The Nether is BROKEN! (Minecraft Ep 29)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already seen it, the latest Minecraft video is here and it's a real treat. In this episod...
The Nether is BROKEN! (Minecraft Ep 29)
The Nether is BROKEN! (Minecraft Ep 29)

The Nether is BROKEN! (Minecraft Ep 29)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Minecraft video where we tackle the broken Nether? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! Especially with Appsro and I goofing off back at home.

appsro: I mean, someone has to keep the base safe while you two are out there causing chaos in the Nether.

neebs: True, true. But let's be real, the real star of the show was that blaze spawner giving us all trouble.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already seen it, the latest Minecraft video is here and it's a real treat. In this episode, Neebs, Anthony, and Dora venture into the Nether to take on the blaze spawner. Meanwhile, Appsro and Simon stay back at home and goof around - classic!

And hey, if you're loving the content as much as I am, make sure to check out the awesome Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt they're sporting in the video. You can snag one for yourself over at Design By Humans - I've already got mine ordered!

If you're curious about the mods they're using in this episode, they've got a video explaining their setup that you can check out on their channel. And of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the Neebs Gaming adventures.

Plus, have you seen their Minecraft playlist? It's full of hilarious moments and epic gameplay, definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of the game. And if you're looking to get in on the action yourself, they've even provided the link to get Minecraft Java Edition.

As a huge fan of Neebs Gaming, I love all the little details they include in their videos - like the music credits at the end. It's those little touches that make their content so enjoyable to watch. From "A Good Day on the African Planes" to "Sneaky Adventure," the music sets the perfect tone for each moment in the video.

Thanks for tuning in to another epic Minecraft adventure with Neebs Gaming.

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yeah lost of my experience points oh0.3295.76
wait I'm falling where am I going2.2199.901
he's underground oh hey okay weird oh6.08920.371
geez that was oh well thank you yes12.1216.829
in the back little campfire yeah the26.465.01
same you still got this hell yeah this28.9493.211
other than my areas kind of gone to hell32.164.71
this neighborhood has been gone to hell34.834.02
is it I mean look before you moved in I36.873.27
mean look at that there's this tall38.852.82
thing my neighbor keeps trying to shoot40.143.84
me right dangerous neighborhood and41.6712.99
we're like feuding neighbors I think see43.9811.61
what I mean this what I have to deal54.661.92
with I think we could turn this55.593.18
neighborhood around so I agree listen56.583.6
but you got a lot of work to do tearing58.773.63
down that well here's first off here's60.184.409
one of my plans I finally made a flint62.43.719
and steel what happens if I like those64.5893.361
on fire oh they'll just pay to burn66.1193.721
it'll burn the advise within the grow67.953.87
back but that's already a good start no69.843.15
but you though they grow back we've71.822.549
trust me I've tried to put it down72.994.32
several oh we start with this chef yes74.3695.581
tear down the chef I don't know I think77.315.36
it was mine but go ahead79.952.72
defend me I'm more fun we're trying to84.9796.49
tear down your trash yeah but how fun is89.2193.93
this there I'll light this whole place91.4693.631
on fire you keep doing that I'm gonna go93.1494.751
see what needs up to95.17.41
oh yeah just up the stairs a touch oh102.515.4
there you are what's up what are you105.742.65
so I've blocked off the Mavi lobby okay108.395.07
so they fall a little bit short of a111.243.99
distance and then I take them out with113.464.74
the axe and I get the XP oh oh so you115.234.62
just farm an XP now yeah118.22.88
what do you farm an XP for what's the119.854.59
plan so I can do enchantments what are121.085.28
you getting Chan oh I don't know I just124.443.929
want to have the points so you just126.364.14
stand in here all day collect them XP128.3694.261
all day long this is your day130.53.93
I just want to do I want to go to the132.633.24
nether to in a little bit134.433.59
oh what's it another that fire stuff135.874.77
blaze rod blaze rod yeah I want to go138.028.68
with you know we got these hang on hang140.646.33
oh yeah I got some too sweet beautiful146.978.67
all right okay let's go make153.934.47
invisibility potions we're going to the155.644.65
nether yeah but I want to take potions158.43.42
to the nether you know what I think I160.293.15
changed my mind I'm gonna stay here but161.823.51
uh I would like one of these potions163.444.55
all right Anthony you know how to shoot185.334.03
the Pigman right187.983.02
same way I've been shooting doraleous189.364.769
yeah they will wage war on you and never191.04.03
forgive you194.1292.761
oh so don't shoot them right because I195.034.89
can't have you dying on my mission okay196.895.19
well I got a shield I just gave you a199.925.49
potion yes what is it splash potion of202.084.799
invisibility yeah but we're not gonna205.413.81
use it just yet you ready okay yeah206.8794.231
Anthony I kind of wish you would hit a209.2212.329
pig man go ahead and okay coming I just211.1112.9
see gray I see gray as well221.5494.741
oh wait if I look up there is sky oh224.015.43
here we go well that was a long transfer226.296.72
oh I don't feel good I lost all my stuff229.446.33
god I lost all my stuff noobs I don't233.015.28
see you Oh God235.774.829
okay I came I'm not really here I'm238.294.74
walking right away yeah come to your240.5994.771
which way you facing noobs am I in front243.033.539
of you what are y'all doing245.373.21
walk around what's going on well oh no I246.5694.441
got my stuff oh okay alright it worked248.584.71
I'll have to stay down there Elias hey I251.013.839
see you halfway through come through253.293.66
Anthony I am through you're not through254.8493.691
come through him you come through256.953.27
doraleous all you have to do is one more258.543.78
step in it's the same to you I think260.225.04
there's something wrong wait noobs can262.324.8
you see me moving I see both y'all just265.263.719
stand in the portal look we're replacing267.124.13
babes you're just looking off into the268.9795.581
connection long up me too271.255.47
back to server list we haven't figured274.565.52
out the nether yet on the server okay uh276.729.12
raid join in Hey okay yeah Alice280.089.75
yeah I don't stuff now I lost the285.844.59
yeah oh wait but I just got connection290.436.38
me to a server list join a server293.978.25
there's noobs guys yes okay there's296.817.66
time we have that was not even here can302.224.5
I do this with my fists yep nope can't304.475.52
put fires out hey look what I'm like are306.725.36
you looking at me yes309.995.449
what do you what your backs to me up oh312.085.489
come on stuff means you joined the game315.4394.171
can you leave it can you see me damn317.5693.331
it's late you guys moved for a step319.613.42
we're all together on my screen we're320.93.63
all together Anthony you're still323.033.389
bearing the portal I am NOT I'm right324.534.289
next to you don't lie to me we only have326.4194.441
seconds what do I do means what do we do328.8193.69
well what would you want to do before330.868.51
you die all right guys332.50917.791
anybody hello looking good looking good339.3713.84
look at all this cobblestone look at all350.36.66
this it's nice to have stuff to get353.217.32
things what the hell what the hell's356.965.699
just happened what's getting hit by360.539.449
something what is going on hello after362.65911.1
Oh you messing with me no yeah you sort369.9797.59
of leave me alone please373.7596.321
leaves gave me an invisibility potion Oh377.5695.611
see right in front of me yeah right here380.085.17
some of them okay I like what you're383.183.539
doing with the floor though I know I385.253.27
think I found out what I want to do I386.7193.75
just need to get more wood cuz it really388.524.769
I think it's it's simple but it's bold390.4695.73
at the same time I think yeah it's it's393.2894.47
it's different yeah396.1993.511
but I I could see with the right walls397.7593.451
you really bring the place together399.712.879
oh yeah know what the right it's gonna401.212.94
be a thing this is I'm going for we402.5894.411
please appear so I could talk I will404.154.4
appear in407.02.93
I don't see a timer I don't know how408.552.97
long this lasts I might be invisible the409.934.65
rest of the day I'm going for a log411.527.019
cabin slash not cause y'all fall yeah414.586.839
look you know I mean I can just pinch418.5393.541
your butt all day421.4199.18
pinch it if you want you can do a little422.0810.619
bit more than no touch it come out all430.5993.66
right so what do you need I need I need432.6994.44
wood wood wood wood like wood like this434.2595.31
not making it at the plank screw that I437.1395.4
don't want the plank oak I want oh I'm439.5694.621
gonna go get you some oak give me some442.53915.44
oak I'm gone leaving Beauty but you lie444.1919.77
that's why I like you I think we did it457.9797.961
I think we did we're animals to be that463.962.459
no one's disconnecting no no playing466.4194.71
differently today cuz uh throwing a468.7893.72
virus right actually we should get away471.1291.861
from each other472.5094.021
oh yeah lead the way names follow me and472.995.97
guys you said you had beef yeah we had a476.535.46
uni beef one won't know we had beef wit478.964.65
oh thank you I mean that that uh481.993.78
no like you like beef in the nether well483.616.179
yeah with this fun blaze line it is fun485.776.78
blaze spawner so it makes you pleases489.7894.651
we tried to tackle it and contain it492.555.19
before it didn't go well okay what's our494.444.92
plan this time to make sure better497.743.09
contain it all right499.364.32
contain it right behind me yep okay with500.835.79
distance of course yeah okay very503.684.26
dangerous in here Anthony506.623.69
the what it's very dangerous okay very507.944.229
dangerous gotcha death happens have510.314.229
you'll DUP okay well I'm gonna touched512.1693.75
your butt names well it's like a castle514.5394.231
now we should be able to follow these515.9194.92
candles on the floor right518.774.33
I don't remember okay520.8395.141
and yeah guys put all of these or yes523.17.52
okay now with me yeah working here yep525.986.42
oh yeah this is it530.625.35
oh yes it is all the memories yes the532.46.72
memories I remember all right nice535.975.97
don't go down there yet so it's a splash539.125.28
potion here's the plan okay I throw a541.944.29
splash down it should affect all of this544.45.1
okay okay and then we go in there and we546.236.24
enclose the blaze spawner where if we549.55.43
trap it yeah with what I've got glass oh552.474.17
you want to see them that sounds fun but554.933.63
try glass it will get a little hole and556.643.3
we can just spawn them all then I'm558.563.87
gonna have my pickaxe out so I can you559.944.35
know make the room for all the glass in562.433.9
case there's some obstruction okay y'all564.295.52
ready yes sure all right out out the566.337.64
door and is it that's cool569.814.16
you guys are except for the shield yep577.133.45
oh my god okay move in we got like three578.93.98
minutes yep we got to make this big okay580.584.44
we got some obstacles582.884.09
yeah we're not worried about those all585.025.01
right yeah I'm taking out these gate586.976.12
these are out I'm watching how does it590.034.68
know I'm here what know you're there593.095.52
what okay it's not firing at me you'll594.715.94
see one because I took down that block598.616.75
get to work boys okay you need fire you600.659.15
is it yeah yes maybe not maybe not now605.366.57
oh yeah I know it is I would say that's609.85.46
how it sees you why should I hit it what611.934.46
should I do615.263.68
do it my pleasure kill it oh that that616.394.56
was that was really easy okay awesome618.944.17
this is an ongoing thing we got this620.955.61
another one just two roads okay fire623.115.25
down this is what we were practicing for626.562.52
he's in here with me hurry up Oh got him629.086.69
beautiful okay prod I got a good eye we633.185.95
got to contain this thing close so close635.776.9
do it needs do it do it think so oh yeah639.135.25
I come in front oh wait no no the back642.674.95
for the back right oh oh grant where is644.385.01
it wait it spawned outside of your glass647.626.03
what it did note of what if we do double649.396.9
layers I'm out of glass should we use653.655.01
other things have a cobblestone no maybe656.296.39
add something on top yeah killing never658.666.0
you got him hope the other boy you662.684.29
really hurt I am super hurt okay get664.662.73
wait our three minutes is up the other667.393.39
ones a spa another one take him down668.984.83
murder it hey not my fire it hurts okay670.789.54
now in pudding if you donate to me what673.818.82
Enderman outside the window there is680.325.19
let's go look at it now yes no I don't682.636.29
really feel like dying right now685.513.41
Oh Fanta oh jeez I'm inside you know the690.276.07
Phantom's get there they have hearts694.543.84
when you hit them with a sword no like696.346.99
it I don't hit them with swords alright698.386.69
phantoms are burnin yeah703.335.28
Enderman I'm looking at you and taste705.075.58
Liv Tyler boy oh boy where is he going708.613.74
where is it going710.654.76
Oh goddamn hit alright but inside712.354.23
running time getting hit hard715.413.0
hold on get hit hard let me get them716.584.23
we're gonna eat oh wait what will you718.413.84
what are you been doing Oh what do you720.8118.12
want and you are for some reason722.2519.92
surprised dead apps ro yeah738.937.29
slain by an Enderman go figure742.176.57
let go inside and take a nap keep on746.225.88
forgetting it's right what oh hey I'm748.744.59
not gonna look at you you're in the752.18.37
house hey I think the blazes are trapped753.339.72
in there okay how do we harvest them now760.474.26
it's working yeah there's like three of763.051.92
okay alright y'all keep an eye on the764.978.94
guest if you just kill him you get the766.569.78
things you want to do ah alright murder773.913.18
him he's flying776.346.1
exploding they float okay777.097.54
that thing needs do that thing all right782.443.81
here's what we want to do you want him784.633.48
just to come over like this and we vital786.257.38
right here yeah see if I can do this and788.117.23
just get right in here all right I'll793.632.88
watch your button to see if anything's795.343.87
gone around you hit that one Oh bond796.515.46
outside left on the left and take it up799.215.1
oh I see the gas now but it's going away801.975.03
right nope nope no it's down to the back804.316.69
yeah okay go back in okay go back in oh817.7414.32
god oh god I'm hurting you okay okay I'm827.326.51
gonna shoot this again I keep getting832.066.42
confused on how to do the arrow hold833.836.66
right till it fires show yourself838.4811.61
welcome Oh yep there we go all right got840.4911.34
some points got some blazes going back850.095.46
in still in the hole yeah that's great851.835.37
for today I blocked in the whole side855.553.57
over here yeah if you're happy I'm happy857.23.96
all right you got some blaze rod let's859.123.18
do it what are you gonna make with the861.167.77
blaze rod no I just oh there he is well862.39.69
oh geez he's so fast well it's not even868.935.93
like he's fast he just disappears871.995.97
doesn't he yeah now he teleports yeah874.865.71
he's stalking us man oh god this is877.965.04
creepy yeah hey buddy I look like your880.575.31
face I don't care guys of course I'm so883.05.85
weird I don't care man I'm hitting him885.884.11
right in the face and he's not doing888.852.7
anything them yeah let's say we're889.993.39
dealing with the the mix of the lag and891.554.35
oh this is the worst way to fight an893.385.7
Enderman but it's not even hurting me895.99.36
I'm looking right at him come on Bubba899.088.16
I'm hitting ya oh I met you actually got905.263.78
it you got it beg good hit him again we907.243.96
all it's so creepy909.044.02
he is zipping around like a nut we're911.23.36
gonna kill this guy and we're gonna get913.067.56
his ball sack well I got a hit any914.569.23
pearls any pearls you sucked up things920.625.76
any testicles would have other pearls923.794.96
just another name for testicles no they926.384.11
might be should be now what I'm thinking928.753.06
about it yeah we basically are930.493.36
collecting Enderman balls ender931.817.73
testicles it's a thing now933.855.69
put the shield away it's being a problem944.34.45
doesn't it oh there we go947.673.3
oh we just okay we just missed that one948.754.2
we missed what huh missing that fall950.974.02
yeah someone failed Oh cuz your truck952.953.27
you're trying to get the points right954.993.75
here yes so they fall here we kill them956.224.68
with killer feet yeah we get the points958.742.91
I can't see960.92.76
yeah you're gonna great job don't move961.6510.53
over Anthony oh good good of it man it's963.6610.08
like a slot machine you get what you get972.186.12
lucky alright um how many plays Ross did973.748.37
you get and four I've got one okay do978.35.34
you wander I don't know it to do with it982.112.88
I don't know I just wanted to have it I983.642.97
heard they're cool yeah984.993.63
Anthony throw a block down do something986.613.69
oh sorry well we're just trying to see988.623.36
if the next limit I can't there stairs990.33.27
put it on the wall beside you let me991.983.87
stand on your head okay here we go here993.572.67
we go995.855.61
good you can see now yeah up you good996.2420.85
yep we're good shop here lobby lobby1001.4617.09
what does it take I don't know but that1018.554.9
was mommy's mommy's predict mommy's for1021.386.03
days Bobby's mom's for days you want to1023.457.499
go in there and look no huh no I've1027.416.6
already played that game here I'm doing1030.94911.421
it doing it well folks again spiria I1034.0111.13
just got to be oh the nineteen already1042.375.02
oh wow so you're just kind of alright1045.143.33
you just play your own game1047.392.94
yeah it seems fun yeah good luck names1048.473.57
yeah okay thanks for shopping mommy1050.332.28
no refunds1052.613.23
see the only problem with the nether1059.076.94
netherrack Simon yeah you can light it I1062.016.34
know that's not a problem yeah it is if1066.013.48
someone wants to come in here and troll1068.353.0
you cuz like I do is light all these up1069.493.51
and burn your whole house down yeah but1071.354.08
who's trolling me I don't know Anthony1073.05.94
doraleous me why would you do that like1075.435.64
I could burn your house down to a castle1078.944.44
hit castles made a stone you know I1081.074.29
could burn some things down that you1083.384.98
have right good I listen to hey listen1085.366.87
uh you need a mind right mine yeah yes I1088.367.29
do actually listen I have some TNT so1092.235.25
let's start a proper mind for you1095.654.08
okay I think that's a good idea maybe1097.486.18
yeah where would you like your mind yeah1099.736.54
we're close by for sure so yeah what1103.664.44
about right here you know what and you1106.273.42
know there's a rule in Minecraft don't1108.13.51
dig straight down but uh I'm gonna do it1109.6911.64
good so one two three fell here I can1111.6110.47
get out of here1121.333.33
are you with me of course I am what are1122.083.84
you doing in here well I made a mistake1124.667.1
okay I didn't want to be this close okay1125.925.84
I look down I forgot to hit the damn1133.596.43
here you know I'm gonna do can I bury1137.075.41
you in here we're already yeah of course1140.023.9
you can bury me in here but that's not1142.484.17
gonna help anything maybe it's you know1143.924.35
I can't lay down anything because you're1146.653.36
in here I've ruined everything1148.274.41
no Tay okay first off it's so damn dark1150.013.6
can't see a thing1152.683.21
let me give me a second you mean second1153.613.62
trying to get over here1155.894.32
alright tell you what yeah do the do the1157.235.08
old you watch out what you do the old1160.212.91
stare map1162.312.55
I want you to stare you're way out of1163.125.52
here yep of course of course I don't1164.867.44
have my pickaxe broke so you know have1168.645.01
mine thank you1172.34.32
oh look there's iron yeah look yeah dig1173.654.02
your way out of here you can get iron1176.622.97
give me some you got the did you give me1177.674.98
the pickaxe yes okay I'm gonna get it1179.596.75
slow down slow your horses is that a1182.655.58
thing do people see it slow your horses1186.344.11
they say hold your horses okay well same1188.233.0
I think so alright or did they do it one1191.2310.97
two and then one two and then move one1193.3312.12
two boom yeah are you up yet nope1202.25.109
because I've been getting some of this1205.453.449
it looks like it's silver it might not1207.3094.86
be what I'm happy taking my time are you1208.8995.101
working your way up I need you up here1212.1693.691
alright I'm working my way up maybe this1214.03.84
is just cobblestone and it looks as it's1215.863.51
so dark it looks like it's something1217.842.549
that it's not1219.378.58
I said it's not just get up here no I1220.3898.971
never did that1227.953.77
yeah you did you did it last week tips1229.366.9
work you are Jesus called me a dork Oh1231.726.73
be a door okay are you you're a1236.265.94
dingleberry how about that one okay fine1238.459.359
am i up yet you're a Papoose Wow I don't1242.27.92
know that creeper I don't know where I1247.8094.531
am it's all very dark right now and I'm1250.126.48
dying oh I don't think I have a torch so1252.345.91
I have a torch no don't even I want1256.63.059
towards listen hey gob you shouldn't1258.252.909
have gone in the damn hole to begin with1259.6593.841
I got killed by a zombie1261.1596.48
I wonder where respawns damn fool1263.56.57
look where i respawned in the middle of1267.6395.611
nowhere and I need to go home this is my1270.075.92
way of saying goodbye1273.2517.139
can I go home now Specter that to be1275.9914.819
Wow there was no damage yeah leaves1290.8094.08
quick question is this your little thing1293.214.049
nope okay can I destroy it yep1294.8893.63
I'm in the process of cleaning up the1297.2593.24
neighborhood a little bit okay we need1298.5193.721
valises so have at it1300.4993.571
thank you I think like a courtyard here1302.243.33
would be cool with like stone bricks1304.073.449
blocks up here1305.577.76
I hear crap it's a AB stress computer1307.5195.811
here someone's getting attacked by a1313.994.059
zombie in their own fire sorry I was a1316.223.959
Simon went to the bathroom he got logged1318.0494.291
now and then I yeah I was working on his1320.1794.62
PC it's a mess of while I can hear them1322.343.689
really clearly even though I don't know1324.7992.58
where he is that's crazy1326.0294.38
yeah over there in that direction isn't1327.3794.8
that direction yep that's kind of an1330.4093.421
empty skyline there we need something1332.1794.021
built yeah like a windmill yeah1333.835.13
can you make it spin nope is there a mod1336.25.16
that can make it spin I don't know let's1338.965.839
look in the direction of Goddess ADA hub1341.366.449
maybe our miracles will come true I1344.7997.421
don't think that's a saying that's a1347.8096.84
prayer you're right prayers arraign true1352.224.529
miracles can happen you think she's out1354.6493.811
there it's like someone saying stop your1356.7494.68
horses yeah well that's the courage that1358.464.28
was a good one1361.42910.951
all right well guess if he's gone1387.834.14
boom he's got a mind started when he1401.7194.721
comes back he can find this stuff cuz1404.7592.941
that's gonna be his first question1406.442.52
where's my stuff1407.72.969
I know it's my stuff I don't have1408.964.379
anything can somebody give me some stuff1410.6696.18
oh I don't have my pickaxe anymore pizza1413.3396.68
pasta pasta pizza1416.8493.17

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Minecraft is the quintessential sandbox game that allows players to unleash their creativity and build anything they can imagine. In this latest Neebs Gaming video, the gang heads into the perilous Nether dimension to take on the dangerous blaze spawners.

I love how Neebs, Anthony, and Dora bravely venture forth, while Appsro and Simon stay back at the base goofing around - it's such a perfect encapsulation of their personalities! The editing is top-notch, seamlessly cutting between the intense Nether exploration and the hilarious antics back home.

Neebs Gaming has such a knack for storytelling in their Minecraft series. Even though it's open world, they always come up with these fun narrative threads to follow in each episode. It makes you feel like you're watching a live-action Minecraft movie!

The cinematic camera angles make you feel immersed in the blocky world, and the music choices are spot-on. That upbeat jungle track as they journey through the Nether is perfect for getting your blood pumping. And who doesn't love the cheerful "Teddy Bear Waltz" tune when Simon and Appsro are joking around?

Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series is honestly the next best thing to playing the game yourself. It captures that same sense of adventure and creativity that makes Minecraft so magical. Whether they're battling ghasts in the Nether or constructing elaborate bases, their videos make you want to jump into the blocky world and start crafting.

If you love Minecraft but don't have the time to play yourself, I highly recommend checking out Neebs Gaming's cinematic videos. They remind you why Minecraft is such a timeless game - the only limit is your imagination. So build a nice cozy house, sit back, and enjoy the blocky hijinks. This is Minecraft content at its finest!

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