Raft Survival - WE GOT A SIGNAL! (Gameplay Series)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Raft Survival Simulator yet? If not, you're definitely missi...
Raft Survival - WE GOT A SIGNAL! (Gameplay Series)
Raft Survival - WE GOT A SIGNAL! (Gameplay Series)

Raft Survival - WE GOT A SIGNAL! (Gameplay Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting episode of Raft Survival! Today, we finally got a signal! Can you believe it? It's like winning the lottery!

simon: Oh, Neebs, always so dramatic. But I have to admit, getting a signal in the middle of nowhere is pretty cool. It's like finding a diamond in a pile of rocks.

appsro: Ha, you guys crack me up. Finding a signal is great and all, but let's not forget the real highlight of this video - when Neebs tried to use the word 'afoot' in a sentence. Classic Neebs.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Raft Survival Simulator yet? If not, you're definitely missing out on some epic gameplay and hilarious commentary. Trust me, it's a must-watch for all of us who love Neebs Gaming.

In this video, the Neebs crew dives into the world of Raft and encounters some mysterious adventures along the way. And let me tell you, it's not just your average survival game. With their signature humor and teamwork, the Neebs gang takes on the challenges of building their raft, navigating the treacherous waters, and fending off any dangers that come their way.

As a dedicated fan of Neebs Gaming, I always look forward to their Raft Survival Simulator series. From the catchy music to the entertaining banter between the guys, it's a perfect blend of excitement and comedy. Plus, you never know what unexpected twists and turns will happen next, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire video.

So, if you haven't already subscribed to Neebs Gaming or checked out their Raft playlist, I highly recommend doing so. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And don't forget to show your support on Patreon or grab some awesome Neebs Gaming merch to rep your favorite YouTube channel.

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surprise I was talking to you about okay6.5296.461
look at my dick yeah that's what it is8.825.21
look at it12.993.03
wait you're gonna build something over14.036.1
here are you ready yeah boom oh wow it's16.025.91
a paint bill he's here look at that20.132.55
that's crazy21.931.95
thank all those flowers you've been22.682.939
fighting right there you can make paint23.889.33
no oh hold on a minute let's start25.6199.301
spinning around that thing just making33.213.27
paint that was happening34.923.42
yeah is that you make weight paint you36.483.48
just spin a flower around never done it38.344.26
before but uh sure you seen a salmon39.966.81
yeah mom is unimpressed is anybody42.610.689
alright we're on the other side of the55.233.24
island just working56.793.33
yep that's working all right now put the58.473.09
sails back towards the island and leaves60.123.9
okay yes sir get back towards the island61.565.7
I'm doing it oh yeah look at here we go64.026.19
throwing the anchor the best I could67.265.03
awesome fantastic that worked good of72.296.76
this hey Simon yeah75.426.24
these chicken legs are ready oh I love79.054.29
to eat some yeah there's three of them81.663.72
oh come over and I have a chicken leg83.344.94
sounds good to me85.382.9
yeah ticklish I think you need to90.057.66
whisper because he's whispering how are93.95.66
those chicken legs97.716.03
they were good delicious yeah they're99.567.75
interesting yep Simon earned is died103.745.97
three times hey someone grab this clam107.314.11
it's a giant clam oh yeah throw it down109.713.45
here I like those things I know thank111.422.13
there's some glass - I'll take that113.558.67
glass yeah - clay yeah oh here's the115.749.78
hinge all right sweet I got it there we122.223.87
that it I mean yeah126.093.62
yeah okay sweet I'll see you later bye130.6196.181
he's like like a walking treasure chest133.8497.381
for me what happened what'd you do sorry136.87.32
so in the morning I think you and I141.235.7
should die I'd like to have another144.126.21
antenna in the morning yeah yeah I think146.934.27
that's a great idea150.332.219
let me research let me look at that real151.23.36
quick man we need another circuit board152.5494.651
and bolt oh I can make bolts I need to154.564.92
cook some metal or circuit board circuit157.23.69
boards I need copper copper is gonna be159.482.46
the big things work through the night160.8912.629
and we'll dive in the morning behind you161.9413.92
yeah I'm just kind of scoping out cuz173.5194.231
I'm looking for little shiny things175.863.629
alright that looks like it's gonna be177.753.5
good I'm gonna go up and take a breath179.4894.711
I've missed my oxygen taking flippers181.254.81
alright going down deep I wouldn't184.23.569
realize you didn't have that no yeah I186.063.46
didn't have enough stuff to make it oh187.7693.651
yeah I found some copper yeah yeah191.425.89
alright I'll get this other stuff sweet194.198.05
sweet sweet sweet copper meat meat meat197.317.21
what are you doing man dude I'm making202.245.91
this making this thing and I I know it's204.525.13
got out of here well you know what I208.153.39
respect you for the fact that you work209.653.57
very hard on it I can't really judge211.545.88
right or what's your what's your next213.227.26
plan to keep the same thing well I mean217.425.07
now same I mean which way which220.483.84
direction are you gonna go or are you222.494.65
pretty much done no no because we always224.325.43
come across stuff that Wow what's going227.145.07
on here can't get off first I just229.7514.76
[ __ ] myself but no I'm good up here232.2114.79
man what are you doing I'm just getting244.516.23
stuff what are you getting247.03.74
drink some fluids you nibbled on yeah it268.965.05
happens be careful out there272.395.85
thank Simon hey so what's up man not274.018.16
much honestly got like clay and stone I278.244.68
got a hammer282.173.63
oh yeah so I couldn't repair stuff now282.924.47
that the first hammer you've had first285.83.75
one really because I was never told to287.395.55
repair stuff come on Kevin got where my289.556.24
fight thing is cuz my Hut so we hit it292.947.77
with a hammer come on I'm going after295.7915.12
him oh boy come on come on shark sharks300.7111.87
almost dead if we can kill them we can310.914.68
you know dive yeah you're gonna bone air312.589.21
man do it oh no315.596.2
get those steaks I'll get them yeah now332.084.96
we can dive in peace alright we got him334.796.47
everybody get out there and scavenge337.044.22
metal use metal yeah oh oh what's over349.219.519
anything here in a corner before yep358.7295.791
that's gave all right all right I think361.435.609
I'm happy don't think I'm damn happy364.525.519
oh that's seaweed wait now I'm really367.0394.101
uh yeah I was gonna put this second378.2795.73
antenna down so we got the receipt wait380.7994.41
why is this thing off384.0094.8
oh no ma'am put the antenna down this385.2096.24
used to be on wait we didn't drink the388.8097.71
battery did we battery's dead [ __ ]391.4498.07
don't mean that battery's no good no can396.5194.05
we charge it yeah there's no way to399.5192.82
charge this thing son of a [ __ ] we400.5693.48
should have waited shit'll wait it I402.3392.76
didn't know I didn't know you'd put it404.0492.4
on this thing it immediately go to it405.0992.52
just go to town406.4492.67
[ __ ] well hey at least we got two407.6192.79
antennas we're working towards something409.1192.79
I'm gonna take this battery410.4093.15
sorry no wait no no ready charge I'm411.9093.391
throwing it what are you talking about413.5593.51
throwing it I just tossed it in the415.32.099
he's throwing batteries in the water417.3993.45
yeah okay that doesn't sound419.2593.66
environmentally friendly exactly have420.8493.6
you seen this [ __ ] place you have to422.9194.2
grab that pull anchor soon we need we424.4495.18
need planks427.1192.51
i Nev yes sir antenna number three into459.718.28
number three already467.063.449
yeah are you up there no I just made it467.993.75
off forge470.5093.171
how many antennas do we need three oh471.744.14
but now I got to make another [ __ ]473.684.48
battery right well though what do you475.885.99
need for the battery let me take a look478.163.71
uh-oh I got everything copper I just482.093.51
need plastic who's got plant oh wait484.13.51
with this plenty of plants right here to485.66.45
this like this and boom brand new487.615.13
battery neebs492.054.5
okay so we go plug it in you got the492.745.1
antenna and battery not the other496.553.929
antenna yeah alright Simon if you want497.845.06
to paddle over to that raft go for it oh500.4794.951
we're gonna go up here and try out this502.99.28
receiver transom radio alright that's505.438.099
not too close together I'm taking the512.184.13
battery I'm putting the battery back in513.5296.721
and I'm turning it on here we go516.317.51
what's this a distance are we the middle520.255.04
or with a green blimp I think we're in523.822.43
the middle yeah of course with the525.291.919
middle okay526.253.63
what's the green blip it's a signal it's527.2094.411
a signal hey Tory head towards the green529.884.649
blue angle the sails right what Hagel531.624.86
the sails we got it guys we got a signal534.5294.461
hold on536.482.51
oh you're okay which way do I turn this539.185.97
hold on name so I'm gonna let Simon get543.017.0
all that stuff that stuff Simon yeah you545.159.0
got a jump you got a jump there you are550.017.67
you getting up there it's sinking anyway554.153.53
I'm coming towards you Simon good do you558.194.93
get the cooler562.432.97
alright sweetness oh yeah swim banks563.124.56
with that metal or one metal or worth it565.44.41
maybe maybe not567.683.63
alright app strode tell me which way to569.815.58
angle the sails turn the sails that way571.315.52
see which way I'm looking the way that575.394.05
I'm Oh turn it a little bit like this576.834.05
way yeah go that way go that way with it579.445.28
like that and hold on yeah distance is580.886.98
getting smaller whoa584.723.14
up-up what I hit a by accident and it597.7994.48
shut that thing off601.0193.841
oh yeah but then it turn it back on okay602.2794.8
I thought it I thought I must face it no604.864.079
don't push buttons well you know what I607.0793.3
got a push button this that's a stupid608.9392.07
thing to say610.3793.12
yeah really no well what you said no611.0094.411
what you said no I got a push buttons613.4993.78
and I say I gotta yeah you're like oh I615.423.959
gotta push buttons no I I gotta push617.2794.17
buttons to play the game don't say oh619.3793.51
yeah if I don't push the buttons on this621.4495.01
thing of course which buttons now say622.8895.25
yeah the reciever butterflies626.4593.391
yeah just that's the one button how we628.1393.93
do it how's our home is our battery629.853.539
gonna make it we're gonna have to make632.0693.51
another matter we are making out the633.3896.151
battery still got more than half way635.5795.521
what do we all have a hundred go you639.543.12
have to make another battery we have641.15.969
resources for batteries let's see that's642.666.45
not easy to make I mean one copper ingot647.0693.721
which I can make plastics easy and649.113.719
scraps easy yeah yeah yeah I can make650.793.779
better well if you turn it off for a652.8293.63
minute save the battery just let's just654.5693.48
we know what direction we're going or656.4595.401
going in the right direction it's check658.0497.23
the battery out turn last time we had it661.865.49
off wait did we turn it off the battery665.2793.771
ran completely down667.355.15
okay let's see dude science here turn it669.059.36
off at 600 exactly it was 600 when you672.58.22
turned it off 600 and the battery I was678.415.33
about a little more than a third okay680.726.809
how long should we wait like now yeah683.745.849
try now see what happens turn it back on687.5295.851
the distance is 1185 what are you689.5895.471
talking about the batter is the same693.384.53
thing Jesus cried out what and now that695.0611.37
green dot someone needs her ass kicked697.9110.65
for that design decision alright so what706.434.23
we got to do is we turn the battery on708.564.23
it's gotta stay on gotta stay on good710.664.07
call Simon or neebs712.793.21
800 872 yeah oh there goes alright724.968.73
taking it out and put the new one in oh729.895.07
alright yeah alright hey we're still at734.964.62
800 something all right so get another736.764.32
battery in another battery I'm working739.582.34
on another body741.083.71
you got this it didn't change no change741.925.37
so if we switch them out quick we think744.795.47
it's gonna point oh I need one more747.296.12
scrap that's all I need well scrap I got750.265.01
any other years I got scraps you ready753.413.72
oh yeah give me some scrap neaps pick up755.276.29
poop good then BAM got another battery757.1310.05
ready to go ready to go tight all right761.5611.32
guys who put this random out here this767.188.67
one approve of that okay you need to772.885.34
form a sentence oh this one I did775.854.17
because look it's gonna catch that leaf778.223.48
right there it is but now I feel like I780.025.16
have to make like a fool like a stupid781.75.07
fool I feel like I need to do a whole785.182.94
run that's a leaf we will never have786.773.75
just sticks out it's weird right788.124.32
you're the one who likes symmetry and790.524.05
things like that go around it792.4412.99
well we man we're done five eighty five794.5715.0
eighty right now oh wow we should I805.435.52
think we should be able to see something809.573.74
where I wanted so I hereby the thing I819.3110.09
mean it's getting dark maybe here a823.1619.44
shark yes kills vampires mom yeah mr.829.415.69
mom that was a plate that was monkey842.66.54
wouldn't yes oh never said that I think845.096.72
I saw that in the theater all the kids849.145.25
loved miss your mom sure they do Michael851.815.13
Kiki got fired and now he's home Woody's854.398.81
favorite doing what only women should do856.946.26
sort of Hodgins is he gonna get in with870.286.37
that Clorox like half that movie was872.785.9
about at a boss trying to [ __ ] the mom876.654.92
and and it's like totally acceptable at878.685.4
the end of it is just like Oh shucks I881.575.55
guess he shoulda tried to [ __ ] the mom884.084.69
that's not nice887.126.93
he wanted to be mr. mom hey we're at 280888.777.68
now boys we might make it we might make894.053.81
it with this batter I think we are gonna896.452.52
make over this batteries better he's not897.861.77
even halfway done898.972.49
oh the Greens actually starting to move899.633.72
very close oh yeah you're right the901.464.23
Greens no but I'm gonna angle the sail903.354.28
just a little bit more905.694.94
one that way then looking Simon to see907.634.5
anything of the distance anybody910.633.75
well I'm staring at the screen which way912.136.649
start building this way will we see some914.388.34
holy [ __ ] I see something huge918.7796.821
really oh yeah see oh yeah see - see it922.7210.5
- oh oh I make a mess now let me see it925.610.17
I have to turn it turn it off Simon okay933.226.25
take animaker got the acre ready we need939.476.58
to have the tall in lineups we'll go943.324.83
beside it and then we'll anchor hey I'll946.056.66
steer you anchor doing great yeah paddle948.156.24
it's to work towards it all right we952.713.36
should know yeah hey tollens gonna pop954.393.36
right on there I think this is gonna be956.072.45
we're going good the way we are you958.526.07
ready yeah yeah just keep baby ankle the960.815.04
sails a little bit more forward toward964.593.21
towards it towards it okay where's it965.853.81
okay we want the back end to get sucked967.810.11
in paddling quit rattling yeah we want969.669.87
to get the back end with the backhand977.915.61
again drop the sails here here how's979.536.54
that can you make the back end suck in983.524.59
yeah now yeah angle the sails right986.073.57
towards the building now okay I don't988.114.11
come back end of that that's good yeah989.644.23
keep England keep England I'm about to992.225.61
throw acre makers throne993.876.36
oh yeah beautiful I think we can get on997.834.13
the platform boy1000.234.79

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