A Woman Moved In With Us and She's Not Happy. - Enshrouded

Emily moves in and gets very demanding. Neebs isn't a fan. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►THANK YOU PATRONS! https://www.patr...
A Woman Moved In With Us and She's Not Happy.  -  Enshrouded
A Woman Moved In With Us and She's Not Happy. - Enshrouded

A Woman Moved In With Us and She's Not Happy. - Enshrouded

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright guys, I gotta say, this video is my absolute favorite. 'A Woman Moved In With Us and She's Not Happy'—classic content right there.

simon: Oh come on, Neebs! You just like it because Emily's giving you a hard time. Admit it, you love the drama.

appsro: It's definitely the drama, but let's not forget the part where Neebs tries to cook dinner and sets off the smoke alarm. Pure comedy gold!

neebs: Hey, at least I tried! Unlike some people who just sat around and watched the chaos unfold. Right, Simon?

simon: Oh, I was just there for moral support. And, you know, to make sure the fire department had the right address.

appsro: Moral support, huh? More like 'morale support' because you were laughing your butt off the entire time. But seriously, this video has everything: drama, comedy, and a whole lot of Neebs failing spectacularly.

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest video. So, Emily has just moved in and let's just say, things get pretty intense. She's super demanding, and poor Neebs is definitely not having it. You can already guess the hilarious chaos that's about to unfold, right?

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Alright, that's enough from me. Go check out the video and see how Neebs handles Emily's demands. Spoiler alert: it's absolutely hilarious!

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sorry that I'm sorry what did you do I9.486.799
threw a a grenade I had the wrong um you12.7196.121
know hot bar oh no the bed's gone well16.2795.361
there's another bed uh yeah but we we18.844.64
need more I mean ideally we need four21.643.959
beds okay all right well your first23.484.84
Quest today baby daora make a bed okay25.5994.881
so yeah get that going again but hey I28.323.68
want to show you something real quick30.484.68
check this out okay father uh I have32.06.68
made a couple of these I'll just stick35.167.28
them down right here now these are great38.686.16
chest because any material we put in42.444.56
here like if we use the workbenches44.844.16
they'll automatically suck from this47.05.28
chest oh sucking is good yeah so these49.04.8
are good suck chest so we don't need to52.283.04
be building any more regular chest we53.83.36
build a chest we got to build suck chest55.324.32
make a darn suck chest Perfect all right57.164.199
so yeah put materials in the suck chest59.643.8
and get to making a bed I don't know61.3594.961
what you didn't have to yell again63.445.64
chapter 53 Simon being66.324.76
simony there you go you got him oh I69.083.96
went right into him that time that was71.084.2
nice well done Simon thank you but I got73.043.96
to heal up I got very hurt all right75.282.96
I'll go kill everything while you do77.03.0
that all right wait [ __ ] I didn't even78.243.839
think about bandages or whatnot what is80.04.84
the whoa what's the stuff in this game82.0795.601
um I don't know neither do I like elixir84.848.279
things oh [ __ ] hold on that's not wrong87.688.759
way oh no oh no93.1196.201
summon oh God I should I atat first can96.4395.161
I eat right now I got a lock unlock from99.325.36
this guy okay whoa they're shooting101.66.36
arrows too hey I'm coming back sh oh104.684.96
yeah nice you spawn in the right place107.963.4
yeah well it kind of it did it109.645.28
automatically okay perfect so where this111.366.56
is me get back in here buddy I'm I'm114.927.119
coming in oh he blocked that nice so I'm117.926.72
still trying to figure out this game I'm122.0395.12
trying to think should I use my magic124.646.08
wand or ma um either just help I guess127.1594.401
God what are you131.563.36
doing okay come on almost there okay I135.07.04
got the one guy hey I'm back all right138.285.12
hey I'm not really sure what I'm142.043.72
supposed to do I'm trying to kill people143.44.559
and they're killing me yeah um did you145.766.04
eat first uh no no no I didn't eat you147.9597.28
should eat first I'm going151.83.439
to above and beyond baby Dora above and155.925.92
beyond right right I I could make the uh158.845.72
the the better beds but yeah listen161.845.2
that's a good start and I figured daddy164.565.12
you'd sleep away from the US boys oh you167.044.68
made daddy his own bed in the corner169.684.24
yeah that's sweet then I can get nasty171.723.68
and the little boys don't have to hear173.924.599
me well we will you're it's like 4T away175.45.16
well that's a good bit of distance yeah178.5194.401
okay oh we need to place down the180.564.84
Carpenter and uh what the farmer right182.924.28
tell me when okay you know what I think185.44.36
I've set out a space okay so come over187.24.52
here I'm thinking over here could be the189.765.199
farm right I cleared this Shack great191.725.439
Spot Great spot uh yeah maybe put the194.9594.881
the farmer out here I will she's a woman197.1593.761
she don't want to live in the house with199.844.2
all the boys no no no no no no all right200.924.84
all right all right204.044.08
um and205.766.479
um Emily he yeah get Emily in here all208.125.679
right make sure she's like actually you212.2393.401
know on the yeah yep she's there and213.7993.401
that's where she's going right there215.642.879
yeah we'll have to build some walls217.24.92
around her aha hi Emily hey Emily how218.5195.36
you doing all right hey we'll be back to222.124.88
talk to you now follow me Dora yes yes223.8794.681
okay now remember we didn't have access227.03.239
to the attic well look what I built228.563.599
access to the attic access to the attic230.2393.521
and I'm thinking the carpenter we can232.1593.961
stick up in the attic ooh got really233.763.759
dark didn't it it really did I got some236.122.88
torches in here this is all good but237.5193.041
yeah look at this nice big space it's a239.03.28
great woodworking space would you like240.564.84
your your bed in here Daddy uh no242.285.36
Carpenter lives in here yeah but I know245.43.839
how you'd be I I could see a nice247.644.439
bedroom where I could just Stomp and get249.2395.041
loud up here yeah and if we're too loud252.0794.601
you could Stomp and say [ __ ] out it's254.284.6
true I might do that yeah I might move256.683.799
my bed in here this will be my bedroom258.882.919
then I can stomp down and yell at you260.4793.121
kids I love it I love it and we don't261.7993.641
have to be near you Daddy perfect and263.63.159
then we can put our Carpenter buddy265.444.039
maybe right here in the corner all right266.7596.961
and and that is Cade Hawthorne oh Cade269.4798.921
there you go Cade hey hey hey all right273.725.96
this is working out great we got new278.43.12
friends okay speaking of beds let's go279.684.0
down and sleep okay that way we can281.523.84
speed up time I think everybody will283.683.76
enjoy a nice uh you know they'll like it285.364.0
with nicer weather absolutely let's do287.445.24
it all right289.367.399
Boop boo really really bury yourself in292.686.04
there don't you yeah you really do I am296.7593.761
deep into this bed298.724.82
yeah balls deep300.525.679
mhm sumon yeah we're looking for it says306.1995.681
there should be a chest in the house309.6394.041
okay I want to chop on something down311.885.159
here yeah do some chopping oh oh oh look313.685.16
at this you found something freaking317.0394.041
door hold on I'm coming and it's below318.844.68
the stairs perfect where you at right321.084.32
here there you are so you chopped can323.523.48
you imagine I broke the thing that was325.43.68
here and then the door was behind it327.04.4
okay so now we have to chop it again I329.084.399
mean it says loot right well I think331.43.799
it's just some wood on the ground okay333.4795.361
so there there it is chest yes335.1998.481
chest Simon Simon this is it oh it's a338.847.919
Shepherd staff power of 20 that should343.686.56
probably be you huh you do stabs do do I346.7595.601
yeah you're baby wizard okay all right350.244.04
so take all352.365.04
baby papa will be so proud he actually354.285.24
would be proud yeah he would be unless357.44.0
he he saw that fight we were just in359.523.76
yeah then he would yeah we'll leave that361.45.519
part out yeah um okay now I don't know363.286.28
how to get out of here so this way maybe366.9196.28
and we're out look at that oh man I369.566.6
found J it we'll leave that part out too373.1996.081
leave that part out okay let's go home376.165.319
right oh hey did you find the chest yep387.085.559
sweet oh hey baby neees come over here390.9194.12
and meet the farmer okay you don't know392.6394.801
what was in it what was in it the wand395.0395.44
okay cool yes this is Emily Emily so397.444.52
yeah talk to Emily you can get Quests400.4792.84
for her and you can start crafting401.962.639
things for the farm because we're going403.3193.44
to need food okay will she do Quests for404.5995.241
me no that'd be cool wouldn't it yeah406.7595.121
Simon yeah uh let's go talk to the409.844.44
carpenter all right so yeah he's411.883.759
upstairs here in the Attic you remember414.282.96
how we couldn't get into the attic I do415.6392.96
well now we can get in the Attic follow417.242.799
those stairs up there get some quests418.5993.641
from the farmer Dora daddy you have420.0393.961
anything you want to do I just did it422.244.03
Daddy what'd you424.03.759
do hey wait door door's up here he just427.7594.401
did you told me to go up to the430.964.079
carpenter oh yeah that's upstairs daddy432.165.879
look it what what' you do is that435.0395.121
Daddy's bed it is Daddy's bed oh my438.0394.041
goodness Baby D you are becoming my440.164.479
favorite very quickly you hear that hear442.084.799
that s i yeah that's fine with me he's444.6393.441
going to want to spend more time with446.8793.04
you I also made our beds better better448.084.519
daddy oh wonderful yeah great uh so this449.9194.161
is the carpenter you're saying yeah if452.5992.88
you talk to the carpenter he'll build454.083.679
stuff for us too and we uh he'll give us455.4793.801
quests so we we should probably take457.7593.56
some quests from the Carpenter and from459.285.599
the [ __ ] farmer right Lord quests461.3196.041
know how this works boy this girl wants464.8794.641
me to build her a house already well467.366.559
yeah I I started working on that okay so469.527.399
Hollow the hollow Halls ooh I don't know473.9195.28
if we're ready for that probably not how476.9194.481
about the Bridge the bridge what's that479.1993.96
Quest I don't know I'm waiting for Cade481.43.919
to stop talking is this like tombs and483.1594.0
treasures what the hell do I do I485.3193.921
haven't done any of this uh mine is a487.1594.121
chest I set in the foundation of brilin489.244.28
bridge right by the middle pillar ooh491.283.96
that's the bridge near our first home I493.523.959
love it I want it all right Dora I'm495.244.2
with you okay fast travel back to the497.4794.481
original home I yes let's do it or499.444.4
actually screw it the Spire meet me at501.963.0
the Spire503.846.72
baby chapter 54 railand Bridge504.965.6
okay my favorite baby yeah looks that's511.3195.52
the bridge said the middle pillar so all514.444.92
right I'm behind you that never gets old516.8395.241
I love watching it the the jump and yeah519.365.12
yeah watching my babies fly yeah yeah I522.084.24
want to get one of those better gliders524.486.0
but oh f f show show show show show so526.327.519
it says below location's below uh yeah530.484.76
at the you said the bottom of the middle533.8393.961
glider uh the middle pillar middle all535.245.4
right pillar537.86.56
y am I going to okay thank goodness okay540.647.12
circling back AR runed yeah what you see544.367.52
uh shroud stuff in the Shroud a little547.765.56
bit but that's uh we know how to get out551.883.56
of here we've been here before yeah was553.325.0
it where's the middle555.445.44
pillar H not558.325.84
sure is it is it underground did he say560.884.88
it was underground I don't think he did564.166.239
say okay maybe he did he might have said565.766.44
okay whatever your instincts are do the570.3995.44
opposite this is my instincts this mound572.25.639
oh yeah that that does that does seem575.8394.201
like a a hidden Mound doesn't it yeah it577.8393.481
does it does what are we here for580.045.799
Treasure uh yeah treasure treasure all581.327.639
right um come on give it to me there got585.8396.041
to be something here give it to588.9594.44
uh anything uh not yet father H oh wait595.567.2
I see a treasure oh599.66.919
yes oh whatever is it I602.767.44
wonder it is a ring of Health oh now man606.5195.56
that's good that's a that is a good one610.24.0
and another oh yeah and another U mace612.0794.401
for me which is perfect cuz this one's614.24.36
perfect perfect all right hey that616.483.64
worked out you want to go uh yeah I618.562.839
guess we can go back and talk to the620.122.44
carpenter it's going to take us a minute621.3992.761
to get out of the Shroud though oh yeah622.566.04
right yep just follow me baby following624.164.44
how's that look yeah that looks great632.04.639
man okay what's your key Bings are634.05.92
whacka dude yeah I have my key bindings636.6394.721
changed cuz I like to fight the way it639.923.44
is and then when I build it's a641.364.56
nightmare okay so well I got a question643.365.12
for you uhhuh have you ever made linen645.924.719
uh yeah I think so okay how the hell do648.484.32
I find out where to make it cuz I can't650.6394.801
find it in the the crafting things maybe652.84.52
I just made string and I thought it that655.444.12
was linen maybe I don't know but you'll657.323.759
have to help me eventually cuz I want to659.564.04
upgrade my wing suit okay now I need to661.0795.2
I need to rotate this yeah rotate663.66.16
it do it ah it just builds no it just666.2795.641
builds God but you can pick it up easy669.764.8
right no no we got to break it it say it671.925.12
says left trigger remove and it's just674.565.48
still here yep should I chop Ao no cuz677.045.64
left trigger nope you know what I'm680.044.56
going mouse and keyboard how about that682.683.959
wow I'm so happy you were quite the684.65.039
chapter 55 things just got690.446.0
weird right694.165.64
yeah hey the house is looking cute yep696.445.88
thank you think Emily's going to be very699.84.279
satisfied I still think it's weird she702.323.72
won't do Quests for me well you she704.0793.88
wants a house first she needs shelter706.043.96
all right after that she'll do Quests707.9593.721
for everybody yeah I mean we could move710.03.6
her into the house to go ahead and get a711.684.52
quest it's weird that for some reason713.66.28
only the girls out here right no no I716.25.28
feel like that's appropriate for the719.884.199
lady she's the farmer sausage fest over721.484.32
here true and what if you know daddy724.0794.721
wants to pay a visit at night don't call725.85.0
yourself dadd if you're Vis her in that728.83.76
way I think you just I can't visit her730.85.0
if she's in here with us oh boy yeah732.565.24
come on things just got really think735.85.2
idiot disturbing I'm okay all right this737.84.68
whole place has gotten741.04.32
weird all right see if the carpenter has742.484.599
any more Quest or Treasures that's what745.326.72
I'm doing good hey Simon hey you747.0794.961
remember I got to build more blocks and756.565.8
this door should probably have a lock on759.5196.721
it Salon yeah I'm on my way Bubba hey762.366.719
hey hey uh The Alchemist has a quest766.245.52
called The Alchemist mortar um unlock769.0794.2
more crafting recipes hidden in The771.763.079
Alchemist Tower and lone thistle773.2793.68
somewhere below the surface that sounds774.8394.0
like fun yeah that'll be yeah below the776.9593.68
surface always sounds like a good time778.8395.321
yeah um shall we uh let's go to that780.6396.281
home level one up there and journey784.164.76
listen you lead the way I will be your786.924.68
faithful companion bye788.925.039
yo oh yeah that way though I got to do791.66.0
that yeah that yeah I didn't do793.9598.841
that wa little late better late than797.65.2
never just sounds like they took off and803.2794.641
this is looking good neebs yeah I don't805.84.0
know if she wants a door yeah she needs807.923.599
a door I don't think she needs a door809.83.399
she needs a door yeah well let's see if811.5192.961
you can talk to her see if she's fine813.1993.561
with having shelter now uh took you long814.484.76
enough let's get to work there you go816.764.439
you hear this woman oh yeah I hear her819.245.12
she's going to hear me later God here we821.1996.481
go okay uh the world opens up what's824.365.12
that all about you're doing it Flame827.684.12
born you're healing the springlands but829.484.279
our world is vast trust me I've traveled831.84.599
at plenty set your sights on the ancient833.7595.64
Spire in the re revelwood it was open836.3995.36
our world more we're all with you okay839.3994.321
so that's the big Spire all right real841.7593.841
quick neebs uh travel with me to the843.725.64
Spire near us uh-huh okay you got it I845.68.799
can totally do that okay Emily see you849.365.039
later there okay so this is one ancient855.324.759
Spire so the one to the north you can858.044.719
see it from here I can see it um that860.0795.401
one yeah that's a ways away deep in the862.7596.44
rwood so I need to go to there um o if865.485.08
you want to try you might want to armor869.1993.0
up a little more Bubba that's the the870.564.719
Revel Wood's Deep full of full of872.1995.2
creatures okay scary horrendous875.2793.441
creatures I mean why would I I wouldn't877.3992.961
go by myself would I I mean no I'll go878.723.88
with you okay but I'm not a good fighter880.366.0
remember uh okay well okay you want to882.65.919
go now uh I don't know like we should886.365.64
wait yeah let's888.5193.481
wait so I again I'm sorry we're looking893.245.48
for a mortar all right now we are in896.2795.161
trout so let's be mindful of that and go898.726.0
in mhm probably some fighting coming up901.444.88
I can see that damn I wish I had a whis904.723.32
oh here we go those are thankful or906.324.8
helpful come on people thought maybe908.044.96
we'd have a little bit more going on so911.125.159
far uh that is that looks very important913.05.16
it's very locked yeah it916.2795.68
is um hello there might be some way to918.166.76
open it from up top I bet that's the921.9595.041
mortar it looks like a mortar I mean it924.923.44
does like it looks like a mortar and927.03.36
pestle okay so928.365.2
maybe up top we got to find some way to930.366.2
open those somewhere moving up I'm just933.565.12
looking around the corners here yep936.564.32
you'll find938.687.56
it chapter 56 daddy abso versus940.885.36
bees yo hey that was all right oh wow946.886.639
did you see that move uh yeah here it950.9596.081
comes a take that sucker man you're a953.5194.961
killer now that's right I got some957.042.64
yeah taking all of them okay so I think959.686.36
we are still oh God bees look at the962.7596.281
bees I can I can get him with the bow966.044.4
yeah yeah knock that down this uh the969.044.56
bees wag's good okay here we go970.447.28
yep oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] bees973.67.32
[ __ ] [ __ ] bees yeah I'm fine damn it977.727.64
[ __ ] [ __ ] bees [ __ ] still on you I know980.927.08
give it bees bees give it [ __ ] give it985.368.039
[ __ ] be damn it what [ __ ] [ __ ] bees [ __ ]988.08.0
[ __ ] okay I got the bees there you go993.3994.281
okay did you get all the good stuff I996.03.92
hope so uh yeah I did pick that up all997.684.399
right I think we are on now the edge of999.926.2
the revelwood uh-huh and uh o I see see1002.0798.081
a house up the hill see it uh yeah I do1006.125.88
check that out here why Emily want us to1010.163.76
come here again um I don't know you talk1012.04.079
to her yeah I don't know she's really1013.924.599
needy man she's not little bit she just1016.0794.961
wanted damn place to live okay before1018.5194.081
she did anything a lot of people want to1021.043.24
pitch in first before they start asking1022.63.599
for stuff right but I mean you do have1024.283.72
the quest in your Journal you know why1026.1993.48
we've come out here yeah I just didn't1028.03.28
want to open oh no we were going for the1029.6794.321
Spire we did the Spire oh we're going to1031.285.96
unlock the Spire other Spire yeah that's1034.05.88
what we're going for uh-oh bees [ __ ]1037.245.4
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] bees can we just run from1039.884.84
them jump in the water like a normal1042.645.52
person uh no there is no water here okay1044.724.68
we got some rat1048.163.8
come on you little rat yeah two three1049.45.44
dead rats three dead rats three dead1051.965.599
rats and a bottle of milk that's a fairy1054.844.64
tale that my mom used to read me I don't1057.5596.12
believe that you should oh oh salmon1059.486.559
yeah check it out hey look at me look at1063.6794.88
my top J it looks nice oh that is really1066.0395.88
nice yeah what's up that's a thing it's1068.5595.36
very important looking is it a1071.9196.081
button how do you oh use that's how'll1073.9196.681
do it okay so down we got to go down1078.05.44
damn got it that had to open it down how1080.64.8
do you get down I don't know but there's1083.444.16
something to collect here what is this1085.45.0
I'm going down all right I'm coming uh I1087.64.439
didn't know if it was like a time thing1090.43.56
sometimes things are you know in games1092.0395.52
oh no okay all right oh still down okay1093.965.839
I'm running all right hey I got it you1097.5596.041
did good got the mortar yay grab what1099.7995.441
you can we'll uh we'll bring this home1103.65.25
daddy's going to be so happy yay1105.246.28
these crazy plants you see in these1111.523.24
things oh of course we're not going to1113.083.0
mess with them uh you want to try to1114.764.2
take one oh he shot at me yeah try to1116.084.88
take it okay see what we get from it1118.965.599
I'll try yep can I chop it with whatever1120.966.52
doesn't matter yep I'll punch him okay1124.5594.801
oh did that do anything oh yeah okay it1127.485.6
stuns the plants he went lamp Okay him1129.368.36
again drop it down nice o there he goes1133.085.76
here I'm going to try to make him1137.724.4
liptick plant oh boy do it keep going1138.844.92
around around all right all right there1142.124.36
we go lip plant jump swing it boom boom1143.765.76
that's a good combo yep Bo oh God what's1146.485.04
on your face arrow on my face what's on1149.523.72
your face I got like berries on my face1151.523.36
oh God you got like oh God what did you1153.243.88
do I don't what's on your face I see it1154.884.679
what get it off I don't know get off get1157.124.559
off what I do get it off how I get off1159.5593.961
face get it off okay it went off your1161.6794.521
face punch it yep is this plant ever1163.524.279
going to go down I don't know what's it1166.25.56
health all right it's St kill it okay1167.7993.961
yep it oh god there woo Jesus okay all1172.767.96
right what do you get from it that was1178.9194.321
like raspberry face or something um loot1180.726.68
it uh poison sack materials ooh we might1183.246.679
be able to use that to make a good1187.46.72
potion chapter 57 super shroud super1189.9198.041
that sounds cool oh wait oh uh-oh what1194.125.84
is that uh oh baby neees what are you1197.964.52
looking at oh he help me kill this guy1199.965.32
and his dog real quick I do not like1202.485.48
hearing stuff like that I know yep I'm1205.285.0
chopped the wolf there we go stunned the1207.964.719
guy yep oh he missed me wolf oh he1210.284.68
running no can I knock this guy off the1212.6796.521
cliff yes dog down oh god oh I hit it I1214.968.44
hit okay get him yep here we go oh God1219.26.2
we got more dogs coming in more dogs huh1223.45.639
sh oh boy I'm hurt I'm moving I'll heal1225.46.8
you okay yep thank you I'll keep healing1229.0394.481
you keep fighting yep there's two of1232.23.08
them yeah it's a lot I'm coming in1233.524.12
there's a lot feel like I should do some1235.286.0
range stuff now maybe let's just keep1237.644.64
backing up together how about that all1241.281.879
right yeah I'm backing up with you I'm1242.282.2
backing up with you1243.1594.52
yep that's a lot of them B okay is1244.485.16
anything dying uh no no it doesn't seem1247.6794.041
to be okay this guy maybe here in a1249.644.039
second okay I I just noticed something1251.724.0
though the Shroud over there has a red1253.6794.201
tint to it I don't think we can go into1255.724.16
that yet until we upgrade our altar back1257.884.36
at the house what yeah we're out here1259.884.039
for nothing uh we might be out here for1262.243.96
nothing I think yeah we need to upgrade1263.9193.76
the alter again I feel like I need to1266.24.2
run away right now maybe but maybe not1267.6794.961
maybe we can't get over there uh-huh my1270.45.36
health is bad whoop St it you want to1272.644.639
see if we can make it across the bridge1275.763.44
uh yeah let's do it okay I'm following1277.2793.88
you come1279.24.4
on the bridge is the bridge in the1281.1595.081
Shroud at all all right step into that1283.65.0
shroud see if see if you can survive it1286.244.679
I might not be able to survive it maybe1288.64.079
what do you mean NOP that looks really1290.9193.12
fast and weird Okay so yeah that's super1292.6793.12
shroud we can't go through here super1294.0394.401
shroud yo kind of we got to yeah we got1295.7993.88
to go back and we got to upgrade our1298.443.599
flame alter at the house uh-huh also1299.6793.961
yeah this is this is a lot this is a1302.0393.801
damn lot okay we're running yeah we're1303.645.53
running we're running yep1305.848.669

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