The Tin Tomb - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 19

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the third horde to arrive in Darkness Falls? If you're anything like me, you've been e...
The Tin Tomb - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 19
The Tin Tomb - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 19

The Tin Tomb - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 19

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Darkness Falls! Today's video is gonna be epic, just like every other one, right?

simon: Oh yeah, definitely! I mean, who doesn't love watching us struggle to survive in this crazy world?

appsro: I know I do! And this episode is extra special because it's the third horde arriving. Can't wait to see how we handle it.

neebs: Oh man, the suspense is killing me! But you know what's not killing me? This tin tomb! It's my favorite part of the video for sure.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for the third horde to arrive in Darkness Falls? If you're anything like me, you've been eagerly waiting for this moment to see how the team handles the incoming wave of zombies.

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I personally love the music in Neebs Gaming videos, and this one features some great tracks like "Divertissement" by Kevin MacLeod and "Fresno Alley" by Josh Lippi & The Overtimers. It really sets the mood for the intense gameplay and adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

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hey simon yes sir i don't know if i can10.084.88
get out of this place12.6394.56
it seems like it would be nice to not14.964.88
have that one there and we could lay17.1995.041
that yeah and place it after yeah but19.844.4
i'm going to try it i'm sorry about that22.244.32
guy there you go there you go you're a24.243.52
jumper all right26.563.92
there you go oh my god simon you're like27.765.44
air jordan like dora that's pretty great30.486.64
hi thick hi uh we're gonna die yeah yeah33.25.679
yeah i'm a little nervous uh i don't37.124.4
have the best uh track record with horde38.8794.561
bases but uh i think it's gonna be a41.523.84
good time if you want today because i'm43.443.76
thinking do you want some more spikes45.363.92
because not only just always right so47.23.679
tell me where to put them because i've49.283.439
got about 30 and i'm going to get about50.8793.36
i'm going to try to get another 20. let52.7192.881
me get rid of this one right here it's54.2394.401
silly right now it is it's silly um but55.65.439
then we're gonna just fill in everything58.644.48
all the way up to us and there's just61.0394.16
anywhere on the outside you know yeah63.124.8
okay so another another row perimeter65.1994.801
maybe around the whole thing it wouldn't67.923.76
hurt all right well maybe that's what70.03.36
i'll do today i'm trying to be a helper71.682.96
you know i think you're a really good73.363.92
person thank you and is there any way74.645.76
that we can upgrade the entire outside77.285.519
of this from paper mache to something a80.44.56
little bit more durable likely not all82.7994.131
right well that's our tin tomb84.963.839
i got bad feelings neebs oh really88.7994.801
yeah i can't craft ammo oh what do you91.7594.161
mean i i just i can't craft ammo oh93.64.159
welcome to my world yeah i've had ammo95.922.96
since we got here i know yeah you97.7592.801
complain about that and shotgun well98.883.68
listen but okay so i i was going to go100.563.68
do a trader mission maybe see if i can102.563.76
purchase some ammo yep and i'll give you104.243.68
uh i'll give you what i can i'm making106.324.56
two dick punchers in here right now107.925.68
do we want a third one i got one so okay110.884.64
then uh well i'll make a third one just113.64.4
in case why not what are you up to it's115.524.639
been cooking all day man i got a nice118.04.32
stew for everybody before we start okay120.1593.761
wonderful uh do you need to attend to122.323.2
that you want to go with me on a mission123.923.04
uh yeah i've already got it cooked let's125.523.28
do it oh all right let's go yeah all126.964.32
right hopefully we can get something uh128.83.519
some money131.284.48
money money money money money132.3194.721
hey bro135.762.8
what you looking at137.045.04
do you know who i am i'm a nightmare to138.566.72
you and everyone else because142.085.36
i'm not good at this game anymore i'm145.285.039
sorry i'm here actually if you could147.445.6
spare some food and not just look at me150.3196.56
like an idiot just hand it over or153.046.479
that's my stomach i'm in a bad place man156.8795.521
come on just help me out or be a friend159.5195.521
or would just stand in there162.44.72
[ __ ] move165.043.68
i'm done with you167.123.36
moving on with my life168.725.04
you still there oh yep walk away bro170.484.72
walk away173.764.05
no food heaven piece of [ __ ]175.25.039
all right neebs standard uh fetch and180.2395.521
bring back to the trader okay got it uh182.8794.64
i'm gonna try to go quiet yeah try not185.763.44
to use any ammo oh man don't worry i187.5193.281
don't have any perfect shotgun doesn't189.23.52
count which is dumb like a shotgun190.83.76
absolutely counts as ammo it's a pipe192.724.08
one and uh you always miss the first few194.564.64
shots anyway don't you i don't oh really196.85.76
uh oh oh stay still neebs all right yep199.25.119
oh god i was hoping not to piss him off202.563.28
all right might be bringing him outside204.3194.0
okay bring him on out i'm ready and205.845.84
take you down oh that's a runner oh no208.3194.961
help neebs yep i'm shooting in the butt211.683.199
oh shoot inside213.284.0
come out come out oh all right you do it214.8793.761
you do it okay217.282.959
check out [ __ ]218.643.44
jesus all right we didn't use ammo i220.2393.92
almost died oh man i'm gonna use my222.084.32
bandages geez all right i thought this224.1593.761
is going to be a simple fetch quest oh226.42.72
wait you know what damn it i forgot to227.922.959
hit this we haven't started yet yeah229.123.36
that probably didn't count did it no it230.8793.36
all right i'll try it sneaky this time234.2394.761
okay it's gonna be slightly different is240.564.08
that same [ __ ] still on the floor242.8792.881
all right come on come on oh we got a245.763.839
big mama neither of them are running now247.923.44
so this is good that is good all right249.5993.28
bow and arrows yeah get him with the251.364.56
bows in there nice nice nice nice yup252.8794.48
come on tubs yeah there you go there you255.923.439
go right in the pooper all right get up257.3593.041
i got her259.3593.041
nope i don't got her yep one more shot260.43.76
there we go there we go perfect any good262.43.68
books come on good book good book oh264.163.12
hell yeah now i know how to make266.082.72
all right we're just here for the good270.083.36
stuff which according to my icon my271.524.56
stuff's upstairs grab this small pile of273.445.12
food i got a little bit276.084.64
hear that where was that i don't know278.564.72
oh right here yep oh that's a runner280.724.4
you're not running what you call running283.283.04
oh he's running faster than the other285.121.84
he's feral he had the glowing eyes you286.963.04
know what i mean all right we still got288.6393.521
all right simon if if you were to guess293.045.04
now that i've got uh those tokens you295.685.44
gave me 2 339 how many nine mil do you298.084.559
think i can get with that with that i301.123.76
don't know he was trying to sell me 35302.6394.321
for like almost a thousand tokens well i304.885.2
can get 87 for all of it yeah that is306.965.76
ridiculous yeah that's not a lot of310.084.88
tokens highway robbery is what it is312.724.4
yeah is it better in other places i314.964.959
don't know i got i'm not like maxed out317.124.32
of the thing i'll tell you what we need319.9193.041
it so i'm gonna get you uh i'm gonna321.442.72
grab you 30 of these i'm just going to322.965.36
put the rest in 762. okay um yeah324.166.16
okay you know what i don't think i have328.323.36
to shoot 762. yeah but it's all right331.684.32
the rest of us do no i know and i was334.04.72
just about to say i have 59 of them oh336.05.199
so i do have something to catch you put338.724.88
them in one of the uh the two um341.1994.72
uh turrets i i got up i could but i'm343.63.68
scared that the turrets are gonna break345.9193.521
and not really shoot anything nah you're347.284.24
fine here here's your nine mil i'll see349.444.4
you over at the uh horde base yay i'll351.525.36
see you there bye353.843.04
oh oh okay what have i got what have i360.164.72
got you okay oh god that's runners come362.165.2
on how's that is it ready it's open okay364.883.84
good good good good good good good good367.363.76
good good are you running out oh she368.724.479
there we go oh we here yeah she hurt oh374.165.84
yeah there we go377.0394.241
oh you down380.02.56
stay down381.283.68
that's my bag382.564.8
oil and a hat oil and a hat huh did you384.964.239
get what we came for no i got it it's387.363.36
still upstairs oh well come on did you389.1993.28
get yours oh i got one yeah you're gonna390.724.08
have one too oh you're a little icon at392.4794.801
the top yeah just follow that to the394.84.0
place if it has an arrow on it up or397.283.039
down it means it's either above or below398.82.88
okay hopefully that was it right that401.684.079
was it my stuff's just gonna be up here403.843.919
we're gonna get it we're gonna go and405.7594.081
i'm gonna make some money and buy some407.7595.201
ammo that's the plan man i'm not sure i409.844.56
see the arrow you're talking about if412.962.639
you don't see it you're probably on the414.43.919
right floor okay let's see is it in415.5995.361
ha-ha neebs you found your i found mine418.3194.561
you had a dig for it i i didn't have to420.964.239
dig i had to break a wall now what about422.884.56
yours it's kind of over here i'll keep425.1993.84
up found about a tv courier satchel all429.0394.321
right let's get back to the trader431.843.28
hopefully you can give us some money and433.364.239
we can get some ammo and i'm gonna sell435.125.84
some pumpkin bread437.5993.361
so this is it huh no pain grain boys445.5995.841
don't hit me i'm not i'm just parking it449.363.36
out here i guess451.442.72
hopefully it'll be okay out here it's452.723.599
gonna be fine all right what's up hey454.164.72
i've got something neebs i know that456.3194.641
you've been working hard on food nice i458.884.319
am praying to baby jesus that you have460.964.48
some food for me okay i am going to give463.1994.72
you something right here because i know465.444.479
that you've been farming all your life467.9193.601
keep hearing it i'm just going to save469.9192.641
this armor471.523.119
armor there you go it's a horde for you472.563.919
all right look at that whoa that's a lot474.6395.041
of six too thick i know i earned it476.4796.16
favors for uh trader joel so okay let's479.685.04
get to this i don't know how how many482.6394.161
spikes you have like if anyone's brought484.723.68
some spare oh i've been i've been making486.82.72
spikes like488.42.72
all day you can do a round of the489.524.56
building um before i seal us in yeah491.125.359
let's see i brought a maybe keep 10 or494.084.88
15 in your pocket yeah i brought 380 is496.4794.801
that enough holy boy498.964.48
dish them out spread them out hey listen501.284.16
i've already dropped 50 and i got 16. i503.444.08
know but but he doesn't need to drop all505.443.84
400 of these so we can help him all507.524.0
right tell you what yep so uh509.285.36
thick take some spikes okay here's uh511.525.84
i appreciate these things all i got 22514.645.759
only oh well here take uh take 40 more517.364.799
oh wow all right yeah let's spike this520.3994.851
place up522.15912.641
all right i think uh i've put all the534.83.52
spikes i can down i have 10 in my pocket536.3993.12
yeah let me uh go ahead go ahead i'm539.5192.801
going to fill this in i'm going to run540.9593.521
out after seven do not like walking in542.324.48
there so you want to load the entire544.484.32
floor down here with spikes sure and the546.85.039
way up to us okay so you put down yours548.85.36
and then uh i'll start putting down mine551.8395.601
uh-huh all right i'm out so in here what554.164.799
do we have there's some food products557.442.8
there's like five cooked meat i don't558.9593.361
know if you need any these two chests560.243.44
right here if you need anything last562.322.8
minute are we gonna put spikes on the563.683.279
stairs yeah why not man i'm starting to565.123.52
feel better now these spikes these566.9593.601
spikes might do it like yeah yeah but568.643.28
they go through the wood ones like570.562.719
that's true they're gonna choose this571.922.88
quick but you know it's better than573.2794.541
nothing yeah no good point574.87.68
all right my dick puncher is down and582.483.52
hopefully we'll do some damage right584.643.6
there yeah i hope so too and let me make586.04.56
sure since i have that perk if i'm over588.246.8
here yep she's still fully functioning590.566.64
i kind of gotta state why is this595.044.239
not a okay that's not filled in at all597.23.759
that's dangerous as [ __ ] right here599.2794.161
trailers yeah where do i put mine i got600.9594.961
two if you can find anywhere man but not603.445.36
on these trapdoors i mean605.924.4
i don't know how far is your yours reach608.82.719
why don't you put yours like right in610.322.72
the corner here if you can so there's611.5193.281
nowhere to shoot at them like running up613.043.52
though is there not really there's a614.83.599
couple little gaps should we uh should616.563.44
we like make some gaps in this roof so618.3993.281
we can at least look out well we can't620.03.519
we can we can go if i go there i don't621.684.88
think oh no oh god oh you fell down the623.5194.88
hole i was just about to remove626.564.959
oh [ __ ] oh god i'm at the bottom628.3995.12
all you gotta do is get past a thousand631.5194.56
spikes and you'll be up here i gotta oh633.5193.281
no why was there a hole there no that's636.85.2
what i was just feeling okay she said639.445.04
wow that's dangerous all right sorry642.04.24
spikes i gotta take you out not all the644.483.599
way well what do you want me to do the646.243.76
same way you fell down why don't you648.0792.721
pull up hey you can nerd pole to this650.84.0
the dumb escape bridge we got out back652.883.84
the dumbest okay yeah you could do that654.83.599
good no they don't have to chew sprite656.723.679
spikes out that way okay hold on i think658.3993.841
i can do this you can do this all right660.3993.281
i'm gonna fill this one that's a good662.243.44
start [ __ ]663.684.78
hey i'm back hey welcome back665.687.959
spooky music682.0793.361
there it is there it is yeah how do you683.8393.44
guys oh yeah spikes oh god they're685.443.28
chewing through it quick but they're687.2793.441
dying that's how they do688.725.119
oh exploding arrows690.726.96
good job there we go there we go hey693.8396.24
spikes are uh spikes are working pretty697.684.24
good man look at all the bags they're700.0794.32
dropping like immediately701.924.32
go get them simon go down get that back704.3994.321
no thank you706.245.599
i'm relaxing you know yeah enjoy it now708.725.679
yeah yeah so they're obviously gonna711.8394.161
chew through the main wall this place714.3993.521
since it's made of nothing right i716.03.76
wasn't worried about that right it's717.923.52
more about don't we need that main wall719.763.6
to hold up this uh so we can actually721.443.92
jump onto your bridge uh723.363.84
oh i figured there'd be like probably725.363.599
the um you want to extend that bridge727.24.8
maybe or at least have the plan to see728.9595.921
simon and i can jump like 40 feet732.05.12
yeah we use a lot of ammo there buddy oh734.883.519
i thought we were oh we're not using737.122.959
them i mean i can't i can't feel like we738.3993.12
need to wait until they're [ __ ] up740.0793.521
here i'm just hanging out well what's i741.5193.841
mean certain nights early playing with743.63.919
my balls we got all night why are these745.364.159
guys stopping that's interesting yeah i747.5193.361
like it though it makes it easier to749.5192.401
shoot them with an arrow because they750.882.399
don't know how to handle this they're751.923.359
like what what yeah they're thoroughly753.2793.68
confused that we picked the green place755.2792.881
do y'all think we should maybe go to the756.9592.961
other side of the building yeah take a758.163.52
look at it other side like i'm wondering759.923.2
i'm worried they're gonna just chew761.682.8
through that side and be done maybe if763.122.959
we go over here they'll think uh you764.483.2
know well that's just gonna make them766.0792.721
keep chewing i don't understand your767.683.12
i wonder if they'll go to the other side770.82.479
of the building and chew on you know772.02.56
what i'm saying773.2792.721
when have they ever what are you talking774.562.88
about i just told you i just told you776.02.639
that's not what i was he's got a777.443.36
different theory that never has been778.6394.721
true okay i got a point to make okay if780.84.479
we're all over here and they go oh783.363.36
people let's go to that side maybe785.2792.721
they'll come straight to the people i786.723.119
move to the other side well i'm gonna788.03.76
try to shoot them and do actually789.8395.081
something beneficial791.763.16
why are they so confused over here it's803.8393.761
weird am i wrong no they're very805.443.68
confused and you lie and it's a good807.62.96
thing we're happy809.123.04
this is working out they're stopping810.564.48
before the the812.162.88
guys let's see is anyone uh looking818.9594.161
inside making sure they're not coming up821.1994.32
i haven't let's see yeah i don't see any823.125.12
movement going on down there yeah seems825.5194.961
pretty clear but that's the thing that828.243.599
oh god they're just gonna chew through830.483.12
the bottom aren't they yeah of course of831.8394.24
course yeah of course but it's gonna833.63.76
take so they're not even gonna make it836.0793.521
up here oh good then we win no we don't837.363.279
they're gonna chew to the bottom this839.62.4
whole thing's gonna collapse there's840.6393.44
those eye there's steel842.05.839
pylons okay that's the the core all844.0795.44
right you guys are such naysayer847.8393.44
negative nancies well you got a track849.5194.0
record buddy no i've had the best ones851.2795.401
pretty much853.5193.161
they're so damn confused they're like863.1993.44
how do we get up there we don't know how864.724.16
to get up there oh i see a guy now i'm866.6393.921
not i'm not saying anything but i kind868.883.04
of want to call things already but i'm870.562.959
not going to say all right now look871.923.359
right below us they they are in the873.5193.68
building okay see you i welcome them875.2794.081
uh-oh i'm starting to hear them oh good877.1994.241
hey tommy oh [ __ ] i can't go i almost879.364.88
went right to the blades881.444.639
i'm like i could walk through this yes884.243.44
i'm going to stay back over here yeah886.0793.12
yeah you got this that's your call i887.683.36
have a good angle at the stairs but889.1993.281
again they're probably chewing away at891.043.359
the base of this so probably doesn't892.482.96
we should bait them895.442.8
i tell you what i'm going to do i'm896.9593.361
going to get a perspective from the898.244.8
escape bridge oh yeah i like that idea900.324.24
yeah i'm going to get some data yeah903.042.64
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm with904.563.76
you i'm with you all right looking back905.686.48
boy it is just it's so dead out there908.326.639
it's weird912.162.799
oh bird first bird what the hell bird922.165.64
bird bird924.563.24
what's all this green glow and stuff but929.364.08
it's probably spitters oh god yeah i931.443.6
know the birds it's the birds they're933.444.0
[ __ ] the birds they're spitting birds935.044.0
spitting birds yeah they're spitting937.445.12
birds they've been spitting for years939.046.159
oh [ __ ] there's a way to fall downstairs942.564.88
yeah like right [ __ ] here here's945.1994.161
simon you're gonna fix it no matter what947.444.0
right there buddy look at this949.363.919
no oh yeah951.444.48
thank you birds [ __ ] you i'm trying to953.2794.961
take care of the birds me too955.923.68
all right yeah958.243.68
good job birds959.64.08
i love it you know yeah we got birds but961.923.599
guess what i also noticed we have zombie963.684.159
bears and i don't know where he went so965.5194.32
well we got that to look forward to yep967.8393.36
yep yeah they're going to be good oh my969.8392.401
oh there he is that son of a [ __ ]972.242.88
they're so big this one's going right973.683.44
into the spikes like a dumbass i'm gonna975.125.44
grenade this [ __ ] zombie bear yeah977.126.719
take that zombie bear980.563.279
neebs nothing's coming up huh nothing984.164.64
i'm looking right now and all i see is986.244.32
uh empty stairs988.83.039
i see them in the bottom floor i don't990.562.719
know what they're doing uh do you think991.8392.961
i could get a molotov cocktail down993.2793.841
there i don't see any holes no where994.84.88
would you throw it uh down good luck i997.124.8
just don't want to mess the rest of the999.684.079
structure up you know right i just think1001.922.96
we're so high up they don't know how to1003.7592.561
get up here because they're dumb i kind1004.884.0
of love that1006.325.439
oh no oh what happened terrible labs up1008.886.16
i felt i felt but it's oh god you got it1011.7596.64
it's okay it's okay because i'm a pro oh1015.045.68
god why did i do this why have i done1018.3995.641
this to myself1020.723.32
protect me am i here keep an eye out for1028.5593.921
birds here1030.3194.0
birds you say i'm just saying keep an1032.483.599
eye out man i'm doing a lot of falling1034.3194.76
oh bomb guy bob guy to the west they're1043.6794.64
coming from the west now all right shoot1046.0793.041
yeah we don't want him blowing up down1049.123.2
here trying to get the bomb yeah try to1050.44.08
get the bomb if you can blow his ass up1052.324.32
oh he's gonna hit the spikes no come on1054.484.4
yeah blow his ass up oh wow he's just1056.644.24
chewing through okay he's down1058.884.56
if there's one there's more probably1060.884.4
oh that's a that's one of those craze1063.444.08
these are the crazies uh are demons1065.284.96
hunchback [ __ ] oh yeah we got hunched1067.524.0
back demons on the bottom floor just1070.243.2
running around another bomb guy by the1071.524.48
charger oh don't don't shoot him next to1073.445.04
the charger oh [ __ ] okay next to the1076.04.64
charger he's not don't shoot him would1078.484.48
tell me when okay yeah i don't want him1080.643.919
blowing up next to that thing god if i1082.963.12
lose that charger it took so many1084.5593.921
resources to make that all right when1086.085.839
he should be good now uh yeah now okay1088.484.96
can i hit his bomb gotta want to hit1091.9193.76
your bomb [ __ ] spitter come on kill1093.444.88
yourself on them [ __ ] spikes1095.6794.401
i think you can disable the bomb if you1098.323.68
shoot it like it doesn't blow up oh and1100.084.32
there it go1102.02.4
okay that's all right nape this seems1104.7994.161
too easy right yeah like something's1106.963.599
gonna just fall to pieces in a minute1108.963.92
exactly it's like this is uh but they1110.5594.161
haven't even made it up here hey listen1112.883.44
you or i could jump down to those stairs1114.723.04
and get a closer look all right where's1116.322.719
the uh where's the generator for the1117.763.08
trash right1119.0394.081
here then they're just gonna [ __ ] about1120.843.88
something traps are off go check it out1123.123.84
neebs chops are off look at that i'm1124.724.4
going i'm turning back on but now what's1126.964.4
your plan to get back okay i can make it1129.124.16
around there right i think yeah as long1131.363.679
as the trap's off but uh yeah i'm going1133.284.72
in for a closer look do it yeah okay1135.0394.721
making way down the stairs oh yeah i see1138.03.52
them down at the bottom yeah and their1139.763.36
spikes are still on the up on the second1141.524.399
floor still spikes everywhere bears yep1143.124.96
so they're not even coming up huh nope1145.9194.321
well hey good news for us then as far as1148.083.599
i can tell things look pretty good all1150.243.76
right and come back traps off yep traps1151.6793.921
are off buddy you can come on up here1154.03.76
hey let's don't turn them on for comedic1155.67.56
effect okay um don't tip me1157.765.4
names i want to see if i can throw a1168.5592.721
molotov cop like i can shoot through1169.6793.201
these bars but i don't know if i can1171.283.519
throw a molotov cocktail through these1172.882.72
let me go over here before you try that1175.63.439
i'm going to do it1177.362.559
light and throw1179.9194.241
[ __ ] [ __ ] yeah okay there's only one way1181.444.4
to know there's only one way to know now1184.164.24
i know oh boy nope nope nope nope nope1185.844.4
nope oh god bandage up bandage up made1188.43.6
it jump i am good nope nope manage up1190.245.76
manage okay god that was stupid1192.04.0
is that the morning oh my god1196.885.76
is it morning seriously1199.64.959
look at this oh1202.644.0
my gosh did they stop running they're1204.5594.401
running away now it's weird1206.644.72
they're like legit running away1208.964.24
are they running away no they're not1211.364.24
running away look at them1213.24.08
well some of them are clearly not1215.63.52
running away but somehow1217.283.04
okay then they're running back they're1219.122.88
we gotta get some in bags down there1222.03.36
[ __ ] we gotta get all the bags down1223.762.88
all right we still got a problem because1226.643.6
we still got a lot of things down there1228.04.72
including zombie bears oh no some1230.245.28
crashing down oh no oh [ __ ] oh guys get1232.725.76
safe okay [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] get safe okay1235.524.96
that's safe i'm the i'm on the top of1238.484.48
the building okay that's crashing down1240.484.24
you said get saved1242.963.52
oh man this thing might have just1244.726.4
survived long enough so we're gonna live1246.484.64
down there yeah there we go yeah they're1252.324.64
down fire [ __ ] yeah1254.5595.36
demons like fire oh you got me1256.966.959
sorry dress you like fire i love it1259.9196.24
dude you trying to kill me no not on1263.9194.081
purpose uh i'm gonna make a break for1266.1593.841
the charger all right1268.04.559
okay okay oh there they go are you1270.06.64
chasing me are you chasing me1272.5596.081
yeah where you going turn around i'm1276.644.0
gonna run some of these bastards over1278.645.039
okay you okay with that bucko i'm okay1280.644.68
with it sonny1283.6796.521
and kaboom yeah1285.324.88
there's still some [ __ ] in the bottom1294.083.28
oh boy1297.444.239
he's not down find the poop all right1299.6793.681
look at this guy there's this guy i'm1301.6793.281
with you yeah1303.363.12
what kind of damage did they do under1304.964.24
here holy [ __ ] this thing so they did1306.485.36
chew through all these steel beams1309.24.4
what the hell was holding this place up1311.844.8
i don't know our our persistence this1313.66.48
like this just this middle piece1316.646.72
damn hey it counts wow we survived the1320.085.28
darkness falls horde night not one damn1323.364.64
death look at all this laughing yeah1325.364.64
baby yeah1328.03.2
i'm so happy1331.22.64

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