Raft Survival - I'm Not Food!!! (Gameplay Series)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel? It's all about surviving on a raft and Neebs final...
Raft Survival - I'm Not Food!!! (Gameplay Series)
Raft Survival - I'm Not Food!!! (Gameplay Series)

Raft Survival - I'm Not Food!!! (Gameplay Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see that last episode of Raft Survival? I almost got eaten by a shark!

simon: Ha, yeah, I saw that! You were screaming 'I'm not food!' like your life depended on it. Classic Neebs.

neebs: Well, I'm not gonna be shark bait anytime soon. And hey, did you see when I finally got that bow? I'm like Legolas out there!

simon: Legolas who? More like Legolame! Just kidding, Neebs. You know I love watching you play. Can't wait for the next episode!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel? It's all about surviving on a raft and Neebs finally gets his hands on a bow - exciting stuff, right?

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I'll [ __ ] straight the wrong water13.5996.151
it's good start is yeah I just16.924.45
accidentally poured out my entire water19.752.76
Simon please25.993.67
yeah we need planks I'm gonna start27.474.8
rolling yes start rolling right now29.664.829
throwing to the side you know what I got32.274.469
a freaking brand new paddle I'll up your34.48923.91
row keep rowing boys keep rowing no just36.73924.121
go away keep rowing Simon keep rowing58.39915.271
doraleous no durably dumb are we pulling60.8616.27
up the anchor boys there you go73.676.7
beside me like that buffets on growing80.76.43
to work this84.66.4
there's gonna be so much fun if you87.136.54
could just wrote towards the Sun you can91.08.08
have so much downside93.679.92
we're in Plainville whoa yeah getting99.087.3
dark we need more stuff anymore likes my103.594.71
water bottle by the way which was what a106.385.67
wonderful gift is almost broken no it's108.36.78
not broken it's always empty oh you feel112.054.92
better fill it up again Simon well115.083.54
everything else is measured by that bar116.973.03
on the bottom and then when that bar is118.622.31
gone it's broken120.04.89
mm-hmm interesting angel why your sweet120.936.62
little dumplings124.892.66
Simon say the darndest thing and it's127.914.24
hilarious everyone understands that130.146.18
means water why because what is orange132.155.7
so when you fill it up watch the bar136.324.47
nope I'm drinking me going down my137.855.03
bottles breaking can I explain something140.794.53
when you look at when you look at your142.885.2
shovel right yeah it has a bar145.324.77
underneath it right yep when that bar148.084.29
goes down yeah and it disappears what150.094.08
happens to that shovel we understand why152.373.12
you think that we just think it's154.174.2
adorable but I think that's insane that155.494.32
you think it's adorable when it's158.373.54
exactly people out there bottle was159.816.56
broken no one so the bottle never breaks161.916.75
doesn't look like it like you just cut166.374.0
it doesn't have a [ __ ] bar under it168.663.03
and wouldn't you think wouldn't you170.373.66
think the cup would have that does the171.694.29
cup have that no no yeah it just has the174.033.75
the graphic image all either empty or175.983.24
not empty but all the other ones the177.783.03
shovel and everything else the bar is179.223.57
yellow there's a very no clear180.813.66
difference in color yes the wood is182.793.63
orange [ __ ] yeah or and when the184.473.9
orange goes away that thing breaks186.424.05
there's three colors all right we're188.373.839
right but I wasn't seems strange to me190.473.6
but time ago go fill up the water bottle192.2094.171
you see it go from there we know194.075.07
it accepts fake filling up from broken196.385.88
to fix what you put water in it I cannot199.145.67
believe that I'm getting this much flak202.265.82
I'm taking part there you go okay see me204.815.22
lag I told you it was adorable208.084.5
well that's kind of a really shitty way210.035.45
of kid grief black212.582.9
rally us yep I have a gift for you good222.756.36
sir take a look at me take a look now226.384.65
I'm sick of seeing you with that that229.114.44
[ __ ] spear you got so I have made231.037.05
you a very very nice where the [ __ ] is233.555.94
that I made it that's what I got I made238.082.64
it oh no I there it is oh now I'm239.494.08
crafting I have me I've made you a very240.723.39
I'm Ling meadowsweet your inventory is244.118.67
full throw little piece of [ __ ] spirit250.863.99
oh yeah I'll take it252.787.89
don't throw it it's actually yeah you254.856.88
got it260.673.95
someone took the good spirits I'm taking264.627.09
this beer yeah you should have checked267.276.66
check your room to make sure I've got271.717.59
I've got to win someone took the really273.9310.59
good spear I don't know oh [ __ ]279.37.83
no it couldn't have their inventories284.524.5
well right now Abby's you wouldn't287.133.84
Spears and one of them looks like a taro289.025.66
almost I don't290.973.71
go in the ocean this is like a piss-up295.03.34
it looks like a spear Oh Marik now it's298.349.99
not just Appa hit tab thank you it looks302.279.179
like a spirit of me and I picked up what308.335.309
I picked up got me an extra sphere which311.4494.261
I see I'm hovering over that right and313.6393.81
it says wooden spear doesn't look like315.714.35
anything else oh there it is so I was it317.4496.18
in your inventory see so alright yep yep320.0613.68
mystery solved where was alright there323.62928.861
alyx you're gonna be our sharkslayer get333.7431.769
it in two hits curious that a diamond352.4914.75
board you got going on there to rally365.5094.621
just for the island thing I think it's a367.2410.87
diving board I'll jump up you look great370.138.37
up there378.112.549
hey you know would look even better on378.54.949
their hand yeah a standing torch I don't380.6593.87
know because I'm really liking the383.4494.62
silhouette right now I could always pick384.5294.95
it up good night that looks like that388.0694.32
scene from my apartment sandy tea389.4795.951
is that one time T no to step in time392.3896.221
please room a shot alright this metal429.1415.01
thing probably that mental ingot here437.77.83
I'll grab it and I'll make you make you444.153.269
a bowl no yeah445.534.47
yeah maybe need a bolt yep boom catching447.4194.231
the bolt boom there's the bolt got it450.04.14
okay stand by what are you making I'm451.655.519
making a bow oh I made some flippers and454.145.52
an oxygen bottle last night Wow have a457.1695.341
good dive today I think459.664.92
IRA's yeah you can make an arrow I saw I462.517.56
was in there that's light you know what464.587.07
you know what that bows good to shoot470.075.31
sharks birds birds birds birds wouldn't471.655.44
that things running away you can kill it475.383.78
in the air when if it gets away it is477.094.38
bow oh I can't wait for you to kill me479.164.56
and Napster we're going diving okay done481.474.77
ready after yeah well another shark came483.724.02
around do we need some shark bait I'm486.242.73
gonna see if this bow work underwater487.742.16
I'll protect us488.973.42
that's your plan yeah that's that's your489.94.89
plan that's my plan uh I feel like a492.393.6
little bit of bait would work better but494.793.06
whatever whatever I got your back let's495.994.14
do it all right I got my flippers on I497.856.83
got my oxygen bottle on okay here we go500.134.55
the shark the shark is not by you guys505.118.49
totally didn't notice you go down509.613.99
now they get a clam I'm going even514.399.49
deeper I'm getting crazy on the crate516.89.54
down here full of bridges and nails523.885.0
alright coming back up holy moly I can528.885.92
go deep down that is awesome that is531.773.78
sharks coming I got my bow i han't it535.559.33
with a bow or retreat it beautiful hey542.214.41
you got enough time to make a either544.885.24
make more arrows or make them some bait546.625.33
he does where yeah I know I was I mean551.959.1
wearing where the [ __ ] shark can't559.432.42
oh wait is he coming to me now guys good569.3910.11
alright swimming down under for more all574.137.08
right I think I was pretty successful579.54.26
I'm ready to get out of here you got581.215.4
some good stuff man I I'm loaded up with583.765.82
scrap at sea I got a couple of pieces of586.615.73
copper I got a medal yeah I got plenty589.584.04
of stuff to keep his busy592.344.11
hey neebs yeah I can make two of these593.626.48
copper ingots I can make a circuit board596.453.65
you got gangbanged okay yeah you're okay617.38.68
man that was exciting the music helped620.857.63
yeah man got something exciting yeah644.335.2
nice fish by the way I'm eatin this big647.796.0
fish do it I have learned a circuit649.536.51
board or I just made a circuit board and653.794.17
now I'm coming over to the research656.046.21
table around mr. Simon on the circuit657.966.06
board here let's research a circuit662.254.13
board I am now we know how to make a664.026.0
receiver to locate nearby radio signals666.387.09
okay and an antenna okay I guess it goes670.024.89
along with our receiver what do we need673.472.87
to make those things674.914.4
I don't know uh yeah - circuit board676.346.39
plastic hinge I'm gonna need more copper679.315.25
ingots so next island we see let's stop682.733.27
but I think we know how to make684.562.94
everything now like that - everything in686.03.77
the game will be off this raffle note687.54.31
mmm-hmm we build that radio find a good689.775.33
radio signal and take us home691.8123.7
sharks an yeah gonna die right here oh695.131.63
he's killing food oxygen715.5114.1
I got a boat get away from it I got him726.735.49
we got him I think I mean my acciden is729.614.38
still good you guys getting steaks we're732.226.02
getting steaks trouble oh come on Sammy733.994.25
I already got steaks all right oh we got740.4610.15
three steaks you with me Sammy748.423.93
I'm with ya well I see the boat I don't750.615.24
know where you are I'm right beside you752.353.5
the boats getting big boats getting757.145.13
bigger just added another thing759.735.37
all right let's get on the island the762.275.95
right way we could do this yeah we can765.15.49
I got a pad ackwards now I'm ready to768.225.49
ride all right you guys you guys got a770.596.24
paddle into the right way oh all right773.714.95
I'll make an acre you got to turn it776.834.23
around turn it around whoa so tell me778.665.54
what to do I don't know is this working781.065.73
so what do I do try to spin it around784.24.93
like come by me maybe I don't know you786.793.87
guys are all confident about being able789.135.21
to try it okay go for it790.666.09
are we turning at all we need to turn794.343.85
we're facing the wrong way796.753.42
that's what I'm trying to turn out like798.195.4
this you see where I am I'm gonna do800.175.37
what you're doing exactly right where I803.594.65
help with you to see if it's like like805.546.93
this end around well wouldn't it spin it808.245.76
the other way won't don't we want to do812.472.48
it the other way814.03.6
these ones who turned around I don't814.954.33
know if we can doesn't look like it's817.63.07
doing anything does it819.285.369
well this is the worst place we could824.6494.151
have landed I think this is a bust827.0294.11
Wow we can build like a bridge over here828.84.289
I think that's what doraleous is over831.1393.51
there walking out I saw we reported so833.0892.79
we don't have to deal with this again834.6492.701
all right needs I'm going under you835.8794.62
going under yep get off my ass okay here837.357.38
he comes oh man is there nothing on this840.4995.88
side I think I picked the wrong side to844.738.729
jump into here we go he's going deep846.37910.55
McGarrett oh okay daddy needs copper853.4598.901
come on copper daddy really856.92910.51
silence sucks oh he's coming up at me862.367.449
here we go867.4395.161
keep coming all right let's see what can869.8094.59
I get a heck of these get some scrap man872.63.81
I really wanted to copy oh I won't874.3994.13
copper so bad876.416.359
hey I got a bunch of my arrows back okay878.5296.071
what's this with this metal yeah it's882.7694.081
better nothing takes a metal really884.610.739
wanted that copper I'm on it get my886.8511.64
arrows back there we go we're gonna eat895.3394.911
you now898.494.98
I'm going for it you got it drills come900.257.029
on yeah that was a bad job did you jump903.475.789
did you even jump yeah it was a bad job907.2796.901
okay well I gotta cook this meat I can't909.2597.351
eat this like this I'm gonna see this oh914.186.24
yes right you got it Shari good jump ah916.616.599
I just need one more now I want to try920.423.479
your balls923.2092.971
oh yeah one more will cook this state923.8994.23
what are you guys trying trying to get926.183.54
on a grill I just don't have enough928.1293.45
stuff I don't have enough stuff we had929.726.809
one more over we bit goal mm you know931.5797.411
what if maybe I can where is this spot936.5295.25
moving their way up top Simon a way up938.993.51
top huh941.7793.93
this that one part is tricky but uh hold942.510.5
on [ __ ] damn I just had one Oh anyone945.70910.05
have one blanket one sure I did one953.04.23
plate yeah here hold on Oh hook yep955.7593.741
their goal961.969.29
slam yeah good job it's amazing971.2511.55
you got some black flour is that is that980.135.55
good yeah never figure out how to do the982.84.81
coconut with the lime in it985.683.08
all the doctor in the morning988.766.88
all right going deep one last time oh is998.2097.63
that is that cop is it right there cuz1004.073.03
that wasn't deep at all1005.8392.971
oh I'm gonna be able to make some good1008.816.87
stuff but that noobs can I borrow your1011.247.08
bow and arrow I'm pretty attached to it1015.683.18
you know1018.325.16
well I won't I promise I won't how's1018.866.66
that going absolute good I had to get a1023.483.39
little bit more scrap I'm working on1025.523.539
working on making us an antenna oh1026.873.39
yeah that sounds good I've made two1030.263.96
circuit boards now all I need is a bolt1032.124.11
so I'm cooking some metal over here and1034.223.45
it's almost done soon as the metals done1036.234.52
I'll be able to make a boat of names1037.677.97
like a metal head what yeah yeah yeah1040.757.75
yeah yeah you're gonna use yeah I think1045.644.39
I saw a treat and jelly a tree up there1048.55.28
I got it I got it I used it on that okay1050.036.86
is the island clear yes island is clear1053.785.7
whoa Vaughn ready to move on everyone oh1056.894.779
we got abs what's going down no hey he's1059.483.81
trying to get copper at the no she who's1061.6693.481
got plates put plates in the Forge I'm1063.295.7
on it if blanks coming up did I do it1065.155.61
there you go know that noobs this1068.993.36
Islands barren I got everything that was1070.763.21
at the bottom of this islet ooh but1072.353.84
there's my metal ingot holy moly cannot1073.974.17
do it yep I can make a bolt hey and then1076.198.36
boom I can make us and antenna1078.146.41
maybe antenna should go up I shouldn't1084.854.63
it should all the way up there the top1087.5592.671
head up there okay let's leave it1090.233.84
whatever wherever we put it we just got1091.824.54
to make sure it's not1094.075.17
to disappear if it's where are these1096.364.29
gets eaten by a shark you know what I1100.653.72
mean maybe kind of in the middle or the1102.752.429
ah here we go1105.1792.48
to say down here yeah I can see it now1110.386.14
we get HBO oh we get reception1113.835.01
no I think we got a1116.525.019
it needs a receiver okay so I got to1118.843.46
make the receiver1121.5393.411
do that next time1124.953.08
good work guys1126.494.2

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