Double Trouble!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

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Double Trouble!!! - Ark Survival Ascended
Double Trouble!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

Double Trouble!!! - Ark Survival Ascended

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Guys, you know why 'Double Trouble!!! - Ark Survival Ascended' is my favorite video? Because we literally can't catch a break! I mean, it's just one disaster after another!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, it's your favorite because you love watching me get eaten by raptors every five minutes. Admit it!

appsro: No, no, Simon. It's because every time you scream, it’s like music to our ears. We should make a remix: 'Raptor Scream Symphony'.

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget Appsro almost drowning in that two-foot deep river. Classic moment!

simon: Hey, at least I didn't get stuck in a tree for half the video. How did you even manage that, Appsro?

appsro: It’s a gift, Simon. Some people have talents; mine just happens to be getting stuck in the most bizarre places. Keeps things interesting!

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, then you know that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to catch a break! This new video is one of those days where everything goes hilariously wrong, and trust me, you don't want to miss it.

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oh mama narc is looking good wow yeah18.485.68
wow I like it man maybe you can paint21.5194.76
this mouth over here too I can give you24.164.039
some paint a paint brush or do you just26.2793.4
want me to do the mouth well you know28.1993.681
what I I mean I I could try I could try29.6793.641
we'll see this could be a this could be31.883.6
like a theme yeah like we're a lot of33.324.04
our animals so that we know we just see35.484.04
the mount yeah just this absurd lipstick37.365.24
and makeup yeah gifts gifts time yeah39.527.4
ready sure yeah okay here you go uh abro42.67.4
my goodness what's what do hat oh yes46.925.639
that's awesome I know it here go Happ50.05.239
all right we needed them it's about time52.5595.32
we need to know what we're dealing with55.2395.401
now we spy things I love it57.8794.84
dor you're looking good baby thank you I60.643.559
did a little bit of work on the62.7195.001
wardrobes yeah no it look nice um I64.1995.641
would love to get like a couple of67.723.88
raptors we need some like muscle around69.843.24
we got the spino but have a little extra71.64.12
muscle I like it yeah no I'm not opposed73.084.24
to that uh I've made finally some75.724.12
narcoberries thanks to Mama and Nar here77.323.92
does someone want to go with me to try79.842.72
to get a raptor I'm kind of a81.243.199
professional Hunter yeah you go and do82.564.239
that I got some building to do just at84.4394.121
least on that one wall so I can feel86.7993.28
like work the wall Perfect all right you88.563.559
and me Let's do let's do all right and90.0794.201
and I'll do with the pig put some92.1193.96
lipstick on that pig all right do you94.283.519
give me the paint just make a paintbrush96.0794.161
and make damn pain damn you damn you to97.7995.28
hell it's berries in the cooking pot100.244.4
that's it okay okay good thank you we103.0793.36
acting like it's impossible it might104.644.28
well it wasn't impossible I was just s106.4394.761
ra your boys we're way over here now I108.923.64
don't want you to hear me that's the111.23.599
point we're far away from you I don't112.567.08
want you to hear me we over here [ __ ]114.7994.841
oh [ __ ] oh yeah all right turn the133.3194.881
corner has a bunch of them oh [ __ ] is136.044.919
that an alpha uh no oh God I bed one of138.25.52
them okay okay okay I'll uh I'll TR sh140.9595.0
[ __ ] [ __ ] I I bed the other one I'm143.723.84
going to kill the other one okay go for145.9593.721
it I'm tracking this come on stay please147.564.84
stay stay it too stay149.685.279
buet all right that one's dead okay cool152.44.479
focus on the other one yep Focus it's154.9596.041
down nice beautiful man beautiful wow156.8795.881
and little bit of meat a little bit oh161.03.12
damn it I didn't bring narcotics you got162.763.24
narcotics on my chips sweet throw them164.124.8
in there oh wow that was easy it was166.05.28
only a level 15 though damn it that168.923.76
better it's just the beginning it's the171.283.16
beginning and we got jumped we didn't172.684.68
get jumped yeah wild female oh she likes174.445.96
to jump some bones Miss bones Miss jumpy177.367.159
bones jumpy bones I like that a lot oh180.45.8
who likes to jump bones do you like to184.5193.601
go out on Saturday night and get wild186.23.72
yeah you do well I'm sorry I just188.123.399
stabbed it yeah don't do that I'm going189.923.879
to put that away yeah she also could to191.5194.8
answer she's unconscious yeah dreaming193.7995.601
about Saturday night downtown probably196.3194.721
sorry why are you doing that cuz I was199.44.64
trying to crouch201.043.0
oh okay204.9596.241
so huh207.765.199
the substance can be used to color211.24.64
crafting requirements I have212.9595.721
them I'm in the215.844.72
thing did218.684.919
it I don't know how to make it double220.565.36
click it double223.5995.36
click I would have waited an hour I225.926.0
wouldn't have done that yay look at that228.9597.521
five red perfect I do that I got my231.928.84
brush I hit my brush on236.487.0
do I do this and right click on240.765.44
you and now I see myself but I don't243.485.839
want to see myself I want to see you how246.26.759
do I do you nope that's not it's me I249.3195.241
don't want to paint me I want to paint252.9595.481
you pig you how do I paint you I thought254.566.28
I right clicked on you same thing's258.444.52
going to happen again yep and crazy260.844.56
person is going to do the same thing262.965.28
over and over expecting a different265.45.519
result try left click in try anything268.247.0
else try left clicking try anything else270.9197.641
that's it that's it nobody told me that275.245.56
I figured that out all on my278.565.63
own yeah this is280.85.239
great yeah yeah we should get a probably286.0394.841
one for each of us maybe if we could289.42.799
yeah no it would be nice to get a pile290.883.319
of raptors yeah we all kind of have like292.1993.84
yeah a horse we can saddle up and go out294.1993.881
on I mean Saddles are cheap they're easy296.0394.361
to make perfect now we definitely all298.084.04
right that's easy that was that was that300.44.359
was butter yeah see if we can go out and302.123.96
find another one I mean I'm tempted to304.7593.321
go into the swamp up there but it's just306.083.76
going to be a cluster isn't it it is but308.083.44
at least these are fast enough to oh309.843.6
you're talking to get another yeah I'm311.522.84
going to go I'm going to go into the313.441.92
swamp a little bit see if there's314.362.839
anything okay yeah do that I'm going to315.365.24
say hi to Simon do it hi Simon317.1998.201
hey are you close can you hear me yes320.66.68
are you are you close to me I oh yeah I325.44.519
was right next to you okay hey how are327.285.359
you great how do you like the329.9195.201
mouth huh you ever put lipstick on332.6395.721
anything before uh yeah anyone all right335.127.799
yeah I like it yeah I like338.367.559
it oh God I hate walking in the W see342.9195.081
something moving what was that is oh345.9194.521
it's that a pig see this thing I'm jumpy348.04.319
I'm jumpy here cuz I know there's some350.444.0
[ __ ] in these trees what's that352.3194.16
what's that something going oh god oh354.443.44
that's a bar onx yep we're leaving the356.4793.72
swamp we're leaving the swamp well we're357.883.56
not going into the swamp we're going to360.1992.44
find raap for somewhere else I'm not361.443.759
going in the swamp [ __ ] the swamp wait362.6395.921
what are these what are you like mud365.1997.481
Guppies mud skippers leeches maybe what368.566.32
what is that all right jumpy bones stay372.684.16
there I've never seen this creature oh374.883.92
that's absolutely a leech who's hungry376.844.72
for Leeches you jumpy oh no not that378.86.2
inventory nope not there oh God okay381.566.759
what why can't I just hit e what's going385.08.199
on hello no things going crazy eat no388.3197.6
like like ride like normal like look at393.1997.321
the dinosaur and ride don't want that I395.9197.68
want ride it's always been eat why is400.526.04
this changed what happened oh there's a403.5995.88
leech on the I can't there's a leech on406.566.12
you I didn't know that where is it is it409.4796.481
actually attached I don't see the leech412.687.079
where it said hold to remove leech all415.966.84
right let's try it hold to remove leech419.7598.28
and boom now can I ride you oh yeah okay422.89.76
God I hate the swamp I hate the [ __ ]428.0394.521
swamp hello Dora hello abstra how'd it433.9196.0
go ah I don't think we should mess with437.524.44
the swamp right now because it's a swamp439.9193.161
yeah I don't know why what I was441.963.12
thinking I don't know so uh what do you443.083.64
think head back into the woods I think445.084.44
so okay which um they could be any446.726.24
anywhere though yeah I know we got spy449.525.64
glasses too we get a little that's true452.963.48
yeah why don't you and I we'll head into455.163.64
the woods we'll go uh we'll kind of go456.444.319
north Northeast or something okay one458.83.839
second I was just grabbing this mood460.7593.801
yeah I'm going to tell jumpy bones you462.6393.96
stay still so she'll hang out here464.565.919
uh-huh going to be dark soon oh yeah man466.5995.401
and that's pretty isn't it good God it's470.4795.761
so pretty look at that oh it's just so472.04.24
pretty damn I love gaming in 2020 four477.1594.521
oh my God it's the best going to sit479.8793.28
here and look at this a minute this is a481.684.359
damn painting go on the porch a painting483.1595.6
I would ruin by486.0392.72
pooping I like the ruin I like the ruin490.445.199
painting I'm a saky boy496.7594.801
I love this little clear in here Dora517.4793.641
it's uh it's beautiful out here I I519.083.839
haven't been this way very far now the521.123.08
woods at night man something about the522.9194.6
woods at night oh this the moonlit Woods524.25.48
yeah I love it I do too hopefully we're527.5193.721
going to find a sweet ass Raptor out529.683.2
here too it' be nice if it was right up531.243.8
in this clearing yeah we just come out532.885.0
and boom there they are yeah if I535.044.56
weren't so worried about the Los the537.883.04
parasaur and ring it because remember539.63.4
the parasaur can detect enemies oh [ __ ]540.924.4
I forgot about that yeah how cool are543.04.279
they they are awesome tell you what look545.324.44
at this this will help us out a little547.2795.321
bit we don't even need it oh wow yeah549.765.16
that changed the okay dude I put some552.65.239
blue dye on that I see that wow that554.925.24
really kind of lit it up sets a mood557.8395.401
doesn't it what was that oh [ __ ] compies560.165.52
oh right okay hey we can use the meat563.244.08
yeah we good we're going to need it for565.684.52
the time there we go567.325.24
H chop them up570.24.36
chopping love that hold on I brought572.564.6
some red lighting too oh let see dude we574.564.6
are going to have the best parties kind577.163.32
of want to fire them off at the same579.162.919
time you know see if it see how crazy it580.485.08
looks like be purple um oh yeah I guess582.0795.641
it would be purple but uh damn when [ __ ]585.564.44
stayed lit longer you got to squeeze in587.724.84
what you need real quick right all right590.04.68
let's see uh I think yeah let's keep592.565.44
heading this way okay594.688.399
red that's it so cool I love that598.07.24
damn good603.0794.401
[ __ ] all right605.245.8
piggy looks like we're uh almost done607.487.039
with this it's not really doing much but611.044.76
it it makes me feel like I've614.5192.88
accomplished something and hopefully I'm615.83.76
leveling up where should I put the other617.3993.201
piggy one over there going across the620.67.28
water is that a thing we'll see probably624.167.16
not I'm already bored of this627.883.44
well who I know hey what is this it's631.727.16
fun I mean yeah it looks like a635.924.56
structure can we climb up this way or do638.883.04
we need to climb up from the other side640.482.84
good question I mean it makes it looks641.923.039
like look like you could maybe get up643.324.28
here but but doubtful no there's no way644.9593.88
there's no way you can get up here does647.63.12
it just get did you get in the chest I648.8394.44
didn't look in the chest yet here we go650.726.72
it is a journeyman simple pistol oh man653.2795.721
damn it why did I look in the chest I657.443.76
mean don't you have a pistol uh No I659.03.639
gave it to Simon oh got you well then661.23.199
here you go thank you that's all you662.6393.081
it's a that's a good one [ __ ] yeah664.3992.88
that's a good pistol I got to get back665.722.76
and make some ammo yeah I don't think we667.2793.041
can climb up there but I am curious I668.484.359
want to go around H yeah let's see670.324.88
what's the best way up uh probably back672.8394.601
around and and no I'm looking at the map675.23.52
right now I think if we keep following677.442.56
this Ridge we'll be able to get up to678.723.28
the right uh ahead so okay wrap around680.04.519
that way682.02.519
yeah well look at you up there all685.565.959
glowing and blue I'm going to have to688.8394.081
get a little bit691.5194.32
closer what is up with you692.927.919
pal man if I had some some TRS I'd no695.8397.401
let's face it I would not be able to get700.8395.521
you but you are certainly pretty can I703.246.08
get up there easily I don't think I706.365.599
can well if you want to come down over709.324.68
here I wouldn't mind looking at you you711.9594.44
want to make your way down my name's714.04.8
Simon this is a pig that has a name I716.3995.721
don't really remember it but uh you're718.88.12
welcome at our place anytime cuz you're722.124.8
cool light our way a little727.3997.721
bit uhoh that's a Carno ooh that's a730.88.2
Carno o oh think Bas don't work on a735.126.2
Carno do they no I I would guess not739.04.36
yeah that would be a good guess coming741.323.519
our way I'm going to try it [ __ ] it no743.364.279
it won't run that's a caral run run run744.8395.36
run run run up on the rocks the Hut in747.6394.801
the hut that that's a good idea or up on750.1994.521
top of the Hut top oh yeah okay hey yeah752.443.88
we can lure it around the Hut can we754.723.679
trink this thing uh maybe I'm on by the756.323.8
Hut yeah this this could work this could758.3992.641
work this could work all right I'm760.123.399
loading up drink arrows me too got one761.044.88
in the head all right yeah you keep uh763.5193.32
you keep at him I'm going to give us765.923.279
some light yeah which we didn't need but766.8394.721
okay I like it I do too I didn't say I769.1994.681
didn't like it said we didn't need it771.564.04
where is he773.885.759
see oh my God yes wow w775.66.84
here we go only a level 10 but [ __ ] take779.6394.961
[ __ ] get that get the meat in there look782.444.079
at this flawless day so far damn we got784.65.44
a aaro woo female male what we got here786.5196.241
damn female good God we got us a damn790.044.84
[ __ ] fest going792.764.12
on all right I'm going to go up top see794.884.399
what's up796.882.399
there okay I'm up807.8398.921
here [ __ ] I'm up here oh God are you810.488.76
okay is816.766.36
it what what's up819.246.24
there need a823.125.519
light I painted it kind of a825.484.76
tail it's828.6394.361
door d Jesus Christ knock it837.8395.68
off hey Dora hey Simon hey how are you847.126.24
uh I've been better uh I just died from851.2795.881
a I just died okay there's a cool blue853.366.32
like glowy Triceratops over there857.164.599
awesome I think we should try to take859.684.76
okay I'll see you in a bit okay you know861.7594.241
you want to see the I got to get my864.442.759
stuff you know that you know how this866.06.16
works okay hey it's cool867.1994.961
mhm all right baby you are at873.046.239
66% man see this is the time I wish I876.924.159
had a I shouldn't have wasted the flare879.2793.441
cuz I bet D's trying to get back but he881.0793.44
can he can see where his death stuff is882.724.76
I'm also right here I heard you a raptor884.5195.44
killed me up there I was almost inside887.485.159
get the [ __ ] up here we need a raptor I889.9595.161
know uh it'd be it feel better if we892.6394.56
went up there with the Carno oh yeah we895.123.519
don't want the caror to kill the Raptor897.1993.721
though oh [ __ ] did I why am I already898.6395.481
needing water I just respawned back in900.925.56
oh wait thirsty did you run here I did904.124.0
yeah that'll do it well that really did906.484.359
it come on no you running you swea you908.128.56
need water I I do [ __ ]910.8395.841
oh [ __ ] Alpha Raptor right freaking here929.8811.48
not good uh oh boy okay um this must be934.7211.119
the same one and I got a baby in941.368.68
here that I didn't even show anybody945.8398.161
where are you baby I just walk past you950.047.599
there you are you're my baby there's an954.06.04
alphar Raptor that can kill K everything957.6395.44
here without any problem960.046.039
[ __ ] oh thank goodness go ahead I mean968.2794.36
we can worry about naming it later but971.042.88
uh I really want to get my stuff before972.6393.88
it disappears okay gotcha yeah since we973.925.96
got a Carno now yeah hey time to go976.5198.521
Bubba boo can you get out come on baby979.886.759
come on baby can you can you get out985.043.599
come on baby that I mean that's how we986.6392.961
hey time to go come on come on baby come989.65.799
on we don't have time to dilly dally993.6394.68
come on your makeup looks fine come on995.3996.161
she stuck on the wall yes is it Caro's998.3195.08
stuck in the wall yeah that's how we got1001.565.399
her right okay can we maybe come over1003.3996.44
this way can I turn her hey over1006.9595.32
here really stuck can you we can break1009.8394.36
the wall I mean that's oh it's going to1012.2793.24
take forever though isn't it I don't1014.1993.281
know I can't I have nothing who built1015.5194.081
this oh what what w1017.485.88
oh wait good now1019.63.76
oh oh my god oh I think you hit okay1023.6795.921
yeah I didn't mean to do that right I1027.5594.201
don't have time yeah no it's going to1029.63.4
take a minute for her to break that damn1031.763.279
wall isn't it can we tell her to stop1033.05.679
hey you stay still1035.0398.16
chill oh there we go all right so now1038.6796.321
time to go then follow me out of it come1043.1993.441
on come come on this way you can get out1045.03.199
this way you can do it this way here1046.645.68
over here come on over here come on over1048.1997.161
here over here you dumb monkey we1052.325.8
shouldn't have to go that far okay I've1055.365.16
got to run back up dude okay good luck1058.124.24
well I'm going to die again but get1060.524.24
yourself and run out hey you we got to1062.365.16
get out of this right can't stay okay1064.764.76
tell you what I want you to break this1067.524.68
part the door that you're stuck in that1069.524.84
bit can you take that1072.24.08
bit yeah1074.366.24
right oh my God you are so dumb you are1076.286.279
just a special kind of stupid that's1080.65.079
your name1082.5593.12
stupid that is Alpha right I mean I saw1086.248.76
glow red oh wait six that's right baby1089.369.96
wait wait wait boom yeah so it only says1095.07.72
20 and it doesn't seem to be glowing1099.325.4
okay no but it says alpar Raptor male1102.724.64
Alpha that's it1104.725.439
[ __ ] all right1107.366.28
well at least I have a half a wall with1110.1596.681
a giant opening in it to protect the1113.647.88
animals damn it help no no no no no no1116.8410.12
no no no no you can't no no uh-oh oh1121.528.96
god oh oh no oh no and now the Raptor's1126.966.4
damn down here son of a [ __ ] all right1130.485.64
stupid you keep at that oh man Raptor on1133.367.12
a cliff where is it I see it right there1136.126.64
could I possibly get it see its head1140.483.28
out yep took a1143.766.279
hit and stupid don't go for that one1146.0396.401
keep at the wall stupid don't even look1150.0396.681
at that [ __ ] Raptor keep it the1152.444.28
wall okay got another shot1158.26.719
in come on where you be passed out by1161.845.079
now there he goes there he goes all1164.9193.281
right yeah stupid you keep it in the1166.9193.24
wall I'm go see if I I can even climb up1168.22.8
to this1170.1593.76
Raptor oh to build a damn set of stairs1171.04.35
just to get up to1173.9195.681
okay we all clear where's1181.7997.401
my I need my oh my God I see a raptor1184.888.48
tail oh my God that's certain1189.27.12
death why are you hanging at the house1193.366.319
need my stuff m1196.325.64
huh hey Dora hey I'm down below I1199.6793.601
actually managed to climb up to this1201.963.88
Raptor ouch there's another Raptor just1203.285.2
up here waiting uh okay that must be the1205.844.92
other one oh God I'm I'm in the bushes1208.485.88
and I can't see [ __ ] uh why is it1210.767.52
waiting here cuz it knows wants you it's1214.367.88
hungry oh my God it's like looking at me1218.287.48
ah is my stuff here can you throw down1222.247.52
meat I can't throw [ __ ] hiding under a1225.767.68
porch okay thought I'd ask oh stupid you1229.766.159
broke it awesome hey stupid come here1233.444.2
come here come here hey you guys coming1235.9195.161
up uh what you going to come up uh I can1237.645.24
yeah I would love that I I want to get1241.083.599
my stuff I got really good stuff yeah I1242.883.6
want to get some meat in this Cliff1244.6794.161
Raptor Cliff that's a good name for this1246.485.36
Raptor great all right coming to you1248.845.57
please stupid time to1251.843.839
go oh [ __ ] is that the freaking Alpha1255.6796.401
Raptor right there oh my God oh my God1258.27.8
okay I just need to run arrows onto this1262.087.68
how do I get the arrows onto that and1266.06.44
then I'm hitting the wrong oh God I1269.764.32
don't know how to get this que do I got1272.446.599
to hit q no [ __ ] okay I just got to1274.088.12
shoot it that's what I got to do I got1279.0396.64
to get over here and and oh wait any of1282.25.599
my freaking animals set to attack my1285.6793.401
God I can't let it be the target I just1290.365.36
have to have it chase1293.645.44
me goodness I don't know how to do this1295.726.079
I don't know what to1299.082.719
do this is the worst where's the Raptor1301.885.52
where's the1306.443.76
Raptor all right I see the house I see1307.45.44
the Raptor you do it's fighting a turtle1310.25.28
oh perfect all right um I don't know how1312.843.8
to get my1315.484.0
stuff I don't see it1316.645.76
all right stupid kill that Raptor1319.485.96
yeah yes all right Raptor's dead stupid1322.44.159
kill that1325.444.8
Turtle stupid find my bag you got it no1326.5597.321
I said stupid find it stupid find Dora's1330.246.4
bag you're out of danger now buddy I1333.884.88
appreciate that oh dude there's a bag1336.644.48
right here I'm standing on one oh oh1338.767.44
it's yours yes is this it oh thank1341.127.48
goodness D follow me well hold on hold1346.25.0
on let's I mean let's get the oh okay oh1348.66.88
there there's a chest yes anything good1351.28.98
um slingshot ow lame yep pretty1355.487.24
lame so Behavior this isn't1362.728.959
Fun uh attack your target I don't want1367.847.199
that I want I guess1371.6795.761
passive passive1375.0395.24
flee I'll just do passive1377.447.0
thing there's that what we got here1380.2797.441
aggression level attack1384.443.28
Target this one was St getting on him1389.369.04
and this one was passive fine okay is it1392.79910.641
still there did it move oh God move down1398.46.36
right now I'm going to go around and I1404.7610.399
am going to shoot it from over1409.06.159
there oh yeah we got it oh yeah oh1415.727.839
Cliffy that is your name you are done1420.326.64
holy [ __ ] what a day all right Cliffy1423.5595.561
come on now1426.965.959
Cliffy Cliffy1429.127.84
Cliffy never mind your name is stupid1432.9196.601
too all right hold on here we go what if1436.967.199
I took an arrow and I shot hey the beam1439.527.44
that you're trapped at will you go for1444.1595.601
it that one that one that one1446.967.16
stupid that that sh1449.767.919
Cliffy Cliffy come on it's going great1454.125.64
damn it you all right1457.6797.561
Cliffy here fight that one right oh [ __ ]1459.768.279
oh well that didn't go well uh I1465.244.319
accidentally shot Cliffy with an arrow1468.0393.76
yeah I I read that on the screen damn it1469.5593.6
all right well [ __ ] it at least we got a1471.7993.36
Carno today yeah all right let let's go1473.1596.201
home stupid time to go1475.1599.0
stupid stupid God there she comes1479.368.199
Jesus I need1484.1593.4
where you're right there you're right1496.525.32
there on the edge come on peek your1499.443.68
little tail1501.846.28
out come on oh oops I shot first I1503.126.919
shouldn't have done that oh I oh I1508.126.84
didn't fall all right come on go hit him1510.0395.76
sucker hey buddy come and chase me come1515.7996.24
on get away get away get away get away1519.964.52
come on come on come on come on you1522.0396.681
still coming at me bro you coming1524.486.48
oh please please be1528.724.64
please okay well I'll take it as a good1533.363.84
cuz what are we what are you doing you1537.24.68
can't get1539.482.4
out come on right here really come on oh1542.088.12
there you go oh God I jumped right on1548.444.599
top of you all right now we'll go here1550.25.8
we go come on are you on my butt please1553.0394.681
be on my butt yeah you're chewing on my1556.02.96
butt right1557.724.76
get away get away get away yeah boy yeah1558.965.68
yeah all right I can't believe that I'm1562.486.319
not dead yet this is quite1564.644.159
surprising dude good job1572.487.64
yeah [ __ ]1576.124.0

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