Raft Survival Simulator - Shark Head Face

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest installment of Surviving the deadly seas on a raft, you're missing...
Raft Survival Simulator - Shark Head Face
Raft Survival Simulator - Shark Head Face

Raft Survival Simulator - Shark Head Face

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why 'Raft Survival Simulator - Shark Head Face' is our favorite video. And let me tell you, that shark head face really had us on the edge of our raft!

simon: Oh yeah, that shark head face was a real game changer! I mean, who knew sharks could be so fashionable? I might need to get myself a shark head face hat.

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much! But seriously, that video was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing when we were trying to survive with that ridiculous shark head face looming over us. Good times, good times.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest installment of Surviving the deadly seas on a raft, you're missing out! In this 3rd installment of Raft Survival Simulator, the Neebs Gaming crew is facing off against some ferocious sharks in their quest to stay alive on the open water.

If you're a fan of intense survival games, this video is definitely for you. The Neebs Gaming team always brings their A-game when it comes to tackling dangerous situations in the virtual world, and this episode is no exception. From building their raft to fending off hungry sharks, you won't want to miss a minute of the action.

And don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more Raft Survival content from the Neebs Gaming crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of their adventures as they navigate the treacherous waters and try to stay alive against all odds.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be entertained by the hilarious antics and thrilling gameplay of Neebs Gaming in Raft Survival Simulator. And be sure to check out their Patreon, Twitch channel, and other social media for even more content and updates. Thanks for watching, and happy gaming!

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people love the raft7.345.74
Simon doraleous in extra yeah today9.625.53
we're gonna have a new chapter in our13.084.77
ocean survival mm-hmm we're gonna be15.154.86
better at this we're gonna collect food17.853.75
we're gonna kill that shark when it20.014.529
tries to take our F from us should we21.65.429
have duties yeah one person on food24.5394.23
nothing but fishing and cooking that was27.0293.09
me last time I can do that28.7694.021
okay Simon you just collect stuff like30.1196.21
crazy I'm collecting now yeah don't you32.794.679
go ahead start a lot of good stuff going36.3293.181
by look at that just go ahead and grab37.4694.621
that Simon right there just wear barrel39.513.99
just like barrel just going right42.092.82
through the ship how about me names what43.51.77
do I do44.914.7
keep fighting the shark okay and then45.274.34
we're here shark me how do you do it60.746.13
come on love it65.942.19
just keep stabbing it keep stabbing it66.874.23
Narae let's get that shark meat yeah68.138.66
yeah don't drift too far we can get71.15.69
rap here think you can make it over95.9792.861
I'm sure I can beautiful beautiful a98.844.709
little an Olympic rower see there's a101.1793.811
good there's like a structure on top of103.5493.301
that Island oh yeah we get up there Rock104.994.799
sure you say the structure I say alright106.854.949
you see it up throw yeah seize it109.7893.78
actually is the loot on the bottom floor111.7993.511
yeah you may I mean yeah you're in a113.5693.061
better position to get that and then I115.312.19
am I'll get it116.632.79
whoa okay all right yeah I've got it I117.53.63
got it I got we got it BAM119.426.899
is that it yep it's sinking okay oh man121.138.34
all right hey effort can you build an126.3198.091
anchor maybe hold on129.474.94
oh boy the thing just broke all right139.379.0
better another paddle all right you want146.873.479
me toss this acre needs place the anchor148.374.11
on the boat I think you hit was an e or150.3494.5
R to rotate R that's it yeah you got152.485.339
good luck it up and don't throw it throw154.8494.2
it towards the island157.8194.95
throw the pump towards the pedal that I159.0496.231
like suck is closer to it162.7693.991
all right towards the island once hit166.764.81
the bat the ground it should bring us in170.015.18
tight all right we're in okay171.577.29
hmm wavy getting wavy175.196.22
I wish the boat was turned around the178.863.06
other way181.412.88
up over there all right hey somebody I181.924.08
don't know okay hey that uh that what184.294.11
are these sharp steaks cooked somebody186.04.26
get that who's the hungriest yeah well188.46.09
I'm gonna probably die soon so as soon190.266.3
as I eat it in two minutes I'm gonna194.494.2
need to eat more all of us I know all of196.564.08
us to see I know that's the thing198.693.57
there's still not enough food but it's200.643.6
kind of annoying how much you have to202.263.39
eat and drink tell you what before we go204.243.12
on the island let's just sit here and205.652.85
eat and drink until we're completely207.363.42
full okay good call I don't think that208.53.94
could happen210.787.22
hey I know we're using blanks to build219.594.93
this wrapped up a little bit but um you222.363.63
really could use some planks down here224.523.06
on these grilles and there's no fishing225.993.66
around oh there's some fishing in there227.583.78
I mean you could fish here well I'm229.653.54
gonna I'm gonna try to get some planks231.363.33
I'll look for planks233.194.62
there you go fakie neeps over there keep234.696.45
swimming net oh thank you thank you and237.814.92
there's a fresh waters available forever241.143.54
needs it damn I'm a good cook I have a242.734.35
blueprint for an antenna by the way if244.683.27
that means anything247.082.94
it means the world to me does it forget247.956.14
a radio station out here would be nice250.024.07
be cool if I could just make that jump I256.74.44
don't like being here we just shoved up258.713.26
against the rock261.143.879
I just like that a running jump and I266.568.19
got up here okay I'll get it out we'll270.915.64
pull up anchor we'll set sail what do274.755.31
you set up there there's a crate I got a276.556.15
bunch of scrap and bolt and mash it into280.0618.03
my inventory I'd drop anything we really282.716.98
got to come up with some sort some shark298.094.98
defense yeah I just need a spear and299.688.18
mine broke everything go down there yeah303.074.79
thinking about it okay I got palm leaves308.316.97
I got mangoes planks flakes that was311.774.08
what we needed315.282.04
well yeah if you get flames from trees315.853.66
any other good materials though anything317.324.38
you put the research station plastic319.514.17
scrap nails321.75.12
few more trees to harvest323.683.14
we got three rope you make that with327.554.9
palm leaves I can make a bunch of rope330.623.15
for you to rally I sold on its need332.454.32
three all right you do my chair here you333.774.65
go you ready it's come up to you put it336.773.75
there yeah bro338.425.5
oh yeah all right beautiful340.526.42
I can do my job343.923.02
it would take you so long I want to get347.745.989
everything I'm eating a watermelon now349.696.27
man there's so much good food up here353.7295.081
yeah at all yeah thanks355.964.769
well I need the inventory space get358.813.06
meanwhile we're running out of plates360.7293.271
down here I'm getting can't feel361.872.669
don't worry about it Frank the [ __ ] up I364.5396.0
see planks I'm going for it careful367.5696.841
Simon I know coming back keep an eye on370.5396.69
me oh you're good good yeah I'm on shark374.419.81
watch up here we better get back on the377.22910.981
boats dangerous you guys are clear right384.225.06
me no come on back go to you get390.815.4
materials Oh minutes so it's one and a393.484.29
half three all right well don't get too396.214.05
far I'm up too far right here then come397.775.31
on this Booker oh you got a shark coming400.266.02
till you salmon all right yeah oh oh403.085.72
keep coming back right I'm coming I'm406.285.59
moving shaking and shimmying yeah jump408.84.6
just for you to the boat whoa411.874.35
chuckling chef oh boy here we go all413.44.29
right till we take off neebs you get416.223.21
everything off that out after ooh I417.692.97
think we should do one more thing before419.432.58
we leave okay what do you wanna do420.666.99
we're going in watch your air oh you run422.017.71
out of air all the way down just so you427.656.78
start seeing things like you seem like429.727.53
this scrappier oh boy got bit you just434.434.68
hit this scrap and then these little437.254.35
like clay mouths you got to hold the439.116.51
thing down just hold it alright here441.68.43
comes a shark swim I'm trying man I445.626.57
don't like that [ __ ] all the seaweed has450.036.35
stuff - I think you can harvest these452.194.19
I absolutely hate that I want to do that461.754.81
anymore hey I think we had a good stop464.883.15
so I pull anger yeah we should pull466.562.61
anchor we need to get out of here we468.034.92
need to gather more resources it's a469.176.12
good stop that Island got some good food472.954.35
got new to breathe to collect yeah I475.293.54
need plates so I can make a fishing pole477.33.18
did you make me a fishing boat leaves I478.837.58
sure did throw it down there you go480.487.13
fantastic thank you sir487.614.99
you're welcome it make this you had this489.575.82
well it sounds cool that I've had it492.63.09
thanks for the half help fishing rod so495.695.7
this table I'm sorry you were saying you498.247.98
open it right you go here and you know501.398.49
research seeds they've already learned506.225.49
I'm in you can see the research this509.886.81
fish no yeah I researched so much what511.716.63
about a nail well you already did the516.693.75
nail I may have a lot of the stuff that518.343.81
we already had I already researched it I520.443.12
researched pretty much all of the all of522.153.3
the stuff we had in our inventory mango523.566.12
no blanks scrap525.456.63
we searched everything I may have dude I529.685.43
mean remember that bursar didn't I did532.085.67
the boat Oh awesome when you research it535.113.09
you lose it537.752.73
yeah exactly all right can you know when538.23.57
you put stuff in there you hit learn540.483.9
right yeah I learn it's a better fishing541.775.33
pole oh hell your hatchet a better544.385.58
gathering hook oh boy it's awesome547.15.79
that's a lot549.962.93
oh yeah all right we know some new stuff553.884.92
now guys awesome oh hey I can crap that556.45.99
better fishing rod oh yeah558.83.59
I got it I got it oh god damn stuck I'm568.2418.36
stuck film stuck I'm [ __ ] I'm [ __ ]585.16.739
I'm [ __ ] behind very dramatic yes586.610.83
drama queen huh hungry good I can't swim591.8397.511
fast cuz I'm either starving or thirsty597.434.349
to death hold on hold on599.354.44
okay I made it back I made it back what601.7795.25
do I do I need water I'm a thirsty [ __ ]603.795.43
this cats really funny I just realized607.0294.321
that that's yeah one of those she would609.222.82
name him611.354.049
we could name him a char a Shari Shari612.045.97
it's like Charlie but yeah hello Chari615.3995.31
like agent or how about see more cuz we618.015.22
found him in the sea yeah and everything620.7094.831
Seymour Chari623.236.39
Seymour chakri yeah you might need more625.545.549
of these storage containers that's for629.622.85
sure they fill up quick they're pretty631.0893.75
tiny you know what I can actually make a632.474.26
bigger storage container that might be634.8394.711
cool this out I'm gonna BAM where should636.734.59
we put it you got a bigger storage639.553.75
container yeah I don't know man I'm641.323.36
gonna put it here with the other ones643.32.52
yeah keep them all together644.683.27
alright thinking cool thing about this645.823.6
game is you can pick just about anything647.953.6
up all right boom we got a bigger649.424.14
storage container oh yeah what's up the651.553.69
wrong way but I'll see this you just653.565.85
hold X you remove it like this okay up655.247.849
and then our659.413.679
where is he going maybe we should chase668.55.56
them after we heard of repairs we could670.854.65
all go in and attack him huh674.069.59
I mean we could might be fun I'm ready675.511.73
freaking shark meet by your corner son683.655.5
oh yeah all right stand back all right687.235.39
watch it there you go I see him he's689.1521.77
Canadian hey man692.6221.43
should I make us a sail yeah can you710.925.17
make one I just need one more play kit714.055.04
is one right here boom tell you what now716.094.86
let's put it up top all right719.093.96
crafting a sail there where our flag is720.956.94
okay all right you ready yeah723.057.82
we got a sale boy oh yeah this is a727.894.84
weird legit it's got a little handle it730.873.89
so you just drop it and steer it Robert732.735.25
all right hold on hold up look at that I734.765.47
know how that rotates smooth that that's737.985.31
really so now really dude okay yeah okay740.234.59
you get up here you hold our and you743.293.15
move the mouse make sure you don't steer744.823.75
us out of the out of the debris right746.444.65
right right I'll pop it up for now you748.573.9
next thing wait right there751.093.12
steer in that direction is that that I'm752.476.03
ray oh yeah yeah so there we go754.215.49
all right is this work and we head758.52.58
towards it yeah we're heading towards it759.74.23
Morgan oh yeah all right761.085.16
almost there apps room no man I know I763.934.26
know it looks like something's up top on766.244.29
this one okay I know I hope it get us in768.193.45
a little quicker all right I'm gonna uh770.533.42
yeah I'm gonna raise the sail I feel771.643.66
like we're close enough to it now you773.953.81
can jump from up there um hey I can't775.33.9
really so yeah here yeah777.766.9
I'm close I'm jumping from here all779.27.02
right let's see what you got on board784.663.51
jumping just one that thing behind you786.223.9
so you rip up on top right we're gonna788.176.12
grill all right rope stone plank ropes790.126.75
don't plank the Scarecrow in that raft I794.293.87
know always you can pick those up796.872.85
there's a girl up that there was a grill798.164.04
on there too799.722.48
needs yeah if I'm making it should I807.35.14
make a calendar and you make a calendar810.045.4
I can make a calendar yeah why yeah like812.444.35
to know how long they've been here yeah815.443.33
keep up with how many days we're out so816.793.6
let's see where can I put it Oh818.774.14
put it here by the by the torch there on820.395.13
the post yeah yeah yeah hey we've822.916.45
survived 12 days so far hey holy crap I825.525.67
would have said like four yeah now we've829.363.78
been out we've been out here 12 days I831.194.5
lost track yeah man833.148.73
you see Oh land ho land ho hello can you835.698.34
do it yeah what is that up there wow841.874.35
it's probably a treasure chest844.035.37
oh wow can you make that junk we have to846.227.89
oh yeah hey what I don't know if I can849.47.17
get up to that like the good stuff well854.114.26
there's some ways around the island but856.573.75
don't chopping trees down until I'm not858.373.66
chopping any I don't have a hatchet hey860.323.66
see if you can go around that way look862.032.94
this way yeah863.982.82
and there might be like looks like a864.973.72
dead end I mean you can scale that cliff866.84.77
oh just kind of jump and shimmy around868.696.83
oh yeah we made it you round I'm around871.576.45
okay all right so when you wanna go875.524.3
davon can I just drop878.024.04
Kevin no because I'm hitting the numbers882.066.91
and my shift my my fish is moving in my885.285.68
inventory I'm trying to eat it888.975.76
I'd use the fish yeah great a dive no894.736.669
just go without me go without me or stop898.435.94
rushing me I don't want because I'm not901.3995.19
ready okay how long's it gonna take you904.374.139
I don't know man it depends it really906.5893.24
does depends on what's going on because908.5093.301
you know my brain doesn't work sometimes909.8293.481
I think I'm ready now911.813.089
all right well then come oh yeah okay913.313.269
all right hit on a you know you know how914.8993.151
to harvest stuff down there ya know you916.5794.351
get this hook out forget it I was just918.054.62
getting a spear now I need to repair my920.934.17
hook so you'll have to wait again I922.675.279
think I live here now was there a crane925.14.859
here I did I picked it up what was in it927.9494.26
I just picked up the crate you just929.9595.19
picked up the crane yeah maybe it's just932.2094.8
like another story935.1493.48
were there things in the crate is a bolt937.0096.751
of oh yeah it's got a huge make coconuts938.6297.951
a mango seed yeah we need to get some of943.764.77
that [ __ ] going all rights are you ready946.584.14
yeah let's go man let's go948.534.83
so you see this scrap Simon you come up950.726.0
to that just hold hold the mouse button953.365.28
and you harvest stuff is this scrap up956.723.33
getting hit myself958.643.36
yeah man I am sharks down here sharks960.053.3
down here so just keep your eye out for962.03.54
him try to get as much scrap as you can963.353.78
how about I just protect you because I965.544.29
don't know how to get the scrap you go967.133.99
up to it and you just hold all the969.833.18
buttons I know your your description is971.122.61
[ __ ] brilliant973.013.15
you just go up to it button I don't know973.735.46
what it is and it looks like scrap it976.164.82
looks like metal you know you see it979.193.33
look over here980.986.07
see Simon no see push [ __ ] off shark hey982.525.37
you see me Simon987.052.49
yesterday there ya see these are the987.893.84
like little pipes oh that's the scrap989.544.23
yeah go up to that and just hit it991.734.95
where's my sharks coming back your993.776.57
oxygen level oh is that him yeah it's996.686.27
him I want to [ __ ] kill them hey I1000.344.23
would like to as well alright I'm1002.953.78
getting more stuff keep an eye on me I1004.574.5
lost you already so good luck with that1006.738.65
I've gotta get bit yeah it's not fun1009.078.06
get in I don't think I can get up there1018.283.15
man it's just too steep that's just too1019.693.21
steep and I tried to do that whole like1021.434.35
you just can't I mean one day we'll have1022.95.309
a structure we can get up there but ya1025.783.84
know right now let's go let's get back1028.2092.971
yeah we got some good stuff yeah it's1029.622.82
time to get back heading back hell we1031.186.39
shouldn't do a jump should we that's the1032.447.139
way to go yeah couple trees down here oh1037.574.73
great I got him1039.5796.301
hey Simon what's up boys we got some1042.34.0
good stuff1045.882.28
how'd y'all do oh yeah we tried to die1046.33.54
but that damn sharpness keep sniffing at1048.163.81
us can we make a big crop plot and plant1049.844.26
some mingoes we need to be great to have1051.974.05
a real - I've got some mango seeds now -1054.14.44
so the big crop plot I have palm trees1056.025.25
oh wait let's just found a hinge1058.544.77
I got a hinge oh I've had a hinge okay1061.274.71
wait a hinge six nails1063.316.45
full rope ten plank makes a crop plot I1065.985.97
got I have everything with the plank1069.766.08
I've got thanks boy1071.953.89
big ole crop lunch so now yeah now I got1081.429.94
some mangoes to go he's come oh I killed1085.5117.07
him yeah Simon pulling so long guilin it1091.3613.26
was fun surprised you guys didn't1102.583.45
there's like mango on that side there's1104.623.42
more trees way I glad we get more trays1106.033.84
me would it all didn't get up all her1108.044.37
all the way1109.872.54

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest survival simulator gameplay series in Raft! I've been hooked on their Raft series since the first episode dropped. There's just something so engaging about watching the Neebs crew try to survive on a tiny raft in the middle of the ocean, at the mercy of sharks, storms, and dwindling resources.

The guys have such great on-screen chemistry that it makes every episode entertaining. Their personalities really shine when they are put in survival situations. You've got Neebs as the cautious, practical one, Appsro as the risk-taking wild card, Thick as the lovable oaf, and Simon as the slightly unhinged one. When they start bickering about how to gather resources or stay safe, it's comedy gold!

The cinematic style of Neebs Gaming's videos really pulls you into the Raft world too. The way they edit the footage with close-ups and dramatic music builds tension and makes me feel like I'm right there on the raft with them. When a shark attack happens out of nowhere, I literally jump! Their editing makes an already engaging game even more immersive.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Raft series is a must-watch for any gaming or survival simulation fan. It's the perfect blend of comedy, camaraderie, tension, and high stakes drama. I'd say their Raft videos are the absolute best way to experience this game without actually playing it yourself. Their commentary and editing bring so much extra entertainment and energy that just watching someone else stream Raft can't compare. If you're looking for a new gaming series to obsess over, you can't go wrong with Neebs Gaming in Raft!

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