Neebs Gaming Music Super Cut

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the Neebs Gaming Music SuperCut yet? It's all of our favorite tunes rolled up into...
Neebs Gaming Music Super Cut
Neebs Gaming Music Super Cut

Neebs Gaming Music Super Cut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen this Neebs Gaming Music Super Cut video? It's like a musical journey through all our crazy adventures!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is the best! I love how they mashed up all our music into one epic compilation. It's like a symphony of awesomeness.

appsro: Totally! I mean, who wouldn't want to listen to 'Wingy Dang Dang' on repeat? It's a classic Neebs Gaming jam.

neebs: And don't forget 'Sexy Man Pose'! That song always gets me in the mood to strike a pose and show off my manly muscles.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the Neebs Gaming Music SuperCut yet? It's all of our favorite tunes rolled up into one awesome video. I mean, who doesn't love jamming out to the music that plays in the background of our favorite gaming adventures?

Seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, you're missing out. From the catchy Mega Ramp Song available through JT Music to the classics like Wingy Dang Dang, The Original Jeep Stuff, and the iconic Battlefield Friends theme song, there's something for everyone in this compilation.

And hey, did you know that most of these songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms? So you can listen to your favorite Neebs Gaming tracks anytime, anywhere. Of course, some of the tunes were made with Royalty-Free music, so unfortunately, we can't sell those. But hey, that just means you get to enjoy them for free!

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, be sure to check out our Patreon and Twitch channel for even more exclusive content. And don't forget to browse our Spreadshirt shop for some awesome Neebs Gaming merch to show off your fandom.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Neebs Gaming Music SuperCut, crank up the volume, and let the good times roll. And hey, let us know in the comments which songs are your absolute favorites. I can't wait to hear what you think!

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with budget statistics out with watching6.5896.97
States instant run routes around with11.014.89
Marty stick tape still13.55916.041
no no my Jeep like I'm going on vacation30.074.41
no it's not32.414.62
like abbreviation the ladies they all34.485.3
love me you know37.032.75
my class see me coming you know I'm57.7515.69
gonna miss it71.0212.869
oh my god buckle look at that time he's88.76.66
camping on the hill and it doesn't see93.323.93
me [ __ ] lookin stupid like I'm not a95.362.46
[ __ ]97.252.789
I got me a bum bum Jake better get your97.825.899
pillow cuz it's time to put your foot100.0393.68
stick stick run routes down with one119.134.74
tape still keep still121.774.54
meeps gaming mm and light eggs on the127.798.96
plane leaves out dropping the mic131.94.85
I bet you next we're gonna hear the plan160.774.69
I don't think you know you're saying165.465.0
you've got385.0414.08
bring it I'm a pretty funky hombre388.0213.679
walking out here in the desert I'm a399.127.32
Spanish speaking kinda guy I keep my401.6997.5
peepers out for creepers pane Tomoko406.445.719
stick me see you that means I just saw a409.19912.75
butterfly that it's just the end up man412.15913.871
so everybody run people always that's me421.9496.361
where'd you learn that Spanish from I426.035.069
tell them it's just in my blood and also428.315.91
an app on my phone it's being bilingual431.0996.061
I feel bad for deceit the link434.225.38
jingo cameroon a437.164.009
if you like well I can teach you saying441.1695.611
things like I might be but they're the444.3496.551
Spanish word you might already know446.787.82
minecraft is Samish is my friend it's450.96.46
madness that it doesn't have a different454.65.73
name you can play the Spanish anyway457.366.54
minecraft is Samish is minecraft I like460.335.7
that because you don't have to learn463.94.71
another word okay466.036.03
hola como se llaman the Apple needs your468.617.05
truck by home epi DNA trust me and Stacy472.066.18
right gone into cargo fish later475.665.61
hello I'm needs I like to go to the478.245.61
beach watch out the other fish they'll481.274.83
kill you and you'll lose everything483.856.95
when people they are speechless486.14.7
that which is growing potions at my face490.815.359
these were for zombie probably google it498.686.05
from today502.315.91
minecraft in Spanish is my plan504.735.59
it's madness sad it doesn't have a508.224.71
different name you can say it in Spanish510.326.84
anyway minecraft in Spanish is minecraft512.936.57
I like that because you don't have to517.165.42
learn another word okay519.55.58
now it's time for the sexting spanish522.5811.95
guitar solo minecraft in spanish is my525.0812.12
friend it's bad and sad it doesn't have534.534.8
a different name you can say it it's537.23.64
in Spanish I like that because another540.8414.11
word cube beats okay Jim music wait what547.128.81
do you you've already cued the music554.953.36
cube music beats555.934.54
what are you doing okay this is sick558.315.22
forty fours montage video of the railgun560.476.75
I you know there's no the rail time I563.534.89
mean I don't think we have to sing to it567.223.63
do it oh no you just let your body see568.425.13
thick folded for shooting montage but570.855.45
it's off the railgun okay great what573.557.49
it's a real gun take 44 montage huh576.311.59
watch Nick voted for the railgun railgun581.049.16
watch your tortilla ball and he shoots587.895.62
people with the railgun590.27.73
watch Nick 44th montage video of him593.5111.53
shooting people with the railgun this is597.939.44
yeah this is obviously way better than609.444.72
anything you could have come up with612.874.44
bring it down okay are you you're still614.165.7
singing how long is this montage lineup617.316.75
that shot Nick line it up ah the hell619.864.59
with that624.063.48
oh this suckers gonna get it of course624.455.58
he is you know oh what's he gonna get it627.548.34
with the rail guarding it thick rail gun630.0310.81
with the rail gun in the butthole635.887.81
this is ridiculous how ridiculous the640.845.39
best thing ever643.692.54
they did get big at all yeah it got the651.214.48
opposite of big it went down it did go653.984.17
down it built that but you know hey655.6914.96
that's the end of the video down video I658.1515.09
am speechless right now I've never heard670.655.77
anything like what is this called on673.246.03
toss video of him shooting people676.4210.17
I can't believe you're getting into this679.2710.37
too I'm not I'm just686.593.05
shushybye de théâtre time for crimes I717.324.26
swear I didn't commit at the end of my719.423.72
line look back at my life and I'm trying721.583.24
to make sense of it I lift my head up723.143.84
one last time to gaze upon this wretched724.824.68
land I see a warrior approaching but726.984.89
he's not a normal man he is alleged so729.53.78
many respect him but I have to question731.872.88
what he's doing here and I'm only733.282.94
guessing but I might be testing so I734.753.42
know the end of my story is near he took736.223.39
a breath and looked me dead in the eye738.173.96
and this is what he said i'ma help you739.614.32
down but after that you're on your own742.134.17
kid that's all I need this is my time to743.934.59
take back everything I lost I know the746.34.2
stakes I'll do whatever it takes to get748.523.9
this bracelet off there is a fire so750.53.6
Phillip exampie won't be satisfied until752.423.66
I become free Conan the same will be754.16.17
forgotten I will rest until of king756.084.19
things ain't great now but that much786.076.06
better just earned a pack of hyenas into788.865.909
some leather temple the bats is up my792.134.949
question I need some quick hide how794.7693.781
about no bat at the time of the steps797.0793.661
has got me like Nick huh kids go to the798.553.959
black key now where this [ __ ] like800.744.019
khakis and the witch queen is unhappy802.5095.221
cuz I turned her into an apt example804.7594.681
tortured a lot they created a monster so807.733.299
deep down within me and not gonna lie in809.443.06
the back of my mind I decided that I811.0293.031
would never let them kill me combined at812.53.12
the jinx of a pilot so what I'm about to814.063.48
do please God forgive me just try to815.623.48
send me to hell cos and come and Rebecca817.544.58
and I'm bringing Hill with me819.13.02
now I bound my head and pray I have the847.394.23
strength to find a way to vindicate850.0293.99
those who enslave me for so long I will851.624.83
embrace I hate that has consumed me on854.0194.621
my way to retribution in the unnamed856.454.77
City raised by God eternity the ruins858.644.949
laid before us slay my enemies and this861.224.559
will be my legacy thinking back when I863.5893.781
was on that crossing conan had865.7793.511
befriended me take back everything that867.375.01
fine opposition left in time every demon869.295.43
that i faces dance except that bat he's872.384.85
still alive874.722.51
hey I want to hear the legend of904.37.0
Battlefield bill nope no beers stocks in906.4998.34
the heart when he is near just let the911.37.769
coach in you my hair the story of a man914.8399.23
who conquered the entire frontier919.0695.0
I am925.253.019
you better flee these don't know they're941.725.8
killing spree946.21.89
who order would watch Titanic951.348.17
but eliminate amo959.513.259
it can be any value with a bank at the976.045.229
japes dollar so basically a troll now978.6296.45
what was up with the Titanic [ __ ] why is981.2695.701
there a whip crack every time you say985.0793.87
battlefield bill there it is again986.974.829
yeah I think that's coincidence no I988.9493.961
don't know bill991.7994.171
there it is that'll give us tips so whip992.913.63
so if your medical bill you're basically1025.963.54
a troll on a bike 4c41028.03.57
whip-crack okay coincident I can't let1029.53.75
this go what's this Titanic have to do1031.575.91
with what I wasn't relevant to this1033.259.0
story cuz everyday Ragnar oh yeah all1037.486.95
it's a funny thing1053.4293.541
a fiery rain1058.023.86
I fell into a ring of fire1066.3810.79
the day1121.9196.221
like me1128.145.88
for you1131.744.55
the ring1152.2417.5
I'm being hunted down like an animal1183.1794.691
chased all night by samba cannibals no1185.354.079
helping nothing to stop there the only1187.873.389
place of water to spread options Dan1189.4294.47
sweet big crimes in all night so bad I1191.2596.181
can eat dead wrong Junko stand up Fred1193.8995.13
strong I wouldn't write something my1197.443.209
friend laws right there for the other1199.0293.6
can toss streamers and chasing me you1200.6493.691
ain't arresting me no but you press lock1202.6294.52
Greg will you send me1204.342.809
seven days to die1231.963.77
cheerleaders in the samba strip walk1238.894.53
into a bar man I'm a beat them with1240.784.68
stone axe but don't know if that'll do1243.422.49
the trick1245.463.27
no Batman no hat man I get behind the1245.915.28
trash can it's not making clapping with1248.738.04
my ak-47 these religious holy days oh my1251.197.68
seven seas do we know you can cross1256.774.5
Smith & Wesson I'm aloof display some1258.874.89
bulb take it back to training job some1261.273.99
advice before I go1263.764.91
life's a garden you's a hoe1265.266.459
seven days to die1294.193.53
got that sob dog from a loop drop to get1301.85.26
hand off from a rooftop and I can get -1304.844.62
I am - shot limits to stuff in the book1307.062.88
that's a Mopar fan and a tag oh my god1309.943.36
this is fantastic1312.133.09
made a mini bike from scratch and now1313.33.6
I'm riding that [ __ ] like a fat chick1315.224.05
Sun is going down I guess that I head1316.94.65
back to my house but my bike ran out of1319.274.83
gas and now this Bobby's all round gets1321.555.73
b7 then I felt I did plan this very well1324.15.37
I guess I'll never live to tell about1327.285.36
the time I picked myself1329.473.17
ten days to die leaves what is this this1358.217.709
is an RPG montage oh come on time okay1362.6194.981
great I'm loving this oh you're you're1365.9193.51
in for surprise on this one pal what do1367.66.99
you mean really you'll see this will be1369.4297.281
meeps what the hell is this about1391.914.65
yeah well weren't you listening it1396.653.76
sounds like something completely1399.244.88
different I told him he doesn't get it1400.413.71
yep that's that's it gonna shoot you in1406.347.39
the face shoot you in the wash it shoot1409.836.02
me in the face how does that taste1413.735.28
Tino guys don't you hit in the face how1415.855.32
does that taste how does that can't say1419.014.41
that she live in the face how does that1421.172.73
how's that taste does it shoot you in1423.94.08
the face how does that taste1426.243.84
how does that wheezy Bob and I shoot you1427.985.93
in the face how does that taste1430.083.83
pretty high that's good what time for1439.0815.58
the rap oh you have a rap no dude we're1452.713.15
not doing the rap we talked about that1454.664.65
we said we weren't doing the route it's1455.865.22
not even lyrics is a definition it's so1459.314.47
stupid they are so far from dope I1461.0825.38
really don't want to do this so much1463.7823.97
that was dope1486.464.74
it's not oh yeah yeah about it that's1487.754.71
what the rapper's say they say don't1491.23.12
they they do say dope and that doesn't1492.466.18
dope first of all the rap does not go1494.326.54
yeah well everything back there1498.644.47
everything that you said previously no1500.864.98
no you said a lot of things that could1503.114.17
get us in a lot of trouble I don't think1505.844.44
so and this is operation Metro not1507.286.18
operation metrosexual this is our big G1510.285.67
yet I was a good one [ __ ] I got a rocket1513.465.84
in the pocket and I'm ready to launch1515.956.44
operation penetration giving1519.36.189
hey yo turn my headphones up me and my1532.154.99
squad about to get ourselves to fixing a1535.139.33
mega RAM hey you wanna get jump onto my1537.1410.98
scooter let me know y'all mine the1544.469.51
limitless sky what a hot stove check1548.128.37
this racy stuff bro never seen a jump so1553.975.43
wonderfully you run go so high I'll be1556.494.26
touching the moon road1559.45.57
take the wheel so I'm what you can do1560.754.22
but now I see1567.945.489
oh no better not yeah we get so I can't1574.877.53
even see the but I'm creeped it I don't1579.045.25
even feel scared a hundred miles an hour1582.45.46
on my favorite wheelchair I damage ran1584.296.29
so long1587.862.72
nobody who can give me some over that1605.2374.64
ramp please stop dammit1631.1648.71
I'm going broke man and a crazy1691.365.87
my hard-working man see American ways1725.697.39
get a job to the best she can those with1729.955.26
my daddy's last words before he died in1733.084.589
the bath pretty sure today I'm getting1735.214.86
the promotion I don't know where my1737.6695.01
phone started exploding it's my spot1740.075.01
Jeff Kyle and Trevor Miller playing call1742.6796.201
of duty and we need you more than ever1745.083.8
my team is calling in sick to work1759.049.78
I got a teabag for your mouth cuz you1769.15911.951
know the duty calls1779.7796.83
down a couple minute all my best friend1793.5395.22
Craigie is my right-hand man like a1796.0294.47
brother he would never live in town1798.7593.99
buddies hanging with his grandma going1800.4993.48
out of town1802.7493.211
crazy dick he's a stupid piece of [ __ ]1803.9794.08
he's a [ __ ] with no friends and his1805.964.799
girlfriend is a [ __ ] krinkle back said1808.0594.5
he'd play with me instead he is my very1810.7593.54
best friend please don't tell him what I1812.5593.86
your backs against the wall anymore1826.810.07
I don't know where1832.474.4
got time to pay my bills cuz you know1845.1795.311
that do Tito1847.7692.721
just blew a chopper away1851.9194.021
showers day1858.493.05
maybe sad1863.286.509
Tereza system chick-fil-a1866.553.81
pressing them to pay respects Western1894.6095.57
employment chair1898.4296.22
the bathroom oh [ __ ] my pain1900.1794.47
in the past little gun the big gun down1920.87106.659
I'm not doing that we'll see you guys2071.619.06
don't say it again it makes it worse2076.54.17
Almost Heaven West Virginia Blue Ridge2093.17911.91
Mountains Shenandoah River and I feel2099.488.28
though they're older than the trees2105.0895.0
blowing like a breeze comfy2111.615.04
although memories gather round her2136.819.48
miners lady stranger2142.094.2
darken just be painted on the sky misty2147.988.73
taste of moonshine2153.722.99
in my country2156.813.5
I should2215.154.73
one well tell with the word world2277.426.51
believe me like around town with legit2319.8698.111
stuff making my rounds with my cheap2325.013.78
taking out clowns with my cheap stuff2328.794.579
I got in my hands2334.385.52
everybody says it's wrong but2337.666.33
justified a discharge empowering2339.97.18
I'm rolling so clean up2347.737.5
get the heaven right2369.234.59
fighting distance gone too far in your2376.465.06
numbers it does2378.6192.901
oh my god Bukka look at that time he's2382.266.07
camping on the hill and they doesn't see2386.293.9
me flanking looking stupid like I'm on2388.332.34
I got me a boom boom Jake better get2390.673.81
your pillow cuz it's time to put your2392.774.31
butt to sleep2394.482.6
to ignite and everybody says it's wrong2409.084.16
in the numbers2413.595.31
what you are trying to watch yourself2423.144.42
use them backing it up2426.274.04
you want some more2427.5611.72
someone should my parents2486.423.9
what's that smell2497.83.38
like who the heck are you I'm looking2533.44.18
right back at that Reaper yellow what2535.783.69
you gonna do so now that Reapers coming2537.583.96
at me like I am a piece of poop and I2539.4711.16
run away cuz I'm always too slow too2541.5410.86
fast I'm at the future he's the baddest2550.633.21
when I got back to my house I know2552.44.88
there's someone [ __ ] my pants2553.843.44
everybody poops2564.8094.75
stole on the mic representing cheating2577.055.2
you say I'm a knock survivor I never2579.944.35
make it use it but there's a reason why2582.255.339
I smell like feces I can prove it when I2584.295.73
say I didn't do [ __ ] there's anyone who2587.5894.351
knows me knows I'm a philanthropist if2590.023.75
you're in my tribe anything you wanna2591.943.84
hand you with that's why I Lynch my2593.774.11
extra hide pizza thing but when I got2595.783.69
them back they were filled with some2597.883.57
Ranger [ __ ] wanted to watch him but I2599.474.379
got no detergent nothing on this earth2601.454.83
could ever ever was saying now that I've2603.8494.681
explained this stain on my trousers it2606.284.35
wasn't cuz that dildo almost had me the2608.534.44
bow and salute the air I'll get back to2610.634.68
my plans of developing and growing this2612.974.5
jurassic plants but if anything should2615.314.11
happen that could get me released fast2617.473.869
don't forget somebody probably think2619.424.85
[ __ ] my parents2621.3392.931
I'm sorry sexy laughing about hey there2660.0622.73
no you're not helping you look good2684.544.44
green and gray suit with the cape on his2742.755.28
back he's got a carbine rifle if he2745.425.46
needs to attack he was born on Kamino2748.034.89
where the whole place is Oh2750.885.179
you know the city and freeze you in2779.05913.2
inside back now to dinner owners helmet2819.886.84
feels Imperial I work it alone but he2822.8511.4
doesn't like solo this job isn't always2826.728.19
let's do this drop the duck paint hey2834.917.77
wow wow man that is like full-on German2839.026.06
techno [ __ ] it's crazy2842.6815.54
do you see a bee you see a video to2845.0821.26
determine voice you see a bee you see2858.2211.12
what what what you see UCAV with the2874.7713.84
robot CIA2885.5497.431
this song makes me feel uncomfortable2892.983.619
get ready to get one man and strike2912.34944.511
like Swedish Asian it's the best I like2993.345.56
how the UCAV looks like spongebob2997.312.34
dick what's just a little knob you know2999.655.7
it's cute you just hey you just win a3003.014.38
different place with this dick yeah line3005.352.64
it up3007.394.8
bring down the death from above you know3007.994.95
how I do3012.194.07
oh man this is Trancy3012.943.32
don't know why3021.7410.4
you know Wanderers3055.02.99
waiting's for sacred falling from the3077.485.639
question static3084.333.71
take around the town3100.923.05
place where I don't know hiding now3108.417.289
my egg drop3112.0693.63
the Rope flow yoga zone is closed I need3149.0496.091
a bigger figure with bhavish and clothes3152.5295.48
on hold ShotSpotter to west3155.146.079
wait is that3158.0093.21
you know it appeared that3168.666.55
we can just kick it3172.926.389
jillyfell [ __ ] I think I'm a dick3175.214.099
some camo pants I can't buddy3180.3594.521
we'll be going3230.33.63
but we brain likes3239.63.14
here - vain3366.356.82
best minecraft show ever that needs3369.126.56
blame too3373.175.65
about the worst minecraft player ever3375.685.45
his name is salmon3381.133.989
Oh Simon3386.194.22
yes it happened3398.483.839
it's all3402.546.289
yes it happen3412.126.43
there's ami right bye so long3415.455.23
you know he's gonna try to kill it all3418.554.94
right down a hole3420.682.81
Sam fell in alone Simon were to go fell3423.787.58
in a hole3428.972.39
beeping the ground3434.8694.691
I fell hope yes it happened3454.647.76
all in [ __ ] holes3462.43.32
son of a [ __ ] I guess someone dropped3479.4117.159
beats yeah and you're doing that yeah3484.9612.54
that's good3496.5694.26
pulse rifle no it's clear Hannon rifle3497.57.109
canon rifle no it's closed called canon3500.8297.23
Rifle Pulse Rifle Hannon pulse rifle3504.6096.301
what I'm saying yeah Menon Canon pulse3508.05923.06
lipo cannon bring us those stats thick3510.9122.139
thought you were gonna do them I'm gonna3531.1196.821
yep this gun has no barrel no it has a3533.0498.49
barrel 50 second cooldown 18 second3537.947.349
cooldown good hold 40 bullets no it's3541.5397.201
just a one shot okay like a ball it's3545.2896.57
not a ball it feels like rubber3548.746.26
no it's metal it's a rubber ball gun3551.8596.41
it's not3555.03.269
stormtroopers were really bad like that3561.596.67
if I feel lazy so it stormtrooper faces3564.36.54
I guess that what happens when the dress3568.268.01
code changes unlocking level five hot3570.8410.91
your Nobel Prize 82nd cooldown3576.2711.43
1700 credits one-shot kill with the bull3581.759.28
charge one shot yo yep it's gone3587.75.7
trooping and pooping what for real3591.034.65
nope no it's for real there's no proof3593.45.58
in every bit about that's for real3595.6812.42
I do survive Kimmo I used to rock take3619.215.34
now I'm throwing grenades with smoke3622.634.41
that stir and I can Hotwire cars with3624.554.5
the greatest me3627.045.199
you're just3634.753.74
ridin round town with my cheap stuff3638.8094.31
stop with this3655.0395.67
could you do me a favor lay off the chip3665.524.13
I'm gonna keep it real take it straight3672.954.69
to the fly and get up on a building like3675.34.23
a dangerous hot and I'll be spending3677.643.56
your days and trying to kill me3679.5310.34
you know you better hit something okay3692.4815.36
carpe emblem patch emblem duty3703.174.67
the food again3718.842.81
the truth ones I'm telling you take a3732.323.03
look at the Helen though they're really3733.73.81
intelligent to me that is a relevant3735.353.78
mean you guess I can estimate you can3737.513.48
call me an elf it waiter business a3739.134.5
definite don't be giving me extra maybe3740.994.83
chasing another okay so amazingly the3743.633.33
your hands in there cuz you3756.383.469
Molotov cocktail and gets away flaming3766.867.559
take a look3807.35.119
[ __ ]3819.553.0
cuz it's so crisp my swim trunks3822.7794.52
[ __ ]3868.222.72
red wine3876.342.63
okay be careful Jimmy what are you3933.389.52
talking about what are you doing from3940.0796.69
Gertie hoes are words let's sneak attack3942.96.149
from your back end up taking your tax3946.7694.32
I'm like a shadow in the still of the3949.0495.91
night yo soy de jeu de Bolivar 50 and3951.08912.03
they can see me I am videos3954.95912.66
welcome to muerte stop Paco tango your3963.1197.71
DN tasty tango your Talmud weibull's3967.6194.871
right now3970.8295.351
oh I'm gonna start arresting your3972.496.72
birthday you'll never see me I'm like a3976.185.57
so you get my bags the way the song4005.9635.819
don't doubt4067.892.54
we just left Drago put is to be blinking4208.226.43
again I told you why are you singing4211.8422.79
oh wait come back hi they can face4239.8719.16
taking some ice here take it the base4256.186.85
make you the base height makes base take4259.037.33
your base right here taking base4263.0321.48
I knew you can stop throwing the4284.519.899
grenades and come out now yeah4288.5995.81
meeps I need your help help help I'm on4314.685.65
the way 8:23 gonna save the day4317.94.74
what was that I heard you say knees can4320.335.42
you give us some stats today4322.643.11
on the way 823 gonna save the day4404.955.47
what was that I heard you saying is the4408.415.07
best video I've ever seen to date you're4410.425.81
the hell are you doing what the [ __ ] are4427.94.39
you doing we think I'm doing your4430.612.28
tea bag until yeah we hit hard but what4432.894.17
are you doing it's a human cause he's4435.444.41
dead he's on our team why does that4437.063.8
does that matter4454.753.61
you don't team back you don't teabag4456.293.96
somebody who's on your own team you own4458.364.95
the seed bag the enemy are you sure you4460.254.65
don't understand how it works do you4463.315.34
yeah people die UT back now it's no no4464.96.42
not your teammate no team bagging ever4468.656.32
and not someone you4471.323.65
look at him run right he's not it's a4505.434.74
light he's having an issue with his4508.4694.261
running no always connection it's funny4510.174.15
he'll be back in him later I bet you4512.734.32
she's doing that on purpose push for my4514.325.55
heart Zack all right so in the future do4517.055.73
not teabag your own teammate hey I got a4519.8728.74
tip don't you know when you die you get4522.7828.11
tea-bagged right yeah the guy that4548.614.29
killed you as a [ __ ] [ __ ]4550.893.69
yeah he might have been I don't know but4552.94.11
this guy died a teabag damage so dirty4554.587.02
don't even know so are we on the same4557.016.72
page no I'm never on the same page with4561.65.599
you your dumb ass4563.735.36
let's chill out wish I meant to do have4567.1993.901
you checked your internet connection4569.0918.3
yep chip chip come on what everybody4609.0214.41
come on4622.685.76
he said come on twice on represent BMX4623.436.51
style rolling4628.446.24
yeah yeah right your [ __ ] bike4629.9426.82
keeping it real power to we you because4634.6825.4
I'm a BMX expert uh BM expert till I4656.766.93
just ignore nacho BMX X go to be an4660.086.76
expert watch and learn till a crash is4663.697.58
gonna be a sex murder be an expert4666.844.43
Wow an expert a oh did you hear4677.6324.81
we heard from you yeah song translation4680.8221.62
don't be4703.013.15
because I'm a BMX expert to be an expert4706.696.509
till I fall just ignore that y'all be a4710.056.18
mix Expo to be an expert watch and learn4713.1996.121
till that crash is gonna be an expert to4716.236.27
be an expert till I fall just ignore4719.329.95
that y'all be an expert watching crash4722.59.57
yeah you are you're definitely not a BMX4729.274.84
expert okay well I don't know if you4732.073.54
notice what the ladies on Del perro4734.115.43
Beach have been saying I'm just4735.615.76
parenting the jumping yeah I can't hear4739.545.31
you because I'm a human needs are not4741.374.86
that good get over yourself4744.8510.08
well I would if I wasn't a give me box4746.2311.88
I can't do not what's in a box4754.935.1
what do you mean mo box4758.115.82
I have not since a box it's wait a4760.037.1
minute is this a priest apply montage4763.9310.29
why would you make that I don't even4767.1310.24
want to say why sorry maybe some beauty4774.225.76
tom men do need some gudetama donate son4777.375.46
you'll need some men you are you serious4779.987.16
oh yeah yeah he's dead serious montage4782.834.31
your wildest dreams supplying the world4811.84911.451
and your wildest dreams you can try too4815.427.88
Dubey Tom nuh-uh dude atomic still going4861.1118.67
yeah going random just gave ammo to a4867.23918.48
dead guy that's right okay I guess mo4879.787.49
for everybody think there's no question4885.7194.591
anything neaps does no I shouldn't4887.275.429
how'd you get my footage they thought if4917.3693.881
all imitate something brother magic4919.6592.161
tell me how you got my footage I4921.824.44
chuckles well Jenna darted it up so it4923.117.75
wasn't sudden but it'd be so soon4926.2610.99
okay camels a little mood candles - you4930.868.32
didn't need to grab my footage I'm4937.254.75
working clean those an invasion of4939.185.28
privacy could hurt if they reported for4942.04.89
flutters around with the swab all over4944.466.259
the battlefields work here4946.893.829
I swear I hear very good4951.73910.5
oh he wishes he sounded this4956.255.989
are you sure I can talk a little quicker5016.0910.89
get your point across a little quicker5024.276.52
you blew that you had your chance Nick5026.987.259
she said I try shut up please 14 you5030.795.2
were winded5034.2395.421
people that became an on the rooftop5045.9494.77
what you see5053.123.32
to bring back5059.7393.491
hey what's up swear I saw him alone5066.67910.581
nice picture5078.8292.87
to start like this seems to be working5086.754.96
what's working okay5091.713.909
oh Christ and grandma you eat that cut5095.6194.431
ladies doesn't matter okay everywhere5102.1712.9
that's right like5110.724.35
that was what do you feel about it5117.766.51
some tough things don't ever seem to go5268.4695.201
your way when I thought you were lemon5271.1195.341
and it turns out to be a grenade I know5273.675.27
how to turn the bed upside down5276.4619.05
now I'm doing better and I'm feeling5295.515.8
real good I'm waving to an enemy you5298.465.4
Skype to the front of my hood well as a5301.315.4
lower score but now I'm on top needing5303.867.31
me to try to stop me are now just squish5306.714.46
i smeared the look on their painted no I5319.256.61
can't stop me5324.413.89
till a yellow5339.898.189
I'm driving like an Asian with the plan5349.345.95
photo or maybe like a woman who's just5352.295.91
try the bag you learn don't let me get5355.295.85
you back and ghazal my team around run5358.26.89
your American dream5361.143.95

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