Screamer Trouble - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 14

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already heard, the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel is an absolute ...
Screamer Trouble - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 14
Screamer Trouble - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 14

Screamer Trouble - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 14

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Screamer Trouble episode in 7 Days to Die? It's pure chaos!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! The screamers just kept coming, and we were so unprepared!

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when we were trying to fend off those zombies. It was a total disaster, but so much fun!

neebs: I think that's my favorite episode because it just sums up our gaming style perfectly - chaos and laughter all the way!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already heard, the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel is an absolute must-watch. In this episode of Darkness Falls, things take a turn for the chaotic as a screamer infestation spirals out of control. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the intense action and hilarious commentary that Neebs and the gang bring to the table.

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Now, let's talk about the music featured in this episode. From Doctor True to Dan Lebowitz and Kevin MacLeod, the soundtrack is on point and really sets the tone for the intense gameplay. Each track adds to the suspense and excitement of the video, making it a truly immersive experience for viewers.

As you watch the video, be sure to keep an eye out for some of your favorite Neebs Gaming moments and catchphrases. Whether it's their hilarious banter, epic fails, or impressive victories, there's never a dull moment when Neebs and the crew are on screen. And if you're craving more content, be sure to check out their playlists for cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica - there's something for everyone to enjoy.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Darkness Falls. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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all right sweet lady i'm here to level10.085.519
up and i need to kill [ __ ] like you12.6394.321
my freaking power swing wasn't working16.964.159
on this ooh you were tough lady18.724.399
usually that could kill most people in21.1195.281
one shot let's start again okay now23.1194.801
you're dead26.43.039
all right who wants to meet mrs27.924.319
sledgehammer what's up salmon hey how29.4394.401
are you oh there you are yeah what's32.2393.601
going on here listen i'm i'm out here33.844.879
with my favorite little lady mrs sledge35.844.48
oh yeah you and miss sledge going on a38.7194.0
date yeah we are40.325.12
oh yeah yep yep that's uh42.7194.881
buy him a drink first uh no i don't need45.443.92
to do that47.63.439
oh man have you leveled that thing up49.362.879
what in the world51.0393.921
listen it's a it's a hundred damage when52.2394.8
bless that's awesome i love it57.285.52
i love it and i'm here to level up sir i59.925.12
apologize but you've come to the wrong62.84.4
place that's sweet hey i got a flaming65.045.119
machete oh god how about that that's67.25.68
really hot like in in both ways if you70.1594.081
know what it means yeah i found this72.883.44
machete this is actually a legendary74.245.04
weapon called jason's machete oh can i76.325.52
see it in action um yeah79.285.6
zombies hello oh i was too much of a81.844.959
badass i killed them all you killed them84.883.84
all simon that's okay you'll see it in86.7994.241
action soon enough yes i will all right88.724.24
i'm gonna go mining today we need lead91.043.439
and you need to cook it you're my lead92.966.44
cooking baby boy that's what i do94.4794.921
so thick yeah we're gonna be at the top100.1595.121
of the grain tower uh is this a tin102.7993.441
sure but there's a lot of like look at106.244.72
this stuff this is not tin i will tell108.644.799
you these these uh whatever they call110.964.72
those killers sure i think we have113.4394.0
different names though for those kind115.684.32
okay we're at the the very top right117.4395.28
okay tippy top yeah we'll have all these120.04.719
things that'll [ __ ] them up on the way122.7193.44
not to mention our dick punchers124.7193.281
punching them off okay126.1595.44
in in key spots of course128.03.599
i think that was a really basic jump i131.685.04
know okay i know so um we'll have our133.525.6
final stand here right and then they'll136.724.8
be knocked down into the me grinder yeah139.123.92
wouldn't that be fun i'm gonna get like141.522.88
simon to make a143.043.279
blade trap but basically we're just144.44.08
gonna knock them all into this [ __ ] and146.3195.041
and eat cake148.482.88
all right so let's see152.646.4
yep yep yep here it comes155.5995.041
what's up babes how are you today that159.042.96
was pretty awesome that was actually160.643.679
really good okay neebs i figured out162.04.959
mining in darkness falls yeah okay so164.3193.841
you know how there's no like normal166.9592.961
veins like lead vein iron vein that you168.163.439
actually see on top yep a little169.922.88
these are the resources these rocks172.83.28
right here okay so if i hit this rock i174.164.56
get a lot of lead so that tells me that176.084.96
we have a potential of a lead vein under178.724.72
this rock okay and if it wasn't lead181.043.919
what would i get could possibly be183.443.519
nitrate powder oh i'm sorry this isn't184.9594.081
even lead this is iron oh it's iron yeah186.9593.681
this is iron so yeah that's better we189.043.199
need iron because god simon needs to190.643.92
cook a bunch of stuff so we need ford192.2394.72
steel ford still be the best yeah i like194.564.16
forged steel now i gotta dig under a196.9593.28
little bit how do you get titanium in198.723.12
this game i don't know that's something200.2393.121
we should know right uh that's something201.842.88
that we should probably find out later203.363.12
but i haven't looked into that yet okay204.723.76
should i help you or i'm just hoping206.484.479
there's a lit vein down here oh yep i208.484.8
think i found lead baby all right210.9594.081
awesome oh come on213.284.319
get it oh yeah oh yeah okay we got us a215.044.64
lit vein i'm going to be here probably217.5994.481
the rest of the day ah that's okay if219.683.36
you want to go out and have fun go out222.082.56
and have fun i'm going to make sure we223.043.44
got a ton of lead224.644.159
fun that's my middle name baby all right226.483.679
you making that chicken coop yeah i'm228.7993.121
making chicken coops and animal snares230.1594.0
oh i want to see both of those okay well231.923.92
you'll have to leave your lead vein uh i234.1593.681
will eventually all right two won't last235.844.72
forever so get to it you get to it i'm237.844.56
already to it you get to it i'm going to240.563.599
do it no you're not you're watching me242.42.96
you're watching me already too you could244.1594.321
tell yeah i'm doing sick jumps that's245.367.07
not getting to it here we go248.487.039
oh [ __ ]255.5193.041
all right you little [ __ ] gonna [ __ ]256.724.799
with me huh you're gonna [ __ ] with me258.565.12
you better die261.5195.601
[ __ ] [ __ ] birds oh god263.686.48
oh geez just when you think267.124.0
just what you think you got nothing to271.123.44
worry about272.883.28
yeah that's right i pinned myself in a274.564.0
corner with you you know why because i'm276.167.12
gonna knock your [ __ ] head off278.566.24
all right your head didn't come off but283.282.8
you're dead284.84.48
getting the hell out of here286.083.2
another bird290.244.08
another damn bird oh i'm gonna die i'm291.843.68
gonna die294.323.2
eat this give me some health295.525.519
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]297.525.84
where are you you [ __ ]301.0394.72
where are you303.366.16
oh no this is not good where is the bird305.7596.88
i see you you [ __ ] [ __ ]309.525.28
come on down312.6394.641
i am scared i am more scared right now314.84.0
than i should be317.284.0
oh where's my shotgun the shotgun would318.84.64
be a better thing321.283.52
oh [ __ ] i'm just gonna hide here in the324.86.64
corner until i feel safe326.84.64
oh my whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa331.523.76
names yep oh god what's going on here at333.123.68
the base there's a screamer and there's335.283.28
stuff going on and why haven't you336.83.839
killed the screamer oh goddamn there's a338.565.199
bird there's two birds oh [ __ ]340.6394.801
there's where's the screamer kill the343.7594.0
screamer there's a dog inside the house345.444.08
there's a thousand zombies outside the347.7593.761
front yard and i have no ammo well349.524.48
there's two dogs out here oh no351.523.76
oh no354.04.24
die dog where is the screamer it was uh355.284.32
it's buried358.243.2
and it's like you know that hole they359.63.36
keep digging through the361.443.039
oh there's so many362.963.679
there's so many you shouldn't the second364.4793.361
you hear a screamer you kill the366.6393.68
screamer i couldn't get to her i have no367.844.639
ammo no one makes me ammo i just garden370.3194.641
all the time okay i'll help you where is372.4794.56
the screamer still alive i can't tell374.964.0
there's so much all right i'm coming in377.0393.6
or trying to help oh god you're in this378.963.2
place yep380.6394.4
this will take forever382.165.92
it's a spinner holy moly and she's still385.0395.041
she's still screaming there's no way i388.083.52
don't have enough ammo for this i should390.083.28
just leave i don't have enough ammo for391.63.84
this i got zero bullets and a bunch of393.363.04
oh my god this is insane neebs yep i396.44.799
know what i see the bird i saw you come399.124.48
at me oh hey guys i'm out front this is401.1995.44
not good you have ammo uh yeah i've got403.65.36
like i don't know 15 [ __ ] bullets406.6394.0
that ain't doing [ __ ] we gotta kill the408.963.84
screamer yeah well where is the screamer410.6394.4
i don't know that's a problem oh wait i412.84.0
see her i saw her inside415.0394.641
she died we have a screamer inside the416.84.48
[ __ ] house and she's gonna keep419.684.239
screaming god damn it i'm jumping i421.284.4
think everyone needs to leave so that423.9193.361
they're trying to chase let's lead them425.683.44
away all right yeah lead them away oh427.284.0
god lead them away429.125.359
hello everybody oh no my frame rate431.285.52
it's like a hard night this is bad all434.4794.241
right yeah lead them out here see if we436.83.76
can find the screamer she's the source438.724.479
of all this oh i see the [ __ ] you do440.564.479
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right can i443.1993.28
hit her from here where are you at where445.0392.88
you at446.4793.12
goddammit i'm getting hit447.9193.28
all right oh [ __ ] screamer's down449.5994.16
screamer's down screamer down451.1994.881
you're a hero no no all right now we453.7593.941
gotta leave this pile somewhere456.084.16
oh boy how about this how about we set460.243.6
up a big one oh [ __ ] was that's another462.04.479
screamer it's a radioactive screamer yep463.844.639
a radioactive screamer466.4794.4
whoa how about this how about uh468.4794.16
somebody get their attention the other470.8793.04
of us we go down the street and build472.6393.28
like a big barricade of spikes i love my473.9195.921
bike are y'all listening no475.9193.921
oh no oh no no no no no no no483.7595.521
get off him487.842.72
what are you doing489.283.44
stop it490.564.56
all right what were you saying okay we492.724.879
uh slipping son of spikes oh boy that495.124.88
hurt a big barricade of spikes across497.5993.6
the road then we lead them in oh here500.02.639
comes the football player all right do501.1993.361
you have spikes i got some i just need502.6395.031
some time to set it up504.566.179
are you [ __ ] kidding this is insane511.0395.041
it's out there it's in the ocean513.24.56
and there's a bear516.084.0
and there's a zombie three dogs over517.765.04
nope nope i will not be getting that520.083.839
god that's523.9193.201
that's just stupid that was just dumb525.2793.761
what a waste of time that's two527.123.36
treasures in a row that are like529.043.6
impossible spots to get530.486.24
[ __ ] all right heading back532.644.08
you got those spikes ready neebs are you540.323.519
ready i'm ready all right i'm coming to541.922.96
here yep yep yep yep there come out you544.885.36
get him yeah i got him yeah that was548.3993.44
anticlimactic i was looking the other550.243.599
way is there where's the whole rest of551.8393.44
the horde there's like two here probably553.8392.881
half of them still in a damn house all555.2792.56
right i'm gonna grab the others you take556.722.4
care of those are there any others they557.8393.201
may have buggered off that'd be cool i'm559.124.719
going with you okay [ __ ] in town up561.045.68
hey that's simon yes yeah the place563.8394.801
seems fine i'm going to get my stuff oh566.723.52
yeah except for the screamer you know568.643.12
what we do when we see a screamer we570.245.599
kill it oh wow ammo where'd you get that571.766.8
there's no ammo there's there was 20575.8394.641
steel ones and i got them some goddamn578.563.279
i have arrows they suck here 10 762 in581.8394.881
this bag585.363.2
it's yours sweet i don't have a gun for586.725.119
that i think i do588.563.279
all right i gotta satisfy591.927.039
my loot whoa dorellius hey i got a quest594.9595.521
and i was gonna see if i could get some598.9593.681
help but what are you doing well i'd600.484.08
never seen this particular house i was602.643.439
just gonna get a little loot before i604.563.519
started working on my on my thing but606.0793.921
yeah let's go in let's see god i can608.0793.521
almost even make it up on that but all610.03.279
right going in okay611.63.919
right here hello ma'am coughing in here613.2795.921
okay right up oh615.5193.681
all right let me let me do a little627.764.96
electric boogaloo here629.443.28
it's nice to see like a new poi isn't it641.2795.841
it is i i like the freshness of it yeah643.8396.56
super fresh fresh to death god damn it647.126.0
oh you [ __ ] did you just close the650.3994.88
door on him653.122.959
that was fine656.0792.561
oh yeah yeah658.8395.0
this is this is a big home661.444.72
there's a lot here yeah663.8395.281
all right sneak and peek sneak and peek666.166.32
what the [ __ ] is this is that a new saro669.125.839
rope of some sort that uh672.483.68
i don't know676.163.6
help still hot still hot oh it's still677.444.399
hot all right let's make our way to the679.762.9
basement somehow681.8394.321
what you doing neebs i really want to686.162.96
get my uh687.762.96
my chicken coop up today and then the689.123.6
zombies attacked yeah we got to be real690.723.76
quiet tonight i692.722.88
like used my ammo supplies during all695.63.919
that [ __ ] hey listen i understand your697.8393.601
frustration like i should have ammo but699.5194.0
i don't and i don't i don't make it you701.444.16
know yeah it's in the ammo box there's703.5194.0
not i look they're shotgun shells yeah705.63.84
but i don't have a good shotgun what707.5193.76
they're like pipe shotguns yeah but do709.443.28
you send me zombies i like to have like711.2793.601
a pistol or uh no i get it but you know712.724.4
what carry four pipe shotguns okay just714.884.32
work with what you got i'm trying hold717.124.08
on where's that chicken coop oh god damn719.24.96
it it's cold up here okay ready bam oh721.25.04
is that it make two of them oh sweet724.163.52
that's supposed to give us eggs and726.243.839
stuff nice are there chickens in it uh727.684.56
night not now so do you have to use the730.0794.401
trap to get the chickens uh i don't732.244.159
think so let me put these snares down734.483.76
are these this supposed to catch animals736.3993.44
like chickens and rabbits i'll put them738.243.36
over here on the side i guess yeah good739.8393.12
idea bam741.63.52
hey i finished my thing oh nice good job742.9593.521
oh wait now i got to craft the i want to745.123.2
crash the mortar and pestle yeah it's in746.483.76
your shed i want you to do it okay i748.323.84
guess i'll do another one for you know750.243.839
just the ceremony of shits and giggles752.163.76
yep tell you what i'll put one754.0793.76
i'll put one inside it's an easy one oh755.923.2
good we need one in this house this757.8393.281
house is looking great what you doing759.123.76
simon i was attempting to build some761.123.92
sort of a cage from the goddamn birds in762.883.759
this game well we're not staying here765.043.52
during horde night i don't care i'm766.6393.76
scared right now i don't even want to be768.564.56
up here without a cage i can't handle770.3994.88
this [ __ ] anymore i can't of course you773.124.159
can't no i can't hey it's okay to get775.2794.081
knocked down but we gotta stand stand777.2794.56
back up yeah well you get knocked down779.364.88
you get back up yet you keep going simon781.8396.481
or you quit or you keep going784.244.08
well let's see furnace791.2795.041
okay we've got some people i'll bet you794.324.48
do yep uh just laying on the ground796.324.56
loiterers this person798.84.08
okay they're they're done800.885.199
oh hey we got someone coming out of this802.885.12
yep what is this a stage806.0793.2
what are you yeah808.04.72
little tiny mini services809.2793.441
come here i found a little secret nookie812.85.76
hole oh meow yeah like a glory hole814.9594.801
okay so back behind the stage sure this819.765.84
is such a weird [ __ ] house this place823.5195.44
is weird all right yeah oh it has matt825.67.919
uh-huh come on oh god oh [ __ ] oh my god828.9596.0
don't step in front of me i know i833.5192.801
didn't oh834.9593.361
look at him just hanging out all right836.324.319
dude i'm at nine health that is not good838.323.92
all right i got a straight right here840.6393.521
get your health up yeah i'm gonna check842.245.279
this door it's unlocked yeah all right844.164.799
you're gonna lead zombies to me aren't847.5192.88
you no i'm gonna shut the door right848.9594.32
behind you oh my mommy's coming oh [ __ ]850.3993.68
the [ __ ] did he come from from behind us854.0793.681
there we go856.3992.24
closed door oh my god what oh go go go858.6394.88
go oh my god i just put spikes there861.362.96
i don't think i'm going to this is our864.323.04
turn no no dick865.5193.44
dumb [ __ ]867.363.36
damage your eyes868.9593.521
don't you damn at me870.724.0
[ __ ]872.482.24
we got some visitors at the front door875.122.719
oh really876.722.799
all right880.324.72
well doraleous died uh-oh and thick881.2796.161
let's see hey hey guys hey drones what's885.044.96
up door hey ah not much just887.444.639
enjoying the night what looting at night890.04.0
well yeah i died again all right well892.0793.921
get back out there buddy no yeah uh894.04.24
actually i'm just gonna kind of be right896.04.079
i'll be right here man everyone's898.244.08
getting ptsd today i was really dumb it900.0794.481
was my it was really dumb i'm so close902.323.92
to leveling up again and then i'll be904.563.279
able to do that advanced forge i think906.242.88
oh nice hey907.8393.601
hi oh that reminds me i got the mortar909.124.24
and vessel911.443.839
go place it downstairs and then that's913.363.36
maybe that'll be the end of my farmer915.2793.521
thing you know sorry thick no you you916.724.4
apologize i accept your apology thank918.84.399
you we were in a hurry hairy situations921.123.76
class completed923.1992.561
anybody make a watch yet see what time925.763.759
it is i always thought that was a joke927.8393.601
we can't actually make a watch can we929.5194.161
yes we can i can make a beehive a931.445.28
beehive does your beehive tell time uh933.685.68
maybe bees are amazing i'm crafting it936.724.88
yeah make that beehive that's neat939.365.12
beehive oh wait farmer class reward it's941.65.44
in my inventory oh you have a beehive no944.484.159
it's a reward let's see a bundle947.044.88
containing title firearm what open open948.6396.081
it up what you got um oh shotgun shells951.924.479
and what is that a bone oh you got a954.723.84
bone is that a bone knife or a bone oh956.3994.321
wait no it was a shotgun you you got a958.563.839
bone and a shotgun oh you got a shotgun960.723.119
now there you go now maybe you'll quit962.3992.641
bitching so much you know where the963.8393.68
shotgun was at well i got it now yeah965.044.4
since you told me but i'll i'd like to967.5194.481
have i much prefer this gun bang bang969.446.319
yeah we got a shotgun use it972.03.759
i hear zombies beating on the house who979.7593.681
is that that's my fault yeah you shot a981.364.0
man i i can't i like985.364.0
i thought it like i just grabbed this990.164.56
pipe shotgun you see and i was like what991.8394.961
didn't load i didn't load on a round it994.724.0
was already i tested it i'm going out996.83.279
all right go i'm shutting the door998.723.119
behind you because i don't want to uh1000.0793.281
yeah we got three of them here on the1001.8392.721
side yeah1003.363.2
come out taste that1004.564.32
hold on oh boy oh boy oh boy come on1006.564.88
stamina oh god help me out oh that's1008.885.28
on fire come on [ __ ]1011.444.48
sorry i shouldn't be shooting why did i1014.163.76
get on fire uh that might have been me1015.923.44
i'm going inside and i just made a lot1017.924.599
of noise1019.363.159
no i'll be kind of door shut the shotgun1036.7993.52
in a roundabout way i did yeah she's1038.7993.601
still up oh he's he's up too i'm1040.3193.76
shutting the door there's [ __ ] outside1042.43.919
i'm like he's coming in nonsense hey1044.0793.681
good morning1046.3194.321
oh god damn it ladies help me shoot this1047.764.72
guy shoot this guy i'm gonna end up1050.644.48
killing you instead i'm gonna go1052.484.16
okay all right all right stop shooting1055.124.88
hold on i got him you're welcome okay1056.645.44
close the door is it morning yeah the1060.03.679
[ __ ] door what is in there i'm1062.083.76
getting what's in here nothing [ __ ] all1063.6794.801
holy balls1065.842.64
oh my god this is not good okay wow how1069.66.0
hold on get outside oh crap i can't i1072.965.12
can't get outside1075.65.36
oh boy oh my god where the [ __ ] did they1078.086.24
come from the worst morning ever1080.966.24
well they say lift bags what we got hey1084.325.12
what's that attitude1089.443.76
it's like christmas1093.22.96
neve's dead christmas morning1096.44.08
go get my stuff in the other house yeah1103.763.44
i'll go with you i'm a little bit1105.364.559
happier today yeah good luck boys have a1107.26.28
good one yeah1109.9193.561

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series? It's honestly one of the best zombie survival shows out there. The way they turn the game into an episodic story with recurring characters is just genius.

I'll never forget the first episode when they wake up in the wasteland and have to scramble to find supplies and shelter. Neebs and Appsro's banter had me laughing so hard, even with zombies hot on their trail. And Thick44 coming in guns blazing was so badass.

As the series goes on, you really get invested in the characters and their struggle to survive. The world they've built feels so real and lived in. And the cinematography brings everything to life in this gritty, cinematic way.

Some of my favorite moments are when Simon goes crazy building these elaborate bases and traps. His maniacal laughter as zombies get mulched is priceless. And watching Neebs slowly lose his mind to the apocalypse never gets old.

The action is insane too. When horde night hits, you're on the edge of your seat as they desperately fight off waves of zombies. And they come up with crazy tactics like pipe bombs, electric fences, and pit traps to hold the undead at bay. It's wild.

I seriously don't know how they come up with this stuff. It's like you're watching a blockbuster zombie movie unfold. And the best part is you get to follow along each week and see what happens next.

Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series truly is the next best thing to playing the game yourself. Their cinematic style and storytelling draw you into the world in a way that makes you feel like you're right there surviving alongside them.

If you're even a casual fan of zombie games, you need to check out this series. It's hands down one of the best gaming shows around and so worth your time. Neebs and the crew have created something really special with this one.

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