The Disney Curse!!! - Sea of Thieves

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's a real adventure with blacksmith Will Turner teaming up with the...
The Disney Curse!!! - Sea of Thieves
The Disney Curse!!! - Sea of Thieves

The Disney Curse!!! - Sea of Thieves

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neebs: Oh man, the Disney Curse video in Sea of Thieves is just too good! I mean, who doesn't love a good old pirate adventure with a hint of cursed undead pirates?

simon: I know, right? It's like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Sea of Thieves. It's got that perfect mix of action and comedy that keeps you hooked!

appsro: And let's not forget the hilarious banter between Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow. Those two are just comedy gold!

neebs: Exactly! And the best part is, we get to experience all the chaos and mayhem without actually having to deal with cursed pirates in real life. It's a win-win!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's a real adventure with blacksmith Will Turner teaming up with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow to save the governor's daughter from some undead pirates. It's got action, comedy, and a whole lot of fun packed into one video.

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bite it8.084.88
bite that worm9.845.28
knees need a12.963.799
see you down fish15.121.639
come on baby17.1194.881
bite the hook19.64.72
is it come on take it in22.03.68
take it in24.322.64
take it in25.683.16
what's this guy26.964.239
doing are you doing28.843.64
mr neebs31.1993.441
that's true hey32.484.8
that's how you park hello mr neebs hello34.644.079
how you been uh good38.7194.721
i wish i could see the same but41.365.519
look at me mr deebs what the heck43.447.2
horrible curse has been placed upon me46.8796.32
i can't drive really well mr deebs i can50.644.8
but i gots to assemble a crew and do a56.8795.601
bunch of disney [ __ ]59.525.12
so uh you want to join my crew62.484.37
i saw what happened captain it was a83.25.68
dark cold night86.085.76
i rode in to a mysterious island and88.885.52
there was a lady there selling kittens91.844.4
kittens you say94.43.84
and i purchased one of these kittens but96.244.32
what i didn't know is the cat was cursed98.244.64
all cats are cursed no they're not cats100.563.839
are awesome ah102.882.48
i don't know104.3992.881
half of them are cursed anyway the only105.363.92
way for me to break the curse is to do a107.284.32
bunch of disney [ __ ] so i'm wondering if109.283.76
you guys want to join me on some dumb111.63.28
disney adventures113.044.32
well will there be singing114.884.879
i hope not but probably yes yeah and i'm117.364.079
playing instruments oh yeah you can play119.7593.521
your instruments yeah yeah disney costs121.4393.601
a lot of money so123.283.04
am i gonna have to pay a lot of money125.044.4
for you know disney genie plus lightning126.325.36
pass it's a nightmare after what did you129.443.76
say to me genie what the hell's a genie131.683.84
plus yeah it's a disney curse yeah133.25.119
nobody wants a genie curse135.525.2
they suck all right well hopefully you138.3194.0
guys won't get cursed and will break140.725.12
mine so you're with me142.3193.521
can you feel it149.926.72
the ear wind blowing from beyond the152.486.399
all you think you know about your life158.8796.64
and did is only the beginning161.687.04
with your heart still beaten you will165.5197.121
see those cursed shoes with new eyes168.728.239
when you raise up the flame of souls172.646.239
all i can do176.9596.2
is show you the way178.8794.28
we've got some nickels in there187.5994.321
why would she have nickels mr seidman i190.2393.681
don't know some people collect nickels191.923.36
they don't look like nickels that looks193.922.16
drugs right this i think she jarred her196.084.879
farts it smells like a fart yep it198.2395.761
lights up like a part dude it does200.9595.441
oh she got you wow204.05.04
yep no farting right now very hot very206.44.0
it's a vagina210.43.919
looks like my mom's you should know what212.2393.841
that looks like214.3194.241
you're only there once216.084.96
i hope218.562.48
now make sale the door is open223.846.56
the prisoner is waiting227.847.119
and our time is trickling our way230.47.52
hey the portal is dead ahead yeah baby234.9595.041
that'll take us to the area of the237.923.28
damned i don't know we got to find a240.02.799
lighthouse i think241.23.759
we're fighting a light fight242.7994.561
mr simon oh god i think he said fighting244.9593.761
one that's the [ __ ] do you fight a247.364.0
lighthouse exactly 85 maybe you're right248.724.879
captain fortified what yeah fortified251.363.84
lighthouse how do you fight it though253.5993.281
you don't fight the white house that's255.24.559
why i questioned it i was confused i256.885.52
hate to interrupt but captain after oh i259.7594.561
hope you don't mind [ __ ] is that mr262.43.6
thick that's a dog captain that's my264.324.68
what just happened275.283.919
you just crashed this [ __ ] chip hello277.045.36
hello hello i'm gonna i'm gonna go ship279.1995.681
me too i think we're uh we are the ghost282.46.239
ship oh good you know the curse284.883.759
the parrot's talking290.323.52
what parrot it's up here by your291.843.44
steering wheel293.843.44
oh there's a kitty cat just came up yep295.283.84
that's the cursed damn cat don't touch297.284.32
him oh okay i'll [ __ ] him oh my god299.125.04
shoot that cat301.62.56
do we listen to the parrot305.63.24
how do we know what to307.524.08
do [ __ ] if i know mister needs somebody308.844.52
slipped me mushrooms311.64.4
no we no we're we're in the like valley313.364.16
of the damned or some something of the316.03.36
damn to see the damn the dumbassery of317.523.679
the damn yeah but the bird was just319.363.6
talking right yeah look at all these321.1993.521
dead people on the side i'm trying to322.963.6
shoot one wait where are we going the324.724.8
wrong way they're all going that way326.564.16
we're the only boat going this way329.522.959
captain oh wait i think that might be330.724.16
the lighthouse we have to either turn332.4794.401
off right there oh yeah yeah334.883.92
okay things are looking up get ready to336.885.62
fight it simon yeah i know right338.88.519
hi wait mister neebs take this island is354.724.319
that somewhere we could land what do you357.1994.801
mean like is there a flat land right359.0395.201
should we land on this island um there362.04.08
might be a beach over there to our left364.243.44
i mean yeah we could probably anchor out366.083.6
here all right get on the anchor part367.683.84
right and anchor and drop it we're369.683.12
getting right right here don't drop it371.523.28
yet okay we're gonna hit land though372.84.0
hold up oh that's pretty good yeah yeah374.84.08
that's fine that's fine [ __ ] it was that376.84.64
was that us grounding clearly mr neebs378.884.159
okay well that means repairs doesn't it381.444.0
yes it means repairs okay our ship low383.0394.72
deck all right below deck all right i'm385.444.16
gonna read this stupid book387.7593.681
nothing to repair danny oh oh yeah389.64.96
they're way down we got holes yeah we do391.445.599
and i don't have wood all right i got it394.564.079
let's do it baby397.0394.0
i'll get a bucket prepared how are we398.6394.241
looking captain i don't know i'm not401.0393.6
down there jackass huh where are we402.883.36
looking said you're reading the book404.6393.041
how's the book i don't know i'm just406.242.48
reading it407.683.6
man listen we just started this thing408.725.759
everyone let's remember we're friends411.285.84
i fixed the hole i helped good and i414.4795.361
dumped water i helped good job neebs all417.124.639
right the book just said go to the green419.844.56
light so a lot of good that did us are421.7595.121
all the holes fixed yes all right424.45.519
everybody meet on shore aye aye426.885.599
all right mr thick hi i'll only put up434.084.8
with this dog if he doesn't mess with mr436.6395.201
snuggle curse snoots is a good dog438.884.719
probably see look he likes you already441.843.28
you know what all right he seems like a443.5994.0
good boy and this this here is mr mr445.124.88
snuggle curse he's a cursed kitty but447.5994.401
you'd be nice to him of course450.04.319
meow i do like yeah i'm not going to452.05.759
touch it but yeah i'll let you touch it454.3194.641
why are you tr why are you being457.7593.521
especially nice to the cursed kitty oh458.964.48
because i like him mr simon you like the461.284.0
the cursed kitty that cursed you that463.443.52
were out here i don't like the curse but465.284.4
i mean how could look at that face466.963.76
all right we should explore this island470.724.319
yeah hi all right sticking together and472.3193.841
follow me476.163.319
hey there seems to be a way in over here485.0394.481
boys hey this is the first time i've487.364.32
noticed you've you you've got489.524.959
no legs at all or no feet oh yeah the491.685.519
curse took me foot but gave me hand back494.4795.521
no okay well you get along very well497.1994.161
thank you500.03.12
i will [ __ ] you up what are you doing503.124.24
oh this will take us back to the ship so505.523.44
nobody touch this we don't want to go507.364.16
back to the ship yet okay yeah oh can508.964.4
you ring the bell no no that will take511.523.519
you back to take it back to the show no513.363.52
i didn't know i just said it i don't515.0394.081
know he said it you said don't hit it516.884.159
it'll take you back to the ship519.123.52
right and then you said can i ring it521.0393.681
can i well yeah hit it and ring it two522.643.759
different things524.724.48
all right let's go526.3992.801
what be happening here531.66.08
that lifts up oh raise lantern to light534.564.959
yeah you see you see the ropes above it537.683.839
that's going to pull up let's see539.5193.841
there's lantern okay that needs a soul541.5194.88
flame hi look mr neems okay543.365.44
oh you're lantern right now i have a546.3994.321
soul lantern will my lantern be a soul548.84.64
lantern uh what if you if you light it550.724.96
yeah do you want to try it mr neebs no553.443.839
oh no well i guess it already is maybe555.683.36
when i got it maybe everybody okay i557.2794.881
don't know you know disney [ __ ]559.045.28
there we go nice562.165.6
i tried you captain after all aye follow564.325.519
me we'll break the curse567.764.32
i let it572.084.319
what do you like mister things573.5195.121
this guy oh you look at him576.3993.44
the torch578.643.92
uh yeah i guess uh light [ __ ] everybody579.8396.241
likes [ __ ] like [ __ ]582.563.52
there's a stream out here it looks like586.324.32
it goes outside588.04.48
it's pretty cool that's where we came in590.645.12
from mr simon okay592.483.28
listen we were traveling around all over596.3993.841
the place i don't know oh maybe this598.04.0
nope it wasn't man i checked600.243.36
there's gotta be lanterns maybe around602.03.519
oh wait605.5193.281
mr simon yeah perhaps you were right and606.564.88
i was wrong i just realized that uh608.84.4
yeah that way that's where we came from611.443.839
so maybe the way you were looking at was613.24.319
the correct way mr neebs yeah check back615.2793.921
there okay617.5193.921
mark it down on your calendar you son of619.24.4
a [ __ ] you see any lanterns back there621.444.88
mr neaves oh yeah i think so light it623.64.799
maybe this one626.323.92
yep i got one628.3994.321
oh yeah whoa guys look at this630.246.32
ghost hauling treasure from there632.726.799
oh door's opening doors open doors open636.566.64
and there you go all right following you639.5196.401
shut up you [ __ ] mutt oh my643.24.16
i will stab you right through your645.923.76
[ __ ] don't talk to a freaking puppy647.365.64
like that649.683.32
boys there be a door yep660.724.4
that's what it looks like uh oh and663.044.0
we're missing a lever mr thick thanks665.124.32
for simon yeah fighting the lever to667.044.56
find the lever we're missing eleven like669.443.76
on the671.61.84
gotta ground673.21.92
around here somewhere there's a lever673.442.8
we're gonna probably take it put it in675.123.44
the door come on oh look at this676.244.0
puppy was just scratching his back don't678.563.839
worry about the dog mr titan listen it's680.245.2
so cute don't bug the lever all right682.3995.12
easy peasy685.444.48
how you doing mr neebs oh good i figured687.5194.56
okay so you sent them on the easy job689.924.0
what do you need me to do i'm gonna need692.0793.921
you to fight do something real tough mr693.924.0
neebs okay i mean you have that schnoz696.03.839
of yours that's a fighting schnauze697.922.8
so fight with my schnoz if you have to i700.723.76
don't know what we're getting into mr703.2792.56
neaves it's a bunch of dumb disney [ __ ]704.483.919
okay well i got weapons i got a gun705.8394.401
i'm ready nice blender bus maybe you get708.3993.201
something nicer you know that's just a710.243.92
plain old basic [ __ ] blunderbuster oh711.64.08
really what would you recommend i don't714.164.0
know something you know some flair to it715.684.24
all right i'll look into that like look718.164.64
at me sword that's a nice sword719.926.08
gun flare mr knee flair perhaps me722.85.52
blender bust ah i got some color meats726.04.88
flare with the flare728.324.48
baguette there here it come with the730.884.16
there they are here we go stick it in736.164.64
there mr thick738.0792.721
you yank that good all right everyone741.2794.161
stay behind me yeah743.5194.161
come here745.442.24
it'll be a bridge oh yeah yeah yeah okay754.6394.081
so we got something here we got to knock757.123.2
that thing down758.724.0
oh right there right here mr thank you760.325.36
mr simon yeah start a twirling run it762.724.64
job feel like i'm not being utilized770.8394.281
captain shut the [ __ ] up i mean they did773.363.52
deliver but i utilized them okay but775.123.36
listen they didn't deliver the rest you776.883.44
want to be utilized the captain needs to778.484.4
be a little bit nicer just saying oh780.325.12
yeah gee use pulley here we go oh782.884.48
there's a pulley there mr thick785.443.199
yep it's okay there we go788.6393.76
oh if you let go of it does it stay mr790.722.72
it did793.443.28
so we gotta jump across hey794.483.76
all right796.724.15
you're a dumbass mr neves okay798.242.89
go for it mr simon damn it all right i803.25.199
made it yep yeah look at that me and you805.445.92
baby mr neebs mr dick can you guys climb808.3993.921
back up811.363.2
yeah made it well done mr neebs oh we're812.324.56
doing going over there okay oh [ __ ] okay814.565.839
all right come on come on mr dick816.883.519
see it happens you're jumping too soon822.05.079
mr thick823.763.319
there's a lot of caves spelunking yep832.325.6
cash money records stranger838.6394.88
well watch out what happened here well841.764.16
is this a curse thing or something maybe843.5193.921
oh wow yeah okay845.924.32
they drank something and uh it must have847.445.28
been kool-aid and they died850.245.279
clearly mr neves they died you see the852.723.919
yeah but855.5192.641
was it because of the kool-aid or was it856.6393.281
old age858.163.119
well we don't know the context of this859.923.12
story yeah we're just getting a little861.2793.841
glimpse of it they were both drinking863.044.479
and then they had pre-existing865.124.56
health oh wait there's a ramp up over867.5192.961
follow me870.482.4
beauty hey get out of here rope easy874.724.96
peasy good job mr thick878.04.0
i think i could have made that jump879.684.08
i just realized our dog and cat isn't882.03.36
with us anymore hopefully they're okay883.763.6
they're fine885.364.24
before they're dead oh887.364.32
boy what happened889.65.679
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah this is a thing891.686.599
uh this might be but yeah check this out904.243.76
there's the lighthouse we gotta go to906.243.44
boys okay908.04.639
now how the [ __ ] do we get down here ah909.686.32
this way follow me fellas912.6393.361
you hear that924.9593.281
somebody's talking where's that coming926.6393.361
from mr neebs928.243.68
i can't tell930.03.759
oh puppy's back931.923.44
hey booby it's a foul win tonight935.365.2
ah but this be no way to hold a938.6393.521
climb up where the [ __ ] is this coming942.163.52
from i don't know943.8395.601
oh what is that is that him up there945.685.68
look right up straight up949.444.56
oh in the cage yeah i don't see him but951.364.24
i don't see anybody in the cage all954.02.72
right well955.63.12
is he in the lighthouse i don't know i956.724.16
just heard some jackass talking he958.723.84
sounded close too he's feeling like he960.884.0
was right in the [ __ ] air very close962.563.839
he said he was stranded up here i don't964.883.6
know drain raining up here it's not he's966.3993.921
not in that cage is he968.484.88
nope nothing's in that cage okay guys970.325.36
in the cage like it's important973.364.56
the only way to get me down975.684.32
is for you to climb up977.924.08
and be quick about it there's stairs980.04.079
right here i want to see what's up here982.04.24
did you hear that he just said go up984.0794.161
there and climb up there he must be up986.242.719
maybe so all right mr thick can you get988.9594.88
up to that cage i'm gonna try to991.445.28
oh i see you now yeah what do you see in993.8394.081
the cage996.722.32
i can't i can't tell is it nothing cause999.044.56
that's what i saw1001.444.319
i shot it i don't think i got a shot at1003.63.76
dessert can you jump over there and1005.7594.64
untie it uh let me see he said he was up1007.365.2
[ __ ] oh god damn it mr dick i told you1013.1996.161
captain say a word till i'm out of this1016.564.639
cursed cage1019.363.44
all right well you know what you guys1021.1994.64
stay there i'll do it all right1022.86.159
you sexy [ __ ]1025.8393.12
i see you captain hey1029.8396.0
you're making good time yep yep yep1032.0796.0
all right let's see1039.283.279
precarious jump mr neebs1043.763.6
i'm gonna kill this you did it yes1049.365.66
good job snoots i love you1066.44.159
here we go1071.64.88
there you go i've been fearful that the1074.084.64
lock might have rusted after all this1076.485.6
time you'll have to carry me and make1078.725.92
sure your hands are clean i don't want1082.085.36
fingerprints all over me skull1084.645.039
i heard him mr simon you're in charge of1087.444.72
the skull what pick up the skull mr1089.6794.321
simon pick up the head with the piss all1092.164.879
over it from my dog okay hold on i got1094.05.12
it there we go1097.0394.401
see you gets about the walking1099.124.799
and i'll take care of the talking1101.444.88
or perhaps you'd rather me take me on1103.9195.841
the grand tour of me fallen kingdoms1106.326.08
there may still be plunder to find i did1109.765.12
see a locked door but yeah1112.44.56
now we're here to get this one go to the1114.884.08
lighthouse right lead the way to the1116.964.16
lighthouse mr simon all right lighthouse1118.964.64
is this way is he gonna tell me how to1121.124.559
go yeah yeah well we'll figure it out we1123.65.24
can interpret for ye thank you1125.6796.241
you're welcome1128.847.65
i'm not what you'd call knowledgeable1163.6794.641
about contraptions and whatnot1165.524.88
if i can borrow a body1168.324.479
i might behave1170.43.36
it's mr simon yeah put the skull on this1173.765.76
uh yeah this this headless skeleton1176.644.56
okay um1179.523.279
by doing1181.23.52
like that1182.7994.0
no that's shakespeare mr simon1184.724.079
right um1186.7994.961
i'm not getting a prompt1188.7996.081
oh hold on here we go1191.763.12
new body at last1196.165.36
not as handsome as my old one but they1198.725.92
say beggars can't be1201.523.12
lee they juicers say that though1205.125.52
you never forget how now1207.526.0
let's see if we can't find some clue as1210.644.96
to set this place to blame hurry the1213.524.56
[ __ ] up oh wait clues season just hit1215.65.64
the place1218.083.16
okay so there's a ladder here right and1221.9195.201
we need to basically torch this place to1224.484.64
make a ferry car that's not what he said1227.125.2
he said uh point the light out to sea he1229.126.16
said burn down this month of jam he did1232.324.719
not say that mr scheisse all right to me1235.284.0
he did okay is this book anything i see1237.0394.64
a book no don't get distracted mr neebs1239.284.879
just okay that just that's why i asked1241.6794.401
hi mr mr dick1244.1593.921
yeah look down a little bit mister thing1246.083.76
i'm trying this is my first time working1248.083.52
one of these go to the right a little1249.843.76
bit i can't believe the skeleton's been1251.64.48
quiet this long stop down go down mr1253.63.199
i don't i've only got left and right1256.7994.0
what don't have up and down on that1258.884.96
thing no wait can you let go of that1260.7995.76
side is the other side up and down1263.844.16
now down mr thick all righty1268.04.64
all right look you look around as much1271.124.24
as you can like every lantern you see1272.644.8
i'm gonna do that1275.363.36
i wonder if i can get this one right1277.442.32
go up a bit yeah yeah no i didn't even1279.764.08
have to do it i'll go up on this one1282.44.639
right here oh and and high high up no1283.845.0
[ __ ]1287.0394.161
sorry there we go1288.844.76
very nice thick the lighthouse is good1291.25.92
as new and the mists are clearing1293.68.319
i see sails on the horizon1297.124.799
there she1302.323.479
the only way you'll sail aboard that1307.123.36
is to stow away1310.485.04
take me to me ship with the red sails1312.645.279
and i'll see you safely aboard that1315.524.8
take his head off that was that was1320.45.519
take us out of the rousing i got it all1323.367.199
right mr neebs grab that thing's head1325.9196.801
give it grab1330.5595.201
okay grab the [ __ ] head there get it1332.726.8
good now to stow away on a ghost ship in1335.766.399
your heart1339.522.639
shut the [ __ ] up oh sorry1343.4420.26

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Neebs Gaming has embarked on an epic journey into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, bringing their trademark cinematic flair to this swashbuckling adventure. Through multi-episode story arcs, Neebs provides an immersive experience that makes you feel like you're right there on the high seas with Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

Their skilful editing transforms gameplay footage into a cinematic masterpiece, with dramatic camera angles and clever cuts between action sequences. The team's hilarious commentary and voice acting for key characters adds comedy and charm. You're drawn into the perilous quest to save Elizabeth Swann in a way that competes with the films.

While playing the game yourself would be exciting, watching Neebs Gaming's edited videos is the next best thing. Their ability to weave raw gameplay into an entertaining narrative, filled with smooth transitions and a musical score, creates a viewing experience that stands out from typical Let's Plays.

If you love the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, Neebs Gaming offers the ultimate way to re-live its magic through their unique cinematic approach. Their videos demonstrate an unmatched passion for crafting high-quality content that is both cinematic and fun. For any fan, it's a must-see.

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