Raft Survival - Birds Get DESTROYED! (Gameplay Series)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the Birds have invaded our Raft? I know, it sounds crazy, but Neeb...
Raft Survival - Birds Get DESTROYED! (Gameplay Series)
Raft Survival - Birds Get DESTROYED! (Gameplay Series)

Raft Survival - Birds Get DESTROYED! (Gameplay Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest Raft Survival video where the birds get absolutely destroyed?

simon: Oh yeah, that video was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at those poor birds.

neebs: I know, right? It was so satisfying to see them get what they deserved for invading our raft!

simon: Definitely! And the best part was when you swooped in to save the day. Classic Neebs move!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the Birds have invaded our Raft? I know, it sounds crazy, but Neebs is on a mission to save the day and it's going to be epic. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on any of the action-packed Raft gameplay.

I love how Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, they always deliver top-notch quality that makes the gameplay experience even more immersive. And hey, if you want to show your support, you can always check out their Patreon page and help them create more awesome videos like this one.

One of the things I enjoy the most about Neebs Gaming is their music choices. The tracks "Deep Horrors" and "Machinations" by Kevin MacLeod really set the tone for the intense moments in the Raft Survival Simulator series. It's like I'm right there with Neebs, fighting off those pesky Birds and trying to survive in the open sea.

So, if you're a fan like me and can't get enough of Raft gameplay, be sure to check out Neebs Gaming on Twitch, grab some cool merch from their Spreadshirt store, and follow them on social media to stay updated on all their latest adventures. Thanks for watching Raft Survival Simulator with us, and remember, #RaftLife is the best life!

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I need help paddling about paddling the0.08.639
Torah's I'd am Karen but I can't seem to6.932.28
get there8.6392.611
I got the bucket Simon's on you what9.214.29
battle nope I don't have any of my [ __ ]11.254.049
if none of it's in my inventory right13.53.51
now what all my shits gone15.2993.781
doraleous you got a paddle yeah I'll be17.013.54
right there maybe I can get it with the19.081.859
I don't know close enough man you might20.93914.161
throw the bucket down it oh yeah easy22.19918.19
Hey Suns going down me man is so ready I44.784.119
want to go I want to go down I want to47.553.93
get copper hey guys I really don't I48.8993.991
don't have anything and I'm a little bit51.485.219
confused all of my stuff he's gone let's52.895.28
try to leave and then come back all56.6993.39
right so you say and I gotta go and then58.173.779
come back you got nothing nothing60.0894.831
yeah nothing you should log out log back61.9494.71
in over to exit you sure didn't just64.922.94
empty your moto when you left you know66.6593.57
easy stuff no I didn't I'm exiting67.865.52
goodbye okay I hope everything turns out70.2295.731
all right with him Tandy - I would hate73.3814.01
for him to lose his palm leaf yeah Shark75.9617.25
Island you get you get a seven nothing87.396.75
I got nothing all right what do you want94.143.81
well get well just I want everything95.973.689
this is so frustrating I'm gonna97.953.75
actually busted my ass and now99.6594.05
everything that I've worked hard for is101.78.029
gone you get the fishing pole thank you103.7096.02
here's a big fish paddle you gave me a111.510.72
piece of [ __ ] all right I got him114.8410.139
no I'm just eyes gone yeah no but that122.224.23
but it was pretty much broken and you124.9792.611
can't repair well you didn't have126.453.21
anything a second ago okay I'm just127.594.59
saying when he's complaining you keep129.663.659
complaining you know what I'm not132.183.75
talking to you noobs I'm talking up sir133.31910.221
I'll shoot him Neves really you know135.937.61
what are you doing this is not a game148.9210.5
stupid Oh Oh what is that that's an152.3313.5
arrow Oh easy I'm gonna die okay sorry159.426.41
when somebody said hey shoot him and169.916.189
then the other one said okay that's when173.283.66
I said [ __ ] it176.0992.401
how am I gonna do just sit here and just176.945.39
take it what happened right shut up you178.56.06
alright well maybe you wouldn't have182.334.21
gotten shot had you been respectful in184.564.08
the first place alright fun I'm Jay fish186.544.47
there you go that's okay188.644.349
give me that fish I'm good I'm good191.013.24
we'll see how the rest of the day goes192.9893.421
the fish and half help ya burnt not194.253.81
we're good thank you guys thanks for196.414.859
talking about we need a half broke198.065.07
bottle for salmon now I'm good I'll just201.2694.351
keep on dying I don't need a bottle I203.1312.18
don't need nothing you want one now205.6211.61
don't you I do you know what you got to215.314.32
do what me and you I'm gonna get some217.235.25
goo all right Simon what leaves yeah219.634.74
hold on I was getting ready to show you222.483.42
how to get some goose I know but you224.373.0
don't need to because mum abu mansur225.94.47
already had a spare bottle but I need227.374.17
you guys to make go make it anyway230.373.839
because my oxygen tank busted so go get231.548.22
goo that's not it it's just like it go234.2097.951
straight [ __ ] shortly okay239.765.19
see that long tall thing oh yeah these242.165.25
are seaweed plants all right waiting for244.955.49
you to come up nothing did someone pick247.413.75
them already250.443.03
nothing then when I pick them I don't251.167.079
think about solder alloys down here all253.479.09
right whoa whoa yeah is did you pick up258.23910.701
stay wait yeah I'm cooking it right now262.568.579
go deeper there's probably some more268.946.789
down there Simon come on hey CEQA can I271.1396.84
keep can I pick while I got my spike or275.7295.581
my spear I think so all right ready all277.9794.681
right come back down281.316.6
looking to you sir come in all right we282.666.57
got a move gotta move around the island287.914.38
I know this way follow me well you're289.235.34
going under the boat no great292.294.53
adventurous all right well we're I'm294.574.11
gonna run out oxygen so let's go up296.824.5
there's the anchor all right so he's298.689.45
coming I got him hold on you went up301.3210.23
we're yeah well there you are yeah ready308.135.94
get your air I breath I am ready going311.554.8
down going down right here summon to314.075.13
think right here I'm sure [ __ ] hold on316.354.41
I'm gonna get some right here right here319.25.31
II where you at yeah did you get it no I320.768.01
don't see II say wait laughs there's324.516.33
nothing to [ __ ] from to get our328.778.33
Comment worst lesson ever330.846.26
yeah I took most a lot of it are out337.647.6
there yes teach me when we're on an343.054.65
island that these [ __ ] hell go deeper345.244.83
go deeper you did great no now you'll347.73.66
know when you see it it's like you'll350.072.76
see those little seaweed stalks and351.363.27
there's like a big bushel of it they're352.835.1
all aglow I know I picked a lot of them354.635.19
but you know yeah there's probably some357.935.1
still down there looking no give up [ __ ]359.829.0
that just keep going leaves we may have363.038.13
to uh who's that company that's copper368.825.73
hell yeah see we got a seaweed seaweed371.165.61
let Simon pick it all right right don't374.555.18
pick these I'm gonna have Simon do it376.777.79
yeah okay379.734.83
okay look around the island you told me385.57.56
to look at the eyelid whoa well you said389.648.37
look around the island so no oh I see393.068.16
sup I see two people I'm Way out there398.017.2
look at you you're looking good all401.229.84
right get a big breath sure ready ready405.217.83
all right going down going down411.063.2
here's some up you see me sonic I do it414.2610.87
uh-huh there we go you see these two in421.916.04
front of me oh yeah pick those oh yeah425.134.29
that's seaweed we're gonna put that in427.953.57
the Forge and you can make like goop429.4217.46
okay oh yeah [ __ ] all right let's place431.5217.34
that's where did you get a bottle a446.885.52
bottle of oxygen tank I know I still448.865.31
don't have enough goo but I made another452.44.05
water bottle Zoey yeah I'm getting there454.175.76
I'm getting there all right Oh char was456.455.46
it happen already seemed like it was a459.934.31
oh yeah I can craft this battery yeah466.4610.65
used to power electrical machines yeah474.835.01
see I got a battery battery yeah does477.115.13
that go up there by the thing I don't479.843.329
can you set it down it's the only483.1693.571
electrical thing that I know of484.584.86
gentlemen yeah can we get back in the486.744.5
current oh we got this battery we're489.445.159
trying to figure out how to use it now491.246.269
the antenna requires a receiver so can't494.5994.38
use the battery here but a bit I can use497.5092.94
the battery with that receiver once I498.9793.69
make it okay but I'm gonna need more500.4495.131
underneath more parts well go get more502.6695.911
stuff are we done here yeah I think so505.585.07
okay I guess I could be done here yeah508.583.33
yeah actually when we get going needs I510.652.67
got a surprise for you so the sooner we511.914.549
get going the quicker your surprise513.326.089
happens Anchors Away I mean pull it up516.4594.481
or take it down put it down519.4094.521
oh yeah it's also pull it up like520.946.57
Anchors Away away from the ground yeah523.935.95
thankfully my phone still has a tiny527.515.04
charge oh dear529.885.19
Anchors Away drop anchor is one thing532.553.99
and that Anchors Aweigh would be we're535.073.45
going to go away pull it up says the536.543.93
phrase Anchors Aweigh as we report that538.524.17
the anchors are clear of the sea bottom540.474.02
and therefore the ship is officially542.695.55
underway Anchors Aweigh I was wrong yeah544.497.07
and I was right548.243.32
she's got one blink593.794.48
I got blanks for days leave one blank595.784.56
maybe not for days but about planks for598.275.16
days hey stop how does not have one yeah600.345.1
I do I was just collecting items are you603.434.5
ready no no no I got it no I got it I605.444.05
got I was right in front of your face607.933.57
you don't have to attitude here I'm609.493.45
crafted I'm crafting the receiver I611.53.0
didn't mean to craft the - you didn't612.943.24
mean to craft it - no crafted it'd be614.53.66
fun if you could craft an attitude all616.183.24
right I think this receiver in this618.163.3
antenna have to go together okay we619.423.3
gotta go upstairs all right yeah621.463.45
somebody I need more space up here who622.724.02
can make who can make some more food I'm624.913.53
working on it here we go626.744.35
how about that all right you guys ready628.447.66
for this yep you can still get through631.099.81
perfect the battery goes right here I636.16.87
got the battery so okay yeah we'll put640.97.14
the battery here and okay turn on hello642.979.84
oh hello wait antenna one two and three648.046.96
too close to receiver not connected not652.814.05
gonna oh god we got Megan we got to make655.03.84
more antennas too close to receiver we656.865.01
had them can you move that one yeah put658.844.62
it way out there in the corner all right661.873.23
so I'll remove it and put it over here663.464.68
yep we've got one antenna on line all665.16.04
right one in ten on line okay so all668.144.41
right so I got to make two more antennas671.143.42
and hopefully we can find us a signal672.559.69
boys here - architect yeah probably so674.569.6
oh yeah some bits down there right in682.244.16
the middle684.162.24
oh here it comes690.6721.91
phew oh I got it here we go dammit neebs706.1314.91
come on get him a lot of crap oh and712.5810.23
there's a shirt oh I see him I'm going721.042.25
for it722.814.41
okay here we are come on seagull yeah I723.297.47
got it God he bites him no I'm good I'm727.225.25
good I'm good coming back come back oh730.763.81
man I wish you had my flippers I wish732.473.78
you had my flippers right now where's734.573.81
this shirt he might be behind us I'm736.253.96
looking I got our backs all right I'm738.383.6
almost there I'm almost there gonna have740.214.35
chicken salmon oh you killed it741.986.3
yeah rock on hold on I'm tired744.5610.85
again keep I got a paddle748.289.809
no I gave it I gave my shitty paddle of755.419.58
Simon Simon where you ran that shitty758.08910.921
paddle kid no I got one right here764.996.05
okay yeah any water all right get you775.287.83
some water man780.5414.45
Simon where you at Simon one Simon783.1115.22
we're Simon he done Simon794.995.17
done got some water I was just about to798.333.9
say how we don't ever die did this shark800.166.48
get oh I see him I see his body leaves802.237.65
coming keep me covered I'm coming guys806.648.34
paddle paddle back Georgia yeah I got809.886.33
him I got him I got him814.983.3
keep me covered need keep me covered I'm816.218.52
looking I'm one hard current we got him818.2810.29
we got him he'll be fine see the shark824.736.09
anyway I don't all right no we're good828.575.7
we're good come on knees okay all right830.826.27
let me throw him down in this bin all834.274.32
right you let him rest up a little he'll837.098.79
be fine okay [ __ ] yeah okay yeah it's838.599.57
intense huh yeah well I needed stuff845.886.06
right about to starve now [ __ ] I'm848.1610.35
going back in don't get caught up there851.947.85
all right all right all right everyone910.2314.399
yeah point an arrow don't go back in the920.85.849
barrels let's go to the bow go to the924.6295.08
boughs let's go to the barrels come from926.6496.24
the other way I need stuff there look at929.7095.901
all the stuff okay you know what Simon932.8894.651
right here look look there's like935.613.789
there's like two barrels logical thing937.545.82
Simon no right here there's behind you939.3994.831
Simon look at me943.363.3
what are you Simon no I don't look at me944.234.229
Simon don't with you Simon look at me946.662.34
Simon look at me he's trying to help you949.05.399
go come over here my dear come over here951.168.429
two barrels like that's fine hey names954.3997.41
nice job killing the bird kill the bird959.5894.381
yeah we were gonna have drumsticks I got961.8093.481
this bird I'll cook I'll cook some963.972.76
drumstick looking forward eat some965.293.779
chicken Yves good job you've earned it966.734.669
Simon you put a watch it there aliens969.0695.33

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Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's latest Raft series? It's absolutely incredible. I've never been so drawn into a survival game before. The way they tell stories and make you feel like you're right there on the raft with them is amazing.

In this latest episode, the birds have invaded their raft paradise. At first I was cracking up at how the guys reacted, especially thick44's bird screams. But then things got real intense once the birds started destroying their crops and stealing their resources. I was on the edge of my seat worried for the crew!

Neebs brings such creativity to the gameplay, like building the bird defense system with water cannons. And the cinematic camera angles make it feel like you're watching a movie. The editing is top-notch too. They know just how to build tension and make you laugh at the same time.

I really think Neebs Gaming has mastered the cinematic gaming experience. There's no better way to enjoy Raft than through their hilarious and suspenseful journey. It's like you get to explore the survival and building aspects without having to do the hard work yourself!

So if you haven't checked out their Raft series yet, I can't recommend it enough. No other gaming channel balances entertainment and skill like Neebs does. Their Raft cinematics are the absolute best way to experience the game next to playing it yourself. I can't wait to see what adventures they get up to next!

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