041
out who's she on she was on me should be585.2794.601
at me all right I'm going to go in for588.323.84
Papa go for go get589.886.04
him watch out baby keep problem us I'm592.165.44
shooting her she's got to turn on me595.924.96
sometime go watch out for that spit that597.64.32
me okay woo I Got You Salon hey watch601.925.039
out he's right here right here he's605.563.44
right here don't do it don't do it don't606.9594.88
do it okay we're good okay there you go609.06.76
there you go Dora yeah oh I'm telling611.8396.641
you that spit is so damn me so bad so615.767.319
bad oh boy oh God okay I'm door I got618.487.799
your door oh I'm going to punch623.0796.76
her yay there you go get it she's626.2797.12
stunned heels baby heals oh there you go629.8394.44
oh she633.3994.161
spin God we just got you out avoid the634.2796.961
spit yeah easier said than done all637.566.0
right I did eat though which I think is641.244.48
going to help yeah baby St and lure your643.564.92
way I'll try to get the baby needes okay645.725.04
come on baby come on look at me oh boy648.486.12
look at me got got her got her oh [ __ ]650.768.96
WF watch out sh [ __ ] watch out I did say654.66.32
out oh no shield shield baby door baby660.925.039
get oh God I'm coming I'm coming coming665.9594.641
coming oh god that hurt a lot I got to668.725.16
heal all right hold on does it see me670.65.6
yep it's on you baby oh jump door673.885.68
getting names I will I got to heal she's676.25.92
going to move NOP turn around all right679.564.24
coming at682.124.64
me yeah I'm too quick for you you little683.86.2
[ __ ] stay away from me salmon all right686.766.8
oh yeah yeah thank you b s it just a690.05.279
couple more times we've almost got her693.563.399
all right I'm doing it695.2795.36
Papa doing it Papa oh yeah she's down696.9597.401
she's down yes you dumb you dumb [ __ ]700.6396.081
door that hurt there you go I'll revive708.8398.56
you good job babies now do we grab this714.325.319
right here woo yeah get that that loot717.3995.321
see if there's a head in it God heal me719.6395.841
scavenger matron head yeah beautiful722.725.2
take it let's go back home Heal Me heal725.484.599
me right now here we go here my heal my727.923.88
babies I mean should we loot the place730.0793.081
come on I mean yeah if you want to loot731.82.68
the place loot the place and then yeah733.165.52
we'll head back in a bit good job734.484.2
boys chapter 59 fat [ __ ] head flame739.5195.32
soup all right I'll commute with the745.3995.721
flame and now now strengthen the flame747.767.48
and we got everything the head and boom751.127.079
oh yeah yes flame level up we are level755.244.8
three now we can build more of the flame758.1994.32
alars out in the wild and now uh that760.043.88
one part of the Shroud that we couldn't762.5193.44
go into we can go into it right through763.925.12
it right so baby nebes baby Dora you765.9594.68
guys are good at activating spires get769.043.52
out there and activate that last Spire770.6394.041
oh I didn't know you noticed where's772.563.8
that where's that Spire where we'll find774.683.04
way to the north all right don't make us776.362.44
look like we're not good you ask777.722.84
questions like like that it's uh yeah I778.83.36
mean you can see it from here it's way780.563.279
out there but we do have a we do have782.163.039
one flame alter out there that you can783.8395.0
fast travel to home level one yeah okay785.1995.401
let's do it huh all right788.8395.601
bye all right go get him baby790.63.84
knes neebs you don't look like you know794.84.52
what you're doing I don't I was hoping797.2795.36
to leave here looking that way yeah crap799.324.879
door look good you click on the damn802.6393.401
thing h804.1995.0
f one it was I found it my God my God806.045.799
baby Simon right all right hey but I got809.1995.2
something fun to teach you oh leave me811.8397.601
waiting and wanting more and814.3999.841
clueless chapter 60 cluster [ __ ] on the819.444.8
bridge chish traps yeah I see them oh ow826.327.439
what' I just831.6395.2
say I'm a loot gobl I couldn't help it833.7595.361
ah but you were good at before the fast836.8396.841
travel yeah okay that looks like what is839.127.24
this oh God two wolves can I bring them843.686.56
into the traps y get in the Trap okay I846.367.0
on you take hey just take your time okay850.244.92
like we did in the big853.366.12
fight that a boy ow God oh that's that855.167.0
was you pull back I'll be fine that's a859.485.08
strong wolf yeah take your time I'll862.164.919
just sit here oh neebs I have to take my864.564.12
time shut up I just want you to know867.0793.12
it's okay okay with me if you take your868.684.079
time thanks I don't want you to feel870.1994.681
pressure from me I don't feel pressure872.7593.64
why don't you just shut up if I didn't874.884.759
say anything may you might maybe shut876.3997.081
up I'm coming the Wolves back by you879.6395.681
there's wolves on me you heal up you883.483.44
take them down one at a time like that885.324.319
uh Bruce Willis you get that reference886.925.24
um no that hard that we just kind of889.6396.281
took them out woo it's a lot of stuff up892.166.56
here yeah one at a time all right all895.924.12
right no898.724.559
pressure none900.047.56
felt okay come on come903.2797.56
on I think I'm Papa's least favorite907.65.599
what is on my head what's on my head910.8394.8
just run around just run away it'll I've913.1994.32
had one of those it'll it'll clear up915.6394.921
okay it's weird as [ __ ] oh oh it's from917.5195.68
the plant good God yep it's a plant920.565.12
thing is it on my butt oh I see you no923.1994.721
you look clear okay I'm just a pair of925.684.159
feet sticking out from a bsh you see it927.925.159
there we are oh gr man you're having a929.8395.601
stellar day it it took oh my God look at933.0795.24
these guys my God hurry okay run away oh935.447.959
I fell down no oh get I938.3195.08
fell this the943.886.879
worst I'm embarrassed to be me today I947.246.12
wish I was you today not me what does950.7595.361
that mean I'm so stupid today yeah but I953.365.839
fell down too nebs yeah but you did good956.124.6
in the other fight I haven't done good959.1993.0
at anything960.723.679
today take your time I don't want you962.1995.08
feeling pressure are you dead again yeah964.3995.88
I can't believe you're the good967.2793.0
one well we all know you're the Arrogant970.484.32
one yeah well the big guys are still up972.7594.56
here so look around first well I just974.84.2
activated that I didn't mean to do that977.3195.08
run run away run away there you go this979.05.6
is the worst oh here's another one982.3994.601
hiding around the corner they're just984.65.32
everywhere yeah987.05.8
you I seeing things blow up why's989.927.12
that cuz I'm blowing them up oh wow I'm992.85.519
that good I didn't know you were blowing997.044.56
up thing oh there you go there's two of998.3193.281
them did I lose them oh they're not on1001.7595.52
you oh no they're on you run away keep1004.886.56
on it wish I could help yeah me too1007.2796.961
there you go oh that guy jumped down he1011.445.24
jumped off the edge they're both oh one1014.246.159
did okay kill the other one oh he fell1016.687.24
down idiot yep what an idiot I know I'm1020.3995.881
glad we're not1023.926.999
idiots woo yes so good yeah baby you are1026.288.48
a champion man not too bad okay there1030.9197.28
okay try to stay out of trouble1034.763.439
kid chapter 61 big hard1038.245.599
staffs baby Simon hey Pops so hey you've1043.8395.481
been doing really good with the wands oh1046.9194.721
thank you but I want to teach you about1049.323.4
staff I have a staff I'm not a big fan1052.725.079
well why not well I don't know I mean1056.243.64
like I needed ammo for it right right1057.7994.0
you know what come in here cuz I saw uh1059.883.72
when we looted we picked up some ammo1061.7994.0
look in this box and there is some1063.66.24
electric ammo all right um it's not the1065.7995.601
summoning staff I mean it looks like1069.844.16
damn electricity chain lightning yeah1071.45.12
pull that in your inventory okay pulling1074.04.08
that in the inventory and I also I'm1076.522.519
going to I don't know where where the1078.082.52
hell I put my staff you going to give me1079.0393.441
one a good uh no you should have one so1080.66.199
now hold Q all right holding Q oh oh1082.487.679
okay yeah jeez see I do see but I don't1086.7995.081
know how to control this what do I how1090.1593.481
do I use it so you use your uh left1091.883.96
Mouse click like you fire it off okay1093.645.0
but there's no like I guess there is a1095.845.36
reticle huh all right so hold on let me1098.645.36
I got to hold that and I'm going to try1101.24.359
to hit the1104.03.559
tree yeah I don't think itd actually hit1105.5592.961
the tree yeah you got to be a little1107.5593.281
Clos but that's how you use a staff baby1108.526.519
Simon Okay um and I just got nine shots1110.846.04
just now yeah and you'll pick up more as1115.0394.281
you go out and about okay so I can try1116.884.24
to use this but so far I don't know if1119.324.0
I'm a fan we're going to have to just1121.124.08
wait and see yeah look you start zapping1123.323.359
people like you imagine you get up close1125.23.04
with the wand zap zap zap and then pull1126.6793.88
out the staff and then boom you hit them1128.244.919
all right zap zap zap pull out the staff1130.5594.521
yeah that'll be the my goal gotta tell1133.1593.64
you what it's dark so why don't you and1135.084.079
I sleep and uh we'll make it day light1136.7994.801
again for the other boys all right1139.1597.241
sounds good yeah sleep1141.64.8
sleep I don't want to wear this thing1149.645.279
man just wear it you you keep dying you1151.725.079
need protection idiot it's dumb look at1154.9194.601
it yeah it's like it's too big for me1156.7994.681
yeah I'd rather1159.526.08
die oh you look so stupid I know it hold1161.488.84
on Hey listen are these um explodable1165.65.76
barrels oh he's oh yeah try that cuz1171.364.72
there's a dog behind that1173.885.56
one did you get him that was a start1176.086.4
there we go yeah that's how you uhoh1179.444.8
here we go he's com maybe you can do1182.485.8
something I shoot him he's almost down1184.245.36
oh he's1188.284.84
coming okay you finish done yeah man1189.65.8
that was teamwork that the rest of the1193.124.76
day huh are you going to be good the1195.44.48
rest of the day oh I hope this1197.885.279
guy yep okay oh yeah he's got uh he's1199.884.48
got thing so be careful I'm going to go1203.1593.681
into him oh he's yep get up oh there1204.364.72
more I'll Rush him that's what I'm doing1206.846.76
okay I'll Rush him too there we1209.086.56
goam what happens when both of us are1213.64.439
conscious that was great all right ooh1215.644.68
he's got some weird looking meat I've1218.0393.921
never seen yeah I got some weird meat1220.324.12
too and a copper Arrow the old weird1221.964.52
meat tribe1224.444.32
uh-huh so at the end of this bridge1226.484.439
Bridge oh yeah we're doing a Spire1228.763.88
remember yeah we got it yeah that bridge1230.9193.721
took longer than well any Bridge really1232.643.64
we have not even got to the Spire yet1234.643.159
where is1236.284.08
it oh wow look at those stairs going up1237.7995.321
that rock right there see that cave no1240.365.799
you got a cave off to the left let me1243.125.559
see I mean that's no1246.1595.161
joke oh yeah we should stay focused1248.6794.801
right all right yep Focus okay you see1251.328.04
the Spire nope yep okay to the spire1253.485.88
oh on your back oh you want to keep1267.1594.921
running or fight hey I'm climbing you1269.485.12
found a place oh God okay oh that's1272.083.719
right a double1274.64.559
jump come on double jump might save me1275.7996.36
today I don't know what this is oh hey1279.1595.76
I'm Yep this is good up here yeah I mean1282.1595.64
we're out of the Shroud oh yeah out of1284.9194.12
the Shroud oh that guy is still behind1287.7994.36
you uh help me out for you need to heal1289.0397.041
oh God he's strong you good no but1292.1595.88
distracted okay I'm going to heal up1296.084.68
boom got that all right I'm coming in1298.0397.88
holy crap oh no okay oh crap your turn1300.766.76
to be good I'm going to wear him down1305.9192.961
from a distance1307.523.48
hopefully oh boy he's coming he's so1308.885.799
strong he's so strong Yep this is not1311.06.64
good he'll take one hit you're done I1314.6795.36
know I'm trying not to get hit my1317.644.279
stamina is really low you want me to1320.0394.52
talk about Bruce Willis uh yes that will1321.9195.041
help me oh God that'll help me be1324.5594.841
stronger I don't want1326.967.52
to one hit he's going to kill me well1329.49.36
two okay and oh good job mate I didn't1334.485.92
DOD oh God get away get away get away I1338.763.399
hit Dodge it didn't dodge I know cuz1340.44.48
stamina probably okay oh God oh my God1342.1596.0
you look so dumb out there he is so fast1344.885.52
yeah very fast okay I got to heal up why1348.1595.0
you just like run up or something like I1350.44.2
don't know if I drink this thing is it1353.1593.601
going to like make me stop and get H1354.63.959
probably oh he's right on your oh God1356.764.48
yep I see that I need to drink it oh no1358.5596.321
that's quick okay okay good yeah be good1361.247.72
nbes be good I'm going back to the wrong1364.889.2
range nice and nice woo you just dodge I1368.967.76
hit Dodge don't Dodge yeah not quicking1374.085.36
up okay I don't have time under rest no1376.724.319
a chapter 62 Simon gives a wolf the old1383.45.639
shocker o baby Simon yeah they're1389.886.24
looking like they're asking for trouble1393.5594.24
yeah I think they're asking for a bolt1396.124.12
of electricity to the face yes now are1397.7996.081
you saying I do like wand wand then1400.246.039
staff yeah when they when they get close1403.885.2
maybe okay all right let's see they keep1406.2795.161
an eye on your Mana though my my Mana1409.083.88
yeah that's the that's the blue bar on1411.443.68
your top left that's your Mana okay when1412.964.0
you use magic your Mana will go down1415.124.799
just a little bit hey yeah bring them in1416.965.12
hello maybe kill one and then focus on1419.9195.24
the other yeah yeah look atoll you got1422.084.959
to get closer with that wand you always1425.1594.481
you're further back yes I am hold on1427.0396.64
yeah Shield up I am I'm going to do1429.646.08
this I'm going to all right yeah you got1433.6793.961
one down all right all right so yeah1435.723.319
there you go C1437.642.639
oh yeah I got to you got to hold it I1439.0392.721
got to hold1440.2795.121
it got you see that was ugly but it1441.766.919
worked it did work all right get that1445.45.6
wolf meat and yeah you got to get good1448.6794.201
at using staff so you can like zap zap1451.04.2
zap and1452.884.88
then you're good at sound effects yeah1455.24.44
like that guy from Police Academy1457.765.08
exactly you're exactly like1459.646.759
him oh my gosh it's like he's here it's1462.845.839
like I'm Michael winow was that his name1466.3995.64
I think it is wow nailed1468.6793.36
it this looks really close doesn't it1481.05.24
yeah what is that moving over there I1484.05.52
don't know look like oh God three of1486.246.6
them are they going to fight us probably1489.525.84
yeah they are angry all right let's uh1492.844.36
maybe wrap around a little lower WP1495.363.799
lower okay1497.24.92
got you I see you uh-huh oh1499.1596.441
God what what is quite the drop down1502.126.279
there just the drop huh squeeze through1505.65.12
here oh yeah they're1508.3996.841
uh here run past yeah run past there go1510.726.76
yep is this where we were going to come1517.483.679
up earlier this feels like where we died1519.3993.321
and fought that'd be great wouldn't it1521.1595.24
this is right here oh man is it yeah1522.725.199
this is where there's your stuff look at1526.3992.681
this hey we should probably put that1527.9193.12
flame alter down quick all right we'll1529.084.92
do it here there it1531.0396.88
is okay doing it right here there it is1534.08.679
yeah okay aha that's it Well for now now1537.9197.041
we got a respawn point and we are pretty1542.6795.281
close to that Spire as far as we know1544.965.36
we're coming for you Spire just like1547.965.68
Bruce Willis1550.323.32

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