*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 41* Mosquito men from space! Appsro kicking like a mule! A robot joins the team! This much and more on Cona...


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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, guys, let's talk about our favorite video. SPACE TENTACLES and MOSQUITO MEN - Conan Exiles. What's not to love?

simon: I mean, come on! Mosquito men from space? That's pure gold! It’s like someone took my worst nightmare and made it a reality.

appsro: And don’t forget, I was kicking like a mule! Seriously, who else can claim they’ve kicked alien mosquito butts like that?

neebs: Oh, Appsro, you and your mule kicks. I think the real star was the robot joining the team. I mean, who needs a human when you have a robot, right?

simon: Yeah, I mean, we have enough trouble coordinating ourselves. Adding a robot was like throwing a wrench into a blender. Pure chaos!

appsro: And let's not forget the swirling tentacles. Those things were like the spaghetti nightmares you never knew you had.

neebs: Swirling tentacles and mule kicks. Sounds like a typical Tuesday for us. But seriously, that video was epic. Best one yet.

simon: Absolutely! Where else can you see Australians pooping in chairs and robots joining the team all in one place?

appsro: Nowhere but here, my friends. Nowhere but here. Cheers to mosquito men and space tentacles!

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out *Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 41* yet, you're in for a wild ride! This episode is packed with action and hilarity, and I just had to share my excitement with you all.

First off, can we talk about the mosquito men from space? I mean, what even are those things? They definitely add a whole new level of chaos to the game. And then there's Appsro. Wow, he's kicking like a mule in this episode! His moves are just insane, and I couldn't stop laughing.

And guess what? A robot joins the team! Yep, things are getting even crazier in Conan Exiles. It's always a blast to see what the Neebs Gaming crew will come up with next. This episode really has it all – from swirling tentacles to dancing immunity, and even some Australian humor thrown in for good measure.

If you want to support the channel, don't forget to check out their awesome resort merch and grab some Neebs Gaming coffee. Trust me, it's the perfect way to enjoy your favorite episodes. Plus, you can get 10% off with the code NEEBS10 at checkout!

Make sure to subscribe to their channel, follow them on social media, and join their Discord community. There's always something fun happening, and you don't want to miss out. And if you're looking for some gaming gear, check out Xidax PCs – they're powering the Neebs Gaming madness!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into Episode 41 and experience the hilarity and adventure for yourself. And don't forget to share your favorite moments with the community. Happy watching, everyone!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I just finished watching the latest Neebs Gaming Conan Exiles video and it was an absolute blast! This talented group of gamers knows how to perfectly blend comedy and adventure into one entertaining package.

The episode starts off with a bang as the crew discovers some freaky swirling tentacles emerging from the sand. Appsro appropriately freaks out while the others laugh at his panic. This game always manages to throw crazy obstacles at the gang, keeping them on their toes!

When the intro hits, you know you're in for a treat. The Neebs Gaming intro music gets me pumped up every time. And the editing of the gang's antics during the intro sequence is comedy gold.

Appsro is in rare form this episode, delivering line after hilarious line in his unique Appsro way. Something about his final form in this game cracks me up! And the talking heads bit had me rolling. The editors expertly cut between the characters faces as they deliver absurd one-liners.

Just when you think things are under control, mosquito men invade!? The surprise encounters and battles with creatures keep the action fresh. The team works together to take down the bugs in an epic fight.

There are also plenty of hilarious moments like Appsro's dance moves granting immunity and the debate over "Golem" pronunciation. Neebs Gaming has mastered the art of blending side-splitting comedy with immersive gameplay.

And who can forget the unforgettable "Pop goes the hentai" line as Appsro eradicates foes. These guys come up with the most outrageous stuff!

The addition of the robot character is a fun new twist too. Between the robot's monotone voice and Wilbert the Golem, the cast of characters is as diverse as it is hilarious.

Overall, this Conan Exiles episode captures everything I love about Neebs Gaming. Their cinematic approach makes you feel like you're right there with the crew. And their commentary and reactions make for an infinitely more entertaining experience than just watching raw gameplay footage. I always look forward to their videos - they absolutely make my day!

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you think it's friendly I don't think so0.7994.921
no okay no there's something about the2.765.759
the the swirling tentacles see bad I5.724.4
don't even know how to begin to deal8.5194.0
with this I mean how could you know I10.124.28
mean it doesn't seem like it's something12.5193.801
that we could do anything with you think14.43.68
an arrow you're going to try an arrow16.323.76
huh you ready hold on wait wait wait if18.085.6
we're doing an arrow here we20.087.199
go and aren't you going to be upset when23.685.439
it do reach no it's kind of what I'm27.2794.8
expecting H would have been better if we29.1194.801
had two arrows going I think it would be32.0793.48
just like what I'm looking at but two33.924.2
two little balls of light exactly two35.5594.721
double the light double the fun okay38.126.04
let's do it okay hold on and aim no not40.287.32
ready and release release was that44.166.16
really the release nope okay so yeah47.64.36
it's different than what I expected yeah50.324.2
I expected your to go towards the target51.965.119
yeah you never cease to stop surprising54.525.559
you ain't going to60.443.88
me you ain't going65.365.16
you all right let's see here uh I think79.7995.721
this is it the potion of bestial83.245.199
memories bestial bestial yeah whatever85.525.36
crafting one all all right so now I got88.4396.561
the stuff and I stay here and then I90.886.76
drink it boom attributes reset oh now95.04.2
I'm over encumbered because I don't have97.644.68
my attri okay so this is what I want yes99.26.32
all right so I start yeah I want to put102.325.68
it all in strength what was the other105.524.559
one I think it's was it Authority yeah108.05.799
and then was it agility no Vitality yeah110.0795.561
it was Vitality see these three they113.7993.36
have a little corruption thing at the115.644.68
end and waack said oh wait combo path117.1594.88
Second Skin equip120.327.4
armor oo e combo finishers man so122.0398.72
hard uh you know what let's do some127.724.599
armor I like my weight so yeah let's130.7592.881
just crank up the strength I'm going to132.3194.56
be so strong and boom choose a perk133.646.28
while below your heavy attacks ooh man136.8795.801
I'll do that all right so now I have 35139.925.72
of these orbs up top and the top right142.686.08
so I think I can start corrupting do I145.645.4
yes look at this there's one corruption148.764.88
I think I'm allowed 40 total oo now I'm151.044.64
over encumbered Scourge deal additional153.644.08
damage that scales with your corrupt yes155.683.96
so the more corrupt I am the more damage157.724.28
I do oh I'm going be the strongest159.644.72
sorcerer in the world what did I just do162.05.239
there mule kick your kick knocks back164.366.08
enemies further and knocks them down oh167.2397.241
I'm going to go kicking today170.444.04
whack yeah I am mysteriously drawn to up180.1595.841
here okay I don't know why it's a184.084.6
mystery it's a mystery to me cream pie186.05.599
okay stay safe so here we go I I don't188.685.559
think cream pie is the problem all right191.5995.64
why why would I be lured here why let's194.2395.441
see well I I don't know okay you might197.2394.08
know but don't tell me yeah I'm not199.683.32
going to tell you yeah don't tell me201.3193.681
okay what an interesting place hello I203.03.76
guess these guys don't Auto attack205.03.92
anymore they used to I guess we're free206.764.32
to roam around was so ready to slice a208.924.519
hat okay well I guess I'll go to the211.084.56
obvious look at you you guys are sweet213.4394.401
sweet people huh you should check this215.644.28
guy out over here check him out yeah217.844.36
look at his outfit it's pretty cool Mech219.925.039
kamasa says spy yeah that's that's222.24.239
something would you ever wear a hat like224.9593.48
that uh it depends on if it was raining226.4394.601
fa okay yeah I like the outfit I like228.4394.481
the outfit let's see all right thank you231.043.64
guys for letting us just tour the place232.923.599
openly clearly you don't worry about234.685.199
kind of nice Invaders huh what is this236.5195.481
this right here whatever it is it's a239.8794.36
bloody mess yeah it looks like something242.05.04
AB would like right torture and such244.2394.321
that blood comes out of there there's no247.043.279
telling that's crazy guys what are you248.564.759
doing up here oh oh there's a head in a250.3195.441
bowl you guys have a head in a bowl just253.3193.801
dinner that's something you don't see255.763.84
every day right greetings Exile oh I'm257.125.24
talking I'm talking all right ooh learn259.66.08
acolyte upset I'll learn that I learned262.364.92
acolyte of set I'm going to talk real265.685.0
quick okay the loss of a body is a small267.286.44
matter the one who commands the obeses270.685.04
of many other B I'm talking to a head in273.725.0
a bowl right now that was it yeah hey275.724.84
we'll meet again okay we'll meet I have278.724.28
foreseen it I have foreseen it well okay280.564.96
listen I'm oddly drawn to worship set283.05.4
now all right sounds like a plan yeah285.525.76
cuz I don't think zath was the path but288.45.92
I'll bet Seth's the best bet you sound291.285.4
like a poet did you know294.325.04
it you shut your dumb mouth whack I'm296.684.959
ding what's going on over there I see303.0395.841
some green smoke that's probably right305.6394.961
beneath this tentacle thing it looks308.883.84
like little octopus or something okay310.64.039
smokey octopus and we should go in here312.724.4
and try to kick ass we should definitely314.6394.441
investigate right I know but I mean just317.124.0
them seeing us is probably going to319.084.32
aggro the whole Community we make their321.124.44
day okay but you know that that never323.43.84
happened it never happened you're right325.563.919
never wouldn't it be fun if just once327.244.28
right so we'll just talk about it like329.4794.16
it might happen yeah grab a sip of water331.523.959
while we're at it do it okay we'll just333.6394.081
come up this way and hopefully we won't335.4794.401
draw too much attention and how we337.724.68
looking oh yeah now what is going on339.884.439
there I don't know it looks like a342.44.519
mosquito man or something should should344.3195.761
we do like Arrow work from far away uh346.9195.56
maybe draw find one that's not too deep350.083.839
see if we can't draw them out what about352.4794.041
that what is this a fly guy Mosquito Man353.9194.761
Mosquito Man okay yeah we're going to356.524.32
have to kill the mosquito man freaking358.684.04
me out maybe we hit a mosquito man then360.843.68
draw him back all right let's do it yep362.724.319
the one on the left yeah left one okay364.524.519
hold on now he's behind the fire yep367.0393.961
he's behind it now he's on the right yep369.0393.481
now there this is just like getting a371.03.56
real fly in what are we doing I'm372.524.44
following still the guy yep you just374.564.68
shot I hit something they did I had to376.964.28
take it because they were just too crazy379.243.48
y we take them down before they get here381.244.399
huh yep um why can't I aim down sight382.724.52
pretty powerful feel like this isn't385.6393.201
working okay I don't know why it's not387.243.72
working okay I got to switch if they're388.844.12
chasing you so I'm going to stabby do390.964.92
something oh God that really that was392.966.16
very painful they hurt a lot oh it's395.885.0
okay and there's four of them yep hold399.123.76
on there's four of them yep I need to400.885.84
hit four as a low toan potion okay oh402.886.64
God okay missed me that time I'm running406.725.319
stab stab stab stab stab and I got one409.524.079
got one good for you I'm trying to run412.0393.28
for my life I'm coming to you I just413.5994.961
took a potion didn't I yep oh boy okay415.3196.88
how about this guy ooh all right he just418.565.0
dodging you all right I'm having a hard423.564.88
time okay but I'm hang there stab stab425.844.52
stab stab stab come on come on one more428.445.479
for you yeah got one come on baby come430.364.92
on give it to433.9196.0
him who okay oh beautiful woo all right435.285.919
guys got something good on they got like439.9193.28
crystals and sulfur and stuff yeah I441.1993.4
don't I got don't got room for this443.1993.601
nonsense yeah I'm pretty much encumbered444.5995.0
as it is okay all right that worked out446.85.519
I'm very surprised that we survived I'm449.5995.241
not we are very good at this oh good for452.3195.0
you confidence is your middle454.845.359
name all right I see you up there I'm457.3195.481
going to get close let's see still460.1994.081
nothing got to keep an eye on my462.84.28
corruption cuz if I did this right I464.285.0
don't think I'm affected by your dumb467.086.88
dances anymore o oh look at that469.288.24
purple's not even going down ooh oh my473.965.56
God I'm so happy I'm I'm corrupted477.524.92
forever look at me look how corrupt I am479.524.32
I'm corrupt forever you whatever your482.443.12
name is and apparently I have a really483.843.44
strong kick can I I kind of want to kick485.563.199
you but then again you're also part of487.282.759
my tribe so kind I don't want to kick488.7592.88
you but man I want to kick somebody I'm490.0393.321
going to go kick somebody I'll be I'll491.6393.641
be right back actually I won't be right493.364.239
back go [ __ ]495.285.359
yourself all right fir first up whack um497.5995.56
these are very messy people yeah this500.6394.361
this whole place is a mess yeah they503.1593.44
don't tidy up at all but but they don't505.03.08
fight us so I don't care but they also506.5993.56
don't have any loot there was nothing508.083.92
and look at this is this a Golem Golem510.1594.44
Golem Golem yeah Golem goem Golem Golem512.05.24
okay exactly what it is let's see what514.5995.721
Master carber hang has to say Greetings517.246.279
Wanderer oh hi I suspect an interesting520.325.959
and winding road has brought you to me523.5195.0
it did a Winding Road did I am a526.2794.921
sculpter a current medium is blood528.5194.721
crystals all right should you bring me531.24.96
some okay I am happy to barter with my533.245.2
skills such as they are you know what I536.164.2
might bring you blood crystals I'm going538.444.6
to learn Golem Constructor540.367.64
oh oh what a day um goodbye I will bring543.047.479
blood crystals may I soon enjoy your548.06.12
company again and the blood crystals550.5195.681
that you bring me yeah we'll see all554.124.56
right and then over here whack what was556.25.199
this it would look like a a a teleporter558.685.32
thing oh yeah yeah yeah yeah like that561.3995.921
abro me yep oh transpor Stone do we do564.06.36
it are we yeah try yeah try it okay oh567.325.6
what is that recipe ignite uh I need570.364.28
blood crystals man they love some blood572.924.08
crystals yeah everybody up here wants574.644.12
blood crystals interesting they don't577.03.16
want a clean but they want a blood578.763.079
Crystal I mean if you had a bunch of580.163.28
blood crystals lying around do you think581.8393.841
you'd keep the place clean I don't know583.443.32
I don't know what I would do with a585.684.48
blood Crystal well probably ignite this586.767.16
ah okay blood crystals and and gotcha590.166.08
man I can make Golems Golem go gol yeah593.923.52
we're going to have to figure out what596.243.64
that is Golem golum yeah we can make597.444.079
them now we've got a bunch of parts599.884.079
we've been accumulating so yeah yeah601.5194.281
it'd be nice to I wouldn't mind rocking603.9593.921
around and maybe go clubbing with some605.83.96
Golem Golems let's let's get this607.883.079
straight I don't want to say it wrong609.765.8
anymore golum or Golem yes what exactly610.9595.231
[ __ ]615.563.56
you Simon I'm really curious about the619.124.92
Smoky uh octopus you think we should try621.64.919
to shoot it yeah please okay got it624.045.799
aimed up spark it bounced626.5197.241
it bounced Y O Okay that was good maybe629.8395.041
that's what we got to do take those out633.762.36
yeah do it I mean I don't know why we634.883.399
wouldn't right there's a guy see him636.124.08
he's coming oh yeah I do oh he's crazy638.2793.761
looking is he oh yeah he's I'm I'm going640.23.52
for him oh yeah how you like the taste642.045.52
of that oh and that yep o and there ooh643.725.84
three shots and you out a man you're647.563.839
such a tough guy they were strikes649.563.68
actually three strikes and he was out651.3993.481
okay just like in baseball huh yep653.244.32
baseball's a sport yep okay I just hit654.884.6
the second one are they a one Arrow657.564.56
explode yep yep hey guys come over here659.484.159
I just killed your friend that looks a662.123.719
lot more tough than you oh like that oh663.6395.401
God I'm going long you sneaky you little665.8395.601
sneaky guy all right I'll help you maybe669.043.4
thank you I don't want to shoot you671.442.959
though so maybe not I'm missing there we672.443.6
go got him in the head oh yeah and then674.3995.401
one more for you y Tick T that boom Tic676.046.239
Tac Toe boom all right you take oh no679.84.64
you got your own guy sorry do oh God I'm682.2793.521
been I've been hit down I should684.443.28
probably heal myself in some way I don't685.84.24
like how many people around me wo687.724.48
okay all right I need to quit locking on690.044.96
and run for a second okay you're going692.25.84
to miss oh you missing you oh God I'm695.06.32
getting tag team in the worst way jump I698.047.239
can never avoid that oh [ __ ] oh God okay701.326.84
uh down one for you coming one for your705.2795.24
sister oh what about your cousin where's708.164.239
your cous just heard lightning oh just710.5195.681
one behind me sugar sugar and monkey712.3996.401
come on baby jump I still didn't do716.25.68
anything yes sir yeah yes I just took718.85.08
care of two and you got that guy look at721.884.6
you you want me to hit him I get him one723.886.48
shot done ready yep um finito sh or726.487.2
maybe two okay maybe three oh oh that730.365.279
time it didn't hurt me no okay good okay733.684.36
you got him yeah I got that okay735.6394.681
lightning just brought in a bad guy oh738.044.88
all right that's a thing that's okay oh740.324.6
jeez oh I think I avoid it by Rolling742.923.52
that's the thing you got it's got to744.925.279
jump jump for you look746.446.199
but I rolled oh there's a bigger purple750.1994.921
one you see that okay that's just fine752.6394.921
oh the purple one no a purple beam of755.124.6
light and see how he's larger okay but757.565.079
it's blue to me the no the light when he759.724.84
came in it came in with a purple light762.6395.0
didn't oh764.563.079
snap oh did you see that dive oh no I767.8395.641
didn't be in the movie trailer okay I'm771.164.16
climbing a tree I'm trying to get out of773.483.799
here get off of these okay here we go oh775.324.72
he got three skulls yes he does it's a777.2794.68
very bad thing I need to heal up drinky780.044.08
potion oh okay I'm getting better at781.9595.281
this good good for you never mind one784.126.159
more these so you jump in the air when787.245.399
it's uh going to do that uh-huh here790.2794.041
I'll bring them to you okay good nuts792.6395.041
I'll do this o snap over your mama oh794.325.68
that didn't work that didn't work I797.684.519
tried to jumpy jump right and it didn't800.04.44
work I did the roll I keep saying roll802.1993.801
and you keep singing that jump song804.443.6
jumpy jump okay you learn to jump and806.03.839
I'll keep fighting enemies808.045.12
um it's that it's alt that's what it809.8396.56
is got me again I rolled baby okay I'm813.164.52
going to need you to tag out for a816.3993.321
second yep I just did a little stabo817.684.44
uhhuh and another stab and another stab819.723.76
and another822.124.76
stab en counter complete suon that's823.485.4
right I went in there and then I did826.885.0
look at this roll oh good and you828.884.68
figured out roll at the same time it's831.883.759
it's alt I'll forget it but I know it833.564.199
now okay look at this did we clear the835.6393.921
place out chop off that big guy over837.7593.561
there look at the sky what happened839.565.44
Sky's clean oh look at that're we did it841.326.24
we're like Jesus where's that ball set I845.04.92
don't know is this one of them okay he's847.564.399
obviously the big one oh yeah I missed849.924.919
it okay I just killed it sorry you know851.9594.041
that's what I854.8394.12
do what's that say home of Mr and Mrs856.05.36
peanut I know that's been there a minute858.9594.401
I think Mr and Mrs peanut are honestly861.363.839
dead killed them a while back this is863.363.399
just a guy that's perfect I just want to865.1993.88
test my kick out excuse me sir I'm a866.7594.32
powerful sorcerer now and apparently I869.0793.721
upgraded and now I can kick the [ __ ] out871.0793.401
of people so I just wanted to kick the872.83.24
[ __ ] out of you if you don't mind you874.483.4
talking to somebody man are you going876.044.159
crazy out here oh there we go all right877.884.16
you going to try it you shouldn't do880.1994.161
that you really shouldn't do that nope882.045.039
nope nope yep see you shouldn't have884.364.32
done that you shouldn't have done that887.0794.161
oh you going to try it again nope888.686.12
nope boom Oh my God yeah I can kick the891.245.399
[ __ ] out of people894.86.279
boom Oh this is great bam oh knocks him896.6398.2
down too spap who Kaboom knocked your901.0796.44
ass right on the ground takes a while904.8397.68
though I wouldn't do it nope nope nope907.5198.161
boom kick your ass right into the912.5196.481
ground a big big bag big bag bag a big915.687.8
big b bag bag bag bag bag big bag919.06.959
bagag sweet now I kick the [ __ ] out of923.484.279
people for fun where's925.9593.56
Simon uh927.7598.281
okay and whack all set yeah zap can suck929.5198.24
it I'll deal with that you want to make936.044.88
the other thing uh wherever wherever it937.7595.481
fits yeah the Golem bench maybe right940.924.159
here next to it what do you think I like943.243.2
it cuz I got a bunch of Golem Parts in945.0793.521
placeo check that out I can kick the948.925.0
[ __ ] out of people now why' you well951.564.399
that's impressive yeah what are you up953.924.56
to uh I worship set now oh switching955.9594.281
gods I love it I switch Gods like every958.483.64
other day all right yeah I I feel like960.243.839
you're Godless I'm not believe it or not962.123.88
well actually I kind of am I can't964.0794.44
decide all right what what is this a966.04.48
guardian assembly station Guardian968.5195.201
assembly for making Golems yeah making a970.486.159
Golem wait me like gem can be help973.725.2
precious is it Gollum or Golem we're976.6394.76
just going to call them G's straight G's978.924.52
I can help that surprise you don't have981.3995.961
to do you don't have to do that need I983.446.0
didn't want to do that either hi987.364.8
hi you okay yes what does we need in my989.445.0
Golem process I don't know just Golem992.164.84
Parts oh yeah Golem Parts sure get it we994.444.68
get those oh I might have some of those997.04.399
yeah I think we stole all them up uh999.123.68
what kind are we making first I don't1001.3993.081
know here let me give you guys this1002.83.68
stuff and you guys uh you guys pick1004.484.4
through it and put something together in1006.485.2
there we'll put the arm in there oh wow1008.885.28
see it how exciting is it look at it it1011.684.399
assembles on the bench yeah that's what1014.163.799
I'm looking at man okay so that's the1016.0794.24
head body man it's like building a toy1017.9593.721
did I put that in the right spot did you1020.3192.32
guys ever have those toys that would1021.682.639
like break apart like Crash Test Dummies1022.6393.16
it's called Legos well Crash Test1024.3193.52
Dummies but also I gu yeah I guess Legos1025.7994.601
I I'm crafting it I'm doing it well I1027.8394.161
bam oh oh my1032.05.439
goodness I'm jealous of this what I1034.887.24
would do look at Dora's evil1037.4394.681
ways who you hollering at1042.5597.681
to oh oh my God it's like1045.249.559
Frankenstein yeah that's cool oh my1050.248.64
God what was that he said oh there he1054.7996.161
goes so what what do you do with this1058.883.88
guy wh my way so there's a couple of1060.964.24
things you can have him follow you okay1062.765.24
or depending on the type of weapon that1065.24.52
they have they'll just Harvest stuff1068.03.799
around the area so like this guy will1069.723.959
harvest stone for you yeah I don't want1071.7993.281
him to I want him to follow me and just1073.6793.48
be my buddy yeah wait we built this guy1075.083.959
just to run around and get stoned it's1077.1593.601
going to be my buddy hey buddy I'll1079.0393.361
think of a name for you soon but it's1080.763.24
going to be a good one I bet it's going1082.43.88
to be buddy camel1084.05.44
kisses oh you can name him Rocky uh1086.284.68
no I'm a little jealous of this base1090.965.16
right here Simon why cuz of the ouse no1093.245.08
I just like the location oh okay it's1096.124.16
great they got the great view lots of1098.323.8
sunlight yeah I mean it's pretty out1100.284.2
here is this an ous looks like an ouse1102.124.4
doesn't it oh this is as Tech as Place1104.483.679
yeah can't get in here there's a there's1106.524.159
a chair in there in which it's smeared1108.1594.481
poop on there the the whole idea is to1110.6793.841
get the poop through the chair you think1112.643.76
she knows that she's from Australia I1114.524.08
know they poop on chairs there they're1116.44.759
crazy okay well look at this though1118.65.76
she's got like one of every animal she's1121.1596.161
like the Australian Moses wait not Moses1124.365.52
who's the guy with the boat um Noah that1127.324.88
was it yep what's this guy do just stand1129.884.0
by the well and he's going to want to1132.24.719
fight fighter man you serious stop it oh1133.885.039
boy I'm stuck in him look at this this1136.9195.521
is great yeah okay no boy don't kill him1138.9195.841
why cuz it's this is a te's guy I know1142.444.239
but I mean the thing is don't kill her1144.767.0
guy why not Simon why would you do that1146.6798.24
he's attacking us what are we we came to1151.765.48
his house why did you come over here you1154.9194.161
know that's what it's going to do I1157.243.559
wasn't going to kill him back so what1159.083.24
were you going to do just like let him1160.7993.841
hit you for a while run away well I'd1162.325.12
rather kill him and then we can walk1164.645.48
freely but it's your fault this is your1167.444.16
the blood is on your hands I was going1170.122.72
to look at more stuff but now that1171.62.6
you're a loose cannon I guess I'm just1172.842.64
going to look at it from back here the1174.23.56
blood's on your hands is this a little1175.484.559
animal over here I think that's uh just1177.765.08
stuffed animal oh okay that makes sense1180.0396.041
all right I won't kill it cuz it's dead1182.845.16
can't believe this is her life poops in1186.083.52
a chair and has you killing all of her1188.04.52
THS just1189.65.52
one all right now we want a good show1192.524.519
yeah let's test Rocky out it's not Rocky1195.123.96
this is Wilbert Wilbert yeah named him1197.0394.201
after my father all right sure was your1199.085.52
father a Golem no he was a Wilbert okay1201.245.52
sure hey hey it's your Golem Wilbert1204.66.0
let's be it's a straight G uh let's go1206.766.08
bash some [ __ ] heads in Wilbert uh1210.63.88
Straight Ahead yep right behind you and1212.843.24
your daddy Wilbert oh yeah back over1214.484.12
here oh yeah come here let's see how1216.084.599
this do oh these poor idiots have no1218.64.0
idea they really don't they have no idea1220.6795.201
what's coming oh no oh no oh no we're1222.65.36
being attacked and then Wilbert would be1225.885.48
like no not on my watch Wilbert go1227.966.68
Wilbert gobert do the thing Wilbert yeah1231.365.08
that's it Wilbert that was a good smack1234.643.84
come out do it again Wilber Wilbert1236.444.56
little quicker be great1238.484.6
yeah oh1241.05.28
no ah nice oh there's another one over1243.087.28
here wi oh no oh no hold on Wilbert1246.286.0
check this guy Wilbert I'll set him up1250.364.799
for you here you go boom get him Wilbert1252.286.32
oh yeah oh my God Wilbert and abro C1255.1594.88
combo right there one more one more1258.64.68
buddy do okay wow I think that was a1260.0395.241
Faking It Move yeah it might have been1263.283.68
wi you and me together we could conquer1265.284.72
the world that's not that's not how nope1266.964.599
Weber you follow me we're going home he1270.03.64
looks cool Dora I'm happy for you yeah1271.5593.881
we can make more we got we got parts we1273.643.44
just got to get more parts let's do it1275.445.92
ABS out oh that that would have Wilbert1277.085.8
get him you love me Wilbert you'll never1281.362.99
me fore1287.524.039

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